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Auverusements and renriinir nntirp.q nr
nil kinds placed In this column will be
charged for at the rate of one cent per.
word for each separate Insertion. When
sending us advertisements to bo printed
In this column, cash or Btamps must ac
company the order.
Runabout, fine condition, fully
equipped with many extras. A
bargain. M. F. Sherwood, 1140
Main street, Honesdale, Pa. 35t2
orca Eggs for hatching, Northup
strain, that lay lots of big white
eggsv ?3.50 a 100; 75 cents 15. J.
T. Bradley, Damascus, Pa. 3Gei5t
housework. Apply 1114 Court
street, Honesdale. 35eitf
curs on May 7 at tho armory,
Make no other plans. 35ei2
shares. Farm implements furnish'
ed. Station, mile from Erie R. R
Volney Skinner, Mllanville, Pa.
size combined churn and butter
worker for a small size churn, (not
or tho dash kind). Or will sell
churn at reduced price. Mrs. F. P.
Woodward, Hoadleys, Pa.
house, all modern improvements.
Inquire of J. A. Demer, Church street
Honesdale. 32eitf
COMPANY E dance May 7. Bodie's
trie- will furnish music. Tickets.
25cBome. 35ei2
Keep down the weeds and de
stroy them. They make breeding
places for mosquitoes.
Rev. G. S. Wendell married
Mrs. Nina Smith and John Ashley
at the Baptist parsonage, April 2G.
A. M. Lelne has ordered a large
new soda fountain similar to the 7 th
street store for his uptown drug
If you are in business in Hones
dale you are not evidently in it for
your health. Advertise and get a
little wealth besides.
Miss Jennie Cortrlght, who has
been suffering from neuritis for the
past ten days, is making a good re
covery under professional care.
The Seelyville Are company's
hose house is undergoing repairs.
Contractor John Bryant is laying a
fine new floor and also putting on a
new roof.
Friends of Mrs. Jessie W.
Searles will be grieved to learn of
her illness with pneumonia. A
trained nurse Is in attendance and
Dr. Nielsen is her physician.
The sale of tickets at the open
ing of the box office for "The Bo
hemian Girl," Wednesday morning
was unusually largo. This show
promises to be tho best of the sea
son. The marriage of Jacob E.
Perry of Hamlin, and Ida E. Black,
of Maplowood, was consummated
last Friday by 'Squire E. B. Hollis
ter at Hollisterville. The young
couple will reside at Hamlin.
The policy of The Citizen is
progressiveness. It is continually
presenting Honesdala's advantages
before the reading public in an in
telligent manner, hoping and believ
ing that it may attract strangers to
locate here.
Messrs. 'Homer Greene and E.
C. Mumford, as attorneys for C. A.
Cortright & Son, in their action
against Kreltner Brothers at tho
June term of court, have filed ex
ceptions to the allowance of tho de
fendants' bill of costs which was
filed with tho clerk of courts.
i The Gurney Electric Elevator
company has already commenced to
expand. On Monday the president
of tho concern closed a deal with
William Ruppert, of Corning, N. Y.,
where he became owner of the lat
ter's property on South Main street,
near the now Gurney plant. Consid
eration $3,800.
An interesting address on an in
teresting land will be given at Grace
Episcopal church Sunday evening,
May 4, 7:30 o'clock, by ono well
qualified to give it, the Rev. C. E.
Snavoly of La Gloria, Cuba. Tho
consist of Holy Communion and Ser
mon. Sunday school at 12 M.
-Several weeks ago a hundred
trout were placed in the No. S res
ervoir near Farviow. This reser
voir supplies the water to tho dam
near tho new hospital for the insane
and tho trout were placed in it for
tho purpose of keoping tho water
free from vegetation and small ani
mal life. The trout had outlived
their usefulness as game fish but
notwithstanding this fact, shortly
after the fish were placed there
iomo poor sportsmen from tho valley
took notice of the fact and as a ro-
l'qdivuii . I j I . ai i LKHiimiifiii H. Riinnr-
ntendent of tho Farviow hospital,
this new method of poaching.
-Mrs. PhlHn Mnrtln iltnrl nt 7io.
ma mo remains wore brought to
lonesdale that evening. Mrs. Mar
in was a former rosidont of Swamp
Irook, whore her mother, Mrs. Anna
temlinger, now resides. The body
ub Luiieu liiuiu uuti fin n rinnv
he funeral services wero cnndnntprt
t St, Mary Magdalen's church in
lonesdalo. She was about twenty
our years of ago and was a native
i wuyno county, one is survived
y her husband and ono daughter,
f Wilkes-Barre, also her mother of
nirnni jjiuutt, mm mo iouowing
rothers and sisters, namely: Anna,
aMin ni,l Y. I I T71 f
nd Benjamin, all of Swamp Brook,
ho remains wero interred in White
The golf card club met Thurs
day night with Mary Bodie.
About 15 persons from Hones
dale attended tho Barnum & Bniloy
circus in Scranton on Wednesday.
"The "500" card club Journey
ed to tho homo of Margaret Rose,
Cherry Ridge, Thursday for a pleas
ant ovonlng.
The Crystal Cut Glass company,
of Fourteenth street, has substituted
an electric motor for steam power
in their factory.
Don't make any date for Wed
nesday, July 23rd. It is picnic day
at Lake Lodoro and will be conduct
ed by tho Honesdale Business Men's
The Rev. Ferdinand Von Krug
of Wyoming, Pa., will occupy the
Presbyterian pulpit next Sabbath
morning and evening. All are invit
ed to bo present.
Kirkpatrick Bros., who have
been in the wholesale business in
Hancock for several years, have filed
a voluntary petition in bankruptcy,
with liabilities of about $15,000, and
assets of $10,000.
Following will bo tho order of
service next Sunday in St. John's
Lutheran church: 10:30 a. m., "Das
Zeugenis Von Christo"; 11:45 a. m.,
Bible school; 3 p. m., White Mills;
7:30 p. m., "Five Fools." Holy Com
munion Sunday, May 11th: 10:30 a.
m., preparatory service at 10 o'clock.
On Wednesday afternoon Ohas.
Edward Fuegleiu of Hawley, former
ly of Sterling, and Miss Frances
May Chedester of Hawley, wero
married by 'Squire Robert A. Smith
in his office in the court house. The
young people wero attended by the
father of the groom, William Fueg
lein, of Sterling.
Under a new ruling Postmaster
General Burleson has ordered that
unpaid, misdirected, unmailable and
unclaimed postal cards as well as
post cards deposited for local deliv
ery be returned to the sender when
they bear card address. Twelve mil
lion postal cards annually, it is es
timated, will be returned under the
order to senders.
Stovepipe committee talk re
garding the schedule of the propos
ed spring timetable on the Erie
state that the first train now leaving
at 8:22 a. m. will probably leave at
7:10 instead of 7:17 as last year.
There is some talk of the present
morning train being run from Port
Jervis to Jersey City as a daily,
wnicn wouiu include Sunday.
Word has been received hero of
the death Sunday of Mrs. George J.
Harry, formerly Miss Annie Palmer.
of Honesdale. Her death occurred
in Decatur, Illinois, where she had
been making her home for many
years. She is survived by her hus-,
band and four children. Sho is also
survived by one sister, Mrs. J. M.
wood, or Spring Lake, N. J., and
one brother, H. E. Palmer, of Kan
sas City, Missouri. j
Honesdale enthusiasts in the
manly art of wrestling will have an
occasion to witness ono of the best
matches ever held in this part of the
state when Young Muldoon and
Fitch come together for the second
time at the Rink tonight. This is
their second match, the first havinc
been won by Fitch on a foul, and it
will be a wonderful contest. Char
lie Slmard, champion wrestler of
Canada, will referee the match.
Who says that tho world is not
humane? Two professionals and a
layman, all of high standing in this
community, turned aside from ardu
ous duty for a moment to help a
small terrior, suffering from a bone
lodged in throat and mouth, the
veterinary being out of town.
Kindness to humans is natural and
frequent, but when it can extend it
self to suffering animals also, it is
suro enough the "real thing." That
great man, Dr. Oliver Wendell
Holmes, says: "I would not call that
man a friend, who needlessly would
step upon a worm."
Auditor General Slsson and
State Treasurer Wright, who enter
ed Monday upon the last week as
State officials, will be the last of
such officers to serve three-year
terms. They will go out of office
next week, the State Treasurer on
Monday and tho Auditor General on
Tuesday. This week will be devoted
to a clean up of pending matters al
though under the system by which
the two officials have conducted bus
iness, there is not much left to finish
up. Auditor General-elect A. W.
Powell, who will resign from tho
Senate next Monday night, will take
somo time in carrying out tho reor
ganization of the department,
According to tho plan of Dr,
Thomas C. Fitzsimmons, superin
tendent of tho Stato Hospital for
Criminal Insane, at Farvlew, base
ball, standard American game, will
bo tho chlof amusement of guards
and patients the coming season. A
team will be recruited from the
ranks of each. Ono of the finest dia
monds in this section of tho state
is being laid out under tho suporvis
slon of Charles May. Many of tho
inmates are said to be base ball
stars, one of them having been form
erly a pitcher of some noto. Intense
interest is being manifested in the
building of the diamond. About 30
patients are being employed daily.
Miss Mabel Marvin gave a most
delightful recital Tuesday evening
in Scranton for the benefit of play
grounds, with her mature pupils in
the program. Miss Marvin acted as
accompanist during tho recital, giv
ing another proof of her versatility
and talent. Miss Marvin Is tho very
able successor of Madame Tlmber-man-Randolph.
Lovers of music in
Honesdale and vicinity aro well ac
quainted with her talent. Ono of tho
features of the program was a song
cyclo by Llzo Lehmnnn, in which
Miss Ethel Shoemaker, Mrs. James
A. Linen, Jr., W. E. Connolly, Gwi
lyn Jones were soloists, and in which
Miss Lillian Weston, Miss Alice Fid
ler, Wayne Irvine and Mr. Parsons
also sung. Another feature of much
interest was tho singing of Sander
hazi of a group of Hungarian songs,
that wero given with great charm.
Many other numbers were given by
pupils. There was a splendid choruB
from Chaminade'8 "Duet of tho
Stars." In which tnoBt nt fha !
ista and many of the pupils partici-
;oui Arcner, or Hones
dale, being one of tho latter. i
Tho fountain and basin In the
front yard of Mrs. Robert N. Torrey
is being rebuilt.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William
Barrett of Wyoming, Pa., a son. Tho
mother was formerly Miss Anna Le
Strange of Cold Spring, Pa.
A petition has been filed with
tho clerk of court for tho transfer
of tho bottlers' license from John
Roegner to William Lilholt, of
At Christ church, Indian Or
chard, Rev. A. L. Whittaker will hold
service and preach, Sunday, May 4,
at 2:30 p. m. Sunday school every
Sunday at 1:30.
A little daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sands, of Phila
delphia, on April 19. Mrs. Sands
was formerly Alice Stephens, well
known in Honesdale.
It is hoped that Clean-up Week
will be generally observed by tho
people of Honesdale and Texas town
ship; not alone in the interests of
cleanliness but of health.
The Whatsoever Circle of the
Methodist church shipped 14 tons
of old papers and magazines to Buf
falo, N. Y., a few days ago. In ad
dition to this the Salvation Army
sent nearly a carload out of the
Tho young men of The Citizen
issued a nice town-booming number
of their paper last week. It contain
ed many local illustrations, was fine
ly printed and its contents was the
kind of publicity that boosts home
interests. Wayne Independent.
Every merchant and citizen in
Honesdale should be a town booster.
Speak a word of praise concerning
Honesdale to the stranger and oven
though he does not sell you a bill of
goods he will want to come here
again. It will help you more than
running down the town.
On Monday a number of resl
dents of Browntown were in Pro
thonotary W. J. Barnes' office sign
ing papers and answering the usual
questions toward becoming citizens
of the United States. They were all
natives of Australia. First papers
were taken out by Anton O'Koren,
Frank Lans, Louis Jefron, and Jos
Poole. Second papers by John Glicha,
Mnrtln Kulss and Paul Cos.
The Pennsylvania Chestnut
rree uncut uommission nas insti
tuted an interesting experiment at
Jit. Gretna, Lebanon county, Pa., to
determine the effects of the chest
nut blight upon the quality of chest
nut wood products and upon the dur
ability of such products. So far in
vestigations have shown that in tho
majority of cases products taken
from blight-killed timber aro just as
desirable for most purposes as
those cut from healthy trees.
North of Bay Counties of Cali
fornia exhibit cars will be here Mon
day of next week to remain three
days. The exhibit will be in two
cars and will stop on the spur track
near tiie union station. Tlie cars are
filled with fruit, vegetables and
countless curiosities. The main feat
ure of the exhibit is a huge, mam-
motli sliark. Tlie mouth is snread
wide open and is of such width that
a good sized child might stand ud
In it. Tho shark when caught was
o leet long. In the same case aro
shown the ribs of a whale, each
easily five feet in length. The ex
hibit will be worth all it costs and
will be a liberal education in itself.
Don't forget the dates, Monday, May
5, Tuesday, May C, and Wednesday,
May 7. Cars open tetween the
hours of 8:30 a. m. and 9:30 p. m.
Tho Ladies' Improvement Asso
ciation of Honesdale, whose good
work has much to do with the at
tractive appearanco of our town, have
decided upon the week beginning
Monday, May 5, as "Clean Up
Week." They ask for the co-operation,
not only of tho people of
Honesdale, but also of the societies
of East Honesdale, Union Hill, Ridge
street, River street. Cliff street, Elm
City and North .Honesdale. These
contiguous territories are as much
Honesdale to visitors as Honesdale
itself and the co-operation of the
people of these districts means much
to tho movement. It is not neces
sary for any ono to wait until next
week before removing unsightly piles
of ashes, tin cans, etc., but during
that week an extra effort will be
made to make Honesdale clean, bani
tary and wholesome.
Ono hardly associated horses,
boars, geese, pigs, chickens and mon
keys with grand opera, but still they
are Important features of Milton
and Sargent Aborn's monster pro
duction of Balfe's masterpiece, "The
Bohemian Girl,"' to be presented at
tho Lyric to-night (Friday). It was
only after due deliberation and many
conferences with that wizard stage
director, Edward P. Temple, who
realized all of tho earlier produc
tions at tho New York Hippodrome,
that tho latter assumed the stupon
ous task of staging Balfe's opera on
such huge lines. Mr. Temple decid
ed that if a truthful picture of tho
Gypsy life that "The Bohemian Girl"
deals with so largely was to bo giv
en, all that was associated with it
should bo shown, hence the horses,
geese, pigs, dogs, and a band of real
If you aro of an inquisitive dis
position and want to know about
things (pardon us if we refer to our
women readers) you will bo able to
learn how to do and make dainty
things if you read The Citizen. In
to-day's issue wo take special pleas
ure in presenting to our lady and
other family readers "Our Magazine
Pago." It is unique in form and
Just what you have been waiting for
Wo hopo to make this a strong feat
ure of the people's homo paper Tho
Citizen. "Tho Back Yard Farmer"
Is found on pago 7. It tells you how
to get rid of the dandelion pest,
which is ruining so many lawns. A
number of contributions from our
esteemed correspondence and several
headed articles constitute tho inside
pages of Tho Citizen. If you aro not
a subscriber to this paper, honest
now, what is there to hinder you
from sending us your $1.50 for a
year's subscription? Wo will prom
ise to give you in return In news
at the ratio of $10 to $1. Isn't that
fair? Join the Citizen's army of
subscribers. Climb upon Its boom
band wagon and we'll all have a
good time.
The Bohemian Girl company
goes to Port Jervis from Honesdale.
Born, td Mr. and Mrs. Osmer
Nellds of Honesdale, a son, Tuesday,
April 29th.
John Strongman is building a
green house at the rear of his mag
nificent Bethany home.
W. H. Hanklns, of Binghamton,
was In Honesdale Wednesday In the
interests of his father s business.
Day of Ascension, Thursday of
tnis week, was observed in St. John's
Roman Catholic, St. Mary Magda
len's German Catholic and Grace
Episcopal churches by special ser
vices. Rastus Austin, of White Mills,
is in a serious condition at his home
there, having been in a semi-conscious
state since Monday. His condi
tion at the present time is about the
There will be a meeting of the
creditors in the bankruptcy case of
Lieon G. BIdwell. of Hawley. Friday
morning at 10 o'clock, to pass upon
a petition lor the sale of personal
property of said Bidwell.
Two now tuberculosis patients
have been added to the local dispen
sary. Miss Alice M. Chubb, nurse in
charge, is very much pleased over
tne encouraging roports received
from local patients who are at Mt.
Airy for treatment.
Mrs. P. A. Clark suffered a
slight stroke last Sunday morning
as she was preparing to go to
church. The left arm was affected.
We are pleased to state that Mrs.
Clark is regaining the use of her
fingers, and sincerely hope that it
will not be long before she will have
entire use of her arm.
The Narrowsburg fire depart
ment are contemplating a big cele
bration on July 4 th. They have al
ready engaged Jenkins' Boy Band of
thirty pieces, of Honesdale, also Son
ner's orchestra of Honesdale. The
firemen believe in having good music
and lots of it. Jenkins' Boy band Is
considered as second to none in the
State of Pennsylvania. Narrows
burg Democrat.
Encouraging news was received
from Dr. W. H. Swift Thursday af
ternoon in response to a telephone
call from The Citizen. Mrs. Swift
told us that Mr. Swift, whom every
body in Honesdale is deeply interest
ed in, sat up two hours Thursday
morning. Mrs. Swift also stated that
the doctor is doing nicely, which is
gratifying news to his many, many
Honesdale and other friends.
Mrs. Charles Lord recently
picked a lemon that measured 11
inches in circumference from a tree
that has been growing in her home.
My, but didn't it make delicious
pies! The lemon has been ripening
for nearly a year and when picked
only two seeds were found in it.
There are several other lemons upon
the tree which will be ready for uso
in a short time.
The Wayne County Farmers'
Mutual Fire Insurance company
have settled the losses upon two re
cent fires. The loss on the house of
Charles Lord, mention of which was
made In a recent Issue of Tho Citi
zen, was settled for $1,338. A barn
burned April 22. It was the property
oi reu i ueuther, or Lake Conio,
in which two cows and a quantity of
grain, hay and farming intensils
were consumed. The loss was ad
justed for $971.
The Annual White Breakfast of
the Rubinstein Club of New York
,city, will occur on Saturday, May
3rd, at the Waldorf. This is an in
teresting event in both musical and
society circles. Singers of note are
engaged for the musical program
and the members and their guests
wear white costumes on this occa
sion. Mrs. John D. Weston, and Mrs.
Fred B. Whitney are both members
of tho club and will attend the
Breakfast, together with their sis
ter, Mrs. W. Farrington Suydam of
Evervlmdv is intorontil In "Tin.
Koot of Evil." What do you know
a none it: sco tu page.
Stalker and Braman, May 1.
Mrs. Frances Kent and daughter,
Helen, of Port Jervis, visited her
mother, Mrs. Mary White, last Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Stalker and
Mrs. John Schnackenburg spent Sun
day with George Kellara's at Look
out. Melvin Crawford spent Sunday at
Abramsvillo with his uncle, Jessie
Mrs. Louis Rauner and daughter
Alice, visited her daughter at Port
Jervis, a part of last week.
Matthew Tyler died last week at
tho home of James Kemp. The fu
neral was held at Union last Thurs
day. Mrs. Jacob Kellam Is seriously ill
with lung trouble.
Mr. Schnackenburg has taken pos
session of tho homo ho rentod of
Mrs. Ora Teeple.
Mrs. D. M. Stalker and daughter,
Edith, wero at Callicoon last Fri
day. Mr. Manship, our now minister,
filled the appointment hero Sunday
for tho first.
A Prescription Unit is Simply Splen
did For Men and Women.
Away goes gas, fermentation and
after dinner distress flvo minutes af
ter taking MI-O-NA Stomach Tab
lets. Take them regularly for a week or
more and Dyspepsia or Gastritis will
disappear. MI-O-NA Stomach Tab
lets purify tho blood by cleaning up
tho Stomach. That's why bo many
women tnlrn tlinm fnr Slnlr TTnnrinnhn
Nervousness and Sleeplessness. '
"a sure ana try tnem ror a week.
They will make you feel like a new
person. Thev clonr tho skin. hHo-lit-
en the eye, and make you strong and
energetic in every way. MI-O-NA
Stomach Tablets will make you ea't,
fllann nnri wnrtr hnHai "Doll
" " - - Mwyvu., a Hll, Vila
druggist, knows it, that's -why he' of-
iura mono dbck n moy oon t ao you
good, 50 cents. !
The Ladles' Aid Society of St.
John's Lutheran church met In tho
parlors of that edifice last Tuesday
evening and tendered Mrs. Henry
Salzman, an almost life resident of
It was a quick trip Braman made to the State of Iowa
after a stock of Horses for Wayne county farmers. He had
agents on the field, and all he had to do was to inspect the
stock, pay oyer the cash, load the stock aboard the cars and
then turn his face toward home. He is here; so are the
horses, and the big
Sale Begins
Anybody who wants a
good horse will head for
the sales stables at the
Allen House barn, on
Church street, and there
he will see a stock that will
cause him to exclaim,
Oh, You Farm
for Braman makes a specialty not only of Draft Horses
but of Brood Mares for farm purposes. C And now here
is a word of caution to a certain class of people who want
horses, but think there is plenty of time, and go their way
fiTtl Think If Over a UttBeZ93
In this case you'll find that " the man who hesitates" has
lost his chance to buy a horse, for they will all be snapped
up quick! If you see a horse you want, BUY IT, pay
something dowii on it and take it home. Now, don't for
get! Wayne County's Largest
horse dealer is undoubtedly Braman. He has been mak
ing record-breaking sales, and they have all been made un
der a Braman guarantee, which entitles him to be called
as a horse dealer
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Special sale on cut glass, china,
bric-n-brnc, Prosch glass, pictures, etc.
Thursday "Silverware day," Sterling mid Plated Silver will
bo sold at surprisingly low prices.
Friday Bargains In Jewelry of nil kinds.
Saturdny Liberal discount on watches, clocks and diamonds.
If you need anything in these lines it will pay
you to come in.
Pon t forget the Date, May 5-11
At the RINK
Honesdale, a farewell reception. Re
freshments Were served and a most
pleasant time was had. Mrs. Salz
man will make her future home
with her daughter in Scranton.
's Sqisarest,
igantic Rumma
r tf9 Baa Hsa
Ml Pyrclhas&K