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Woman's World
Mrs. Ladd, 8oulptor,
Novelist and Dramatist.
A Big Railroad Job.
With $10,000,000 nt his command, Al
fred W. McCune, an American, Is at
work on one of the biggest railroad
jobs on record. The line will extend
from the top of the Andes to the west
ern limit of navigation on the Am'azun
ind Its tributary, the Ucayall, a dis
tance of 270 miles, and It Is stipulated
that It must bo completed by the open
ing of the Panama canal. Connecting
with the railroad which Henry Melggs
built forty years ago from the Pacific
at Callao, 100 miles west to a pass
ovor tho Andes, the new lino will fur
nish the last link in the first rail and
water route across equatorial South
America and will Join the two sections
of Peru now separated by the high
mountain range. With the complete
system in operation, products now in
transit for months can be transported
In four days. A large part of tho rub
ber from tho Putumayo district now
freighted down streams to Iqultos,
2,300 miles from tho month of the
Amazon, and loaded on steamers for
North America and Europe will be tak
en by rail to Callao. on the Paclflc,
and thence by steamer through tho
Panama canal. Argonaut.
The versatile woman is not the rata
avis she was a decade or so ago. In
deed, nowadays she seems to bo tho
rule rather than the exception. A
name that Is prominent in tho list of
women who "do" la that of Mrs. Anna
Coleman Ladd. She is a sculptor of
International fame, a novelist of some
prominence, a dramatist nnd the wife
not incidentally, as one might imagine,
but in the very best meaning of the
word, of Dr. Maynard Ladd of Boston,
tho well known specialist on children's
diseases, and, best of all, the mother
of two little Ladds (one of whom is a
little lass), Vernon and Gabrllla. These
babies Mrs. Lndd- uses frequently as
models in her sculpturing, at no tlino
more effective than in a fountain group
called "Triton Babies." This work
attracted much favorablo attention in
New York city recently when Mrs.
Ladd's art work was exhibited.
Perhaps the finest thing one can say
about this accomplished woman, who
is, besides all these worth while things,
a great social favorite In Boston's ex-
cluslvo circles, is that her genius docs
not overshadow her normal woman
hood and her flne, free femininity.
A Philadelphlan by birth, Mrs. Ladd
has lived for many years in the court
circles of Vienna, Rome and Paris as
the debutante daughter of tho minister
to Austria. It was then that she be
gan her art work' under Jerome and
other masters.
Collectors have been quick to becomo
owners of Mrs. Ladd's work, and no
piece has caused more comment and
discussion than a small bronze entl
tied "Modern Music." Its subject is a
beautiful nude woman tranquilly posed
with a sword across her breast
"Ono evening," said the fair sculp
tress, "I, was fascinated by tho bow
ing of a woman cellist, and as tho thin.
wraithlike notes floated out the
thought came to mo that modern mu
cin ifamanila tna'a amil Ana'a 1 ( r.1.1 nnl
hence tho sword instead of the baton."
Cultivate Cheerfulness.
There is no greater everyday virtue
than cheerfulness. This quality in wo
man is like sunshlno to tho day or gen
tle renewing moisture to parched
herbs. The light of a cheerful face
diffuses Itself and communicates the
happy spirit that inspires it
Tho sourest temper must sweeten in
tho atmosphero of continuous good hu
mor. As well might fog and cloud
ml vnnor horn fn rllnp in mm lllnmln,
d landscape as "the blues" and mo-
oseness to combat jovial speech and
xhilaratlng laughter.
There Is no path but will be easier
raveled, no load but will bo lighter, no
hadow on heart or brain but will lift
ooner in tho presence of a determined
heerfulness. It may at times seem
lmcult for tho hannlest tomDered to
ecp tho countenance of peaco and
ontent but difficulty will vanish
nnm nnn nnisinnnrp nonnair no nom
lg but multiply thorns ana tnicuen
A Pretty Buffet Scarf.
Tumbler dollies of cluny laco can be
aao into a very preuy Duuet ucun
using the dollies for border. Baste
o dollies through tho center to the
f i nr Tni uumii. ul il lu lmh iiulihl
id then buttonhole the semicircle of
e doily that extends up into the lln
After tho dolly border has been
itnniinlpd rut thn material out from
derneath the lace and you will have
buffet cover with a beautiful lace
iced side by side and look like a con
- -. . i n 1 1 i .
uuus eugiUK ul muu. ouiui i-iuuuui-
dollies may be used Instead of thoso
cluny laco. A monogram worked In
center front about one inch from
laco border will add to the at
ctlveness of the scarf.
8even Day Dimples 8upplled.
lmpies are now an tuo rage in rans
ety, and a number or specialists are
naturally too rounded. Two kinds
supplied to order weekly dimples
will last only some seven days
permanent dimples. The former
preferred, as there Is no knowing
long the fashion will last.
A New Postage Stamp.
Carmen Sylva. the poetess queen of
Roumanla. is issuing a new series of
postage stumps to aid tho charities in
which she Is interested. Unlike most
stamps of this kind, the Roumanian
queen's issue is good for all mailing
purposes. The four designs of the new
sorles will represent (1) the queen of
Roumanla spinning, the motto on the
Btamp being "God guide our hand;" (2)
the queen weaving, motto "Woman
weaves the future of the country;" (3)
the queen nursing a wounded soldier,
motto "Tho wounds dressed and the
tears wiped away." and (4) an allegor
ical picture, motto "But glory, honor
and peace to all that do good." An
other set of stamps of similar charac
ter, issued in 1007, bore a picture rep
resenting the Princess Maria and her
children receiving a poor family at the
gates of their palace.
Biblical Measures,
The discovery near the site of the
house of Cnlaphas. In Jerusalem, of
various ancient Hebrew weights and
measures seems to end the uncertainty
that has long existed regarding many
of tho weights and measures mention
ed In the Bible. According to the Scien
tific American, the vessels unearthed
Include a cab. a hln, a seah, a bath or
cphah, a homer, as well as a complete
set of the fractions and multiples of
tho homer. Most of the measures were
found in a small chamber next to a
mill, and a careful examination of
them shows that the Jews had differ
ent sets of measures before and after
the captivity (B. C. U00). Biblical
scholars will undoubtedly be able now
to determine the equivalent, in modern
weights and measures, of a talent of
gold or silver or of a homer or an
ephah of wheat.
Aviation Record.
Since 1003 tho speed of tho aeroplane
has advanced from 25 miles an hour to
over 103 miles an hour In the latter
part of 1912 and has more than quad
rupled. From tho modest height of 200
feet previous to 1010 a maximum alti
tude of 10,000 feet, ninety-flvo times
the earlier record, now stands.
Tho year 1012 also saw a distance of
027 miles accomplished, amounting to
sixty times the record distance of fifty
miles scored in 1000. The most practi
cal advance in the science of air navi
gation is shown in tho jump of the du
ration record. It was less than an hour
until late In 1003. At the beginning of
1009 it was nearly two nnd a half
hours. The early part of 1912 saw it
stand at closo to twelve hours. Tho
present record for sustained flight is 13
hours 17 minutes. New York Sun.
Modern Rifle Wounds.
Wounding an enemy In war is better
than killing him, for unless he is cap
tured it Imposes on his side the burden
of taking caro of him. Tho Balkan war
has again proved that the bullet of the
modern high power rlflo with its ter
rific speed will go straight through a
man, penetrating the most vital organs
without killing him, and it has even
been found to go through from four to
six men, ono behind tho other. This
puts them out of tho fight, but at the
same time it Is a good thing for tho
fighter, for it gives him a far better
chanco for his Hf o. Popular Mechanics.
Her Awful Crime.
A curious old law, which dates from
1770, has been used to sentence the
owner of a vineyard at Capestang, near
Bezlers, France, to a fine and costs for
picking her own grapes. She was pick
ing tho grapes which had been left on
the vino in her vineyard after the au
tumn gathering, when the local police
man told her that she was committing
an offense against the law, as all
grapes left on the vines after tho har
vest were tho property of tho poor.
Tho court at Bezlers confirmed the po
liceman's opinion, and the woman was
Montenegro's Exports.
Taunted with tho fact that Monte
negro bad no valuable exports, King
Nicholas replied, "You forgot my
Certainly bis daughters have made
wonderful marriages. One married u
prince of Battenberg, two married Rus
sian grand dukes, another, now dead,
was tho first wife of King Peter of Sw
How to Retain a Correct Figure.
'The surprising fact has been pro
claimed to tho modern woman that her
figure more closely resembles tho clas
sical ideal than has been the caso for
many generations past and that she
has tho corset maker to thank for tho
fact, says the Cincinnati Tribune. And
sho Is amazed at the audacity of tho
corset maker, for she knows he only
does as ho Is bidden, and he is now bid
den to retain her perfect figure and not
mako it
Where is tho perfoct figure to be
found, after all?
Is it tho ideal of tho sculptor as
shown by tho Venus of Mllo? Is it the
plump ladles found in Rubens' paint
ings? Did Gainsborough or Reynolds
discover it, or is it possessed by tho
modern women pictured by Shannon
and Sargent! Or Is it, again, the ideal
Azure from the doctor's point of view,
perfectly healthy, well sot up, tho
shoulders held well back, the back fiat,
the body carried well? Perhaps this
last is the perfect flguro of today. Tho
ideal of the sculptor is a well devel
oped unmarried woman in her early
twonties. After thirty tho single wo
man shows signs of becoming either
angular or overdeveloped; she has ei
ther been too ardent a sportswoman
and has become muscular or sho is
frankly too fat
As far as can bo, tho healthy young
woman of the upper and middle class
es of today has a perfect figure, grant
ed that sho Is not long bodied In com
parlson with the length of her legs
She has been trained to hold herself
well, to walk easily and with natural
grace. She has been encouraged to
tako her part in all athletic pastimes
within reason. She swims and rows
and plays golf. Her exercises have
taught her to breathe deeply, nnd, In
spite of certain uncouth dances which
are passing crazes in the ballroom, she
is a good dancer. All her life her body
has been free from the restraint of
stays, tho modern mother wisely hold
ing that a girl does n"t want them,
therefore when tho debutante days
come has no consideration for the fan
cy of a corsetiere who would pinch
here or squeeze or pad there. Corsets
sho must have to aid the hang of her
clothos and to keep her tidy, but they
must bo perfectly comfortable in every
Treatment of Sensitive Lips.
When the lips are prone to constant
roughness they should be anointed
night and morning with n good salve
or cream either made at home or com
pounded by a reliable druggist.
Pure glycerin beaten with castor oil
or lard makes an cxcollent ointment,
but the glycerin must be chemically
pure, and If lard Is used it should be
strictly fresh. The proportions are half
of each. Camphor Ice is also a good
remedy, as Is also the old fashioned
mutton taltaw and benzoated ointment
of oxide of zinc, which may bo obtain
ed in small quantities at any drug
shop is a never falling remedy for
soothing roughened Hps.
When broken places on chapped Hps
refuse to heal tho cause may bo a
species of canker. Bathe the Hps first
with a solution of borax or salt and
water about a dessertspoonful of ei
ther to a half point of wateiwind then
make an application of Hp salve made
as follows:
Ono-elghth of an ounce each of white
wax, sweet oil and spermacotl; break
the wax and spermaceti into small
pieces and put them into the oil; set
the whole over a slow water bath. Do
not allow to becomo hot Use only
sufficient heat to melt slowly. When
dissolved nnd mingled remove from
water and beat till It creams. It may
bo perfumed if desired with a few
drops of your favorite scent
A prepared application which is ready
for use and which may bo procured at
the druggist's is citron ointment. This
should be lightly applied with the tip
of tho finger.
Thin Arms Made Plump.
To improve thin arms massage with
tho following cream. This cream may
also be used for tho neck and shoulders
if desired:
Lanolin, 30 grams; oil of sweet alm
onds, 20 grams; tannin, half a gram.
Melt the lanolin, heat the oil and add
to it, stirring until thoroughly mixed;
than, as tho mixture cools, beat in tho
tannin. Place in small glass or china
Remember that in massaging the
arms tho movements should bo upward
from wrist to elbow, and on tho upper
arm they should be from elbow to
shoulder. It Is well to chango from
ono arm to tho other 69 as to avoid
getting too tired.
The Transportation of Live Fish In a
Frozen Condition.
Fishes belong to tho class of nnlmnls
that have variable body temperature,
depending on the temperature of their
environment, says Scientific American.
In extreme cold they assume n rigid
condition, in which all of the vital
functions are suspended, while life
still remains present During several
months of each year some of tho great
rivers of Siberia are frozen solid to the
bottom, but mnny of the fishes impris
oned In the ico retain their vitality and
resume their active life when the ice
molts in tho spring.
This fact has suggested experiments
in tho freezing of live fish for transpor
tation, which are discussed In the
Flscherel Zeitung. Mnny years ago the
celebrated physicist Plctet of Geneva
put fresh water fishes Into a tub of
water, which he kept liquid at the
freezing point for twenty-four hours
and then allowed to freeze slowly into
a dolld block of ice, which afterward
was cooled gradually to 20 degrees
O. ( 4 degrees F). When the Ice was
melted, a month or even two months
afterward, tho fishes began to swim
as briskly as they did before freezing
and showed no symptoms of ill health.
Similar experiments have recently
been made in France. Tho fishes are
placed In water which is kept near the
freezing point for a few hours, then at
the freezing point for fifteen to eight
een hours, nnd finally frozen by im
mersing the vessel into a freezing mix
ture, producing a cake of ice a few
inches thick, In which the frozen fishes
are embedded. This cake is wrapped
in cloth and surrounded with a heat In
sulating packing to prevent melting
during transportation. It is necessary
to thaw the ice very slowly and to
keep tho water near the freezing point
for several hours, In order to preserve
itho life of the fishes. Even thoso which
do not survive are in a perfect state of
Located in Berlin township about
3 mllos from Honesdale Is ono
of tho best farms in that locality.
It consists of 108 acres, which is all
Improved. Tho soil is eand loam and
red shale. It is well watered by
springs; orchard. Twelve-room
house, barn 37x47 feet with shed
22x90 feet. Fart cash, balance on
easy terms. Seo
Buy-U-A-Homo Realty Co.
Jndwin Building, Box 52, Honesdale.
ii Estate of
Late of Township of Lehigh.
All persons Indebted to said es
tate are notified to make Immediate
payment to the undersigned; and
those having claims against tho eaid
estate aro notified to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
ETNA B. STAPLES. Executrix.
Sterling, Par, Fob. 3, 1913.
Simple Device For Holding Logs Firm
ly While Sawing Wood.
' Sawing wood on a buck Is a very fa
tiguing job, because the leg, In holding
the log in the crotch of the buck, is In
a very unnatural position. With an
Improvement on the ordinary sawbuck,
ns shown in the Illustration, the foot is
placed almost on a level with the
ground in a position as if standing in
front of the buck, not only making n
natural and comfortnble position, but
also causing the log to be held mpch
more firmly nnd without effort.
A piece of hard wood is nailed firm
ly on tho two back legs of the buck
near the bottom, and a heavy eyebolt
is screwed Into It in the center and a
chain attached. Tho chain should be
long enough to reach over the largest
log and down to the ground in front of
the buck. A lever Is hinged to the
hardwood crossplece near the center
and extends to tho front side of the
buck. A hook is fastened In the front
end of the lever In which to hook tho
links of the chain.
A log is placed in the crotch of the
buck in the usual manner, and the
chain Is brought over the log and a
link placed In the hook of the lever,
while tho latter is raised several inches
from tho ground. The lever Is then
pressed down by the foot and the saw
ing started.
8now Baths the Latest.
Tho latest fadamong women in Rus
sian society is snow swimming. The
"snow bath" Is said to ha marvelous
as a beautifying aid and as a cure for
rheumatism and other troubles. Wrap
pod in rich furs, the beauties of St
Petersburg step from the screened ex
its of the bath and, doffing their warm
covering, plunge like Eves into tho
cold white snow. Tho proprietors of
tho baths are winning high revenues.
Aftor tho plunge, pink and warm, the
women Join their friends' in tho gen
eral reception room, to which men are
admitted on proof of social standing
and a substantial fee.
New Sanitary Drinking Fountain.
A now type of sanitary drinking
fountain has been erected in Lafayette
square, Washington. The fountain
has a large baBln into which the over
flow from the "nozzle cups" discharges.
The nozzle cups are at the outer ends
ot flexible tubes whose inner ends con
nect with the water supply, and the
water flows up freely through an open
ing in tho center of a domelike plate
rising almost to the top of the cup, so
the usor can drink without touching
the metallic parts of the cup, out of
which the water constantly flows in
a cleansing stream. The cups are
shackled by Individual chains to an
upper portion of the foundation, so
they cannot fall outsldo tho basin when
released by tho drinker. Thus the
cups when not In uso discharge into
the basin instead of on the ground sur
rounding the fountain.
A Furniture Polish,
A good pastcllko furniture polish
which is very cheap and keeps lndefl
nltely can be made as follows: Mix
three ounces of whlto wax, two ounces
of pearlash, commonly known as potas
slum carbonate, and six ounces of wa
ter. neat the mixture until it becomes
dissolved, then add four ounces of boil
ed linseed oil and five ounces of tur
pentine. Stir well and pour into cans
to cool. Apply with a cloth and rub
to a polish. The paste is nonpolsonous
A Life Saver For Airships.
Francois IMlleau of Los Antjeles, Cat..
has patented a safety device for air
ships in which a collapsible parachute
pover is opened by a spring, and frames
fastened to the airship fold over the
parachute cover and are held by a latch
to secure the parachute out of opera
tion until necessity for its use ariM.
Notice is hereby given that dur
ing the regular session of the Gen
eral Assembly of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania to be hold in tho
year one thousand nine hundred and
thirteen, there will bo Introduced a
bill entitled "An act to amend an
act approved tho eighth day of May
one thousand nine hundred and one,
entitled 'An act to incorporate tho
Mllanvllle Brldgo Company, In
Wayne County, Pennsylvania.' "
The object of said amendment is
to change the annual date of moot
ing from the firs,t Monday of Janu
ary to the second Monday of Janu
ary In each year.
Chas. E. Beach, Sec'y.
Feb. 7, 1913. 13eol4
Ak xr Drar;!l for t
I'UUla B4-Mt U.ld MculllcVV
bora, mled with Blua Ribbon. VX
Tk alter. V
.t. AlkfflIII.lirTTR.TlfK-
r lien j
Help Your Hens
to make a big egg record. Heavy; laying puts
a steady strain on the digestive and .egg-producing
organs. These are gently stimulated
and strengthened by the tonic action of
pr Poultry Regulator
It improves health and brings the eggs
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ERK BROS. Honesdale, Pa,
Sod Exceptional Hops
io Wayne County Farms
RecentBy Listed with
A fine dairy farm ot 11C acres, 21
1-2,1111168 from Honesdale, convenient
to Borden's milk station; also cream
ery; 8-room house,, good buildings,
orchard, plenty of water. Will sell
with or without stock of 15 cows,
horses and farm Implements.
A 1 farm consisting of 155 acres,
25 tlmberland, 40 cleared, located in
Berlin township near Mast Hope
road. Place has been recently im
proved, the owner having spent sev
eral hundred dollars upon It. All
machinery, Including gosdlene en
gine and farming utensils are new
and of the very latest. Modern im
provements are In the house, includ
ing hot and cold water. The build
ing has ten rooms. There are two
portable wardrobes In the house for
clothing and a large meat closet in
the cellar. New chicken house 14x
110 feet, concrete floor; 300 chick
ens and Incubator of 300 capacity;
main barn 36x54 feet; horse barn,
18x24; cow foam 3G feet long; barn
with basement. Good apple orchard;
good spring water. Ideal place for
dairy farm. An exceptional bargain.
Situated in Berlin township there
Is a farm consisting of 108 acres, 18
of which is cleared land and 25
acres first growth timber. There la
an excellent orchard, good spring
water and buildings. Upon prem
ises is a seven-room house, barn
30x40 with concrete basement and
numerous outbuildings. Stock included.
Good dairy farm 218 acres water
ed by brook and never-railing
springs, located In Stalker, Wayne
county, one and a half miles from
creamery and on Erie railroad.
Young orchard, pear, plum and
cherry trees, sugar bush; 30 acres
timber, some of which are pine and
hemlock. Over 2,000 feet of cement
floor on premises. Barn 40x44 feet.
patent steel stanchion; hog and hen
house, granary. House 24x28 feet
Is In good condition. Easy payment
with part payment down.
Five houses, two barns, excelsior
mill, granary, cattle, farming Imple
ments, gasolene engine located at
Equlnunk overlooking the Delaware
river. Buildings In good shape.
Home of owner Is 20x24 feet with a
two-story addition 12x18 feet and
summer kitchen 12x30 feet. Water
In house, equipped with all modern
appointments, acetylene gas and elec
tricity, steam heat, etc. One of best
country homes In Wayne county.
Will sell stock If purchaser desires.
There is also a developed water pow
er on the premises. An exceptional
bargain. Seven acres of land are in
cluded. Fine summer home located on the
Honesdale, Dyberry, Damascus and
Rlleyvllle roads, B. D. route, near
school and church. House contains
several rooms and has a porch eight
feet wide and C5 feet long. The
building Is heated by steam, ceilings
9 feet high, with running water
In the house. Seventy-five acres of
good tillable soli, practically level
and all cleared. Three apple or
chards. $3,000 spent on house last
year. Good bargain for quick buyer.
Fine farm located at Glrdland con
taining 134 acres, good tract of tim
ber valued at ?1,000, 90 acres Im
proved. Twelve-room house, the eel-'
lar being flagged. Barn 36x50 with
9 foot basement and an annex 18x26
feet, three stories high.. Upper
Btory Is sealed, granary and wood
house. 'Place well watered. Star
route nearby. 100,000 feet of hem
lock' lumber Joins above property.
Tract consists of 96 acres. Trout
brook mile In length flows
through this tract. Bargain for
Any of the above properties can be purchased at reasonable prices.
Terms made easy to all purchasers. For prices and further description
apply to ofllco of
A-Home Realty
HonesdaSe, Pa.
Jadwin Building Both Phones
In Effect Sept. 29, 1912.
8 SO
10 00
10 30
ft 16
5 40
6 CO
6 05
6 11
6 17
6 23
6 32
6 86
2 15
7 10
8 00
8 45
8 55
8 12
9 18
9 24
9 29
9 32
9 37
9 43
9 47
9 SO
9 85
10 00
10 00
12 30
4 45
5 35
6 25
6 35
6 BU
6 61
6 67
7 03
7 09
7 12
7 18
7 21
7 35
7 381
12 30
1 19
2 05
2 15
2 19
2 31
2 37
2 43
2 49
2 62
2 57
3 03
3 10
3 19
4 30
6 15
7. DO
7 60
8 60
9 00
9 01
9 17
9 2.1
9 29
H St
9 37
9 42
9 44
9 48
9 62
9 A6
.... Albany ....
. BIncuamton .
. Philadelphia,
. ...Hcranton....
...Lincoln Avenue..
.... take Lodoro ...
, Beelyvllle
2 00
12 40
4 00
9 X
8 45
8 05
7 64
7 60
7 S3
7 25
7 19
7 17
7 12
7 01
11 00
8 45
7 45
2 65
2 13,
1 25
1 21
1 09
1 03
12 66
12 61
12 49
12 43
12 40
12 M
12 32
R 12
7 20
6 30
5 60
5 40
6 31
6 24
6 18
5 11
6 06!
5 04
4 58
4 66
4 fil
4 47
4 44
P. M.I
11 00
8 00
7 45
12 65
12 05
11 14
11 10
10 69
10 A!
10 45
10 39
10 37
10 32
u iq
8 12
10 00
9 12