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HtWoY Lb tri rnUIYl olMJ
Postofflco Abandoned IIJrIi AVlnd
Doinollshcd Bur Shed Homo
Threatened by Klro.
Slko postofflco Is no more. Its
former patrons now get their mall
from the Dyberry postofflco by the
(hand of the same carrier aB former
ly, P. O'Neill.
Much damage was done here by
the terrific wind on Friday after
noon and evening. The 72x18 feet
shed adjoining the barn belonging
to L. W. Nelson was blown complete
ly off and away from Its foundation
and demolished.
Ohas. Schwelghofer came near
losing his house by fire. The chim
ney burned out with a vengeance,
but the house was saved.
Prof. Elna L. Nelson, of Dickin
son Seminary, Wllllamsport, has re
turned to his duties at that place
after spending the holidays with his
parents at this place.
The January meeting of the Pleas
ant Valley W. C. T. U. was held at
Mrs. W. tf. Ogden's on New Year's
Day and was followed by their an
nual oyster dinner which was well
attended. Mrs. Elizabeth 'Barnes,
county president, was present and
gave a helpful talk. Other en
couraging talks 'were given by Rev.
and Mrs. Boyce of Carloy Brook,
and Rev. Prltchard of Bethany. The
excellent singing by Rev. and Mrs.
Prltchard was highly appreciated.
Tho Union wishes to thank all who
so cheerfully helped to make 'the
meeting and dinner a success.
Everett Pln'tler's child Injured a
finger very badly by having It caught
In the cogs or a wasning macnine
last Thursday.
J. W. Rldd and wife entertained
friends at dinner on New Year's
Chas. Pintler Is busily engaged In
grinding bones and carcasses Into
chicken 'feed.
The Pulls house, now owned by
O. M. Baker, is again vacant, u.
Johnson and family having removed
to Tanners Falls.
It is reported that the children
of Elwln Smith have the whooping
Mrs. Carrie Robinson entertained
her Sunday school class, "The CreS'
cents," at her home on Thursday
evening. Jan. 2. A fine social time
with delicious refreshments was en
joyed hy all 'present.
Mrs. Augusta Seely Is suffering
with salt rheum in her hands.
No name has yet been found good
enough for the fine baby boy that
arrived at Mr. and Mrs. Harry vai
oner's, December 23.
Anna Bolkcom of Scranton, spent
Christmas with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Bolkcom.
Maud and Leila Rldd, of HoneS'
dale, are visiting their parents.
Indian Orchard, Jan. 6.
Mrs. J. G. Swartz and children of
Red Ridge farm, who have been tho
guests of Scranton friends, have re
turned home.
Samuel Saunders Is making his
ihome -for the present.-wlth his daugh
ter, Mrs. William Pregnall or East
Mrs. Floyd Bayly and son, Leonard
of the Dunedin House, Beachlake,
are spending several weeks at Sunny-
side farm.
John H. Penwarden, of East
Honesdale, called on friends here
on Tuesday last.
Ella Frey, of East Beachlake, was
the guest of Mrs. J. W. Spry on New
Year s day.
A. H. Gibbs lost a valuable horse
on Monday last.
W. H. Marshall spent New Year's
day at the home of Charles O. Blake
of Bethany and the following day
with ex-commissioner G. W. Taylor
of Honesdale.
W. D. Buckingham received word
on January 1st that his cousin, Clair
Short, of Carbondale, had met with
sudden death, caused by a fall 'from
a delivery wagon.
The Guild held at Mrs. Chas
Wagner's on Thursday last was well
attended. More members were ad'
ded to the roll. This society is pre'
paring to serve a supper In tho base
ment of Christ church on the 24th
Inst. A cordial invitation Is extend
ed to all.
Kathryno Wagner, of Honesdale,
Is spending several days with her
parents nere.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellery Crosby were
guests of their son, Minor, on Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Garrett, who
witnessed the marriage of their son,
Chester, to Miss Wilson of Hones
dale, which took place at Dallas on
tho 1st Inst, returned home on
J. I. Henshaw, who for the past
week 'has been the guest of his par
cnts at the Twin Ash farm, return
ed to Lafayette College on Tuesday
Ward Maloney, of Scranton, Is
spending the holidays at Honesdale
and Laurella.
Mabel Gray, of Honesdale, called
at her old home here on Wednesday
Decatur Holbert was a business
caller at the home of Howard Decker
of Seelyville recently.
Mr. Schilling of Honesdale, spent
Now Year's day with friends In this
Misses Bertha and Irma Ham of
Honesdale, kept house for Mr. and
Mrs. L. R. Garratt while tho latter
were at Dallas,
Jacob Swltzer has lost one of his
team horses.
Preston, Jan. C.
The South Preston grange 'boys
have organized an orchestra with
R. F. Mumford as Instructor. Go to
it boys, we wish you all kinds or
good luck.
Frank Doyle purchased an Indian
motor cycle this fall. Frank took it
out one day recently and tried to
run through a snow bank. The
blamed thing threw him off, kicked
him, ran over him several times and
then quietly laid down qn Us aide.
Frank then put It In the barn and
decided to wait until next spring to
break his neck.
Tho farmers in and around Pres
ton have been loading their apples
on cars at Poyntelle. They wero
bought by a Scranton anan. Seven-
ty-four cents per hundred was all
Ithat was paid or good fruit, and
that is
considered a very small
j price,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haag, of Star
light, spent Sunday with the latter's
father, J. S. Davall of this place.
Mrs. Ira Stone, S. E. Brooking,
also Clarence Spencer spent part of
last week in Carbondale.
C.-'H. Spencer purchased a Ford
touring car recently. Gee, but the
farmers around hero are getting
high toned, and still our city cousins
continue to call us seedy.
Agnes Tulley Is visiting friends In
J. S. Davall and wife are In
Honesdale for a few days.
James Caffrey, of Walton, N. Y.,
called on old friends here last week.
Beach Lake, Jan. G.
Wo are starting another new year.
So let us hope each one has made
good resolutions and will keep them
during the entire year and so make
1913 a better year than 1912 proved
to be.
The cantata rendered In the M. E.
church was greatly enjoyed by all.
Tho box party Wednesday even
ing at W. P. Downlng's was a great
success, realizing nearly ?U7.uo
which is to apply on the preacher's
Miss Lola Richards was given a
pleasant surprise on her birthday,
Monday. She was greeted by about
forty young people and -was present
ed with a handsome bracelet.
Mrs. Richard Decker's daughter
has been visiting here.
The W. C. T. U. meeting which
was to bo held on Friday at the par
sonage 'was postponed owing to the
Inclement weather.
John Downing Is home from school
on account of being sick.
Frances Downing visited home
during Christmas vacation.
A few of A. N. Henshaw s old ac
quaintances and friends went from
around here to a surprise given him
on Tuesday evenlns.
Schools began again Monday af
ter a vacation since Christmas day.
News has been received that Mr.
Carpenterwlll not return as he has
secured a position In the city.
Mrs. Charles Budd and daughter
6pent last Saturday with Earl Ham
at Indian Orchard. In the evening
they attended the grange.
Mrs. Chas. Spry has been visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beemer,
of Smith Hill.
The young people are skating on
the lake.
Miss Lottie Olver has been visiting
Carbondale friends.
Mrs. W. J. Davey has been visit
ing her mother at Hawley. Mr.
Davey's parents are keeping house
until her return.
We are glad to hear that Mrs.
Margaret Crosby Is convalescing.
She has had an attack of the grip.
The writer has just received a
letter from Lewis Penwarden of
Pasadena, California. He has had
the misfortune to break two bones
in his arm and displace others -while
cranking his auto.
John Gregory, Jr., has returned to
his work after a vacation spent at
his home.
Miss Edna Olver visited her home
lately; also Miss Ina Mitchell and
Edith Marshall.
Miss Jennie Van Wert recently
spent a few days at Peckvllle.
Nat Mitchell and brother spent a
few days with Romaine Crosby.
Newfoundland, Jan. 7.
Mrs. Emll Walter Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Henry Meyers, of
New York.
John Moersch, F. A. Ehrhardt and
G. L. Waltz are on tho sick list.
Mrs. George Sommer and daughter
Violet, are visiting relatives and
friends in Bethlehem.
Harold Simons, son of Otto Si
mons, who has been suffering with
an abscess In his head, is able to be
out again.
George Connelly, of Philadelphia,
is visiting his father, A. J. Connel
ly. Henry Oppelt, who has been jani
tor of the Moravian church for a
number of years, has resigned and
Emil Huguemln will take his place.
Elizabeth Beehn, who has been 111
with typhoid fever, Is convalescing.
Edna Bldwell and Helen Gilpin
of Hub, spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting 'friends In this vicinity.
Miss Edna Bldwell Is attending the
Mansfield Normal school and Miss
Helen Gilpin Wyoming Seminary.
Mrs. Henry Green is visiting her
son, Harvey, at Jermyn.
Mrs. Joseph Hauso has returned
from Scranton.
Tho Bible classes of the Moravian
Sunday school held a social in the
Sunday school -room on Thursday
The New Year's eve services wore
well attended and enjoyed by every
one present.
Miss Lavlna Trieble attended tho
funeral of Mrs. MIcksch In Bethle
hem. Henry Salathe of this place, who
makes his homo with Wm. Salathe,
East StToudsburg, has been very 111.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Madden are
spending several weeks with their
son, Harry, Hotel Nash, Scranton.
Mrs. A. J. Simons, who was visit
ing relatives and friends In Philadel
phia, has returned.
Damascus, Jan. 6.
Prof. Petbick Is still with his
father, H. Pethlck.
Anita Sklllhorn, who was home
for Christmas vacation, has returned
to her school at West Chester.
Frances Larkln, of Jersey City, Is
spending the holidays with Mrs. J.
The Damascus High school opened
Monday, January 6. All are glad to
have it open.
Mrs. Peter White Is 111.
Tho sleighing Is nearly gone and
people are again using wagons.
There Is no skating yet.
Patrons' Day was recently observ
ed at tho Damascus High school.
There was a fine program given.
There was a great deal of Interest
shown hy the parents.-
Dr. Tyler and wife are spending
a few days In New York.
Clarence Fortnam and wlfo have
returned home.
Gouldsboro, Jan. G.
A largo congregation filled the M.
E. church Tuesday evening at the
watch night services. The pastor,
Rev. G. F. Robinson, had arranged
an unique program for the occasion,
something entirely different from
any previous services held here.
The first on the program was Prof.
Howard D. Slop, principal of the
high school. Prof. Siep gave a
sketch of the principal events that
have happened in tho world at large
throughout the year, taking the dif
ferent countries. His discourse
showed much reading and study and
was very Interesting. Harold Ed
wards, a student at Bucknell, took
up tho United States and in a clear,
concise manner placed the events of
each month before tho congregation.
He was followed by Miss Emma
Bates whose article was full of In
terest the State of Pennsylvania for
1912. Mrs. G. A. Kerllng gave the
history of Gouldsboro for the year,
Miss Helen Smith told of the work
done by the Woman's Relief Corps
Miss Mary Schiterlie, of the Grange.
Mrs. John Hawk, president of the
Ladles' Aid society, showed to what
a large extent the ladies bad helped
in meeting the church expenses of
the last year. It showed that the Aid
had had a very prosperous year. E.
F. Sebrlng, superintendent of the M.
E. Sunday school, gave a sketch of
the Sunday school for the year,
showing a great growth in the school
and that it Is In a good condition
"Should Auld Acquaintance Be
Forgot," by Miss Mollie McAree, tell
ing where many old neighbors are
now living and how occupied, was
of much Interest, especially to the
older residents. Miss McAree also
read a poem written by Byron Phil
lips especially for the occasion. Gus
Matthews had a recitation. Mr.
Robinson gave a very fine talk at the
end of the program. Songs, old and
new, were interspersed throughout
the program.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Major, of
Scranton, who have bertj visiting
Mrs. s. A. Adams at Hiiicrest, re
turned home on Thursday.
Mrs. M. E. Smith was the guest of
Moscow friends on New Year's day,
Miss Edna Hyde, of Prince Ru
port, B. C, a student at Lasell Semi
nary, Auburndale, Mass., is spending
a three weeks' vacation with her
cousins, Mrs. S. A. Adams and .R
W. Balcom at Hlllcrest.
The Wide Awake club gave a
Leap Year dance in Solomon's hall
New Year s eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Morgan
entertained at dinner Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Major and Miss
Marcia Major of Scranton, Miss
Edna Hyde of Prince Ruport, B. C.
and Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Kerllng.
Miss Florence Adams, who has
been spending several days with her
parents, has returned. Her sister,
Miss Bessie Adams came back with
her and is spending a fow days with
her at her grandfather's, E. ,N.
Miss Margaret McAndrew, of
Scranton, spent the holidays with
her grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Mc
Harold Edwards of Bucknell, Ger
aldine Kelley of the State Normal
Stroudsburg, and Ina Surplus, of
Bloomsburg State Normal, spent the
holidays with their parents.
Mrs J. M. Smeltzer and son Luth
er, of Lebanon, and Miss Mollie Ha
ger, of Rozelle, N. J., have returned
home after a visit with their moth'
er, Mrs. S. S. Hager. Mrs. Hager
and Miss Hager spent New Year's
with Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Eilenberger
at Sunnycrest.
Mrs. C. W. Garagan and Miss
Emily are-spending a 'few weeks at
Atlantic City, Old Point Comfort and
other points.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Mar
shall Tuesday, Dec. 31, a daughter.
Ralph Adams, of BInghamton, has
been visiting his parents, Mr, and
Mrs. Ira Adams.
Mrs. Amanda Latham and Miss
Benjamin, of Nicholson, are spend
ing some time with Mrs. David Ell
enberger. Mrs. Eilenberger and
children visited her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. N. Latham at BInghamton
for a few days.
Herbert Lerose was called to
Scranton on New Year's by the death
or nis mother.
At tho annual business meeting o
the Ladies' Aid society held at the
homo of the president, Mrs. John
HawK, Thursday afternoon, the fol
lowing officers wero elected to serve
for the coming year: Mrs. John
Hawk; vice-president, Mrs. A. L,
Rhodes; secretary, Mrs. S. D. Adams
treasurer, Mrs. E. F. Sebrlng; as
slstant secretary, Mrs. Joseph Mat
tnews; organist, Mrs. G. F. Robin
son. After the meeting dainty re'
Treshments were served by Mrs
Hawk, assisted by her daughters
Misses Mabel and Lillian Hawk
Treslarvllle, Jan. 4. The New
Year was begun In Treslarvllle by a
number of people attending prayer
meeting in tho Evangelical church
Mrs. Andrew Van Luvan Is still In
Elmer Pugh Is ill of pneumonia
Florence Edwards and lady friend
spent New Year s In Scranton.
Miss Densie Swingle and brother
Mark, celebrated New Year's Day by
vsiting menus in Cortez.
The New Year starts out full of
business. It Is hoped that It will
continue to be prosperous.
Lookout, Jan. G
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Hill, made a
trip to Equlnunk on Wednesday.
Earl Mogrldge Is working for E,
Mr. and Mrs. George Knapp, Jr,
of Norwich, N. Y., passed Christmas
at the home of the latter's parents
Mr. and Mrs. urant Hawley.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Stalker, o
Canton, Pa., spent Christmas with
Mrs. Stalker s parents, Mr. and Mrs,
S. J. Rutledge.
Mrs. John R. Maudsley recently
entertained her brother. Mr. Rodes,
Mr, and Mrs. E. Teeple visited
their daughter, Mrs. F. W. Clauspn
at Honesdale Wednesday and ThurS'
day of last week.
Tho Ladles' Aid met at the parson
age. on New Year's day. All report
a Yory pleasant time. Among the
visitors wore: Mr, and Mrs, Rubon
Stalker and son Arnold, Mrs. David
Stalker, Mrs. John Schnakenberg,
Mrs. White, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs.
Lewis, all of Stalker.
Mrs. George Kellam returned
from Hawley on Tuesday whero she
has been to help care for her grand
son, Claud Blum, who has been very
Sophia Blum, of East Stroudsburg
State Normal school, spent last week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Ella Dodenberg Is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Ford Daley, at Tanners
Falls this week.
Harry Roberts has gone to Tan
ners Falls to work.
Frank Lester has sawed 550 cords
of wood for his neighbors this fall.
Mrs. Harry Many spent Christmas
In Honesdale.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blake en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. Ben Blake
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Gammell for Christmas dinner.
A party to see the old year out and
the new year In was given at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Gummoe
Tuesday evening.
Rev. and Mrs. Prltchard and baby
spent New Year's Day at the W. C.
T. U. meeting at Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Ogden's, Pleasant Valley.
David W. Manning is maKlng a
rapid recovery from his recent attack
of bronchitis. His son, Charles, of
Newberg, spent Sunday with him.
Mrs. Kate Clemo, of Honesdale,
is visiting her son, Ezra and family
Mrs. Charles Pethlck and cousin,
Miss Anna Ross, are visiting relatives
In New York.
During the week the remains of
William A. Pethlck, who has been
dead over ten years, were removed to
tho new part of the cemetery here by
the side of his wife, who died last
Mrs. M. E. Bolkcom, of Hones
dale, was a holiday visitor here with
Dinner will be served at the home
of Nat Sargent, Thursday, Jan. 9, for
the benefit of the M. E. church.
Orson, Jan. 7.
Mrs. Percy Lehman presented the
first package at the postofflce under
the new parcels post law which went
Into effect January 1, 1913. Under
the old law the package weighing
two pounds would have cost 32 cents
to send but under the new In the 2d
zone It only cost 10 cents.
The revival meetings held In the
M. E. church for several weeks past,
have now closed after having been
quite well attended and several hav
ing manifested a desire to begin a
better life. Cottage prayer meetings
will be held at the different homes
Tuesday evenings of each week dur
ing the winter. All are invited to
Orson people entertained their
usual number of holiday visitors,
among whom were Reba Hino and
Rose Smith of Stroudsburg State
Normal School; Myra Belknap and
I. W. Hine of BInghamton; Mrs. El
vira Box of Lakewood; Dr. and Mrs.
H. A. Evans and son Spencer of Ed
wardsvllle; Royal Hine of Carbon
dale; Jessie Temperton, of Lester-
shire, N. Y.; Chester Hine, of Ro
chester, N, Y.; Ralph Lee of Lester
shire, and Mrs. Howard Palmer and
children of Jermyn; also Mrs. Fred
Wadin and daughters of the same
place, who have all returned to their
several homes.
D. J. Hine is visiting in Scranton.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Dant Bene
dict, a daughter.
Stanley Hine is 111 at his home.
The many 'friends of Ralph Spen
cer, formerly of South Preston, who
some time ago went to Denver, Col.,
for his health, will regret to learn
that he Is now confined to his bed.
Alfred Whipple, who has been ser
iously 111, is somewhat better at this
writing. His nurse, Mrs. David
Benedict, of Thompson, has returned
to her home.
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Mosher Is very seri
ously ill. A trained nurse from
Scranton is in attendance.
Arch C. Hine and H. B. Hall were
business callers in Honesdale last
S. Jay will be on the grand Jury
tho coming term of court.
Rov. Harkness of Ariel, was a
business caller in town this week.
All news Items left at the postof
flce for the correspondent, Mrs. Stan
ley Hine, will receive prompt atten
tion. Miss Margaret Smith has been of
fered'a school at Waymart as soon
as her term is ended here which will
be in about two weeks.
Equlnunk, Jan. 7.
Tho M. E. Sunday school held Its
annual election of officers and teach
ers Sunday evening In tho Sunday
school room. The following were
elected: Superintendent, Mrs. Chas.
Warren; assistant superintendent,
Chas. De Lackner; treasurer, Miss
Hornbeck; secretary, Blanche Fria
ble; organist, Mrs. Erie Lord; teach
ers. Rev. S. J. Tolley, Mrs. C. 13.
Woodmansee, Mrs. Erie Lord, Miss
Hornbeck, Mrs. I. Ludwlg, Mrs. S.
Augusta Southwell Is visiting her
sister, Mrs. J. W. Farley.
Mrs. Hall has returned to her
school work at Lordvllle after an en
forced vacation of three weeks ow1
Ing to several families at that place
having smallpox.
Rosabelle Pine, who Is teaching at
Mlllses, N. Y., spent Xmas week with
her parents, J. Pine andwlfe.
C. E. Woodmansee and son, Louis,
visited at F. M. Woodmanseo's homo
at Lake Como recently.
Wm. Bleck was a visitor at Hones
dale Monday.
Florence Cuddlhe, of Port Jervls,
was home for a few days during
Xmas week.
Millard Lord and family spent
New Year's day with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Phillips at Galilee.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ewaln were
business visitors at Honesdale Thurs
day. Louis Woodmansee, who has spent
the holidays with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs, C. E. Woodmansee, return
ed Monday to Pennington Seminary,
Pennington, N, J,
Mrs. William Emrlch and eons
spent -part of the past week -with
her parents at Fremont Center, N. 1
Y. I
Mrs. Lulu Lorunser and children
returned to her home In Mount Ver
non, N. Y., Saturday. They have
been spending the past two weeks
at the home of Henry Knight and
Mrs. nietlcr, who has been quite
111 for a couplo of weeks, is able to
attend to her home now. Her sis
ters, Mrs. Wm. Kellam, of Hancock,
and Mrs. Thomas, cared for her dur
ing her sickness.
Mrs. S. Coddlngton and daughter,
Delphla, visited friends at South
Branch New Year's day.
Granville Frlsblo sprained his
wrist while coasting on Grocery Hill
F, S. Watson speni Sunday with
his parents, J. S. Watson and wife.
The following pupils of the Man
chester school were In attendance
every day of the past school month:
Edna Woodrow, Emma Campbell,
Dorothy Chapman, Thelma Hadda
way, Freda Joy and Walter Bran
nlng. Ralph Glllow took charge of the
funeral of Mazy Lawrence at Look
out Monday as Mr. Knapp, our un
dertaker, was not able to go.
With Prico & Butler Co..
Price & Butler's opening bill at
the Lyric theatre Thursday, Jan. 9,
is "The Cry Baby," one of the re
cent successes just released for stock
use. George Butler will appear as
"Babe," a cow boy, nicknamed by
his friends on the ranch. The story
concerns the efforts of "Babe," who
was stolen when a child to find his
mother. The entire production Is
carried and all of the scenery used Is
from the- studios of Gustave Schell,
Columbus, Ohio. The 'first act Is the
garden at Mrs. Sturtlvant's home, the
second act her library. The third
act Is the main street In Hell's Neck,
Texas, and the last act Crow's Cross,
Texas, a lonely spot In the moun
tains. Specialists will be Introduced
by George Butler, Billy Dunne,
" The Man From Ireland," Charles
LeLand, "The Eccentric Dancer,"
Wm. Price and Eleanor Butler, come
dienne. Popular prices for the at-
traction, 10, 20 and 30 cents. Spec
ial 15 cent ticket for ladies for the
opening night. Sale limited.
South Sterling, Jan. 7.
The sick are improving.
New Year's Day was celebrated by
a fine parade. The oyster supper in
the evening was a fine success, the
proceeds being J82.50. The Wash
ington Camp Band furnished the
music which was enjoyed by all.
Geo. I. Barnes returned to Perklo
men Seminary Monday.
W. H. Osborn attended the funer
al of his aunt In Carbondale Thurs
day last.
Mrs. Wm. H. Osborn and son,
Lewis, have gone to Scranton to see
her brother-in-law, James Price, who
Is very sick.
Miss Ellen Long, who has been
visiting relatives here for the last
year, has returned to her sister's
home, Mrs. M. P. Barnes, in Iowa.
Harry Burke spent New Year's
day with his mother at tho home of
Geo. H. Lancaster.
Miss Lydla Gilpin returned to
school in Baltimore to-day; also Miss
Catherine Gilpin returned to Wyo
ming Seminary.
Miss Leola Smith and Stephen
Dunning spent tho holidays at Phila
delphia. For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Newfoundland, Jan. 7.
Tho O. A. B. C. of the Moravian
church held a business meeting
Thursday evening and many points
were discussed and an oyster supper
'followed. About 70 men and women
were present.
Richard Bartleson has secured a
position as barn boss at Tobyhanna.
Mrs. Searle Is a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. M. P. Searle. She will stay with
her son the remainder of the winter.
Miss Mae Heffley was a caller In
Scranton last week.
Miss Lavlna Triloly spent tho hol
idays at Nazareth.
Stalker and Braman, Jan. 6.
We are having very little snow and
cold weather and some aro wishing
for sleighing.
New Year's day the Ladles' Aid
of Lookout met at the parsonage and
was attended by Mrs. D. M. Stalker,
Mrs. John Schnackenburg, Mrs. H.
Thomas, Mrs. Mary White, Mrs.
Chance Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. R. J.
Stalker, son Arnold and Emma Stalk
er. They can boast of having the
youngest member In their society,
Irene North, about four years ot age.
Molvln Crawford spent Sunday and
Monday with Telatlyes at Abrams
vllle. There was twenty-seven present at
the L. A. S held at Mrs. Louis
Rauner's last Thursday, Jan. 2
Russell Stalker, of Peckvllle, aUy-
ed last Wednesday night at D. M.
Mrs. Reta Caffrey visited Emma
Kelly last Tuesday.
Frank Lawson attended lodge at
Long Eddy last Monday night.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Honesdale Consoli
dated Electric Light, Heat and
Power Company will bo held at tho
office of the company on Monday,
January 20, 1913, beween the hours
of three and four o'clock p. m for
the purpose of electing directors for
the ensuing year, and tho transac
tion of any other business that may
come before the meeting.
M. B. ALLEN, Secretary.
Honesdale, Pa., Jan. 3, 1913. 2w3
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The Harrisburg PATRIOT Is the
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The hustling little borough of
Waymart, located on the Honesdale
branch of tho Delaware and Hudson
railroad, at the base of the Mooslc
mountains, is growing rapidly.
There is only one house vacant In
that village and It Is one of the
best built houses, there, too. It con
tains eight rooms and Is a store and
dwelling combined. Can be used for
two families. The property Is lo
cated In the center of tho town and
Is directly opposite the postofflce. It
would make an Ideal place for al
most any kind of business. The lot
is GOxlGO feet and can be bought on
easy terms of tho Buy-U-A-Homo
Realty Company, Honesdale, Pa.,
Jadwin building. If you cannot
come to Honesdale use tho telephone
or write and further description will
be cheerfully given. 99tf.
Notice Is hereby given, pursuant
to the provisions of the Act of As
sembly, entitled "An Act to provide
for the ordinary expenses of the
government, payment of the Interest
of the state debt, receiving propos
als for the sale of public works and
for other purposes," approved the
27th day of July, 1842, that the as
sessors of the several townships and
boroughs of Wayne county have
made their returns of their assess
ments for the year 1913, and that
the 'following is a statement of the
aggregate values and assessments
made by said assessors of the several
subjects of taxation enumerated in
the 11th section of said Act of July
27, 1842, anil in the several Acts
supplementary thereto, and of the
whole amount of county taxes as as
sessed in said townships and boroughs.
Notice Is also given pursuant to
Act of Assembly aforesaid, that the
following days and dates appointed
for the appeals from the assessments
for the several boroughs and town
ships,' have also been appointed by
tho Commissioners of said county
for finally determining whether any
of the valuations of the assessors
have been made below a just rato ac
cording to tho meaning and intention
ot said Act.
The Commissioners of Wayne
county sitting as a Board of Revis
ion have appointed the following
days and dates respectively for hear
ing final appeals 'from the Triennial
assessment of 1913 at the Commis
sioners' office, Honesdale, Pa., be
ginning at 8 a. m. Monday, Feb. .3,
1913, and closing at 2:30 p. m. Fri
day, Feb. 7, 1913:
Monday, Fob. 3 Honesdale and
Tuesday, Feb. 4.- Berlin, Damas
cus; Manchester, Buckingham, Leb
anon and Oregon.
Wednesday, Feb. 5 Scott, Star
rucca, Preston, Mt. Pleasant, Cherry
Ridge, Dyberry and Bethany.
Thursday, Feb, 6 Clinton, Can
aan, South Canaan, Prompton,
Waymart, Lehigh and Dreher.
Friday, Feb. 7. Salem, Sterling,
Lake, Hawley, Palmyra, Paupack,
Persons having a grievance should
try to adjust It with the assessor be
fore the appeals, If this cannot bo
done, and It is not convenient to at
tend the appeals, write the grievance
and mall it to the Commissioners'
office and It will receive attention.
County levy for 1913 Is 4 mills.
County Commlsslonera.
Attest: T. Y, Boyd, Clerk
Honesdale, Pa, 3eoI3