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A Sketch of the Wayne County Bar
TUB house of George IJowhnnnn at
Mllford furnished the first tem
porary quarters for the seat of
Wayne county when It was establish
ed March 21, 1798. An act of as
sembly of 1739 removed the courts
from Mllford to Wllsoiivlllo. until
eultablo buildings could be erected
within four miles of the forks of
the Dyborry and Lackawaxon rivers.
Three years later the courts were
moved back to Mllford where they re
mained three years and In 1805
they were established at Bethany.
When the region around the Dy
borry forks broke from the wilder
ness and the Delaware & Hudson
canal was established with Its ter
minus at this place, then did Hones
dale selzo the county seat from
Bethany. That was In 1843, when
the court was permanently establish
ed in Honesdalc. Before the court
was permanently established the bar
traveled around with tho Court.
Lawyers from Easton, Wilkes-Barro
and other places came with the old
time circuit Judges and the county
seat was a lively place during court
week. Daniel Dlmmlck was the first
resident attorney at Mllford. He
was a native of Connecticut. When
tho courts of the county were estab
lished, tho county was placed in the
third judicial district, of which Hon.
Jacob Rush had been appointed
President Judge on August 13,
1791. For some reason he never
occupied the bench of Wayne county
and for eight years tho senior As
sociate Judge presided over the
courts. The following is a list,
taken from the records, of the Pres
ident Judges of the courts of
HENRY WILSON was born In
Franklin, Susquehanna county,
on October 7, 1S34. He was
admitted to the bar of Luzerne
county in 1859, having studied law
In the offices of D. N. Lathrope at
Carbondale. He was blessed with a
good memory and by close study and
practice, he acquired a comprehen
sive knowledge of the law, both
scientific and practlf-al. In 18G9
Judge Wilson was made editor of
Tho Citizen and thereupon moved to
Honesdale to reside. He devoted
less time to law and put more into
son of Oliver S. Dlmmlck and a
grandson of Dan Dlmmlck, the
first practicing attorney, who made
a permanent homo in Wayno county.
Ho was born in Mllford, Pike coun
ty, on March 19, 1841. In early
life ho graduated from tho Claverack
Institute of Now York Ho began
hla law studies In the ollbo of L.
F Barnes at Mllford but soon re
moved to Honesdale. Ho was ad
mitted to tho bar of Wayne county
on December 4, 18G2. Mr. Dlmmlck
was elected district attorney In 1804
and re-elected In 1SG7. Ho was
sent to tho Loglslaturo In 1SG9 and
In 1873 was again elected. In Oc
tober, 18G4, Mr. Dlmmlck was united
In marrlago to Annie, daughter of
Zenas Russell. Thoy had two chil
dren, Lucy and Russell. For more
than twenty years Mr. Dlmmlck was
prominent In politics and at the bar
of Wayno county. He served at ono
time as attorney for tho Delaware
and Hudson Canal Company, tho
Pennsylvania Coal Company, and tho
'Wayne, with tho commencement of
their respedtivo terms of office :
1. Hon. Jacob Hush; March 21,
2. Hon. John Spayd; March 1,
3. Hon. Robert Porter; July,
4. Hon. John 11. Gibson; Oct. 1G,
r. Hon. Thos. Burnsldo; Juno 2S,
G. Hon. David Scott; July 1G,
7. Hon. Win. Jcssup; April 7,
5. Hon. N. D. Eldred; April G,
1S4 9.
9. Hon. Geo. K. Barrett; April 29,
10 Hon. James M. Porter; Dec. 5,
11. Hon. Thos. S. Bell; March 23,
12. Hon. Geo. R. Barrett; Dec. 3,
13. Hon. S. S. Dreher; Dec. 5, 1870.
14. Hon. C. P. Waller; Jan. 4,
15. Hon. Henry M. Seely; August
28, 1882.
1G. Hon. George S. Purdy; Jan. 1,
1". Hon. A. T. Searlo; Sept. 15,
Judges Gibson and Durnsldo sub
sequently became Justices of tho Su
preme Court, and Judge Bell had
been, from November 18, 184G, un
til December 1, 1851, a Justlco of
the Supreme Court. Hon. A. T.
Searle was re-elected Judge of Wayne
county In November, 1911, and is
now serving in that capacity.
the work of the paper. In January,
1878, he was appointed associate
judge, It being the first Instance
where that position was filled by a
member of the bar in the history of
the county. While assoclato Judge
he was assigned to revise the court
rules. For many years Judge WI1-
son has been associated with Chester
A Garratt in the law business In the
Dlmmlck building on Ninth street.
For some time he has not been an
actlvo member of the firm but never
theless he is a valuable asset of the
Erlo and Wyoming Valley Railroad
Company. Mr. Dlmmlck Is now re
tired from active practice and is ono
of Honesdale's most respected citi
zens. WILLIAM HENRY LEE, a nativo
of Clinton township, Wayno
county, was born on January
1, 1849. Ho was the oldest child of
Samuel and Anna Leo and received
a liberal education. Ho attended
the Waymart Normal School and
tho Delaware Literary Institute at
Franklin, N. Y. Ho graduated from
tho latter In 1871 and received sec
ond honors. In March, 18GG, he re
ceived his first teacher's certificate
and beside teaching In tho schools
of Wayne county he was Instructor
In tho school at Meredith Square,
Dolawaro county, N. Y and at tho
Normal School at Waymart. Ho
commenced his study of tho law in
the ofTlces of Samuel R. Dlmmlck,
and under tho latter's personal di
rection. Two years later ho entered
tho law ofTiccs of Wallace & Hentley
and remained thero until ho was
admitted to tho bar on December 10,
1874. Ho has since been admitted
to the bar of Plko and Susquehanna
counties as well as tho U. S. Circuit
and District courts and tho Supremo
and Superior courts of Pennsylva
nia. Ho waa appointed deputy
treasurer of Wayne In 1S75 and ho
hold that position for three years.
He was attorney for tho borough ol
Honcsdalo for seven years. Mr
Loo has been In the actlvo practice
of law ever since his admission 38
years ago this month. Ho has offi
ces In tho Foster building.
ELWIN C. MUMFORD, a nativo of
Wayne county, and son of ex
Judgo James Mumford, was
born In Starrucca on August 8,
IS 51. Ho received an excellent edu
cation in tho local schools and later
attended the State Normal School at
Millersvllle. Ho began the study of
law under tho direction of Hon. M.
J. Larrabee, at Susquehanna Depot
and later entered tho offices of Wal
ler & Bentley at Honesdale as a stu
dent. Ho came to Honcsdalo In
1875. Mr. Mumford was admitted
to the bar of this county on Sept. G,
1S7G. Two years later he was elect
ed district attorney and during his
term of office many noted cases
came up for trial. For six years he
was attorney for tho board of coun-
ty commissioners. Mr. Mumford of the county and afterwards attend-
has been practicing law in Honesdale ed Wyoming Seminary at Kingston,
almost 3G years and is still active- Pa. He studied law under the dl
ly engaged In such work. Ho has
officas in the Liberty Hall building
on Ninth street.
HOMER GREENE, Wayne county's
poet and novelist, who has at
tained considerable prominence
In that field, was born on January
10, 1853, in Salem township, what
is now Lake Ariel. He was the only
son of Hon. Giles Greene, of that
place. In 187G lie graduated from
Union College, receiving the de-
groes of A. B. and C. E. In 1877
ho graduated from tho Albany Law
School, receiving n degree of LL.B.
Ho was also at that time admitted
to tho bar of tho Supremo Court of
Now York. Mr. Greeno came to
Honesdalo to live In tho Biiinmor
of 1877 and took up tho more com
pleto study of tho law In tho offi
ces of II. M. Seely, Esq., and tho
following year, on December 10, Mr.
Greeno was admitted to tho bar of
Wayno county. In tho fall of 1881
ho was elected by tho peoplo of tho
county to fill tho olllco of district
attorney, which place ho held for a
term of threo years, at tho end of
which ho resumed the private prac
tlco of law. Mr, Greeno hna at
tained a wldo reputation throughout
tho castorn states as a writer of
fiction. Mr. Greeno is at present
actively engnged In tho law busi
ness and has a sulto of offices In
tho Relf building on Main street.
rllANIC P. KIMBLE, ono of tho
.... . ii.iuiiicjd w iiuiiL-o-
uaie, wns a native 01 i'iko coun
ty, having been born on tho farm of
his father, on October 17, 1852.
Hesldo tho education received In tho
local schools of that neighborhood
ho took a course of study In tho
State Normal school at Mansfield.
Ho graduated from that Institution
In 187G. Ho begnn teaching school
In Plko county and taught In tho
State Normal school preceding his
graduation. He also taught in the
Wayno County Normal school. Mr.
Kimble camo to Honesdale In 1883
and entered the law office of C. S.
Miner as a student and was admitted
to the bar of this county In 1886.
Mr. Kimble was a director of the
Honesdalo schools for three terms.
In 1891 he was elected to the Legis
lature. He has always been active
In politics In Wayne county and a
recognized force In tho Democratic
party. During part of his term of
study as a law student Mr. Kimble
acted as deputy prothonotary. Mr.
Kimble enjoys a largo practice in
and around Honesdale and has ofTl
ces on the second floor of tho Foster
been most prominent In the af
fairs of Wayno county and tho
borough of Honesdale since 1891,
was a native of Canaan township,
having been born there on February
22, 1S58. He received his
education in the local schools
DAN DIMMICK, the grandfather of
William H. Dlmmlck, of Hones
dale, was the first attorney who
made his home in the county. He
was born on March 1, 1775, in Mans
field, Connecticut. He came to
Wayno county in 1S00 and took up
his residence at Mllford. He was
admitted to tho bar of Wayno coun
ty in 1S02. Mr. DimniUk practiced
law In Mllford until his death which
occurred in February, 1S25. Prior
to the erection of Plko county, most
of the attorneys admitted to the bar
of Wayne were non-residents. The
first person to prepare for the bar
examination within the pesent lim
its of this county was Thomas Ful
ler, who was admitted In 1S2G.
rection of G G Waller and on May
10 1883, ho was admitted to the
bar of this county. Mr. McCarty has
been actively engaged In tho law
over since his admission and during
that time has filled ninny public of
fices in the borough. Two years af
ter being admitted to tho bar ho
was elected to tho Legislature. Ho
was elected district attorney In
1891 nnd continued In that olllco for
threo years. That samo year ho was
elected to fill tho offlco of county
solicitor, which ho hold threo years.
Ho was a member of tho town coun
cil threo years, and president of tho
council lor two years. Ho was
borough solicitor ono year and so
licitor for tho Honesdalo nnd Texas
Poor Board two yoars more. Ho is
now serving his second torm aB
burgess of our borough. Mr. Mc
carty has offices In tho Rolf build
ing and enjoys a largo practice.
MYRON E. SIMONS, present dis
trict nttornoy of Wayne coun
ty, was born In Sterling town
ship on May 14, 18G0. Ho received
his education in tho public schools
of that township and at Bloomsburg
Normal school. For several years
after leaving school ho engaged In
teaching and was principal of tho
Nicholson graded school for one
term. Ho read law In tho offices of
uirtnuniw CY. UL iilUllirusc,
Susquehanna county, and was ad
mitted to tho bar of that county In
1884. Two years later ho was ad
mitted to the bar of Wayne county.
Ho served as clerk In the commis
sioners office for six years and also
as deputy county treasurer under
W. C. Norton for three years, 1892
95. Mr. Simons has always been
actively identified with the Repub
lican party of tho county and served
several terms as county chairman.
Mr. Simons was elected to the office
of district attorney 'in November,
1908, and served successfully for
two years after which he was re
elected In November, 1911, and Is
now serving In that capacity for his
second term.
New England ancestry and a
noted historian, was born In
Salem township In 1848. He receiv
ed the rudiments of his education In
tho public schools of that county
and later attended the schools of
Honesdale, going from hero to
Lafayette College where ho remained
for ono year. Ho engaged In teach
ing school for several years and for
four years was principal of a school
in Jermyn. In 1881 he was elected
register and recorder. He began the
study of law in tho offices of Waller
& Bentley In Honesdalo and In 188G
was admitted to the bar of this
county. Much of Mr. Stocker's time
has been engaged In writing histor
ies and he has gained much promi
nence In that field. Ho assisted In
writing the history of Wayne, Pike
and Monroe counties. He had edi
torial charge of tho writing of a
history of Susquehanna county and
assisted in the writing of a history
of tho state of Delaware. He also
wrote a history of the Presbj rerian
church. Mr. Stocker was edror f
the Wayno County Herald for a year
and a half. He has practiced law in
this county for twenty-six years and
Is still actively engaged In that work.
Outsido of tho law work, Mr. Stock
er has found much time to devote
to politics, for ho Is a staunch Dem
ocrat. Mr. Stocker also takes great
Intorest In farming. His law ollltcs
are located In tho Liberty Halt
building on Ninth street.
PETER II. ILOFF, eldest son of
Henry and Johanna Iloff, and
ono of Honesdale's successful
lawyers, was born In Cherry Rldgo
on October 21, 1S70. Ho went to
school In that vicinity until ho pass
ed tho grades and then attended the
High school at Honesdale. After
graduating from there ho attended
the Wyoming Seminary. Ho acted
as tax collector of Cherry Rldgo
township when twenty-two years of
ago and was judge of election until
he moved out of that township. Mr.
Iloff commenced the study of law
under tho direction of Hon. G. S.
Purdy. After tho latter was elected
President Judgo, Mr, Iloff finished
his studios In tho office of Hnn F
P. Kimble. Ho was admitted to 'tho
bar of Wayno county on May 21,
ion!), nna nas ror many years been
actively engaged In practicing law
for himself. His present ofTlces aro
located on the second floor of tho
Old Savings Bank building. Mr.
Iloff Is a faithful supporter of tho
Democratic party. He has been ad
mitted to the bar of tho Supremo
court of the state and the Superior
and United States District courts.
of tho law firm of Searlo &
Salmon, was born In Hones
dale on September 24, 1880, and la
a son of H. S. Salmon, cashier of
the Wayno County Savings Bank of
this place. Ho received his early
education in tho public schools of
Honesdale and graduated from tho
Honesdale High school with tho class
of 1898. He took up a course of
study in Lafayette College from
which institution ho graduated In
1902, with the degree of Ph B. He
studied law In the oHlce of A T.
Searle for two years after which ho
entered the law school of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania and graduat
ed from there In 1907 with the de
gree of LL. B. Prior to his gradua
tion ho passed tho examination of
tho State Board of Law Examiners
and was admitted to practice In tho
Supremo and local courts of tho
State. He becamo associated with
tho law firm of Bowker & Rotan in
Philadelphia, one of tho leading law
firms of that city and practiced law
thero for a year and a Tinlf. Mr.
Salmon was admitted to tho Phila
delphia county bar In April, 1907,
and to tho Wayne county bar in
March of the same year. He has
since been admitted to the Superior
court and United States District
Courts of the State. After the death
of L. M. Atkinson, Mr. Salmon camo
to Honesdale and opened offices In
the Dlmmlck building He became
associated with Charles P Searle in
tho practice of law on February 14,
of Searle & Salmon has enjoyed
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samo name, then two years old,
view of the hundred-year history
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garded as a hopeful concession
Til 1 ir.n TH1 in rntin i n I i 1 ,1
been a resident of Hawley Thero
auenueu, witn occasional lapses, t
village school, working betimes
I. ... J. 1 ....III 1.
seventeen, when ho succeeded to
eal charge of the Erlo railroad.
itn.. I -!.,. ...... ...lit.
bis IiPrfinnnl nttpntlnn nnil lin
onymous author of soino works on
Kalllr Corn, Crimson Clover and
other farm subjects. There, ho was
graduated from tho National Unl
slty Law School and admitted to tho
Thereafter, ho was, upon trial and
strict examination lot Into tho Wayno
county bar during tho excitoment of
tho Hull murder trial.
Mr. Deckor Is now cashier of tho
First National Bank of Hawley and
although ho doos not have an exten
6lvo law practice, it Is because thero
Is not much legal work to bo dono
Hioro. However, after tho trolley
lino Is completed, and tho threo mil
lion dollar powor plant Is placed in
operation It will provide nn exten
sive law practice for tho subject of
this sketch.
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