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Succumbs at Ninety-five.
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Sewing Machines?
Horn, on saturaay, to Mr.
Mrs. Harry Blake, a daughter,
Mrs. N. W. Bass gave a very in
teresting talk in the M. E. church
Wednesday evening to an apprecia
tive audience. She spoke on the
same lines as in Honesdale churches,
especially (mentioning Mormonism
and the study of it for this year in
the Home Missionary Society. A
Union Heading class of ten members
was formed with Mrs. James Johns
as president, to take up the study of
'Mormonism this winter, beginning in
January. Mrs. Bass, while here,
was entertained by Mrs. James
Harry Pethick, of Hawley, was
hero Thursday looking after the
Pethick property.
Mrs. Edward Woodward left Sun
day for Now York to join her hus
band and daughter there.
Isa Monnlngton Is helping Mrs.
Harry Blake with her household du
ties. John Gummoe, who Is employed at
the Crystal Spring Farm, moved his
family from Carley Brook Friday, to
the homo of the late Mrs. Lavina
On Christmas evo the Union tree
and exercises will be held in the
Presbyterian church. Practicing
began last week under a committee
of ladles. The children will meet
at the church Tuesday and Friday
of this week.
Rev. Pritchard will have tho usual
Bible study class on Tuesday even
ing at 7:30
Hawley, Doc. 12.
Patrick Shea, of Scranton, spent
Sunday in town with friends,
Erasimus Ames and son, of Scran
ton, spent Sunday in town.
Mrs. D. S. Finkelstein was visit
ing friends and relatives in Scranton
on Monday.
Mrs. M. McAndrew visited in
Scranton on Monday.
The High School students are busy
preparing an excellent program for
tho Christmas exercises.
Emmet Asher, of Jersey City, visit
ed friends hero on Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. Truax visited tho lat
ter's parents at Hoadleys on Sunday.
Messrs. Burch and Silverman, of
Scranton, have donated through
their friend, Mr. L. W. Moxson, also
of Scranton, a beautiful silver cup to
bo competed for at the coming
Scranton Show. This cup Is espe
cially donated for Rhode Island
Beds. The cup is valued at $25 and
will prove to bo a mark of distinc
tion that will bo valued by any
breeder of this beautiful fowl and
one who can win such a cup must
have a largo demand for fowl for
exhibition and hatching eggs as
There is considerable rivalry
throughout this locality not only as
to who shall havn thn hnat. Tthnrln
followed by choir prac- j Island Reds, but that this variety
I snail win in me snow uio cnampion-
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gammell . snip over all other prizes,
leave this week for the State Grange Championship cups nave added
meeting in Clearfield county. They greatly to tho worldwide face of the
also expect to visit State College be-(Quality Poultry Show at Scranton.
fore returning. j No other fowl has become more pop-
Rov. and Mrs. Pritchard and baby Ular uirougnuui. au countries man
Margaret spent Thursday in Way-
mart and attended tho dinner at Mrs.
Sol pel's.
Milanvlllo, Dec. 12.
Mrs. L. D. Tyler returned to 'her
homo at Middletown, N. Y., on
Thursday last after a week's visit
with Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Tyler.
Mrs. Rockwell Brlgham visited
"her sister, Mrs. Horace Tultchell, of
Port Jervls, this week.
Mrs. John Canfleld of Galilee, Pa.,
spent part of last week with her
daughter, Mrs. Ralph Tegeler.
Miss May Boucher returned to
Port Jervls on Thursday last.
Miss Besslo E. Skinner spent tho
week-end with Mrs. W. D. Yerkes
at Milauvllle Heights.
Mrs. L. B. Price entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Price and Marlon
Prlco of Tyler Hill, Mrs. F. W. Tege
ler, Vernon Tegeler, of Milanville,
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Valentine of
Damascus, and Claire Tegeler of
Scranton, on Thanksgiving Day.
A supper will bo held on Friday
evening of this week at tho church
basement. Proceeds for Rov. Olver.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Delghton are
happy over tho arrival of a son.
Miss Florence Prico was a caller
at Mllanvlllo Heights on Saturday
Ella Leo Rellly Snyder, daughter
of tho late Martin Rellly, and widow
of the lato John Synder, of Cochec
ton, was burled Sunday from her
Damascus home. Mrs. Snyder had
been a soraMnvalld for many years
and some weeks ago Mrs. Snyder be
came helpless from paralysis, which
caused her death. Mrs. Snyder had
been living for some tlmo with her
sister, Mrs. William Bonesteol, of
Brooklyn. Mrs. Snyder had many
friends who regret that she was tak
en from their midst while yet in the
prime of life.
Miss Myrtlo Lassloy has arrived In
Chicago whoro she will pursuo a
musical course at tho conservatory.
Miss Lassley is the only daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Lassley of
Vairvlow Farm. Miss Lassley will
bo mlBsed In tho home and church
and wo wish her a pleasant winter.
Orrln Noble, of Bingharaton, had
tho misfortune to have Ills oyo shot
by some one hunting recently. The
doctor ahs been unablo to find the
shot and thinks Mr. Noblo will prob
ably loso tho eight of tho eye. Mr.
Noblo Is well known through this
vicinity and Is a brother to Mrs. W.
B. Yerkes of this town.
Mrs. D. H. Beach and Mrs. R. B.
Carpenter spent Tuesday in Port
Mrs. C. H. Valentino will entor
tain tho Ladles' Aid society of the
Baptist church on Thursday of this
tho Rhode Island Reds. More than
two hundred of them were exhibited
in October at the Dairy Show in Eng
land, and double this number were
exhibited at the Crystal Palace Show
in England and largo classes of them
have been entered at both tho Pal
ace Show In Now York and tho show
In Philadelphia. The winners from
both of these shows are apt to come
to Scranton to win tho cups and
other prizes offered here.
One of the reasons that tho Rhode
Island Reds have become so famous.
Is that they lay so 'many eggs, one
of this variety having laid the largest
number of eggs of any hen in the
Philadelphia North American egg'
laying contest, held at Storr's, Con
nectlcut. A Whito Plymouth Rock
hen won in the Missouri egg-laying
contest; a Rhode Island Red in the
Storr's, Connecticut, contest; a
White Leghorn at Storr's, won tho
first prize for the largest number of
eggs laid of any five hens in the con
test. This brings the Rhode Island
Reds, White Plymouth Rocks and
White Leghorns into actlvo compe
tlon for being tho best egg produc
ers, tho best market poultry and the
most beautiful fowls for exhibition.
All breeders of Rhode Island Reds
should send to Mr. A. W. Close, of
Scranton, for the premium list of tho
show, so as to bo fully Informed of
the many regular and special prizes
offered this winter.
Was Partner of Baldwin In Locomotive
Company He Retired From Active
Business Life About Twenty
Years Ago Many Yrs
Member of Firm.
Philadelphia, Doc. 1Z Jnmos Bum
ham, Sr., partner of Mntthlns Baldwin
and the llrst tlunnclal genius of the
present Baldwin Loeomotlro works,
died nt his home, 3401 Powlton nve
nue. He was ninety-Ore years old.
Death vnn due to a general breakdown
caused by bin advanced ng.
Mr. Buruhnm retired from active busi
ness life about twenty years ago, but
he continued in fair health until Inst
yenr. For about twelve months he hnd
tho constant attention of a physician
and nurse.
In the commercial history of America
no name stunds out more prominently
than thnt of the veteran manufacturer,
who wnB for many years the directing
head of the great plnnt which has done
more than any other to furnish the mo
tive power for building up tho world's
transportation facilities.
His early life was closely Identified
with the successes of ttot great in
ventor and builder of locomotives, Mat
thins W. Baldwin.
He entered Mr. Baldwin's little oflice
In Minor street ns a clerk when seven
teen years old, and that gentleman,
"being of an Inventive turn of mind,"
left the details of tlie business to Mr.
Rurnbam. It wns largely due to his ef
fort thnt the firm was able to continue
In business during those antebellum
panics when the contract for one engine-was
a great uudertnklng In n plnnt
so smull that the engine could hardly
be got out of the building after it wns
Mr. Burnhnm hnd been for many
years the senior member of the firm,
the amount of whose annual business
had reached the $50,000,000 mark. He
was closely associated with the devel
opment of the locomotive from the old
"John Bulls" to-the distance destroying
giants of today and had been the main
stay of the great plant which had sent
the mighty progeny of the historic "Old
Ironsides" to all part of ttw civilized
Detectives Prevent Eighth Attempt to
Derail Pennsylvania Trains.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Dec. 12. Pennsyl
vania railroad detectives brought to
this city from Hazleton Michael Miller
and Ellis Sherman, charged with at
tempting to wreck a passenger train nt
Rock Glen by placing heavy stones on
the track.
This was the eighth attempt to wreck
passenger trains In the vicinity within
Uie past three months. Tlie railroad of
ficers had concealed themselves in tho
woods at night In the hope- of catching
the would be wreckers. Their vigi
lance was rewarded whet they saw
Miller and Sherman In the- act of plac
ing the stones between tlie rail mid the
guard rail.
The prisoners, it Is alleged, have Im
plicated a tlitrd party at Rock Glen,
who la said to hnve a grievance against
the railroad company and employed
the men to wreck trains. Miller and
Sbcrmnn were held In $5,000 ball.
-Trade at homo.
On account of the late fall trade and also being overstocked
we are compelled to unload our extra large stock of seasonable
merchandise at a saving to you of 25 to 50 per cent,
Ladies' and Misses' Black Caracul Coats, sizes from 1C to 44, all. lined, a beauty for 11"
Sale Price , 7 Jn
Ladies' Crushed Plush Coats, Skinner's Satin lining, ?1G value, . . .'.'.".'. .$12.50
Ladies' Seal Plush Coats, Satin Lined, $25 value .......... .VT.rtO
Ladles' and Misses' Mixed Goods Coats, 20 different styles, iyi2 .models worth $15, ' Sale
,,plco '. ?io.oo
Ladles' Misses' and Juniors' Coats, 112.00 value $ 89
Closing out 50 Black Coats for Ladles, $7 and $8 value, sale price 3.0S
Ladies' Suits, all new styles, $18 value Q
Misses' Caracul Coats, good value for $6.00; Sale Prlco 4.W
Children's Coats, $3 value, , . .'. .'.'.,9 1.08
Ladles' and Misses' Rain Coats, $4 value; Sale Prlco '..".'.".9 2.40
Ladles' Black and Colored Petticoats, $1.50 and $2 value; Sale Prlco '.'...'.'.. 08c
Ladles' Outing Gowns, GOc value ' ' jjc
Ladies' Night Gowns made of Daisy cloth, white, pink and bine, $1-value; Sale Prico ..... 7Dc
Ladies' and Misses' All-Wool Sweaters, $3 value j jtt)S
Ladles' and Misses' All-Wool Sweaters, $4 value tfp $
Ladles' extra heavy worsted sweaters, $6.50 value 4,0s
Men's Heavy Grey Coat Sweaters, 75c, 30c
Boys' and Girls' All-Wool Coat Sweaters, $1.50 valuo '...".. 08c
Men's All-Wool Underwear, Root's & Lackawanna, two of the best makes, sold all over for
$1.00; Sale Price 71)c
Men's Grey Flannel Shirts, $1.50 value; Sale Prico 08c
Ladles' Silk and Messa-llno Petticoats, $3 and $3.50 valuo 9 1.08
Princess Corsets, guaranteed for 6 months $ 1.00
Ladles' Misses' and Boys' Rubbers -10c pair.
'Ladies' Lawn Waists, all new styles, $1.50 valuo )Hc
Ladles' Voile Waists, $2.50 value $ i,.io
Ladles' Taffeta Silk Waists, $3 value $ j.os
Ladies' Messaline and Taffeta Waists, $4 value, $ 2.O8
Ladles' Chiffon Waists silk lined, all colors, $5 value 3 $ 3.08
We are showing a fine line of Holiday Goods
$1.00 will buy $2.0O worth of goods
One morning Mr. Stono was going
to his office when ho met Mr. Wood,
a particular menu or nis. "uoou
morning, Mr. Stone," said Mr. Wood,
"how Is Mrs. Stono and all tho llttlo
"Very well, thank you, but how is
Mrs. Wood nnd all the llttlo splin
ters?" was tho reply.
Tho hustling llttlo borough of
Way-mart, located on tho Honesdalo
branch of tho Delaware and Hudson
railroad, at tho base of the Mooslc
mountains, Is growing rapidly,
There Is only one houso vacant In
that vlllago and it is one of the
best built houses, there, too. It con
tains eight rooms and is a etoro and
dwelling combined. Can bo used for
two families. The property is lo
cated in the center of the town and
is directly opposite tho postofflco. It
would make an ideal place for al
most any kind of business. Tho lot
Is GOxlCO feet and can be bought on
easy terms of the Buy-U-A-Homo
Realty Company, Honesdale, Pa.,
Jadwln building. If you cannot
como to Honesdale use the telephone
or write and further 'description will
be ctieerfu'ly given. 99tf,
Prisoner In Norrlstown Jail Succumbs
Suddenly to Unusual Beverage.
Norrlstown, Pa., Dec. 12. Douglass
Wnrd of Scranton died In tho connty
Jnil here, the result, it Is believed, of
drinking bay rum.
Wnrd is snid to have spent an Inher
itance of ?20,000 nnd was heir to con
siderable more, but he died without a
cent in bis pocket.
Ward wns committed' to jail by Mag
istrate Harry for being Intoxicated in
the bnrber shop of Alexander Jansen.
Dr. U. Knlpe, the prison physician, said
Ward was taken violently ill and wns
nearly dead when tha doctor arrived
Coroner Neville learned from Jansen
that Ward drank n tumbler half full of
bay rum.
Adjutant General Thomas J. Stew
art Is compiling Information relative
to the fiftieth anniversary of the
battle of Gettysburg, to be held next
year, and desires tho name and ad
dress of every veteran, who served
in a Pennsylvania organization that
participated In tho battTa.
General Stewart asks all to com
municate with him at onco and
wants them to give their name, com
mand (state company and regiment.
or battery), dato of enlistment, date
of discharge, postofllce address (give
name or county, and give street
number In city or town), railroad
station nearest to residence. '
Tho following Pennyslvanla or
ganizations participated In the bat
tle of Gettysburg, viz. Regiments of
Infantry: 11th, 23rd, 2Cth, 28th,
29th, 30th (1st Reserves), 31st
(2nd Reserves), 34th (5th Re
serves), 34th (5th Reserves) 35th
(Cth Reserves), 38th (9th Re
serves), 39th (10th Reserves), 40th
(11th Reserves), 41st. (12th Re
serves), 42nd (13th Reserves), 46th,
49th, 53rd, 56th, 57tM, Cist, G2nd,
63rd. C8th, 69th, 71st. 72nd. 73rd,
74th, 75th, 81st, 82ndr 83rd. S4th,
88th, 90th, 91st, 93rd. 95th, 96th,
95th, 96th, 98th, 99th, 102nd,
105th, 106th, 107th, I09th,
111th, 114th, 115th, . 116th,
119th, 121st. 139th, I40th,
143rd, 145th, 147th, 149th,
155U1 and
Delaware County's Panel Improperly
Drawn, Says Judge Johnson.
Medln, Pa., Doc. Ri.-J. Watts Mer
cur, defented Washington pnrty candi
date for the state senate from this dis
trict, and his attorney, V. Gilpin Rob
inson, appeared before Judge Johnson
and informed the court thnt tho grand
Jury had been improperly drawn.
They assert that twelve of tho twenty-four
grand Jurors drawn by Sheriff
8. Everett Sproul and Jury Commis
sioners James T. Stewnrt, Republican,
of Lansdowno nnd Jacob Wise, Demo
crat, of Clifton Heights did not appear
on tho list of names that bad been
placed In tho Jury wheel nt the begin
ning of the year.
Alleged Counterfeiter Arrested.
Pittsburgh, Dec. 12.-W!th tho melt
lng pot at whito heat Ginclnto de Cnr
rlo and his wife were nrrested at their
homo lu Braddock by secret service
opcrntWes, who confiscated a hundred
counterfeit hair dollars.
15'lst, 153rd,
Regiments of cavalry: 1st, 2nd,
3rd, 4th. 6th, 8th, r6th, 17th, ISth
and 21st.
Batteries of artillery: Battory
"B," 1st artillery; battory "F," 1st
artillery; "C," Independent; bat
tery "E," Independent; battery
"P," Independent, and battery "H,"
3rd heavy artillory.
Kirst Week Jnnuary. 20, 1013.
Bethany J. H. Smith.
Berlin W. J. Seymour.
Buckingham James Spratt.
Canaan C. E. Weed.
Cherry Ridge F. O. Rickard, J.
Clinton G. G. Wllmarth.
Damascus J. A. Noble, E. H. Hu-
ber, A. P. Gregg.
Dreher Ward Prey.
Dyberry J. E. Henahaw.
Hawley John Beomer, William
Schardt, R. P. Warg, Harry J.
Honesdale C. H. Rettow, Leon
Katz, O. M. Spettlguo, Sr., W. W.
Baker, W. B. Holmes.
Lake Oliver Hoover, G. G. Collins.
Lehigh Job R. Moore.
Lebanon Oscar II. Day.
Manchester Norman Lester, B. A.
Mt. Pleasant Henry Ihlefelt.
Oregon W. P. Weeks.
Paupack Lewis M. Bittner. John
Palmyra Georgo Morgan, Jacob
Preston W. H. Doyle, Arthur Pat
ton. Prompton Alonzo B. Wood.
Sterling Walter Malcom.
Starrucea John Glovor.
Salem D. W. Bidwoll, Henry Conk
South Canaan John Savltz.
Scott P. P. Conrad.
Texas John Mangan, Henvy Lud-
wig, Miciiaei Weber, P. H. Skelly,
Andrew iicssllng.
Waymart J. B. Dymond.
nt........ T t .1 T. 1. TT) 1
uunton w. .M. Norton.
Damascus John Wilcox,
Dreher John Gearhart.
Dyberry W. S. Tamblyn.
Hawley James H. Stevenson
Honesdale L. Puerth.
Lehigh John Hawk.
Lake Dwlght Osborne.
Lebanon Georgo Atkins.
Mt. Pleasant E. H. Ledyard,
a. iloase.
Vltr&iru UUUUl J . OUUUllU
Palmyra Thomas Seeman.
Preston Stephen Jay.
Salem W. H. Sterner.
Scott Ernest Lowe.
South Canaan Anson Beers
Never look a- gift in tho cost
Mistlctoo makes tho heart grow
All that glUters Is not a diamond.
Belief in Santa Claus Is the best
Tho gift deferred makoth the
heart sick.
Invitation is tho slncorcst flat
tery. Christmas bills are stubborn
Buy gtfts in baste and repent at
And thereby hangs a stocking.
Gifts ate seldom what they seom.
Every Christmas tree must stand
on Its own bottom.
Uneasy lies the head that's plan
ning gifts.
Santa Claus Is not as red as he Is
One Christmas bargain salo makes
the whole of womankind spin.
Gifts make the men, tho want of
them tho fellow.
To give hideous gifts Is human, to
forgive impossible.
What is sauce tor the gopse Is not
sauce for the plum pudding. liar
vey Peake, in Judge's Library.
Second Week January 27,
Berlin Amaza Keyes.
Buckingham Ernest Holbert.
Canaan James Moylan.
Clinton C. J.. Stiles.
Cherry Ridge Win. Crockonborg.
Dyberry Rudolph Swartout.
Dreher Charles A. Selg.
Damascus Rockwell Brlgham, W.
B. Gulnnlp. C. J. Lassley.
Honesdale E. 11. Callaway, G. W.
Docker, J. L. Roegner.
Lake J. W. Andrews.
Lebanon Walter S. Vail.
Lehigh Harry A. Sobrtug.
Mt. Pleasant Maurico Meager, E.
E. Talntor.
Manchester A. P. Lawson, Earl
Oregon J. H. Boyco.
Palmyra E. A. Marshall.
Preston John A. Edwards.
Paupack Thomas Lennon.
Sterling Georgo Zelgler.'
Scott Archlo Thorno.
Salem John Schroeder, P, E. Carl
ton. South Canaan A. J. Robinson.
Starrucea John E. Wagner.
Texas Louis Schuetz, Ed, P.
Short, Cloreuco Bond, William
if n 11 p'htni' Mro W TIftptftr
rowsbug, last week,
Mrs. P. W. Brannlng vl
mother, Mrs. M. Brlnkma
days of last week.
Mrs. H. S. Whitmoro c
frlnniJa nt Tlpnph T.ako last
last week.
the Kimble Lumber Co.
Prank Brannlng sold tv
cows and one calf Wed
Chas. Brlnkinan.
a pleasant caller In this
hood last week.
ur. r. . xji iiiiMiub
J. H. Decker on Sunday.
Mrs. V. B. Case visited
Brannlng Sunday.
Prank Brannlng and tt
a business trip to Hon
Mabol Brannlng win s
time with Mrs. Wm Mar
como Lake.
January 13, 1013.
Buckingham Alva S. Dicks.
Canaan R. S. Walsh.
State of Ohio, City of
Lucas County, SS.
ho is senior partner of
In tho City of Toledo,
State aforesaid, and t)
urlll nntr iia otitn nt ON?
Pntnrrli thnt rnnnftt hp
M tt.lll.
Sworn to boforo me
-.. I . . V
VU 111 Ull- U UDUULV, 11
(Seal) a. V
Hall's Catarrh Ci
tornally, and acts
mooa ana mucous
systom. Send for
Sold by all Drui
TflKO nan s f an.