The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, December 13, 1912, Page PAGE ELEVEN, Image 11

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Qrat Skill Shown by the Coburg
From Coburg, Germany, a little rail
way only twonty-flvo miles long leads
Into tlio heart of the Thurlnglan forest
ranges, terminating nt LatiKchn, whero
Christmas ornaments are matlo. Near
ly every houso and hut Is the homo of
a glassblower, and tho smallest child
that can use Its hands undcrstnudlngly
has eoino part In tho work.
Tho hlowors make all their work
from glass tubes of variod dlnmctor
and thickness, 'Which are cut to con
venlent lengths by scratching them
with a flic and breaking them at tho
cleavago. A burner consisting of two,
four or more flamos issuing from tiny
ga Jets converged Its fires upon a
metal plate, which usually supports a
pleco of dry wood or chnrcoal whoso
slow but flcrco combustion under tho
bluo flnmo of tho blowpipes rapidly
melts tho hanlost glass. Driving tho
bollowB which supplies air to his blow
pipes with his feet, tho operator turns
out with deft swiftness balls, stars,
pendants and larger ornaments of al
most every conceivable shape nnd size.
His good wlfo Is perhaps Injecting a
spray of gilding or silvering solution
Into a great basketful of the tiny balls,
used to festoon windows and Christ
mas trees, or, perhaps, with greater
Skill is coloring with deft lingers tho
interior of a larger ornament.
The eldest. boy max hlmsnlf bo a
skilled operator nnd perhaps excels Ms
fathor in creating miniature reindeer,
with great spreading nntlors, spirited
horses, coursing hounds, fragile air
ships and balloons nnd, most wonder
ful of nil, roses, carnations, tulljw and
other llowora, each of whose parts is
mado of colored glass of the proper
color nnd fuwxl in place with a deli
cacy of touch that far oxecls ordinary
Bo light and fragllo nro these goods
that they aro packed in cotton and
cartons divided into compartments nnd
to n very groat extent are shipped
away from Lauscha by parcels ex
press. So generally is this dono be
tween tho mlddlo of November and
Christmas week that tho postolllce
force and a number of mall earn nro
furnlshod to meet the dornnnd for par
cels transportation. -National Maga
zine. An Easy to Make Jacket.
A combing Jacket Is something nny
woman would appreciate, ospoclally If
it Is as protty as some of thoso tho
shops nro showing. Tho dainty things
In tho big stores nro all but absolute
ly shapcloa, two pcrfoctly straight
breadths being used to form a sort of
Jnunty kimono sack, with pointed back
and front Tho two lengtlu havo the
ends cut blus, this shnplng making tho
front nnd rwir points, nnd tho sleeves
aro mado by catching the breadth edgo
to ihIju undur tho tiny- White flannel
combing Jackets nro protty with bluo
or pink satin ribbon blndlncs.
SUB liilTnW
H I 41 VI. ,:i ,U - I It I'll 1 ID rf-tj I I
Light Your Home Properly
Electric light in the home is no
longer a luxury. It has really
become cheap.
Fostoria flazda Lamp
lis made it so cheap that you now get three times the light of tho old
Ipe lamp for the same current consumption a soft, white, brilliant
l;ht by which you can rend for hours without hurting jour eyes.
1X0 other light can compnre in quality, convenience, safety nnd prncti-
I economy with electric light nud no other lamp can compare with the
tstorln Mnzriu. Also tho strong drawn wire filament of this Inmn re-
Ics breakage to n minimum.
fo would like to show you just how cheap electric light now is.
call or telephono us to-clny?
Let us demonstrate our guar
anteed Electric Vacuum
Gleaner, Flatiroris, Toasters,
V etc., etc.
L. Beurket
102 Seventh St.
ress Boots and Slippers
Men, Women and Children
ilect Your Christmas Shoes and Slippers
Assistant on Prairio Charged
With Embezzlement.
Offonso of Which Horry H. Palmer Is
Charged Said to Hnve Been Com
mitted Before nnd During Prai
rie's Trip to Panama Last
Philadelphia. Dee. 10. Charged with
embezzlement, fraud, falsehood and
submitting fulxe ruturntt to the hureHU
of Hiippllpy of the navy department.
Assistant 1'nymnntcr Harry II. rainier
of the transport i'ruirle will face n
court martial hero on Moiulny, Dec. ill.
The bearing had beon net for yester
day, hut was postponed to permit Pal
mer time to cnfniffo counsel nud pre
pare his case as well ns to Rive the
members of the court time to nseinliio
from their various stations alone the
Atlantic coast
Since the return to the navy of the
Prairie Saturday fron Santo Domlnpo
Palmer has been detained on the battle
ship Maine under arrest. The offenses
with which he is ehnrged are said to
have been committed before and dur
ing the trip of the transport to Panama
last September.
Since that time ho has been under
close surveillance. Assistant Paymas
ter Frederick ('. Powerflnd of the cruis
er Chester has been detailed to rollvve
Paymaster Palmer on the Prairie.
The court which will try the accused
man Is composed of Paymaster McOlll
H. Goldsborouph, Paymaster Itobort II
Orr, Past Assistant Paymaster John P
O'Hara, Commander C. 1. Morgan,
Commander E. It. Polllck, Commander
C. P. Preston nnd I.lontennnt Coin
mandcr Gilbert Chase. Paymaster Wil
liam C. Flte is the judc advocate.
Farmer Third One to Meet His Death
Within Forty-eight Hours.
York, Pa., Dec. 10. Jesse Gladfelter,
n farmer, is the third victim in this
county of a Northern Central railroad
locomotive within the last forty-eight
Mr. Gladfelter, who was forty-three
years old, while driving home from at
tending a butchering, was struck by a
northbound engine on the Northern
Central at the Centerville crossing and
Instantly killed. Tho engine hit the
tail end of the buggy, nnd Mr. Gladfel
ter was hurled seventy-five feet Into a
meadow. There were no lacerations or
bruises on his body when picked up,
Tho buggy was wrecked, but the horse
escaped Injury.
Three men have been killed nnd a
number injured at the Centerville cross
ing in recent years.
kloso tho pores of tho skin
It in. Persons afflicted
kia, scrofula, psoriasis, ul-
lea, etc., frequently havo
strong astringent extor
ts to dry up ana closo tho
skin In order to get tom-
forgottlng in their anx-
so doing thoy aro forc-
lonous germs back into
reassert Itself a month
lold disease area, or on
Fiart of tho body, in a
better to help tho blood throw off
tho impurities which causo theso dis
eases and got permanent relief.
Wood is tho most Important con
stituent of tho human body, and
when impure Is tho underlying causo
of most of our ailments, particular
ly skin diseases. Take Iiloodlno to
purify tho Dlood and apply Bloodlno
Ointment to tho skin and you will
euro tho causo of this most dreaded
disease. Guaranteed to euro by your
druggist. Mall orders tilled by tho
Iiloodlno Corp., Boston, Mass.
For salo by C. C, Jadwln, Hones-
Four Bluecoats, Convicted of Theft,
Served Four Years and Ten Months.
Philadelphia, Dec. 10. John Kelly,
Albert Sithens, John Straub and J.
Luckenblll, all former members of the
city's police force nnd nttached to the
Fourth and Hace streets station, were
released from the Eastern penitentiary
nf tor serving four years and ten months
each of a seven years' sentenco Im
posed for burglary. The men were
model prisoners, thus earning two
years and two months' reduction of
Members of their families met the
men and hurried them to their homes.
All refused to mnke nny statements
ns to their plans. Seventeen men were
involved In thefts from wholesale
houses along Delaware avenue, for
complicity in which the four bluecontH
were convicted.
Dickinson College Faculty Acts In At
tack on Freshman Smith.
Carlisle. Pa., Dec. 10. The faculty
of Dickinson college, which for two
weeks has been investigating the haz
ing attack on C. II. Smith, a popular
freshman from Wllllamsport, Pa.,
whoso face was marked with a sup
posedly indelible ncid, has laid the
blame on six sophomores who have
been suspended for an Indefinite
The young men nro: Robert Davles
of Lansdale, Pa.: Walcott Gooding.
Wyoming, Del.; Harold Faslck, Car
lisle, Pa.; T. M. It. Hicks, Jr., Wllllams
port, Pa.; Gilbert Malcolm of New York
city, and Lorraine McAnney of Car
lisle, Pa.
Pennsylvania Railroad Train Hits
Trolley Car at Wllllamsport.
Wllllamsport, Pa Dec. 10. Fourteen
Vmrsons, passengers on n trolley cur,
were Injured when they were ruu
down by u Pennsylvania railroad pas
senger train, whllu the trolley was
stalled on tho railroad tracks nt the
Fourth street crossing, In this city.
None of the injured are seriously hurt
Tho train which left Philadelphia
was not running rapidly, but tho loco
motive carried tho trolley ear some
distance up the tracks. The occupants
of tho trnlu were slightly shaken up.
Your Christmas Dinner wiSI not be com
plete without a cup of
Barrington Hall Coffee
or a Loaf of Bread made from
Occident Flour
Clark & Bullock
North Main Street.
Their Christmas Presents.
Little Tcnelope Socrates,
A Boston maid of four,
Wldo opened her eyes on Christmas morn
And looked the landscape o'er.
"What Is't Inflates my bas de bleu?"
She asked, with dignity.
" "lis Ibsen In the original.
Oh, Joy beyond degree!"
Miss May Cadwallader Rlttenhouse
Of Philadelphia town
Awoko as much as they ever do there
And watched the snow come down.
"Well, I'm glad that Christmas has coma
You might have heard her say,
"For my family's one year older now
Than It was last Christmas day."
It was Christmas in giddy Gotham,
And Miss Irene de Jones
Awoke at noon and yawned and yawned
And stretched her languid bones.
"Well, I'm sorry that It's Christmas.
Papa at homo will stay,
For "change Is closed, and he won't make
A single cent all day."
Oh, wlndlly dawned the Christmas
In the city by the lake I
And Miss Arabel Wabash Breezy
Was Instantly awake.
"Ah, what's that In my stocking?
Well, In two Jiffs I'll know!"
And she drew forth a grand piano
From away down In tho toe.
Let us show you a
LOW COST policy in the
Mutual Life
Insurance Go.ofN.Y.
Paid the most to policy hold
ers and beneficiaries. Pays the
most in dividends to policy holders
Fire, Life, Accident, Automobile,
Liberty Hiijl Klilf. Honesdale
Consolidated Phono 1SI,
Be an Uptodate
Santa Claus
It's Easy if You Make Your Selections
from Our Extensive Assortment!
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and all kinds of Dolls. New Games, Mechanical
Toys, Tree Ornaments, etc.
Our line is Larger and Better than ever. China,
Stationery, Notions and Fancy Goods. Christmas
and New Year Postals at one cent.
C. W. SMITH & Co.
Opp. Lyric Theatre.
The Honesdale
offers the best Christmas candies, high grade
Chocolates, Fancy Boxes, ever offered in Honesdale
; co
o o
- 5
2 u
3 x
For Your
Christmas D inner
We handle home-made ice cream of
the best quality. A dish that will
make that dinner one to be long
remembered. Fancy frappe and hot
Useful Holiday Gifts
At Special Prices.
ItOOKKS' SIIjVKIUVAUK, Knives, forks, spoons, etc., at spec
ial holiday prices for tho "week.
OAKVIXCJ SHTS, Knife, fork ami steel with genulno stag
handles, and shollleld steel blades, $2. DO per sot in fancy box.
HAZOKS. Best quality every ono guaranteed; all stylos;
regular pattern or tho Enders safety razor with six blades; choice
l'OCKKT KXIVKS. 10c to ?2.00, each packed in fancy Xnias
HANI) STjKDS of all shapos and kinds; got our prices.
FOOT WA KM Kits, tho I2.G0 kind, special at ?1.75.
SIMCCIAIj For Saturday Afternoon Only.
50 Flexible linnd Sleds tit day Gifts. Uonosdale, Pa.
Murray Company.
The Homo of tho Useful nolllday Gifts. Honesdale, Pa
lant form. How much
dale, Pa,