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Put Into Form, It Adds 2.1,000
Men to the Navy.
Circulars Sent Out to Former Member
of Service Asking Them to Join New
Organization Bring Flood of Replies.
Scheme Generally Indorsed.
Secretary of tho Navy Meyer has
about completed the collection of n vast
amount of datn and Information re
garding the possibilities of a great
United States reserve naval force, such
as that provided for In a bill which he
submitted to congress lust winter.
Through Assistant Secretary of the
Navy WInthrop u circular appeal has
beou Issued to all former otlicers and
enlisted men of the navy and marine
corps nsking for particulars as to age
and occupation. Hundreds of replies
hTe already lwen received which. In
a tabulated form, will be presented to
congress with another bill during the
coming session.
The bill which Mr. Meyer will send
to congress this year provides for the
enrollment for live years of former
naval men, subject to call to service
In the regular navy in time of war.
Membere of the naval reserve may en
ter active service for periods not ex
ceeding one vir at one time. Line of
ficers shall if enrolled In the ranks
from ensign to lieutenant to the ex
tent of CO per cent of the regular otli
cers. Oillceis above these ranks in
good standing, who resigned within
ten years, are to have the rank tho
held when they quit the service.
Twenty-one Thousand Men on the List.
There are now about 1M.000 former
navy men. a large percentage of whom
would respond to a call in case of war.
The circular iss-ied by Assistant Sec
retary WInthrop says: "To the otlicers
and men who have honorably left the
navy, the reserve of which they are to
constitute a special part, called the ex
service branch, offers all that Is to be
found in the great societies that have
followed each war. Where men have
served through similar experience of
hardships and pleasure of excitements
and contests and have then been sep
arated the desire grows strong within
them to renew old associations and
keep alive together their experiences.
"This spirit has given creation to the
Society of the Cincinnati, tho Aztec so
ciety, the Loyal Legion, the Grand
Army of the Republic and many oth
ers. Men who serve In the navy have
experiences unlike those of any other
class of citizens because they aro so
vastly more varied. They extend over
nil the world. They include every fea
ture of the restless sea, and to nearly
every man of the navy there is the
memory of some active military cam
paign, larger or smaller.
"It Is to keep alive those associa
tions and thus keep active the Interest
In the navy that the department's plan
provides for local organizations and tho
return at Intervals of the members of
the reserve to the active fleet "
Christian Science Church Will Receive
About $2,000,000.
Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, founder of
the Christian Science church, had In
Massachusetts at the time of her death
?82,843.7!3 In personal property and
real estate valued at $155,000, accord
ing to tho report of Thomas W. Street
er, Frederick E. JenulugH and John
W. Worthlngton, who were appointed
to appraise the estate by the Suffolk
county probate court.
All the personal property goes to
the Christian Science church, under
tho decision of the supremo court of
New Hampshire, which sustained the
will of Mrs. Eddy. The entire amount
which tho New Hampshire adminis
trator will turn over to tho church is
about $2,000,000.
The Massachusetts supreme court,
which has jurisdiction over tho $155,
000 of real estate within the common
wealth, has decided that the statute
bars tho Christian Science church from
receiving this property as left by Mrs.
Eddy's will, but that the property
may bo administered ns n charltablo
trust by the trustees appointed by the
That's the Latest "Don't" at Precise
Another rule has been added to the
long list of don'ts which upper class
custom prescribes for tho freshmen at
Cornell. The latest is "Don't walk on
tho grass," and the upper classmen
have appointed committees to station
at various parts of tho campus to see
that the rule is obeyed.
The new rule was adopted In tho In
terest of the "campus beautiful," par
llcularly the picturesque qurdrangle
'ivhlch at present is Intersected by at
least a dozen different well trodden
paths. Hereafter only the sidewalks
end cinder paths laid out by tho au
thorities arc to bo traversed, and fresh
men violating this rulo will receive the
lamo summary punishment handed out
to those of their number who forget to
ivcar tho little gray cap or appearing In
the spring without their coats.
8Ix Rear Admirals Among Those to
Quit Active Service,
ltctiretnents among the ofllcers of tho
navy during l'JUl from tho actlvo list
because of age are ns follows:
Medical Director J. O. Uyrnes, in
command of naval hospltnl, Now York,
Jan. 12.
Medical Director D. N. llertolette,
president of the board of medical ex
aminers In Washington, Jan. 22.
Hear Admiral J. H. Murdock, mem
ber of tho gwiernl board, Teh. 13.
Hear Admiral A. 11. Wllllts, director
of navy yards (additional number),
March 7.
Hear Admiral Albert Mertz, gover
nor of Naval home, Philadelphia,
March 20.
Hear Admiral nugo Osterhaus, com
mander in chief of the Atlantic fleet.
June 15.
Professor of Mnthematlcs II. M.
l'aul, Juno 25.
Hear Admiral George 11. Hansome.
general Inspector of machinery for tho
navy, etc.. on Atlantic coast (additional
number). June 2S.
Captain Frank II. Rallcy, Inspector
of engineering material and ordnance
(additional number). Juno 21).
Cl II Engineer Frank O. Maxson, on
duty at Key West. Aug. 8.
Medical Director I'. A. Lovering. in
command of the naval luxpltal, Mare
Island. Sept. 21).
Hear Admiral Aaron Ward, super
visor of harbor of Now York (addi
tional number), Oct. 10.
Medical Director L. G. llenoberger,
member of the naval retiring board,
Oct 20.
Medical Director Charles T. Hlbbett.
In command of the naval hospital at
Norfolk. Nov. 20.
There are no retirements among ofll
cers of the pay corps, among the chap
lains, the naval constructors or the olll
cers of the marine corps during the
coming year. The retirement of olti
cers who are carried as additional
numbers in their respective grades will
not create vacancies.
There remains to be retired bociuse
nf aire this year but one olllcer, Mcdi
ra! Director It. C. Persons.
Aviator Cody Loses Suit Brought by
Animal's Owner.
Can a cow commit suicide? A farm
er In Farnham, in Surrey, England,
brought suit against Cody, the aviator,
who renounced his American citizen
ship in order to accept a position in
tho Itritlsh military aviation corps, to
tind out about this. lie asserted that
Captain Cody In one of his nviation
flights came down on top of his good
cow. The cow was killed, and the
farmer demanded $100.
Captain Cody asserted that the cow
committed suicide. She rushed at his
monoplane as he descended and there
by lost her life.
The judge did not quite see Captain
Cody's argument. He held that an
aeroplane was a dangerous machine,
and while tho captain himself was not
guilty of negligence In the case of the
unfortunate cow he must pay $1)0 dam
ages for her lamented end.
Texas Replaces President's Picture
With Wilson's.
The state textbook board of Texas
has ordered the publishers of the geog
raphy Just adopted for use In the pub
lic schools of Texas to remove from
that book the picture of President Tuft
and-iubstltuto therefor the picture of
Woodrow Wilson.
Members of the board also urged the
removal of the picture of Abraham
Lincoln from tho school history, but
tho proposition was so vigorously op
posed by Governor Colquitt that It was
abandoned. Tho governor Informed
tho textbook board, of which he is
chairman, rather than have Lincoln's
picture eliminated from the history he
would resign from the governorship.
Carlisle Graduate Is Successful as
A Carlisle Indian school graduate has
stepped to the front nnd has been
granted the first patent ever awarded
to an Indian by tho United States gov
ernment. According to Information received at
the Carlisle school by Superintendent
51. Frledmun, a patent has lx'on grant
ed to Nicholas Longfeathcr, an Apache
Indian, who was there and later attend
ed the department of forestry connect
ed with Syracuse university.
The patent covers n preparation for
doctoring trees. Longfentlier Is now
profitably enraged In his profession of
forestry, with headquarters In the
Stefansson to Lead Expedition In
Search of a Continent.
Plans are being perfected by tho
American Museum of Natural History,
tho National Geographic society and
other scientific organizations to Join In
nn expedition to be led by Vllhjnlninr
Stefansson In search of an unknown
tonttnent in tho Arctic ocean. During
tils last exploration Mr. Stefunsson bo
camo convinced of tho possibility of
such a discovery.
The expedition to tho arctic will be
fitted out nt either Seattle or San Fran
cisco, nnd the Joumoy will bo com
menced next May. From a base In Vic
toria Land a furthor study will bo
made of the blond Eskimos.
Tribute Paid King Friction.
A correspondent writing the Farm
Implement News says that tho farmer
lays each year a direct tax of close to
0 cents on the dollar on every ma
chine In use upon the farm. He says
Ibis Is the tribute t lie American farmer
Is paying to King Friction. He goes on
to say that this tribute Is paid on ac
count of the lack of proper oiling or
the use of the wrong kind of oil. He
says It Is the part of the dealer the
man who sells the machine to caution
the buyer with reference to the neces
sity of oiling and to prescribe specific
ally the kind of oil to be used. Human
skill has not been nble to overcome
friction. In every bearing there Is fric
tion. Tho use to which tho machine is
put is u governing factor in the kind of
oil to be used, and ho says these aro
points that should be explained and
made thoroughly clear to tho purchar
when tho machine leaves the dealer's
The Valuable Silo,
When more silos are built and less
of the corn plant is wasted tho cost of
feeding will bo reduced. Dry corn
stalks in the field indicate waste,
which sooner or later leads to pover
ty. We are told that there Is -10 per
cent of the feeding value of tho corn
plant In the stalk, or, stated In anoth
er way, when one puts corn In tho silo
he saves 40 per cent of the feeding
value of tho corn plant. Add 40 per
cent of the value of the corn crop of
tho southwest to its present vnlue and
see what an enormous loss we have
been sustaining nnnually. Let us
build more silos. Farm and Ranch.
Poultry Notes.
More half grown turkeys die from
lice than from any other one cause.
Fowl diseases nrc caused by foul
coops and drinking vessels. Foul yards
arc great sources of disease among
If the poultry refuses to go Into tho
roosting house at night, look for tho
little insects that make their lives mis
erable. To get n good price for eggs they
must be clean as well as fresh, but no
one wants eggs that have been washed
They don't look right.
Question For Dairymen.
What scrub or mongrel cow has ever
made a high record as a producer even
under the most skillful feeding?
What herd of mongrel cows is mak
ing money out of high priced feed?
What dairyman is buying more land
or putting up better buildings or mak
ing himself a richer man and a better
farmer with scrub cattle?
What has made productive cows,
prosperous dairymen and progressive
Dairy blood. National Stockman.
Creosote Treatment Effective
In Preventing Decay,
The most effective method of pre
serving fenceposts Is to thoroughly
Impregnate the outer layers of wood
with some preservative which will poi
son the wood and deprive tho fungous
plant which cnuses wood to rot of Its
food. The cheapest and most effective
Is creosote. It Is not only poisonous to
tho fungous plant; but, being an oil, Its
tendency Is to exclude moisture from
the wood. Most patented wood pre
servatives liavo creosote ns their basis.
The treatment Is best given by the
open tank method. Thoroughly sea
soned posts with bark removed are
heated for several hours in hot creo
sote, then allowed to cool down In cold
creosote. In the hot treatment tho high
temperature causes tho air nnd water
In the wood to expand so that a largo
portion of this Is forced out of the
wood nnd the creosote takes Its place.
When the posts aro placed in the cold
creosote the air and water left In tho
wood contract, forming a partial vac
uum, and tho creosote again forces Its
way Into tho wood. This treatment
forms n shell of creosoted wood from
one-eighth to two Inches In thickness
nround the post, depending upon tho
kind of wood treated. Kansas Farmer.
Poultry on tho Farm.
Farmers ought all to keep puro bred
poultry nnd become real poultry fan
ciers, with benefit to themselves. It Is
too late In tho day to put forth any argu
ments about tho advantages of well
bred poultry. Every progressive farm
er knowB that puro bred poultry must
bo better than tho common kind. The
reason all farmers do not keep really
well bred poultry Is that so many of
them aro engrossed In other branches
of their business nnd glvo tho poultry
rather less time than they should.
Farm Wisdom.
A llttlo bad cream will spoil a whole
churn ful of butter.
Economical gains aro worth more
than larger gains that are made with
out regard to cost.
Tho machinery tltqt Is loft unprotect
ed at any tlmo of the year is tho uin
:hinery that gives out Just when It Is
lecdcd mat.
Tying Up the Dog. 1
p Haying bought n dog that bo ad.
mired, a man of obstinate Tflll under
took to buy a dog collar. The dog had
a neck nearly a big ns his hend, and
tho dealer advised the man to buy two
"What for?" said tho mnn. "He's
cot only one neck, so I guess ho can get
along with only one collnr, can't he?"
"Mnybe no," said the dealer. So the
man went nwny leading the dog by bis
new collar nnd chain.
In less tnan n week he brought tho
dog lack.
"I'm nfrald I can't keep him," he
wild. "He's too obstropulous. I can't
keep him tied up. His neck Is tho
biggest part of him, nnd be Is as
strong as an ox. Therefore It Is a
cinch for him to slip bis collar off."
"That was why 1 wanted you to tnke
two collars," said tho dealer. "Put
both on nnd fasten tho chnln to the
back collar, nnd ho can tug nil night
without getting loose. Ho may com
mit suicide, but he won't get loose."
Now York Times.
Where the Fish Bite.
A traveling salesman while In Chi
cago was Invited to a party given by a
friend. During supper stories were
called for, and he told the following:
Two Irishmen were fishing one day in
n lake. After nearly all day one of
them threw his line far out and. pull
ing In, ho got a strike. After fishing
awhile he finally landed a flno fish.
"Oh." said he, "Mike, this Is tho only
place In tho lake to fish; we will Just
mark It." And he cut n notch In the
sldo of the boat.
They all laughed, and the story tell
ing was resumed.
There was one Englishman who kept
laughing all tho time during tho rest of
tho evening until time to go homo,
when he camo up to the traveling sales
man nnd said: "I was just thinking of
the story you told. It was such a
funny story. I don't believe I ever
heard such n funny story before. Just
think, if they had got tho wrong boat
they would have never known whers
to Qsh." Machinists' Monthly.
Tho final scene : "The Fortune
Hunter" which will ue presented at
tho Lyric to-night (Tuesday: Nat
Duncan and pretty Betty Graham
stand together on tho lawn whisper
ing words of lovo as a quiet summer
evening rain 'falls upon them. Old
Sam Graham, Betty's father, tiptoe
ing out with an uinbrell., holds it
over the cooing pair. This forms
the final scene in the fourth act of
"Tho Fortuno Hunter." It is a sort
of sweet benediction to the clean
quietly moving wholesomo stago
story Wlncholl Smith tells in his
charming comedy. It's tho sort of
play that sends an audience homo
with tlo feeling that they would
like to help their neighbors, and
there Is a lot of room on tho mod
ern stago for more plays like this.
To-night at tho Lyric.
Farmers and Me
chanics Bank,
at the close ot business, not. 2. 1912.
lieservo fund $
C'usli, specie and notes, JIL'.hCl 00
Due from approved re
servo ncciiU SI2.5M) Jl 15,1)1 31
Nickels, cents and fractional
currency 200 51
Checks and other cash Items 211 17
Due from bunks and trust com
panies not reserve
bills discounted : L'pon one name 425 00
" Upon two or.. .
more mimes liXi.Tm 52
Time loans with collateral '3?.T!H IX)
I-onns on call with collateral 2U.SI2 Si
Iauiis on call upon two or more
names 00
Loans seemed by bonds and mort-
caces 1I.5H 1G
bonds. Blocks, etc.. Schedule D To. W0 21
MortL'UL'CK and Jiiduiucntsof record 5X
Otllce llulldln-; and Lot 1H.HW 00
Kuriilturi; mid tlxturcs 2,000 00
Overdrafts 22 7K
Miscellaneous assets 7,325 05
$ 439.210 17
V-'apItnl Stock paid ii 75.000 00
-iirpius runu oo
Undivided l'rollts, less expenses
und.tuxus paid., 1.288 13
Deposits, subject to check ftfiAV kd
Cashier's checks outstand'c 70.58
Individual deposits, Time 257.UJ 07-339.054 01
$139,210 17
State ol Pennsylvania, County ot Wayne ss.
I, C. A Kmery, Cashier of the abovo named
computo do bolcmnly swear tliut tho above
stuteiiH'ii' is true to the bestol my knowledge
and bullet,
C, A. K.MKKY. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before mu this
Mu day of No.. 1912,
My commission expires Jan. 19. 1915
Hena S. KWJtTT, N, P.
Correct attest :
M. K. Simons, 1
V. M. KiWLEB, J-Dlrcctors.
(J. Wm. Seia, J Ww4
McCluro Huys tho Itou.sokecitcr to
Comblno Willi ladles' World.
Tho McCluro Publications, tho cor
poration which publishes McCluro's
Magazlno and tho Ladles' World, has
bought from P. F. Collier & Son that
company's monthly magazlno for wo
men cnllcd tho Housekeeper. It
boasts a circulation of 400,000 cop
ies. Beginning with March 1, It will
bo amalgamated with tho Ladies'
World and appear under tho Joint
title of tho Ladles' World and House
keeper. Tllft TTnlmnlr nnnl- wna natnliltafm.l
i In Mlnnniinnlln In 1R77. nml tn lila
j day its chief circulation strength is
It, h ,I.I.1I .... mi
... t,iu uuuuiu nuau iiuuu eurb
ago Mr. Collier bought it and
brought it to New York. Tho La
dles' World camo Into tho possession
of McCluro's just a year ago.
One-cent postage, an extension of
tho pnrcels post and rural free dollv
ery service, establishment of federal
aid for post roads and a readjust
ment of railway mall pay aro some of
tho postofllco reforms to be institut
ed by tho new Democratic adminis
tration according to Information se
cured at Washington, D. C.
Democratic sentiment In tho house
nnd senate Is against any further
extension of tho civil sorvlco in the
postofflco department at prosont.
MoaiesdaSe3 Pa.
The Leading Financial Institution of Wayne County
Wo lead In CAPITAL STOCK $ 200,000.00
We lead in TOTAL CAPITALIZATION 572.8G2.00
We lead in Deposits 2,4C3,34S.60
We lead in TOTAL RESOURCES 3,040.099.22
This year completes the FORTY FIRST since the founding of tho
MANY BANKS have como and gone during that period.
PATRONIZE one that has withstood the TEST of TIME.
W. B. HOLMES, President II. S. SALMON, Cashier
A. T. SEARLE, Vice-President W. J. WARD, Asst. Cashier.
Nov. 12, 1912.
Bregstein Bros.
Trading In tho wrong direction
matter how little, nnd not getting
lasting merit.
Wo offer you at tho lowest prices tho best Metropolitan Ready-to-Wear
Attire, because wo have eliminated tho high cost of do
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Interest you?
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Honesdale, Pa.