The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, November 20, 1912, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Be Secretary of State,
u inn iiiil'i: vikiiu miv m:
nnnin ninvr n mm nr
r l 1 n !LI I l r- t 1
Diicmi u 1 oDbioidinr iu hid r i ami -
t t ! I I.. A D A J. . ! -T..
nullum ui ui3 vauiuui uuiiu 110
r tkAAn nilk In loom lint th limn
1 J
or exnumie, u is Keneruijy i-uuraii'ii
huh iiiuima uuuui ul-uill iic
in tho ranking member of the seu-
coinmlttec on foreign relntiom.
Hi ffn nnn nf Wilson's oarliost
most enthusiastic supporters. He
a mnn of citonsivo experience In
t . l TT t 1 ) 1 . I .
of the house committee on foreign
tions for Fcvernl years.
Cabinet Material.
niinr 01 ijii; isi'iiaiu iruuiiuiLit'u nil
lrgmia, a BTronj; nson supporter,
served on the foreign relations
-Jiiiint'i 11 111 1 t-1 in 1 nit; 11 iiuiit'ii 111-
pr mo ronnwmir?
torney uenerai samuei untermy-eT-f!nvornor
Josenh Folk. Jiulire
cott of Trenton, N. J.. Senator
i. lirwnaoifl or isoston.
A. 0 . "V 111111 .
a 00.
bs. who may become secretary to
vernor Burke Is talked of for sec-
01 uie luiunur uuu oeuuior uuu-
Gardner of Maine for secretary of
Hiitr 1 1 iiuTiii 111 ui it.w 1 iirk is
those mentioned for cabinet
Mndo Hcmnrkablo Showing nt Tills
IjayIiik Contest.
At tho Missouri notional egg lay
ing contest nt tho Missouri State
poultry experiment station, a whlto
Plymouth Hock lien, Lady Showyou,
seems to bo pretty much tho whole
show. In tho first ten months of tho
contest she laid 237 oggs, and atandB
a good chance to surpass tho world's
record for one year. This hen weighs
six pounds and has lnid flvo time's
her own weight in eggs In ton
months. By measuro sho has laid
almost a bushel of eggs. Sho has
consumed forty-eight pounds of dry
mash, thirty-two pounds of grain
and two pounds of grit, bono nnd
shell. This hen has not been broody
during tho year nor has sho molted.
It costs 'but little moro to feed
and house Lady Showyou than tho
ordinary hen, and If a farmer or
poultry breeder owned a Hock of
hens like her, his profits would bo
from six to ten times as great as
would bo tho case with ordinary
hens thnt average only eighty eggs
a year.
While Lady Showyou is tho ex
ception and not the rule, It Is possi-
i ble for every farmer and poultry
j man to improve his flock and In
1 crease his profits if ho will perslst
1 ently follow a system of selection.
Lady Showyou Is not n chance bird;
I some hens lay more eggs than oth-
ers and it was after years of breed
ing from hens that were selected for
i their heavy laying that a hen capable
lot producing 237 eggs in ten months
was bred. The practice of building
up a heavy laying strain by selection
may bo carried on in every poultry
yard just as effectually as at any ex
periment station, and no poultryman,
no matter how limited his opera
tions, can nfford to breed from a
hen about whose egg laying record
ho knows nothing.
In the Missouri contest there Is
one Hamburg, one singlo comb white
Leghorn, one rose comb black Mi
norca and flvo barred Plymouth
Rocks that have never laid an egg,
and there are several other breeds
that have laid less than half a dozen.
There was no selection of best lay
ers in tho flocks from which these
nonproducers were bred.
er'e Subjects Are 8trivlng to Win
Air Supremacy.
ormous aeroplanes of over sixty
wing spread are now being built
Jermnn military use. These inon
aeroplanes are being created lu
'ffnrt. nf flprmnnv tn rnnttim frnm
ire uiu eupruuiucy ui uie mr.
the field of dirigible airships the
lans are already uncontested mas-
They possess twenty-six great
raft of the lighter than air sort,
i.uuiv. juiua. xuc v icuui, fiua
ng me next strongest dirigible
can muster only eleven of these
, with 75,000 enblc yard total ca-
present object of the German
muta is to outstrip their neigh
In the more Important field of
ilanlng. The French have a long
Years of practice have given
a corps of aviators that their rl
cannot yet approach in skillful
force of German military nvia-
howover, now equals that ,of the
:h In numbers, with 100 trained
as against a like number of
:h pilots. In France the keenest
;st 1 taken by the press and pub-
mn!nllnlnf nil nllnmln n nt' ntwl
nn id lid. ri rr ri ! . i r.i i rr ,
efforts by the army nud gov-
iiiviiuiiiiu iiKimK n i. r
tary MacVeagh Bars Them From
Interstate Trains.
5 sod a quarantine order forbid-
if uha of common water classes
nlrlnp runs on all trains encraernd
the approval of many oreanlza-
throughout Uie country which
for their object the protection of
11 r npnirn.
order was promulgated upon the
mendation of Surgeon General
al service. Tho order Is similar
aw which la In effect in twenty-
tp. 'i n nuicerH ui uir rrpnaurv
no doubt about the authorty of
Ternmeni 10 issue sucu an oruur
a special statute directing tho
1 poTernment to co-operato with
tea in matters pertaining to the
A woman speaker at an Iowa rur
al conference uttered a significant
truth when sho stated that could
farmers be induced to spend as much
money in Improving conditions un
der which they live on tho farm as
they spend when they leave the farm
and move Into town, tho townward
trend of rural population would
cease and farm living conditions
would bo infinitely improved, says
Farm and Homo. The population of
the small middle western town is
largely made up of farmers and land
owners who have moved in to spend
their declining years at ease, or to
secure better educational and social
advantages for their families.
The retired farmer la frequently
an undeslrablo town citizen. He is
rarely satisfied with town life, is not
able to content himself with town
business and so divides his existence
in an uneasy sort of way between the
farm and his village homo without
being of marked benefit to either.
When he moves to town he is not ad
verse to spending ?10,000 or ?12,
000 in building a comfortable home,
with all tho conveniences and com
forts which modern invention has
made possible.
Could ho be induced to spend half
this In remodeling his farm house,
installing heating and light devices,
running water, labor saving machin
ery In the kitchen, and in improving
and beautifying conditions out of
doors, ho would securo infinitely bet
ter results. He would make farm
living conditions attractive rather
than repugnant to his family and
provide homo surroundings In which
he could spend a contented Tather
than a dissatisfied old ago. Best of
all ho would bo a better citizen bo
cause his policy would tend toward
tho upbuilding of country conditions.
Improved roads and tho automobile
have solved tho age-old problem of
farm isolation.
Indictment Against William Schroc
der ts Dismissed.
Hornell, N. Y. Tho case of Wil
liam Schroeder, Indicted for man
slaughter In tho second degreo for
tho wreck of the Lackawanna pas
esnger train near Corning July 4,
which resulted In tho death of forty
passengers, was moved for trial last
E. C. Smith, district attorney, an
nounced that as ho did not have suf
ficient evidence to securo a convic
tion he wished to dismiss the indict
ment. Tho court granted tho request.
To date 23,500 publications of all
kinds havo complied with tho so
called "newspaper publicity law."
which requires thorn to fllo with tho
postmaster general and tho local
postmaster a statement of tholr
business organization and circula
tion. This Is eighty-three per cent of
tho total covered by tho act. It In
cludes 1,908 dally newspapers, or
seventy-six per cent, of tho entiro
This comes by tho way of Harrls
hurg, tho abiding place of truth and
statesmanship: " Whllo returning to
Millorstown from tho first day's hunt
Chas. A. Fisher, of North Fifteenth
street, was walking along tho road
with his friends. Ho saw a rabbit
running In tho woods besides tho
road. Fisher, who had an empty
gun, yelled In a loud voice: "Walt a
minute! Walt a minute!" Tho rabbit
stopped and looked at him till ho
loaded his gun and shot It, making
It tho tenth ono for the day."
Pittsburg, Nov. 17. Plttshurg has
flvo hundred cases of measles. With
in a fow hours twenty-eight cases
wore reported today to tho health
department of tho city.
arm and
Farmers Have the Materials For Beau
tifying Right at Hand.
Neat, conveniently arranged build
ings, n well kept lawn attractively
bordered with trees! nnd shrubs add
greatly to the appearance and value
of the farm and to tho happiness of
Its occupants, says a bulletin of tho
Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station
on "PlRiinlng and Adorning the Home
stead." Tho farmstead, Including as It does
the general area occupied by the farm
buildings, house and lawn, Is the
center of activity for the farm. Its
planning and development, both from
rhotogrnph by Long Island agricultural
experiment station.
the standpoint of convenience and of
securing an attractive landscape effect,
deserve speclnl consideration.
A well thought out plan is the first
requisite to get these results, ns lu
the absence of a definite scheme seri
ous mistakes are likely to be made.
This plan should include the location
of buildings, drives, walks, trees,
shrubbery, and every other feature
which contributes cither to tho con
venience or ornamentation of the place.
It should be developed with the
larger relationships always In mind.
The locntlon of the house and farm
buildings Is the first consideration.
Even though It happens that some or
all of these are already on the ground,
a plan for their location Is important
New farm homes are erected to sup
plant old ones and other new farm
structures aro added, which make prac
ticable a general consideration of the
entire building scheme. Material Im
provement can often bo made in a
farmstead by a readjustment as new
buildings are put up, though the best
results are obtained where things are
planned right from the start
Dr. Russell of Columbia uni
versity says tho Island of Guern
sey Is Just about the size of one
haif of a government township,
J six miles square, and very much
Z tho same shape If divided dlag-
onally, say, from tho northwest
corner to the southeast corner.
On this small territory 40,000
people and 0,000 cattle find sub-
slstence. There's farming for
Hang Up the Scythe.
'It is undeslrablo to leave a scytho
lying about, yet It Is equally difficult
to find a suitable place to hang one.
To hang It on a nail Is to risk dulling
tho blade, whllo to hang it In tho
crotch of a tree Is detrimental to tho
tree's welfare. However, thero Is a
way. Obtain n V shaped crotch from
nn old limb, cutting one fork about a
foot in length and the other about six
inches. Tho rear sido of tho long fork
is then trimmed down slightly so that
It can bo nailod uprightly to a flat
surface. This will form a permanent
placo for tho scythe, whoro the blado
will not get dulled nor a fruit treo be
lnjurod. Farm and Fireside.
Around the Honey Makers.
Comb honey that Is to be sent to
a distant market should bo shipped
before cold weather, since the combs
become extremely fragllo when cold.
Change all falling or slow queens
promptly and breed from tho best you
can secure, thus raising the standard
of your stock step by step and Im
proving tho average year by year.
The young bees, hatched from Aug.
1 on, constitute the colony to bo
wintered, and for this reason it Is
wise to see that much brood Is ready,
oven If you have to rosort to stimu
lative feeding.
As a rule, bees cast a prlmo swarm
as soon as the first queen cell la sealed
unless prevented by bad weather; there
fore the first young queen may bo ex
pected to emerge on tho eighth day
from tho first swarm.
When the hive aro well distributed
In a certain space their Inmates caw
be more easily handled, It seems to
Improve their disposition, especially It
there are some treeo, shrubs or tho Ilk 8
about It Robbing Is not eo prevalent,
cither, and the absence of that always
helps to make bees better natured.
It will not be necessary to look very far as
Invites Your Attention Right Here
Three Smart Bargains
Ciusli llakery For Sale Chwip.
Placo enjoys an excellent trade.
Well established lunch rooms in con
nection with business. Books open
to prospective purchaser. Ono of
best paying stands in Honcsdale. If
sold now, a l)lg bargain awaits hust
ling young man.
Nine-Room Houses Situated corn
er of Fourteenth and East streets,
Honesdale. All modern improve
ments, gas and electricity. Lot
50x1 GO feet. Pleasant location and
property In first-class condition.
Has been recently improved. Good
bargain for home-seuker.
Good Building Lot Located in
Texas No. 4, Green street, within 15
minutes' walk from Honesdalo post
office. Ground practically level.
SIzo of lot 60x75 feet. Property
commands beautiful view of land
scape. Will ho sold cheap. Raro
Itcnutiful Irvine; Cliff and farm
consisting of 23 acres of good, till
able soil, has been placed in our
agency. Irving Cliff stands 300 feet
abovo Honesdale, Just east of the
town proper. Two rivers, tho Lack
awaxen and Dyberry, flow at Its
base. Tho view from the summit o
tho cliff is beyond description. In
tho distance tho Mooslc mountains
paint tho picture on tho western sky,
while to tho north is Lake Bun
nell and historic Bethany. Tho south
portrays naturo's hills dotted with
pretty homes and in tho immediate
foreground Honesdale, with its arch
ed maple streets, beautiful parks, ar
tistic homes and wldo thoroughfares.
Can the prospective buyer picture a
prettier or more restful place to
erect a largo summer and winter
boarding house? If you anticipate
going Into tho summer boarding
business, why not enter upon a
largo scale? Now is tho time to de
cido and also buy. Consult us and
get additional lnformationconcerning
this valuable and 'beautiful piece of
property. Wo will make It worth
your while.
TraininK Track for High llred
Horses located on farm about one
mile from Honcsdale. Placo would
make an Ideal stock farm. Contains
9G acres. The land is also very pro
ductive and has an elegant southern
exposure which would grow lucious
strawberries. Well watered; barns
in good condition. Six-room house.
Will sell stock, machinery and farm
Implements. Buyer gets a big bar
gain. Property In A-l condition.
Valuable Blue Stono Quarries, lo
cated on main line of Erie railroad,
for sale. Best building stono on
market. Can bo easily quarried. On
same place is a dandy growth of
timber. Thero is enough on proper
ty, that in a few years would pay for
tho farm, which Is an estato of 520
acres. Eighty acres cleared. Water
power also on premises. An eigh-teen-room
summer boarding house
on place. Property borders the beau
tiful Delaware river for a mile. A
good Investment for a hustler.
Very Pretty Cottage Eight acres
of land, large lawns and plenty of
fruit. Would make an ideal summer
home. Will sell furnished or un
furnished. Newly papered and paint
ed. Outside in excellent repair.
Located at Calllcoon, N. Y.
Sixty Acres . of Beautiful Reach
Lake is for sale. That portion tho
owner wishes to dispose of extends
north and south from what is known
as the "Point," near tho center of
the lake; thence In an easterly direc
tion to tho shore line. If purchaser
desires, owner will sell 20 acres
boardering along said lako shore,
which can bo cut Into five desirable
lots for summer cottages. Owner
desires to sell his farm, which con
sists of 100 acres, 50 being Improv
ed, balance second growth timber, In
connection with tho lake. Purchaser
will enjoy all lake privileges, includ
ing ice, boating, bathing and fishing
If lake and farm are purchased to
gether. The lako Is stocked with
rock, white and black bass, lako
trout, wall-eyed pike, pickerel, perch
and other fish. Elevation, 1,350
feet. Upon said property is a good
oight-room house with excellent
basement. All walls aro cement.
Frontage of house S6 feet. On main
road. Porperty in Beach Lake vill
age. Two churches, school, postof
fice, stores and best paying summer
boarding resort In Wayne county.
Six miles to Narrowsburg on main
lino Erie railroad. Only one-fourth
down, balance will be made easy.
Two Good Lots Located on Fair
avenue, 15 minutes' walk from
Honesdale. Will be sold together or
separately. On R. D. route. Fer
tilo ground. Lots havo a frontage
of about 600 feet and run from Dy
berry river. Ideal place for party
who desires email farm near town.
Powell Tlirec-Story Rrlclc build
ing, located G33 Main street, Is one
of the recent properties listed with
us. Building in first-class condition.
Rare bargain for so valuable a
property. Situated In business cen
ter of Honesdale. Building now oc
cupied. Slxty-Acro Farm Located with
in two mlle3 of Honesdale. Will sell
whole or a few acres of same to
party wanting small farm. Very
productive. House and barn and
well watered. Another good bar
gain. Modern IIouso In Honesdale
Brick, contains steam heating plant,
gas and other modern appointments.
Lot 50x125 feet. Good garden,
barn, and chicken house on prem
ises. Property In first-class condi
tion. Was recently improved. Ono
of Honesdale's best properties.
Building Lot In Ilonesdulc; Locat
ed on Court street in one of prettiest
residential sections of Honesdale.
Size 63x125 feet. Story and a half
house on property. Property In
good condition.
Honesdale Ten-room house on
Main street. Lot 50x200 feet. One
of nicest locations for residence.
Will bo sold cheap.
Honesdnle Two building lots and
house on Sixteenth street. Size of
property 100 x 100 feet. Situated
in finest residential section of town.
Forty-Acro Farm Will sell or ex
change for property In Honesdale.
Large ten-room house In good re
pair. Barn and outbuildings; good
orchard. Located three miles from
Calllcoon and as many miles from
Cochecton, N. Y one-half mile from
Delaware rWer. Rare bargain for
fall seeker. Apply Buy-U-A-Homo
Realty company office, Jadwln build
ing, Honesdale.
Hotel nt Milford Licensed. En
Joys good summer and transient
trade. Ideal placo. Produce for
table raised on property. Good wa
ter and excellent roads. Popular
house. Easy terms. Rare bargain.
Small Farm In Pronipton Good
property. Houso contains 12 rooms.
Barn Is 2Gx36 feet. Acre and one
half of ground. Ideal placo for
small chicken farm. Close to D. & H.
station. Bargain for fall buyor.
Five Lots Bordering Ik-ach Lako
with boating, bathing and Ice privi
leges. Elegant chanco for summor
cottage Bites.
Poultry Farm Ono mllo from
Beach Lako and 4 miles from
Narrowsburg, near tho Erie railroad.
Plant equipped with modern and
complete contrivances for conduct
ing farm on largo scale. Raro bar
gain. Easy terms.
Farm At Lakowood, near where
coal has been recently discovered,
contains 113 acres, 85 cleared, 36
timbered. Contains young apple or
chard, 2 wells, brook through prom
ises, ono two-story dwelling house,
barns and other out buildings, sugar
bush. Blacksmith shop on farm.
Easy terms. Quick sale to ready
Dcsirablo Farm Located at
Mllanvllle 110 acres, 75 cleared,
balanco well covered with timber.
Two-story dwelling, barn, and other
bulldluRB. Living spring on farm,
brook flows through promises. Ele
vation 1,200 feet. Ono of healthiest
places In Wayno county. Ideal place
for summer boarding house. Excel
lent view over plcturesquo Delaware
river. Threo quarters of a mllo
from Erlo station and milk dopot.
Eleven roads center at place. Easy
terms to purchaser.
Farm at Ariel In first-class con
dition containing 50 acres, 30 of
which aro under cultivation and
tho balanco in pasture and wood
land. Fruits of all kinds, orchard
and cultivated berries. Seven-room
dwelling, basement barn, good poul
try houso and outbuildings. Nover
falling spring near house and several
springs in pasture. Located 1
miles from Ariel station on Erie
railroad. Graded school and
churches In vicinity. Rural Deliv
ery, telophono connection and first
class road. Tho farm Is located in
a valley and Is warm In winter.
Road does not drift. A bargain for
fall purchaser. Must bo sold bofore
A No. 1 Farm Contains 104
acres, 70 cleared. No stones nnd
ground very productive. Ideal
placo for truck farm. Located at
Indian Orchard on Main road be
tween Honesdale and Ilawloy. Well
built farm houso and barns. Young
and old applo orchards; also quan
tlty of butternut trees on promises.
Well watered, brook runs through
farm. Most of land on flats. Will
sell stock If purchaser desires. One
half cash, balanco on easy torms.
Elglit-Acro Farm In Berlin town
ship for sale cheap. Threo acres
cleared, balanco In woodland. Houso
and barn on premises. Good spring
and fruit on farm. On main road
between Bunnelltown and Beach
Lako. Farm about three miles from
Honesdalo. Owner, poor woman
that needs tho money. Bargain for
fall purchaser.
Ideal Dnlry Farm Located in
Chorry Ridgo township about ono
milo from the Hoadleys station on
tho Erlo road on tho Wyoming di
vision. Two separate parcels of
land with only public highway as
a division. First known as Isaac R.
Schenck farm, contains 123 acres,
50 of which are Improved and tho
balanco 6econd growth of timber.
Brook runs through property, which
is also well watered. Good farm
houso and barns, Tho second tract
or what Is known as tho Apollas D.
Schenck farm contains 101 acres,
51 Improved and balanco In flno
young growth of hickory. This is a
valuablo asset to tho farm. This
farm corners in tho Bonoar farm
lako, It Is well watored. Good
fruit orchards on both farms. Torms
easy. Bargain for fall buyer.
Owing to a number of parties who
desire to obtain rooms for rent or
who aro desirous of lotting houses,
Tho Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company
has oponed a now department to Its
rapidly growing business. Wo call
it "Tho Homoseoking" Bureau. It
Is self-explanatory. If you want
rooms or deslro to ront or sell what
property you already havo, drop a
postal to tho Buy-U-A-Homo Roalty
company, Jadwln building, Hones
dalo, Pa., and wo will glvo tho mat
ter our prompt attention.
Buy-U-A-HOME Realty Co.
Jadwin Building
Honesdale;, Pa.