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dalo on purpose to soil. If inter
ested call; If not, Ta, Ta. Mclntyre.
DALE. Installment plnn. Alla
den houses saves rent, owning your
home. Also furniture. "Wrlto S. F.
"Wells, Honesdalo, Pa. It
Pethlck estate, located In Bethany.
Terms reasonable. II. W. Pethlck,
administrator, Hawley, Pa. 53mos2
colt. Also sound work horse for
sale cheap. Mclntyre. 74el 2
wood RevolvlnR Duplicator. Used
three months. In flrst-clnss condi
tion. Inquiro H. A. Plum, Hawley,
Pa. 73tl
sale. Inquire at olllce of Hones
dalo Consolidated Electric Light,
Heat and Power Co. Seventh St.72-4
first-class condition. Rare bar
gain. Chris. Holl. 74eo2
machine shop and garage located
on Industrial Point, Honesdalo.
Business established 20 years. Best
known glass cutters' supply con
cern In the United States. Edward
G. Jenkins, 'Honosdale, Pa. 42tf.
lng house and lot on East Street
Extension; all Improvements. Bar
gain. J. B. Robinson, Agent, Jad
wln Building. 58eltf
delivered in your homo. A bar
gain. Mclntyre. 74t2
farm & mile from Erie Railroad
and Milk station at Milanville. Ap
ply to "Buyuahom" Realty Co.,
Honesdale, Pa., Box 524. 73tf
all modern improvements. Inquire
Jacob Demer, South Church street.
your laundry. Thomas F. Bracy,
Honesdale, agent. Look for our
wagon with the sign "Lackawanna
Laundry Co." 57tf
A.M. P.M.
7.00 2.30
. . C.30 12.M.
D. & H. ...
D. & H. Sun
R. D
9.50 P. M.
If you have a farm for sale ad
vertise it In The Citizen.
If you really want to work,
there is plenty of work for you to do,
and good money ready for the doing
of it. Your job is ready; see the
ads In The Citizen.
The following letters remain at
the Honesdale postofllce: Anna Asp
lint, Earl Bilhelmer, Geo. II. Mulli
gan, Mrs. Tillio Osborn, Mike Po
povich, Miss Jeannette Ross.
On Wednesday, at Hawley, Mr.
and Mrs. E. C. Dunning attended the
funeral of the former's aunt, Mrs. J.
M Owens, of Sheffield, whose re
mains were brought to the home of
Mrs. Maria Brink for burial.
On Monday next Miss Florence
Kimble will leave for Philadelphia to
take up domestic art and music at
the Droxel Institute. Sho will be
accompanied to Philadelphia by her
mother, Mrs. John Kuhbach. The
latter will also visit in Now York
before returning home.
The district spelling contest
will bo held on Saturday, October 2C
at 1:30 p. m., so If you have not al
ready purchased a spelling book
containing the first 30 lessons, you
should do so at once in order to
qualify yourself for it. The book
containing the remainder of the
spelling lessons will be printed
shortly. Send in your order for the
books now.
Gus Bregsteln is la New York on
Fred Tolley was a Wednesday
visitor In Hawley.
Miss Mae Campbell spent the first
of the week in Scranton.
Miss Theresa Gerety was In Hall
stead on business Tuesday.
Rowland Snyder, of Kimbles was a
caller in town on Wednesday.
A. S. Rowland, of Rowlands, was
in town on business Wednesday.
Mrs. A. M. Eldred is making a
business trip to New York city.
Miss Florenco Kimble spent Tues
day and Wednesday in Scranton.
Frank Welsh, of Scranton, passed
Wednesday in town on business.
Mrs. George Reed is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Sherwood, In Elmira.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph P. Schneider,
of Catasauqua, are visiting in town.
R. Milton Salmon has roturncd
from a ten days' vacation at Atlantic
Mrs. Helen Ayers Is visiting rela
tives in Ccntormoreland and Wilkes
Barre. Miss Lucy Lowe is visiting at the
home of Hon. and Mrs. Joel Hill,
Lookout, Pa.
Mrs. James Ward returned Wed
nesday from a few days' visit in
Madamo Lawton, modlsto, of
Scranton, was a guest at tho Allen
House- Monday.
Miss Mary Foster has returned
from a visit with Mrs. Androw Al
len of Dunmore.
Miss Fannlo J. Bennett returned
Monday from a week's visit In
Scranton and Salom.
Hon. F. P. Kimble spent Thursday
In Carbondale.
A. F. Volgt, of Hawloy, spent
Thursday In town.
A. Ebcrhardt mado a business
trip to Hawley Thursday.
Mrs. Wm. Kelt. Is visiting in
White Mills for n few days.
Miss Mary Malloncy, of Laurolla,
Is visiting her sister in Port Jcrvis.
James Miller of tho Grand Union
Tea company Is spending a week's
vacation at Waymart.
lgnatz Rolbechcck, of New York
City, Is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Katz.
Henry K. Bussa, photographer, of
Morristown, Is spending his vaca
tion at his homo here.
G. F. Butler, of Sterling, who has
been seriously ill with bronchitis for
tho past several weeks, is recovering.
MIbs Helen Wilson, of Flushing,
L. I., who bus been visiting Miss
Mary Bracey, returned homo Tues
day. Mrs. O. J. Brown, of Forest Hill,
L. I., is visiting friends nnd relatives
R. T. Whitney and wife, of Scran
ton, are spending several days in
Miss M. Grace Salmon left Thurs
day on a pleasure trip to Mackinac
Island, Mich.
Mrs. Frank Smith, of Maplowood,
N. J., spent the past weok with Mrs.
.lames Bush.
Mrs. R. H. Tralles, of Carbondale,
spent Tuesday with her brother, F.
Schuller and family.
Miss Grace Brown, of Richmond
Hill, L. I., is a guest at the home of
Mrs. O. L. Rowland.
Mrs. Burchor, of Syracuse, re
turned homo Wednesday from a visit
with Mrs. A. T. Bryant.
Mrs. Charlotte O'Connell returned
Tuesday from a two weeks visit
with her brother in Newark, N. J.
Mrs. Anne Herbert, of Jersey City,
left for homo Wednesday after a visit
with Mrs. John Kilroe, at Tanners
Miss Marguerite Kennedy, of
Pleasant Mt., left this week for
Ithaca, N. Y., where she will study
Mrs. Joseph Wheele and Miss
Martha Realler, of Hawley, spent
Monday with their sister, Mrs. Irv
ing B. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Greene,
daughter Margaret, and son Giles,
are spending to-day (Thursday) iu
Mrs. Chas. Uffelman, of White
Mills, accompanied by her guest,
Mrs. Fred Jung, of New York, spent
Wednesday in Honesdale.
Augustus Skinner and Miss Bertha
Garrison, of Middletown, N. Y., are
making an extended visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Kimble.
W. J. Schoonover, of tho Scran
ton Glass company, spent Sunday
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K.
Mrs. James Miller and daughter,
Bernlce, are spending a week in
Waymart with the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Griffiths.
Edwin Bunnell of East Hones
dalo left on Sunday for New York,
where he has accepted a nice clerical
position with the Erie Railroad Co.
Hon. E. B. Hardenbergh and
daughter, Miss C. Lou, motored to
Glenburn to-day (Thursday) expect
ing to apend a few days with rela
tives. G. Wm. Pell, tho druggist, Is
spending the week-end at Beachlake.
J. Harper Fulkerson of Carbon
dale was a business caller In town
Benjamin H. Dlttrich and family
spent Sunday In company with his
brother-in-law, Franklin H. Neuber
ger and family, at Kenoza Lake and
R. E. Pinch, of Petersburg, Va.,
returned home on Wedensday. He
had been staying with his niece,
Mrs. Lottlo E. Thayer, of Blandln,
sinco January.
Mrs. A. C. Barker and Miss Grace
Barker, of Stamford, Conn., who
have been visiting Mrs. Fred Krantz,
on Union Hill, returned homo Wed
nesday morning.
Hon. and Mrs. Joel O. Hill and
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hill, of Lookout,
wore Tuesday visitors in Honesdale.
Mr. Hill was enrouto for Montrose
to attend tho fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Frotz and
son, of Brooklyn, returned homo
Tuesday after an extended visit
with her parents. Mrs. Fretz was
formerly Miss Anna Wolf.
Mrs. H. C. Doud, of New York
City, who has a cottage at Lake
Ariel and has been spending tho
summer there, arrived Tuesday for a
visit with Mrs. C. E. Mills.
C. H. Dorfilnger. of White Mills,
tho sons of Walter McNIchols, and
Judge A. T. Searle, have returned
from Matteawan, N. Y., whero they
recently inspected tho institution for
the criminal Insane In that city.
Misses Charlotto and Laura Bul
lock entertained twenty of their
friends at a dinner Tuesday evening
at 7 o'clock, at Mrs. Brlggs'. After
tho dinner the young ladles spent a
pleasant social evening at the homo
of the Misses Bullock.
Mrs. C. K. Schoonover spent
Thursday In Scranton with her broth
er, Norrls Brown, of Poyntolle, who
has been for eight weeks in Dr.
Burns' private hospital. Mr. Brown,
It will bo remembered, broko his
arm by falling fifteen feet to tho
barn lloor. He is improving very
$130. Jonklns' Boy Band, of Hones
dalo, furnished excellent music for
the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Knapp, Jr.,
roturned from an extended wedding
trip ono day last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Norman Tyler and
son, Merlin, visited friends at Long
Eddy Inst weok.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Glllow and
son Elton, Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Glllow
nnd children, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. R. Gll
low and children attended tho Potter
rounlon at Galilee on Saturday Inst.
Mrs. Frank Lester and sons spent
Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert
Brlnning nt Union.
Lester Knapp, who has been work
ing on tho slate road at tills place,
spent the first of tho week at his
homo at Rlleyvllle.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Wilcox visited
Mrs. May at Rock Valley Saturday
nnd Sunday.
Drake Hullock.
Raymond Drake, son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Peter Drake, of this place, and
Miss Edith Bullock, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bullock, saino
plnco, were married at tho M. E.
parsonage on Tuesdny, Sept. 10, at
7:45 o'clock by Rev. R. C. Burch.
They left on the same day for Hones
dale, from whence they took tho
train for Middletown, Niagara Falls
and other points.
The Intermediate Epworth Lcaguo
of the M. E. church is busy prepar
ing for a pink tea or supper to be
given Friday, September 20.
The Sunday a. m. services at tho
M. E. church, at 11 o'clock, will bo
under the auspices of the Anti-Saloon
League. A representative of the
league will bo present and will
speak. All are cordially invited to
(Special to The Citizen.)
'Prompton, Sept. 12.
Mrs. Frank Adams is making prep
arations for her annual dinner, to
bo given at her home, Wednesday,
Sept. 18. Proceeds for the pastoral
support of the M. E. church.
Tho Anti-Saloon League will havo
a representative at the services of the
M. E. church at 2:30 on September
li. He will speak in tho interest
of the temperance movement. All
are urged to be present.
Edward Deltzer, one of the down
town shoo dealers, is making a num
ber of Improvements In his store.
The long counters have been removed
nnd new shelving has been built In
from the floor up. Both sides of the
store will be remodeled. In the cen
ter or tue store will be stationed a
Colonial bench, one side for ladles
and the opposite side will be for gen
tlemen. On the top thero will bo a
rack to display shoes. Tho floors
will bo highly polished and the store
placed in first class condition.
Miss Charlotto Brown entertained
a number of her friends at cards
Thursday afternoon at her home on
Park street.
Truscott Wcnvcr.
Mllllo M., only daughter of Mrs.
Mnry A. 'Weaver, of this place, was
united In mnrrlnge with Charles T.
Truscott at C:30 o'clock Thursday
morning by Rev. W. II. Swift, In the
iPrcsbyterlnn manse. Tho couplo
wero attended by MIbs Julia Schlm
mell, cousin of the bride, nnd by
Otto Truscott, brother of tho bride
Broom. Mr. nnd Mrs. Truscott left
on tho 0:55 Delaware and Hudson
train for a ton days' honeymoon,
which will include Philadelphia, At
lantic City, Washington, D. C, and
Now York City. Upon their return
they will occupy newly furnished
rooms In the Paul Sonncr house,
West Park street. Tho brldo was
tho recipient of a number of hand
some and useful wedding gifts, which
bespoke the high esteem In which
sho Is held by her many friends.
Mrs. Truscott is ono of Honesdalo's
winsome young women. Sho was a
popular teacher In Texas township
for several years. Tho bridegroom is
ono of Honesdale's best young men.
He holds a rcsponstblo position with
the Katz Underwear company. Con
gratulations aro extended to Mr. and
.Mrs. Truscott.
Seelln Hcrron.
Miss May Herron and Lewis Seolig,
both of Honesdale, wero married by
Rev. John O'Toolo In St. John's
Pnrodhial residence at 3:30 Wednes
day afternoon. Tho attendants were
Miss Rose Seellg nnd Gcorgo Hoel.
Tho newly married couple left Thurs
day afternoon for WIlkes-Barre,
whero they will spend a week. Mr.
Seellg is employed at tho Borden
plant at East Honesdale, where they
will make their future home.
Scranton, and Mrs. Thomas Anderson
of South Gibson, spent Sunday at
Wnymart, with Mr. nnd Mrs. Oscar
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernest Swingle, of
Hoboken, N. Y., are visiting at tho
former's father, S. W. Swingle.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Floldllng nnd
children, of Carbondale, spent Satur
day and Sundny at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Bone.
Mrs. George Fielding and daugh
ter, Kathryn, made a business trip to
Scranton on Saturday.
Tho Bono brothers have started
their threshing machine.
Anna Whalon, of Carbondale, Is
visiting friends nt this place.
Mrs. Fred E. Lawyer and daughter
Bessie, are visiting relatives In Al
bany and New York. In the latter
place they expect to stay a week with
Angus, the former's son, who has re
cently been married and Is now keep
ing house.
Break Record For Third Time
Week Pork Also Rising.
Chicago, Sept. 12. For the third time
this week beeves broke the high price
record. A carload sold at $10.00. This
was 15 cents above the last previous
top flguro.
Predictions were freely made that
tho trade soon would see something
heretofore believed to be fabulous beef
selling at 11 cents a pound "on the
Washington, Sept 12. Tho number
of stock hogs in the United States on
Sept 1, nccordlng to the department of
agriculture was 0.2 per cent less than
at the samo date last year. Their con
dition as to henlth was 02.1 per cent,
as compnred with 05.7 per cent a year
ngo nnd 05.2 per cent, the ten year av
crago condition on Sept 1. Prlco paid
to producers for hogs per 100 pounds
on Aug. 15 wns $7.11, compared with
$0.5-1 on that date last year.
1 m
Episcopal service will bo held at
White Mills church at 3:15 p. m.,
Rov. Everett B. Spettlguo oillciatlug.
Tho pastor will speak at tho morn
ing sorvlco In tho Presbyterian
church next Sunday on "Eyes Mold
on," and In the evening at 7:30 on
"ARMAGEDDON." All welcome.
Regular preaching and other ser
vices In tho Methodist church will
bo held on Sunday. Instead of tho
preaching services being held In tho
auditorium as is customary, they
will be conducted in tho lecture
room of tho church during tho re
novation of tho edifice.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Lookout, Sept. 11.
Rov. Franklin Bowen, of tho M.
E. church, wlfo and son, Wesley, aro
spending tho week at Roscoo, Dela
ware county, N. Y.
Franklin Bowen, Jr., has returned
to Passaic, N. J., having spent his
vacation with his parents, Rov. and
Mrs. Franklin Bowen.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodmanseo and son
Lewis, of Equlnunk, and T. C. IIol
bert, of Syracuse N. Y., spent Sun
day with Hon. and Mrs. Joel G. Hill.
Tho Odd Fellows hold a big colo-
bratlon last Thursday to raise money
for their now hall. They cleared
At Christ church, Indian Orchard,
Sunday, Sept. 15, at 10:30 a. m., Mr,
Everett B. Spottlgue, soon to bo or
dained to tho Episcopal ministry,
will hold services, consisting of
Morning Prnyor and Address. At
ri:30 tho regular session of trio
Sunday school will bo held.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
South Canaan, Sept. 12.
The rain at this place has prevent
ed most farmers from gathering
their oats.
Mrs. Edgar Wagner Is suffering
from an attack of bronchial pneu
monia. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Leo are rejoic
ing over the arrival of a daughter.
Mrs. Walter Kizer and children, of
Hoboken, N. Y., has been visiting at
the home of Cleveland Robinson.
Miss Jane Day and Max Inch spent
last week with friends at Scranton.
J. N. Edwards is having his cellar
enlarged for tho purpose of having
tho steam heat installed. Mr. Ed
wards has made several improve
ments on his new place.
Mrs. Thos. Anderson, of South
Gibson, is visiting at Mr. and Mrs. L.
D. Fleldings.
G. W. Dershlmer has purchased
a new Ford car.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fielding, Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Bentham, Mr. and
Mrs. John Enslin and daughter, of
this place, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rice of
(Special to Tho Citizen J
Stoene, Sept. 10.
Don't blnmo tho milk men If tho
milk Is sour when you got It as it
wns hot enough last Saturday to cur
dle and sour tho milk In the cow's
Mr. and Mrs. James Kagler, of
Scranton, spent Sunday with tho lnt
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Short, hero.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hambly, of
Honesdale, spent Sunday with the
lattor's parents here.
Eugeno Buckland, of Waymart,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Warren Buck
land over Sunday.
Tho Bobolink and mnto spent Sat
urday soaring around among
friends at Honesdale.
The Bobolink has picked, sold and
given to his friends about two hun
dred dozen ears of sweet corn so far
this season with plenty moro still
to pick.
Emmet Swingle Is talking of sell
ing his farming utensils and stock
and moving to Carbondale for the
winter months where ho expects to
work at carpenter's work.
Tho Rev. Mr. Burch Is back from
his vacation and preached a very In
teresting sermon hero Sunday after
noon. Mrs. John Thompson, of Beach
Grove, visited Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Buckland over Sunday.
Mrs. Wlnford Mumford, Mrs.
Frank Chapman nnd daughter, Mrs.
Foster, are visiting a week with
friends at Carbondale.
May destroy the sav
ings of years. The most
5 careful person is not
exempt, insure your
Life & Property with R
Bentley Bros.
Fire, Life, Accident,
Olllce opp. Post Olllce, Honesdale, Ta.
f Consolidated 1'borie 1-9-L
Ladies of Honesdale and Vicinity :
The Crane Marks Co., of Scranton, Pa., are offering special Induce
ments to tho ladles of Honesdale and vicinity for their patronago this
Fall. No better assortment of Tailor Suits, Separate Coats, Furs and Fur
Coats, Children's and Junior Wears Dresses, Waists, Skirts, Petticoats,
Etc., can bo found In Northeastern Pennsylvania. We specialize on the
above wearables and for style, quality, price and assortment, don't take
our word for It Call and See for Y ourself. Free Car Fare.
All purclinses of $2.".00, free car fnro both ways, n savins of 1.75.
All purclinses of 15.00, free enr fare one wny, n saving of 00 cents.
Goods pm-clmsed that require alterations will be shipped to you ex
press prepaid.
Wo would like your trade nml we feel sure you would like to trade
with ns.
Make This Store Your Home While In Scranton
The Crane Wlarks Co.
Scranton, Pa-
On Sunday, Sept. 15, In tho Ger
man Lutheran church, Rov. C. C.
Miller, pastor, services will bo as fol
lows: 10 n. m., preparatory sorvlco;
10:30 a. m., communion sorvlco;
10:45 a. an., Sunday school; 7 p. m
preparatory sorvlco; 7:30 p. m., com
munion sorvlco. Sermon subject,
"Spiritual Deeps."
Thero will ho a special sorvlco at
Graco Episcopal church Sunday
ovonlng, Sept. 15, at 7:30 for tho
Sunday will tako a unique part. Tho
address by tho roctor will ho on "Tho
Two Brothers." Tho othor services
during tho day will bo Holy Com
munion at 8 a. m. Morning Prayer
and Sermon at 10:30 a. m. Sunday
school at 12 M.
A Great Opportunity For Housekeepers
and CARPETS which will be sold ai
extremely Bow prices.
Our stock consists of the Best Qualities of Wilton, Body
Brussclls, and Axminster Rugs made in America.
All sizes carried in stock from a mat size, 18 ins. by 36 ins.
to a large room size 11 ft. 3 ins. by 15 ft.
Special sizes made to order.
English and Scotch Inlaid Linoleums also Best American Makes.
Inlaid and Printed in Various Qualities.
A Clearance Sale off Spring Patterns
at a Great Reduction.