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    Wi&SE" EIGHT
The Leading Financial Institution
nfj fin
She Is ofntfelled to "f?ire
Entirely 'inoin Court DUjftes.
Doytipsets Lamp, and Chil
dren Perish in Blaze.
May fee' Removod b'y .'Mayor.
Pot Animal Was Guardian For Tuber
culosis 'sufferer, Who Slept In Tent
In Yard Jumped Upon Table,
Overturning Lamp, Which
Causts Death of Three.
r,tWxx4Wx n nrirmrn Tn nraTMrvNi?H'x - n k k x 11 i n u k k n k k n n n u n n n if
. J UllUNMl kA H 5 'police supt. tayiM I 1
l GERMAN EjirBEoo ILL. M IM I M Min -" ',-
km ST i 1
Despite (lenlnlf ram official sources, a
report continued to-te circulated concern
ing the III health of the Gtrmnn empress.
It Is said her Illness Is so pronounced that
it fin lnncnr can be concealed, nnd the. em
peror has been compelled 0 consent to
her complete retirement from court duties
and social functions.
District Attorney of Richmond County
, May. Die of Wounds.
New eJork, Aug. 20. Mrs. Elizabeth
Edmunds, n handsome woman of forty
years, shot District Attorney Albert O.
Fach of Itichmond county tnrco times
immediately after Mr. Fhcn reached
lilnfflfn In the Staten Island Savings
bunVbulldl'ng, at Stapleton, N'. T. Fall-
uredn' the part of the district attorney
to convict her husband, Dr. John
Marion Edmunds, n-Manhattan dentist,
of abandonment was the reason for the
woman's attack.
Mr. Fnch was taken unconscious to
the Smith Inffrmarj- at New Brighton
The doctors say thnt bis wounds may
t jirove fatal.
Life Savers Rescue Five.
Washington, Aug. 2a Life savers of
the now Green Hill (H. I.) station made
a heroic rescue of the crew of five men
of the schooner It. L. Tuy, lumber lad.
en, from Bangor, Me., for New York,
and wrecked off the Rhode Island
toast The Green Hill stntion wa
opened Aug. 1. .
(Special to The Citizen.)
Bethany, Aug. 19
Margaret Manning is spending her
vacation wuu ruiuues u ta.uuuua
Mrs. M. L. Slayton returned wed-
nesday from visiting her niece, Mrs.
;v?.t,V Mnrtln In Tflnc-atnn.
I .'i " ' I
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lawrence, of
Scranton. are vis t nc Mrs. Law-
rence's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D,
Manning. Sr.
There were over one hundred for
dinner at the 'Presbyterian picnic
Thursday at Third pond.
Mrs. Bates, of Waymart, has been
visiting her brother, James Henshaw,
returned home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Blake attended
the Moase reunion Thursday at
Pleasant Mount.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Paynter and
children of Carbondale, came
day to visit at the Lavo home
Mrs. George Hauser left for Phil
adelphia Saturday to visit her daugh
The Misses Sue and Lizzie Houck
returned to their home Saturday
Mrs. James Johns Is entertaining
lior friend, Mrs. Scudder, also her
nieces, the Misses Pentecost.
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Noble and
baby ltuth left Saturday to visit Mr,
and Mrs. George Allen at Fallsdaie.
Mrs. William Avery and children
returned from Pleasant Mount the
lirot of the week.
Miss Bessie Moase, of Pleasa
Mount lias been spending the weeK
with her sister, Mrs. A. O. Blake.
Miss Edna Lavo and Russell Smith
nirnnil to Now York Sunda'v after
suing relatives here.
Miss Carolyn Cody, of 'Scranton,
was a recent guest or her sister; Mrs.
Fred Hauser.
Mrs. Rhoda Grinestone has .been
making Improvements in her home In
the shape of new windows.
There will be a- reunion service
held in the Presbyterian church at
Botliany on. Sunday morning, August
25. at -10:30 a. m. An invitation Is
extended-To all tb.P" members of the
church and congregation, past and
present, fand also to, their friends. A
substantial lunch will be provided m
11 I. t- 1 e 1. -1
ror those Wralng, from a distance.
Lunch served at . tho close of the
morning 'service,
your old friends.
Mr. anQ Mrs.
John Strongman-
spqnt last' week In. New, Yprk,
Ars' 4-Wwnrd' Wnodward Jarr veS
tv frnmiTN.'GWVYnrk'SaturdaV. r -. .
C -rr--, - ' ,
f i . "-Ty i . . r. . i ;.:r.,. ,: i
!ei Aira.dunaries .i-einicit ,is enioriuiu-
lng-Wfrlchd from Brooklyn.
Hdrry Tethjck, or Hawloy, spent,
M'.VLSSV nr ...1.1. ,11.. Iln'n.n
r.isun,uay wuny4. Bisters. -airs, iienry
, "Bennett and 3..J0hn smith, hero..
1193 1JUIIII UUU "I-""
spent Sunday with Mfas Ella Gam
Next Sunday. August 25. . tbe
will bo a morning servR-a In
n tne,
Presbvterlan chureh whon'Mr, Henr.
TTnm nt fMiln will lin nnltnfKwIth thali
1. . . v. 1 n . . . iiiB.r.irfnrta nni i... . .
1 1 here to meet him. Ky2gKlchnrA At IVllminohlrlUbHo 2-tIIid.
3 will make arrangements-rSflJ hs . VfA 11 r 1 1
Waymart .charge for lh$xfi$po of- yjfe' , 4 -x!, , - J ; -time,
' ' " i '
s y
New Brighton. Pa.. Aug. 20. Three
children were burned to death and their
parents severely Injured In a tire caused
by the explosion of a lamp upset by a
dog when It leaped to a kitchen table
for a piece of meat. The dead clUldren
are Edward Taylor, six mouths old;
James Taj lor, tw years old, nnd John
Taylor, Mur .wars old. Stanley Taylor
nnd Mrs. Margaret Taylor, the father
nnd mother, were seriously turned.
The dog was the guardian of Catlicr
lne Taylor, seven years old, who, dif
fering from tutiereulosht, slept in a
tint In the yard. Mrs. Tnylor heard tlic
explosion and. tieticving something had
liappenetl to her daughter in the yard,
dnslied out the front doot1 of their two
room cottage. Finding nothing wrong,
she opened uio l;ltabc,n door mtil names
enveloped her. The children were
sleeping tn the kitchen. The father
tried to crawl through a window in a
vain effort to save them.
Search For Follow Countrymen Want
ed by Immigration Officers.
rhlhadolnhia. Aug, 20. For the first
time In the history of the Philadelphia
police department It has been found
necessary to employ Chinamen In a
Rtwwh fnr mw nf tTiolr mnntrnnwi
wii0 escaped'lmmlgratlon offldals and
is believed, to have come here. Two
Chinese are scouring Chinatown.
Lleutcnnnt Little, commanding the
district denied that lie had Chinamen
working under him, but It wus learned
elsewhere that such Is the case. For-
merly taere were special policemen,
who, knowing evety resident of China-
town by sight could pick out o strange
face easily. They have died or been
transferred to other districts.
Found It In a Suit Case She
From a Minister;.
Philadelphia Aug. 20. The
Hugh McBrlde of the Disst6n Memorial
Presbyterian church had the satlsfac-
tlon of seeing one of his sermons ae-
complish an Immediate and practical
A young girl thief stole the pastor's
suit case in which was a copy of a
sermon on "Kight ana wrong." rne
T'"'7 zz "r, Tr.T. J"
letter to the minister telling him that
silo uuu iui ms bmt raw at u Diuibv
' . V. .1 I L ,.-,tl.J- Innl.
"uu """""s a"u ua
lu lul "rB-
Girl's Excitement Over Preparations
Puts Her In Nervous Condition.
Pittsburgh, Aug. 20. Miss Delia
Rldgway, aged twenty-three, died at
hpr Jiome in Verona. Her weddlnc
gown will be her shroud. Excitement
over the i (reparations for her wedding
nut the clrl In a state of nervous hys
Sim hMirn4. ill lnst lrM-?dnv nlirht
aftcr a rehearsal of tho wedding cere-
mony and entertainment given her by
Charles Ilraund, her fiance, and mem
bers of the bridal party.
Drive Off
Men Who Were
bcranton. rii.. Aug. -'u. a troop or
joy scouts encamped at Mooslc uke,
near here, clashed with a eancof eicht-
" "'"r. ..'r"r. " . . f
j.ue inner nu.u. miuuu uo
camn and -were -lootlng-it of suit caseij
wlinn tht wonts ilnlwtwl tliein. For
half an hour tho light lasted.
Two baseball teams, comiioged of
young men, came to the rescue of the
boys. Nine of the Invaders were ar
boctor Bequeaths Sum to Faithful
Servant Alto Remembers Brother.
Allentowu, Pn., Aug. 20. Tho will of
Dr. Edwin G. SteamiC'tz, who died last
week, aged tlfty-clght, gives his broth-
I . j-Vtl I1t'..l. n -.4....-.. nf
iand nndtlie residence of his 0OfiO0
Vitate to Jcnnlo IfaulUner. wbo for
" "7
"1 .."i" 77..; 4,f
"u uwuuiuuuiiuu ua '"'"-""
... uiiuujiib uuuuoa.
I , ... . ,
Break In Fence Causes' Shootinn.
Erie, Pu., Aug. 26.TJoo Kotlbwski
jj jn jail herof awnitln;
in jail iierQfBwjpng .niueanng on
ym clmrtK ot rfifimtiii Gcorgo n
uotwrts, ms ngnt)or.--an
leading up to tho ehopUng began over
" "s-r4"'r- -
Trirtate League,
Phllodelohla. like New York, has a big
vice graft BCtuidal on its hands. Mayor
Blankenburg wunta a commission of three
to rule the uniformed force. It la gener
ally understood that Superintendent Tay
lor will resign.
Urges Resolution That United 8tates
Doesn't Intend Treaty Violation.
Washington. Aug. 20. President Taf t
sent to congress a special message on
Uie Panama bill. He urges the'pnssnge
by congress of a Joint resolution which
will make it apparent before the world
that the United States bad no mten
Hon of i-lokttlng the nay-i:aunceroto
This resolution, in the presidents
opinion, siiould take the form, of a deo-
la ration that the present legislation
will not suwsrsede any treaty rights
conferred by the HaPaunccfbtc con
vention. The president would-leave it
to the United States supreme court to
construe the treaty and determine
whether or not the granting of free
tolls to American ships m the coast'
wise, trade" constituted, a violation Of it
free tolls nrovislon ts the "cab-
objection' thaf ,th8-'iircsident cites to"
the bill os It has been laid before' lilrh.
The Democratic leaders of, tho bOtXso
ulTl reuse to eupjwrt a rcsotatlon snch
t1i resident' nroposes. and hts ef-
along this line will ultimately
what the president will do when
onmrress turns down his Joint resoiu
"U8 " "
Secretary of Interior Going to Hono
lulu on Mission. i
Wellington, Aug. 20.-Secretary of
tho Interior tisner mauu inun u
haaro on Sunday for Honolulu, whore
nn trill investigate Governor FTeers
administration of affairs In thoj Ha-
wallan Islands. He will sail from ban
rvnnrtArn on Aug. 31. 'returning to
Washington about tho middle of 'Octo-
Weather Probabilities.
TTnRcttled. with brobnbiy showers ro-
day nnd tomorrow; light variable winaa,
Market Reports.
New York. Aug. 20.
BUTTEKr-Steady; receipts. 'pack
nma nrvHimorv. exiras. iix. uwmv-
nntq f-KUn. ! Beconds. tZVoZVAo.l thirds,
CaOc.; etato dairy, tubs, finest Sc. J good
to prtmo, aaxui common iu lair, inw ..rt
nrawia. mctraa. ZiOMYvCl nrsu, tnwniii
BcondsZln22c.; Imitation croatnery, firsts,
nMUi i rnrtorv. June mako. firsts. Otto.
--"-,. -v,.,. mu.n.
-"nuasic- thirds. 13aaoc.: packing stock.
cnmmt mako. No. t 20i: No. 3. ISaJSc
,tt hoio mim. new. specials, white.
i ;nvi. i-i uSiicue.! avoraED
timrv. white.
cvwrcu. i (www
irmdea. liallc: daisies. 16ci stato
Blclnm, new"' apodalp, wblto, .12y&nl3o, col
orod. lzv&auc; lair, io cauit,
unacrsruuos. iauc.
mna Rti-nAv: recclats. ICLEC3 cases
frceh gathered eottrus, dot, SUaiCc. extra
flrota. KaS,4c. fthrta. 21aCo.; eoconda.
lS-laHTVic.; dlrtlos. jsouscj coucjcs, cauic.
rafrUrcratOr. tirsm. sxoroEO pin iut o-u
eon. IaEc.; socoads.. 19a21c.: thirds. 17a
iRi- ; Ktato. l'ennaylvanlo and nearby, hen
nery whites, fancy, largo, aiasac; fair to
good. BaJUC.J nennery uru-wua, BKini
gathered brown and mixed colore, ZUOCc
LIVE l'', v7ri.- raw
tlt-d. - r
UntESSED lOOLTUV Prcsh 'killed,
easy; chickens, dry plclted. Phlladolpbla
broHera, ZUUtc: Ponneylvonla, ISnVr.;
western, nolle. ; fowls, dry packed,t west
ern -boxes. ltalTa; bblB Iced. ItalCc.; old
roostera. He: sprta' duclu, neortiy. ISa
lSUc.; eqaaba, white, doien. t2a4; dark,
ti K; frton turkeys. No. X. 2uu3aiNo. 2,
lWai chickens,. nuVniB m
2talt c??l..-eC- -c'i a"
potatoes Btecdi': Na 1. bbL.tLSa
1S5: ewtets, Jeraoy,- yellow, boaket.'.Xl.'aa
tn: Boothern. yellow, bbl., n.WaAM. red.
n-".nl.! vnmn. ILISai '
Live Stock Markets.
Pittsburgh. Aug. ax
CATTLE Supply, 130 car loads; market
'5alr r3.toxaw-. vear calves. 3a8,w.
I KHKKl' AIHU J-WkiH, IM J. W UtAiuw
3.15: BDriiur lambs. ItaUO.
IIOQB Itoceipts, 33 double decks; mar
ket S oenta higher; prime huavy. tiXDn
BX5; medium. tiSDaaKi heavy rDrUere,
ES-JOaSLSB: light Toriwrr-.B-WatLtDj pttfs,
tXtiRfo- raushi. STaTXO: 1 Mj
. --ji t
United States
Wo solicit accounts on our merits and are in a position to grant accommodations, largo or
small, consistent with prudent banking. We want you to call us "10111 B.YXK," to have you feel
Interested in Its growth and worth in the COMMUNITY.
Although we aro by far the LARGEST COMMERCIAL RANK In Wayno county, we desire to
grow still larger, and we would appreciate It if our customers would recommend us. to their
Henry Z. Russell, President.
Andrew Thompson, Vlce--President
Lewis A-. Howell, Cashier.
Albert C. Lindsay, Asst. Cashier.
xn n u n n n
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Newfoundland, Aug. 13.
Mrs. Caroline Lange, widow of the
late Christian Lange, died Aug. 12
fter an Illness of a number of years
at the age of 72 years. The funeral
service was held at the house Aug.
14, Rev. Schwarze onlclating. In
terment was made In the old Mora
vian cemetery.
About thirty of the King s daugh
ters had their annual outing August
10, going to Brick Hill Falls. All re
port a very good time.
Miss Alma Herkert, Philadelphia,
Is pending a week with Mr. and
Mrs. A. Beesecker.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Klouse, of Moscow-
are visiting friends in this place.
Mrs. D. Cummings and daughter
Mabel are -spending a week with Mr.
and Mrs. H. R. Miller.
The" .75th anniversary of the Mo
ravian church was held Aug. 11th,
Bishop Moench being here for the
occasion. He preached at the morn
ing service and in the afternoon love
feastand communion was held. The
church was '-well filled and all enjoy1
ed the service very much. Tho Bis
hop and wife were entertained while
here by Rev. and Mrs. Schwarze.
Fred Green, who had tho misfor
tune to break his left arm, Is doing
very nicely.
(Speelal to Tho Citizen.)
Whites Valley, Aug. 20.
Mrs. Nelson Hutchtns recently
visited her 'parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Glovor, and returned to Car
bondale Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watson and
daughtor have returned to Philadel
phia after being entertained by
Mrs. O. C. Oliiler.
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Bonham have
returnod homo after visiting two
months with Lako Ariel and Car
bondale relatives.
Mr. and Sirs. T. Leonard, son
Harry and daughter Dorothy, have
returned to Ilackensack, N. J., af
ter spending two weeks with the
former's sisters, Mrs. II. P. Mead and
Mrs. Julia Mills.
Messrs. W. H. White, F. W. White,
Mrs. E. W. Squires, Mr. and Mrs. A.
F. Kizer, son Earl and daughter
Marjorle, spent several days with
relatives and returned to Scranton
Mark and Clara Fisher loft Wed
nesday for Harrlsburg where they
were met by their undo and taken' In
his touring car to Mrs. Mary 'E.
Fisher's, where they will mako 'an
extended visit.
Net proceeds .from Field Day was
? 145.
Mrs. Bates F. White returned to
Lestorshire, N. Y., after spending
several weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Evelyn Bonham and sons aro
visiting at Richard Glanvlllo's, Pleas
ant Mount.
Misses Jcnnlo Glover and Mildred
Miller have returned homo after be
ing entertained several days by Car
bondale relatives.
W. S. Bonham and son, Frank,
attended Field Day celebration on
(Special to The Citizen.)
Indian Orchard, Aug. 20.
We are having an abundance of
rain and every thing In tho line of
vegetation is doing nicely. Corn and
potatoes aro going to be better, 'than
was expected. Tho' lattor.have' grown
nicely during the past two weeks,
Joseph Saunders 'of East Hones
dale was a pleasant caller at Altoona
farm on Tuesday.
The Ladles' Guild hold at the
home ot Mrs. W. H. Marshall on
Tuosday last was well attended. -The
next meeting will bo at the home of
Ethel Bunnell's at Brooksldo farm.
Florence Pregnall, of 'East Ho&es-
f ifl. who has been visiting her aunt.
Henry Z. Russell,
Horace T. Menner,
Louis J. Dorflinger,
Andrew Thompson,
Saturday evenings from 7:30 to
n n nn-n n n
Mrs. W. D. Buckingham, returned
home last week.
Ira K. Bishop and daughter, May
Richmond, entertained Mr. and Mrs.
George Van Wert of Western Penn
sylvania on Tuesday of last week.
'Mrs. William Weeks and Mrs. E.
Gutheil, of White Mills, were visit
ing friends here last week.
Ray Bay and wife, of East Hones
dale called on the latter's brother,
Earl Ham, on Friday last.
Down at Smith's hall they had a
good time on Saturday evening at
tripping the light fantastic until mid
night. They were there from White
Mills, Honesdale.r-Bcachlpke .and
Swamp, Brook'. ' ' ' ' ' -
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wagner and
daughter Mildred, spent Tuesday last
with Cherry Ridge friends.
Messrs. Lozo and Olver have put
rllHnn ti
11,. I . , 1 I -.,11,1,1, III 111 .L I I 11 1 1.1,1,
The Berlin schools will reopen on
September 9. 1
Frances Gray, who nas spent tne
summer at Chicago State College
and other large cities in the west,
has .returned home and will soon go
to, Hawloy where she will teach In
tna Mlgn scnoot at tnai piace.
Richard, Davey and son Charles of
Beachlake, are doing carpenter work
f6r W..C. Spry at the Old Red kock
farm. , , " '
C. .Brooks' and family, of Hones-
dale, we're recent guests"at the home
oi w. 11. .uarsuuii uuu lauin),
Mrs. Isabella" Htfrn, of Scranton, Is
visiting relatives at this place, Beach-
lak'e' and Tdrrey. ' ,
Mr. and 'Mrs. C. , T. Weeks of
Grand View fqxni, aro entertaining
several city guest's. -t-.
Going to the celebration? Why of
(Special to The Citizen.)
Seelyvllle, Aug. 19.
Madaline Winters, of Brooklyn, Is
visiting Miss Graco Erk.
Born, on August 1, a son, to Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Molter.
Mrs. Walter Moules, In company
with her mother and sister of
Canaan, left Saturday for a visit with
relatives In Central Village, Conn
William Schott. of Lackawaxen,
spent Saturday and Sunday with his
son, George, or this place.
Bernice Kolmus Is visiting his
friend, Doris Wilson, ot Wilkes
Barre. The Ladies' Aid society cleared
$.1G at their social hold In the
chapel on Wednesday evening of last
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawkey and
daughter Hazel, ot Wilkes-Barre,
spent Sunday with relatives here.
Miss Hazel will remain tor tue
Wayno county celebration.
Tho Ladles' Aid society will meet
with Mrs. Chauncoy Purdy on Wed
nesday afternoon of this week.
Margaret Purdy has returnod from
a visit with relatives tn Schenectady,
N. Y.
Lewis Mackle Is spending his va
cation with his parents here.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Havo Always Bought
Bears the
l'leco work; can mako 918.00 per
week, but ,lro guaranteeing $1Q.OO)
per week of 55 hburs. Marrlod peo
ple preferred. Scliauiu & Ulillnger
lUgh-sieed double deck looms. Ap
ply by letter only to VIRGINIA SELK
COMlA"NY. INC. South Richmond
Va. - 50tf
Homer Greene.
James C. Blrdsall,
E. B.' Hardenbergh,
Philip R. Murray.
n .x,x n n-n i
State of Ohio, City of -Tqledo,;
Lucas County. SS
Frank J. Cheney makes 'oath tUpt
he Is senior partner of the flrmiSot
F. L. Cheney & Co., doing .business
In the City of Toledo, Co'unty and
State aforesaid, and thai: said Art'
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRsp
DOLLARS for each and every, case-
VjUlullU buUl .UUUUI VKi WU..U "J -
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscr
thla fith dnv Slf
D. 1SS6.
VdMC.J UUU - " " .1
F. J. CHiINl-lJ. es-JUVJ.,
r Toledo, O.
Sold by ail Druggists, 75c. ,
XuuO nail a i- aw,i; in-, u wwu
To whom It may concern :
Notice is' hereby given' that,'unde
U L L li U .3 L U L U 11 1. i.iwj .
May 31, 1S7, P. l zts, aec. 1,
mppfine will bo hold at Chester .
Garratt's law office In Honosdalo, Pa
-1. .1 n 1- nt Canfomnor I'll
VI 11 1 11 u uvu " . 1 '
of s n'finr-v n m. rnr tne nurnose
rpnrz.inizinc the Honesdale , Sho
'r.n.ninf nn,1 rtlonHner directors an
VUlll,,ii uuu ...n-. u -
ofllcers for tne sam company.
E. W. LEE. -WM.
tv mTTTi nriTTi ti 1 1 i.r", i'iiii vu
Libel in Divorce.
No. 104 Oct. Term. 1911.
m ti ncnT mra'Aiin PITT
WAY: You are hereby renuired
nnnmr 111 tho R.-l Id Court on the thl
Monday in uctoDer. 10 answ
tho complaint exhibited to tue jua
rf cniri nnnrr iiv unnnaii jiuriu 'I'l
away, your wife, In the cause abo
complaint may be made against
In your absence.
F. C. KIMBLE, Sheriff.
Snarlo A: Salmon. Attorneys.
TTntinarialA Al,r IX I'll'' ll .
Libel In Divorce
No. 142 Jan. Term, 1912.
tt tmmn rrTr nnonnmlanr
hnrnhv ronuired to aiipear In
saI1 f!nnrt on the third Monday
October, to answer tho compla
oxhibltod to tuo juugo 01 sain co
by Edgar W. Dodge, your uusba'
in tho causo aoovo statea. or in
fault thereof a decree of divorce
prayed for In said complaint may
mado against you In your absonc
F. C. KDIBLE. Shoriff
Searlo & Salmon. Attorneys.
Honesdale. Aug. 13. 1912; Co
iri Wayne cojinty. uon t
afraid to write this office
paper and stamped envelo