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Vessel at Wharf Consumed
by Petroleum Blaze.
Upon Seeing Situation Skipper Orden
Crow to Man tho Boats and Keop
Away From Burning Boat Lou
May Exceed $400,000 Threo
Aro Slightly Hurt.
Philadelphia. .July 2.V Flames which
nturted In tho oil plant of tho Union
Petroleum company. Delaware river
nt Marcus Hook, jumped through the
yards, ncro a wharf, and pausing
only long enough to practically con
sume tho steamship Trlnldndiiin. an
chored there, swept on across the wa
ter until the lire was ac tually raging
fifty feet from the shore.
The eonllanratIon practically de
stroyed the big plant, reduced the
Trlhldadliin to a hulk and consumed
hundreds of thousands of gallon of
oils. The total loss, ns estimated liy
those concenied, Is placed as In excess
of $400,000.
Three men, employees of the oil com
pany. were slightly burned In the lilnze
The captain and crew of the Ttinldn
dlan got awny unhurt, but not befoie
the skipper had to leap Into the river
from tlie bridge of his craft
Tho action of the skipper. Captain
A. H. Edmunds, was as brave n bit
of work ns any told in tales of the
sea. He was awakened by the shouts
of his men and sprang to the dock, not
taking time to dress. He found the
wharf a mass of flames and tho side of
his vessel blackened with smoke. lie
acted promptly.
Knowing that thousands of gallons
of petroleum lay In the six partly filled
tanks In the hold of the vessel, he
ordered his men to Immediately man
the boats. The crew of thirty-nine,
under the first trad second officers,,
sprang into the three lifeboats, while
the ropes were loosened and the boats
slipped downward on the davits. In
the captain's boat a boatswain took
tho rudder.
"Swing off!" ordered the sklpier
from tho bridge. "Keep away!"
The men in the bonts saw him come
up with a pair of trousers swung over
his arm, and at the same Instant the
llames roared from the wharf tn a long
tongue across the deck bdow him.
The sklper grasped the trousers in bis
teeth and leaped.
He struct the water and swam for
ids boat When the crew pulled him In
he was minus the trousers. When he
reached shore the skipper said that
there had been a hundred pounds, or
$500 in American money, in the pockets
of the trousers and Uiat was why he
wanted to save them.
Clothes Catch Fire While She Is Iron
ing, and Death May Result.
Philadelphia, July 25. Mary Koden
baclicr, fifty years old, of this city Is
at the point of death In Mount Slnal
hospital us the result of being burned
while Ironing at hur home.
The woman was Ironing in the kitch
en, having the Ironing board supported
by a chair and table. Taking a hot
Iron from tho stove, she proceeded to
clean It with wax. The substance
melted und falling to the cloth set it on
Almost In nu instant the woman's
clothes were a mass of llnines. Uose
Child, eleven years old, hearing the
woman's cries, rushed downstairs and
shouted for help.
Three men found tho woinnn on the
lloor senseless, her clothes still burn
ing. They had the woman romoved to
the hu.spltal. They went back Into the
house und with a few buckets of water
succeeded In extinguishing the fire.
Highwayman Compels Them to Dis
gorge Purses and Speed Off.
Scranton, I'a.. July 25. A highway
man, mnsked and flourishing a big re
volver, held up and robbed Mrs. M. J.
Martin and two women friends while
they were aulolng ou the Elmhurst
boulevard, Just outside the city limits.
He compelled the women to throw
their purses to him, and then bado the
chauffeur go ahead at top speed.
Only a few dollars and some trinkets
of no value to a highwayman compos
ed the booty. The names of tho women
with Mrs. Martin were not divulged.
Mrs. Martin Ls the wife of the attor
ney for Judge It. W. Archbald In tho
Impeachment proceedings in tho United
States senate. At pretJent he ls In a
hospital. An nuto loaded wltli iollce
went to tho sceuo soon after tho rob
bery took plnco and scoured the woods
for the highwnyman, but without avail.
Grand Army Veteran Alone When
House Catches Firs.
Bending, Pa, July 25. William It.
Reeser, a civil war veteran and u para
lytic, living by hltneclf near Lclubuch's
tavern, a few mi leu distant from Hood
ing, lwt Ida life when his homo burned
to the ground.
The boufio occupies a londy spot, and
tho flro was not discovered until tho
Imlldlng was practically In ashea.
James W. Wads ort'i. Jr., Is an
Avowed Candidate r sr Nomination.
1. 1 r2
4 f TmM
if". Vi ' t3WftS&i
Jnmcs V. Wndsworth, Jr., hns foim
nlly announced that ho wants the Repub
lican nomination for governor nf Nov
York slate. He was formerly tpeaker of
the nssembh anil ls known to have the
backing of William Humes, Jr.
Campaign Assignment Congenial For
tho "Peerless One."
Se;i Girt, N. ,J.. July 25. The ques
tion ns to what Is to become of Wil
liam J. Bryan in the Democratic na
tional campaign was seemingly an
swered hero wln'ii close political ad
visers of Coventor Wilson let it lie
known that Colonel Bryan's assign
ment will be to worry and harass the
third party's candidate and to follow
him Into every debatable state.
The assignment of Hryan to take
care of Colonel Roosevelt is regarded
here as one In which the Nebrnsknn
will take great joy. It is known that
Bryan bus regarded Roosevelt as a
trespasser upon Democratic preserves,
and the Wilson forces expect him to
make n brave showing as a defender
of his party's right to carry out In of
fice the things which Uryan ndvocated
long before Colonel Roosevelt decided
thnt he, too, would take them up.
Getting In Shape For Convention and
Tour of States.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 25. Fine
weather and tho absence of vlsltore
enabled Colonel Roosevelt to put In
most of a day outdoors with rowing,
riding and tennis. Ills purposo Is to
be In tho pink of condition for tho con
vention, now near nt hand, and for the
ordeal of travel which -will follow It
close and take him through practically
every state In the Union.
The colonel, however, managed to
get In some real work on his speech,
which Is to be delivered at the conven
tion. It ls all but finished. Its prin
cipal plank, however, and the ono
which ls awaited with the greatest In
terest, ls being brought up to date In
reference to the recommended legisla
tion affecting corporations which tho
Stanley committee gave out He ex
pects to demolish each of the Demo
cratic proposals In his address.
Fivo Aces, Then Fivo Shot.
Hammond, Ind., July 25. Four aces
In hand, of which two were alike, and
ono In tho sleeve of a member of a
road house poker party near here re
sulted In five men being wounded by
Market Reports.
New York, July 25.
BUTTER firm; receipts, 22,184 pack
ages; creamery, extras, lb., 27a2TVic.; firsts,
26a26c.; seconds, loaSHc.; thirds. 23a
24Vic. ; state dairy, tubs, llnest, 20a; good
to prime, 24a2Sa; common to fair, 2114a
23c.; process, extras, 25c; firsts, 23aiKc.;
seconds, 22a22Hc; factory, current make,
firsts, 22a23c; seconds, 21a21c; thirds,
lSVin'JOc. ; packing stock, current make.
No. 2, 20c.; No. 3, 13al9ic.
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 3,315 boxes;
stato, wholo milk, new, specials, white,
lb., 15V4nlSVtc; colored, lDMo.; uvorago fan
cy, white, 15c.; colored, lEalSHa; under
grades, 12al4V4a; daisies, 13al6a; state
ektma, new, specials, white, lKol2Hc.;
colored, 12V4ai:;-ic.; fair to choice, tiailH-c.;
undorgradis, 3VioSa
EGOS Irregular; receipts, 25,003 cases;
fresh gathered, extras, doe., 23a24c; extra
firsts, 20a22c; firsts. ISHalJVic. ; beconds,
17al8c.; dirties, lOalGa; checks, 7ul3c,
state, Pennsylvania und nearby, hennery
whites, fancy large, 2S&2SC. ; fair to good,
21a27c.; hennery browns, Ila25c.; gathered
brown and mixed colon), 20a!4c
POTATOES Easy; No. 1, bul., J2.tOa3.25;
culls, Jlal.W; sweets, southern, yellow,
bbL, (ISOal; red, bbl., R.75a3.0, yams,
bbL, fLWaXtO.
firm; chickens, dry picked, Philadelphia
broilers, 30u31a; XHinnsylvanla broilers, 27
a2Sc. ; western broilers, UaZlc; fowls, dry
packed, western boxes, lial7c; bbls., Iced,
HHalGc. ; old roosters, llallMiO.; spring
ducks, nearby, 18al&Hc.i squabs, white,
dozen, ll.50aS.t0; dark. 1.25; frozen tur
keys, No. 1, 21a23a; No. 2, llalGa; chick
ens, roastera, milk fed, 0u24c; corn fed,
19a20c.; fowls, 4 and 6 lbs. each, lCa!7c.
Live Stock Markets,
Pittsburgh, July 25.
CATTLE Supply light, market steady;
choice, t$.75a9.25; prime, fS.2GaS.tE; good,
rj.T5u8.15; tidy, 7.aT.ffi; talr, tSa7; com
mon to good fat bulls, tia&76; do. cows.
(SaCtO; heifers, tCaT.50; fresh cows and
springers, (2Sa55.
SHEEP AND LAMDS Bupjly light,
market steady; prima wothera, i4.75a&;
good mixod, lt.25ai.e0; ah", 23X0&4; year
lings, 3o5; spring lamba, HCOaT.2S; veal
ouhvs, flCOalO; lioovy and thin calves,
HOGS Receipts, IS douMo docks; ncr
Itet higher; prime heavy, (5J8; heavy
mixed. lS.40oS.tS; medium atxl hoary York
era. tSXl&8.60; llgtrt Vorkora, JS.KgS.70;
jAso, t8.4DoS.S0; rough, flar.; stags, &2S
Mrs. L. II. Fuller, of Scranton,
who has been visiting at tho An
drew Thompson home, expects to re
turn there Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Courtney of
Gouldshoro, have boon entertaining
.Miss Anna Ologglor nnd brother,
John, of Tobyhanna.
i Paul Frederic was attending to
business In Scranton on Thursday.
-Miss .Mndolino O'Conncll ls spend
ing tho week at hake Como.
Miss Gussio Crockenborg, of Haw
ley, returned home Wednesday af
ter sovoral days' visit with Frank
Mnng and family at Fortenla.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. T. Moore, who
have goon spending sovoral weeks
with friends in Boston and Foxboro,
Mass.. are expected to arrive homo
Mr. and Mrs. Loring R. Galo
spent Wednesday at Forest Lake ns
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wes
ton. They expect to leave for their
home In RpvtJndiile-on-thc-IImlson
on Friday.
Miss Elsie Deltz and brother,
Robert, of Carbondalo, who have
been spending a few weeks with
their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
John Sporer, at Cherry Ridge, re
turned to their home on Sunday.
Harold Sporer, who had been
visiting his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Sporer, for three weeks,
at Cherry Ridge, returned to his
home in Scranton Sunday, accom
panied by his uncle, George Sporer.
Mrs. L. D. Spragle and son, Ken
neth, and Mrs. J. D. Weston snent
tho week at Forest Lake in the Wes
ton cottage and will return Frldnv.
Mrs. Spragle nnd son will spend a
few weeks as guests of Mrs. W. W.
Mrs. Henry W. Rohhoin returned
homo on Tuesday evening, from Now
York City, where she has been visit
ing. She was accomnanled home hv
her daughter, Maude Rehholn, who
will remain here until the middle nf
won.i) nuv Tom. i.iiinoKs.
.AIotorKts Will Ask Legislators t(
Open Delaware Spans.
A campaign Is now being waged to
combine motorists In Pennsylvania
in a petition to the Legislature of
that state for an appropriation suf
ficient to co-operate with tho State of
New Jersey in the purchase of all
toll bridges over the Delaware river.
New Jersey has already made an
appropriation, not to exceed $500,
000, for the purchase of its share of
these bridges, and It is now neces
sary to get a similar appropriation
from Pennsylvania to make the. plan
effective. Pressure will be brought
to bear at the next session of the
Pennsylvania Legislature to pass the
appropriation bill.
This move will lit in nicely with
the plan of New Jersey to complete
next year a fine new highway along
the banks of tho Delaware, from
Trenton to the Delaware Water Gap
and from there to Port Jervis, on
the Jersey-New York state line, thus
providing a magnificent boulevard
112 miles long through the pict
uresque Delaware Valley.
Tho present Inferior road up the
historic valley runs from Trenton to
Stockton, N. J., along tho Jersey
bank, but there the tourist has to
cross to Pennsylvania to reach Eas
ton. From Easton to the Gap there
are roads on both sides of the river,
but if any crossing ls done tho tour
ist llnda himself paying money to
toll bridges. Prom the Wator Gap
to Port Jervla tho beauties of the
Kittatinny and Shawangunk moun
tains are at present lost, as there is
no road on tho Jersey side.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hubbard, of
Thompson, aro spending .a week with
their daughter, Mrs. O. M. Wallace.
Win. Ogden, who has been 111 a
few days, is better at this writing.
Edison Barrett, of Susquehanna,
was a recent caller at C. I). Corey's.
Thomas Glover, of South Thomp
son, and daughter, Mrs. Anna Dlx,
and children spent Sunday at G. W.
Several from this way spent Fri
day evening with Mrs. George Hhono
of Poyntelle, it hoing her birthday.
Willis Ogdon has recently placed
a now hay carrier In his barn.
Mrs. Manly Wallace and mother
attended tho funeral of tholr cousin
at "Pleasant Mount Saturday.
Mrs. T. M. Haro and mother visit
ed Mrs. Delia Wall Monday.
Cattle buyers woro through this
way ono day laBt wook and purchased
several head from farmers In this
(Misa Cora Starbalrd is helping
Mrs. G. M. Wallace a few days this
Herbert Leo recently purchased a
now horse rako and ls now busy hay
ing on his farm in this place.
y Ho Is Financing Detective Burns (
J In Rosenthal Murder Mystery
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
! Tyler Hill, July 24.
Hew K, D. Mlnch preached here
Sunday evening.
Ednn and Ulca Spccht returned
i to New York Sunday after a two
weeKs stay with relatives.
Jas. Lloyd, a veteran of tho Civil
war, passed his Slst birthday last
Joseph Johnston, now of Lako
Huntington, N. Y., reports that tho
boarding season Is not as good as
Tho lawn social hold nt tho homo
of Mrs. Dow Tyler Saturday evening
was a brilliant affair. Tho lawn was
artistically decornted with Japaneso
and Chinese lanterns, making a very
pleasing sight. An excellent musi
cal and literary entertainment was
enjoyed by about 100 persons. The
proceeds, amounting to $2G, wore
added to tho llethodist church Sun
day school, under whose auspices tho
social was given. This Sunday
school Is In a flourishing condition
and is under tho superintendency of
Clark Jackson, who is an ardent
worker In whatever ho undertakes,
whether It is in tho Sunday school,
legislature, or on tho farm.
Ilev. K. I). Mlnch. pastor of tho
Baptist church, Is a very busy man.
Outside of his clerglcal duties ho
finds time to do considerable outside
work. Mr. Mlnch has been working
arduously upon thp parsonago he and
and his interesting family are now
occupying and now has it in first
class shane. He proposes raising
the foundation under his barn four
feet, besides filling in tho driveway
several feet.
C. M. Pethlck, whoso barn was
struck by lightning and burned dur
ing a thunderstorm on July 14, will
not rebuild until next spring.
Clarence I). Fortnam motored to
Honesdale Saturday to witness a
base ball game.
Several boarders from New York
city and other places are welcome
visitors here.
The Brown House, located at Lau
rel Lake, is closed. Mr. Drown had
preparations made to reopen the
property, when Mrs. Brown was
taken suddenly ill and passed away.
This place, including beautiful
Laurel Lake, aro for sale.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Dlttrich, of
Honesdale, are occupying their
bungalow, located on the east shore
of Laurel Lake. " Camp as You
Like It" is now entertaining Mr.
Dittrich's niece, Mrs. Ernest Softly,
her husband and little son, Kenneth,
all of Scranton. Mr. Dlttrich has
proved himself to be an adept with
the rod and hook since coming here.
A few days ago he caught a fine 4
pound black bass. It was sent to
Honesdale and graced the table of
Hon. and Mrs. F. P. Kimble at that
A. D. Stone, of Scranton, of the
firm of Underwood & Stone, dealers
In bonds, also holds a good record
in landing that gamy fin. One day
recently Mr. Stone caught a fine 4v
pound bass. He has also made a
number of other good catches. He
and his son Gregory are spending tho
summer at the Jackson house.
Sunday's excellent rain did hun
dreds of dollars' worth of good to
the farmers. Potatoes and corn were
growing slowly and tho former had
commenced to curl up their leaves.
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ecutions, Collector's and Constables'
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goods wo have on hnud at this season of the year. 'Hi
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Main St., Honesdale, Pa.
(MHflal to The Citizen.)
Mllanvillo, July 25.
Hoikwell Brlgham ls recovering
from ly poisoning.
Dr. C. D. Skinner and daughter,
Martha, returned to Coznovla tho
lirst of the weok.
Miss Florence Warren, of Lacka
waxen, is In town overy Friday to at
tend to her music class.
E. H. Cleveland, of New York, ls
boarding at Volnoy Skinner's.
Mrs. II. Malcomo Page Is very 111
at the present writing. Four physi
cians consulted on Sunday and as yet
are undecided as to tho real trouble.
Mr. and M rs. Theodore Waford re
turned to tholr homo In Philadel
phia tho last of tho weok.
Mrs. T. G. Wilson and son Donald
of New York city, are boarding at
Tho Lawrence. This Is Mrs. Wil
son's second year at Mllauvllle.
Miss Thesfia Kilbaln, of New York,
city, is enjoying a few days In town
as the guest of Mrs. Florenco Brown.
Miss Alma Hclss, of Hawley, spent
tho week-end with Miss Bessie Skin
no r.
Mr. Worst, of Kutherford, N. J.,
is at tho Uock Glen House.
Mrs. Helen Skinner has returned
from Lestershlre, N. Y., and was ac
companied by her daughter, Mrs.
John Pulls and sons, Gordon and
Mrs. Florenco Brown and Miss
Kllbain called on Narrowsburg
friends on Monday.
Messrs. Dorin and Jenkins, ever
popular and welcome, were guests at
Vo'.noy Skinner's on Saturday last.
Kingsley McCullough is the guest
of his uncle, Dr. C. N. Knapp, at
Port Jervis.
J. J. McCullough returned from
Brooklyn on Monday evening accom
panied by his daughter, Miss Gladys,
who has been ill. Miss McCollough
has been on duty as nurse in the
Brighton Beach Park Hospital for
Z. Earle, paymaster on the Erie,
was a recent guest at the Lawrence.
.Mrs. D. H. Beach entertained Mrs.
Florenco Brown and tho Misses Kll
bain, Heiss and Mabol and Bessie
Skinner at tea on Sunday 'ast.
Mrs. Orville Kays is helping care
for her sister, Mrs. Page, who has
been ill for three weeks.
Miss Alfast, of Blnghamton. is
visiting her sister, Mrs. G. B. Lass
ley. The severe electric storm of last
week made things lively at John
Skinner's hotel at Cochecton Falls.
The lightning entered the chimney
and came down in tho bar room,
then over to the sitting room direct
ly behind tho piano, thence to the
opposite wall where a mirror hung
and was demolished.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Steene, July 24.
Mrs. William Jenkins and daugh
ter, of Moosic, is visiting a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins at
William Wright, of Carbondale,
was a caller In this section Saturday.
Saturday morning Warren Buck
land discovered that Jack Frost had
visited his garden during the night
and laid low twenty-four hills of his
favorlto hubbard squash.
The first day's fishing for Mr.
Buckland resulted In his capturing
a largo mud turtle weighing nearly
50 pounds. Ho is doting on turtle
soup for Christmas.
Tho funeral of the late Mrs. John
Clift was largely attended from her
late home Saturday afternoon. In
terment was made in tho Prompton
We are sorry to learn that Con-
Continued for 15 Days
Remember the Place
ductor William Wright, who waa
caught In a wrock on tho Jefferson
division of tho D. & H. about four
months ago, Is still In a bad condi
tion as his splno was injured.
Stephen Bates, who has beon qulto
ill for tho past two weeks, is glowly
Norman Aronld caught a black
bass at Kcons Lako Saturday that
tipped tho scales at 3 pounds.
lAtrs. Frank Chapman la much Im
proved from her recent lllnes3.
William Carr, of Prompton, has
tho finest garden in this section. Mr.
Carr Is an old gardener and under
stands tho business.
9100 HE WAR I), 5100.
Tho readers oC this paper will be
pleased to learn that thcro ls at
least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure In all
Its stages, and that Is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tho only posi
tive cure now known to tho medi
cal fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional dlscaso, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of the Bystem,
thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up tho consti
tution and assisting nature in doing
Its work. Tho proprietors have so
much faith In its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that It fails to cure
Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO..
Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills ror con
In Ite Incorporation of the Meth
odist Episcopal Parsonago Associa
tion of Equinunk, Pa., in tho Court
of Common Pleas of Wayno county.
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the said
Court, or a law Judge thereof on
the 12th day of August A. D. 1912, at
2 o'clock p. m. under the Act of As
sembly of the Commonwealth of
Pennyslvanla, entitled an act to pro
vide for the incorporation and regu
lation of certain corporations ap
proved the 2Uth day of April A. D.
18V4, and the supplements thereto
for a charter of an intended corpora
tion to be called the 'Methodist Epis
copal Parsonage Association of
Equinunk, Pa. The character and
object of which is to secure and
maintain a parsonage for the use of
the Minister of the Methodist Epls
cipal Charge of Equinunk, Wayne
County, Pennsylvania, and for these
purposes to have, possess and enjoy
all the rights, benefits and privileges
afforded by said acts and Its supple
ments. The proposed charter is now
on file in the Prothonotary's office
of said Court.
Honesdale, Pa., July 1G, 1912.
58eoi 3.
Estate James Van Valkonborg, late
of Scott.
All persons Indebted to said estate
aro notified to mako Immediate pay
ment to tho undersigned, and those
having claims against tho said es
tate aro notified to present them
duly attested for settlement.
Shorman, Pa., July 1, 1912.
Men and Boys
in fact everything imaginable.