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Scinl Weekly Founded 1008 5 Weekly Founded 1844.
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For President,
Stato Treasurer,
Auditor General,
District Congressman,
Wondrous is the strength of
cheerfulness, altogether past cal
culation Its powers of endurance.
Efforts, to bo permanently useful,
must be uniformly Joyous a spirit
all sunshine, graceful from very
gladness, beautiful 'because bright.
The chestnut trees are In bloom.
Time to sow buckwheat.
The nest Electoral College will
contain 532 votes. This makes 49
votes more than tho number cast for
President and Vice President in
190S, which was 4S3. The admis
sion of Arizona to statehood added
3 and of New Mexico 4 to the total
number of electoral votes, which
were further Increased by the allot
ment of Representatives based on the
last census. It will require 207
electoral votes to elect a President
this year.
The Wayne Independent says edl
torally, in a recent issue:
" If the common people, and
all other people of the nation,
were permitted to choose the
president's cabinet, they would
not be likely to select its mem
bership from the college-bred
kind that has marked President
Taft's administration with in
competency and scandals. '
This Is by no means the first time
that the Independent has gone out
of its way to strike viciously at the
men in this community who have
had the advantage of a college
kind of
It may believe that this
demagoguery pleases Its
But nothing could be
farther from the truth. There are
and have been too many fathers and
mothers in Wayne county who have
struggled and sacrificed themselves
In order to give their sons and
daughters the advantages of a lib
eral education to make this sort of
thing pleasure reading for the pub
lic. There are too many men In this
community whose achievements have
been made possible by reason of
their own college education to make
these sneers at college-bred men
particularly profitable. Let the In
dependent publish a list of college
graduates residing in Wayne county
or native of Wayno county residing
elsewhere, and then let tho readers
of that Journal draw their own con
clusions. Tho 1912-13 edition of "Who's
Who In America" contains tho names
of 17,540 persons, tho foremost men
and women along all lines of hon
orable achievement in America. Of
these persons 8,529, or nearly fifty
per cent, of the entlro number, are
graduates of colleges and universi
ties. These figures speak for them
selves. We commend them to tho
careful consideration of the Inde
pendent beforo any more gratuitous
insults are offered by that Journal to
the college-bred men and women of
this community.
Tho beautiful stars and stripes
when unfurled to tho breeze repre
sents tho greatest nation In the
world. Unity and strength Is dis
played in a most striking manner.
The soldier has won battles under
tlfo American flag. Churches,
schools and municipal buildings
havo been dedicated, with tho red,
white and bluo freely and Inde
pendently floating over them. It Is
tho emblem of the nation and Is
loved by everybody. But why, then,
do sorno tear down this beautiful
symbol of liberty? Is this possible In
the Citizen Publishing Company.
tho postofflec, Honesdalc, Pa.
w. w. woon
.ll'IiY 17, 1012.
this civilized land where freedom
predominates? Yes, and it chagrins
us to say it, that it happened In
Honesdale. Flags havo been torn
down, broken off their staff and
dislodged from their respective
places by young men and boys ap
parently having maliciousness at
heart. We are, however, un
willing to Ibelleve this and give them
as great a latitude as possible,
thinking perhaps that the violators
do not realize the great wrong that
they do to the State and nation
when they perform such a rash act.
We regret exceedingly that Hones
dale has a person who would com
mit such a heinous and unprincipled
act. Even a traitor would not pull
down his country's flag. We sin
cerely hope wo will never be com
pelled to refer to anything like this
again in these columns. Long may
the flag wave.
Tho Wayne Independent declares
that Republican candidates for the
office of presidential elector, if elect
ed, have but one course to pursue
and that is to vote for Col. Roose
velt In the electoral college. We are
not surprised that the Independent
should advocate this theory. Never
theless It id a proposition that is
bad In politics, in law and in mor
als, as we have repeatedly pointed
out. It is bad In politics because, if
this plan to disfranchise the great
great body of regular Republican
voters Is carried out, it will arouse
such a storm of indignation and
wrath that no party advocating it,
and no person carrying it out, can
hope to escape sure and just retribu
tion. It Is bad in law because no candi
date for presidential elector has a
legal right to take the benefit of
votes cast for him as a party candi
date, and then vote against the reg
ular nominee of his party In the
electoral college. And there Is lit
tle doubt that under such circum
stances an elector would be re
strained from so voting by the
courts. And, being on the regular
party ticket, if he should declare his
purpose of voting against the party
nominee, a court of equity would
undoubtedly order his removal from
the ticket. Indeed, this remedy has
already been Involved in the case of
William Wilhelm of Pottsville.
But the political and legal aspects
of tho case are of little Importance
In comparison with the moral as
pect. 'A candidate for presidential
elector who permits voters to cast
their ballots for him under the be
lief that he will vote for the presi
dential candidate of tho party on
whose ticket he is running, while at
the samo time ho Intends to vote
against tho presidential candidate of
his party, Is obtaining votes under
false pretenses. 'And tno candidate
for presidential elector who declares
to the voters that he will not sup
port the nominee of his party, and at
tho samo time refuses to withdraw
from the ticket and permit a candi
date to be substituted who will vote
for his party's nominee, Is denying
tho right of franchise to American
citizens, who must either violate
their consciences and Judgment by
voting for him or else not vote at
all. Such a position Is monstrous
and Immoral In tho extreme And
yet tho Independent, claiming to lie
a reputable Journal, circulating
among a law-abiding and liberty
loving people, advocates this por
nlclous doctrine which Is no less
subversive of political liberty and
honesty than It Is offensive to tho
moral senso of tho people.
Tho Muii For Public Olllce.
Because of his long familiarity
with party cries beforo an election
tho countenanco of tho sophisticated
voter shows lines of weariness when
ho is urged to turn out tho party
In power merely to allow someono
who has been untried to tako over
tho. office. Two candidates of equal
merit, running for tho presidency,
ono tho present olllco holder who
has given tho people a safo and sano
administration, with tho strongest
assot unrofuted prosperity, should
furnish no puzzlo to tho conscienti
ous citizen who Is called upon to
choose between them. In other
words tho intelligent laboring man
who has a family to care for, will re
flect many times beforo casting his
voto for a change In view of the
prosperous condition of tho country
today. He Is not going to gamble
his position away.
This Is Just one sound reason
i which will go a long ways towards
rc-olecting William H. Taft. "Let
well enough alone" Is a sufficient re
ply to make to anyone who advo
cates a change. The Record has
nothing but words of praise for
Woodrow Wilson and If wo must
have a Democratic president wo
don't know of anyone who would
suit us better. But Woodrow Wil
son may be Just the man to upset
our prosperity program. Taft has
.been tried. We know something 1
I ni,ni i.oatnrahiro i
""VIIIV . juvwt u.a x. w i
Warns Irish of Wilson.
Tho Rev. 'Dr. Robert Ellis Thomp
son, principal of the Central High
school 'Scranton nnd one of tho best
known educators In the country,
has Issued a statement In which he
calls upon the Irishmen of the
country to oppose the Presidential
candidacy of Woodrow Wilson
"Gov. Wilson Is a violent free-lit.
trader," he declared. "'He believes)
in too much reduction of the tariff.
Therefore I am against him, and it
behooves every Irishman to bo I
against him. j
"Being an Irishman and knowing!
what free trade has done to my na-1
tive country i non e wisn 10 see u
Inflicted upon my adopted country,
and I hope every Irishman will
think likewise.
"I am for Taft although I do not
consider him an Ideal President. As
between Taft and Roosevelt I prefer
Taft. He stands up for tho Con
stitution and does not tako up
every new fad."
The Union Sunday school picnic
which was held at Lake Lodore on
Thursday last, was enjoyed by about
500 people. The day was Ideal; not
too hot nor too cold, but Just right.
Teachers and their classes were
In little groups all over the ground.
Then there were family parties,
bachelors and others. All enjoyed
the festivities of tho day, and the
best part of it was the day passed
off without an accident.
After dinner nearly everybody
went to the baseball ground to wit
ness a game of (ball between the
benedicts and bachelors. Sides were
chosen and assignments given. Some
excellent plays were made. One of
the features of the game was Domi
nie Whittaker's line control of tho
ball as shortstop. Cashier Howell
proved himself to be a good runner
and was as fleet as a deer on foot.
Ho surprised the spectators. W. H.
Stengle was good on running cow
paths and despite the fact of being
side-tracked he shot from the pasture
to second base and scored. Joe
Welch, Oh yes, he was there. But
you should have seen him at the
stick. Joe Is a bettor quoit pitcher
than he is a ball player, but he made
some fine plays. Fred Mauer, the
old-time over hand ball tosser, was
pitcher and he found the base every
time. Brock Lesher made some
star plays.
But the score, Oh yes the runs
were tallied as fast as they could
be chalked down and would you
believe It each team got 14 runs
and only Ave Innings were played.
Jenkins' Boy Band discoursed fine
music for dancing. Thirty gallons
of Ice cream were sold in cones.
The occasion was one that will
long be remembered.
The line-up follows, tho married
and near-married men being in the
first column and the single men
holding positions In the second col
umn. Married. Position. Single.
Mauer p Thayer
Lienbach...c Llghtsizer
Hull cf Gerry
Stengle If Ripple
Whlttaker..2b Guenther
Lesher 3b Sampson
Dudley. . . .ss Heft
Rowland. Burkhart
Truscott. . . .rf Heumann
Score by innings:
Married Men 0 2 5 C 1 14
Single Men 1 2 7 3 1 14
The game came to an end at the
last of the fifth Inning owing to
Brock Lesher breaking tho bat.
Five Thousand Dollars to lio Spent
For Machinery, Says Senator
When the Farvlew hospital for the
criminal insane opens October 1, the
state will have on the ground up-to-dato
farming machinery that will
maKo It possible for tho hospital to
raise most of tho foodstuff used in
maintaining tho Institution.
Senator Walter iMcNlchoIs, a mem
ber of tho commission and In char go
of tho arrangements locally, an?
nounced last week that a schedule is
now being prepared of tho farm im
plements necessary and after bids
are received tho farming machinery
will bo purchnscd and Installed. For
this featuro of the institution alone
there has been an appropriation of
$5,000. Road machinery Is also
to bo purchased, Senator McNIchols
said, tho appropriation for general
tools, a stone crusher and road-roller
having been Ilxed at $2,000. Tho
plan is for the inmates to work and
improve tho roads near tho hospi
tal. For the furnishing of the hospital
there has been an appropriation of
$12,000 to includo office furnituro,
bedding, chairs nnd other equipment
necessary in a hospital. For main
tenance there has been an appropria
tion of $50,000 to run tho hospital
until Juno 1 next.
Work Is now being rushed on tho
construction of tho laundry power
house and reservoir, threo"Jobs that
when finished, Senator McNIchols
says, aro to bo woll worth travollng
to Farvlew to see. Tho hospital is to
open October 1 with 150 patients
taken from tho general insane hos
pitals of tho state. Trlbune-Repub-ljcan.
Menner & Co.'s Made-up Goods
Departments aro offering special
sales In summer goods in all lines.
55ol 8.
Atlas Portland Cement, tho stand
ard American brand. Get our
prices. Murray Co., Honesdale, Pa.
Flavor of Nnllvo Grown Fruit Un-'
cnunlkMl In United States Gov
ernment Hny.s So Fanners 1
Ought ( Orgnlil.c Association
nnd Sell on ISIk Srnle.
There Is no country better adapt
ed to raising apples, fruits and ber
ries than right here In Wayne coun-
!tv - ,The so" ,B Aottor..?n,? ,cUm,nt c
lu,luulu"s "l,uul ut- f.1'"""11' l 1B
uncommon to see wild applo trees
growing along the highways and by-1.,
! ways.
.... . 11 . 1 i
: U??Z Vi' ,
trees be raised in large quantities?
There nre thousands of acres of ap
parently waste land In Wayne county
that can be made to reproduce
trnlnloads of the most delicious fruit
ever grown. Why do farmers pay
from G00 to $1,000 per acre for
apple orchards and implanted lands
In the west when their own land will
produce a better quality apple than
crown In Washlncton. Idaho. Ore
g0n or Montana?
Wayne county Is a land of great
possibilities. Her farmers live
within the radius of one of the
largest markets In the world New
York City. All the apples, fruits,
berries, etc., would And ready buy-
ers. Commission merchants would
find Wayno county if the farmers
residing therein would produce ap
ples, strawberries, raspberries, or
eggs In quantities of from one to
half dozen carloads per day. It can
be done here as well as In other
places. The topography of the land
in Wayne county is Irregular which
makes It difficult to raise grain. In
several places in the county the
farmers, before harvesting their
grain, literary have to engage a
drum corps to drum up the grain
to get tho heads together so they
can be effectively cut. Wayno coun
ty Is not a grain country. The farm
ing Is too diversified. If more at
tention were paid to raising fruits
and berries tho bank account would
be larger at the end of the year.
Of course to do this the crops would
necessarily have to be grown in large
quantities to attract big buyers. By
organizing a fruit growers or pro
duce exchange this could be effec
tively done. Then each member
would bo asked to obligate himself
to raise an acre or half-acre of iber
ries, cherries and other fruits in
larger acreage.
It is true that there are pests
here, but by spraying, pruning and
cultivation this could be overcome.
In the llrst place to keep the Insects
down or away from the tree it is
essential to kep the weeds down.
Do not allow them to grow. Keep
the ground perfectly free from any
growth for In the weeds the In
sects live and are fared. Tho cod
dling moth Is a pest but It can be
killed by spraying.
To grow fruit for any market it
must be free from all blemishes.
Not a defective apple will be ac
cepted. They must also be properly
packed and crated. The Western
apple may look more delicious to the
buyer, higher colored and larger in
size, but when it comes to flavor
there is no apple grown, not even In
the famous Bitter Root Valley, Mon
tana, that can equal the Wayne
county apple. The size and color
can be obtained by pruning. Trim
the trees so they will throw out low
limbs. Leave the center of the tree
open, thus enabling tne sunsnine
and air to penetrate. The apple
will then ripen and receive a color
equal to tho "Mackentosh Red," the
celebrated apple of Bitter Root Val
ley, Montana.
This cannot be done without some
care and work, 'but the effort put
forth will repay the orcharulst many
times over for his time and labor.
Crops, such as corn or potatoes,
can be successfully grown In young
orchards, but as soon as the tree be
gin to bear fruit, nothing should
be allowed to grow between the
trees. All nourishment Is then nec
essary for the tree. Keep the
ground and trees clean and well
mulched. Cut down all suckers.
After tho trees commence to bear
turn your hogs Into the orchard.
They will not injure tho trees but
will pick up all the Infected fruit
that falls.
If you do not know what your
land Is best adapted for send a
sample of the dirt of your farm to
the Stato College, State College, Pa.,
or tho Department of Agriculture,
Washington, ID. C, and have an
analysis made of It. You will forth
with receive an analogical report
tolling you what the land is best
adapted to raise. Is this not a more
wise plan to pursue- than to go on
year after year apparetnly in tho
dark without knowing what your
farm Is really capable of producing?
The Citizen hopes that tho farm
ers of Wayno county will get to
gether boforo another year rolls
around, organize an association for
tho benelit of the farmer, thereby es
tablishing a name for Wayno county
that will be known country wide
and utilize thousands of acres of
now waste and unseated land.
Geoi-no W. Iliittcrwortli Dead.
On Thursday afternoon last, July
11, occurred tho sudden death of
Georgo W. Butterworth, of Sterl
ing, whilo engaged in pitching on a
load of hay in tho field. 'Ho be
came unconscious nnd died almost
Immediately. Mr. Butterworth was
Hfty-llvo years old and had been a
resident of Sterling for many years
wliero ho had gained a reputation
for honesty, Industry and work. He
was a good neighbor nnd a kind and
loving husband and father. Wo Is
survived by ono son and several
daughtors. The family has tho
sympathy of all their neighbors In
tholr bereavement.
Tho funornl services woro hold
from his lato homo In Sterling on
Saturday morning at ton o'clock,
Rev. W. E. Wobster, officiating. In
torment was made in Catterson
Death of Mrs. Kuto llradliury.
Mrs. Kato (Roily) Bradbury, wifo
of Chas. E. Bradbury, Esq., died at
her homo in Scranton at C o'clock
Monday morning. Sho had been In
feeblo health for several years, the
final attack of illness lasting about
a week.
(Mrs. Bradbury was born m the
Parish of Killucan, County JVest-
meath, Ireland, In 1842, coming to
this country in the fifties anil snt-
I tnng with her parents In Honesdale.
A few years later she went to
Scranton where she was married to
,r.auuur.V.. 18 'J' .Dy tno lat0
r it i - . .. .7
Rev. Moses Whltty. V. O
Having lived In Scranton continu
ously over half a century sho had
seen the city's growth and possessed
a very wide acquaintance through
out tho valley. Notwithstanding her
irngiie neann, sho Kept in touch with
iMnny will miss her kindly Interest
and ever generous sympathy,
shc ,s gurvlvod uy her husbnntli
Qnn wining. n .i rri ; '
an' two sisters, Mrs. John F. Doyle
" w llllHJIl k tlliU i ilUUltlD I
and Mrs. M. R. Bralnard. all of
Scranton, also many nephews and
nieces; her descendants reaching tho
fourth generation.
Funeral at St. Peter's Cathedral
'Wednesday morning with a solemn i
requiem mass. Interment
in Ca- i
thedral cemetery.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
The much needed rain came at
last, which was much needed for the
gardens and crops.
Miss Sophia Blum, a student of
Stroudsburg Normal School, Is spend
ing her vacation at her homo In Bra
man. Mrs. Sarah Scudder visited friends
in this locality last week. She has
been residing in Rochester but is on
her way to Marion, Ohio, where she
will make her future home.
Mrs. Harriet Taylor, of Blngham
ton, N. Y., is visiting at Wm. Lay
ton's. Mrs. Eliza Teeple and little Doro
thy Layton are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Kemp at BInghamton, N. Y.
Preston Teeple, who has been
spending several weeks with his fam
ily, returned to New York last week
where he will work at carpenter
John F. Flynn is entertaining a
number of boarders.
Miss Edith Tolley of Honesdale,
and Mrs. Lewis Hill, of Lookout,
spent Wednesday with Abbie J.
Mrs. Osborne and daughter Mattie
aro visiting at Appolls Schenk's.
Mrs. Earl Layton Is on the sick
Wm. Stevens, who has been very
111, is slowly recovering and his many
friends hope to see him out soon.
All the world looks gloomy to the
man with the npset stomach. He
sees the world through smoked
glasses and never tries to rub off the
Cheer up, Mr. Dyspeptic, there's
bright days ahead of you. Go to
G. W. Pell's this very day and say
l want a box of MI-O-NA tablets.
Tako them as directed and if the
misery doesn't leave your stomach
and bring a sunny smile to your
gloomy countenance, go and get
your 50 cents back.
MI-O-NA stomach tablets will
promptly end the distress of indi
gestion, will stop nervousness, dizzi
ness, biliousness, sick headache and
sleeplessness. Fifty cents buys a
large box at G. W. Pell's, the drug
gist, and druggists everywhere.
The Leading Financial
Wayne County
Honesdale, Pa.
Capital Stock J200.000.00
Surplus and Profits 350,000.00
Total Capital 550,000.00
Resources 3,050,000.00
We are pleased to announce to our
by the increase of our CAPITAL STOCK to $200,000.00 we have
largest CAPITALIZATION of any
B. HOLMES, President H. S. SALMON, Cashier
T. 'SEARLE, Vice-President W. J. WARD, Asst. Cashier.
H. S.
J. W.
July 15, 1912.
Every garment we sell comes from the fact
ory and is guaranteed in every respect. No
out-of-date or shelf-worn stock. If you are not
pleased with the goods you buy from us, you can
return them for the cash.
Boys' Khaki Pants 15e
Boys' Overalls, age 3 to 15 17c
Boys' Knickerbockers, cloth nnd Khaki 3Sc
Boys Knickerbockers, Corduroy 50c
Men's Overalls and Jackets 25 and 30c
Men's Best Overalls and Jackets 50c
Men's Worklngmen's Pants 50, 75 and 95c
Men's Dress Pants 1.20 to ?3 25
Men's Khaki Pants 00c and 95e
Men's J3.00 Cordur.oy Pants $1,85
Men's Corduroy Pants, Odd Sizes 95c
Wo havo Hunting Coats and Norfolk Coats In cloth and Corduroy.
Prices romaln good only for a short time. Advances In material and
cost of manufacture prohibit the duplication of goods at theso prices.
Now Is tho tlmo to savo money.
Foster Building
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Holllstorvllle, July 16.
A very severo thunder storm
passed over this section last Satur
day evoning, but very little rain fell.
Tho crops aro all suffering for tho
want of rain.
The Hotel Footo Is well patronized
every Sunday. Last Sunday even
ing twenty-nlno persons besides tho
family took supper.
Tho Baptist church has been new
ly papered and painted and will be
ready to hold regular services In two
On account of the Baptist church
Viot having Its repairs completed,
Rev. Thomas preached In tho M. P.
church last Sunday evening. His
theme was "Tho Christian a Sheep
and a Pilgrim."
Haying is In full swing Just now.
Some fields nre bringing a good
crop while others are not.
Mrs. Wesley Markle and daughter
Florence from Berwick, Pa., spent a
few days at the II. P. parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Relchert
and grandson John spent four days
with their son, Rev. A. R. Relchert
recently. Their home Is in Reading,
Rev. Relchert will preach in tho
M. P. church next Sunday morning
at 1 1 o'clock. He will have for his
theme "Meeting For the Master's
Old People's iDay will be observed
In tho M. P church on Sunday
morning, August 4.
Every professional, mechanic and
laboring man ought to own his prop
erty. There are several sultablo lo
cations that can bo purchased In
Honesdale and in tho adjoining
townships at reasonable prices. There
Is nothing more satisfying or grati
fying than for a man to possess his
own home. He feels more at liberty
to do as ho pleases, does not think
anything about the rent coming due
or time of moving when a property
might bo sold. Buy your own prop
erty. You will not only be moro
contented but you will feel Inde
pendent. J. B. Robinson
Real Estate
Real Estate Bought and Sold
OFFICE: Jadwin Building.
Institution of Wayne County
Savings Bank,
Bank in this SECTION.
II. J.
F. P.
E. W
Lb Eii
Boys' Pants