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Willi S3 ELD
President's Forces
Firm A!! Through,
Colonel Personally Nominated
by Own Delegates.
Harding's Nomination Speech
Lauds the President.
For President,
For Vice President,
MAN. Chicago, June 23. The split has
come. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt 1
withheld his name from the fifteenth
Republican national convention. lie di
rected his delegates to remalu In the
convention, but not vote. lie was in
dorsed by his followers to lead a third
It was a bolt, yet not a bolt. Claim
ing the convention roll had not been
purged of alleged Illegally seated Taft
delegates, the colonel would have noth
ing to do with It
President Taft was renominated,
with Vice President Sherman.
Roosevelt's action In tossing his hat
Into the "ring" against his former
friend, the president, made the pri
mary campaign remarkable. Ills with
drawal of his delegates from voting,
when his last hope was gone, and his
announcement of leading a third party
of progressives was still more remark
able In the annals of Republican con
Nothing Like It Defore,
Nothing like this had ever happened
since the time Fremont was chosen for
president in the first convention of the
Republican party, in 1S30. In Phlladel
phla. After years of easy going suc
cess, broken by the Cleveland terms,
the G. O. P. now faces the critical pe
riod In its history. What will Roose
velt's progressive bolt amount to?
What will the Democrats now do at
Baltimore? These are now the ques
tions of the hour.
Tho Taft forces controlled the con
vention from the start through favor
able decisions by the national commit
tee and later by tho credentials com
mittee. At no time did the Roosevelt
forces muster a majority of the 1,078
The Roosevcltlans shouted "Steam
roller!" throughout
The president's forces shouted little,
but they elected their man. Their ma
chine worked smoothly.
Tho convention was not uninterest
ing. Far from it Everybody looked
for the bolt, the stampede, the strong
arm work nt any moment. Roosevelt
was in tho limelight until the last day.
All the "hurrah" settled around him
It was a fight to beat him more than
to nominate Taft
Taft Controlled All Through.
Several test votes were taken during
the five days the convention was In
session, the first over tho temporary
chairmanship and tho others over the
contested delegates. In nil Taft main
talned a small moiority. Tho first test
stood: Taft, n."S; Roosevelt. 002. The
necessary majority of the convention
for choice was 5-1(1. The highest test
vote for Taft was 005.
Barring Roosevelt no Republican as
plrant for the presidency since Lincoln
has elicited such enthusiasm from his
supporters as James U. Ulnlne. He
secured tho nomination in 1BS1, only
to be defeated nt the polls. Ho refused
to be considered ns n candidate in 18S8.
but in 1S0U tried for tho nomination.
Rut tho crowds in the galleries could
not vote, and the delegates on the floor
when the storm of cheering had passed
named Harrison for tho presidency.
Since 1892 tho Republican conven
tions have not been memorable for
hard fought contests. McKinley at St.
Louis in 1890 overcame all opposition
on the first ballot. Ho was renominat
ed without n contest at the Philadel
phia convention in 1000, when Roose
velt wns chosen to fill second placo on
the ticket. The letter's nomination in
100-1 wns a foregone conclusion, and
tho perfectly oiled machinery of the
190S convention accomplished the nom
ination of Taft without a Jar.
It will be 'recalled that Roosevelt,
then the sponsor for Taft, had a bit
to do with the machinery.
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Mr. TYift Is tho twenty-seventh president of the United States He Is flfty-flve
years old. He was elected In ffOS by a popular voU of 7.C7S.&0S. a popular plurality ot
1JG9.S01 over William J. Bryan. Born In Cincinnati, Mr Taft was graduated from
Yale In 1S7S, the second In class of 121 Admitted to Ohio bar In 18S0 He was Unite
States circuit court Judge, Sixth Judicial circuit, 1S92-1900; first civil governor of Phil
ippine Islands, 1901-01; secretary ot war In President Roosevelt's cabinet, 1904-06.
United States Senator Elihu Root of New York (Taft man) elected
temporary chairman of convention over Governor Francis C. McGovern
of Wisconsin (Roosevelt man) by 558 to 502.
Argument took up entire day on motion of Governor Hadtoy of Mis
souri (Roosevelt floor leader) that seventy-eight Roosevelt delegates be
placed on temporary roll instead of Taft men seated by national com
mfttee. Matter left to credentials committee after hour's demonstration
for Rocmvelt
hto action by convention while credentials committee considered con
tested cases.
Several test votes taken by convention on reports of credentials com
mittee over contested cases, showing Taft gaining strength over the first
test voto on ths opening day.
President Taft and Vice President Sherman renominated.
Nominates President Taft In Address
Riddling Opposition.
Chicago, Juno 23. Warren G. Hard
ing of Ohio in his speech nominating
President Taft said:
The first utterance ot the first Repub
lican national convention ever assembled
in resolution declared "that the mainte
nance of the principles promulgated in the
declaration of Independence and embod
ied In the federal constitution Is essential
to the preservation of our Republican In
stitutions." Flfty-slx years have not al
tered that truth.
Much of tho contention between disput
ing schools ot American politics has relat
ed to means of development Until very
recently there was never serious question
about the wisdom of representative democ
racy, becauso surpassing results In human
advancement made It unassailable.
You've heard much lately about the peo
ple's rule. The people's rule Is no new
discovery to a sovereign American people. 1
Nor Is demagogic employment of the term
new to the world's hearing. Through such .
demagogic employment centuries ago re-
publics tottered and fell and republican
liberties were lost in tho sway of empires
In their stead. Human rights and their de
fence are as old as civilization, but, mora
Important to us, tho founders wrote tho
right of tho people to rulo Into the consti
tution. People Have Always Ruled,
The American people literally began to
rule In 1770 and there has not been and
never will bo any suspension of that
Tho same people, a plain people and an
honost poople, ruled In tho awakening ot
tho American conscience that marks a
new era In our national life. They are
ruling today shielded by tho law's su
premacy and safeguarded by understand
ing. And they are ruling with unwaver
ing faith and Increased confidence In that
fine embodiment of honesty, that fearless
executor of tho law, that Inspiring per
sonification of courage, that matchless
exemplar of Justtco, that glorious apostle
of peaca and amity, William Howard
Noting his stalwart greatness In the
strass ot passing events I believe him the
finest examplo of lofty patience since the
Immortal Lincoln bore the scourge of
vengeful tones without a murmur.
Sirs, I have heard men arrogate to
themselves the title ot "Progressive Re
publicans," seemingly forgetting that
progression Is the first essential to Re
publican fellowship.
Progression Is not .a proclamation of
salaver. It Is not pretence nor play on
It Is not Ctie perturbation of a people
passion wrought nor a promise proposed
progression Is everlasting lifting the
standards that marked the end of the
world's march yesterday and planting
them on new advanced heights today.
Tested by such a standard President Taft
Is tho greatest progressive of the age.
It Is needless to magnify and needless
to belittle the crisis of this eventful year.
Representative democracy has cone to
the crucial test, and wo know that a
pure democracy has never been sccuro.
Whatever is uttered now through ambi
tion, misunderstanding or falsehood, mat
ters little except to warn and sober us.
There Is a call for a sober and righteous
leadership and a need of Justice unfailing
Justice to the least of them, Justice to tho
greatest men. If no other motive Impelled
In the very name of Justice, tho Justice cf
a party, a people and a nation; the Jus
tice dona and Justice hoped for to sustain
our faith, this Republican convention
would enlist aipaln under the Just leader
ship of President Tnft
Opposition Without Reason.
Opposition to Ills rcnomlnatton Is as
nearly without precedent as It Is without
reason or excuso. This opposition wns
born of expediency, but a triumphant Re
publican party Is not one of expediency.
While we have gone on to successive vic
tories, holding measures above men and
principles above personality and alms
above animosity, we have been so commit
ted to abiding principles that every utter
anco of fifty years Is In consonance with
our declaration of today. The common
enemy has been the party of expediency,
catching up ephemeral whims, paramount
Ing new troubles, bellying the sails of Its
ship of Btate to tho winds of now griev
ances or tho recrudesccnt old and rarely
reaching port And, sirs, Ohio proudly
reminds you now that one of her six Re
publican sons who have borno the party's
national banner never trailed It defeated.
Tho record of tho present Republican
administration Is not only proof of tho
conscience and tho wisdom of our party
declarations and an Impassable barrier
to self repudiation, but the record la im
pregnable to Democratic assault More
over, except for the attack of disloyalty
In our own ranks, tho record would rate
In current criticism as It will In history,
the marvel of the progressive accomplish
ment In one administration.
Eulogy For Taft.
The sum total of things done Is far too
extended for detailed enumeration now.
I present to you today a leader who Is
composite ot the virtues of all those de
servedly enshrined In our party pantheon
William Howard Taft as wide and pa-
I tp"ct to bo re-elected, Just as I
expected to bo renominated. From
the leglnnlng I believed 1 hud law
nmi order with me. 1 did not make
a hysterical appeal to the people
for support, I did not try to coerce
my delegates Tho victory came to
me, 1 believe, honestly.
I nm pleased to havo been renom
inated, Tho honor Is tho moro doep
ly appreciated becauso I did not
seek It. 1 think tho level headed
Republicans of the country will sup
port tho regular ticket.
Tho nominations were secured by
theft. Tbcro Is no question nbout
thnt Tho decisions In tho contest
ed cases wero given by a packed
Jury. Neither tho national commit
tee nor the ciedcntlals committee
was unbiased. How could It decide
any other way than It dld7 And Its
decisions ruled tho convention. The
contested cases formed tho balance
of power.
ttcnt as Abraham Lincoln, as modest and
dauntless as U. S. Grant, as temperate
and peace loving ns Rutherford B. Hayes,
as patriotic and Intellectual ns Jemus A.
Oarlleld, ns courtly mid generous as Ches
ter A. Arthur, as learned In tho law ns
Benjamin Hnrrlson, as sympathetic and
brnvo as William McKinley, as progres
sive as his predecessor with moral stnm
lna, breadth of view and sturdy manhood
all his own.
Rejoicing In tho gratifying record of
things done, confident of tho forward
movement to tho things wo are pledged
to do, mindful of tho spirit of thu time
and the requirement of poise and pa
tience, glad of tho now hopes nnd higher
nsplrntlons of our people and their faith
In national progress nnd the harmony ol
his purpose, therewith reassuring his ca
pacity by the exactions of experience,
testing his patriotism by every demand
of honesty, courage and Justice; knowing
his devotion to his country and Its people
on behalf of Ohio nnd for 100,000,000 of
Americans, I name for rcnomlnntlon our
great president William Howard Taft.
Conservative Planks Form Ground
work, With Sop to Progressives.
Chicago, June 23. The platform on
which Taft and Sherman were nomi
nated is In part as follows:
The Republican party, assembled by Its
representatives In the national conven
tion, declares Its unchanging faith In gov
ernment of the people, by tho poople, for
the people. We renew our allegiance to
tho principles of the Republican party
and our devotion to the cause of Repub
lican Institutions established by the fa
thers. Tho Republican party looks back upon
Its record with prjdo and satisfaction and
forwnrd to Its new responsibilities with
hope and confidence.
Tho Republican party reaffirms Its In
tention to uphold at all times the authori
ty and Integrity of the courts, both state
and federal, and It will ever Insist that
their power to enforce their process nnd
to protect life, liberty and property shall
be preserved Inviolate.
Upholds Authority of Courts.
That tho courts, both federal and state,
may bear the heavy burden laid upon
them to the complete satisfaction of pub
lic, opinion we favor legislation to prevent
long delays and the tedious and costly
appeals which have so often amounted to
a denial ot Justice In civil cases and to a
failure to protect the public at large In
criminal cases.
Since the responsibility of tho Judiciary
Is so great the standards of Judicial ac
tion must bo always and everywhere
above suspicion and reproach. While we
regard the recall of Judges as unneces
sary and unwise, wo favor such action
as may bo necessary to simplify this pro
cess by which any Judge who may be
found to bo derelict In his duty may be
removed from office.
Together with peaceful and orderly de
velopment at home tho Republican party
earnestly favors all measures for tho es
tablishment and protection of the peace
of the world and the development of
closer relations between tho various na
tions of the earth. .
The Republican party Is opposed to spe
cial prlvllego and to monopoly. It placed
upon tho statute book the Interstate com
merce act of 1SS7 and the Important
amendments thereto and tho anti-trust
act of ISM, and It has consistently and
successfully enforced the provisions of
theso laws. It will tako no backward
step to permit the re-establishment In
any degree ot conditions which wero In
tolerable. For Stronger Anti-trust Law,
Tho party favors the enactment of
legislation supplementary to the existing
anti-trust act which will define as crimi
nal offenses thoso specific acts that uni
formly mark attempts to restrain and
monopolize to tho end that all who obey
the law may havo a guide for their ac
tion and that those who aim to violate
the law may the moro surely bo punished.
The same certainty should be given to
the law prohibiting combinations and
monopolies that characterize other pro
visions of commercial law, In order that
no part of the field of business may bo
restricted by monopoly or combination;
that business success honorably achiev
ed may not be convorted Into crtmo and
that tho right of every man to acquire
commodities and particularly tho neces
saries of lifo In an open market uninflu
enced by the manipulation of trust or
combination may be preserved.
In tho enforcement and administration
of federal laws governing Interstate com
merce nnd enterprises Impressed with a
public use engaged therein there Is much
that mny bo committed to a federal trade
commission, thus placing In tho hands of
an administrative board mnny of tho
functions now by necessity exerclsod by
the courts. This will promoto promptness
In tho administration of the law and
avoid delays and technicalities Incident to
court procedure
The Tariff Problem.
We reaffirm our belief In a protective
tariff. Tho Republican tariff policy has
been of tho greatest benefit to the coun
try, developing our resources, diversify
ing our Industries and protecting our
workmen against competition with cheap
tr labor abroad, thus establishing for our
wago earners the American standard of
living. Tho protective tariff Is so wovon
Into the fabric of our agricultural lite
that to have n tariff that would destroy
many Industries would throw millions of
our people out of employment The prod
ucts of the farm and ot the mine should
receive tho same measure of protection.
We hold that the Import duties should
be high enough, while yielding a sufficient
revenue, to protect adequately American
industries and wages.
Some of tho existing import dutlos are
too hlrh and should bo reduced. Read
Justmott should be made from time to
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Mr. Sherman Is fifty-seven years old. being a natl- of Utica, N Y He was ad
mitted to tho bar In 1SS0 He wns mayor of I'tlca s)-M. New York congressman
1SS7-91 and 1SD3-1903
Roosevelt's previous administrations indorsed.
Against recall of judges, but for simplification of process of removal
in case of corruptness.
For amendment to anti-trust law providing for criminal punishment
For protective tariff, but with "proper'' reductions.
Federal trade commission to have administrative power over inter
state affairs.
Law urged to aid farmers in loans.
Extension of federal civil service law recommended, with creation of
retirement list.
The platform is silent on the Initiative and referendum and some of the
other piogresslve demands. It was adopted by this vote: For, COO; against,
53, not uting. 313. J
time to conform to changing conditions
and to reduce excessive rates, but with
out injury to any American Industry. To
accomplish this correct Information Is In
dispensable. This Information can best
bo obtained by an" expert commission, as
the large volumo of useful facts contained
In tho recent reports of tho tariff board
has demonstrated.
We condemn tho Democratic tariff bills
passed by tho house of representatives of
the Sixty-second congress as sectional, as
Injurious to the public credit and as de
structive to business enterprise. The
steady increase in the cost of living has
become a matter not only of national but
of worldwide concern. The fact that It Is
not due to the protective tariff system Is
evidenced by tho existence of similar con
ditions In countries which have a tariff
policy different from our own, as well as
by the fact that the cost of living has
Increased while rates of duty havo re
mained stationary or been reduced.
For Safe Banking Methods.
The Republican party has always stood
for a sound currency and for safe bank
ing mothods. It la responsible for tho re
sumption of specie payments and for tho
establishment of the gold standard. It Is
committed to tho progressive develop
ment of our banking nnd currency sys
tem. Our banking arrangements today
need further revision to meet tho require
ments of current conditions. Wo need
measures which will prevent tho recur
rence of money panics nnd financial dis
turbances and which will promote the
prosperity of this country by producing
constant employment
It is of great Importance to the social
and economic welfaro of this country that
its farmcra havo facilities for borrowing
easily and using tho money. It Is Im
portant that financial machinery bo pro
vided to supply tho demand of farmers
for credit Tlieroforo wo recommend and
urgo an authoritative Investigation of
agricultural crodlt societies and corpora
tions In other countries and the passage
of stnto and federal laws for tho estab
lishment nnd capable supervision of or
ganizations having for their purposo the
loaning of funds to farmers.
The party Btands committed to the main
tenance, oxtenslon and enforcement of the
civil service law, and It favors tho pas
sago of legislation empowering the presi
dent to extend tho competltlvo service as
far as practicable. We favor legislation
to make possible the equitable retirement
of disabled and superannuated members
of the civil service In order that a higher
standard of efficiency may be maintained.
We favor Uie amendment of the federal
employees' liability law so ns to extend
Us provisions to all government employees
as well as to provide a more liberal scale
of compensation for Injury and death.
For Clean Campaigns.
Wo favor such additional legislation as
may bo needed moro effectually to pro
hibit corporations from contributing
funds, directly or Indirectly, to campaigns
for tho nomination or election of tho pres
ident, tho vice president, senators and
representatives In congress.
In the Interest of tho general public, and
particularly of the agricultural or rural
communities, we favor legislation looking
to tho establishment, under proper regu
lations, of a parcels post tho postal rates
to bo graduated under a zone Bystem In
proportion to the length of carriage.
We approve the action taken by the
president and congress to securo with
Russia, as with other countries, a treaty
that will recognize the absolute right of
expatriation and that will prevent all dis
crimination of whatever kind between
Amorlcan cltlzons, whether native born
or alien and regardless of race, religion or
previous political alleglunce.
The Mississippi river Is the nation's
drainage ditch. Its flood waters, gather
ed from thirty-one states and the Do
minion of Canada, constitute an overpow
crlng forco which breaks tho levees and
pours Its torrents over many million
acres of the richest land In the Union,
stopping malls. Impeding commerce and
causing great loss of ltfo nnd property.
Theso floods are national In scope, and
the disasters they produce seriously affect
tho general welfare. The states unaided
cannot cope with this giant problem;
hence we believe the federal government
should assume a fair proportion of the
burden of Its control so as to prevent dis
asters from recurring floods.
Republican Accomplishment.
The approaching completion ot the Pa
nama canal, tho establishment of a bureau
of mines, tho Institution of postal savings
banks, tho Increased provision mode In
1912 for the aged and infirm soldiers and
sailors of tho rcpubllo and for their wid
ows and tho vigorous administration ot
tho laws relating to pure food and drugs,
all mark the successful progress of Re
publican administration and are addition
al evidence of Its effectiveness.
Wo challenge successful criticism of the
sixteen years of Republican administra
tion under Presidents McKinley, Roose
velt and Taft. Wo heartily reaffirm tho
Indorsement of President McKinley con
tained In tho platform of 1900 and of 1901
and that of President Roosevelt contained
In the platform of 1904 and 1908.
2- S
Alabama 13
Arizona 6
Arkansas 17 .. 1
California 2 21
Colorado 12
Connecticut ... 11
Delaware 6
Florida 12
Georgia ........ 2i
Idaho ........... 1 .,
Illinois 2 63
Indiana 20 S
Iowa IS ..
Kansas 2 ..
Kentucky 21 2
Louisiana 20 ..
Maryland 1 1
Massachusetts. 20
Michigan 20 9
Mississippi 17 ..
Missouri 16
Montana 8 ..
Nebraska 2
Nevada 0
New Hampshire 8
New Jersey
New Mexico.. .7 1 ..
New York 7G 8
North Carolina 1 I
North Dakota. ..
Ohio 14 ..
Oklahoma 4 1..
Oregon 8
Pennsylvania... 9 2..
Rhode Island.. 10
South Carolina. IS
South Dakota.. ..
5 5
Tennessee 23 1 ..
Texas 31 ..
Utah .... 8
Vermont ...... 8 .. ..
Virginia 22 ..
Washington.... It .. ..
West Virginia
Wisconsin 23
Wyoming S .. ..
Alaska 2 .. ..
Dlst of Col 2 ..
Philippine Is... 2 .. ..
Hawaii J .. ..
Porto Rico 2
Total 661 W? U 11 JU
Absent,- 0. Total number of delegates In
tonventlon, 1.07S; necessary to choice, (40.