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SomMVeckly Founded 1008; Weekly Founded 1811.
Published Wednesdays and Fridays by
Entered as second-class matter, at tho postofflco. Honesdalo, Pa.
ii, wilson,
Our friends who favor us with coyitributions, and desire to have the same re
mcd, should in every case enclose stamps for that urosc.
Remit by Express Money Order, Draft. Post Office Order or Registered
tsttar. Address all communications to The Citizen, No. 803 Main street,
Honesdalo, Pa.
All notices of shows, or other entertainments held for the purposo of
Baking money or any Items that contain advertising matter, will only be
admitted to this paper on payment of regular advertising rates. Notice
of entertainments for the benefit of churches or for charitable purpose
where a fee Is charged, will be published at half rates. Cards of thanks,
SO tints, memorial poetry and resolutions of respect will be charged for at
th rate of a cent b word. Advertising rates on application.
For President,
State Treasurer,
Auditor General,
District Congressman,
Who Follows.
Who follows where the feet of June,
With fragrant roses sandaled, lead
Through dawning and delightsome
Into the glimmering gloom, may
Emblazoned on night's canopy,
By constellating spheres besprent,
"Naught more enravishlng could be
To Eden-haunted mortals lent."
Amelia 'Robbins.
The Citizen, in keeping with its
other lines of progress, Issued a
special Taft edition Saturday night,
Informing the public of tho renom
inatlon of the President of the United
States, which occurred in tho Nation
al Republican convention In Chicago.
Tho news of President Taft's nomi
nation flashed over tho wire from
tho seat of the convention at 11:15
p. m., and in a few moments after
wards our enthusiastic office craft
was engaged in printing and folding
the extra edition. Faithful carriers
were soon upon the streets spreading
broadcast the timely news to the
anxiously awaiting public. That the
special was highly appreciated is
evident, if complimentary remarks
count. The Citizen, above all things,
considers the people's Interests and
wants first. This, then, is undoubt
edly the reason why so many nice
things were said concerning our
special. They said The Citizen re
flected a Metropolitan air, that it
was up-to-date, showed enterprise,
et cetera. Those who were not ap
praised of Taft's nomination before
they retired Saturday night were
enlightened concerning it bright and
early the next morning, as papers
were left at almost every home in
In addition to the story concern
ing Taft being nominated for Presi
dent and J. S. Sherman for Vice
President, The Citizen contained an
article that interests every taxpayer
In the borough of Honesdale the
renting of the City Ha'll by tho Fed
eral Government for a postolllce, In
that it will bring In a revenue of
? 1,200 rent per year as against
nothing received from it since it has
been built. Information relative to
It was received by Postmaster M. B.
Allen Saturday morning and in its
special edition Tho Citizen told the
reading public about it.
Wo do not write this editorial
with the intention of "blowing our
horn," but to better bring to the at
tention of the public what modern
Journalism is. In subscribing for a
paper the subscriber wants the
NEWS and he wants it just as soon
after it happens as he can get it.
That is also Tho Citizen's conception
of news, and In order to got the
news one necessarily must subscribe
for a NEWS-paper. If you aro not
a subscriber to Tho Citizen send us
your name to-day. If you 11 vo in
the borough this paper will be de
livered to your homo twlco a week
for only ?1.50 per year.
The Citizen stands for progres
slveness. If you want a better
Honesdalo and want to enjoy tho
privileges that will follow, help sup
port this paper and stand by it. Wo
have been told by our friends that
Tho Citizen is getting better. If
you havo not already done so are
you going to help make it better?
You can do so by help supporting
this paper. In this manner you will
express your appreciation to tho
managing editors, -who nro assidu
ously working to mako it an Ideal
NEWS-paper, and encourago them
to continue writing and publishing
their articles along tho lino of town
the Citizen Publishing Company.
JUNE '2(1, 1012.
Improvement, development of our
natural resources, tho promotion of
local enterprises, and making this a
better place and county to live In.
Are you with us?
Tho Republican National Conven
tion at Chicago has concluded Its
labors, has adopted a platform of
principles, and has nominated tho
Republican candidate for president
and vice-president of tho United
States. From now until the day of
the November election It should bo
the duty and the pleasure of every
sincere Republican to do all In his
power to promote the fortune of the
candidates and the success of the
party. The Citizen declared months
ago, when the rivalry between the
contending factions in this stato was
at its height, that It would loyally
support the candidates who should
be nominated at the Chicago conven
tion. It stands by that declaration
to-day. We nail tho banner of Taft
and Sherman to the masthead. We
give equal support to the national
candidates nominated by the conser
vative convention at Chicago, and to
the state candidates nominated by
the progressive convention at (Harris
burg. We recognize all of them as
candidates of the Republican party,
fully entitled to whatever assistance
in their campaign this journal can
give them.
We recognize the differences of
opinion that have existed in this stato
as well as In other states of the
Union. But we hold that tho time
has now come when those differences
should not bo permitted to Interfere
with party success. The conserva
tlves have won their battle. They
are entitled to the fruits of their vie
tory. They havo placed in the field
as their candidate for president
man whose record and whoso person
ality need no apology, whose conduct
of the great office to which he again
aspires, gives abundant promise of a
wise and skillful and honorable ad
ministration of that office In tho fu
ture. They have adopted a platform
which calls for all of the really de
sirable and commendable innova
tions demanded by tho progressive
element of the party, and which at
tho same time upholds all of tho
primary principles of law and order
and representative government on
which this nation has been built.
As to the bolting element of tho
party, which has undertaken, In de
fiance of party rules and of orderly
procedure, and of good faith, to set
up a political house of its own, we
believe that sober second thought
will bring tho better part of this ele
ment back into tho ranks of the reg
ulars before the campaign Is fairly
under way. Tho grievances aro not
serious enough, tho principles Involv
ed are not of sufficient importance
to bring any considerable number of
Republican voters to tho support of
the movement. A now party cannot
be born and live under such aus
pices as marked tho bolt at Chicago.
Political history has demonstrated
this fact over and over again.
In the meantime It is for tho great
body of Republican voters who havo
abiding faith in their party and its
principles, and who deslro to see tho
processes of government carried on
in an orderly, wise and humane man
ner, to set themselves seriously to
tho task of healing wounds inad
vertently made, of rallying voters to
tho standard of tho greatest party
the country has over known, and of
Insuring success to tho candidates of
that party in tho coming election.
The primary campaigns aro over, the
convention, with Its heat, its excite
ment and Its bitterness, is a thing of
tho past tho nomination has been
mado now for tho future!
"Tho tunlult and tho shouting dies,
Tho captains and tho kings depart;
Still stands thlno ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrlto heart.
Lord God of Hosts, bo with us yet,
Lest we forgot, lest wo forget!"
(Special to The Citizen.)
Mr. and Mrs. Kclley havo Issued
Invitations to tho marriage of their
dauchter. Katherlne. to Thomas N,
Scales, of BInghamton, to tako placo
at St. Cathrlnos church, Moscow, at
threo o'clock Wednesday aftornaon,
Juno 2C. Following tho ceremony
'lmrn will hn n rnnrmMnll nt Mm Immn
of the bride's parents. They loavo
Wednesday for a bridal trip and on
their return will commences house
keeping In Blngknmton In tho home
that tho groom has ready. Tho
brldo has spent all her llfo here.
She has a largo circle of friends who
extend most hearty congratulations
and good wishes.
iMrs. "Calvin Gross underwent a
very critical operation at her homo
at Sunnysldc Wednesday morning.
Her friends will bo glad to learn that
she rallied and Is gaining as rapid
ly as could bo expected. Dr. Kerllng
performed tho operation.
Tho woman's Relief Corps of Mos
cow held a lawn social at the resi
dence of BcnJ. Miller, Moscow, last
Mrs. Joseph Mathews and children
have returned from a visit to Thorn
hurst. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
ugustus Schlnncrltng, accompanied
them home.
Miss May Larne of Thornhurst,
who has been spending some time
in Philadelphia, Is now the guest of
Mrs. Calvin Gress.
Miss Helen Smith Is spending a
week with relatives at 'Newfound
Sterling, June 25.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
The weather has been so dry and
cold that crops are not doing first
Albert iBortree has not been very
well for some time and last week
he had an attack of rheumatism or
something of the kind that totally
disabled him. His sister, (Mrs. O. W.
Noble, from Honesdale, is now with
Perhaps tho oldest barn in town
is the one formerly owned by W. E.
Hamlin, and Harry iMagargle Is now
giving It a complete overhauling.
Harley Ferguson and Samuel Fltz aro
doing the work.
L. G. Butler got kicked by a horse
that laid him up for a few days.
Last week tho 'Ladies 'Aid met for
dinner with Mrs. T. E. Stevens and
there was a good turn out and the
meeting was a very pleasant one.
Rev. Webster Is giving the parson
age a few touches of paint that Is
much needed and there doesn't seem
to be any good stopping place.
S. N. Cross spent from Saturday
until Tuesday with his daughter,
Mrs. W. B. Lesher, in Honesdalo last
Rev. 'Webster attended Children's
Day at LaAnna last Sunday and so
preached here In the evening.
Flossie Bortree has returned from
the East Stroudsburg State Normal
(Special to The Citizen.)
Hamlin, June 25.
iBldwell Lake, about two miles
east of Hamlin, is the site chosen
for the camp of the Scranton Y. M
C. A. for this summer. They expect
to go Into camp July 5 and to break
camp about September 15th.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fuerst, New
York City, aro visiting Mrs. Fuerst's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ed
H. D. Spangenberg has gone to
Spring Brook for the summer.
Miss Orpha lAmmerman Is again
with Mrs. Lorlng.
A. M. Clark visited Scranton last
Mrs. C. M. Loring was a Scranton
visitor on Tuesday.
The T. L. B.'s met at the home of
Mrs. D. W. Edwards on Friday of
last week. About thirty wero in at
tendance. A short program was
rendered and refreshments were
Sunday school will be held at St.
John's church, Hamlin, June 30, at
u:4o a. m.; Morning Prayer and
Sermon at 10:45; Evening Prayer
and Sermon at 7:15. Service will
also be held on Friday, July 5, at
7:45 p. m.
Leon Edwards, Forest City, Is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. 'W. Edwards.
Children's Day was observed by
tho M. E. church on tho evening of
Sunday, Juno 23.
Miss D. P. Hamlin Is visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. George Clearwater at
Hackettstown, N. J.
Arthur Hughes, Wllkes-Barre,
visited at his home hero over Sun
day last.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Peet aro
moving into the rooms over the
Grango store.
'Alva Harding is quito seriously
Mrs. W. H. Alt has returned from
a visit to Miss 'Mahala Jones and
Miss Addio Samson, Jormyn. She
also visited her son, Lawrence, at
Forest City.
Mrs. Sallnda Jones Is, visiting
friends In Clarks Summit.
Mrs. Maine Franc is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. George Dunn, of
The ladles of St. John's church
conducted a festival in tho Parish
house on tho evening of Thursday.
Juno 20. Tho affair was a success
both socially and financially.
Reuben Conklln, Scranton, is visit
ing his parents on tho East Side.
iMiss Electa Moore entertained tho
Independent Book club on Saturday
afternoon. A largo number wero
present and all report a very enjoy
ablo time.
(Special to The Citizen.)
Carloy 'Hrook, Juno 25.
Tho Children's Day exercises
were well attended and tho pro
gram was beautifully rendered.
Much praise is duo tho teachers'
and scholars for their earnest en
deavor to please thoso wlio attend.
Tho following program was render
ed: Voluntary, Organist; song,
"Juno is Golden," choir; Invocation
and Lord's Prayer, pastor; song,
"Children's Day," choir; responsivo
reading, E. I). Ponwarden's class,
officers and teachers; duet, "Tho
Children's Friend," Hannah and
Myrtlo Hessberger; recitation,
"Welcome," Mildred Brunlg; recita
tion, '"My Wish and I," Wilber Rlef
ler; recitation, "A Sermon In Tho
Flowers," Hazol Rlefler; recitation,
"Adam," Elmer Danlols; recitation,
"June," Margaret Mungor; reclta
tlon. "(What Must tho Llttlo Boy
Do," Galen Grossman; solo, "Clov
er Blossoms," Elmer Daniels; reci
tation, "If Wo Know," Wanda
Grossman; recitation, "If You
Would Bo Happy," Laurotta Camp
bell; exercise, "Llttlo Out-Door
People," primaries; song, "Llttlo
Sunbeams," Juniors; recitation,
"The Man Behind Tho Plow," Wil
liam 'Hessberger; recitation, "Llko
tho Birdies," Elizabeth Pen warden;
recitation, "What's tho Uso of
Frowning," Walter Daniels; solo,
"Golden Sunbeams," Elizabeth Pen
warden; recitation, "A Receipt For
Children's Day," John Rlefler; reci
tation, "Tommy's Prayer," Corrine
Grossman; song, "Just To Jlo True,"
congregation standing; recitation,
"Just Ono Day In tho Year," An
netta Dennis; recitation, "Gift of
God," Lurllno Grossman; recitation,
"Tho Children Up In Heaven,"
Katherlno Rlefler; exercise, 'Rose
Drill, Juniors; recitation, "A Flow
er's Mission," Uosella HUler; recita
tion, "Tho Legend of Bregenz," Mar
garet Rlefler; song, "Softly O'er
the Dreaming Earth," (Banner
Class; recitation, "Tho New God
dess of Liberty," Myrtle Hcsshergcr;
duet, "Tho Heart's Summer Time,"
Florence and iMarlon Boyce; re
marks by pastor; dialogue, Owen
Gommoe and Hazel Rlefler; song,
"Tell the World of Jesus," choir;
doxology, congregation; benediction,
Mrs. L. T. Leech, of Atlantic City
Is visiting her brother, J. L. -Cole.
Callers at the homo of Henry
Tamblyn were the following: Wm
Tamblyn and family of Tanners
Falls; Miss Lydia Relflcr. Mrs
Emma Taylor and Mrs. Alvln Tran-
suo and daughter, Charlotte of
Honesdale; Mr. and Mrs. E. O.
Penwarden and daughters Katherlne
and Elizabeth.
Mrs. Harriet Bonham of Shlck-
shlnny, Is visiting her daughter.
Mrs. Frank vannatta.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hicks and
daughter were callers at the homes
of Floyd Tell and Thos. M. Bellamy
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Bethany, Juno 24.
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Pentecost
and son of Iowa are visiting the
former s sister, Mrs. James Johns.
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Johnson and
baby of Honesdale spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. John iBallou.
Mrs. James Johns and Miss Gil
christ were entertained several days
last week by Mrs. Thomas Fortnam
of Tyler Hill. They made tho trip In
Clarence Fortnam s car.
The grass In the Square was sold
Saturday night to the highest bidder,
John Henderson, for $5.00.
Frank iBeere died at the old home'
stead, two miles north of this vil
lage, Thursday night, after a long Ill
ness of complications of diseases. He
leaves to mourn his loss a widow
one daughter, Mrs. Commono, and
ono son, George, and some grand
children. The funeral services took
place at 1:30 from the house on Sun
day, Rev. Blerly officiating, and were
largely attended.
Mrs. E. W. Gammell and Mrs. Asa
Kimble, o'f Dyberry, are spending
few days with Mrs. T. L. Fortnam of
Tyler Hill.
'Bessie Kimble, of Pleasant Val
ley, spent Sunday with her cousin
Ella Gammell.
Miss Mattie Strongman, of Hones
dale, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Strongman.
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
church will serve lunch at the par
sonage Tuesday afternoon, June !
They meet to talk over plans for the
The Presbyterians will have their
Children's Day exercises Sunday
evening, June 30. All aro invited.
Mrs. Horace Noyes of Honesdalo,
spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. V. Starnes.
Emmet Groner took a vacation
last week and Mr. Partridge sub
stituted on R. D. No. 1.
Death of Theodore Correll.
Theodore Correll, a former resi
dent of Newfoundland, Wayno coun
ty, died on Friday, June 21, at tho
homo of his daughter In Canadensis,
Monroo county. iDeceased was a
brother of Alexander Correll, of this
place. Mr. Correll was at his side
when his only brother passed away.
Tho deceased was 74 years of age.
Ho leaves a large family, all of whom
aro grown up. Tho funeral was held
on Sunday and interment was made
In Newfoundland.
Walter A.
and feeders.
Murray Co.,
Wood mowers, rakes
All sizes and styles at
Honesdale. D0t2
By virtue of an order of tho Or
phans' Court of Wayno County, dat
ed tho 17th day of Juno, 1912, the
undersigned Executors of tho estate
of John Kuhbach, lato of tho Borough
of Honesdale, il'a., deceased, will ex
pose at public sale at tho Court
Houso In tho said Borough of Hones
dale, Pa., on Friday the 19th day of
July, 1912, at 2 o'clock lu tho af
ternoon, tho following described real
estate of which tho said decedent dies
(All tho following two pieces or
parcels of land, situate In tho Bor
ough of Honesdale, County of
Wayne, and Stato of Pennsylvania,
bounded and described as follows,
viz.: Ono of tho same, being dis
tinguished as lot No. Nineteen and
half of lot No. Twenty upon Third
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars
Reward for auy case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, havo known
F. J. Cheney for tho laBt 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Walalng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonial? sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggsts.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for con
street (now Court street) and de
scribed and designated In tho Vll-
lago plot of tho property of tho
Delaware & Hudson Canal Comrmnv
In said Borough, being In front scv-enty-flvo
feet and In rear soventy
flvo feet nnd of an Irregular depth
and being bounded westerly by
Third street (now Court street)
northerly by tho northerly half of
aforesaid lot No. Twenty upon Third
street, now Court street; easterly by
tho top of the bank of the Lacka-
waxen River and southerly by Ninth
street. Tho other of tho said two
pieces or parcels of land, being a
piece of land adjoining tho afore
said parcel or pleco of land and be
ing bounded westward twelve and
one-half feet by the eastern lino of
Third street, now Court street, in
saiu uorougn, northward by a line
parallel to and distant twelve and
one-half feet southward from the
northern line of Lot No. Twenty on
the aforesaid Villago plot of tho
southward from the northern lino of
Lot. No. Twenty on the aforesaid
Village plot of the Delaware & Hud
son Canal Company, In said Bor
ough, eastward twelve and one-half
feet by tho top of the bank of tho
Lackawaxen River and southward by
the soutnern naif of said lot No.
Twenty on Third street, now Court
street, being the southern half of the
northern half of said lot No. Twenty
upon Third streot, now Court street,
and being the same land that Har
riet Martin and Katherlno N. Bar
bour by their deed dated tho Twenty-second
day of April, 1908, grant
ed and conveyed to John Kuhbach,
said deed being recorded In Wayne
County Deed Book No. Ninety-eight
at page Two Hundred and ninety-
Upon the premises is a large
three-story brick dwelling house,
frame barn, and other out buildings.
Also, all that certain lot or par
cel of land situate lying and being
in the township of Texas, County of
Wayne, and State of Pennsylvania,
bounded and described as follows, to
Beginning at a stones corner at
foot of ledge being the southwest
corner of the land hereby conveyed
and also a corner of land of the
Torrey estate; thence north thirteen
and one-fourth degrees east along
line of John H. Weaver, nine and
eight-tenths rods to a birch tree for
a corner; thence north nineteen de
grees west four rods along land of
said Weaver to stako and stones
corner; thence along lands of Wil
liam Henry Bell et al. north sixty-
No. 2.
Published in tho interest of Hones
dale and 'vicinity.
F. W. Kreltner, President.
R. J. Murray, 1st Vlce-'PresIdent.
S. T. Ham, 2nd Vice-President.
Edward Deltzer, Treasurer.
E. B. Callaway, Secretary.
E. tB. Callaway, Editor.
Tho Chicago News gives this sage
advice: "If you can't do anything to
benefit your town, move away."
"Make a town attractive to the
eye, remove old ramshackle build
ings, clean up the debris, and culti
vate smooth lawns and decorative
flower beds and clumps of greenery,
and you will do much to mako the
young of the town civilized and or
der-loving, and fill them witn a
proper civic pride."
Why Merchants Should Advertise.
One of the most effective ways for
local merchants to oppose encroach
ments of mall-order houses is to ad
vertise liberally In tho homo paper.
Too many merchants sleep on their
oars -while tho catalog houso comes
In and takes a largo portion of their
trade. They demur at undertaking
anything llko a thorough system of
advertising, contending tnat tno
drift to the mailorder houses Is
bound to come; and yet they mako
freo complaint over tho inroads or
the mailorder houses Into their par
ticular trade. Tho fact of the mat
ter is the trado belongs rightfully
to them and would come to them If
they were progressive enough to in
vite it with good, live advertising.
Scranton evidently thinks if
Honesdalo can obtain a quarter of a
million dollar establishment with a
small membership she ought to get
an equally largo ono with a member
ship of nearly ono thousand. Tho
Scranton Board of Trado Is going to
send a commlttco out to got estab
Effectlvo Juno 15, 1912.
To Patrons Along tho Scranton
Brunch of tlio Hrlo Railroad.
Tho morning trains leaving Scran
ton at 6.00 o'clock and 1.30 p. m.,
as per schedule following runs daily
West Bound.
Sun. Only.
C.42C.28 .... 1.12
G.50 C.35 3.27 1.20 7.45
G.58 C.43 3.38 1.28 7.5C
7.07 C.52 3.47 1.37 S.05
7.10 C.55 3:50 1.40 S.OS
9.12 G.30 . . ..
M. I-. M.J I'.M. P. M. I A.M J
.Lv. Hawley Ar. . . .
.West Hawley
, .Whlto Mills
.East Honesdale . . .
.Ar. Honesdalo Lv..
West Bound.
Sun. Only.
7 57
10. 2G
7 22
p. m. I a. m. I p. m. I p. m. I a. m. I a. m. I Arrive
Published by tho Greater Honesdalo Board of Trade, Honesdale, Pa.
seven degrees east twenty-nlno rods
to line of Adam Kraft; thenco along
lino of said Kraft land south four
teen degrees east twelve rods to
corner In anglo of stono fence;
thenco along land of tho Torroy es
tate south Blxty-sovcn degrees west
thirty rods to the place of begin
ning. Containing two acres and
seventy perches of land, bo tho samo
more or less, and being tho samo
land that Louis Sheutz et ux. by
their deed dated tho Twenty-third
day of August, 1910, granted and
conveyed to John Kuhbach; said
deed being recorded In tho office for
the recording of deeds In and for
Wayne County, In Deed" Book No.
Ono Hundred and three, page Four
Hundred and Slxty-slx.
Terms of Sale, cash.
Chas. A. McCarty, Attorney. 51w3
The EllenvUle Journal enlightens
us on the following news (?) Items:
"Thursday morning last week tho
Allen House. In Honesdalo was de
stroyed by fire Just after midnight.
Theodore Allen, owner, aged GO,
dropped dead when told of it. Rev.
Father Stephen Connelly of Hones
dale has gone to Kingston, to en
ter upon his new duties at St. Mary's
church there."
Hay carriers, track, pulleys, ropo
and everything to mako haying easy
at Murray Co., Honesdale, Pa. 50t2
Get Rid of tho Poisonous Gases and
Fermenting Food.
If you suffer from headaches, diz
ziness, biliousness, constipation, in
active liver, nervousness, sleepless
ness, bad dreams, foul breath, heart
burn, shortness of breath, sour
stomach or despondency, be sure and
try MI-O-NA stomach tablets.
If you want Immediate relief from
an upset or rebellious stomach try
MI-O-NA Stomach Tablets.
You might just as well get a 50
cent box today and start to put your
stomach in tip-top shape and mako
your body feel line and energetic
You take no risk, not a particle,
for If Ml-O-iNA Stomach Tablets do
not do all that is claimed for them
G. W. Pell, the druggist, will return
your money.
JUNE 26, 1912.
Vol. 2.
lishments to locate in that city. Hope
they aro successful. Honesdale has
been well advertised since the an
nouncement was made concerning tho
Gurney Electric Elevator company
building a new plant here. In fact
it has awakened many towns and
cities and aroused dormant board of
trades to activity. Honesdale is on
the map.
For a town its size, Honesdale has
more Industries than Scranton.
If you live out of Honesdalo and
Intend making a change of residence
Inquire about the industrial advant
ages here before going elsewhere.
1 All work for Greater Honesdale.
Every man ought to join tho
Greater Honesdalo Board of Trade.
Enclose a Board of Trade pamph
let In every letter you send out of
Honesdale. Same will be furnished
you by the secretary.
The membership committee of the
Board of Trade Is planning a cam
paign to secure new members. Now
that Honesdale has secured an in
dustry, that other Boards of Trade
would like to havo landed, It ought
to serve as an incentive for every
young, middle-aged and elderly man
to join tho local board and help
boost their home town.
A number of new houses will be
built in Honesdale and vicinity this
summer and fall. It Is expected
that the heads of nearly 200 families
will move Into Honesdale within the
next year. Options ou properties ad
jacent to and in Honesdalo borough
havo been secured and work on tho
erection of some houses will begin at
It is Just as easy to talk In favor
of your town as It is against It.
Advertisers, attention! Tho Board
of Trade is endeavoring to educate
tho residents of southern Wayne
county to come to Honesdalo to do
their trading by advertising tho
Erie's new sohedule, which went in
to effect Juno 15th last. You can
holp by Inserting a nothe in your
ads telling your patrons of tho
, except Sunday, directly to Hone3dalo,
I i..t nil Inv If natnaanrv ir.
transact their business at tno county
seat and return home tho samo even
East Bound.
Sun. Only
7.45 3.2C
7.43 9.00 3.24
7.29 8.52 3.09
7.20 S.iA 3.00
7.17 S.40 2.57
6.20 10.05
6.12 9.52
6.03' 9 43
G.OOl 9 40
Scranton (D&H)
t. Leave I a.m. I a.m. I .u. I p.m. a.m.
East Bound
Sun. Only
Ar. West Lv. 7.43 3.24 . . .. 10.05
Lv. Hawley Ar. 7.38 10.54 3.1G G.54 9 40
Hoadloys. . . 7.22 10.38 3.00 6.3G 9 23
Clemo 7.17 10.33 2. 56 6.31 9.18
Gravity 7.07 10.23 2.46 6.21 9.08
Lake Ariel. 7.00 10.16 2.39 6.14 9.01
. . . .Maplewood 6.46 10.02 2.21 6.01 S.47
Saco ..G.39 9.55 2.15 5.54 8.40
Wlmmers.. 6.36 9.52 2.12 5 51 8.37
Elmhurst. . .16.241 9.4012.00 5.39 8.25
Nay Aug. . . 6.15 9.31 1.51 5.30 8.16
. ...Dunmoro... 6.061 9.2211.42 5,211 8.07
Scranton 16.00 9.1511.355.15 8.00
Leave I a.m. I A. M.I p. m. I p. m. I a. m.