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Cantor Hits Baltimore Urg
ing Mayor's Candidacy.
Permanent Headquarters Opined and
Gaynor Campaign Song Cnmpod
to Tune of "Maryland, My
Maryland" Clark, WiNon
Et Al Flabbergasted.
ISnltlmoro, .hum IS --The (Jnytinr
houin lilt town. iiikI lwfori' lone It Intel
U'jiphcd tlm ciimiKilcn sohii stage
Over In tin KiiiiTsoti bold, where the
Wilson. Clurl; iiuil Iliiriiimi boomers
n I ready have estiilili-died lntulcn:trti;ttJ.
Ufty Itnltlmnn business men c-HIhti-.I
lo celebrate tin formnl liiunelilng of 11
Giijnor orgiiiiliitlon hi this ''Ity
Before tlu eelehnitloti broke up nn
iiuuiicoinoiit vn mnili' poriiiaiicnt
he.'ubiuurter.s for O iviinr will lin onmi'(l
in ltiiltlinorc iiml Hint 2DU business
men of tin1 ronvi'iitlnn eitj IuhI en
rolled during Hip day In the ni-sinil.i
Hon Hint 1ms sprung into bclnt: fni Hi.
iioinliiattoii of Now York's criiHt h
Itefore tin- wn er tin- diiieij.
were slnglni: n Unynnr ciiintm'pii t
to tilt" tllni' of "Mai) liind .Mj M.uv
lit ml."
The Gnyiior boom was t lie most Itn
1ui t:t nt development In the Demo''tati'
situation. Many were Inclined to In;
Hove Hint Urynn himself might throw
his strength to (Jaynor Tin; Clnynor
boom arrived in the keeping of ex-State
Senator .laeoli A. Cantor of New York
Mr Cantor had not been In town long
before lie nnnounced that lie had ob
tallied the home of Frederick 15eacham
for sheltering the Gaynor boomers.
Other Candidates Surprised.
All of the boomers of the other can
didates read with Interest the an
nouncement of the Gaynor movement
In New York city, but they were flab
bergasted when they heard that these
eleventh hour boom promoters wore
about to hold n banquet in their verv
The Clark men, the Hnrtnsn mana
gers and the disciples of New Jersey's
go ernor stood around with their
hands In their pockets listening Intent
ly to the strains of the tiowly born
campaign (little and buttonliollu
guests from the banquet room to In
quire what "Hie t bins -itnst:' Irs" really
looked like.
13d win A. Brownly, a Haltliuoro law
yer, who lias been chosen president of
the Gaynor league of this city, presided
nt the dinner, IlPsohitlous were adopt
ed laudatory of Gaynor and pledging
the business men of Baltimore to aid
In every possible way in securing his
nomination for president.
Biplane, After Hitting Tree, In Dashed
to Ground.
Sprliigfleld. 111., June 18. Miss Julia
Clarke, one of three licensed female
aviator pilots, was killed at ti.o 1 Hi
nols state fair grounds when the tip
of one of the wings of a Curtiss bl
plane In which she was making a
flight struck the limb of a tree and
the machine was dashed to the
ground, crushing her skull.
Grimly suspicious of the machine,
which was alleged to have had an 1111
lucky record. Miss Clarke left a note
requesting that If she were killed
that her body bo taken to Denver for
cremation nt the Itiverside cemetery
and that she be buried in Denver in a
black dress. The flight was in practice
preliminary to an exhibition to be
given here next Friday and Saturday.
Because some question bad been
raised to the safety of the machine
which was finally wrecked today,
Lansing Callun made the first flight
in It. circling about for about five
minutes. He descended and pro
nonnced the machine In good shape.
22,000 "Ponnsy" Employ,
eos Cast Voto.
Ballot Taken at Altoo .a Among Con
ductors, Firemen, Engineers and
Other Trainmen and Result of
First Poll Was 1,200 in Favor.
Road Appeals to Mon.
Pittsburgh, June IS In an appeal
sent to the 125,000 employees of the
lines east of Pittsburgh, who are voting
this week on whether there will lie n
strike, the Pennsylvania railroad urges
the men to carefully consider the Issues
befoie casting their ballots.
"It would be most unfortunate for
the public, for you and the company,"
the letter reads, "should you decide to
sever your relations witli an employer
who has always endeavored and will
continue zealously to guard nil your
Attention Is called to the fact that
twenty-nine of the thirty-live requests
made by the men have either been
settled satisfactorily by the company
or withdrawn by representatives of
the employees. The decision to hold a
strike voto was made following the
failure of the railroad company to ad
just tlie remaining differences after
numerous conferences .-t Philadelphia.
One of the impov r-:it points of dif
ference Is that the men charge the
company with subletting the electric
oiwration of lines in the east to a hold
ing company that hires men other than
railroaders. The company denies nuy
breach of contract in this.
A vote wns taken nmong the con
ductors, llremen, enginemen and other
trainmen in Aitoona, where the Penn
sylvania has UL'.OOO employees. The
esult of the first poll was 1,200 in
favor of striking and none opposed.
Othenvlso South American Tradu
Will Go To Other StaN-s.
Philadelphia, Juno 18.
"Unless Philadelphia nnd Pennsyl
vania nro up nnd doing they will bo
outdistanced by Now York, Doston,
Baltimore nnd Now OrleanB, in tho
raco for South American trade that
will come with the opening ot the
Panama Cnnal."
This significant statement was a
part of n vigorous speech delivered
heforo tho Poor Richard Club by
John Barrett, Director-General of tho
Panama Canal, urging Pennsylvania
to make all haste in her preparations
to receive and hold new pan-American
trado that will como with tho
opening of the new waterway across
tho continent.
" It will not do to sit Idly by, sat
isfied with your present foreign
trade, or with the business you are
now doing with Southern countries,
and expect to gain your share of the
future commerce developing In our
sister republics," ho continued.
"I say, without exaggeration and
without prejudice, that there is no
more vital question affecting the fu
ture progress and standing of Phila
delphia and Pennsylvania than that
of appreciation and development of
its relationship with tho markets
and countries which will be reached
by means of the Panama Canal.. Too
mpch emphasis cannot be placed on
this warning, and you may mark my
I It ASK llAMi Bltli:i
1 1 Tho regular Carbondalo baso ball
team did not play yesterdny owing
' to Inclement weather, nnd conso
i tiuently tho attention of the locnl
fans wns conteroil in the gnmo on
Duffy's Held between Frank Henley's
team, which Is making u tlespornto
effort to equal Murtha's aggregation
in popular favor, nnd the lloncsdalo
team. This was tho first gamo play
ed at Carbondalo by Ilealoy's team
and was witnessed by a crowd of
about live hundred fans. They lost
to Honosdale by a score of !) to S.
Tho game was called In the seventh
Inning in order to allow tho Honcs
dalo team an opportunity to catch
tho train home, and a dispute nrosc
in that Inning as to tho Bcorc.
Ilcaley's team claimed that It was a
tie, S to S, and there was no ofllclal
scorer to decide tho question. lloncs
dalo claimed the game by a score of
9 to 8 and a tally of runs per inning
bore out their contention, nnd they
left for homo claiming the victory.
Ilcaley's team still claims that It was
a tlo game.
Word was received last Wednes
day to tho effect that Maymond
Schroedor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Schroodor, of Lincoln avenue, Cnr-i
bondalc, was Injured In nn automo-
bllo accident near Llinghaniton
Tuesday night In which ono man,
Lewis II. Morgan, wns killed and
several otliors, Including Hnrry Lum
ley, deposed mannger of tho Illng
liamton team of tho Now York State
Schroedor had been spending tho
past Bovoral days in Ulnghamton as
it... . . 1. f m r
uiu kuuml uj ufurKo .uuraii, sun 01 Knrm Notes
Mr. and Mrs. W. T.Morgan, formerly! clovor Ia tho grcatest pasture-for
"JJtlt "inA 'ini th, a"tombl, 1 hogs provided It Is not allowed to
was owned and driven by tho latter. mnturc.
me ii.ii ly consisted oi i.corgo .lor-i Tll BllrP(H,qf,il fennMrnr nf r,nnUrv
wound that had to bo sowed up,
Schroedor had his right ankle sprain
ed and Goorgo Morgan escaped with
a few slight bruises, although ho
suffered considerable from tho shock
Mr. Schroedor Is employed as a
clerk by tho Consolidated Water
company, Carbondalo. Lewis Mor
gan wns formerly n resident of Car
bondalo nnd ur to n fow years ago
was oniployod ns teller in a Forest
City bank. Heforo that tlmo ho liv
ed In Pleasant Mount whero ho was
horn and raised, and has many
frlendB In this locality who will
mourn his loss.
The manager of the Honesdalo
base ball club has arranged for two
games with Jermyn to bo played here
on July 4. The Jermyn team is at
present tied for first place In the
Valley League and as Honosdale has
only lost one game this season, a
good gnmo is expected and assured.
Tho first of the series of live
games with Carbondale will be play
ed here on Saturday, Juno 22. Nick
Murtha, manager of the Carbondale
words that, unless you do exert your- I team assures us that he will bring a
selves, you -will awaken somo years
after the canal Is opened, regretting
gan nnd his cousin, 'Lewis Schroedor,
Lumley and II. Plerco 'Wellor, a
member of tho staff of the Illnehnm-1
ton Press. The five had attended the
Troy-Blnghamton game Tuesday af,i
tornoon, and were returning through
Harpursville, a suburb of JJIngham-
ton, when something went wrong and
tho car, skidding, crashed into an
iron bridge. Lewis Morgan was
thrown from tho front seat and
crushea between tho body of the car
and tho bridge. He suffered a frac
tured skull and died about fifteen
minutes after tho accident.
Weller plunged forward at the Im
pact and was doubled up In such a
manner In the tonneau that his lefti
leg was broken
Lnniley sti
Is among the most dlfllcult of feeding
Most farmers havo larned before
this .that It Is expensive to haul
green corn fodder.
ilapo seed is cheap, It gorminatos
strongly and furnishes plenty ot
palatable forage.
If a hog seems to bo ailing, sep
arate It from the herd at once and
give watchful care.
One advantage in feeding steers
on tho farm Is tho maintenance of
tho soil fertility.
Deal gently with tho cow of nerv
ous temperament. She usually is
ono of the best In your hord.
If you get an Incubator, assign tho
jrokert in several places. I running of It to ono person, and lot
ffored a sevcro scalp I ,, navo fiole charge.
Hugh McDowell, Ninety-seven, Hoped
to See Taft Nominated.
Pittsburgh, June 18. Hugh McDow
ell, aged ninety-seven, one of the
founders of the Republican party, died
at his home in Peters township, Wash
ington county. Death wns due to gen-
erul debility and to the venerable man's
excitement over the bitter light ut
Iess thnn a week ago Mr. McDowell
gave the newspapers his picture, which
was printed with the photographs of
two other survivors of the first Itepub
llcan national convention, held in Pitts
burgh In 1850, nt which John C. Fre
mont wns nominated for president. Mr,
McDowell was a delegate.
Although feeble Mr. McDowell evinc
ed keen Interest In the present fight nt
Chicago and insisted upon having the
papers read each day that he might be
familiar with developments. Ho ex
pressed the hope that President Taft
would bo renominated. Mr. McDowell
was born within n short distance of
where he died.
Coroner Trying to Fix Identity
Woman Who Died In Institution
Philadelphia, June 18. The coroner's
ofllce is investigating tho identity of
a woman who was brought to St,
Mary's hospital in this city by au
other woman, and who died ten mln
utes after she was admitted. The wo
man was about fifty-eight years old
five feet eight inches tall and had gray
hair. She was ioorly dressed lu black,
The hospital physicians say death
was due to a complication of stomach
trouble nnd asthma, and there is no
hint of foul play.
There Is No Confirmation of Reported
Loss of Life.
Seward, Alaska, June 18. The reve
nuo cutter McCulloch is here direct
from Kodinl; with tho news that con
dltlons iu the district covered by ashes
from Katmal volcano are much Im
proved, and that there is no conflrma
(Ion of reports of heavy loss of life
on the mniuland.
All Inhabitant of Kntinal, n main
land village nenr the volcano, lire nafe
having been taken to Afoguuk.
McMurtrle Had Just Addressed
Class of Young Men.
Philadelphia, Juno 18. John Mac
Murtrie, eighty-two years old, of this
city, died suddenly of heart failure
while attending a meeting of the
Brotherhood class of the Fronkford
Avenue Baptist church.
Tho aged man had addressed the
class a few minutes previously, and
by a singular coincidence had ended
with the prophetic words, "There
nothing between me und my heavenly
HVIyers3 New-Way
that you did not heed my advice.
"The twenty countries reaching
from Mexico and Cuba, south to Ar
gentina and Chile, aro Just now en
tering upon a period of great mate
rial prosperity. There may be a few
revolutions and local troubles at the
moment, but these will soon pass
way, to be followed by an era of
onderful advancement. These
countries havo the resources, tho
products and the position to tako a
front place in international trade.
Tho governments and the business
interests of Europe and even of
Asia are aware of this fact, and they
re leaving no effort neglected to
get their share of pan-American
If Pennsylvania, and If the
United States, will make a corres-
ondlng effort, or will work as hard
to build up their exchange of pro-
ucts with Central and South Amer
ica as they have with different sec
tions of the United States, and with
Europe, they will get splendid re
turns. ..i
"That I may oe talking the truth
and not indulging in fantasies, let
me call to your attention some sali
ent figures.
Commerce Exceeds Two Billions.
"Tho foreign commerce, last year,
of the twenty countries of Latin
America exceeded a total of ?2,300,-
000,000. This surprising sum Is all
the more astounding when we real
ize that It represents a growth or
$1,000,000,000 In tho last ten years.
"The share, however, which the
United States has in this foreign
trade is larger than Is generally sup
posed. It will amount, this year, to
fully 1700,000,000. This repre
sents an Increase of nearly 100 per
cent. In the last decade.
"Therefore, I ask you, If all Latin
American can do a commerce of ?2,-
300.000.000, and if the share of the
United States Is $70u, 000,000. with
out the Panama Canal and without
our full appreciation of these coun
tries, will not those totals advance
enormously when the canal Is com
pleted and when our whole coun
try is aroused to the possibilities of
pan-American trade?
"There is not one or tnese twenty
Latin American countries that does
not need, In increasing quantities,
the products of the principal manu
facturers of Philadelphia and i'enn
sylvanla. As they grow they must
buy of you in increasing amounts,
if you will only give them tho oppor
tunity, and If you will, in turn, 'my
from them their raw products,
which are needed for our material
and Industrial Interests.
"Pennsylvania's great manufac'
turlng, exporting and importing
firms should now be sending their
best men all over Latin America to
find out what they want to buy
down there and what they want to
Hrstclass team Much Interest was man
Ifeste.l in former years on account i
of the Honesdale-Cnrhondale games i AHiiiRpnhlf Tnnrlom Ram Dnnr Hnnrfprs for Tiihnlnr
and the locals hope by putting up a
good game next Saturday to revive
those good old times. Como and see.
Tho gamo played between Forest
City and White Mills at White Mills
on Sunday was very Interesting, It
being the first gamo that Forest City
has lost out of 12 games. When
Sanderrock camo to the bat he said
every ball looked like a balloon and
he could not miss It. It was a very
Interesting game, and here is the
R. 'H.
Carpenter, 2b 2 2
Cavanaugh, lb .... 1 2
W. Wiskoll. c 0 2
Woodisheck, If 0 2
Wolfert, rf 1
Strasford, cf ".0
Kutalna, ss 1
Miskell, 3b 1
Miskell, p 1
Totals 7 12
Smith, cf
Gill, ss
Sandercock, c 3
Wenders. 3b . . . .1
arson, 2b
H. Lily, If 1
II. Crist, lb 1
Werner, rf 2
V. Loll, p 2
Totals 1C 23 27 11
Two-base hits, J. Smith, Gill 2,
Sandercock, Larson. 'Hit by pitcher,
by Loll 3. Stolen bases, Forest City
White Mills 3. Struck out by
Loll 7; by Miskell 4.
Washington, the lowly, is cleaning
up everytining in tno American
league, having won 1G straight
games up to Saturday night. It's up
to tho Athletics to do the trick. They
aro n6v playing a four-game series
with them.
Girder Track.
The latest and the best In Barn
Hanger ever sold.
Door Hangers. The most complete
Live Stock Markets.
Pittsburgh, June 18.
CATTtiE Supply, HO loads; market
steady and lower; choice, t8.7Sa3.1S; prime.
38.2Sa8.6S: sood, CT.TCa3.lC; tidy, 17-SaT.CS
fair, t&G0a7.10; common to good fat butts
liaj; do. cows, wao.j; Deiiers, RaT.W
fresh oowa and springers, J25a50.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Supply, 30 double
decks; market slow and prices steady on
best wethers and spring lambs; all others
lower: prime wethers, Ii.80aS; good mixed
ti.2Sa4.7S: fair mixed, U.7Sa4.S; lambs,
yearlings. J3r'-T5; spring lambs, 3a9; veal
culves, Ji.Wa! neavy ana mm. pj.wja5.50.
HOOS Receipts, SO double decks; mar
ket lower; prime heavy Iioks and heavy
mixed. CT.S0a7.So; mraluma nivl lieuvy York'
ers, J7.Ua7.50; light Yurkers, CTa7.l5; pigs.
KUMiCW; rougns, J5. WJuii. .s ; stags, .was.
Weather Probabilities.
Fair In northern; cloudy and some
whut cooler In southern nrtlon toda.
Tomorrow fair; moderate uorthwesl
Observations of tho United
Stntes weather bureau taken at
8 p. m. yesterday follow:
Temp. Weather.
Albany CS Cloudy
Atlantic City... CS Cloudy
Boston 74 Cloudy
BufTalo C2 Cloudy
Chicago 08 Clear
New Orleans... 81 Clear
New York 14 Rain
St LouIh Ci Rain
Washington ... 70 Cloudy
Child Meets Death When It Falls on
His Neck.
Philadelphia, Juno 18. While leaning
out of a window nt hla homo in this
city, George Itnth, three years old, was
strangled to deuth when tho sash fell
on his neck and held him fust. The
child wns unable to cry and his mother,
who hud left him usleep in the room,
found him dead.
Dr. Theodora Sprlssler, wns called in
nnd expressed the opinion that death
must have been almost instantaneous.
Tristate League.
At York York, 4; Luncnstcr, !t.
caster, 2; York, 0.
At Reading Trenton, 0; Reading, 1.
Rending, 2; Trenton, 1.
At Wllinliigtou Wilmington, 3;
Johnstown, 2. Johnstown, 4; Wil
mington, U.
Alletitowu at Harrlsburg Halu.
Never salt the horse's feed in the
box. Placo a big lump where ho can
reach It, and he will tako it when ho
needs It.
HOW'S T111B7
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years
nnd believe him perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and U
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Walalng, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Id
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonial! sent free,
Price 75 cents por bottle. Sold by
all Druggsts.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for can
O. A. E j I JjS
0 o o o i mfo
1 o o o I s$&3?
s 2 3 i I i!Sr
0 2 2 2 e wsJifr;"
0 12 1 """""
24 io s mjm
o. a. e. ai
2 3 1 0 0 ""iJb
2 2 2 2 2 fSw.:m
4 11 2 0 Lv
12 11 M
33 3i 8
4 s m
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
The New-Way Hanger is adjusta
ble te and from building and to raise
and lower door. Not only adjustable
but flexible as well. The flexible
feature permits tlie door passing over
uneven surfaces on building.
The New-Way Hanger has hard
steel rollers, machine turned, which
revolve on hard steel roller bearings.
The frame is of steel and is unbreakable.
The New-Way Hanger Track
is the strongest Tubular track
made, We guarantee this track
to carry a greater weight door than any other Tubular track
made. Track is made in 4 and 3ft. lengths
We aro using the New-Way Hangers on doors in our Etoro that no oth
er hanger would hold. Let us show you how they work.
Sale Continues
20 Days
Spring and Summer
There will be
20 More
Days of Sale
Bregstein Bros. Great Remodeling Sale
of everything on hand at ridiculously low prices.
Hats, Underwear, Shirts, Collars, Trunks, Dress
Suit Cases, Hand Bags, in fact everything
imaginable- Mo reservation.
Sale is not yet over
Take advantage ot the low prices that prevail on our entire stock tor twenty days
ii i r ( i 1 1! n.ll
more, see our large display posters ior prices, bargains too numerous io iiiuiwuii. uun i
miSS thiS BIG SALE. Going to remodel store
You could not g-'t tlieso unheard of bargains If wo were not going to remodel our store. Owiiiff to our
iiicreuslng business moro room Is needed. The- largo stock of goods wo always carry ut this time of year
must bo sold out. Do you reali.o what an opimrtimity this Is to get stylish, seiusonuble clothing nt after-sea-sou
"Once a Customer, Always a Customer," applies particularly to the
reputation we have established we have been in business in Honesdale
20 Years. Begin now and you will always como here.
"JSslxi. St.,