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Quash Indictment Against
State Roosevelt Leader.
Declared by Sending Out Post Cards In
Which "Fake Roosevelt" Candidate
Was Mentioned Fllnn Libeled
Him and Caused His Defeat.
Unlontown, Pa., June 4. William
Fllnn of Pittsburgh, Btnte leader of the
Roosevelt campaign In Pennsylvania.
whs indicted by the Brand Jury of
Fayette county on charges of criminal
libol brought by Edward D. Brown, a
Unlontown attorney.
Brown was n candidate for delcgnlu
to the Chicago coiiTentlou, favoring
Mr. HooeTclt for president. Ho as
serted that by the needing out of post
cards to the voters of Fayette county
signed by Fllnn In which n "fake
ltoosevelt candidate" was mentioned
Flluu catiwed hit deficit.
When the case was called In court
Fllnn's counsel moved that the indict
ment be Quashed, arguing that the pub
llcation was not libelous. Despite ar
guments to the contrary by counsel
for the prosecution Judge Umbei
granted the motion and quashed tin
Hero Entertained at Mrs. Thayer and
Mrs. Widener Homes.
Philadelphia, Jun-j 4. Captain Ar
thur Henry Rostrou, commander of
the CimiK-d liner Carpathla, which
sated the survivors of the Titanic
disaster, returned to New York after
a two day visit to this city, during
which time he was the guest success
lvely of Mrs. John B. Tliayer and Mrs.
George D. Widener. The Oirpathla
Bails for England, and her skipper had
to be back on her bridge in time to
Bnpervlse the llual details of departure.
Captain Hostron wan taken to the
Hndeuer country place, Lynnewood
Ilnll, Ogontz, in Mrs. Wlucner's motor
car. The trip gave tho captain an
opportunity of viewing many of the
beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia.
Only members of the Widener family
vrerr present nt the luncheon which
followed the coptaln's arrival at the
Widener home.
Postoffico Inspectors Break Up Fash
ionable Women Worship,
Pittsburgh, Juno 4. Postofllcc In
spectors and city detectives descended
on the Rev. Jacob D. Burr.ard's "Tern
plo of Truth," a frame building on the
north, side, and interrupted the wor
ship of Uie pastor and twenty-eight
or thirty women members of his flock.
The federal authorities wanted Buz
zard on a charge of using the mails to
defraud; the city authorities on Uie
charge of fraudulent practices. The
.women, tho majority of whom are
married, were allowed to go on prov
ing their Identity to the police.
Buzzard gave fl.OOO ball in the fed
eral court and a similar bond in the
municipal court for hearings on Thurs
day. United States Inspector Craig
head couliscated a bushel of mall.
Boy Suffered Because Mother Believed
In Christian Science.
Philadelphia, June 4. After suffering
more than a week with tetanus with
out a doctor because his mother hud
faith in Christian Science treatment
Henry Spoakman, eleven, died in the
Children's hospital, where ho was tak
en by friends.
The bov was helping hang up tlfo
family wash ten days ago when a
clothes prop broke and u splinter of
wood entered his hand. The mother
tried to extract the piece of wood, but
could not do so, and lockjaw resulted.
Woman Kills Herself, but Not
stantly, With Darning Needlo,
Philadelphia. Juno 4. With u foui
inch darning needle piercing her heart,
Angelina Lconelll. a patient at the
Pennsylvania Ilosirttal for the Insane,
lived sis days. The cose is said to be
without parallel In medical records.
The woman pushed the needle through
her heart with suicidal intent. It was
not until Coroner Knight's physician
performed an autopsy that it wus d!s
$90,000 to Charitable Institutions.
Philadelphia, June 4. The will of
Samuel Kohn, admitted to probato by
the register in city hall places $00,000
in trust for churltable Institutions. The
estate is valued at ?221,000. The exec
utor of the estate, Simon I. Kohn, a
brother, is directed to create a trust of
$70,000, the income to be given to such
Hebrew charities as tho executor may
select, uiid another trust of $15,000 for
the benefit of non-Hebrew charities.
Tristate League
At Lancaster York, 5; Lancaster, 4.
At Trenton Trenton, 7; Altoona, 0.
At Wilmington Wilmington, 5;
Johnstown, 4.
At Alientown Alleutowu, 8; Harris
burs, 7.
Late Dr. Wocdworth Made
Study, of the Palolo Worm
Why the Creature Appeared at 3!45
a. m. on a Certain Day In Early No
vember or Late In Octobsr of Each
Year According to th Moon.
Dr. William McMlchael Woodworth
of the Museum of Comparative Zoolo
gy at Harvard, who died recently, was
Uie discoverer of tho solution of a
mystery which had puzzled zoologists
for half a century. This was the iden
Utlcatlon of that mysterious worm of
the Pacific ocean which makes Its ap
pearance on 11 clockwork schedule once
a .eor. exactly at 3:43 In the morning
of a certain day In early November or
late In October, according to the quar
tcrinur of the moon.
This remarkable animal is found on
a certain few reefs of a few of tho
south sea Islands. It occurs in parts
of Samoa, in Tonga, in Fiji nd In
some of the Now Hebrides and bears
the name palolo In the several island
tongues. Its recurrence each year is
a matter of no little interest to the
islanders, for it is esteemed as a deli
cacy, being used raw, Just as it comes
dripping from the salt water or cooked
by steaming In the pit ovens. Either
way It has the flavor of highly salted
Bplnach and Is quite saUsfactory to the
European palate.
Differs From Other Animals.
It differs from all known animals by
reason of its strict observance of a
calendar nil Its own, yet one which the
islanders have learned to compute for
themselves. The hour of its appear
ance is the moment of slack water ebb
nt tho third quarter of tho moon which
comes nearest tho first of November.
Five minutes before tho appointed
time tho roof pools are empty, tho
sweep of the lino nets used In the fish
ery yield nothing but a water haul.
All at once tho water becomes allvo
with a writhing mass of worms, each
of tho diameter of a pack thread and
five or 6lx Inches long. Tho fishers
ralso one shout of wild gleo when tho
palolo appear, but that Is tho only
shout, for afterward all mouths are
crammed with the dainty morsels as
fast as tho nets can scoop them up.
In the earliest days of tho London
mission In Samoa tho Itev. John B.
Stair secured specimens of palolo and
sent them preserved in alcohol to John
Edward Gray of the British museum.
By him their position In tho scale of
the lower life was determined, crrone.
ously it has slnco been proved. Ho
gave tho specimens tho scientific name
of Palolo virldls. For fifty years tho
strange periodicity of tho palolo was
n perpetual challengo to students, it
was the despair of zoology.
He Solved the Mystery.
In 1808 Dr. Woodworth determined
to solve the mystery, went to Samoa
for tho purpose and established himself
In a Samoan community nearest tho
roof where the palolo crop was great
est, at Falelatal, on tho south shore
of tho Island of Upolu. In the earlier
experience which ho had had In Fiji
tho previous year, in tho consent of tho
oxperlenco of all other students who
had essayed tho problem, ho recognized
that tho mero observation of tho rising
of tho worms in the reef pools at the
gray of dawn offered no soluUon. no
prepared for tho event by establishing
a rude laboratory In which ho could
subject the reef itself to close examina
tion. This consisted of a scries of
ranks on tho shoro in which ho deposit
ed lumps of coral cut from tho outer
reef und kept them under a steady flow
of water drawn from tho lagoon. Ho
established tho necessary control by
crumbling other coral blocks to pieces
-Gpwicer in Denver Republican.
and identifying all tho worms discover
ed In the crannies.
On tho appointed morning, as soon as
the first shouts coming out of tho dark
ness across tho lagoon proved that tho
palolo had appeared, Dr. Woodworth
was delighted to discover by lantern
light that the worms were rising from
the coral In his tanks and that the
laboratory was giving him tho oppor
tunity for study which the reefs had
for so many years refused to two gen
erations of zoologists. In eager haste
he picked tho coral blocks to pieces
and was able to Qnd tho source of the
edible worms.
Gray In Error.
!ray had been in error when he
named the worms. His detcrmlnaUon
was based on more fragments. Wood
worth was able to boo the whole proc
ess. The worms wcro not really
worms, but only specific spawning or
gans of a much larger -worm which
never was Keen otslde U10 coral. This
worm he identified as a member of a
well known genus and established for
it n new species under tho nnme of
Eunice virldis.
The history of the recurrence of the
palolo became somewhat plain. Under
the seasonal instinct to spawn the
worms in the coral, each as large as
a man's linger, shed the palolo to
writhe for an hour in the still water
of tho reef pools and by this means to
insure tho continuity of life. It Is not
yet known why this Instinct Is so true
to the calendar of Its race, but Dr.
Woodworth was able to solve the great
er mystery.
Streets of Paris.
It is a misdemeanor to throw a piece
of waste paper upou a Paris street. If
a policeman sees you drop a pleco of
paper ho walks up to you, pats you on
the shoulder, begs your pardon for ad
dressing you and tells you you have
violated tho law and asks you to pick
np what you hnvo thrown down.
Old Time Natural History.
Nash, a writer of tho sixteenth ceu
tury, says, "If a hogge loseth an eye
he dyeth presently;" also, "Goats take
breath not at tho mouth and nose only.
but nt ye earse (oars) also."
Brazilian Ambassador Who Crit
ioizes United States In Coffee Suit. (
Photo by American 1'ress Association.
Washington, Juno 4. Tho Norrls bill
to aid tho government's light against
the so called coffee trust was favor
ably reported today to the house.
Authority to confiscate tho coffee
seized at New York Is given in the bill.
Senor Da Ganin, tho Brazilian am
bassador to tho United States, has se
verely criticised the government for its
action in bringing suit against tho so
called coffee trust
VANIA. John J. Battman vs. Honesdalo Shoo
Company. No. 100 February
Term, 1911.
By virtuo of nn order of tho Cir
cuit Court of tho United States for
tho Mlddlo District of Pennsylvania,
bearing date May 29, 1912, In the
nbovo entitled causo on tho 29 day
of Juno, 1912, nt oloven a. m. at tho
promises, cornor of East and Thir
teenth strcots in tho Borough of
Honesdalo, County of Wayno nnd
Stato of Pennsylvania, the Receiver
of tho Honesdalo Shoo Company will
sell at public sale to tho highest bid
der, subject to conilrmntlon of tho
Court, all of tho property of tho
Honesdalo Shoo Company, both real
and personal, Including the fran
chises of said Company and uncol
lected nccounts. The following Is
a description of the property to bp
1. All of tho estate, real, nnrson
al and mixed, lands, tenomonts and
hereditaments, rights and privileges,
easements anu appurtenances grant
ed and convoyod by William H
Krantz ot al. to tho said Hones
dalo Shoe Company by deed of con
veyance dated tho 17th day of Feb
ruary, 1899, and recorded in tho
Recorder's office in and for tho
County of Wayno and State of
l'onnsyivania on tho 18th day of
February A. D. 1899, In Deed Book
84, p. 388, etc., designated and dc-
scriood in -said deed and being as
follows, to wit:
All that certain lot of land situate
in tho Borough of Honesdale,
Wayno county, Pa., bounded on tho
East fifty feet by East street; on tho
North one hundrod and fifty feet by
Thirteenth street; on tho West fifty
feet by a lot now or lately owned by
Mrs. Appley, and on tho South ono
hundrod and fifty feet by a lot now
or late of Henry Ames; tho forego
ing real estate beinc used for tho
business of the defondant as a shoe
factory and being Improved with ono
three-story and basement brick
building, with a boiler house at
tached, barn and shed and with tlx
tures therein consisting of boiler.
elevator, and engine, shaftine and
hangers used In manufacturing busi
2. 'And the licenses, franchise and
corporate rights of said company.
-uius receivanio and accounts
due the (Honesdalo Shoe Comnanv
are as follows:
H. A. WIso, Luxora, Ark. 5125.00
Morris Wolfson, 52 G Forest
Court, Scranton. Pa. 9.72
Armlnius Coal Co., Scottford.
W. Va. 112.20
Tho McKinney Co.. Covinc-
ton, W. Va. 271. SO
Hamilton Coal & Coke Com
pany, Howard Adams &
Frederick 'A. Husted, Re
ceivers, Marine Bank Bldg.,
uaiumore, Md. 391.40
L. F. Krantz,
Footwear Co.,
W. H. Krantz. Honesdalo
Footwear Co.. Honesdale.
Massey Bros., Masseyvillo,
w. Va.
Louis Bloni, Barnesboro, Pa.
'P T.l T -.. 11 r x
j.' . lYuuy, luuiuruso. ra.
Louis Morris, Athens. Ga.
Abo Kinsteln. Kimball. W.
Va. f.9.00
D. Wiseberg, Donora, Pa. 108.42
Z. F. Fisher Estate. C. W.
Grimm, Administrator,
Cynthiana, Ky. 32.10
Saom Golob, Wilkes-Barre.
Pa. if,. 17
Knapp Sanders Co., Rich-
wood, W. Va. 1G3.91
Monarch Coal Co., Penning
ton, va. 271. 3fi
J. J. Jewell & Co.. Statesvillo.
Tenn. 217.20
Aaronson & KopIaa, Fatten,
Pa- 81.00
Miss Lulu Adkins, EIHots-
vllle, Ky. 3,85
Wilder Bros., J. N. Saunders,
Itefereo in Bankruptcy,
Stanford, Ky. 31.19
(Ridgoview Coal Co. 157.78
Beckley & Campbell, Elms
burg, Ky. 170 20
Iko Joseph, Forest City, Pa. 3.S0
R. J. Stanfleld, Lockerby &
Bowen, Attys., Quincy,
Mich. 129.G0
All of said property will bo sold
free and clear of all Interest, Hens,
encumbrances, wages, taxes, and
charges in tho nature thereof.
Terms of sale twenty-flvo per cont.
at the time of sale and balance at
time of confirmation.
In pursuance of tho order of
Court, the (Receiver reserves the
right to require full paymont in
cash for all personal property sold.
Full information may be obtained
51 C Spruce St., Scranton, Pa.
Warren, Knapp & O'Malloy,
Connell Bldg.. Scranton. Pa.
O'Brien & Kelly,
Clears Bldg., Scranton, Pa.
Solicitors for Receiver. 44w4
TXT nyno Common Plena: Trial List
T T Juno Term, 1912.
Week of Juno 17.
Wallentywlcz vs. Allen et. al.
Klaussner vs. Do Broun.
Solllck vs. Do Hroun.
Theobald vs. 'Ramble.
Holbort vs. Madaway.
Conley vs. McKenna.
Olszofskl vs. Kimble.
Wayno Concroto Sunnly Co. vs.
Cortrlght & Son.
Noblo vs. Braman.
Lovolass vs. Twp. of Damascus.
Caroy vs. Twp. of Buckingham.
Cortrlght & Son vs. Kroitnor Bros.
et. al.
Kroitnor Bros. vs. Cortricht &
Naglo vs. Lako Lodoro Improve
ment Co.
Hancock Crushed Bulldlntr Stonn
Co. vs. Now York, Ontario & West
ern R. It. Co.
A. O. Blako vs. Horaco Dexter.
I. L. Thomas vs. AV. M. Norton.
John Sllnko ot. al. vs. Frank Kol-
sey, ot. al.
W. J. BARNES, Clork.
Honesdalo, Pa., May 22, 1912.
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over (J. C. Jadwin'a drug store
We have added to our list a number of attractive bargains
winch we invito you to read over. The goods are not damaged
to a great extent, therefore it behooves you to take advantage
of our great fire sale.
Nails 50 cents to $1.50 per kog.
Hinges 6 cts. per pound, now 3c lb,
Locks 30 cts. each, now 15c each.
Axes $1.25, now 75 cts. each.
Sweeping compound 25 ct. pkg. now
its cents.
Nickle Tea nnd Coffee pots $1.25,
now 65 cents oach.
Hatchets 60 cts., now 35 cents each.
Belting at greatly reduced prices.
Heating Stoves $20.00, now $10.00
Moat Choppers $2.00, now $1.35.
Wood measures 35c, nowlO c each.
Metal Polish 50 c, now 30c can.
Files 15c, now 7c each.
Woodscrews 1-4 original price.
Pocket Knives 00c, now 25c each.
Razors $2.50, now $1.00 each.
Padlocks 40 cents, now 16c each.
Bath Room fixtures at greatly reduc
ed pricos.
Ropo 12 cts. lb, now 8 cts. lb.
Poultry supplies at greatly reduced
Varnish Stains, groatly reduced
Shot guns, greatly reducod prices.
Hunting Coate $2.25, now $1.25 ea.
Shot Gun ehells, (smokeless) CO cts.,
now 40 cts. box.
Carving Sets $3.50, now $1.50 set.
Saw Clamps, $1.00, now 60 cts. each.
Saw sots 75c, now 50 cts. each.
Mrs. Pott's Sad Irons $1.15, now 85
cents per eot.
Asbestos Sad Irons $1.75, now $1.25
M. E. SIMONS, President. C. A. EMERY, Cashier.
CAPITAL STOCK - - $75,000.00
Main & 10th
Reasons Why I
It represents more stockholders than any other bank
in Wayne county.
mark ami is steadily growing with the people's confidence
and tho bank's progressive yet conservative methods.
Its oxponso of management is limited to amount of
business; together with it's trust funds invested in bonds
and first mortgages on improved real ostato assures its de
positors absoluto security.
It treats its hundreds of small depositors with tho
same courtesy as though their funds were deposited by ono
or more persons.
This bank comes under tho strict requirements of tho
btate banking laws as all savings banks and is frequently
visited by tho Pennsvlvanin Mt.-ifn lmnt nvnn;,n,. W;,i..c
Having a board of directors consisting of sixteen of Wayno
county s reliable business men and farmers.
M. B. Allen.
H. Fowler.
Georgo C. Abraham, W B. Guinnlp,
J. Sam Brown, it. J. Hanlan.
Oscar E. Bunnell, John E. Krantz,
Win. H. Dunn, Fred W. Kroitnor,
J. E. Tiffany.
Wait for another consignment to
nrrlvo in Honesdalo from Iowa tho
early part of June. It will consist of
All horses will como directly from
tho farm and I will soo all horses
working in harness before purchas
ing. Horses will be sold as represented
Watch this spaco for arrival of
Allen Houso Stable Church ""t.
Axes and all kinds of handlos
greatly reduced prices.
Barn Door Hangers 75 cents, now 40
cents per pair.
Stovo Clay, 35 cents, now 25 cents
Stovo Clay 25 cents, now 15 oonta
Stove Clay 15c, now Sc pkg.
Fishing Tackle, greatly reduced
Steel Tapes 35c, now 20c each.
Bread Mixora $2.00, now $1.25 oach.
Stewart Clipper $7.50, now $5.50.
3 H. P. Gasoline Engine $135.00,
now $75.00.
Cultivators, $S,00, now $4.00.
Steel Barn Brushes S5c, now 50c.
Cupboard catches, 10c, now 5c.
Brass Surface Butts 25c, now 15c.
Bronzo Surface Butts, 15c, now Sc.
Drawer Pulls 15c, now Sc.
Drawer Pulls 10c, now 5c.
Agrlculturo wrenches 15c, now 5c.
mammock hooks 10c, now 5c.
Spool wire 10c, now lc.
Stew pans 25c, now 12c.
Plo tins, 8c, now 3c.
Sink baskots 30, now 15c.
Garment hanger, 3 for 5c.
Coat and (Hat Hooks, 10c do:. Cc.
Mouse Traps 5c, now 3c.
Mouso Traps 10c, now 5c.
Bolts por 100, 50c.
Wash Boards 40c, now 25c.
Butter 'Bowls 75c, now 50c.
Grass Scythes 90c, now 15c.
Scythe Stones 15c, now Cc.
Watch US
John Weaver.
G. Wm. Soli,
M. E. Simons,
Fred Stephens,
Georgo W. Tisdell,