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    fllE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1012.
iuiui ciiniiaiiuui nas dsen m-
ject of Many Plots.
i urn uvin inninniui Trn
Lets Than a Week After He Had
Succeeded to tho Throne an Armed
Man Threatened the Life of Queen
The recent attempt on the life of
7t Tin . 1 1 mnnn ti ant lit 1 n a trnr mill.
led to the throno of Italy through
he assassination of his father. Kin'?
Iumbert. by Hrcsct. Tho anarchists
aw nnrn imrrinii nr r nnr rn ntrn nor
un. mil iiiiii wincri n im v Ttmnii hot.
tt iifHMi iiiviKiwi iti i iii unnmniur fit
. I f t.W XT T
Proclaimed king of Italy July iJO.
in less than n week an armed
i in unonn o n in tt'im hoii i,uin
he i'riucess I'etroritcli Xiegoch of
Less than three weeks Inter an Hal
n alleged plot to kill the king. Tlio
ollowing March It was learned that
plot to assassinate the king had been
Mnntnn,1 I .. T 1 1 l
b"ui.i-u III XJIU.1I, illlu uu iiuiuiu,
.avacchia, and several others were
rrestcd. Other arrests were made a
ew (lavs inter in tlio nllpuprl nlnt.
Threw Stones at Train.
In May, 1002. when the king was
bout to start on a tour of the Euro-
ud later Imprisoned. It was at this
inn i i it i n nnrn sra worn ninrnn t
Fnterson against him. The first
rrest after the discovery of this was
f an Italian from Taterson unmed
firroftf. W in m fnnml liirlrinrr in
Am IiriTTl r T T IWk I-IlKT'i- niltnmnliUn
uly IS. 1002.
A plot to wreck his train while the
lng was going to Berlin was dlseov
red and frustrated on Aug. 20, 1002.
Anarchists plotted again against his
a a trip to Paris in November. 1003,
UUlUt'I JI1UL US UlbCUt Ui eU, IlliU UI
vm liuu .uutijt.iiiv.ii
King Victor Emmanuel was not
rrpsr In Rnmp nr tho rtvn nllprrpri lonri.
Another Paterson Plot.
Another plot to kill him, originating
Paterson, was uncovered in June,
r nfnnr fii i np 1'Mii.rsiiii i.nuiii Ki'iir
blow up the king's train after the
uuna iuiui ill duu, uuu nnuiu u
ira carnpfl mnrrt n Tottpd tn hnro hp.
1 1 t M 1 m I i J I i : I 1 1 L 1 1 1 him i iiuuui J. liU
ext plot against him was discovered
year later, before the conspirators
ad an opportunity to make an at-
1000, a bomb was found near the
HIM TH 1T1 lfMITir 111ST UK 1 1 U.' H III1I1I1I.
King Victor Emmanuel was boru
ov. 11, isu'j. lie marriou l'rincess
plpnn nr Mnntpnptrrn on Hot. 1M.
ri iinir iirur niiiiii who nii. i-rin.
-f -- -t--t-
The Escape
Hy FRANK A. HUimELL, Lnto I'lvnto 1st Fcnn. Vol. nnd Cnpt.
Co. I) 07th Pcnn. Portage, Wash.
nnn Timn Wnather Predictions Now
Possible, Says Professor.
Long time weather predictions, for
:ii l ii i itra. in u uuuu uiu i luil ui iih
imi iiv itv iii i in riiiiiii iniiir. iii-t-ii iiiiiLi
the geology department of the Unl-
"lurougn the uiscovery or tne nn
m winn m(iTnmnnTa ti ni t in rrnnnrn i
inimnnorin nnniiitinna it win MWni
ossibie to make a complete map of
;i ii Niiirni rrnm vim rm nt r nnrn.
turougu the path it takes nnd un
it IIH TOrPO In uncnf Ac, 1...... nu hn
one, for tho finest calculations would
e upset often when the storm passed
ver tho south pole.
"It has been known that certain po
ii in r ii rn(Hiiiurin rfm m 1 t inn o nhinii
imi i ivinn iin( in inn ffirii nv ut
t the south pole. This, coupled with
lotting of a complete map imposHlble.
lie uaiu wuicu uupiain coit will
ring back will be a great contribution
j scientific knowledge."
It was at this critical porlod or
my cscapo which, when detailed to
tho public in my lectures through
out tho western States caused un
usual commonts by tho press. Somo
maintained that it would ho Impos
sible for a person In my exhausted
condition at that tlmo, consequent
on my long 'imprisonment, to pass
through tho trying ordeal to which
1 was subjected toy this homo guard
who completed my capture at tho
time I knocked on tho bottom of
that kitchen door, asking for food,
then In the last stage of starvation.
But tho comrades of tho Grand Army
stood by me, and believed. They
knew that such atrocities as partici
pated upon mo when recaptured
(which at this late date, to relate
would causo unnecessary contro
versy and add but a little to the
Interest of 'my story) was common
with theso men when upon tho trail
of an escaped prisoner of war. I
wish my readers to understand I do
not charge these persecutions to tho
regular enlisted soldier who did his
lighting at tho front, wlf,ero you
found tho man of courage, but to
tho homo guard human vampires
dressed In the cloth of the Southern
soldier, to which they wero no more
entitled than Old Nick would bo to
tho sacred robes of Heaven. These
scavengers for blood, men who wero
void of honor when tho demon of
their nature was temporarily van
quished and tho spirit of goodness
illuminated their soul; men capable
to dark deeds who repellod the least
suspicion of a thought that tended
towards mercy. These wero tho peo
ple that trailed and hounded the
prisoner of wnr that would daro to
break away, and mako an effort for
It was theso vicious agencies that
deterred many from making an ef
fort to get away from theso pens of
pestilence and vermin, knowing from
others' experience, who had tried and
failed, that there was a slight chance
to succeed, but a stronger one to lose
one's life. The swamps and tho val
leys were often whitened with their
bleaching bones. In all due fairness
to tho Southern soldier to maintain
their escape, the men who fought val
iantly at tho front, I must draw tho
line and separate them from these
merciless whelps that wero placed
over prisoners of war, or that hung
upon the outskirts of a prison
ready to hunt them down.
When the Southern Confederacy
called its roll of men heartless and
merciless and placed them in charge,
they could not have selected a more
fiendish set had the gates of Hell
been opened to them, but all this was
sanctioned by a few not all.
Six hundred and thirty-five days
in their different prisons gave me a
thorough knowledge of the class that
were upholding their cause.
There were scenes and occurrences
in my prison life that wero I to tell
you of ten minutes' happenings each
day, In the way I see them, would
discount fiction and qualify you to
judge as to their character as soldiers.
Oh, you who heard not of this woe,
Listen till you hear tho tale.
It caused tho man of strength to
it turned tho warrior nale.
It made tho youthful hair turn gray,
it changed tho youth to old,
It mado a skeleton form of some,
Whllo thousands it turn cold.
It wns qulto an uncertainty to mo
mat 1 would over reach Columbia
when I overhenrd I Was to bo re
taken. Several times they would
stop and nrguo tho easiest and most
diabolical way to dispose of me
Passing through Newberry It seemed
to bo tho delight of my captors to
completo my torture, they practising
tho extent of tholr Ingenuity whllo
standing at a well at the outskirts
of tho town, refreshing 'themselves
but not a drop for tho poor, miser
able Yankee. (Readers, I shall draw
tho screen again.) One of them
started In ndvanco as wo left tho
well to procure tho ropo and the
crowd. After my first night's exper
ience witu them, I did not doubt the
cruelties the were capable of, and
I think thoy would have carried out
their Intentions had tho patrol not
been waiting for mo nr some others
to take them to Columbia. My heart
was gladdened In a mensuro to get
out of their hnnds. Tho patrol wero
not such had fellows. Yet at that
time with prison again staring mo In
tho face, I was indifferent as to what
they did. My poor suffering body
was too far gono to care. Death
would have 'been a relief.
And when my sentence at tho Col
umbia Jail was announced to remain
upon the stair steps 24 hours with
out food a guard at the top and
one at the foot with instructions
to run a bayonette through me if I
went up or came down. I cnsldered
It very magnanimous to what I ex
pected and consoled myself with this
pleasant surprise.
I was soon returned to tho prison
from whence I had escaped, and
many wero the questions from .my
comrades. One especially, how It
felt to ho free, and what yore the
cnanccs for success.
The winter of 'C4 passed, leaving
In its prison record a sorrowing tale
of woe and want, and death, which
I hope never to see chronicled.
It is February, 1SG5. There is a
new lot of guards on hand. Some
thing new Is stirring the prison au
thorities. The guards are preparing
to leave. 'Where now are they going
to take us? Can It be worse?
On our way to Charlotte, Captain
Wilson, 22 Mass., Boston; Captain
D. B. Meany, 12th Penn. Cavalry,
60G Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa.;
Durbrow, 81st Ohio; Lieut. Hagen
back, Easton, Pa.; Capt. J. F. Robin
son, Telurold, Col., of my own regi
ment, got our heads together. I am
encouraging them. Yes, they are
nearly willing to try Liberty. Oh,
how sweet tho sound. Look back
upon tho dark past. Will you go?
My very soul Is aflame with the
thought. I have tried It, come with
me. There is a possibility of our
reaching the union lines in Tennes
see. Oh come! Do not stay and
dlo. Make an effort. Only a few
hundred miles. I appeal to you, my
comrades. Liberty! Oh, how sweet!
(To be Continued.)
Bcntcnco Suspended nnd Sho Returns
to Her Homo nt Mlddlctown.
Mrs. Ellen E. Furman, who waa
Indicted for forgory In tho second do
greo, wns found guilty by tho Jury
at Goshen last Monday with a ro
commondatlon for, mercy.
It will bo romombered that Mrs.
I'lirmnn was tho mother of tho boy
whoso body Is supposed to havo been
tho one found In tho car of hot cin
ders, It being olalmod that ho waa
murdered and tho body put In tho
car by his brothers, although tho
brothers wero acquitted by tho
grand Jury, their caso novor coming
to trial.
Tho chargo is that Mrs. Furman
forged tho namo of her son, Theo
dore, to his pay check from tho O. &
W. railroad and collected tho amount
duo thereon, about $12.
After tho Jury had returned a vor
dlct of guilty, Judge Seegor suspond-
vu scnienco ami .Mrs. Furman has
returned to hor homo In MIddlotown.
Howitt Says His System Will Drive
Trains Long Distances.
Teter Cooper Hewitt of New York,
grandson of Peter Cooper, Inventor of
the electric lamp that bears his name,
nfter several years' work hns invented
a vacuum transformer by which It is
possible to change an alternating elec
trical current into a direct current, by
which trains can be operated entirely
by electricity with tho tiower station.
200 miles apart.
Tho inventor snys that with this di
rect current trains can be operated be
tween New York nnd Chicniro with
only three or four Intervening power
Btatlous. while It will be possible to
operate them across the coutlnent.
Tiie invention has been tested by the
Westinghouse couinnnv In Pittsburgh.
and these le-.ts. It Is said, give every
Inrllpntfnn nf nnnninnMelilnn nil (lint
Mr. Hewitt expects, fie has named
tne current the "negative reluctance."
1th this new current, he savs. tralnn
will be able to make a speed of 100
miles an hour, and Its perfection muy
mean the eventual electrification of
every railroad in tho United Stntps.
On a line from New York to New Or
leans probably not more than half c
dozen power stations would be needed,
while to San Francisco probably not
more than fifteen power plants would
be required.
Mr. Hewitt said he believed his in
vention would revolutionize railroad
ing in this country when it is fully de
veloped. Missing.
There is 51,300.000.000 worth of prop
erty in Arkansas that Is not on the tax
books. Where Is this property at?
Okolona Messenger
Don't know. Steve. Blamed if we've
got it. Stephens News.
Well, you can search us. New York
We can't locate It here. Cincinnati
Start An Account
Every man, woman or child
should mako It a point to lay
up a Httlo monoy for that
" rainy day " which wo aro nil
liable to encounter when least
expected. Tho best way to do
this Is to opon a savings account
with tho
Tho bank for all classes ac
cepts small or largo accounts.
Scrapo togothor ono dollar, make
your deposit, recelvo your bank
book, and then rcsolvo to de
posit a given sura, small though
It may bo, once a month, or onco
a weok, according to tho cir
cumstances. Nobody knows
without trying It, how easy a
thing it is to save money when
an account with a bank has
been opened. With an account
a person feels a deslro to en
largo his deposit. It starts you
on tho right road with some
thing to rely upon in time of
need. Grow with this bank
which has reached over tho
?:ioo,ooo.oo mark In deposits.
Tho Farmers and Mechanics
Bank was established In 1907.
Capital Stock, 975,000.00 It Is
ono of the growing banks of
wayno county and represents
the deposits of tho people of all
vocations of life.
31. E. SI3IONS, President.
C. A. E3IERY, Cashier.
To Patrons Along the Scranton
Branch of tiie Erie Railroad.
Tho afternoon train leaving Scran
ton as per sclicdulo following, runs
dally directly to Honesdale, giving
pooplo tlmo to transact their business
at tho county seat and return horn
tho samo ovenlng.
8:20 Scranton 1:30
8:13 Dunmoro 1:37
8:02 Nay Aug 1:46
7:54 Elmhum 1:56
7:43 Wlmmors 2:0T
7:40 Saco 2:10
7:34 Maplowood 2:1G
7:20 Lako Ariel 2:34
7:09 Gravity 2:41
G:59 Clemo 2:51
0:53 Hoadleys 2:56
0:37 West Hawley.. ..3:27
G:12 White Mills ....3:3
G:03 East Honesdalo .3:4T
6:00 Honesdalo 3:50
Published by tho Greater HonesdaU
Board of Trado, Honesdalo, Pa.
Roost Honesdalo nnd Wayn
Sprig seebs to hab cub ad ladst.
The grlb id abroad id tho lad. wo
aro sniffllg ad wheeslg wid colds Id
our heads, red fladdle deck bads,
goose grease ad lldlbent for us for
the dext few weegs whldo tho doc
tors bill beads tho coal ban's.
" Berry Diras are slnglg, brooks
aro rugglg, ad tho troud will sood bo
Ho! for tho berry sprig!"
day morning at 2:15 o'clock, having
been afflicted with Bright's disease
for three years past.
. The deceased was tho daughter of
James and Emellne Demander, plon-
neer residents of Doposlt. She was
born May 13, 1829, and received her
education in that village. In 1S54
she married George Perigo, ono son
being born to them, George H. Perl-
go, now of Scranton. Her husband
died twenty-nine years ago last Jan
uary. After an absence of several
The foregoing Is not tho result of years Mrs. Perigo returned to Deposit
To Increase Italian Navy.
A proposal Is to be mado by the rain
ier oi marine to increase me nanan
ry uj tne construction or lour super
ine linotype macnine going on a
rampage or of uncorrected proof but
it is the sad attempt of a Honesdalo
man, who shed his winter under
clothing in too much enthusiasm
over tho apparent advent of spring,
regardless of the fact that this is
still tho month of March and good
ness knows what March will do be
fore April dawns forth In all Its
splendor. Thursday, March 21, was
the first official day of spring.
Unmistakable evidence of the ad
vent of spring In Wayno county has
been coming In for tho past few
weeks. Veracious residents allege
tho robins wero singing merrily.
From Lakevillo comes news that
buds aro beginning to appear on tho
trees and an affidavit signed by a
worthy resident of Hawley attests
that rose bushes in his back yard aro
eight years ago find again mado her
home here, her sister, Mrs. R. E.
Orr, and niece, Miss Fannie Orr, of
Aurora, 111., coming to live with her.
Tho deceased is survived by ono
son, George H., of Scranton, one sis
ter, Mrs. R. E. Orr, and four broth
ers, Henry Demander, of Blodgett
Mills, Pa., Ira, of Iowa, Herbert, of
Wisconsin, and Frank, of Jit. Pleas
ant, Pa.
Tho funeral sorvices wero held at
tho homo Friday evening at 7:30
o'clock, Rev. G. R. Merrill, pastor of
tho Presbyterian church, olllclating.
Tho romalns wero taken to Scranton
for Interment.
Saturday, March 23, was tho last
day for filing petitions for delegates
putting forth now leaves. From all t0 tn m convention. Several
parts of tho country comes the re-: w,Gro received by the county commls
port that tho peach crop Is ruined. sl,?rs ",'at daft Since tho last issue
the buds having been nipped by tho
Another ovidenco of spring is
that tho seed catalogs have taken
tho placo of the morning paper in
the bouse and all the old fishing rods
and tacklo Including trout lines aro
being taken out of cold storage and
burnished up for use. Tho 'best ovi
denco, however, can bo seen in
woman's npparol. Spring styles aro
beginning to blossom from beneath
the furs and many spring hats can
bo seen, but all Is not over yot and
that Easter bonnet may get soiled
even on EaBter, which Is only some
two weeks away. Of course wo ad
mit that it looks like winter, tho air
is chilly and the blrdB aro twitter
ing in tho trees, but it may bo snow
ing tomorrow.
After the long and savoro winter
It Is no wonder that we aro begin
ning to feel an attack of spring fover
evon if It is only tho 21st of March.
3Irs. Georgo Perigo.
Jeannette C, widow of tho late
George Perigo, died at her home on
Third street, Deposit, lost Thurs-
of Tho Citizen tho fqllowing petitions
navo .neon nieu:
Thomas M. Dunn, of Tunkhan
nock, Republican delegate to Nation
al convention, 14th congressional dis
trict. R. E. Bates, Waymart, altornato
delegate State Ropubllcan conven
tion. E. W. Estus, East Rush, Susque
hanna county, Republican altornato
delegate to National convention.
William I. Avery, of Tunkhan
nock, alternate delegate to National
Republican convention.
Mark T. Tuttlo, Hawley, alternate
delegate to Ropubllcan State conven
tion. C. A. McCarty, Honesdalo, dele
gate to Democratic State convenlon.
Edward Whalen and Adolph
Kingsbury, both of Towandn, delo"
gates to Democratic National con
vention, representing 14th congres
sional district.
Advortlso tho sale In Tho CItlzon.
where it will bo seen by thousands
of readers.
"Honesdalo to tlio Front."
Facts From France.
It Is proposed In France to pay a
franc additional a day to all married
army officers.
A proposition is before the French
government to establish meat markets
in all towns nbove 5,000 Inhabitants by
way of lowering prices through compe
tition. The mayor of the French city of
Havre, which has a population of 135,
000, has an Income of only $2,500 a
year, or half as much as tho agent of
a prominent steamship line.
H. F Weaver
Architect and Doilder
Plans & Estimates
Residence, 1302 EastSt.
Aro you reading tho war story
now being run in The Citizen? It Is
very interesting.
Tho women can't vote but nil can
boost Honesdale.
; Varnish
Valsnar dries free of rlnsti
in two hours and hard inj
Use tomorrow!
A floor varnished with;
Valspar can be walked onl
in twenty-four hours, with-'
out sticking or marring.
Wash Next Day
The lustre stays, does not'
turn white, wears thel
: Keeps Things New
"Tlit VvaUa Thai Woq'i Turn Whin"
Guaranteed b$ us
C. Go Jadwin
S. E. BVSornson
I2th and Kimble St. HONESDALE, PA.
"CAPITOL" Boilers nnd Radiators.
"LEADER" Air pressure water systems.
"GOULD" Pumps.
"STAR" Windmill.
,,.J ?Ve soods represent the best products in the market. The
use of them coupled with our 26 years' practical experience at tho
business Insures you a lasting and satisfactory Job.
correspondence Solicited. uoth 'Phones
. - uuiu M. HUIltXf. i
Beginning March 1, 1912 we annouce a reduction of price in
fuel gas to all customers using same through a separate meter
as follows:
From 100 .cubic feet to 23
one thousand.
0003 $1.50 per
From 2,000 cubic feet to 590009 $1.25 per
one thousand.
Above 5,000 cubic feet $1.00
per one
These rates makes the cost of gas for Fuel, Cooking,
etc., cheaper than coal. Be independent of the coal dealer.
Honesdale Consolidated Light, Heat & Power Co.
Both Phones
110-7th St.