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    THE CITIZKN, FIUOAY, MAltCIl 22, 1012.
ItED KOCK EGGS. llntlnp. direct
ono month ago from E. U. Thomp
son's "ninRlots." $3 for 15. H. G.
Rowland, Honcsdalo, Pa. 24el2
cd carriages, 1 doublo sleigh, 2
cts ot harness. Prices very reason
able. Apply at the Scranton Trust
Company, Scranton. Pa. 9tf.
'body who may want a high class
Honcsdalo home. Owner going away
nd will sacrlflco In price rather
than rent. Ask DORIN. It
tecn hundred seven Main street
for sale. All Improvements. Bent
ly Bros. Opposite postoffice. 23eitf
second-haud furniture Including
pieces from parlor to kitchen. In
quiro of William II. Hall, Indian Or
chard, Pa. Bell Phono 92C-5. 24c!3
boilers, clothes baskets, and wring
ers at Clark & Bullock's 22el4
Blooded stock. 1.00 setting of
15. F. B. Lord, Honesdale, Pa. 24eit
erels for sale. F. B. Lord. 24eitf
work horses and mules. Can be
teen at Gouldsboro, Pa. Mountain
Ico Co. 22t3
2 for the week. Sam. S. Wint
Piano Tuner. 24t2
learn glass cutting. Krantz,
attached to black belt. Finder re-
urn ifi .ii. mii irmnnin kitoot :i ti m
with Improvements on second floor.
231 Westside Avenue, Honesdale,
. 111UU11U Ul U. Hi. UUIW. 1 UU1
dry goods, groceries,, shoes, rub-
UU ltHi. 1 11UUJ1S WITH
modern Improvements, April 1.
Wednesday, February 7, 1912.
silver by Sommer, Jeweler and
nup nn ihrr
-Surely spring Is hero In all Its
Did you say you heard a robin
his morning?
Hawley has a measles epidemic.
v. r rk . i. 1 1 .1 i
nvn Hin mnlnrlv.
-The executive committee of the
Uo Vtlft Pnnnhr n n lin n AonnnlnMnn
nr. nr rnn isnnprmTonnnm'R nniPA
ast Saturday and decided to hold
he Spring meeting of the association
t h nn n n v nn nr w nv nnn snr rnnv
lay 10th and 11th.
John O'Connell, Jr., an employe
f the Gurney Electric Elevator
vorks. accldently ran the nolnt of a
lft In tho rnrnnr nf Yia ovn nn Tupr-
ay last, slightly injuring the eye
all, While tho wound is painful
nero Is no danger of losing tho eye-lght.
-Tho crusade against the sale of
andlod violets and other flowers
dulteratcd with coal tar dyes is to
e pushed in all cities of the State.
lie Jirsi iirreais were iuuue in i-uiia-elphia
on Friday, and more will fol-
een made in several eastern cities
f tho state.
Chanes j. smitn, of this place,
as received exceedingly good news
UUl U lit lUJIUii HID uiu.uvi-iu'iuni
ho has Just been appointed goner
1 superintendent of four divisions
f the Great Northern railway com
any, with headquarters In St. Paul,
linn Tho divisions, Superior,
nsnhl. Northern nnil Fercus Falls.
in IK) Known as uiu ijiinu uiouiti.
I am sorry to hear that Mr.
ussoll Dimmlck, trust officer of tho
ackawanna Trust and Safo Deposit
Impany, Is seriously 111. Mr. Dim-
lt'K is one 01 tnn iisarvnuiv nonuiar
on or inn rnv nn m n eniai.
leasant gentleman, with whom it is
'Now Is tho tlmo to advortlso
your vncant house. Try tho cont-a-word
column of The Cltlzon.
Lawronco Woldnor lost a valu
ablo horso on Tuesday mornlnc. Ho
had just purchased tho animal.
Tho old Lodgednlo dam nt
Lodgodalo was torn out by tho lco
recently and will probably not bo
Attorney T. 1). Axtol, of Susque
hanna, was hero in tho Interests of
John Woodmansee. of Starrucca. on
ruesuay ana Wednesday.
lion. W. 'H. Dimmlck stated to a
citizen representative that the condl
Hon of his son, Russell, of Scranton,
was very gravo Thursday morning.
Preparations aro nearly com
pletcd for tho second annual ball
and entertainment of Hoso Company
No. 1 nt tho armory Easter Monday
A marriage license, tho first In
the month of March, was Issued
ruesaay ny I'rothonotary W. J
names to Arthur W. Graham and
Miss Mary D. Spencer, both of Lonox
What has becomo of tho contest
for a slogan for Honesdale? Wo re
member somo good suggestions, but
none or tnem seem to havo'beon used
now about '"Honesdale to tho
According to N. V. Ayor & Son's
Aowspapor annual, there nro 215
daily papers: 43 soral-weokly: 847
weekly; 239 'monthly and 70 mis
cellaneous papers published in Penn
A three-year-old son of Walter
Ohscharskl wandered from Ills home
In Mayfleld, Saturday, and was
found Sundny near the old Gravity
D. & H. track. Death resulted from
Announcement was mado at the
State Department yesterday that no
withdrawals of nominating peti
tions would bo accepted unless ac
companlcd by affidavits of candidates
to the orrect that they desired to
At Seelyville, on Friday even
ing, there will "be games between the
Seelyville Basket Ball team and tho
Co. E team, and between the Hones
dalo Tigers and Seelyville Juniors.
On Tuesday evening next the flrst of
a series of games with Hawley will be
Marriage licenses were granted
in Scranton Tuesday to John H. Alte
melr, of Arlington, and Daisy B. Pel
ham, of Dallas; also to Edward
Ewartz, of Carbondale, and Velma
E. Estley, of Lake Ariel. The latter
were married Saturday at Ariel by
Rev. F. A. Van Sciver.
'Homer Greene, of Honesdale,
publishes his announcement as a
candidate for delegate to the Repub
lican National Convention to be held
in Chicago. We know of no man
better qualified to represent the
Fourteenth Congressional District
than Mr. Greene. New Milford Ad
vertiser. Chancellor Mahlon B. Pjtney's
nomination has -been confirmed as as
sociate Justice of the United States
in executive session. The vote was
50 to 20. PItney's confirmation was
opposed by labor, in view of his rec
ord as favoring corporate Interests,
and decision against peaceful picket
ing during the progress of a strike.
Mrs. Freidewald, of Scranton,
will read " Tho Lady From the Sea,"
by Henrick Ibsen Saturday afternoon
at tho High school auditorium. The
following Saturday, March 30, at the
same place and at the same hour she
will read "Peero Gynt, also by Hen-
rik Ibsen. This delightful course Is
nearlng the end and all who can
should avail themselves of hearing
tho remaining numbers.
In Canada an employe of a gar
age smoked a cigarette over a can
of gasoline, with the result that two
hundred thousand dollars' worth of
property went up in fire. There
ought to be special and severe penal
ties for this specific kind of gross
carelessness. In such cases life Is
jeopardized quite as much as proper
ty. In tho new crusade for fire pre
vention careless smokers should have
prominent consideration.
Delaware and Hudson officials,
Including Superintendent C. E. Burr,
Division Passenger and Freight
Agent, G. E. Bates, and C. J. Dibble
of this place, met with tho commit
tees of the Business Men's Associa
tion and Board of Trade In Burgess
C. A. McCarty's office Wednesday
afternoon, for tho purpose of dis
cussing better .freight facilities on
tho Honesdale branch of their road.
'Representative business men and
heavy shippers of the D. & H. were
Hon, E. B. Hardonborgh Is In Now
York on business this week.
Mrs. Garrett, of Whlto Mills, spent
Wednesday visiting frlonds hero.
R. E. Law, of Wllkos-Barre, was
a business caller In town Wcdnes
Mrs. Charlotto Cummlngs loft
Tuesday for a few days' stay In New
Miss Mary Hlgglns Is visiting rel
atives and friends in Scranton this
William .Tonson, of Scranton, was
a ibuslncsa caller In Honcsdalo Wed
nesday. Mrs. Miles Fltpatrlck, of Carbon
dnle. Is tho guest of 'Honesdale
Mrs. E. T. Brown nnd sister, Miss
Etta Fuorth, wore Scranton visitors,
Editor C. E. Sandorrock, of tho
Wayne uounty Herald, spent Tuesday
in Scranton.
Miss Margaret Hagen loft on Wed
nesday morning on a business trip
to New York.
Ray Hambly, who was operated
upon in Scranton two weeks ago, is
expected homo in a few days.
Frank Ross, of Hanklns, N. Y., Is
spending a few days with his brothor,
George P. Ross, of Dyberry Place.
Mrs. C. J. Smith, who has 'been at
the Moses Taylor hospital for some
time, Is expected home this week.
Miss Eva Wilson entertained tho
members of the Billiken club at her
home on Tuesday evening. 'Refresh
ments were served.
Misses (Margaret Leonard and
Sadie Gaffney have returned to their
homes In Carbondale after spending
a few days with Honesdale friends.
Mrs. W. J. Perkins and son, Wil
liam, of Carbondale, were guests a
few days recently at the home ot
Commissioner and Mrs. Neville Hol
gate on Thirteenth street.
Wnyno County Preacher Claimed to
lie Lost.
Word hs been received from Ro
chester, England, that tho Rev. H.
T. Purklss, of Lakovllle, Wayne
county, has disappeared from tho
place ho was visiting there and tho
police liavo ibeen asked to look for
him. It is believed he Is a victim of
aphasia. His health failed a year
ago and the members of his congre
gation raised a purse and sent him
abroad to rest. A couple of months
ago his friends had a letter saying
ho had been robbed ot his ticket
ll. ....... .. t ... ., 1 .
lways a pleasure to meet and talk. Mr, A second nurse was
o Is a lawyer of much ability, who Vn A.PS,. BeCL
bandoned a good nractlco a couhle """" " ' " " "
f nn " ,. " 'sieumsiup company denied mar, no
r years ago for tho purpose of un-,,,,, ,,' nM'. ,0ft, fpi,0
I1UU UUbil AShfUUU 1 UlltOt
oruiKinK unanciai activities in con
ection wun xno Trust comnanv.
hlch aro more congenial to his
isies. il is billion mm ins condition
critical. I hopo that tho doctors
u 'luipianuu nuuiu mai, UUU lllul a
ipk rppoverv win nrini? mm nnnnr
i i -. . i i . .
nnir imh iriifiiiiH in ;l vnrv ennrr
mo." Personal and Pertinent,
ranton Times.
C. E. Roehllng, of Chicago, and
P. Feenoy, of Bowling Green.
hio, were In Honesdale Thursday
tho Interest of 1'itkins & Brooks,
Bowling Green, whoso factory was
;stroyed by fire about a week ago.
r. Roehllng told a Citizen ropre-
ork could bo commenced at once
take caro of their many orders.
or the present, he claimed It would
) only toraporary and as for estab
shlng a permanent factory In
onesdalo could not givo an answer
Rev. Dr. Crydcmvlso Is Energetic In
tho Muster's Work.
Tho Rev. H. M. Crydenwlse, of
BInghamton, father-in-law of tho
Rov. Walter Austin Wagner, pastor
of tho First Congregational church
of Mlddletown, N. Y Is a remark
able man. This fact was thoroughly
impressed upon overyono who at
tended any of tho services at tho
First Congregational church on Sun
day. Rov. Dr. Crydenwlse Is 73
years old but If those who heard him
preach had shut their oyes and
Judged his ago by the sound of his
voice and tho quality of his sermons,
they would havo thought ho was a
young man and n most eloquent
ono at that. -Mercury. - ,
Now Rugs, Carpets and Curtains
for Spring house cleaning necessities
at Menner & Co., Keystone Block. 4t
Tho application of M. F. Downs,
of Buckingham township, for a ho
tel license, was considered on Tues
day afternoon before the court. At
torneys Scarle and Salmon and Mc-
Carty for Downs, and Attorneys
Simons and Stocker for the prose
cution. Tho hotel in question Is
located on tho river road at a point
several hundred yards back of tho
main road. It is one and one-half
miles to Hancock, N. Y., 9 miles to
Equinunk, 8 miles to Lake Como.
Several remonstrances were flled
against this petition and among
them were two from Hancock. N.
Y, These two remonstrances com
ing from persons living In the state
of New York could not be consider
ed, however, their evidence was
allowed to go In.
Michael Bregsteln, W. N. Stevens,
Jacob Hunt, Ben. Robinson. Christ.
Murphy testified to the good char
acter of Mr. Downs and the neces
sity of a hotel at this place, saying
that It was an ideal spot for sum
mer tourists and to go to Hancock
a person would be obliged to pay a
toll to cross the bridge. J. A. Bodfe,
Jr., showed pictures to the Court
wnich ho had taken of the pro
posed hotel and he stated that he
had been inside the house, -which
is almost now and well conducted.
M. F. Downs stated that he expected
to servo the oest class of the public
as ho had done In the past and that
he was not depending wholly on
business from Hancock. He said
ho could accommodate 30 people, his
house having 10 rooms and a large
dining room which would seat near
ly 20 persons. Ho stated to the
Court that he was an experienced ho
tel keeper, having somo eleven
years' experience in this state and
also in New York. Ho produced a
book showing last year's business
which showed receipts from boarders
$837.75. and from travelers of $39.
50, making a total of $877.25 for tho
In tho remonstrance there were
seven witnesses, William Kingsbury,
Hancock, N. Y., H. A. Williams,
Hancock, N. Y Boyd Belknapp, Jas.
tioag, uu. Terwiniger, Mr. Kings,
bury, Autumn Leaves. These wit
nesses all testified to the lack of
travel on tho road where the hotel
stands and stated that ono was not
necessary hero for the travel was
mostly by drummers, who hired
rigs In Hancock to go to Lake Como
and Equinunk and Invariably went
back to Hancock for hotel accommo
dations. Somo of tho witnesses
were against hotel licenses on gen
eral principals but most of them op
posed the hotel license on the
ground that it was unnecessary.
Ono man stated that that region
was on the decline and not as pro
gressive as it was 20 years ago
when the lumbering was good. Ho
stated that oven the school was go
ing down, having only three pupils
at this tlmo. This saimo man said,
when asked If he didn't think ad
vertising would bring business, "No
need of advertising. What's tho use
of wasting your money on that."
Tho Itov. James A. Brown of Pltts-
von win bo the special preacher nt
urnco episcopal church Friday,
March 22, nt 7:30 p. m.
On Sundny, March 24, tho Rov.
H. Brownleo Smith, of Stroudsburg,
win omcinio at uotn tno 10:30 a
m. and tho 7:30 p. m. services in
cxciiango with tho Rector. Sunday
school at 12 M.
Tho Rov. H. Brownleo Smith of
htroudsburg, will bo tho special
preacher at tho Indlnn Orchnnl
school house, Sunday, March 22, at
P. m. All aro invited.
Thero will bo no preaching sor
vices In tho Honcsdalo Methodist
Episcopal church .on Sunday. Sun
day school and other services will be
ncid as usual.
ino gradual development of our
country Into ono of tho world's great
nations may Uo followed in tho nic
tures exhibited at tho High school
March 28, 29 and 30. Tho Indian is
well brought out as a human bolng,
not a mere blood-thirsty savage. He
Is seen to have thoughts and feollngs
akin to our own, social relations and
Industries of peaceable, home-keeping
Colonial times also' aro brought to
mind tho formation of tho Union
and many other significant events In
our national development. There
aro views of superb American scenery
from tho Atlantic Ocean to tho Pa
cific. In fact a national commentary.
full of beauty nnd meaning, is In tho
The famous Johnstown World's
Champion Basket Ball team has not
been defeated since starting on Its
Darn-stormlng trip at the end of tho
league season, March 14. This team
Is composed of such well known play
ers as Fogarty, Klncnid, 'Newman
and Wohlfarth and others. They
will play hero in tho Rink on Monday
night next, March 25. This is a very
unusual honor for Honesdale and will
bo n treat no basket ball fan will
want to miss.
To-night (Thursday) tho All-Stars
and Defender teams will play at the
Rink to decide on the best team to
play against Johnstown. This will bo
a very interesting game.
Death of Herman UnverznKt.
Mrs. John Baumann, of Twelfth
street, received a telephone message
Wednesday that her father, 'Herman
Unverzagt, had died suddenly at his
home at Roxbury. His death was
unexpected, Mrs. Baumann claiming
that a letter received recently told of
her father and family s good health.
Mr. Unverzagt was about 75 years of
ago and was thrice married. Besides
a widow tho following children sur
vive: Mrs. Anna Harris and Mrs.
George Weldner, both of Scranton;
Charles, of New York city; Ralph,
of Philadelphia; Mrs. S. J. Mower,
Harry and Edith Unverzagt, all of
NewTjurgh, N. Y., and Mrs. John
Baumann of Honesdale. The funeral
will be held Friday morning. Mrs.
Baumann will attend.
FINDS $10,000; $1 REWARD.
Kilainazoo, Mich,, March 19.
One dollar was tho reward of a Bur
dick Hotel chambermaid- for finding
$40,000 worth of gems lost for (four
teen hours.
Albert Glnsenberg, a New York
salesman for Kalsof Brothers, of
Maiden lane, New York city, whole
sale jewelers, was the man who lost
the Jewels.
Will Raise Bridge.
Ono of tho first Jobs to bo dono
on tho Delaware division of tho Erlo
tho comlni; season will bo tho raising
of the railroad bridge that spans tho
highway at Deposit. Tho work will
bo under tho supervision of Division
Engineer Barnes of Susquehanna. Mr.
Barnes said rocontly that tho vlllago
trustees had approved of tho plans
submitted by tho company. Tho
bridge will bo raised ono foot and
10 inches, nnd Is dono for tho pur
pose of safeguarding brakemen who
aro obliged to rldo on top of tho enrs
at this point.
Statement of Public Semico Coiiinilfi
slon. 'Railroad accidents havo 'been so
frequent of lato that tho Public Ser
vice Commission nt Albany,, has is
sued a statement giving Its conclu
sions on the subject. The statement
" It would bo far better If wo
Americans would bo satisfied to
travel slower. It would Increaso
safety. Investigation may Indicate
tho necessity of compelling tho reduc
tion of very fast train speeds in cold
Judge Staples Sustained.
Hon. C. B. Staples was sustained in
two cases he decided while presiding
in court in Bucks county, by the Su
perior court. Tho one was In a case
where a road was vacated and new
ono laid out, and tho other was a
suit of the Turnpike company to col
lect taxes from a trolley company,
Ho decided in favor of tho trolley
company and was afllrmed. Another
feather in the cap of the Monroe
county judge. Milford Dispatch.
Lncknwnnnn Fined 93,000.
Buffalo, N. Y., March 21. Tho
Lackawanna railroad -was fined $2,
000 to-day for violating tho commo
dities ClallRO Of Mln,..,.. 1
..vuuin ItlVV. 1
Tho company shipped hay over Its
n lines irom uurrnlo to Scranton
freo of chargo for uso of its mules In
Its own mines.
For Infants ana Children,
Hie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Bignaturo of
Well known in this county, and known well,
Tho R. S. Howard Piano at its price is tho best known piano on tho
American market, and it's guaranteed a lifetime.
Prices on R. S. Howard Piano from $250.00
to $300.00. On easy payments. No interest.
Free Tuning for two years. Stool and Scarf free.
We carry an insurance for your interest for three
tM I tHM Ml Htttt I I I I I HI I M MHMt I I MtM HMti
To Develop Water Power.
There are all kinds of rumors In
tho air concerning tho development
of water power at different points in
this part of tho country. It is known
that capitalists aro ascertaining pos
sibilities of the big falls near Shohola
and in tho Delaware River at Mon-
gaup, and there may be aams built
in tho rivor at Barryvllle, Cochecton
and Connonsvlllo for tho storage of
the water.
- - The Celebrated - -
Is A Marvel In Bread Stuff
Such Richness, Pur
ity, and Mellow Tasting
Bread can only be ob
tained in S. & B. bread.
If ' you are not now
using S, & B. do so at
once, as they cost no
more than the inferior
kind. Manufactured at
Come In and look at our large
stock of Easter Goods
An Unu
sua Event
To Be Able
To Offer
Brand New Men's and Young Men's
Spring Suits at Sacrifice prices right at the
beginning of the season
Through making a lucky trip to New York
last week, I came across a Clothing Manu
facturer who had a lot of 260 Men's and
Young Men's suits made up for a Philadel
phia clothierwhose lease just expired and not
being able to renew it, was compelled to
cancel the order, therefore leaving the suits
on the manufacturer's hands.
He was forced to sell them at a sacrifice
price, and being fortunate in being there, I
purchased them close to my own offer.
52 Men's & Young Men's regular $10.00 value while they last $6.00
0 "
; 97
$12.00 "
" $15.00 "
" " " $7.50
" " " $10.00
ii ii
$18.00 $12.00
50 Men's and Young Men's
Regular $7.50 Slip on Raincoats $3.98
Enterprise Clothing House
A: W. UHUB Prop.
!e, Penn'a.
Stetson Hals
Holeproof Hosiery
I Hart Schaffner & Marx Fine Clolhes
44MMMMMMM4-M-MM. 44 HM t M)M ;
Hand force pump for weMs 10
to 30 ft. deep. Ratchet top in
sures easy operation. Fitted with
hose discharge for washing wag
ons or garden use.
Brass lined cylinder, capaci
ty, 30 qts. per minute.
Price $6.50
Outfit for30ft. well $9.50.
Murray Co.,
Honesdale, Pa.