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Tllii CITIZKN, FRIDAY, MAI101I 22, 12.
Scml-Wcckly Founded 1008; Weekly Founded 1814.
Published Wednesdays and Fridays by tho Cltison Publishing Company.
Entered as second-class niattor, at tho postofllco. Honesdale, Pa.
n. nonrLmoFn.
m. b. ai.uw.
It. A. IfAKnKNIlKRait
w. w. woon
Our friends tcho favor us with contributions, and desire to hale the same re
vrned, should in every case enclose stamps for that purjwse.
Rnmit hv Kinross Money Order. Draft. Post Office Order or Registered
fetter. Address all communications to Tho Citizen, No. 803 Main street,
TTnnaarinln. Pfl.
ah nntiroR of shows, or other entertainments held for tho purposo of
making money or nny Items that contain advertising matter, will only bo
iimittnii tn thin nnner on Davment of rccular advertising rates. Notice
of entertainments for the benefit of churches or for charltablo purpose"
whoro a fee Is charged, will be published at hair rales, uaras or uianns,
60 cnts, memorial poetry nnd resolutions of respect will be charged for at
th rato of a cent o word. Auveriising rates on appncuuuu.
Our character Is our will for what vta will
we are. Archbishop
Tho Republican party Is to bo congratulated when men of tho charac
tor and standing of Homer Greene and John W. Codding offer themselves
as candidates for delegate to a National Convention. There Is no compel
satlon attached to tho position, and the delegate must bear his own ex
penses. It is a matter of pure and disinterested party service. It is a pos
ition moreover which requires not only party fealty but Judgment and ex
perience. No qualifications which fits him for this service is lacking in
cither of the two gentlemen named. That they are not only willing but
desirous of representing their party nt the great convention, speaks well
not only for their party loyalty but for tho standing and principles of the
party that can command their services. Tho Republican voters of this
congressional district are fortunate to have tho opportunity of being repre
uo nod at Chicago by men of their calibre, character and standing.
Stnto Treasurer of Pciiu&ylvnnln lit
Washington, D. C, Mnrch 21.
Stttto Treasurer Wright of Pennsylva
nia is a candidate) lor a full term In
that ofllco, according to nn announce
ment made to his friends In this city
when ho came hero to-day. Heine an
uppointco Mr. Wright Is eligible to
succeed himself, nnd as ho has given
n successful administration of the af
fairs of his offlco It Is 'bollevcd he
will havo tho hacking of tho Republi
can Party of Pennsylvania and will
recoivo tho nomination.
Mr. Wright called on Senator Pon
roso to-day, but no announcement
was inado after tho conference It Is
not known who will bo supported by
tho leaders for tho nomination for
auditor general.
Commenting on tho Presidential
fight In 'Pennsylvania, State Treasur
er Wright said to-day:
"in my part of tho State thoro Is
little If any Roosevelt sentiment
Everybody feels that President Tnft
has given a progressive administra
tion, without much noise or luss.
Tho President is Btrong in Pcnnsylva
nia, and 1 don't think thoro Is any
doubt or his renominatlon and re
fit to cat And fishermen throw them
oomo lisiicrmcn nre in tno nauii
f kcoping Hah of Just six Inches
s 20 and oven when tncy nave
legal number caught havo kept on
fishing, hoping to catch lnrgor fish,
n which ovont they throw uacK in
to tho hrook tho smaller sized fish
and keep tho larger, and In such
cases tho fish always dlo.
Tho intention Is to endeavor to
amend tho law so that any sized
trout mny ho kept by tho fishermen.
and thus prevent fish affected with
fungus from coming In contact with
tho othor fish.
Hon. C. Fred Wright, who is serving by appointment as treasurer of
tho State of Pennsylvania, will bo a candidate for the nomination to that
office at the next Republican State Convention, and will undoubtedly be
Ho has been one of the 'best treasurers the state ever had. His long
experience as a banker, and his many years of successful training in large
business enterprises havo endowed him with a peculiar fitness to handle un
dorstandingly the finances of tho stato. He has given the offlco the benefit
of his personal attention, and has conducted the business with vigor, -with
exactness and to tho great advantage of the commonwealth, as tho records
of his abundantly show. His nomination at the State Convention for
the coming full term should be a matter of course, and if nominated his
election will be practically assured.
What is said in another place on this page concerning tho good fortune
of tho Republican party In being able to enlist tho services of such men as
Homer Greene and John W. Codding as candidates for delegate to the Na
tional Convention may be said with equal force of William F. Riofler and
Dr. L. P. Cooke who are candidates for delegate to tho State Convention.
Both of those last named are men of high standing and character, both aro
men of largo business interests which require their constant and careful
attention. In standing as candidates for stato delegate they are entirely
unselfish, they have no axes to grind, nothing to gain except the satlsfac
tion of having served their party and the people of tho state. Moreover,
If elected, they will go to tho convention with a full knowledge of tho
party's needs and the people's wishes They are no recent acqulsltibns to
tho party, nor are they dormant timber now starting for the first time into
-party life. For a quarter of a century they have been among tho foremost
In tho party counsels, have pratlclpated actively and honorably in all of tho
party struggles, victories and defeats, are well known by tho Republican
Toters of Wayne county and have their confidence and good will. It
-would be difficult to find better men to send to a state convention, and the
Republicans of Wayne county are to bo congratulated on being able to
command their services.
Tho Ktnto Department Received Over
1,500 of Oio Petitions Tills leur.
Chlof Clerk Georgo D. Thorn, of
tho Stnto Department, Harrlsburg, es
tlmates that fully 1.G00 nominating
petitions were on file nt tho State
Canitol for congressional, senatorial
and legislative nominations and that
all records would bo broken. It was
figured out that there wero between
1.300 and 1,400 nominations on tuc
but later scrutiny showed that over
1,500 wero In the files.
Tho highest previous record was in
1010. when 1,400 petitions were en
tered for tho same nominations, but
this year, owing to activity of tho
Prohibitionists and Socialsts in mat
inc nominations, tho difference made
by failure of Keystoners to nominate
has been more tnan made up. beven
petitions which arrived at tho Harris
burg postofllco after midnight on
Saturday were rejected, three of them
did not come in until Monday morn
The department rejected four po
titions to bo candidates for sonato
in tho Fourth Philadelphia district
where Senator 'E. L. Tustln resigned
and the vacancy there will havo to
be filled by a special election, for
which papers will bo filed later on.
iMondav morning uierKs w.
Fleming, J. C. Delninger, Harry
Freeston and James K. LeLancy be
gan tho big task of comparing the
nomlnatinK petitions witn tno en
tries In the records and when that is
finished tho certification of nomina
tions to counties will "begin. Tho last
petitions wero not entered until al
most midnight or twenty-four hours
after the tlmo for receiving tnem
closed, this being duo to the rush
on Saturday night, which was beyond
all precedent.
" Do you believo in tho rule of the people?" asks Col. Roosevelt In the
pagos of a recent number of his magazine, The Outlook.
Of course wo do, Colonel. We believo In It not only as a thing to 'bo
desired, but we believe In it as an accomplished and existing fact. In this
commonwealth especially, the people have the first and last say. If they
did not have it it would not be because they dod not have abundant op
portunity to have it. Take it in tho matter of elective ofllces In this state.
Our primary law, enacted by a Republican legislature and approved by a
Republican Governor, gives to tho voters the largest possible freedom of
choice in the selection of their candidates. A certain limited number,
from ten to two hundred of tho voters of any established party may, by
filing a petition In the proper offlce, have the name of their candidate
printed on the official ballot. Each wing or faction In tho party, any
group of men In the party has tho same privilege. Nothing could be furth
er from dictation or bosslsm. Nothing could put the sources of political
power more directly in tho hands of tho people. Under this system If the
Toters do not get the candidates they desire, t Is absolutely their own
fault. The primaries and the doors leading to them aro open wide. To say
that the people aro not and cannot bo in control of their own affairs under
our present system Is as false as It is foolish. The cry that tho people
ro deprived of their rights is the cry of the demagogue. It Is the wooden
horse concealed within which certain shrewd seekers after political con
trol hope to enter the citadel of power. Listen to the cry if you please but
take It for what It Is worth.
The spirit of progress and activity 1s moving In Honesdale and Wayne
-county. The recent number of real estate deals consummated, the prospects
of tho erection of several new buildings and the remodeling of others is
evidence that tho seemingly apathetic condition of affairs Is broken. Un
questionably thero are a number of people residing In Wayno county and
especially Honesdalo who would like to see It advance and prospor and are
willing to place tholr shoulder to tho wheel and get out of tho rut of Indlf
foronce. Yet thero are others who aro satisfied and set In their conserva
tlvo ways who think that things aro good enough as they stand, let alone
tmprovo thorn. Any municipality cannot stand still and prospor. It must
elthor advance or go behind.
Honesdalo Is now at a point whore It can ndvanco and become a city
of 10,000 Inhabitants. Tho Greater Honosdnlo opportunity Is gradually
bolng grasped and tho spirit seems to bo moving. Three sections of Texas
township recently petitioned tho Town Council for admlttanco and havo
been accepted. Individuals living in different parts of tho abovo named
township aro anxious to come in. This Is ample evidence that tho peoplo of
Texas aro moving 1n tho right direction. Honesdalo Is well on tho road
to a greator and better town. This movement needs 'the support of every
resident of Texas township who is out for bettor things, and wo know that
thoro aro nono but would wish to see this community experience a boom
on a safe and substantial basis.
By a mutual Impulso the realization seems to havo come to tho peoplo
that Honesdalo nvuBt not be loft to depend upon those natural processes of
accretion by which merely " good towns " grow. The awakening of tho
trade organizations and the chic associations with which Honosdale and
Texas township 1s provided, and their Impulse for co-oporatlon, Is hopeful
and Inspiring. It means a rovlval of tho forces that havo become latont
through tho onjoymont of a very comfortablo prosperity. Honesdale Is bo
elnnlng to learn that towns do not stand still any moro than peopie stand
still. Thoro must bo progress or retrogression, and Honesdale has. decided
for progress. We hope Honosdaleans generally will absorb this spirit and
with ono voice decdo that Honesdalo shall progress. Then when the op
pcrtunlty Is afforded work In co-operation with Texas township and wo
will havo Groater Honesdale.
Must File Contributions and Ex.
penses Fifteen Days IJeioro a
A notice warning candidates fo
Congress that tho act of August 19
1911. requires the filing of a state
ment of campaign contributions and
expenses fifteen days beforo a prl
mary or convention, Is about to bo is
sued jointly by Representative Burke
of South Dakota, acting chairman of
the Republican Congress committee
and Representative Lloyd, of Mis
sourl. chairman of the Democratic
Congress committee.
Tho law provides that evasion or
violation of tho requirements as lndi
cated shall be punishable by fine and
imprisonment. This would mean that
tho rlcht of a successful candidate to
hold his seat would be denied if it
was shown that he had failed to
comply with tho act of August 19
Mothers Form nn Organization
Protect Their Marriageable
Catlln. 111., March 21. Tho moth
ers of Catlln, with a view of protect
ing their daughters through invest!
gation of tho standing and character
of suitors, havo formed a Mother
Protective Association and plan
extend It to other cities and central
With tho Intercity association tho
mothers of one city can got iniorma
tion from a.iother concerning any
young man who may como courting
from a distance.
Hero are tho points which th
mothers will ask to bo enlightened
upon when a suitor appears:
Does ho smoke cigarettes?
Does ho drink?
Is ho known to bo pr.ofano or vul
Does ho read good books?
Hoes ho go to church or Sunday
Does ho spend his evenings
homo or In saloons?
Is ho considerate of his mother
and sisters?
'What are his business prospects?
In addition thero aro a number of
blanks In tho form to bo filled
with additional Information not cov
ered by these questions.
C. A. Itlgclow, Comedian, Dead.
Charles A. Blgclow, tho comedian,
who playod In various companies with
Anna Held for several seasons, and
who Inst appeared 1n "Tho Kiss
Waltz." died suddenly at Mcadvlllo
last week, whllo on his way to Now
York, from a visit to Cambridge
Springs, Pa.
Mr. Rlgolow had been 111 for only
a short time. About n week ago ho
went to a sanitarium nt Cambridge
Springs for trentment and was re
turning to New York when ho sud
denly suffered a turn for tho worso
on board tho train. His valet, Geo
Petors, caused his removal from tho
train nnd Mr. Blgelow died In tho
Spencer hospital.
Mr. lllgolow was 50 years old, and
.was a member of tho Lambs, Green
Room, Larchmont Yacht and Man-
hatsot Yacht Clubs, of the Elks and
of tho Masons.
Mr. Blgclow made his first stage
appearance when ho was 14 years old
at Boston in " Tho Crystal Slipper.'
He then Joined tho Carlcton Opera
Company nnd roso rapidly coming to
New York with Lillian Russell and
mado his first marked success In
Tho Princess Nicotine."
Mrs. William A. Petliick Dead
Mrs. William A. Pethlck died at
her late homo at Dethany at 8
o'clock on Thursday morning, 'Mar.
21. She had been In falllifg health
for some time and her death comes
as a severe blow to bor many friends
In this part of tho county. Deceased
was1 a highly respected woman and
gained many friends In Bethany and
vicinity by her sweet disposition and
kindly nature.
Lavina Palling was born In Can
ada 72 years ago and many years
ago she and her husband, who pre
ceded her In death some years ago,
came to Bethany to reside. Ono
son, 'Harry W. Pethick, of Hawley,
three daughters, Mrs. Henry Ben
nett, Mrs. John Smltn, of Bethany;
Mrs. Rena Griffith, of Cornell, sur
vlvo to 'mourn her loss. She Is also
survived by ono sister, Mrs. Eliza
Davis, of Princeton, Canada.
The Dress Goods shown by Menner
& Co. for this season are very at
tractive. 24eol4
Wayne County Schools.
Scouts Help Have Chestnut
Trees In Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Hoy Scouts are co
operating with tho Stato Department
ui l ui csu; in iiresurviiiR ino W11U
encstnut troes. A disease a destroy
ing hundreds of tho trees throughout
mo siaic, anu tno situation Is so dan
gerous that tho stato legislature has
appointed a commission to investi
gate tho spread of tho blight. A
great difficulty, however, lies In find
ing tho afflicted trees. In this work
tho Boy Scouts of America can be of
great valuo to tho commission and
tho Department of Forestry. The
uoy scouts are taKing up tho work
becauso they havo already had so
much fun going chestnut hunting
that their loyalty to tho sport com
pels them to do everything thoy can
to save the trees.
" It has occurred to us," writes
Irvln C. Williams, Pennsylvania
Deputy Commissioner of Forestry,
" that this would bo valuable exer
cise to Boy Scouts, It would teach
thorn woodcraft, would enablo thom
to recgnlzo tho disease, will teach
them how to discriminate between
wild chestnut trees, and other spec
ies of trees, and will enable them to
iaKo waiKS anu marcnes with a
double purposo, and at the same tlmo
glvo our state advanced Information
of the occurrence of tho disease.
This work will bo of gerat help to
tho commonwealth becauso the dis
ease must be arrested at once If any
trees aro to bo saved."
Scout Master E. G. Jenkins of the
local troop. Is perhaps tho first Field
Agent appointed outsldo of the 35
experts connected with tho Blight
Commission. He had tho privilege
last fall of accompanying one of tho
most experienced experts on a tour
of lnspction, locating blighted trees,
and receiving field Instructions.
Recently a number of Scout Mas
ters In the state have been appointed
Field Agents. As such, they aro at
liberty to enter any woodland or
other property to cxamino chestnut
trees and the boys while under the
Field Agents' personal escort may
also be admitted to assist in tho ex
aminations. It is tno purposo of the Commis
sion to teach tho people of each lo
cality to recognize the blight and to
use proper measures In combating It,
and with some training the boys can
assist In locating the disease and In
structing tho owners.
Arrangements are under way for
an Illustrated lecturo and field in
struction by Mr. Keller E. Rockey,
who has charge of this work, some
time this spring. Every owner of
chestnut trees In this section will bo
Interested In this lecture and no
doubt a alrge number will be bene
fitted thereby.
Sour Stomach
Gas and Heartburn Stopped in
Five Minutes.
Get rid of Indigestion.
Or dyspepsia, or whatever you call
your stomach misery.
Drivo out tho sourness.
Lift off the heaviness.
Stop tho fermentation of food.
iinnmn f?n o n ni rr nil fti r ah
Info nt Pnll'fl. thn (ImirirlftK tn.i)ar
stomach distress.
tion was ever writton.
fXTT-O-XTA rriolrta flirt Dtnmnnt.
' ' - - ---"- T
nrniin anu stronc enoucn to dleon
food without aid. For salo by Pell
h rliMlcrtrlor nnd flrl1ICrlara nvnnw
uuiy auniiny to Kvnngciuo uuy or
Billy Sunday, former base ball star
now an evangelist, has arranged wit
summer of 1913, and will stay to
which will accommodate 10,000 per
sons, and the meetings will bo hel
in it.
And Wo Can Prove It.
Tho Lelno's Drug Store says to
every person be It man, woman or
child who has an Irritated, tender,
inflamed, itching SKIN or SCALP,
you need not suffer another day.
"Wo have a refined skin preparation
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you swift and sure results."
Ono warm bath with ZEMO SOAP
and ono application of ZEMO and
you will not suffer another moment
and you will soon see a euro In sight.
ZEMO and ZEMO SOAP aro prov
en cure3 for every form of skin or
scalp affection. They aro sold by
ono loading druggist In every city
or town In America and In Hones
dale by A. M. Lelno's drug store.
Tho new wall papers for spring
1912 contains tho latest combina
tions and shades at tho lowest prices
at Menner & Co. 24eoi4
ih-.akxkss oaxxot nrc nuiiE
. V. . V. .1 I r, .. .. .1 . I . 1.
UUb 1 l.t . fcuts u.ocav. AU1 k.WU W. Ill
ear. There Is only ono way to cur
iifiii 1 1 ri.T . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 1. m ii v i .1 1 i i ii
liuuui luucuiua. ucaiucaa ia mu
ed by an Inflamed condition of th
mucous lining of the Eustachla
Tube. When this tube Is inflame
tlrcly closed, Deafness is the rcsul
and unless the inflammation can b
taken out and this tube restored t
Its normal condition, bearing wi
uu ueauueu luicvci , uiuc uusea u
of ten are caused by Catarrh, whlc
is nothing but an inflamed conditio
of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will give One Hundred Do
ed by catarrh) that cannot be cure
circulars, free.
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Political Announcement.
I hereby announce myself as
fTILIIII 1 1 1 H 1(1 I nr JL 1 1 M I E- LT II I M iriiui II
Fourteenth Congressional district
tn hn hfilrl In nhlrairn In Juno, f-ivn
" 1 X T" 1 T- I I
April 13, 1912.
aIRf Athona P.i
AT 1407 MAIN
Fire, Life, Accident, Automobile
and Boiler
Consolidated Phone I-9-L 'Opposite Post Office
New Trout Law Wanted.
At tho next meeting of tho Legls
laturo an offort will bo mado to hav
tho law relating to trout fishln
changed so that thoro will be no limit
to the bIzo of fish caught but tho limit
as to the numbor caught will bo re
talned. At present tho law says that
no trout less than six Inches may bo
retained when caught, and a fislior
man is limited to 40 In ono day.
Old exports, who havo knowledge
whoreof they talk, and ono of them
Is Fish Commissioner Duller, say
that when a trout of less than six in
ches in bIzo Is caught, removed from
tho hook and then thrown back into
tho water, it Invariably dies. Whero
tho fisherman's hand comes In con
tact with the trout It Injures tho fish
so that In a short time a fungus be
gins to grow, which In duo tlmo
spreads to the entire fiflh and kills
It, so that throwing a fish back Into
tho water, no matter how well moant,
does not save the trout. This has
been proven time and again. A
trout affected with this fungus Is un-
Quick changes of temperature and the advent of spring
clothing are apt to induce colds, which, starting in the head
work downward into the throat and air passages.
The important thing to do is to stop these colds in the start,
to insure prompt relief from the distress in the head, and to
open up the nostrils and insure free breathing. You can do this
with REX ALL COLD TABLETS, our remedy for colds. It costs
but 25c. Sold By Us Only
LEINE'S, the Rexall Drugstore,
Honesdale. Pa.
Both Phones