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    fHE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MARCH 215, 1012.
Token From Goodrich's Old History
A Sketch of Its Enrly History
And of the Beginning of tho 1).
At II. Cnnnl.
Tho territory which constitutes
tho counties of Wnyno and Pike, was
sot off from tho county of Northamp
ton, by an act of tho Legislature
passed on tho 21st day of March,
1798. Tho original boundaries of
Wayno county therefore, wero the
northern lino of tho stato on the
north, tho Delaware river on tho
ast, Northampton (now Monroo) on
tho south, and Luzcrno and Susque-
annna counties on the west. Tho
rnn u-na 1 .1 u ' nntio.. n,ir.n nn.i
population was 2.6C2. Wllsonvlllo,
small manufacturing vlllace. was
first proposed for tho county seat
if' 1 V. fc J i J. s ir 1 UWU ITUD
n f in I n r l n n 1 fitif ml no f tr n i n
forks of tho Dyberry, and tho land
was divided off Into lots and a pub-
If cn 1! n rn fnr Hir nnimtw 1it 11 1 rt trn
ms location was cancel uotnany ana
frame court houso was romnvpil
Tinrn frnm MllfnrH In 1 Cr. Tli
. 1 1. 1 1 .1 r . , .
ind jail at Bethany wero completed
nil rniirr Wnn hnlil rntrnlnr w
no iirsi. couniv commissionors worn
nn ntlfl .lnhn Pnrenn f!i-nnt
viikviti, uau ua-ii uwuuiusiUU lOr S0I11C
Irao by tho peoplo along tho Dela-
iu uiiiow Aiiimrn. nn nnnnunt nr
itii luu Luiiat'iu. in imm iifiiiiiiit snr
iff tho lower end of the county and
nado a new county and It was called
J Hn with tlyn cnnl rf 1.ttj.n n fll
Nathaniel B. Eldrod was tho first
resident Judge to he elected by tho
eople in 1S51, and James Mumford
nascus was one of the first ' town
hips and was established In 179S.
- aawaa wvtuiu, Wt tV UUUUkllUJ
us coveren w rn nm npa nnri nn.
els. The wolf and the fox roamed
here unmolested. After the discov-
nf! Tlftnr thn frnnfnc rtll7nnfntir it.n
- w q. vuva ukjv,s Wa -T 111UL
t nroduced an ovpollont flm onH
alleys of the Lackawanna and Wyo-
InC. If WHO llcnlnco litilncn If
avo a ready market where It would
O nitrnhncfwi n n A u,l rrun i
hat Maurice and William Wurtz. of
uimucijiuw, uuvisuu me pian or
onstructing a canal from the Lark.
waxen to tho site of Honesdale to
uu nuuson river ai Kingston, a dls
rlPn nr -inn hiinilwnJ n..l i i
llles. They carried out their plans
pt i n ?i li f rt nip m n i i u.i-
In 1829 the Delaware and Hudson
una. comnanv was orcanizod nni n
'hilt Iq n n V Unnncttnln nrnn
Sw i va ta 1
uuukUL u v i 1 1 h i i i ; i w :i rn nnn
- laj vy KJ U Ul UC1
imhlo f In o rf .Klnf
fnfl f hir mnonTion 1 1-
ut of respect for him the place was
1 prl Mnnnarlnla T tio0 .1. 1, .1
f canal navigation and was first
I1II niir IT1 I X V li IHll tiroa nsin.nn..n
831. In the winter of 1841
w I. V 1 UlliU til U I Lll I'll II II
seat from Bethany to Honesdalo
passea. a court house was
The Escape
15y l'UANK A. HUHUKLTj, I;nto I'lvnto 1st I'eiin. Vol. nntl Cnpt.
Co. 1) 07th Pciin. lortn;e, Wash.
" -- ---f -f -f-f-f -f-f -t--f-f
OH hours, and days, wo manae-
ed to avoid whlto peoplo, fed
at times (and sometimes fnr
apart) by darkeys, until one evening
wo heard singing In tho woods far
ahead of us. Reaching tho spot from
whonco it came, wo found a darkies'
camp meeting. Boparated from tho
larger party wero somo half a dozen
slaves crouching near in tho bushes.
Wo listened to their leader sending
praiso to God for tho loyal North
In espousing their causo to lift their
burden of bondage. That was surely
our friend, wo need liavc no doubt.
Waiting patiently and with groat
hopes for something to eat, until
their gathering dispersed, wo cau
tiously followed our gray-haired
slave, overtaking him near his cabin
nome. And how tho hoo cako baked
too lato, when I dragged his body
out far below on tho opposlto bank.
His Spirit wns fast nasslni: away.
and soon soaring on tho farther shoro
or tno Hiver of Death.
No wall of sorrow broke tho deep
hush of tho death spell. No tears
fell from tho oyes of tho solitary
mournor, for the heart's sympathies
wore clscd In horror. Alone, on tho
banks of that wild, turbulent stream,
whero hurrying waters rushed on in
their deafening madness, nor over
paused to seo tho ono life that was
making that noblo effort for liberty
fast ebbing away, tho causo of Its
Hark! I hear tho baying of tho
hounds coming nearer and nearer.
Must I stay now by this mute, in-
uuiut;. uow tno iioo chko uaKCU 1 nn nintn form? Must T trrnnnln wim
before tho fire, as ho and old Aunt?hroS
Dinah listened to our story of hung- rmmi,
1 i .1 ... at. 1 "uhiuvi unu al U It UU IIU3
ooks and papers were hrought from
einanv. Ann thn rot nniir Vmi
1 , -- uw auv v.vsia S, t0 11U1U
prn in xa 'i nn ftc nn
. ... waw aaaOU UUU&H
u kji. " wuu auu. V.USL v J.UUUU. 1 HO
rst court was held at September
esslons, 1843. This was torn down
. . H..u L. uciu ill tllU
n Wmn ne rat n nlnAnn i
over 30 years up to the present
me, Wayne county men took cart
the war Of the ItobGllInn nml rtlrt
en nave gone out or Honesdale to
j uU uuuuiui;i a
their county and town.
er. How tho tears rolled down their
black cheeks as they gavo up heart
felt thanks to the Great Master above
for so directing tho minds of the
loyal North In making it possible that
they would soon becomo free. And
how that old darkey woman, washed
the stains from my cut and bleeding
feet, and placed thereon tho shoes
from her own.
With two great hoo cakes and a
store of Information as to tho way.
wo traveled on In our accustomed ! shadows
silence, and for several more days 1 and tho
wo wero successful In eluding tho
guorrrillas and patrol, until ono
morning at day-break wo happened
at a turn in a path to meet a whlto
boy. Our condition was such that
most of the Inhabitants of that part
would know we wero escaped prison
ers, and before evening our surmiso
that there would bo some ono on our
track became true, for wo had not
gone but a few miles, until wo heard
horses' hoofs. Climbing trees, wo
wero out of their sight, but that was
a bad omen for us, for now they
knew there were escaped prisoners
in their vicinity, and it was a grand
achievement for a homo guard to
catch an escaped prisoner.
Tho sturdy plne3 of the hillsides,
tho cypress of the swamps, could they
talk, could tell many harrowing tales
or tne poor unfortunates, making a
struggle to reach the Union lines.
Their whlto bones are scattered for
many miles around those prison pens
and still bleaching under a Southern
The second day we realized our
mistake in letting that boy go home.
Wo were approaching tho Saluda riv
er, the escaped prisoner's dread. Tho
trailing hound was upon our track.
This wild, swollen stream before us.
Plunging Into its chilling waters, the
cry of " help!" reached my ears. My
comrado had been overcome by
cramps and was drowning. It was
tried and failed? Could I save his
life it would bo well, but tho last
breadth had already loft his poor
A thought prevails. When the
hounds reach this spot it will close
the trail. They will havo caught
their fugitive, but beyond -arm from
their savago fury. Ono second's
thought. Ono last look at that life
less upturned face, and I hurried
away through tho bushes whore deep
aireauy lined its recesses,
phantom forms of death
seemed to peer out at mo from every
sliado and shadow of tho forest.
Oh, whore should I go? Oh, how
hungry!' My nerves wero weaken
ing. Back to tho prison? Never!
How I prayed for guidanco to that
'Sainted Mother who left mo when
but a babe to go to God who gfave.
My poor limbs, cold, and bleeding, I
could go no farther.
The next morning while lying un
der a pine, the drops of dew from
the foliage falling into my face, I
neard someone chopping wood. I
undertook to rise but my poor, naked
limbs wero powerless. Oh, how
hungry, cold and weak, but I man
aged to got to the edge of the tim
ber. A tall gray-beard, carrying an
armrui or wood, was entering tho
rear door of a house. I crawled
through tho worn fence, unable to
stand, approached tho big stono step
at tho rear door and knocked on the
bottom of It. Oh, how unfriendly
that murderous looking face! How
I plead in mercy's name for food, and
warmth! Tho door slammed In my
face. I listened through tho crack
under tho door. I heard him open
an inside door, and call, " John, como
down. Here Is ono of those escaped
Yankees." Back to prison? Never!
Oh, how I tried to rise and fly, but I
fell with my head against the rock.
I was all In, out and down.
(To bo Continued.)
(Jrceno for Niitlonnl Delegate.
Homer Greeno, tho talontod law
yer, nuthor aim publicist, 01 Hones
aniu, is a tauuluaio lor delegate to
tiio National Uopuuilcau convention,
'iho uiHtriu Is outitliMl to two dele
gates and his running mate will bo
John v. uoudlng, or Towanua, whoso
record for loyul, uloan cut and auovo
board methods commend him to tho
'Kopublaau vctors or this district.
Henry i Manzur, or Montrose, and
I). W. Sturdovant, of Laceyvllio, aro
candidates lor alternates. All of
theso men, if elected, will go to tho X
convention unpledged, so that In case a
of any contest or suould tho prollmln-
ary campaign got so bittor that in tho v
opinion of tho membership of tho jj
convention neither Taft nor rtooso-l
volt could bo olectod thoy would bo !!
In a position to voto for a comprom- "
iso candidate, llko Hughes, of Now
York, whoso namo has been frequont-' A
ly mentioned as a " dark horso " or i "
somo ocner good man whom both
factions could unlto upon. Both
S. E. fiftosTison
12th and Kimble St. HONESDALE, PA.
"CAPITOL" Boilers and Radiators.
"IiHAUKU" Air pressure water systems.
"(JOULD" Pumps.
"STAlf" Windmill.
Tbo above goods represent tho best products in tho market, Tho
uso of them coupled with our 20 years' practical experience at tho
business Insures you a lasting and satisfactory Job.
Correspondence Solicited.
Both 'Phones. 2
Messrs. Greono and Coddlnc nrn linn. ' 4-
will hold tho party and tho public
goou auove tno ambitions of any man
or faction, it is impossible now to
tell what crisis may arlso at tho tlmo
of tho convention In Chicago, and
wo bellovo tho district will bo well
and Intelligently represented if theso
men aro elected and allowed to ex
erclso their own common senso and
Judgment. Forest City News.
Watching Streams of tho State.
Valuable data on tbo mannnr In
which the unusually heavy ico of this
winter broke up on the streams of
the Stato this winter is being con-!
talned by tho Stato Water Supply
Commission from its guanine exnorts
and field workers. Practically every
stream of any slzo in tho State was
observed last fall and again during
the winter after tho ico had formed,
tho results of tho extraordinary cold
weather being noted.
It is believed that when reports
aro compiled that Information nover
gathered systematically about tho
streams in very cold winters will bo
obtalntablo and the behaviour of thn
rivers and large creeks when tho ico !
moveu out has been noted so that
it may bo studied in tho future when
matters pertaining to water supply
and changes to river banks como up.
Menner & Co. aro closing out a lot
of Ladles' Tailor Suits at half price.
Stockholder's Notice.
Reasons For Inventing tho
Stroko Motor.
" Necessity Is tho mother of Inven
tion." This phrase may sound trite
enough in everyday life, but it cer
tainly Is responsible for one of tho
latest fads In motor design and that
Long prepared In this state. Every 100
reet or track has been given atten
tion and the location of the lines
and their relation to centers of popu
lation and agricultural districts af
fords an Interesting study.
The counties having no trolley
mies aro vine, wayno, Susquehanna,
Is the long stroke motor. Sometime Kniiivnn ti- r..,.'. b.,,.
ago a road race was promoted in Eu-' est, Clarion; Greene Bedford Ful
rope in which all the cars were limit-1 ton. nS,inn 0rw
ort tn n hnrc nf A tM, ( r , '. . "F auu
- """tf i Juniata, Fulton also havinir tho dls
Ln?e,rn??tors- mediate y design- j tinctlon of not having a steam rail
? .uesau io experiment wun a long road, either. In some of theso coun
stroke, and some went so far as to 1 ties trollev linen nr IIS cSw
- w ..vjvvmui iuwOk
At a meeting of tho directors of
tho Wayne County Savings Bank
held February 20. 1012. tho follow
ing resolution was unanimously
Resolve, That wo recommend our
stockholders to increase tho capital
stock of the Wayne County Savings
Bank from $100,000 to $200,000.
In accordance with the above res
olution a meeting of tho stockhold
ers is called, to convene at tho Bank
on Tuesday, April 30, 1912, between
the hours of 3 and 4 p. m. to take
action on tho approval or disap
proval or tno proposed increase.
NOTE In the event of tho stock
holders approving this increase the
directors will declare from tho sur
plus, a dividend of 100 per cent. In
full payment of tho additional stock.
Wayne County
Savings Bank
Financial Institution of Wayne
County has been designated by
the United States Government,
Depository Number 2115, for Pos
tal Savings Funds and is entitled
to receive
58 per cent.
of the total
to be deposited in the Honesdale
Tho " Maine " Sunk.
Havana. Trade and commerce
opped Saturday In last honor to
it fw ii i no ini'nrn m nn t imiiiiin n
ero cioseu, snutters wero on the
inuows 01 most or tne mercantile
. waa w.iaaa tm)Ol.ullt
- .j u.wa UbaUWVUaU all bUU UUD1"
.ih n 'i inn nr inn piiv rn t in -i
wa. aau wvji w iUU fcW-
stnrln Trt
- - wix a.auatw V. HMHV, UUUUU'
ensigns of tho United States and
uui n ci u uiauiii viu. i ntv niinrnn
zlly, entwined with great bands of
nun. Tlirmifrh iUn ufpAnto tt y,n
.- . - v..u ni. i.if.a ui kilo
ty men In uniform nnsenri nnH rn.
issed. Privates wore bands of
epo on their left arms, officers wore
knotted about the hilts of their
1 .n ... .. . i . . .
uuauuB uii an siues tno scene was
io oi solemnity.
It was Cuba's last tributo to tho
d Maine, and tho 275 officers and
en of her company whose death In
y fourteen years ago, gavo tho lit-
.. . v v. J.1HV.U 1 11 LUD
1 bUlk Of tho Dill flel.tlntr ,1, l
: . . . w v uiu uia-
Stlc vessol which once cleft tho blun
iters of tho deen. nm! knnt n,in
' great bulkheads of timber, was to
i forever laid at rest In tho quiet
tho straits, nine miles from tho
aco where the vessol met her fate,
mvoyed by sister ships, and accom-
inieu uv wig pnnrn Rrroncrii nf ti,
iban navy of tho country sho mado
issiuio. inn -wtbck. witn hnr fin..
lng, -was to bo consigned to tho
op with all of tho honors of war.
build engines with abnormally long
strokes. In fact, thoy were "freaks"
yet theso same little cars made phen
omenal time in tho race and tho long
stroke motor has como to stay.
There Is another reason for tho
adoption of a long stroke. It Is an ad
mitted fact that horsepower depends
to a great extent on the stroko of a
motor, and yet most cars aro taxed
lor norsepower according to a form
of them are agricultural, dairying or
lumber counties, althouch I
and xork, which are in a noted agri
cultural district, havo largo systemB.
In all there aro 129 systems noted
on tho commission's map.
Non-Rcsidcnts Fishing Law.
Tho fish department of New York
ula which deals with tho'boro of tho1 tl? wl,1.1 try and Pass a non-resident
mnlnr nnri rllernr.0 r.ln thn, I IlSning license bill at this snss nn nf
mis allows makers of long motors l"u "3s"1'-o luacing a lee or z.uu
to rate their engines low and still
develop great power,
more power in ono way over another
unless It can bo done so as to im
prove the performance of tho mo
tor i.e., make It tighter, cheaper,
per year on all non-resident fisher
men. This Is tho same kind of a
law that camo up in this stato last
winter and was defeated by tho unit
ed efforts of tho different sporting
clubs throughout tho stato and tho
nillntnr. n.lRlor rnntrTloH ml ?I,o"?IU0n ln ileW C StatO arO tail'
clent or of lonem " nf 'Th ,. nB the samo stand as fast as they
. - - ----- - ivu- rnn .a 117 Iwim trim, nr 1 1 1 , 1 1
tlon Is whether tho long stroko mo
tor does this and whether makers
are likely to adopt it on their belief
of its good qualities or more for its
advertising value as a novelty. Wo
realize whero thoy will be if tho bill
Is passed. This stato will surely pas3
ono next winter if this measure is
passed in York stato now and as Now
York and Pennsylvania bound each
other for 350 miles and tho residents
see evidences of this in the nrond ' . ..'m ""u '"" lla
nssorllnn nf m .'""'" smio 11SI1 as milCIl in OUO
..w.. v a auiaiij aaaUlkUlO CIO LU
What Is a Philosopher?
Teacher Now, Jacob, toll mo what
philosopher Is?
Jacob Shucks, teechur, It's ono
aem guys wot rides a phlloso-o.
their long stroko engine when tho
stroko Is one-quarter Inch longer
than the boro diameter.
In order properly to compare mo
tors of short and long strokes It Is
necessary to havo tho correct rela
tion of allowable piston speeds.
Tho relations of piston speed havo
been well defined by tho tests and
conclusions of the horsepower form
ula committee representing tho In
corporated Institution of Automobile
Engineers of England, tho Hoyal Au
tomobile Club and tho Society of
Motor Manufacturers and Traders.
Ono hundred and forty-four engines
wero tested.
A conclusion from theso tests
showed that tho larger tho boro tho
lighter the mean effective pressure,
which proves that between two on
glns of equal power tho ono with
tho larger boro and shorter stroke
that Is, the, short stroke engine
will havo a higher moan effective
pressure In tho cyllndor, and there
fore a higher efficiency.
Sixteen of tho counties of Pennsyl
vania havo no trolley lines according
to the electric railway map of tho
Stato which Is now in press for the
Stato Railroad Commission. The map
was compiled from surveys and re
ports made from tho commission and
like the steam railroad map also be
ing printed for the commission, will
bo tho most completo of tho kind
stato as they do in tho other along
mo oounuary, and for that reason
every fisherman In New York stato
should write to their Assemblyman
and Stato Senator to vote against this
measuro and also to tho Stato Pish
department. If this measuro is pass
ed and then next winter ono enacted
In this state, tho people who come
from Jersey and Now York to spend a
few weoks during tho summer along
tho Dolawaro rlvor will havo to take
out a license, and It will drive sum
mer boarders where they can enjoy a
few days fishing without paying two
dollars for tho privilege. This law if
passed will affect tho Erio R. R.
to a great extent, as thoy carry all
tho summer travel along tho bound
ary. If every sportsman will tako tho
matter up with some friend In York
stato and havo them write a few lot
tors to tho proper officials much good
will como of it. It will affect every
ono from this place who owns a cot
tage up tho rlvor and It will mako a
violator of peoplo whero they are do
ing right. Tho Sportsmen Club from
here has taken tho matter up with
tho York state authorities and expect
to see tho bill defeated, If enough In
terest can be created against Its pas
sage, and the people there look after
tho interests of their neighbors the
Barao as our sportsmen did last winter.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for delegate from tho
Fourteenth Congressional District of
Pennsylvania to tho Republican Na
tional Convention to bo held at Chi
cago June 18, 1912. If elected I
shall go unpledged, and shall support
for the presidential nomination that
man who at the time of tho conven
tion appears most fully to represent
tho will of tho Republican voters,
and is best fitted to lead the party to
success at tho polls.
Honesdalo, Pa., March 12, 1912.
month on deposits
TENTH of the month.
from the FIRST of any
made on or before the
Do Your Banking
Always Reliable
Wayne County Savings Bank
HON. A. T. SEARLE, Vice-President.
II. S. SALMON. Cashier.
W. J. WARD, Asst. Cashier
The .Dress Goods shown by Menner
& Co. for this season aro very at
tractive. 24eoI4
Beginning March 1, 1912 we annoucea reduction of price in
fuel gas to all customers using same through a separate meter
as follows:
From 100 cubic feet to 290009 $1.50 pes
one thousand.
From 2,000 cubic feet to 5.000, $1.25 per
one thousand.
Above 5,000 cubic
per one
These rates makes the cost of gas for Fuel, Cooking,
etc., cheaper than coal. Be independent of the coal dealer.
Honesdale Consolidated Light Heat & Power Co.
Both Phones
110-7th St.