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flTIV I .fit It r1 1 no Tr Tri(wnt rno In
Hoy Scout Organization.
A Btatomcnt has been mado that
lorn wnq n. rtlln in rnrnnl tn f tin
ntnn n c :nt iiniin irnni nn miner n n v
in in r nn iirtv Vdnnra n r a nmi no
'linn tiln n..nt... 1 l T
West, Chief Scout Executive of
in unv srnnro r i a ti n-tnn n r;nn
Aorris or I'M adelnh a. Mr. West
MiiiPii: " nr in pa nrn nff nnra nr
Ul COUnril nf Naw Ynrk llltv in n.
llliniln Uti ADf TJ'n tit An l?tiniin(n T
llllVJin Thn Prnatrlnnf nf tha onniit
unril nr NT .nn a la n I'nthn r
iuoib uuruueu as scouiiuasiors. iu
ct, we will not recognize a scout i
f M M I
j Our
Machines Wrecksd and Passongsr Hurt,
ACHIEVEMENTS! Sunshine Department r JaZ&liss
nt .loiiimnlsthnl, tho muchlne driven by
His Administration Has Gained
Many Worthy Ends.
Tlio Light
of Hlind
Millions of Dollars Saved to Govern
ment by Commission Ably Supported
by Executive High Standards Set by, blind babies aniuso thonisolv'os stick
Mrs. Aldon says: " I bavo only had
ono dqctor answor my question,
' Why do blind babies pick their
oyes7' and his reply was that In his
reading ho had learned from n Gor
man doctor that It was a ' light
nungcr- mat mado them do It; the
soul seeks tho light and tho lingers
rub and dig In search ot It. Soolng
babies suck their thumbs, while
the airman Sclindc, who wus aiming
n passenger named Bndowskl, striking
violently another ncroplnne driven by
the airman Itettlnger.
Both aeroplanes Avero smashed anil
fell to the ground, the passenger be
lli!? Injured, while the two aviators e
cnpoil unhurt.
Paris, March 1 1. Lieutenant Seville
fell r00 feet In his nionoptune mid was
Instantly killed.
GETS $25,000 INCOME.
Policies of the President What Theso
Policies Are.
1. Arbitration treaties with Great
Britain and France.
2. Veto of Arizona statehood bill be-
uncll unless tho Catholics aro nro- cause of recall of Inrl
" v.y.. , j. liHiorcement or siiorm.'iii nnt .niQf
it is absolutely untrue that thero , .
... .... uiw wiinmir infir rnvnn
any disposition to ovauo mis ques- ; .
in. -xnrmnir rnmn no mrrnnr rrnm iulu ui i jimncriiiin won pntinn
w uitiii bulii u aiiuuuiuiib, a hid uuu ireu iisl mils nR nnrnir. imjriim.
Ing their lingers Into their eyo sock
ets." By Mrs. Cynthia Wcstover Alden,
President-General of tho
national Sunshlno Society.
A haby born blind presents a
strangely pitiful problem. It has a
soul. It has a mind that conditions
combine to stunt. It has physical
organs that need to bo kept In normal
operation. Tho eyo, through which
ionization Is not Protestant nor is Uflc nml ,1(,strilftf,r nf . in,n,ii,.n ! babyhood receives, commonly por-
uathouc nor is it Hebrew, but It nr,ln, f " ,, 1 """ haps nine-tenths of tho Impressions
Hawley Heirs Make Amicable Settle
ment With Ward of Railroad Man.
New York. March M. Miss Lmm
C. Sturges. who as ward nf the Int.
Edward llnwley since she was llftce-
Inter- years old has been known as Margnre
Cameron, gels outright the city n
country residences of the railroad pro
ident and a life Income of $'jr,(M)() .
year whether she marries or not.
This amicable settlement with Mr
Ilawley's helrs-at-huv was
by John H. Stanehfield, their attorney
1 hereby announco to tho voters of
Wayne county that I am for tho sec
ond and last time a candidate for the
nomination and election for Repre
sentative In tho General Assombly
at Harrlsburg. 1 thoroforo solicit
tho aid and support of all my friends
at tho Primaries to bo held April 13,
II. C.
Tylor Hill. Pa.
a character building organization
boys, to be used by all religions
d institutions who can see In It a
O UA lllUll LVIMIUlUUlllUS, JL 11 U lj
iciai or a scout council or as a
mil or srn umnRrnr. i in thn nnn.
other creed. A Catholic has
lal rights and Is just as oliclblo
an offlco as a Protestant, and has
n l.nn. nnl n .. ...III . , I
tprl nir.nlnRf In ntiv wnv "
u w
uiiiiucipuui, -TiaiLu ii. uver imi
nivi: rfinirini. . i iii .i.nn .
uituii years, inmates or tue I'ennsyi
Blind of this city, have been form-
into n troop of Boy Scouts. The
Ilirv. a similar nun hnvliif iimn nr
ne new troop was organized under
direction of J. W. Patten, Held see-
irv Of tlin PMlflflnllililn Hoi- U,.m,.u
executive ollicers nre devising
heir new associations.
nrnlil Mnllnr tiliT-ctnnl n(
Institute, has been appointed scout
s will be drilled. Despite their nf
ion tney go tlirougb the ordinarj
II fin 3 ITlurnilll nr trnn nn
11R nf u-nfril nntcnu Tn uln.... ..r
rnnTiirwi ni cicri.ti 11,. ., .,..1......
nvuuiiiK luessupes win lie
icuge oi mo .Morse code and nre
to send messages a short distance
tmnKtnr !n Ion linn..a t fitrllm.
imeni to wnii-ii tne new scouts are
ing their attention. This and th-
lir ni rno srnnr nhooT i:nnmc tr
d tnem tile greatest ainusement
.nowledge of the Boy Scout prln
... illllll in. IU IIUJIU 11 LiilllJI fill
e New York Giants' share of the
n series amounted to 512,000
if receipts of ?30,000. The 12
o uiew uo.ouj admissions, xne
est attendance at games played
nerlcan teams on the island was
e Detroit series of 1909, when
rowds numbered C4.734. In
the Detroit series drew C2,-
nte Cross, me veteran short
has reported to Manager Wal
of tho Browns. Cross was sign-
coach the young nlavers. Ho
uso get uacK in tne game hlm-
I never felt better In my
said Cross. " I played 100
i at shortstop for Scranton In
ew York State league last year
in nem as wen as over. Maybe
trifle shy with the stick, but
emalns to be seen. I'm hero to
all, coach tho youngsters and
nit Wallace any way I can."
at changes have been mado In
outhern League In four sea-
Only 20 men now enrolled on
In that league were members
!' organization at tho close of
nine of thfese men being pitch
uresser ah, mat is a wax, sir.
oed never worry about that com-
your mustache with the damp
jr. I ve had one lot on mine for
th believe me. sir, one month
ling a bath. Punch.
Nothing Personal.
all are made of clay, alack!
io solemn 'tis for mockery.
some are useless brlc-a-brnc.
id some are common crockery.
let's reform this busy earth)
t us toll on for all we're worth,
I I f t nnu nfld tlln lu araw
mining some things are 6. K.
Wasmnctou OtM.
nrn lournnnsm m a mnrvnihnB
t's what. Somo papers manage
P the bnseball page going all
'Kansas City Journal.
C. Abrogation of discriminating pass
port treaty with Russia.
C. Postal savings banks established.
7. Railroads prevented from puttlnj?
rato Increases into effect without ap
proval of Interstate commerce commis
sion. 8. Panamn canal pushed to early
completion without hint of scandal.
0. White slave traffic practically de
stroyed. 10. Admission of Arizona nnd New
Mexico to statehood.
11. Bureau of mines established to
safeguard tho lives of miners.
12. American capital nnd labor bene
fited by extension of foreign markets:
13. Abolition of peonage.
14. Income tax amendment to the
constitution submitted to state legisla
tures for ratification.
15. Boiler Inspection law passed by
1C Bond Issue to complete irrigation
projects In the west.
17. Maintenance nnd extension oC
open door policy in China.
18. Peace maintained In Cuba, South
nnd Central America by friendly
warnings nnd Intervention.
10. Government business methoda
modernized and reformed by economy
and efficiency commission, saving mil
lions of dollars annually.
20. Nonpolitlcal methods used in tak
ing the thirteenth census.
21. Bucket shops and get-rich-quick
concerns destroyed.
22. Tarcels post recommended.
23. New treaty with Japan, ending
racial controversies on the Pacific
24. Further extension of safety ap
pliance act
25. Postolllce department made self
20. Canadian reciprocity. Rejected
by Canada through fear that the Unit
ed States would derive the benefits.
27. Publication of campaign funds
and expenditures.
28. Indorsement of commission's re
port nnd proposed bill concerning em
ployers' liability.
21). Reorganization of customs serv
ice, corruption eliminated, frauds ex
posed and punished. and millions of
dollars recovered.
30. Court of commerce to review
j findings of Interstate commerce com
31. Nonpartisan tariff board to re
port on the difference In the cost of
production nt borne and abroad.
32. Corporation tax, yielding $30,
000,000 annually; government exami
nation of corporation methods pro
vided. 33. A deficit of 553,000,000 transform
ed Into ii $30,000,000 surplus.
34. Nonpartisan Judlclnl appoint
ments. 35. Further control of railroads
through extension of powers of the In
terstate commerce commission.
30. Vorkingman's compensation net
brought to successful Issue In the su
preme court.
37. Stock and bonds commission; val
uable and exhaustive report submitted
as basis for legislation.
33. Extension of civil service by ex
ecutive order.
30. Practical conservation nets.
40. Courts of customs appeals; un
dervaluations stopped.
Policies of President Taft.
1. Peace with all the world through
Just dealing nnd preparedness for war.
2. Neither race nor creed a bar to
appointment to offlce.
8. Tho upholding of n righteous Ju
diciary. 4. Economy nnd efficiency, Including
core of superannuated employees.
C. Penny postage through postal
0. Stntes' rights when not in conflict
with federal authority.
7. Extension of practical conserva
tion nets.
8. Parcels post.
0. Federal incorporation act.
10. Revision of currency laws and
prevention of panics.
11. Protection of American citizens
at homo and abroad.
12. nigh standard set in federal ap
pointments. 13. Scientific study of industrial con
ditions. 147 International investigation of
causes of high cost of living.
15. Scientific revision of the tariff on
a protective basis through nonpartisan
tariff board. .
that mean the earliest " education,"
Is lacking. Tho baby in Its first year 1
works harder than at any other time
in lire, getting a grip on vital things.
Tennyson's lines emphasize this:
Tho baby, new to earth and sky,
What time his infant hands aro
Against tho clrclo of tho breast
Has never thought that this is
Opens Campaign With Address at Car
negie Hall, New York.
Oyster Bay. N. Y., March 14.-The
first speech of Colonel Roosevelt's
campaign will be made next Wednes
day night in Curnegib hall under the
I ntlr.l.l l t...
. ... .1 "u ",IS cnosen as tus subject "The
But, as he grows he gathers much, 1 of ,,ool)Io , ,... .
US0 says ho will not make n partisan nil
I dress, but will discuss In n general waj
what he regards' as the basic issue's
learns the
" me,"
And finds I am not what I seo
And other than tho things I touch.
Now the blind baby has to como to
this apprehension of the ego by de
vious processes, through touch, hear
ing, and the sense of smell. The
work Is heavier. And help from the
untrained parent Is not to be ex
pected, j
Until the International Sunshine
Society established its first "Home"
for Blind Babies," such Infants took 1
their chances with special attendants
always unscientific and often unsym-i
pathetic. If the parents were morel
than well-to-do people: or in middle I
class homes, were fed and washed
In the campaign.
Maban Heads Stock Exchange.
New York. March 14. The nomlna
Hon for president of the Stock Ex
chnnge lias been accepted by James B.
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills
Harsh Physio Cause Distress
ing Complaints.
You cannot be over-careful In
selection of medicine for children.
Only the very gentlest bowel medlclno
should ever bo given, except In emer
gency ensos. Ordinary pills, cathartics
, and purgatives nre apt to do more
! harm than good. They may cause
griping, nnusrn and other distressing
after-effects that nro frequently health-
! flmafrnrltir
Wo personally recommend nnd guar
antee Roxall Orderlies us tho safest
and most dependable remedy, which
we know, for constipation and associ
ate bowel disorders. We have such
absolute faith In the virtues of this
remedy that wo sell it on our guar
antee of money back In every Instance
where It falls to give entire satisfac
tion, and wo urge all In need of such
medicine to try It nt our risk.
Rexnll Orderlies nre enten Jnst like
candy, are particularly prompt and
agreeable In action, may be taken nt
any time, day or night: do not cause
diarrheal, nausea, griping, excessive
looseness, or other undesirable effects.
They have a very mild but positive
action upon tho organs with which
they come In contact, apparently act
ing ns a regulative tonic upon the re
laxed muscular coat of the bowel, thus
overcoming weakness, nnd aiding to
restore the bowels to morn vigorous
and healthy nctlvif.
Rexnll Orderlies commonly complete
ly relieve constipation, except of
course when of a surgical character.
In your family you of courso call
a reliable physician. Don't stop
nt that; have his preicriptions
put up at n reliable phnrmacy,
even if it is a little farther from
your home than some other store.
You enn find no more reliable
Btoro than ours. It would be im
possible for more care to be taken
in the selection of drugs, eto., or
in the compounding. Prescrip
tions brought here, either night
or day, will bo promptly nnd
accurately compounded by a
competent registered pharmnciat
and tho prices will be most rea
sonable. O. T. CHAMBERS,
H Opp. D. A II. Station Ho.nesdale. Pa.
ft Ft V intl n I tn a .1 A 1 A
and pitied by affectionate -mothers chase V
whose Ideas of drawing out the mind in 'orderlnc a 50c hnttlo nf rr
ilowelin.n ' ta Howard's cebrate'dspecfic for fhe
, .laS c ass they were cure of constipation and dyspepsia at
left long hours each day, locked In 05 cents Percv L Cole Is clvlne nno
515S.!SJ.??.J5'" """" h','t " 4 simranlo, to euro or
tne money will be refunded.
Percy L. Colo Sells Reliable Remedy They also tend to overcome the ieces
nt Half-Price nnd Guarantees a, shy of constantly taking laxatives tc
When ono can buy gold dollars for
keep the bowels In normal condi
tion. Three sizes of packages. 10
cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents. Remem
ber, you can obtain Rexall Rom-ds
only nt .our store- The Rexall Store
1 Designer and Man-
I ufacturer of
Office and Works
1036 MAIN ST.
institutional surroundings
Randall's Island, which takes all
children of New York city who are
direct dependents on public charity,
took blind hables with tho rest. It
had no place to put them save with
tho other defectives. In all the
United States there was and is now,
so far as 1 have been ablo to dis
cover, no institution of this kind
(home-nursery, hospital and kinder
garten combined) for Blind Babies,
outside of the international Sunshine
Society's activities. Tho State insti
tution at Batavia keeps them at five
years, If they are bright and normal
outside of their blindness and have
been taught to care for themselves In
a measure. The age limit at six
schools In the United States is five
years, at ono it Is twelve.
"Mother Lovo " Often the Baby's
Help toward mental unfolding and
normal physical development Is what
tho blind baby needs, rather than
pity; and pity Is oven a disadvantage,
in that it saps the self-respect of any
human being to bo pitied. "Mother
lovo" In the home too often shields
the blind child from what Is best
for it. Tho little less are unemnlov-
ed, for fear of a fall downstairs or
some other injury. The child Is fed
on liquids because It is afraid of
solids In the mouth, even of sugar
lumps, instead of being encouraged
to chew and digest what Is strength
ening. The picking at the eyes, com
mon to all blind children a peril
ous phase of tho sight lust, probably
producing a sensation like tho "soo
lng of stars" from a fall goes on
without check In tho home. The
mother does not understand that It
means tho Idiocy or death If not
In tho Dyker Heights Homo In
Now York the little body Is nourish
ed, oiled, massaged, while tho mind
Is being slowly awakened. Out of
eighty-two cases only ono has been
given up as hopeless. But often It
was months boforo any sign of mind
appeared. In that of ono llttlo girl
It took two years to teach her that
her hand could grasp an object and
lay It down at will. Now she walks
and talks, and shows much Intelli
gence. Another little girl was five years
old when flvo years ago wo took her
from tho Randall's Island " Idiot de
partment," where she was thought
to bo untralnablo, hopelessly feoblo
mlnded. She Is now In tho fifth
reader, Now York point. Tho other
day sho said to a gentleman who
called at the Homo: " Oh, I am tak
ing tho literary course at tho city
There are about 80,000 adult
blind in tho United States. How
many died in babyhood Is a pitiful
question. Most of the adult blind
aro absolutely dependent persons,
without grace, without poise, with
out tho inner life that means so
much to nil of us, the life of imagi
nation which books and thought do
velop. Taken in babyhood they
might In many cases have been made
self-supporting. In nearly all cases
their lives could have b(ien rendered
richer, fuller, better worth living.
In tho constructive Imagination of
tho author. In the art of the orator,
in music, Instrumental or vocal, in
terpretative or creative, a blind per
son has almost an equal chance with
ono .who can seo, because of the men
tal concentration easy to one not con
fused or distracted by eight images.
If food does not d cest well, if
there Is gas 6r pain In tho stomach,
If the tongue is coated and tho
breath bad, If there Is constipation
and straining, Dr. Howard's specific
will cure you. If it does not, you
have druggist Cole's personal guar
antee to return your money.
Dr. Howard's specific gives quick
relief and makes permanent cures of
constipation, dyspepsia and all liver
These are strong statements, but
Percy L. Cole Is giving his customers
a change to prove their truth at just
half the regular price sixty doses
for 25 cents. If they are not found
true, all you have to do is to ask for
your money.
ii ii;
I' M
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'. .M. I'.M.
'r' 1 .)
' i" K 03
- .M.
" .' IS 2 15
t In 12 .W HI
i I III 7 Vi
M I' T A.M.
.1 I Ul K 15
i' .' 15 !
il IH H 5St
J .17 H
1- J 111 H 24
tf". ; 12 M .12
i.i j vr a ;t;
' ! i). an
'i i 07 a 17
" .'7 i iii a so
I I 15 H 55
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. Albany
liinghAinton ..
I'lilludulpbla .
.sera nton....
..Lincoln Avenue..
Ijtke Uxlore
.. I'rompton
.. Honestliile ....
I'. M.i
2 00
12 10
4 OH
A . M
9 35
8 45
8 05
7 54
7 50,
7 31
7 23
7 17
7 12
7 oa
7 05
7 0
B 5S
R 55
10 50
8 45
7 14
2 55
a 13
1 35
1 25
1 21
1 03
12 56
12 49
12 43
12 40
12 36
12 32
12 2a
12 25
7 33
7 25
6 30
5 50
5 40
5 34
6 IS
9 11
5 56
4 68
4 65
4 51
4 47
4 44
4 40
P. M
10 50
7 14
12 65
12 05
11 25
11 14
11 10
10 53
11 45
10 37
10 32
10 29
10 25l
10 21
10 IH
10 15
7 38
10 05
9 12
8 27
8 17
8 13
; 54
7 17
7 39
7 32
7 30
7 M
7 22
7 19
7 15
1 7 Cent
s 9t Dciy
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THE " 17-Cents-a-Day " Plan of pun-hasing
The Oliver Typewriter mean.- more than promot
ing sales of this wonderful wrltlnu machine.
This Plan Is a positive and powerful fm tor In
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It means that this Company Is giving practical
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The "17-Cents-a-Day" Plan is directly In lino
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"17 Cents a Day" ami The
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no excuse
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