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Ills Apple Growing Methods Nenr
Now lllooiuflelri, U'iii Converts.
Dan Rice, of near Now Bloomflold,
Perry county, has proved, ho says,
that he can raise apples hetter by
following tho advice given by tho
Division of Economic Zoology than
sotno of the farmers who live In his
vicinity who went along for years
wth old methods and nearly lost
their trees.
Somo years ago Bice moved into
the locality and tho farmers were
horrified when ho announced that he
Intended planting an orchard on the
top of a mountain where only weeds
had grown before.
Tlico's orchard horo better and
more fruit than tho orchards of the
men down In the valley. His crops
increased with the years while those
of the farmers dwindled. Their
fruit was small, runty and wormy.
His was large, perfectly shaped and
commanded twice as high a price as
that of the farmers.
Finally tho farmers went to Itlco
and asked him to show them the
methods he used. Last spring he of
fered to take care of six of their
orchards, provided that they give
him one-half the crop. As their
crops never had amounted to much
they readily agreed. 'He sprayed
and pruned their trees, according to
the most advanced methods and tho
result was more and better apples.
In all the orchards the farmers In
gathering their half cr.ops received
this fall more apple.s than they had
when tho entire crop was theirs, and
the apples were larger and more per
fect. Owing to the spraying tho ap
ples were free from fungus growths
and it 'has been possible for the
farmers to store their apples until
such time as the demand will give
them much higher prices than they
have over before known.
The farmers about New Bloom
field, who engaged Rice to do their
spraying and pruning, have told him
that ho can continue to take care of
their orchards in tho future on the
same basis.
Rice has a large vault which will
hold 1500 bushels, and from this he
is able to ship the finest grade of ap
The packing part is left tcfice'B
daughter, who has develorJRf tho
work in a way comparable' only to
tho methods used In tho West.
Representing U. S. Agriculturists,
tlio Cirango it 11s Aided in tlie
Fight Against Reciprocity.
AVhen the Grange, In -many states,
took up the fight against Canadian
reciprocity and declared that it rep
resented the sentiment of the farm
ers of the country, there were many
who loudly proclaimed that the
farmers were being misrepresented
and that the latter were " not really
opposed to reciprocity."
Since then a ,,errect ilood of let
ters from the farmers has poured in
upon Washington, and no doubt any
longer exists that the farmers of
tho country, as a wholo, are against
the measure, positively and unmis
takably. How one Ohio farmer feels
about it is seen in an episode be
tween Deputy W. J. Edgerton, of
Belmont county, and his congress
. man, which shows distinctly the
Grange-farmer sentiment In that
state. Mr. Edgerton wrote the con
gressman his views on reciprocity,
oxpressed In a courteous, proper
way. The congressman did not
think It necessary to reply, evidently,
but instead sent the usual congres
sional salve a package of free
seeds. This was a llttlo too much
for Brother Edgerton and ho return
ed the seeds to the donor with the
following letter:
" I see by your recent vote that
you are moro Interested In tho wel
fare and prosperity of the farmers
of Canada than of those of your dis
trict. I am returning to you the
seeds Which camo to my address this
morning, with the suggestion that
you send them to some of your Cana
dian farmer friends. It is an Insult
to any Intelligent farmer to send
him a bunch of cheap seeds after you
have voted to rob him of markets
rightfully bis own. This Is especial
ly true when the seeds were pur
chased with his money and without
his consent. Somo of the statesmen
(?) of to-day will later learn that
for every dollar the purchasing pow
er of tho farmer is reduced tho na
tion must suffer a two-fold loss. Al
low me to suggest that you later
may have plenty of timo to meditate
on the fact that farmers of your dis
trict believe In exact justice to all
classes and will "bo content with
nothing else. Your Grange consti
tuents have gone to tho square deal
school too long to accept an
specifically of methods to be followed
with apples, peaches, pears, cherries,
grapes and other fruits. Spraying Is
also treated In some detail.
To Prevent Fires.
Here are a few don'ts that are
especially applicable to tho present
holiday season and If observed may
result in the prevention of fires dur
ing the Christmas season: ,
Don t leave oil lamps burning or
draft on tho stovo or furnace whilo
away from your home.
Don t decorate store rooms or Win
dows with cotton or Inflammable ma
Don't place anything that will ig
nite rapidly near a gas Jet, steam
pipe or electric wire.
Don t allow smoicmg around
crowded store rooms or in cellars
where 'boxes or packages are packed
and unpacked.
Don t forget to make a. careful in
spection of stores or premises before
closing up or retiring for tho night.
Don't use cotton for decorating
Christmas trees In the homes.
Don't allow Children to light can
dles on Chrtlstmas trees.
Don't place candles on trees so
that when burning the flames will
Ignite the decorations. Place the
candles In a fireproof casing, not In
celluloid casings that are generally
Don't allow matches to bo within
the children's reach.
Don't fill a bucket with water and
put It where you can't find it In caso
a fire should break out, but keep It
close at hand so it can be used
promptly when needed.
Dr. Funk's Apple Bulletin Issued.
The State Department of Agricul
ture has Just Issued the second edi
tion of Fruits for Pennsylvania, a
bulletin of the department written
'by Dr. J. H. Funk, of Boyertown.
The first edition was written and
Issued a number of years ago and
tho supply of copies was long since
exhausted. The last Legislature
specifically authorized tho second
edition. All department bulletins
are limited to one edition to prevent
a repetition of the Warren bird-book
scandal of the Hastings administra
tion and when a pamphlet Is ex
hausted no further supply can bo
obtained unless a special act be
Dr. Funk's new publication Is
along the lines of his former one ex
cept that it has been brought up to
date. Dr. Funk treats of the theory
and' practico of fruit growing in
Pennsylvania generally and treats
Annually Costs County Ncnrly $5(V
000,000, But It Is Well Worth
the Expenditure.
A member of the order who Is
skillful with his pencil, has figured
out that the grange annually costs
tho country more than S50,uu0,uuu
to maintain; which amazing total is
reached by including the following
as the principal expense Items:
Cost of the members time, nearly
800,000 members, attending 100,000
meetings every 12 months; cost of
transportation to same, steam and
electric cars, horses and automo
biles; Tiall rent for 100,000 nights;
60,000 grange suppers every year;
time spent in preparation of 100,000
lecture hour programs in 30 states;
printing; various Incidentals neces
sary In the conduct of such a great
organization, In its 'local, state and
national aspects. Thus tabulated,
the flgurer Is certain that his estl
mate is not too high when ho con
eludes that it costs $50,000,000
every year to maintain tho Grango
Tho other side of tho question Is
then taken up, proving that In spite
of its tremendous cost, tho Grango
is nevertheless a profitable Invest
ment for tho country. Among its
compensating benefits are mentioned
these: Its service to agriculture, by
increasing the efficiency of the tillers
of the soil, promoting greater Inter
est in tho work and moro courage
for success; enlarging the social op
portunities in rural communities;
giving the opportunity for self-de
velopment nfforded through tho lee
turo hour; increasing purpose to
bring out tho best and most worth'
while side of life; co-operation 'With
church and school In all commend
able community undertakings; lend'
Ing a helping hand to civic progress
and the Improved appearance of the
local environment; an added organ
ized factor for progressive legisla
tlon beneficial to the farmer and to
all residents of tho country towns;
bringing a distinct element of 'help
fulness Into Isolated farm homes,
awakening Interest among the boys
and girls of the country, stimulating
wholesome rivalry, while promoting
needed community co-operation.
In short, the Grange is declared to
pay because it lives up to the best
definition that has ever been given of
tho Grange, which is this: " The pur-
poso of the Grange Is to develop tho
individual capacity of each member
for the good of tho whole; and then
in turn to organize tho power of the
whole for tho good of each individual
member." Surely If the Grange Is
living up to that purpose, along tho
lines that have been indicated, it is
worth all it costs, no matter bow
great that cost may be. However,
tho "balance sheet" in question Is
Interesting and will tend to give
many people a new realization of tho
order, its size and Its possibilities.
" I shall have absolutely no poli
tics In my administration," ho an
nounced emphatically. " I propose
to manage Philadelphia exactly as I
would go about It If It were a prlvato
corporation, Instead of a municipal
But does Mr. Blankenburg know of
any prlvato corporation In which pol
itics does not play a conspicuous
part? Do you? There Is no walk of
life, no vocation or avocation, in
which politics Is not played constant
ly. Ordinary tact is politics.
The word politics Is derived from
a Greek word meaning citizen. One
of Its definitions Is " pertaining to a
constitutional, as distinguished from
a despotic, form of government." In
other words, that which Is of or be
longs to the citizen Is political in its
nature. Nero might have been call
ed non-political. Gcorgo Washing
ton was a politician.
A representative Tjody is of neces
sity a political body. A question af
fecting tho whole peoplo is political.
Tariff Is political and can never be
anything else, altnougu now forms
of dealing with It may reduce the log
rolling to a minimum.
As a manufacturer and an employ
er of labor, Mr. Blankenburg must
know as .well as anybody elBe how
Important it is to play politics in his
own office, to mollify this subordin
ate, to discipline that one, to reward
hero and punish there.
Tho father who Induces his child
to study or to work voluntarily and
enthusiastically through Indirect
methods is playing politics. We have
politics In the school room, politics in
church, politics everywhere except in
t'ho grave.
"Ah! but that Is politics In Its
best sense," you protest.
Not necessarily. Mr. Blanken
burg's method of rewarding and pun
ishing his employes In the factory
may 'be very unfair and unjust. Tho
father's devices for governing his
children with the least possible fric
tion may be unwise. Most of us
know how often church politics is
not "politics In Its best sense."
And politics in Its worst sense is
only a good thing' poorly or wickedly
When Mr. Blankenburg says that
he will give Philadelphia an adminlS'
tratlon absolutely dovold of politics
he tells us In effect that ho will give
Philadelphia a regime devoid of com
mon sense, of tact and of good re
sults. He tells us that ho means to
do something that neither he nor any
other man can do. As well might
ho affirm that he will neither smlfo
nor frown during his tenure of of
fice, for both smiles and frowns are
political in their effect. The one is
intended to please for a purpose, the
other to Intimidate.
Tho very opprobrium attaching to
tho word "politics" represents tho
best achievement of a particular
kind of politics energetically played
for tho last decade or more.
Do not bo a party to perpetuating
this ludicrous error of condemning
politics as anything unworthy, some
thing intrinsically vicious.
On the contrary, it is basically
good. Harrlshurg Telegraph.
Only Venrly Paper Printed in Alaska
In the had old days the masters of
tho whaling vessels sailing from San
Francisco to tho far North used to
glvo the Alaskan Eskimos raw "fire
water In order to secure tho valu
able furs they had obtained during
the .long Arctic winter, says tho Jan
uary Wido World. Little they
dreamed that these fierce children of
the North would ono day bo so ad
vanced as to print their own news
paper! After tho terrible slaughter
by tho whalers of the alcohol-frenzied
natives at Cape Prince of Wales
In Bering Strait, it was a rather
ticklish Job for a white man to start
a Bible class. Still, H. A. Thorn
ton attempted It, but he was shot
dead by a boy of 14, who was killed
in his turn by his own kinsman.
This affair happened In 1890. Two
years after W. T. Lopp appeared on
the scene with his wife. They set
tled at Capo Prince of Wales, and
year after year, until 1903, they
taught them boatbuilding, carpen-
The reindeer was Introduced from
Sibedia, and Mr. Lopp got his pupils
to learn to rear the herds. He also
taguht them boat-bulldlng, carpen
tering, etc., and, to put a final touch
to his valuable work, he had a small
press brought from the States, and
It was not long after that his will
ing pupils were able to compose and
print their own paper. This Is prob
ably the only yearly newspaper In
tho world tho Eskimo Bulletin.
Vvx v t
When my daughter was 4 years
old she sat gazing at the notes on a
piece of music, when she suddenly
looked up and said: " Mamma,
hero's a lot of little boys on a wire
fence," and, lookng down at It, said,
after a moment's thought, "and some
of 'em got hats on." Exchange.
Have you overworked your nervous sys
tem and caused trouble with your kid
neys and bladder? Have you pali.s In
loins, side, back anil bladder? Have you
a flabby appearance nt the face, and un
der the eyes? A fivquoht desire to pass
urine? If so. Williams' Kidney Pills will
cure you DrURglst, 1'rlco COc.
WILLIAMS MFC. C. 'V, . lvlnd.OM.i
Fine Draught Teams
and Driving Horses.
All horses sold as represented by a reliable
Coaches for weddings and funerals.
BUS CALLS promptly answered both
Farmers always welcome.
Allen House
The Newspaper of Large Value
Tho Ilepubllcnn is a refresh
ing example of the successful,
enterprising modern newspaper
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dency to sensationalism and a
lowering of journalistic stand
ards. Its Weekly Edition, published
Thursdays, is the largest value-for-the-money
proposition In the
newspaper field to-day. Sixteen
broad pages in each issue are
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vital, timely subjects, literary
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stories and poems, music of the
drama, religion, education, agri
culture, forestry, science and in
vention, women and children's
special interests, and
"AH the News and the
Truth About It"
Here Is tho Ideal 'Home News
paper the best in the Country.
Tho Subscription Rates are:
For tho Weekly, $1 a year; Daily
$8; Sundays, ?2.
Specimen Copies of either Edi
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The Weekly Itepubllcan will bo
sent free for one month to any
one who wishes to try It.
All subscriptions are payable
In advance. Address
Springfield, Mass..
Mayor Blankenburg, of Philadel
phia, announced to tho Pennsylvania
Society In New York, at its thirteenth
annual dinner last Saturday, that he
proposed to give Philadelphia some
thing It has never had before a non
political administration.
Without question Mr, Blanken
burg means what ho says. Loud
murmurs of discontent from the "re
form" leaders in his home city Indi
cate that be has already started In to
annihilate politics and Incidentally
the Keystone party and himself.
Mr. Blankenburg has been asked
to make certain appointments as a
matter ot policy. He refused on the
grounds that policy ought to have
nothing to do with appointments.
The Ideal Guardian
of the estates of your minor chil
dren. It has the very best facilities
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ment and re investment of the princi
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Correspondence Solicited. Both 'Phones.
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Infants and Children Expcrlcnco against Experiment.
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The Honesdale
National Bank
following statement of easily
makes the
I verified
FIRST : It is the oldest bank in Honesdale and has had
SECOND : -In its vaults on December 5th, 1911, it had in
CASH $104,548.33 and has more in quick as
sets, Government and High Grade Railroad
Bonds, with approved Reserve Agents, etc.,
than its total DEPOSIT liability.
THIRD : It was chartered for the purpose cf taking care
of the banking needs ot this community ana is
PREPARED to do it, raying three per cent, m-
toY-nct. rm SAVTMfJR A PnmTNTR
FOURTH : Its Board of Directors comprises men of tho
highest standing, willing at all times to extend
liberal accommodation upon satisfactory security.
ALBERT C. LINDSAY, Asst. Cashier
Henry Z. Russell Andrew Thompson
Edwin F. Torrey Homer Greene
Horace T. Menner James C. BIrdsall
Louis J. Dorfllngcr E. B. Hardenbergh
Philip R. Murray
THE HONESDALE NATIONAL BANK extends to everyone in
Northeastern Pennsylvania the Compliments of the Season and suggests
that a bank book issued by this institution, appended to the cheerful
Christmas Tree, makes a practical pift for the boy or girl, inspiring them
along the path of economy and Jlirift ; producers of success and comfort.
One dollar will start an account and you can send it by mail and
we will issue tho book as you direct.
Aftency at Honesdale, Wayne Co., Pa.
Total admitted assets S . 273,813,003,55
Total Insurance In force 1,080,239,708.00
Total number policy-holders 425,481.00
New Insurance Reported and paid for In 1910 , 118,789.033.00
Increase In Insurance In force over 1909 67,240,613.00
Total Income for 1910 , 51,979,892.2s
Total payment to policy-holders , 82,80,893.00
Ratio of expense and taxes to Income , 1178 per cent
u. a. xiiMubtir, Agent.