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Tho White Star llnor, "Oceanic"
arrived in port In New York Thurs
day morning from Southampton,
Cherbourg and Queenstown. It
broke all records as an .incoming
Christmas ship. She carried 6.G1G
sacks of mall,, and 230 bags of par
cels post. This is the biggest batch
of mall over 'brought to this country.
Pennsylvania's registration of au
tomobiles Is going to run over 45,000
this year according to the way the
registration has been going on at the
State Highway Department. So far
44,300 machines have 'been register
ed. The best previous record was
1909 with 34,351.
Pennsylvania's forest reserves will
likely reach the million, acre mark
before the next 'Legislature meets If
the State can make favorable terms
for a number of tracts of land offer
ed. The total area of the reserves'
Is now close to 962,991 acres and
there are a large number of offers to
bo considered. The Pine Grove Furn
ace tract, which lias valuable mineral
and ice rights has been formally tak
en over.
Dr. J. P. Butterfield, of Riverside,
Cal., has Just sold his entire herd of
twenty cows at $200 each. Dr. But
terfield, 'when ho went from South
Montrose last spring, shipped his fine
herd of thoroughbred Ayrshires to
his new 'home. He had started a
certified imilk station, when a party
came along and made an offer of
?200 a head for each of tho twenty
cows. The doctor couldn't resist the
figures, selling the herd outright. A
number of young cattle also sold at
prices near tho 200-mark.
Tho State yesterday issued war
rants for the payment of $70,000 to
Sculptor Barnard as final payments
for his groups and $G0,uu8.57 for
the estate of Edwin A. Abbey, for
his paintings at the Capitol. In all
$116,000 has been paid the artist
of his estate and -there remains near
ly $100,000 for the payment of Miss
Violet Oakley, who will complete the
work outlined by Mr. Abbey.
Burglars entered the home of W.
L. Wolfe, Wllkes-Barre, Wednesday
night and after ranksacklng the low
er floors carried off a purse. The
purse was an old one and in it were
two pennies, one of which dropped to
tho floor as the Intruder made his
escape. A penny was all the bur
glar received 'for his trouble. In his
eagerness to get away with the
purse, ho overlooked valuables to the
amount of $1,000, which were stor
ed in the sideboard that he ransack
ed. The Pennsylvania Grand Lodge of
Odd- Fellows is to raise $10,000 for
the Austin flood sufferers. Tho next
day after the flood the grand officers
of the state turned over' $1000 In
cash from the emergency fund. Now
the Grand Lodge officers have taken
upon themselves to raise $10,000
among the lodges of the state for
use at Austin on flood sufferers.
Fire late Sunday night complete
ly destroyed the barn on the farm of
E. D. Aylesworth in Auburn, entail
ing a loss of $7,000 in grain, stored
in the structure. The building It
self was a large one valued at $3,
000 and Btored In it were all the
year's crops. A herd of registered
Holstein cattle two teams valued at
$1,000 and all 'farming machinery
were also destroyed.
Tuesday of last week Officer Geo.
ljafave of Fish's Eddy, who has had
charge of the "'wet goods" seized by
the sheriff several weeks ago at the
residence of John Shaffer, 'Hancock,
took the stuff out back of the court
house at Delhi, and smashed the
packages with a hammer, allowing
tho contents to escape on the ground.
There were 111 'bottles of beer, 7
quarts of whiskey and one jug of
wine. The "stuff" was destroyed iby
order of the court. Hancock Herald.
'Five thousand volunteers are sell
ing Red Cross ChrlstrnaB Seals
throughout the State. The number lis
steadily Increasing and bv the time
tho sale Is at Its height, the workers'
will total nearly six thousand.
A now white deer, of good size,
was seen by parties at the Delaware
Water Gap, Thursday, In company
with two other fine specimens of tho
fleet-footed game. Some say they,
are going to get It regardless of
'Wednesday afternoon last was the
date fixed 'for the hearing of tho
charges of selling liquor on Sunday
against Associate J.udge Englehart,
of 'Matamoras, Pike county. Judge
wearle, or Wayne, was on the bench
The case was continued until the
x9th of this month, without the hear
ing of any Witnesses. East Strouds-
Durg I'ress.
In an attempt to duplicate the feat
of a friend In a hotel at WInton, near
Bcranton, who had Just drunk
Bchooner of beer without moving a
$20 gold-piece which had been de
posited in the bottom, Joseph Man'
gella swallowed tho coin and narrow
ly escaped choking to death last
week, Mengellls was operated on In
the State Hospital the next day' and
u is tnougnt that he will recover.
A lady in an adjoining town snled
what she supposed to be her pet kit
ten in the cistern making a terrible
ado, Her love for the pet made her
determined to rescue it at all haz
ards. She applied a rake but all to
no use, so In she jumped when the
water came up to. her neck. Shortly
after, her husband arrived, fished her
out and discovered the kitten on the
roof while Its shadow was reflected
In the water.
A loquacious parrot, the property
of Mrs. George Wheeling, of Lans
downe, caused her to pay, $2 for a
load of wood which shs did not
want. Two wood peddlers went
through the borough and as they
were oposite the Wheeling ihome
they heard some one call from the
doorway, "Put It in the cellar." The
two men dumped the wood and pre
sented their bill. Mrs. Wheeling de
nied ordering the wood and refused
to pay. Just then they heard tho
same voice say, "Put it In the cel
lar. It was the parrot, and Mrs.
Wheeling paid tho hill.
W. G. Tiffany, of Deposit, 'has ac
cepted the management of the Star
light Dairy Company's store, at Star
light, Pa. Hancock Herald.
The following bankruptcy petition
was filed In the United States District
court, Wednesday: Frederick Hubert,
of Calllcoon, Sullivan county, volun
tary. Liabilities, $1,585, and nomi
nal assets, $150. Deposit Courier-
A six inch trout swimming round
in a can a! milk was the strange
sight which greeted the eyes of an
employee of the milk station In Gro
ton, when he started to empty one
of the cans brought to the station
by a farmer.
An interesting fact connected with
Now York's new water supply in the
Catskll'ls is that It will take four days
or more 'for a drop of water to pass
from the valley of Esopus through
the aqueduct and pipe till it Teaches
a faucet in New York.
Tho firm of Kinnie & Sohneider,
or 'Narrowsburgh, will dissolve part
nership on January 1. Mr. Kinnie
will go to Montlcello to take up his
duties as sheriff of the county, to
which office he was elected in No
vember. The Schneider brothers,
Lewis and Paul, will conduct the
business. The firm of Kinnie &
Schneider has been doing business
for the past 16 years and It has made
a successful business record.
A. Waldler of 'Winterdale offers a
reward of $25 for evdence that will
lead to the conviction of the party
who smashed the glass in the front
doors of his residence last Monday
Farmers' Week at The Pennsylva
nia State College has become one of
the established features of work In
that practical institution. Many
hundreds of the more progressive
farmers of the state gather at State
College during that week to listen to
discussions of various phases of
farming. This year the lectures will
begin Wednesday, December 27th,
and will close Wednesday, January
3. One hundred and ten lectures will
be given by fifty-two scientists and
practical men. Some or the most
widely-known authorities in agricul
ture are on the 'program whicn is ex
ceptionally good this year. Our
readers should write to "School of
Agriculture, State College, Pa." for
programs that will inform them re
garding the lectures and their sub
jects. Anyone who has ever attend
ed one of these 'Farmers week 'meet
ings knows their value to practical
men, but there are other thousands of
farmers who should avail themselves
of this opportunity 'for meeting with
the leaders In the best agricultural
practices. This conference of farm
ers is divided into sections so that
horticulturists, dairymen, anlmal
husbandrymen, general farmers, etc.,
may give all their time during the
week to the particular line of sub
jects that interests them. Send for
program and go to State college ror
this Farmers' Week.
Dynamiting Subsoil.
Much is being written at this time
on tho subject of "blasting the soli at
the point where young trees are to
be set. Prof. Surface, State Zoolo
gist, comments upon the use of ox
plosives preparatory to planting, in a
letter to a recent inquirer as 'fol
lows: "Replying to your letter asking if
you should use dynamite to mane
holes ifor your apple trees, I beg to
say that this depends entirely upon
the conditions. If there is imper
vious hardpan beneath your soil, or
if there 1b a layer of rock, or any
thing that will prevent the penetra
tion by the roots, or the proper aa
cumulation and retention of mols
ture, it would be a good plan to shat
ter the hardpan or bed rock by the
use of dynamite. If the subsoil is
loose, and there is no impervious or
Impenetrable rock immediately be
neath it, as is found in the strata bo
low shale soil and gravel soil, and
certain other conditions, it is not at
all necesasry to use dynamite, and
this may even result in some Injury
'Instead or henent.
I believe it possible to make the
subdrainage too complete for the
good of the trees under certain cir
cumstances. On the other hand, in
cases where it is needed, it is desir
able. 'Experiments are being con
ducted now in several places to learn
more about this. At the present
time I would not advise our friends
to rush tashly into the dynamiting
process. It is "best to try it only
on a few tree places, and watoh the
In nil Jnpnn there are only half a
dozen passenger or grain elevators.
More than UU per cent of our farms
are reported "owned free of debt."
The apple crop for 11)11 Is placed at
HO.OOO.OOO barrels, or 20 per cent above
Tho scmlbnrbarous tribes of Austra
lia make use of telephones connecting
their enenmpments.
The present demand for French
champagne amounts to nearly 40,000,
00O quart bottles a year.
From seven in 1823 the number of
stockbrokers on tho Brussels bourse
has risen to nearly 1,500.
There is being manufactured in Liv
erpool, England, a water finding device
designed to supplant the hazel twig.
Canada has completed its census
and finds that the population is a little
more than 7.000,000, not tho hoped for i
8,000.000. I
A tower that will be the highest I
structure In America is to be one of
the features of the Panama exposition
In San Francisco.
Mrs. John Alexander Dowle recently '
started n new Dowle movement in Chi- '
sago. It is reported that she" will es-
tabllsh a new Zion City.
An artificial cliff has been built at
Niagara Falls to hide from view the
group of power plants which have dis
figured the beauty of the spot.
A Brazilian railroad which found it
could not use wooden telegraph poles
because of attacks by insects is utiliz
ing old rails, erected in pairs, to hold
the wires.
There is now a noxious weed act in
New Zealand which imposes fines up
to $100 on any persons who knowing
ly sow, sell or offer for sale any nox
ious seeds.
From Peking it is announced that
tho Chinese government is about to
drop the troublesome moon from its
cnlendar and follow the practice of
western nations In using only the sun.
According to a report to the French
Academy of Sciences, all canned fish
contain ptomaines, which, however,
do not begin to increase appreciably
until two days after a can has been
Discoverers of an Egyptian worm
that will eat the cotton boll weevil
hnv0 been discouraged by learning that
li is cannibalistic in its tendencies and
will eat its companions as readily as
The couch of Louis XIV.. which Is
exhibited in a gorgeous room In Ver
sailles, Is found to be not genuine.
Only the cover and the canopy are gen
uine. The rest dates from the time of
Louis Philippe.
American consulates in China con
tinue to caution young men in search
of employment from going to that
country unless they have a good con
tract with a reliable firm already sign
ed before leaving homo.
According to a French physician, c
short period of rest is sufficient to pre
pare a person for new exertion after
heavy but not protracted work, while
longer rest Is necessary after continu
ous work of lighter nature.
There are 500 miles of automobile
roads on Vancouver island. British Co
lumbia. The government has built a
seventy-five mile trunk road from Vic
toria to Albemi and a sixty mile scenic
drive along the Saanich peninsula.
Mexicans know a good show from a
bad one. On the opening night of a
well advertised entertainment at Vera
Cruz not long ago over a thousand per
sons attended. The following night
there were only six persons in the the
ater. Despite the great acreage devoted to
apples in the United States, the crop
seems insufficient to meet demands.
Hobart, Tasmania, shipped over J50,-
000 worth of the fruit to this country
during the first four months of the
present year.
A Will conveying what is said to be
the smallest estate ever recorded In
the surrogate's office in New York city
was filed there recently. It Is the will
of James L. Doyle, and under its terms
his estnte. valued at $5.10, goes to his
two daughters.
Tho clock in the tower of Trinity
church, New York, is 100 years old.
Rust and age have played havoc with
It. It Is to be replaced by one of mod
ern make, having four dials, each six'
feet in diameter, with numerals In
scribed In stone.
One farm exclusively for opossums
has been started In Glppslnnd. Vic
toria, which comprises 2,000 acres of
eucalyptus bush land. Another farm
comprising COO acres has been started
In southern Tasmania nnd another of
150 acres In New South Wales.
The Levant Trade Review expresses
the opinion that American soda foun
tains would do a rushing business In
Turkish cities. So far as known, there
is not a single fountain in operation
anywhere in the Ottomnn dominions,
although soft drinks are exceptionally
popular in those parts.
The secret of Anna Gould Castel
lane's (Duchess de Talleyrand's) pur
chase of the famous royal grapes of
Fontnlnebleau came.out when she was
found feeding them to her two-year-old
prince. The duchess bought many
bunches at $24 a bunch, and all are
for the baby prince, who has been or
dered grapes by the family physician.
A thunderstorm observatory has
Deen established in Spain, in which at
mospheric discharges, both local and
dlstnnt, are detected graphically and
acoustically. A wireless telegraph in
strument is used for this purpose, be
cause each lightning discharge is ac
companied by electromagnetic waves
similar to those used in wireless tel-
Daily Christmas F)int
Gifti a Man May Give HU Fiancee
or Wife
The man who has n pretty fiancee,
wife or daughter will do well to exam
ine the three necklaces photographed
here. These, fashion experts assure
us. are the very latest wrinkles in
neck ornaments.
If the one for whom it is intended
has a plump, pretty neck the narrow
turquoise mounted collar will be ac
ceptable. It is mounted in old silver.
Trinkets of any sort are liked by
pretty women. These collnrs. if mount
ed with semiprecious stones, are not
out of the reach of ordinary pocket
books. Daily Christmas Fint
A Waih Doll For the Little Girl
You Love
To make this 'doll take No. 4 knitting
cotton. Wind thirty-two times around
a nineteen inch book for arms. Tie at
ends with baby ribbon, leaving one
end for hands. For the body wind the
cotton around a twenty-two inch book.
Wind It close nt one end, where it is
knotted with baby ribbon. Cut sixty
strands of the cotton about halfway
down. Make of this two plaits. Cut
the other end of cotton to form skirt.
On taking from book tie in two Inches
from top to form head. Slip In the
arms. Add baby ribbon and bells to
suit fancy. Paint the features.
Daily Christmas f)int
Handmade Lingerie Addi to the At
tractiveness of Any Wardrobe
Handmade lingerie is expensive, and
if In doubt what to givo some femi
nine member of her family or inti
mate friend a woman might do worso
thnn copy the fetching design for n
corset cover pictured here. By a little
maneuvering she may discover the size
of the one for whom the gift is to be
made. After that the task is easy, for
this pattern fa so simple that it takes
little time or patience to follow it out.
The body is made of flouncing in the
usual way, but an extension piece in
yoke shape is 'added at the top and
gives a more finished appearance. This
yoke may be omitted (if desired, but
the usual objection to corset covers of
this description has been that they
are so low cut that they do not af
ford sufficient protection. Embroider
ed flouncing thirteen Inches wide was
used for this garment
Farmers and Me
chanics Bank,
at tho close of business. Nov. C. 1811.
Reserve fund , $
Cash, specie and notes. $11,765 20
Due from approved re-
, serve agents.. $32,G01 C7--J7.3C6 87
Nickels, cents and fractional
currency 303 68
Checks and other cash items 681 15
Duo. from banks nnd trust coin
panics not reserve
Hills discounted, 94,766 50
Time loans with collateral 2C.055 00
XiOans on call with collateral ,. 29,833 40
Loans on call upon two or more
r names ....... 29,573 60
Loans secured by bonds and mort
gages.. 9,011 00
Investment securities owned exclu
sive of reserve bonds, viz
Stocks, bonds, etc 63.611 08
Mortgages and Judg-
m nientspt record 61.126 60
Ofuce 1 Building and Lot 18.81)9 5-5
Furniture and fixtures 1,804 41
Overdrafts 105 08
Miscellaneous assets 7,032 45
$ 391.476 17
Capital Stock paid- In J 75,000 00
Surplus Fund.... 15.000 00
Undivided l'rolits, less expenses
and taxes paid 4,811 60
Deposits, subject to check $69,831 78
Lusiilor's checks outstand'g 35
Deposits, special 226,796 99-296,632 12
$391,476 17
State ot Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss:
I. C. A. Emery, Cashier of the above named
company, do solemnly swear that the nbove
statement Is true to tho best ot my knowledge
and belief,
C, A. EMERY,- Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before e this
13th day of Nov., 1911.
My commission expire Jan. 19, 1911.
Hena S. Edqett. N, 1.
Correct attest:
M. E. Simons, )
G. Wm. Sell. -Directors.
F. W. Kreitner. 1 giw6
at the close of business, Nov. 6, 1911.
lteserve fund
Cash, specie and notes, $42,421 60
Duo from approved re
serve agents 103,188 96
Legal securities at par... 45000 00-190,613 66
NIckclsand cents 18180
Checks and cash Items 2,441 14
Due from Hanks and Trust Co's, not
reserve agents 5.935 22
Bills discounted :
Upun 0110 name $ 2.583 68
Upon two or more names 173,733 74-176,317 42
Timeloaus with collateral 65,060 00
Loanson call with collateral 216,089 58
Loans on call upon two ,or more
names 58,057 29
Loans secured by bonds and
mortgages 21.200 00
Bonds. Stocks, etc.. Schedule D.... 1,831,366 94
Mortgages and Judgments ot rec- i
ord, Schedule D-2 '330,673.36
Office Building and Lot 27,000 00
Other Iteal Estnte 6,000 00
Furniture nnd Fixtures 2,000 00
Overdrafts 31 86
Miscellaneous Assets 400 30
$2,936,991 17
Capital Stock, paid m $ 100,000 00
Surplus Fund 400,000 00
Undivided Profits, less expenses
and taxes paid 60,147 51
Individual deposits sub
ject to check $176,001 63
Indlvldal Deposit, Tlmo.2.182,778 76
Time certificates ot de
posit 238 78
Deposits, Common
wealth of Pennsylva'a 25,000 00
Certitied Checks 32 80
Cashier's check outst'g 1.951 80-2,383,066 67
Due 10 nanus ana xrust uos. not re
serve agents 779 99
$2,936,994 17
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss:
I, H. Scott Salmon. Cashier of the above
named Company, do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true, to the best of my
knowledge nnd belief.
laigneaj 11. o. salmuii , casmer.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
14th day of Nov., 1911.
(Signed) KOBEKT A. SMITH. N, P.
Notarial Seal I
Correct Attest:
AlonzoT. Searlb, 1
C. J. Smith, Directors.
J. W. Farley. J
or THE
At the close ot business, Deo. 5, 1911,
Loans and Discounts $ 246,517 38
Overdrafts.secured and unsecured 41 75
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation. 55,000 00
Bonds to secure Postal Savings 6.196 82
Premiums on U. S. Bonds 1,900 00
Bonds, securities, etc 1,234,017 91
Banking-house, furniture nnd fix
tures ,. 40,000 00
Due from National Banks (not
lteserve Agents) 4,296 17
Due from State and Private Banks
and Bankers. Trust Companies,
and Savings Banks 432 27
Due, from approved reserve
agents 148 011 73
Checks and other cash Items ... 5.697 46
Notes of other National Banks.. 14,930 00
Fractional paper currency, nick
els and cents.... 370 83
Lawful Money lteserve In Bank,
Viz: Specie $82.937 50
Legal tender notes 6,310 00- 89,247 60
Redemption' fund with U. S.
Treasurer, (5 per cent, of circu
lation) 2,750 00
Due from U. S. Treasurer 900 00
Total $1,818,212 82
Capital Stock paid In $ 160,000 00
Surplus fund 150,000 00
Undivided prollts, less expenses
and taxes paid 67.331 62
National Bank notes outstanding 63.90U 00
Due to other National Banks 2,650 76
Due to State and Private Banks
and Bankers 130 27
Individual deposits subject to
check $1,412.902 28
Demand certificates of
deposit 20,680 00
Certified checks 55 00
Cashier's checks out
standing 559 89-$ 1,431,197 17
Bonds borrowed None
Notes and bills redlscounted .... None
Bills payable. Including certifi
cates ot deposit for money bor
rowed None
Liabilities other than those above
stated None
Total $1,818,212 82
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss.
I, Lewis A. Howell, Cashier, of the above
named Bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true to the best ot my
knowledge and belief.
Lewis A. Howell, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
7thdayotDec..l9U. SMITH, N. P,
Correct attest:
H. Z. KUSSELL, ) nt L
Homer Gbeene. -Directors
K. B. Habdinbeboh. J
-Buy a few Red Cross Seals.
tr wilson.
J-A. Aliraillil a UUUNBKLOH-AT-I.ATC.
Office adjacent to Post Office in Dlmmlck
uiului iiuiirij'iuiCi J. u,
Hfllrin nvat nndt n(T1n,i All 1 1 1 1 . .
utuvw w w ijud viuvci aii iKui uusines
lyiuuipm ihicuucu iu, -iiuuuBuaie, Jt a.
Office over Reil's store. Honesdale Pa.
Special and prompt attention given to tht
collection ot claims. Offlce"over Kelt's new
aiuio xiuucsuuic, ra.
umceover me post omce Honesdale. Pa.
A TTrtDMPV Jl nnnTorr An am .
viino x ot vuun Oluyj LX'A X." L1A.YI t
Office in the Court HouBe, Honesdale
Office-Second floor old Savings Brit
uuuuuitf, xiiuiusiiuie ra.
muuea lately occupiea Dy judge Searle'
Office adjacent to Post Office, Honesdale. Pa
tkR. e. t. brown,
nifl., T3li (1 i 1 r. , . . ...
j.- in, iiuui, urn savings isanK DUlld-
iiik, xxuiicouuie. ra.
,R. C. R. BRADY,
-1011 MAIN ST.
Citizens' Phone.
ase una iiar a specialty. The fitting of glass
es given careful attention.
T I VERY. ired. li. Rir.knrrl hno .
Xi moved his livery establishment from
corner Church street to Whitney's Stone
j H M t t t M M T ft H H M t tt
The Jeweler X
Miwould Hke to see you If I
you are in the market
for t
"Guaranteed articles only sold." i
in your family you of course call
a reliable physician. Don't stop
at that; have his prescriptions
put up at a reliable pharmacy,
even if it is a little farther from
your home than some other store.
You can find no more reliable
store than ours. It would be im
possible for more care to be taken
m the selection of drugs, etc., or
in the compounding. Prescrip
tions brought here, either night
or day, .will be promptly and
accurately compounded by a
competent registered pharmacist
and the prices will be most rea
sonable. O. T. CHAMBERS,
Opp. D. & H. Station. Honesdale. Pa.
German-American Home
Y I M. Men Women, you nor A nld.
1 reaimenii h .wr ? c;?.
6000 D I Unit Mil utk axrj lltld.d
Ca, 1 po.ltli.lf U Only Cure. lattler .biuimr
your 11 Imnt or DWuu n, b, can, rltU, mttut
who failed. Writ, flat yaar Caia In atrial caalldaaaa.
DOCTOR. ' Uox esse. lldiiDtiiVPi.
BROADWAY and 11th ST.
Within Bceeta of ovcry point of in
tcreat. Half blotlt from Wnmlter',
NOTED. ORt Excellence of
lOtmortable appointment!, courte
acrvice and homcliko surroundings,
Rooms SI. 09 par day zni
With privltoQo ol Bath
SI. GO per da -and up
a - - - wwv