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Idaho Executive Criticises
President's Pardon of Banker.
Photo by American Press Association.
Wickersham Says Pardoned Banker
Will Turn State's Evidence.
Washington, Nov. 1G. Attorney Gen-
ernl Wickersham is not very much dis
turbed by the statement Issued by
Governor James II. Hawley of Idaho
criticising the president and the de
partment of justice on account of the
action of the president in granting a
pardon to Clarence W. Robnett, book
keeper In the Lewiston National bank,
of Lewiston, Ida. Itobnett was con
victed of embezzling the funds of the
bank and on trial In tho federal court
was sentonced to ten years' imprison
ment, but he has not served any of his
sentence. The governor denounced tho
pardon as likely to bring "Justice into
umii'iiuiu mm wuuKcu uie courts in luo
uauiii.'iuon oi our nenme. "
The attorney general explained that
it was thought best to mnke terms with
and convict the others than to allow
all to escape for want of evidence on
which to convict. This is the whole
story, it was explained, of tho Itobnett
Italian Named by Companion as Slayer
Would Be Revenged.
White Plains, N. Y., Nov. 10. It took
only five minutes for District Attorney
Winslow of Wc'stchestcr county to ar
raign tho five Italian robbers who have
been indicted for the murder of Mrs.
Mary Hall at Croton Lake on Nov. 0
last before Justice Tompkins, and each
one pleaded not guilty. As they had no
money, Justice Tompkins assigned law
yers to defend them, and then they
were remanded back to jail until a
date for the trial is fixed. It is under
stood that tho five men will be tried
Jointly on Nov. 27.
Santa Zanza, who is accused directly
by his companions of having stabbed
Mrs. Hall to death, as he was being led
out of the courtroom said in Italian to
Angelo Gusto, who confessed that
Zanzo had committed the murder, "If
I could get at it I would tear your
heart out."
Gusto gave Sheriff nnrnett addi
tional facts concerning the slaying of
Mrs. nail. Ho said that he gagged
Mrs. Hall and that Zanza stabbed her
three times with a dirk. Ho also told
the sheriff where this knife was thrown
In the woods on Turkey mountain, near
Croton Lake.
Nurse Who Cared For First Wife Won
After Ardent Wooing,
Rome, N. Y.. Nov. 1C Dr. William
iif!ti iinicii Liuiii.r in iiniinnKO vn i Art
a nurse, to the altar as his bride In this
city. '
rm. i i.ti. - m i -
marriage. Dr. Kirk brought his wife
to a cancer hospital here about two
years ago to bo treated, and Miss Jones
was tho nurse who cared for her. It
proved to bo an incurable case, and
Mrs. Kirk died. Tho attraction which
tho doctor found in the nurse ripened
Into love, and tho aged physician's per
sistent wooing culminated In tho nup
tial ceremony.
Wife Murderer Must Pay Penalty Fri
day, Nov. 24.
Richmond, Vn., Nov. 10. Governor
Mann declines to lnterfero in tho case
of nenry Clay Beattle, Jr., and the
young wife murderer's last hope of
oscnping the electric chair on Friday,
Nov. 24, was thus swept away. The
governor not only refused commuta
tion of sentence, but even the thirty
days' respite prayed for.
Beattlo's father told the prisoner In
tho death cell of the penitentiary that
the governor had refused all aid.
Young Seattle received It in silence, the
guards say, but his Iron nerve gave
way at last, and he was visibly affect
ed at the loei of his last hope.
At nlxty Sir Wlltinr.i E. Smith, who
began life ns n ropciuakcr's boy, tikes
over Sir Philip Watts' job us director
of mivnl construction for tho fleets of
Georco V.
Captain Herbert Edward Greenstrcet
of the Now ZtMilnml Shipping com
jinny rooontly depiiMil on his eightieth
voyane round the world. Altogether
he has sailed 2,000,000 miles and never
had u mishap.
Judge Edgar Jay Sherman, states-
j ninu, soldier, nuthor and Jurist, who
recenuy resigneu irom the Massacnu
setts superior bench, was admitted to
the bar fifty-three years ago. lie is
now seventy-seven.
Dr. James Curtis Hepburn, the old
est surviving graduate of Trinceton.
class of 1832, began his career as n
medical missionary to China In 1840.
On his ninetieth birthday anniversary
he was honored with an Imperial dec
oration from the mikado, no was
burn nt Milton, Pa., ninety-six years
F. Dewitt Fisher, clerk in tho post
oillco nt Toledo, O., has received -word
from the postofflce department that
he has been proclaimed tho champion
mail distributer in tho United States
postal service. Fisher's record In a
tost on Aug. 0 was 711 pieces of mall
in eleven minutes, an average of sixty-five
a minute. The title had for
merly been held by John B. Francis of
the Cincinnati postofflce.
Pert Personals.
Judging bj' the pictures of Tsen Chun
Ilsuan, tho gentleman is no rosebud.
Detroit News.
Dr. Cook might now prepare a now
nud more exciting lecture upon his new
r.nd old adventures in Copenhagen.
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Abroad J. P. Morgan is nlways tho
honored guest of the most illustrious.
At home it is proposed to give him the
third degree. Washington Star.
We trust John D. will not trace his
nncestry so far back that he will run
up against the fellow who got his name
working on the rock pile. Washington
We prophesy that during the coming
winter season Mr. "Homo Run" Baker
and Christy Mathewson will not col
laborate in a vaudeville sketch or run
ning a saloon. Denver Republican.
Sporting Notes.
Baseball statistics just compiled
show that during tho last nine years
American league teams have won 183
games in intcrleague contests to 170
for Natioaal league teams. '
Miss Dorothy Campbell, one of tho
greatest golf players in the world, will
reside in the United States and take
up newspaper work this winter Miss
Campbell has won ten gold medals for
championships in various countries.
Uhlan's feat in trotting a mile In
2:02 over a half mile track Is in some
respects the most wonderful perform
ance that has ever characterized tho
American trotting turf. One-quarter
of this great mile was- trotted in 30
seconds by tho sou of Bingen, two
others in 31 seconds each and the final
one in 30 seconds.
China Chips. -i
Persons having the samo surname
are forbidden to marry in China.
There is no word In the Chinese lan
guage that conveys what we call "pub
lic spirit," nor is there a word for
All the Imperial buildings In China
are painted yellow, and It is a capital
offense for any one to Imitate the col
or on their houses.
The fortune teller Is always present
at Chinese weddings, nnd if the for
tunes told are not satisfactory either
party may then and there declare the
engagement off.
Household Hints.
Never wash marble with soap and
Water. Use ammonia in tho water if
you would have a highly polished,
clean surface after your trouble.
To avoid mixing up towels when all
the family use tho samo bathroom em
broider initials or one initial on towels
for each member of the household.
To protect your rolling pin nnd board
in absolute cleanliness make coverings
for them of unbleached muslin, having
drawing strings and loops suUicIently
strong to hold them when the bags are
hung up.
Trust Thrusts.
How did they ever get the nnme of
"trusts" when everybody suspects
them? Omaha Bee.
Prices are governed by the law of
supply and demand the supply of easy
going consumers and. tho demand of
the trusts. Life.
When the trusts aro hard hit they
always predict bard times again and
suffering for their old friends, the com
mon people. Atlanta Journal.
Aerial Flights. .
The new Wright machine is nble to
stand still, but aviators will find new
ways to tumble. Milwaukee Sentinel.
Seventy-two aviators have been kill
ed so far this year. No wonder the
Wrights have concluded the aeroplane
needs a little tinkering. Denver Re
publican. The Wrlebt brothers have perfected
an aeroplane that uses a minimum of
fnel. Now let some one Invent one
that will use a minimum of fools.
Detroit Fre Prcei.
Oklahoman Denounces Enemies
of the Federal Health Board.
Oklahoma Senator Says Wiley's Foes
Oppose Health Board.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 10. United
States Senator Robert L. Owen of
Oklahoma created a sensation nt the
transmississippl commercial congress
when he declared he had every reason
to believe that the same people who
fought Mr. Harvey W. Wiley, chief of
the bureau of chemistry, were now
fiirnlshlnt? mnnpv tn nnnnso tho mnvi.
' ment for a national department of
"The United States loses annually
from preventable causes 030,000 peo
ple," said Senator Owen. So far as
securing nld from the government was
concerned ho would rather be a fat
hog suffering from cholera than the
mother of a large family In the first
stages of disease, for the government,
while prepared to help the hog, has
no bureau to aid the mother.
Indianapolis Mayor Swamped by Fair
Indianapolis, Nov. 10. Twenty-two
women, the majority of them young
nnd unmarried, but several the moth
ers of two or three children, applied to
Mayor Shank for positions on tho po
lice force as detectives. The mayor had
offered to appoint two of the police
matrons to act as detectives, but they
declined, nnd notice of this caused the
rush to his office.
The Idea of appointing women de
tectives grew out of the supposed mur
der of Helen Knabe nnd the inability
of the male members of the depart
ment to find the murderer. Sugges
tions from n number of women that
female detectives would be better
equipped in such cases than males led,
tho mayor to suggest such appoint
ments. But the rush to his office was
so great that he slipped out by n back
door and told his secretary to send all
Inquirers to the police superintendent
Indiana Pure Food Law Violated, Pros
ecutor Alleges.
Terro Haute, Ind., Nov. 10. After
ten days' investigation by the local
prosecutor and agent of the Indiana
pure food department it Is announced
that something like 400 vlolntlons of
the pure food law have been commit
ted by the Armour Pncklng company
of Chicago, and indictments have been
secured against the officers. The in
formation on which tho indictments
nro based were gnlned from local deal
ers when confronted with tho sale of
impure food or food not labeled ac
cording to law.
It is said that during tho last few
weeks more than 10,000 dozen of stor
age eggs have been shipped into tho
local market by outsldo firms and cor
poratlons and have been sold as the
fresh article at enormous profits. Two
local dealers have pleaded guilty to
selling unlabeled storage eggs and paid
New York Strikers Plead For Chance
to Go to Work.
New York, Nov. 10. If there was
any doubt that the strike of the street
cleaning department drivers was beat
en It has been dispelled.
With practically all tho carts In tho
department In operation and men at
some of tho stables pleading to get
back their old Jobs under any condi
tions and tho failure of the meeting of
the executive council of the teamsters'
locals to call a general sympathetic
strike, tho late employees of the street
cleaning department scorned to realize
that their cause was hopelessly lost,
and some of them talked of seeking for
other work.
Market Reports.
BUTTER Firm; receipts, 8,003 pack
Iges. CHEESE Firm; receipts, 4,417 boxes.
EGOS-Steady; receipts, 6,M cuss.
POTATOES-Steady; swtets, southern,
r bbl., L2E2.
Copyrlfiht by American Press Asso
ciation, 1911.
Agues Winston was ii very geutlo
person with no natural aptitude
for leadership In those political move
ments which concern tile woman of tbe
present day. But she fell tinder the In
fluence of Mrs. Montgomery Stone,
who was greatly Interested in tho mat
ter of obtaining votes for women, and
that lady made n vigorous effort to in
fuse some of her own enthusiasm on
tho subject into Miss Winston. The
process was like molding n statue of
a soft mnterlal which would not hard
en. To describe Miss Winston In worn
nn's parlance ns a voles for woman
advocate, she wouldn't "Jell."
However, after her first Interview
with the stronger woman she consid
ered herself converted to the cause
and, being engaged to bo married, be
lieved it fitting that she should an
nounce her conversion to her lover.
She sent for him nnd said:
"Harry, I deem It proper to announce
to you that I am taking great interest
in a matter of which I don't know that
you approve. Since I expect to as
sume a position In tho working out of
a new Idea"
"Whoso idea?"
"Why. it's ono of those Ideas that
don't belong to any particular person;
it's for everybody I mean for every
"Where did you get lt7"
"I don't seo that that has anything
to do with the matter. It Is sufficient
for me to tell you that I have joined
tho votes for women movement"
"Oh. that's nil right I'm in favor
of that. too. I'll give you my vote right
away. There are so many puzzling
questions In our country's political
status that my brain Is in a whirl all
the time trying to find out which way
to vote upon them. I'd llko mighty
well to turn my duties ns a citizen
over to you."
"Why, it's all very simple, isn't It?"
"Simple! Not to me. There's tho
tariff, and tho trusts, and tho referen
dum, and the recall, and a lot of other
things. It takes all my time to keep
up even with what they mean."
Agnes, who had heard Mrs. Stono
rattle over these things ns a cat would
run over piano keys, said confidently:
"Oh, Iknow what all theso things
"What's tho referendum T
"Why, when tho governor of a state,
for instance, doesn't exactly know what
to do In a certain caso ho refers tho
matter to the people. He submits It at
an election."
"What's tho recall?"
"Why, when a Judge doesn't decide a
question right they take away his
"Splendid! I seo that you have eas
ily discovered tho purport of these two
novelties, over which I have been puz
zling my poor brain ever since they
were born. I can't mako out whether
a trust is nn economic development or
an assumption of monopolists treading
on tho people's rights. I have no idea
whether we have too many voters al
ready or too few. There aro so many
candidates for mo to Investigate before
our election that I haven't the time for
tho work. I shall havo to do our pro
viding when married, and I think It
will be better to turn my political du
ties over to you."
"You couldn't stupid, it's against
the law for women to go to the polls
to vote."
"But you can tell mo how to vote,
and I'll go to the polls nnd vote as you
say. Wouldn't that be the same
"I suppose so in our case, but every
woman couldn't do that with her fiance
or her husband."
"Sho might with her fiance,"
"That's It When she's married her
husband will wish to voto as he likes."
"Well, suppose that he wishes to
rote ono way and the wife tho other.
In that caso what's tho use of either
of them voting? Tho ono Is n stand
off against the other."
"I never thought of that.
"In other words, they 'pair' as they
do in legislative bodies when two
members on opposite sides wish to be
absent at the coming up of an impor
tant measure."
"I think we'll pair," she said softly,
feeling for her lover's hand.
"And If a case of referendum comps
lip In our family I'll refer It to you."
"That will be very nice."
"As to the recall But there's no
recall In marriage, is there?"
"Only divorce, nnd that's awful."
The dialogue was interrupted at this
point by kisses and was never renew
ed till after their marriage. Then one
day when the couple differed on some
domestic subject the wlfo said:
"What did you say, dearie, when we
were engaged, about matters of this
kind occurring between us?"
"I don't remember."
"I do. You said, 'If a case of refer
endum comes up between us I'll refer
It to you.' "
"Did I say that?"
"Yes; you did."
"What did I say about the recall?"
"The recall? I don't exactly remem
ber that Wasn't it something about
a Judge not deciding right and being
taken off the bench?"
"Yes. When we were engaged 1 told
you that I would abide In all things by
your decision, but now that we aro
married I And that you do not In all
cases decide right In this inatanco
you are all wrong, and I feel It neces
sary to exercise the prerogative of re
call." "Wall iIwIimFI
REAL ESTATE. -By virtue of process
issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayno county, and State of
Pennsylvania, and to me directed
and delivered, I have levied on nna
will exposo to public sale, at the
Court House In Houesdale. on
All the defendant's right, title,
nnd Interest in the following de
I scribed property viz!
I All that certain lot or parcel of
, land situate In tho townships of Sa
1 lom nnd Paupack, bounded and de
scribed as follows: Beginning at a
j corner on tho north bank of the
Wallenpaupack River; thence north
1 36 degrees east along the lino of the
Davis lot 72 rods to a corner; thence
north 18 degrees east along the
John Krleger lino 158 and 9-10 rods
to a corner; thence south 40 degrees
east 1C2 rods to a maple on tho bank
of the river; thenco In a westerly di
rection along tho bank of tho said
I river following Its various courses
about 300 rods to the place of begln
I ning. Containing 15G acres nnd 100
I perches of land more or less as sur
veyed by M. P. Mitchell and being
; a portion of the so-called Manor lot.
Being the same land which L. W.
I Morso et ux granted and conveyed to
Wm. H. Surplice by deed dated Oct.
5, 1893, and recorded in Wayne coun
ty in Deed Book No. 77, page 453,
I etc.
i Also, all that lot or parcel of land
situate In the township of Salem,
county of Wayno, State of Pennsyl
vania, bounded and described as fol
lows: Beginning at a post on the
bank of the Wallenpaupack Creek
south 68 degrees west by land of
Wm. Shouse 39 rods to a stonescorn
er; thence south 52 degrees east 15
rods to a stones corner; thenco south
40 degrees east to a. stones corner
1.-3 perches; thence south 36 degrees
west 75 perches to a post at low wa
ter mark on tho bank of the Wallen
paupack creek; thence up tho said
Wallenpaupack creek the several
I courses and distances 177 perches
I to the place of beginning. Contain
ing 48 acres and 149 perches bo the
same more or less. It being part of
tho Wallenpaupack Manor and by
several deeds and conveyances made
as on the records of Wayne county
entered Dec. 3, 1851, in Deed Book
no. 17, page 401, will more fully ap
pear. Being samo land which Mary
Noy by her last will and testament
recorded In Wayno county in Will
Book No. 25, page 205, willed and
devised to Martha A. Surplice and
William Surplice.
Seized and taken In execution as
the property of William H. Surplice
at the suit of Martha A. Surplice.
No. 40 October Term, 1911. Judg
ment, $560.00. Mumford, Attorney.
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must bo paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LEM BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Nov. 8, 1911.
AVo 'print circulars.
Advertise in Tho Citizen.
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young men's clothes that fit
men, we don9f mean freaks
or fads. We do mean and we
have suits and overcoats cut
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ed figures of young men, in
youthfuB, stylish models and
designs. Suits9 brown and
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heavy. ChiBdren9s suits
and overcoats, raincoats.
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The Home of the
- --
Will extend every facility
that good banking will
Accounts of individuals,
firms and corporations soli
cited. Correspondence invited
Henry Z. Russell Andrew TiioMrson
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