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Man Friday
He Blunders Into His
Copyright by American Press Asso
ciation, 1911.
Lewis Warren's now bungalow was
;rcbcd on a pine covered knoll on tbe
loro of tbe lake.
There were several bungalows about
A.m.. ..a,.. .1 I .,,!
I. 111.11 11 II 1 11 ULllfl liltlt:. AIAAAA AA..V UUU
hlch clustered gayly painted canoes or
sa iitthii iti itiiinitJiiiM iiiiu iiuui uuml.
it . i s i &. H A ivm Tim a
hi it ommn
111 nfUl'ITlIMr LUll 114. 1.1V puuiiuv
-Aiilrl I nlnanrl nnrl thera would bo DO
of Ufo except tho llttlo wild
nlmals that camo to arms at uie
nri tho birds flitting
mong tbo pines.
Lewis Warren had built tho bunga-
1 a. 1. ! A n,nn,l
)W for a retreat wucreiu iv diiuuu
nergy no nao. lost uunus uubj ocnn
own In the heart of the big city
Ho went up thcro In Juno for a brief
lslt and hastily turned tho key In
Is door and departed to return again
lto In September wnen ms neignuura
ad flitted cityward. On this brilliant
oc-i,rvi 4n Mno ml thi Httln lnko travlv
eflectcd nzure heaven ana green eanu.
..eWlS tOOK irom UlS japuueau buivuui
basket of lunch and went down to
lis own pier. The lunch, together with
ishlng rod and basket, was tossed into
ho bottom of a canoe, and Lewis step
ied in and paddled slowly over to the
To have a whole month to himself in
bo most glorious season of tbe year,
I .1 t nnl.lntl n T 1 1 1 tlin
lights are cool and mado ror sweet,
mind niiwin. Rppmpd too rood to be true.
ind at last, haunted by tho fear that
bore mlzht bo some cottager lurking
oar bv who might suddenly start bis
monograph blaring into tho delicious
.llnnnn Tntt'la ctn rrul fn n tnilr of tllO
sland skirting the beach in bis walk.
Then all at once ho stopped short
1UU lUOlCUVU LlitJ -uxu w 1
1 . At 4- j-.Arm
"Well, I'll be banged!" he ejaculated
r nn i mil iiri'iiuiiiiuuu uuoiucoi
There under his very noso was im-
.1 .. nn,n.ln, i a mnHr n f n
... ' ... ' 1 A 1 A At ..
ooy, ana ciose uesiuo n wu ouuiun
and another and still another of the
same feet. Some of tho footprints ap
peared to leaa straigni into wo water,
and others evidently climbed tho sandy
slope and 'wero lost among tho brown
nnn.iiiw tlmf atrrtworl the. pmunrl.
"Somebody left those footprints on
the sand, and that not so very long
1. QUI'injOU A.AAIA .ta.AA AO ...
f ., .,r. fliv Knotnl ic hfrifnr in
Dm t-rnoa nn vnnrier. 1 mav as well fol
low this trail among the spruces."
Tho trail was soon lost among tho
needles, and as there were a dozen lit
tle paths winding among the spruces
it was no easy matter to decide which
one to follow. Lewis soon tired of
hunting for tho trespasser and con
cluding that, whoever he was, the boy
would probably not disturb him now
that his presence had been discovered,
the young man returned to his canoe
and tho neglected fishing.
He bad Just landed a shining lake
trout when a distant splash attracted
his attention. Ho turned his canoe and
paddled around to tho southern shore
just In tlmo to see a small dark bead
bobbing above tbo surface of tho water,
with now and then tho flash of a bare
foot as the swimmer drew nearer the
Lewis chuckled softly to himself,
nmused nt tho lad's hasty flight. "Ho
doesn't know bo's my man Friday,"
ho grinned as ho paddled back onco
The day had been badly broken up
liv his unnnsv wnnderlntrs. and now.
Trpr mis iimrMinnu whn msiiuseu ul uiju
book, ho returned home resolved to
I full measure of n lazy day.
Another glorious day dawned. lie
mado his usual landing, fastening
his craft to a weather beaten stake
thrust in tho sand. Then ho carried
book and basket around to tbo sunny
southern shore and stretched himself
on tho sand. The water looked cool
and Inviting, but swimming was a
diversion ho had been obliged to forego
the past year on account of a severe
attack of rheumatism, which gripped
him cruelly at tho first impact of cold
Suddenly there bobbed into his range
of vision a green canoe, untenanted
and Idly floating toward tho mainland.
It was several moments before it oc
curred to him that his own craft might
have gone adrift, and when ho went
to look his fears wero verified. The
ancient etako had snapped asunder at
the water line, and now bo could see
it floating along in tho wake pf the
"No uso yelling to Taku. He'd only
get excited and tumblo In the soup
kettle. Ho can't help me, and I can't
help myself, nero I must stay until
I urn rescued, and I wouldn't bo a bit
disappointed to soo that man Friday!
Wish I hadn't scared him off serves
rae right."
Shortly afterward a stono rolling
down into tbo water startled him to a
sitting posture just in time to seo a I
flash of bnro feet disappearing among
tho spruces far down the beach. Ho
followed his impulse and went after
tbe trespasser. When he reached the
spot ho could plainly distinguish the
little wet footprints leading straight
up into tho thicket of spruces. Ho
halted thcro at the foot of tbe embank
ment. "111. there, man Friday." he called
good naturcdly.
There was no reply. Not a sound
broke the stillness.
"I saw you that time, my boy. Don't
try any game on me. 1 won't hurt
"H'm!" A volco startled him from
the gloom of the thicket not three yards
"Ah. skeptical, aro you, son? Well,
listen to this my canoe's gone adrift
and I can't recover it on account of
being old and rheumatic. I've discov
ered your footprints on the sand of my
Island, and therefore you'ro my tnau
Friday. Today's Friday, you know.
Don't you want to swim over and get
my canoo for me, and then come back
nnd have luncheon on the shore?"
Lewis' volco was alluring.
"Poor old ltoblnson Orusoel" chuckled
the voice from the thicket, but Its
owner made no attempt to como forth.
"Will you get the canoe?" persisted
Lewis. "I think there's chicken pie in
the basket."
"I'll get it for you If you will go
back and stay on the beach," parleyed
tho voice after awhile.
"Very well, Friday; I'll go burrow
my head in tho sand if you Insist
I'm quite at your mercy. Exit Robin
son Crusoe." Lewis grinned to himself
as he went back to his pipe and book.
Studiously turning his back to the lako
and tho strip of beach to bis left, he
enveloped himself in clouds of smoke
and presently quite forgot his man
Friday and the errand upon which ho
had been sent.
A pebble struck him squarely be
tween the shoulder blades and brought
him to his feet The canoe was
beached nearby, and sitting In It a
tarpaulin thrown over her knees, was
a girl. Lewis stared at her with slowly
rising color, whllo she gazed with dark
laughing eyes. Her face was tinted
daintily by sun and wind, and her red
Hps were parted above perfect teeth.
"I beg your pardon," Lewis man
aged to ejaculate. "Aro you did you
I thought I was speaking to n boy."
Ho knew tho girl was enjoying bla
She shook her head with a charming
smile. "No excused, Mr. Warren. Fri
day has reclaimed tho canoo for you
and expects a pleco of chicken pie."
"Of course of courso I am honored,"
assured Lewis after he brought forth
the luncheon basket, and he blessed
tho fastidious Taku for tho dainty ar
rangement of tho viands, the crisp
paper napkins, tho surprise of delicious
lie did not Invito her to leave tho
canoo. because ho know that the tar
paulin covered her pretty pink and
white feet, and he had thought they
belonged to a boy! Ho waited on her
eagerly and forgot to eat as he
watched her consume the luncheon.
"I'm over so much obliged to you
for bringing in tho canoe," ho said at
length. "I would have been marooned
hero nil night if you hadn't overlooked
my presumption and swam after it. I
hope you won't tako cold." Ho looked
nt tho pretty bluo bathing dress, with
its elbow sleeves displaying slender
brown arms.
"Dear me, no; I'm In nnd out of tho
water a dozen times a day. I'm en
joying It all I can this week, because
wo break camp next Thursday and
return to town. Father and I returned
from Europo only two weeks ago.
As soon as he had learned that you had
bought the other end of tho lake our
camp is at tho west end bo went over
to call. That was yesterday, and ho
did not find you at home. He's gone
over ngaln today, and he won't lind
you nt home."
Lewis looked puzzled and happy at
the same time.
'Tour father knows mo?" ho asked
"Why, yes. I forgot to tell you who
I nm. I'm Freda Lanson, and father's
Homer Lanson. Ho and your father
used to bo business partners."
"Oh, of course. Isn't that "great?"
Lewis was growing enthusiastic, no
had known Homer Lanson for years,
but never bad met the only child wblch
composed his family. Once In awhile
the two men had dined together at
soma restaurant, and It always hap
pened to bo on the older Warren's
birthday, and in this wny Lewis War
ren kept a connecting link betweeu his
father's memory and tho man with
whom ho had been in business.
"I'm sorry you'vo bought this Island.
Wo used to consider it public prop
erty," observed Freda as she sud
denly slipped into tho water and pre
pared to swim across to tho mainland.
"I hope you won't put up 'No Tres
passing signs on the beach."
Lewis blushed as ho recollected his
irritation of tho day before. Then -ho
recovered his self possession. "Tho
Island belonged to Friday as much as
Robinson Crusoe," bo said, laughing.
"Thank" you," she flashed back over
her shoulder. "Au revolr, Robinson
Crusoe r
"Goodby, Miss Friday," called
Lewis, and ho stood thero watching
her until a curve of tho shoro hid her
dark head from view. "Friday Freda
Friday tbero's something coincident
about those names. I believe I'm hav
ing another premonition, and Til help
it along until until" Ho smiled
whimsically as ho walked back to tho
canoe, and, although ho never finished
tho sentence, it is a significant fact
that bo always called her Friday, even
after ho had earned the right to call
her his wife.
Commander of Italian Army
of Occupation at Tripoli.
All of the Other Amendments to Con
stitution Were Adopted.
San Francisco, Oct. 12. With about
(30 per cent of the vote counted it Is
now certain that woman suffrage was
defeated by about 6,000 majority,
while nearly all tbe other twenty-two
amendments submitted to the people
were adopted,
it is iKKslblc districts to be beard
from may cut down materially this
majority, but they cannot give the vie
tory to tbo women. The defeat of suf
frage was accomplished by this city,
which gave a majority against the
amendment of 13,550, while outside of
the city the state gave a majority of
8,000 for suffrage.
Not discouraged by their defeat, .the
women, talcing advantage of the inltla
tive amendment adopted at tho elec
tion, are preparing to' submit to the
people at the regular election In No
vember another proposition for suf
frage. They contend that their defeat
was due to the fact that In the coun
try the vote was very light, while In
the cities, where suffrage was weak
est, the vote was much heavier.
It is Interesting to note that the re
call received a majority of 75,000. the
greatest for any amendment.
Two Negroes In Missouri Killed and
Others Flee.
Coruthersvillo, Mo., Oct. 12. A. B
Rich and Hugh Plcketts, two negroes,
were tortured and shot to death by a
mob here and the bodies were then
pitched Into tho Mississippi river. The
mob broke into the city jail and drag
ged tho men to the baseball park
Sounds of lashing nnd the screann of
tho victims were heard.
Plcketts had followed two white girls
to their homes. Ho was arrested when
found hiding In shrubbery. Rich was
lynched because ho stole a package of
merchandise after being warned to
leave town. It is said he was respon
sible for several mysterious fires.
There has been smoldering excite
ment here since last week, when Lee
Fleming nnd Albert Dugger were
slashed nearly to death by a "bad" ne
With the departure of each train and
steamboat many negroes are leaving
the city in fear of mob activity.
Americans and Canadians Hold Their
First Session.
Washington, Oct. 12. The Interna
tional joint commission, which Is
charged with the duty of adjudicating
waterway boundary disputes betweeu
the United States and Canada, bus
held Its first meeting here.
The commission will remain In ses
sion the rest of this week, so that the
members may reach an understanding
with reference to the amount of work
on hand, tho scope and powers of the
commission nnd the" methods of pro
Silver Service For Battleship Utah
Bears Figure of Brigham Young.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 12.-The
Intention of tho Mormons to present to
the United States battleship Utah, soon
to bo launched, a silver tray bearing
tho figure of Brigham Young and the
Mormon church, has nroused a protest
by non-Mormons of Utah. They have
offered a silver tray, but with a patri
otic design.
Protests "against the Mormon gift
have been made to Secretary Meyer.
Rodgers In Sea to Sea Trip Over Kan
sas Today,
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 12. C. P.
Rodgers, sea to sea aviator, who land
ed in Swope park yesterday after fly
ing eighty-four miles from Marshall,
is again In tho nlr somo place In Kan
sas today.
He has covered 1,483 miles since
leaving New York and is within a
few hours' flight of the halfway point
In hla cross country Journey.
We Guarantee to Relieve Dyspepala.
If Wo Fall the Medlolna
Costs Nothing.
To unquestionably prove to the peo
ple that indigestion and dyspepsia can
be permanently relieved nnd that Rex
all Dyspepsia Tablets will bring about
this result, wo will "furnish the medi
cine absolutely free If it falls to givo
satisfaction to any one using It
Tho remarkable success of Resall
Dyspepsia Tablets is duo to tho high
degree of scientific skill used In de
vising their formula as well as to tha
euro exercised in their manufacture,
whereby tho well-known properties of
Blsmuth-Subnltrato and Pepsin have
been combined with Carminatives and
other agents.
Blsmuth-Subnltrate and Pepsin are
constantly employed nnd recognized
by tho entire medical profession as In
vnluable in the treatment of Indiges
tion nnd dyspepsia.
Tho Pepsin used In Rcxall Dyspep
sia Tablets is carefully prepared so as
to develop its greatest efficiency.
Pepsin supplies to the digestive ap
paratus one of the most important ele
ments of tho digestive fluid. Without
It tbe digestion and assimilation of
food are impossible.
The Carminatives possess properties
which aid In relieving the disturb
ances and pain cnused by undigested
food. This combination of these in
gredients makes a, remedy invaluable
for the complete relief of Indigestion
and dyspepsia.
We are so certain of this that
we urgo you to try Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets on our own personal
guarantee. Threo sizes, 25 cents,
50 cents, and J1.00. Remember, you
can obtain Rexall Remedies only
at our store Tho Rcxall Store.
Plans & Estimates
Residence, 1302 EastSt.
Wo print letter beads.
Wo print bill heads,
We print neat calling cards.
Wo print candidates' cards.
TUTION. Number Ono.
Proposing an amendment to the
Constitution of tho Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, so as to
consolidate the courts of common
pleas of Allegheny County.
Section 1. Bo it resolved by the
Senate and House of Representatives
of tho Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia in Genoral Assembly, met, That
the following amendment to the
Constitution of Pennsylvania be, and
the same is hereby, proposed, in
accordance with tho eighteenth ar
ticle thereof:
That section six of article five be
amended, by striking out the said
section, and Inserting in place there
of the following:
Section C. In tho county of Phil
adelphia all the jurisdiction and
powers now vested In the district
courts and courts of common pleas,
subject to such changes as may be
made by this Constitution or by law,
shall be In Philadelphia vested in
five distinct and separate courts of
equal and co-ordinate jurisdiction,
composed of threo judges each. Tho
said courts In Philadelphia shall be
designated respectively as the court
of common pleas number one, num
ber two, number three, number
four, and number five, but the num
ber of said courts may be by law
Increased, from time to time, and
shall be In llko manner designated
by successive numbers. The nunr
ber of Judges In any of said courts,
or in any county where the estaL
Hhment of ao additional court may
bo authorized by law, may be lu
creased, from tlmo to time, and
whenever such Increase shall
amount In the whole to three, such
three Judges shall compose distinct
and separate court as aforesaid,
which shall bo numbered as afore'
said. In Philadelphia all suits shall
be instituted in the said courts of
common pleas without designating
the number of the said court, and
the several courts shall dlstributo
and apportion tho business among
them In such manner as shall be
provided by rules of court, and each
court, to which any suit shall be
thus assigned, shall have exclusive
jurisdiction thereof, subject to
change of venue, as shall be pro
vlded by law.
In the county of Allegheny all the
Jurisdiction and powers now vested
in the several numbered courts of
common pleas shall be vested In one
court of common pleas, composed
of all the Judges in commission in
said courts. Such Jurisdiction and
powers shall extend to all proceed'
ings at law and In equity which
shall have been Instituted in the
several numbered courts, and shall
be subject to such changes as may
be made hy law, and subject to
change of venue as provided by law.
The president Judge of said court
shall be selected as provided by law.
H. F Weaver
Architect and Builder
The number of judges In said court
may bo by law increased from time
to tlmo. This amendment shall tako
effect on tho first day of January
succeeding its adoption.
A true copy of Resolution No. 1,
Secretary of tho Commonwealth.
Number Two.
Proposing an amendment to section
eight, article nine, of the Consti
tution of Pennsylvania.
Section 1. Be It resolved by tho
Senate and House of Representatives
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia in General Assembly met, That
the following Is proposed as an
amendment to the Constitution of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
in accordance with tho provisions of
the eighteenth article thereof:
Amendment to Article Nine,
Section Eight.
Section 2. Amend section eight,
article nine, of the Constitution of
Pennsylvania, which reads as fol
lows: "Section 8. Tho debt of any
county, city, borough, township,
school district, or other municipality
or incorporated district, except as
herein provided, shall never exceed
seven per centum upon the assessed
value of the taxable property there
in, nor shall any such municipality
or district incur any new debt, or in
crease Its indebtedness to an amount
exceeding two per centum upon such
assessed valuation of property, with
out the assent of the electors there
of at a public election In such man
ner as shall be provided by law; but
any city, the debt of which now ex
ceeds seven per centum of such as
sessed valuation, may be authorized
by law to Increase the same threo
per centum, In the aggregate, at any
one time, upon such valuation," so
as to read as follows:
Section 8. The debt of any coun
ty, city, borough, township, school
district, or other municipality or In
corporated district, except as herein
provided, shall never exceed seven
per centum upon the assessed value
of the taxable property therein, nor
shall any such municipality or dls
trlct Incur any new debt, or increase
its indebtedness to an amount ex
ceedlng two per centum upon such
assessed valuation of property, with
out the assent of the electors thereof
at a public election in such manner
as shall be provided by law; but
any city, the debt of which now ex
ceeds seven per centum of such as
sessed valuation, may be authorized
by law to Increase the same three
per centum, In the aggregate, at any
one time, upon such valuation, ex
cept that any debt or debts herein
after incurred by the city and coun
ty of Philadelphia for the construc
tion and development of subways for
transit purposes, or for the construc
tion of wharves and docks, or the re
clamation of land to be used in the
construction of a system of wharves
and docks, as public Improvements,
owned or to be owned by said city
and county of Philadelphia, and
which shall yield to tho city and
county of Philadelphia current net
revenue in excess of the Interest on
said debt or debts of the annual In
stallments necessary for the can
cellation of said debt or debts, may
be excluded In ascertaining the pow
er of the city and county of Phila
delphia to become otherwise In
debted: Provided, That a sinking
fund for their cancellation shall be
established and maintained.
A true copy of Joint Resolution
No. 2.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
J REAL ESTATE.-By virtue of process
Issued out of tho Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, nnd State of
Pennsylvania, and to me directed
and delivered, I have levied on and
will expose to public sale, at the
Court House In Honesdale, on
All the defendant's right, title,
and interest in the following de
scribed property viz:
All that certain piece or parcel of
land known as the Crist Mill lot; sit
uated In Damascus township, county
and State aforesaid, and bounded and
described as follows, to wit: Begin
ning at a chestnut tree on the south
side of tho public highway; thence
north twenty-seven degrees west
twenty feet to the middle of the said
highway; thence along the highway
north forty degrees east one hundred
and forty-six feet to a corner In said
highway; thence south fifty degrees
east sixty feet to a corner; thence
forty-eight and one-half degrees east
twenty-six feet; thence south thirty
four degrees east sixty-two and a
half feet; thence south twenty-one
and one-half degrees west five hun
dred and forty-four and a half feet to
a stake and stones forty-three links
from the corner of land formerly
owned by W. S. Vail; thence north
sixty-four and a half degrees west
two hundred and eleven feet to a
stake; thence south sixty-five degrees
west forty-eight feet; thence north
twenty nnd one. and a quarter degrees
west two hundred feet to tho abovo
named highway; thenco along said
highway north sixty-five and one-half
degrees east three hundred and slx-ty-ono
feet or thereabouts to the
place of beginning. Containing three
acres and seven rods of land be the
8 30
10 00
10 00
10 00
4 30
a 05
, Blnghamton
10 00
2 15
12 30
2 15
2 15
, Philadelphia.
8 151
7 10
8 00
4 40
5 30
12 30
1 19
t 05
5 40
6 60.
8 45
8 55
8 59
6 20
6 30
2 05
2 15
2 191
2 37
2 43
2 62
2 67
8 45
8 65
...Lincoln Avenue..
.... Lake Lodore ...
.... . Waymart
0 54
6 11
6 31
9 18
8 52
7 13
9 18
6 26
6 32
V 21
V 21
9 32
9 37
9 39
9 43
9 47
9 60
9 39
9 47
9 50
7 16
2 69
3 03
7 24
3 07
, jforienia.
3 10
, Honesdale
8 501
a u
same more or less. It being a part
of the Damascus Manor.
Being the same land which Mary
E. Bonesteel conveyed to tho Variety
Wood Working company by deed
dated the 26th day of September,
1891, and recorded in Wayne Coun
ty Deed Book No. 70, at page 648.
Upon said premises is a mill
building, a house and a barn.
Seized and taken in execution as
tho property of Variety Wood Work
ing Co., William Bonesteel, defend
ant, at the suit of William H. Pros
ser, guardian assigned to F. Bertha
Baker, assigned to Mary E. Bone
steel. No. 128 June Term, 1910.
Judgment, 1563.91. Searle & Sal
mon, Attorneys.
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must bo paid on day of sale or deeds
will not he acknowledged.
M. LEE BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Oct. 3, 1911.
hereby given that the accountants
herein named have settled their respective
accounts In tbe olllce ot tho Register of Wills
of Wayno County, Pa., and that tho same will
be presented at the Orphans' Court of said
county for confirmation, at the Court House
In Honesdale, on the fourth Monday ot
October next viz:
First and final account of F. P.
Kimble, nnd W. W. Baker, executors
of the estate of John L. Burcher,
First ana final account of F. P.
Kimble, administrator of tho estato
of Lydla Bennett. Carbondale, Pa.
Second and partial account of Ed
win F. Torroy, sole surviving execu
tor and trustee of the last will and
testament of Stephen Torrey, Hones
dale. First and final account of Cather
ine M. Erk, administratrix of the es
tate of Martha Paul, Honesdale.
First and final account of Judson
E. Tiffany and Helen E. Fulkeraon,
executors of the estate of John J.
Fulkerson, Mount Pleasant.
First and final account df Homer
G. Ames, administrator of the estate
of William C. Ames, Hawley.
First and final account of Ethel
M. ulver, administratrix of tho es
tato of Sidney L. Olver, Berlin.
First and final account of F. P.
Kimble, executor of the estate ot
Grace Giles, Prompton.
First ana nnai account of the
Scranton Trust Company, adminis
trators C. T. A. of the estate or
Elizabeth Sears, Prompton.
First and final account of J.
Adam Kraft, ex'r of last will and
testament of Sarah A. Wilson,
E. W. GAMMELL. Register.
Register's Ofllce, .Honesdale, Sept
20, 1911.
LIST, OCT. 23, 1011.
Alrey & Spencer vs. Keen.
Klausner vs. De Broun.
Cole vs. Cole, Admx.
Wallehtynowlcz vs. Allen et al.
M. J. HANLAN, Profy.
Honesdale ,Pa., Oct. 5, 1911. 79w4
the Judge of the several Courts of
the County of Wayne has Issued his precept
for holding a Court of Quarter Sessions, Oyer
and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery In
and for said County, at the Court House, to
begin on
MONDAY. OCT. 23. 1911.
ana to continue one week:
And directing that a Grand Jury for tho
Courts of Quarter Sessions and Oyer and
Terminer be summoned to meet on Monday,
Oct. 1U, Ml. at 2 p. m.
Notice Is therefore hereby given to the
Coroner and Justices of the Peace, and Con
stables of the County of Wayne, that they be
then and there In their proper persons, at
said Court House, at 2 o'clock In the after
noon of said ICth day of Oct., 1911, with their
records, lnqulsltlons.examlnatlons and other
remembrances, to do those things which to
their oltices appertain to be done, and those
who are bound by recognizance or otherwise
to prosecute tho prisoners who are or shall
bo In the Jail of Wayne County, be then and
there to prosecute against them as shall be
Given under my hand, at Honesdale, this
5th day of Oct., 1911. and In the 133th year
of tbe. Independence of tho United States
M. LEE BItAMAN. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office
Honesdale Oct. 0 1911. J 79w4
Late of Lake Township, deceased.
Tho undersigned, an Auditor appointed
to pass upon exceptions, re stato the ac
count It necessary, hear and determine all
claims on the assets and rcportdlstrlbutlon
of said estate, will attend to the duties ot his
appointment, on
THURSDAY, OCT. 19. 1911,
at 10 o'clock a. m.. at his olllce In the borough
of Honesdale, at which tlmo and place all
claims agalnst,sald estate must he presented
or recourse to the fund for distribution will
be lost WM. II. LEE, Auditor.
Honesdale. Sept. 25. 1911. "8w3
Notice is hereby given that the first and
partial account of the guardian above named
will be presented to the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county for approval on the
fourth Monday of October and will be con
firmed absolutely by said Court (recreg.)
on the third Monday ot January, 191,2 unless
exceptions are previously filled,
Honesdale, Sept. 27. 1911. l'rothonctary.
Notice Is herpby given that the final ac
count of tbo guardian above named will be
presented to the Court ot Common Pleas of
Wayne county for approval on October 23
1911, and will be confirmed absolutely by
said Court (sec rear.) on January 18, 1912, un
less exceptions are previously tilled.
Honesdale. Sept. 27. 1911.
V. M.I
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12 40
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