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13,000 MILES
Will Visit Twenty-four States
and Speak More Than
200 Times.
ib' I'l't't"
WHENEVEH the president has
nothing else to do-and
at some qthcr times ho
"swings around the circle."
As a circle swinger Sir. Taft Is the
greatest of them all. Colonel Roosp
'vclt was sometimes lu the swing, hut
as a plain and fancy traveler Taft
has been running circles all around
Roosevelt. In the time of the first
King Olaf there was In Iceland, Nor
way, Russia and elsewhere by turns n
gentleman called Thorwald Kodran
son, who was known as the "far trav
eler," but compared with our president
this Thorwald was securely anchored
to nn iceberg. A few years ago it was
rstlmated that Mr. Taft had covered
tnough ground to take him to the
moon and back, and since then his
Journcylngs have extended the distance
to at least one of the fixed stars. Our
amiable and abundant chief executive
can certainly wander, go trek, Jour
ney, move onward, cha'go from point
to point, tour, hike, travel, take n trip,
globe trot o" do any of the other
things that indicate motion across the
earth's surface.
Now be is at it again. Starting Sept.
15, he remains out forty-seven days,
covers approximately 13,000 miles,
travels over twenty-flve different rail
roads, visits twenty-four states, speaks
more than 200 times and spends $18,
000. Ho outdoes his previous record
in 1000. He intends to visit every in
surgent that is at home, and the others
will have to do some tall traveling if
ho does not overtake them. For nearly
seven weeks he sleeps in a car berth
and eats at enough banquets to give
indigestion to the whole Japanese
navy. Think of the number of recep
tion committees and local chairmen
ho mast meet during this time, the
wearying, monotony of hearing "Hail
to the Chief" from bands that are un
certain on the high notes and the oc
casions he must listen to "We have
with us tonight" or "It gives me great
pleasure to introduce," to say nothing
of talking eighteen times a day in
railroad yards, town halls, picnics and
county fairs. Believe me, the job of
being president of these United States
is not all pie and doughnuts. Neither
does our hearty chief magistrate Jour
ney about for health and pleasure
alone. Far from it; also to the con
trary and quite otherwise. He has a
stern duty to perform viz and to wit,
to explain to a somewhat extensive
country why lie vetoed those tariff
bills, why the Democratic majorities
of last year should be revised down
ward and why some of his fellow Re
publicans should quit insurglng and
come Into the reservation. These are
no slight chores for one man, even
though he does weigh more than 300
pounds and is quite strong for his
weight. Nor are they tasks any man
would undertake for the mere enjoy
ment. The crusaders may have gone
about their enterprise in a holiday
spirit, and perhaps Columbus consider
ed his trip across the Atlantic as a
junket, but a speechmaking tour by a
president of the United States deserves
a sterner title.
There are already twenty large vol
umes of Mr. Taft's speeches, and the
present tour will make it twenty-one.
Nor do these include his messages and
state papers. Think of the labor it
must have been to make the speeches
in the first place! We gasp at such a
vast literary output as the result of
an entire lifetime, yet the president is
comparatively young nnd has been
fairly busy at other 'things, such as
being reporter, lawyer, prosecutor, in
ternal revenue collector solicitor gen
eral, judge, dean of a law school, gov
ernor of the Philippines, secretary of
war, proconsul in the affairs of Porto
Rico, Cuba, Panama and elsewhere,
besides being tho most industrious
and prodigious traveler of whom there
is official record. A man who can play
golf, eat various chains of banquets
without missing a course, make all
these speeches nnd do so many other
stunts makes tho "busy bee" and the
ant, to whom "thou sluggard" is told
to go, look like sons of rest.
It is frankly admitted by the presi
dent and his friends that ho is going
out this time to talk politics and is
going to do most of the talking in the
insurgent states. Whether he intends
by this to bid defiance to La Follette,
Cummins, Bristow and their followers
or designs to cut the ground from
under them and win their followers is
not stated. At any rate, it is a declara
tion of war and is so regarded by the
progressive leaders. Senator Ciapp has
ulready been sent to tho Pacific coast
to counteract the Taft tour In advance,
and it may be that others of the pro
gressive group will follow the presi
dent. On tho part of the Democrats it
has been proposed that Speaker Champ
Clark "swing around the circle" in
Mr. Taft's tracks. But, whatever tho
Insurgents and Democrats may do,
Mr. Taft himself is frankly malting
political speeches. It will be his last
chance to do so on an extended scale
before the presidential campaign
cpens, and he is not one to overlook
tbo political hay crop while tho sun
Is shining. There is a tradition in the
land that it does not comport with
the dignity of a president to make
111 47
1 4
Trip Will Exceed His "Swing
Around the Circle" X
In 1909. I
speeches in his own behalf while uu
actual campaign is on, but a year be
forehand is a different matter.
It is not alone the veto of the wool,
cotton and free list bills that the presi
dent is discussing, but the arbitration
treaties with France aiid England that
tho senate has shown a disposition to
hold up and amend. By nppealiug to
the people Mr. Taft hopes to bring pub
lic opinion to bear on the honorable
senators. There are also those who
aver that the latest presidential tour
may result in getting more Taft dele
gates in tho Republican national con
vention nnd that the shrewd surmise
to this effect may have been present
in the minds of those mapping out the
trip. The president's friends reply,
"No such thing!" or something of that
general tenor, and in proof of their
denial Insist that Mr. Taft already has
the ronomlnatlon cinched.
To schedule a trip of 13,000 miles for
the president, sort out of thousands of
Invitations from almost every city, vil
lage and hamlet of the country a few
hundred that shall be accepted, work
out a list of stops, hours of addresses,
time tables and all the other details, Is
n task the size of which the average
man can hardly realize. The culling
over of the Invitations Is attended to by
Secretary miles and the White House
office force. The selection of the ac
tual points to bo visited Is, of course, a
matter for the president himself. The
nrraugemcnt of time tables and rnn
nlng schedules is made by the passen
ger department of the railroad on
which the trip originates, in this case
the Boston and Albany. The notifica
tion of the cities the president is to
visit, also of tho committees having
matters in charge, is attended to by
the "White House force. By far the
heaviest portion of the details falls on
the shoulders of a secret service man,
however. His name is Luclen Wheeler,
but he is known from tho Atlantic to
the Pacific ns "Jack" Wheeler, ne is
only n little past thirty years of age.
yet he has been looking after presi
dential tours for some years. lie has
not only to provide for the safety of
tho president, but for his comfort, en
tertainment, precedence of those who
are to welcome and who nre seated
with him at banquets and a thousand
nnd one other things the mere thought
of which would make the average
man's head spin like a top.
Jack Wheeler acts as tho advance
agent of the presidential tour, ne goes
about two weeks ahead of the main
show nnd nrranges everything except
the presidential smile. When and
where Mr. Taft speaks, whero he Is to
go und in what conveyances, whero ho
is to eat nnd sleep, who is to meet him,
who forms his guard all of these and
many other things are kindly worked
out and organized by tho thoughtful
and omnipresent Jack Wheeler. Per
haps the president is still a free agent
and can follow the prearranged pro
grams or not as suits him, but ho sel
dom breaks over.
Wo enviously speak of the president
as having the greatest power of any
man in tbo land, yet as a matter of
fact there Is scarcely one outside of a
penitentiary with so little liberty, ne
is the slave of his office and of the pub
lic. He can go nowhere in privacy. His
time is mostly taken up with inter
views, .demands, requests, public af
fairs and delegations. In all of his
moves the whole press of the country i
spies on him und tells of every syllable i
ho utters, every crook of his elbow. If I
he plays golf that Is wired from Los
Angeles to Boston. If he steps on a I
banana peel and strains the sidewalk
that Is known from London to Manila. '
If he scratches his left car sainebody !
talks about It. If ho wrinkles his nose
it is photographed. The Caliph Ha-roun-al-Raschld
used to break away
und bo n private citizen now nnd then,
nnd even modern kings and princes
travel incog, but Taft cannot thus es
cape. It is impossible to dlsguiso 300
pounds or to conceal a smile that is
famous from Guam to Porto Rico.
Following tho lines laid down by
Jack Wheeler is only an Incident of
the presidential Blavery. Most, men
are bossed by their wives, but Mr.
Taft Is bossed by everybody. Com
mittees here nnd there are pulling him
this way nnd that, editors and sena
tors ore telling him what to do. his
cabinet is advising him, reporters are
watching him, photographers are wait
ing around the corner, banquets are
beckoning to him, congress is sending
him bills and mnking him read them,
and Jack Wheeler Is leaving directions
as to when and where he is to do
everything except slnp nt mosquitoes.
This is what it means to have the big
gest and most sought after job on
earth. When a man onco attains this
proud eminence he has less personal
liberty than anybody except a bride
groom at his own wedding. If he
should slip out to Casey's bar like an
ordinary freeman the whole thing
would be in the morning papers under
a seven column slug hend.
The official itinerary of President
Taft's journey is as follows:
Ltavo Boston Sept. 15.
Syracuse, N. Y. ; Krle, Pa., Sept. 10.
Erie, Pa.,' Sept 17.
Detroit, Pontine, Saginaw, Bay City,
Mich., Sept. IS.
Bay City, Sault Ste. Marie, Marquette,
Mich.. Sept. 19.
Marquette, Mich., Sept. 20.
Grand Rapids, Montelth, Battle Creek,
Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 21.
Peoria, III., Sept. 22.
St. Louis Sept. 23.
Kansas City, Mo.; Baldwin, Kan., Sept.
Baldwin, Cherry vale, Coffeyvllle, Kan.;
Independence. Mo.; Chanute, Ottawa,
Kan.; Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 25.
Hutchinson, Kan., Sept. 2G.
Topeka, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kan.,
Sept. 27.
Council BlutT3, Denlson, Fort Dodge,
Webster City, Iowa Falls, Waterloo, la.,
Sept. 23.
Waterloo, Des Moines, Knoxvllle, Ia
Sept. 29.
Albla, Ottumwa, la., Sept. 29.
Moberly, Sedalla, Kansas City, Mo.,
Sept. 30.
Omaha, Neb., Oct. 1,
Lincoln, Hastings, Neb., Oct. 2.
Denver Oct. 3.
Cheyenne, Laramie, Rawlins, Wyoming,
Oct. 4.
Salt Lake City Oct. B.
Pocatello, Eolse, Ida., Oct. 6.
Walla Walla, Wash.; Lewlston, Moscow,
Ida.; Spokane, Wash., Oct. 7.
Llnd, Ellensburg, Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 8.
Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Everett, Se
attle, Wash., Oct. 9.
Seattle, Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 10.
Olympla, Centralla, Chehalis, Castle
Rock, Kelso, Kalama, Vancouver, Wash.;
Portland, Ore., Oct. 11.
Portland, Salem, Ore., Oct. 12.
Sacramento, San Francisco, Oct. 13.
San Francisco Oct. 14 and 15.
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 16 and 17.
Salt Lake City Oct. 18.
Butte, Livingston, Billings, Mont, Oct.
Sheridan, Newcastle, Wyo., Oct. 20.
Newcastle, Wyo.; Edgemont, Custer,
Deadwood, Visit, Lead, Sturgls, Rapid
City, S. D., Oct. 21.
Pierre, B. D Oct. 22.
Huron, Aberdeen, S. D., Oct. 23.
Aberdeen, S. D.; Cologne, Shakopec,
Mankato, Watervllle, Faribault, Randolph,
Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 24.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 25.
Green Bay, Appleton, Oahkosh, Fond'
du lac, Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 23.
Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, 'Wis,; Chi
cago, Oct. 27,
Chicago Oct. 23, 29 and 30.
Pittsburg Oct. 31.
Washington Nov. 1.
The-special will be made up of five or
six cars the president's private car, a
baggage car, a dining car, two sleepers
and probably a coach which will be used
by local committees.
After It is all over tho president will
be entitled to a rest. So will the White
House office force and Jack Wheeler.
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Louisville Pastor Telia of Building
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Heaven's exact dimensions were fig
ured out in a sermon the Rev. M. E.
Dodd, pastor of a Louisville (Ky.) Bap
tist church, preached to his congrega
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preacher said:
"In Revelation xxl, 10, nervous
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conclusion that even this space will
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The Divine Sarah's Rule.
Mme. Bernhardt at a supper smiled
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'He failed, I understand," said Mme.
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