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Special to The Citizen.
WHITES VALLEY, l'a., June 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Nolson Hutchlns have
returned to Carbondale after spend
ing several days with the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Glover.
Mrs. L. E. Perkins and sons, Gor
don and George, are visiting at D.
E. Hacker's.
H. W. White recently returned
from a two weeks' huslness trip to
Scranton. .
Dr. L. E. Perkins spent Sunday at
D. E. Hacker's.
Special to The Citizen.
I lt;i.'vii I I," t.. t
servhos ol the M. E. church, Lake- ue" m Vn.
vlllo charge, for Sunday, June 4, will ; b- er'. ?VnnPi rill rst
be as follows: Lakoville Sunday' v)!arjrlenr , nf ,,V fh?nJ?w
school at 10; preaching service at 11 . mii W M,,i?Jt Ihi,'
a. m.; Arlington Sunday school at 2, 1 wl" r n tvnl n.,
preaching service at 3 o'clock; Pail-' rr- t" IlS;1.I:rerdSf,,B ,,1,'
pack Sunday school in the morning , ." ?n iw In,,6, ti, win, llu
at 10, preaching service in the even- a"?' "l'"5 i """t "I1" W'
lng at 7:30
The Lakeville Ladles' Aid society
will meet at Mrs. David Eugle's for
dinner on Wednesday, June 7. An
invitation is extended to all.
Memorial Day services were held
last Sunday In the evening at the M.
E. church by the pastor, Hev. II. T.
topic and a beautiful service was the
result of a careful study and prepara
tion. At the close of the service the
pastor i delved many congratulations
for the excellent address. "01(1
Glory" was kindly loaned by the P.
O. S. of A. for the occasion.
l:ecidl to The Citizen.
SHERMAN, Pa., June I Miss
Anna Gorman, a missionary from
Central America, is spending the
summer with .Mr. and .Mrs. J. F.
Reynolds. I
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Aldrich, 1
May 20, a son. !
X. X. Gardiner, Halo Eddy, called
on his sister, Mrs. J. E. Raymond, !
Messrs. A. J. Warner and Edsou ,
Whitmore are attending a circus !
in Binghamton this week.
There will be an ice cream so-1
clal Friday evening, June 2, for the!
benefit of the social circle of the '
Presbyterian church
Dr. Bryant, Xew York city, is
visiting the Rev. S. F. Wright and
leclal to The Citizen. J
CLINTON, l'n., June
No ,
preaching services in the Centre
church Sunday as all were supposed
to bo at Aldenville to hear the bac
calurate sermon which was delivered
by Rev. George Wendell of Hones-, while Rev. Wendell of the Hones
dale to a crowded house. Herbert ! dale Baptist church delivered the
Loomls is the graduate from this baccaulaureate sermon. This was a
neighborhood. splendid discourse, brimful of sound
Word has been received by his , advice to the graduating class. He
friends here of tho death of Mark 'held the closest attention of every
Grlnnelle, Carbondale. He was with , one present for fully one hour. The
his sister, Mrs. May Shepardson, Ge- Baptist choir had charge of the mu
neva, X. Y., at the time of his sic. An anthem entitled "Bless the
doath. He had been sick many 1 Lord, Oh My Soul," and a male
weeks. quartette, '"Neath Thy Wings," were
Irene Curtis was a recent guest of rendered,
friends at Skinners Eddy, and Edna R. W. Kent, Elk Lake, Susque-
llounstluo lias been visiting mends
in New York and New Jersey.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Varcoe
visited their brand now grandson in er In these parts. His genial dls
Carbondale Sunday. position has won for him a host of
Lizzie Varcoe left Friday for friends on previous trips and his
Stonebridge, Mass. , coming is always welcomed.
The L. A. S. club met with .Mrs. James S. Curtis and daughter
Lewis Arnold for lunch last Wed- of Parsons, were callers at the home
nesday. of E. K. Curtis Sunday.
Lettie McKeal, Tafton, Is working, Stanley Rainey and friend, Key
for Mrs. Bernard Groat. , stone Academy, Factoryville, spent
Mr. Ely and friends of Carbondale , Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James
enjoyed an auto trip to Myron Nor-:
ton's last Sunday.
Special to The CUUen.j
IMtEIIER, l'a., June 1. The com
mencement exercises of the gradu
ates of tho 1911 class of the New
foundland High school were held
in the Moravian church on Flday
evenlnK. May 2G. There was a
large gathering of people, both old
and young and the auditorium and
Sunday school room were uncom
fortably filled and those furtherst
from the speakers were unable to
hear what they wished to. On such
occasions It would be well to have
entertainments of this order held
in tho onen air and In such place
where all could hear and bo seated
comfortably. The parts taken m
the exercises by the graduates wero
well rendered and rellected much
credit on both teacher and pupil.
Prof. Coughlln, Wllkes-Barre, gave
a practical talk on "Responsibilities"
dered some very choice music and
to close Dr. Simons gave some time
ly remarks and presented the di
plomas. Tho eight graduates were
Leah Smith, Winifred Lancaster, I
Lawrence Grasor, Clarence Ehr-!
hardt and George Barnes, all of i
Dreher, Mildred Solg, Ruth Sawyer
and Ralph .Martin, Greenetown, Pike
Miss Mary Cross and George
Bartleson, both of Dreher, were
united in matrimony on May 17,
the comomony being performed by
Rev. Mr. Codvvell and took place at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Stout, Mooslc, Pa. It was witnessed
only by members of the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartleson wmio on
their wedding tour visited Niagara
Falls, Buffalo and wero ovor In the
Dominion of Canada. Slnco May 24
they are housekeeping at the Bartle
son homestead in Dreher.
Robert Boyce, a vetoran of the
Civil war, who has been conned to
his room during the Winter, has so
Improved in general health that he
Is able to take long walks and at
tend to tho management of his
A. E. House, South Bethlehem, Is
visiting relatives and friends In
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Searle, of
Mooslc, are guests of Alice Cross.
Mrs. Crlssle Correll has rented a
part o the house owned and
pled by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Deltz
and has taken possession of same.
Mrs. Mary Ann Smith is having
her dwelling house remodeled and
raised to a two-story structure.
Nettle Kerr Is afflicted with
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nevln
are housekeeping on the Nevln's es
tate. Corn planting Is well under way
and this week will note a big burial
of potatoes.
Special to The Citizen.
GOULDSBOHO, l'n., Juno 1. Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Hutley and son,
George, Dickson City, are spending
a few days with Mrs. Hutley's grand-
I father, E. X. Adams, at West End.
111.... II If...... T 1 1 1 VT T
Miss Anna Wirt is home from
Wllkes-Barro for a visit with her
parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Wirt
at the Villa.
Mrs. James Dowling and Mrs. M.
E. Smith were Moscow visitors on
large number from Scranton,
Newfoundland, South Sterling and
other points, attended the commence
ment exercises of the Gouldsboro
High school last Monday evening.
There were only two In the class,
Misses Annabell Wright and Miss
Gertrude Smith. James M. Cough
lin, Superintendent of the Wllkes
Barre schools, addressed the gradu
ating class.
Allen Heaser, Moscow, spent the
week-end with friends here.
The ninth recital by Miss Bessie
Smith's class In music, assisted by
Mrs. Charles Adams, violinist, which
was held on Prldny evening, May
20, WU3 a most delightful affair.
Imperial to The Citizen.
ALDENVILLE, la., Juno 1. A
crowded house greeted the High
school entertainment committee on
Friday night when they presented
the drama, "Phyllis' Inheritance."
The cast included some fifteen char-
acters all of whom acquitted them
selves with much credit. The per
formance of the juvenile orchestra
from Honesdale was a decided suc
cess and pleased the audience Im
mensely. The net proceeds of the
eveuinc amounted to $4 0.
On Sunday at 3 p. m. the M. E.
church was filled to the doors by
High school students, patrons and
friends. Rev. Behrly of the M. E.
church and Rev. Rainey of the Bap
tist church assisted in the services.
hanna county, Is canvassing this
section selling the American Vac-,nisn
ii ti fii filnntinr AT f If on t t o nn o t r i n ir
uura cleaner. Mr. Kent Is no Strang'
A good-sized crowd of fans cheer
ed our local boys on to victory last
Saturday when the team captured
the fourth game of the season, beat
ing the Honesdale German Catholic
Athletic Association by the score of
12 to 3. Gregar, who pitched for
Aldenville, was not In tho best of
shape, In fact ho was sick. This no
doubt was tho cause of his giving
eight bases on balls, although he
allowed the visitors only six hits,
while the homo team pounded out
eleven safe hits, Including a double
and home run off Schilling. The
game was rather loosely played and
toward the latter part became un-
j interesting owing to the lopsided
1 score. The same team Is booked for
j June 3 and they promise us a much
stronger lineup; also a good beat-
. lng. The score
R. H. O. A. E.
Davis, cf 2 2 2 0 0
1 L. Shields, If 0 1 0 0 0
! G. Shields, c 1 112 0 1
i Kupfer, ss 2 2 2 4 0
Curtis, lb 3 2 4 0 0
Lozier, 3 b 1 1 0 0 0
Gregor, p 2 2 1 1 0
Goodrich, 2b 0 0 0 1 0
I Hendricks, rf 1 0 0 0 1
12 11 21
R. II. O. A. E.
Turnbgr, If 0
1 1
Vetter, lb 1
Okovvltz, 3b 0
Holl, c 1
WalBh, ss 1
Barberl, 2b 0
Polt, rf 0
Flederbach, cf 0
Schilling, p 0
2 4
0 0
0 13
Totals 3 C 18 7 7
Two base hits Gregor. Homo
runs Curtis. Base on balls, oft
Gregor 8; off Schilling 3. Struck
out by Oregor 11; by Schilling 13.
Umpire, Burns.
Memorial Day was a gala occasion
at Aldenville. The Honesdale East
Side Athletics crossed bats with the
locals two game morning and af
ternoon. Score 6 to 5 and 10 to 0,
the Aldenville boys getting the de
cision In both contests.
In the morning game the locals
took an aerial flight for the first two
innings, allowing the Honesdalors
to score five runs. Kupfer was sent
in the box tho last five innings and
silenced the enemy's guns, while his
occu-lteam mates slipped over the knock-,
out punch In the fifth round, scor-
lng six runs and winning the game. ;
The score:
Vetter, 2b 1
Gooilllne, cf 1
Ritter, c 2
Manor, ss 1
W. Tarket, lb 0
Carr, If 0
Canfleld, rf 0
L. Tarkut, 3b 0
Driedenstlen, p 0
11. O. A. E.
2 110
10 0 0
13 10
10 2 0
2 9 0 0
110 0
0 0 10
0 4 3 0
0 0 0 2
8-18 S 2
H. O. A. E.
0 8 4 0
10 0 0
12 10
2 8 0 1
12 0 0
1 O 1 0
0 10 1
0 0 10
0 0 2 4
G 21 9 C
Totals 5
G. Shields, c 0
L. Shields, If 0
Kupfer, ss, p 1
Curtis, lb 1
Davis, cf 1
Gregor, 3b 1
Goodrich, 2b 0
Hendricks, rf 1
Rainey, p, ss 1
In the afternoon the locals went
in determined to "clean house" and
tho manner in which they jumped
onto Mauer's curves soon took the
steam out of their boilers.
Gregor established a record for
himself allowing no hits or runs. His
support was of the giltedged variety,
no breaks being made. White of the
locals did a circus stunt in left,
squeezing a long fly single handed.
Carr of the visitors also played well.
The afternoon score is as follows:
R. H. O
A. E.
Vettor, 2b 0
Goodline, cf 0
Ritter, c 0
.Mauer, ss, p 0
W Tarkett, lb . . . .0
0 2
0 0
0 S
0 2
0 10
0 3
Carr, If
ss. .0
Canfield, rf
L. Tarkett, 3 b
Brledenstein, p,
Totals 0 0 27 8
R. H. O. A. E.
G. Shields, c 2 212 1 0
Curtis, lb 0 1 10 0 0
Kupfer, ss 3 4 3 0 0
Gregor, p 1 1 0 0 0
Davis, cf 1 2 3 0 0
Lozier, 3b 0 1 0 1 0
Goodrich, 2b 1 1 0 0 0
Hendricks, rf 1 0 0 1 0
White, If 1 1 1 0 0
Totals 10 13 27 3
ISpeclii 10 fne Citizen.
ARIEL., Pa., June 1. Tho enter
tainment given In the High school
by Vice Principal White was well at
tended and was a success in every
way. The drama entitled "Ye Old
Village School of Long Ago," was
well rendered by the pupils. The
music was good and the pupils act
ed their parts without fault. Mr.
White deserves much credit for drill
ing the pupils so well.
Tho annual commencement exer
cises of the Ariel High school will be
held on Friday evening, Juno 10, in
the Methodist church. There is a
class of eleven to be graduated.
There has been only one other grad
uating class as large. The class is
compose'd of ten girls and one boy.
Miss tiolllster s orchestra will fur-1
music and Prof. Oden C. Gort
' m . i . 1 .
ner of Mansfield State Normal will
deliver the address of the evening.
The exercises promise to be the best
over held. Come out to the exer
cises thereby encouraging the class
and showing your appreciation of
your High school and tho progress It
has made. A small admission of
15 and 25 cents will be charged to
defray expenses.
The fifth annual summer school
conducted by Principal Storm will
open Its session on Monday, June 5,
and continue for four or five weeks.
the school has always been suc
cessful In preparing the teachers for
examination and also In preparing
those pupils who wish to enter the
High school. The common branches
will be reviewed and the work In
pedagogy and classics will also bo
taken up.
ISpeclal to Tho Citizen.
MILANVILLE, Pa., Juno 1. Goo.
Fromer, who has for two years been
the genial clerk in T. J. Fromer's
store at this place, left on Wednes
day last for Duluth, Minn. Mr.
Fromer leaves many friends who will
miss him and we all wish him the
success and prosperity he deserves.
Orville Ray, our up-to-date miller
is treating his friends to automobile
R. R. Bugle spent Memorial Day
in town.
Mrs. May Appley has returned to
her homo In Damascus after spending
the winter with her sisters, Mes
dames Connor and Nichols.
George Coe, Tyler Hill, has been
papering for Earl Barnes.
Porter Ross Is paporing and paint
lng for Mrs. Volney Skinner.
Mrs. Bregle and Miss Lorena Skin
ner entertained with their Sunday
school classes at "The Falls."
Mrs. Walker, New York, Is board
lng with Mrs. Lester Lovelass.
Mrs. Romalne Carpenter, Now
York City, came Tuesday evening to
spend some time here with her
grandmother, Mrs. D. H. Beach.
Norman Card's new home Is near
Special to The Citizen.
CHNTEUVILLE, l'n., Juno 1.
Mrs. Bridget Ryan visited friends
hero recently.
Suzlo Marshall returned from
Scranton on Monday.
David Patterson Is visiting Scran
ton friends.
Mrs. Minnie Surplice is spending
some time at her home In this place.
James F. Collins, Scranton, spent
Memorial uay with Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Marshall.
Thomas Garrlty made a business
trip to lawley one day last week
Mrs. Johnle spent Saturday at
uana uecKer returned home on
Saturday after spending some time
with her sister, Mrs. Everts, Scran-
(Special to The Citizen.
HAWLEV, l'n., Juno 1. A union
moil to the graduating class of the
High school by Rev. W. S. Peterson,
pastor of that church. Tho sermon
showed that he had given much
thought to the subject and it was
ably delivered.
On Sundny morning at I0:d0
o'clock the annual memorial services
were held at the Baptist church, Rev.
Mr. Smnlley preaching tho sermon,
'fen war veterans were In attendance
which shows the rapid thinning of
their ranks. Two members of James
L. Thorp Post have died during the
Vivian, youngest daughter of Dr.
and Airs. L. P. Cook, Is seriously ill.
A trained nurse is in attendance.
Miss Belle Vicker, Wllkes-Barre,
spent Memorial Day with her sister,
Eva, at tho parental home.
Mr. and Mrs. Conad Relneke went
to Scranton and Wllkes-Barre for a
few days' recreation.
Miss Smith, Bishop avenue, re
turned this evening from a brief
visit with friends at Rowlands.
Miss Teachuian, who spent the
winter with Mrs. R. T. Ames as a
companion, has gone to her home at
Mrs. Charles Miller is spending
several days in Scranton.
An error crept in our item when
we stated that George Kohlman,
with the others, was Initiated as a
member of the Elks at Scranton.
Mr. Kohlniann accompanied the par
ty but has been a member of that or
der over five years, being the first
initiated from Hawloy.
Florence, tho ilfteen-year-old
daughter of .Mrs. Ekbeck, Adelia,
died on Saturday morning at their
home from rheumatic trouble. She
had been sick about two months.
The funeral was held on Monday
and burial at the Eddy cemetery.
She was a bright and lovable girl
and will be much missed at the
home. Her oldest sister was buried
last winter.
The day dawned bright and clear
Tuesday morning with very much
dust astir until about 9:30 o'clock
when everything was nearly In read
Iness for the grand parade, there
came a sudden sprinkle of raln just
enough to settle tho dust, making
i ondltlons nearly perfect. The
White Mills Junior Cornet band of
sixteen pieces had arrived and al
ready discoursed some fine music
.Marshal James Colgate with the as
sistance of others, was busy lining
up for the start. A long line of
school children, guarded by Prof.
Creusy, led with a squad of larger
boys with guns following. Back, of
this was the band and members of
1. O. O. F. lodge followed by rigs
containing the' veterans and town
clergy. On the bridge crossing the
river at the Eddy they were halted
where an address was delivered by
W. S. Peterson ana llowers were
strewn on the water. At the ceme
tery the usual dedlcatlonal services
were conducted by the G. A. R. mem
hers and an appropriate address by
Rev. B. P. Ripley. At 12 o'clock
sharp the hungry crowd had gather
ed at the hall where the Daughters
of America had prepared an excel
lent dinner which was well patron'
ized by the town people.
A dance was held in the Odd Fel-
ovvs' hall on Tuesday night for the
benefit of the Hawley.base ball team.
Many were disappointed In not
seeing the usual ball game on M&
mortal Day as the Rough Riders of
Pittston tailed to arrive.
Addison Vicker will spend some
time at Big Pond for the benefit of
Ills health.
Mrs. Slier, an aged lady of the
East Side, was taken to a hospital
in Scranton on Tuesday where she
will undergo an operation for can
Special to The Citizen.
ORSON, l'n., June 1 D. P. Hlne,
who has been quite ill, is some bet
ter at this writing.
Mrs. Howard Palmer and daugh
ters, also Mrs. Fred Wadln and
daughters, Jermyn, spent Memorial
day at the home of W. G. Palmer.
Smith Hlne and father, Ira W
have purchased the farm so long
owned by D. J. Hlne, their uncle.
We are glad when the young men
decide to stay on the farm and wish
Smith success.
Mrs. Nelle Keeney and family
havo moved to Scranton.
Milton Rhone has purchased the
Keeney property and will move on
Monday next.
Mrs. S. T. Jay and family are out
again after having been confined to
the house with measles.
Warner Sanford has moved Into
his new home, D. M. Smith having
purchased the Sanford homo.
Miss Ida Knnpp died at the home
of her mother on Saturday last. Fun
eral will take place at their rest
dence on Monday, May 29. The de
ceased has been an Invalid for many
Inspector W. H. Bullock paid
visit to tho orchard of Stanley Hlne
during tho past two weeks, it being
under the supervision of H. A. Sur
face, State Zoologist.
Those who attended the Sunday
school convention of the Orson dls
trlct which was held at Starrucca on
Wednesday, May 24, were Rev. and
Mrs. W. B. Signor, Mrs. E. S. Whip'
pie, Mrs. E. W. Hlne, Rev. Frank
Sanford, Mrs. W. G. Mosher and Miss
Sarah Whipple, the two last men
tioned being delegates from tho Or
son Sunday school. Rev. Mr. Signor,
Mrs. E. W. Hlne and Rev. Frank San
ford took pominent parts in tho pro
Mrs. J. M. Hlne and son, Donald
Scranton, visited her parents, D. J
Hlne and wife, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hlne spent
Wednesday night and Thursday with
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Swartz at Star
E. W. and D. J. Hlne made a bus!
ness trip to Honesdale on Saturday
The anniversary of the Epworth
League was celebrated In tho M. E.
church on Sunday evening, May 21.
Rev. W. B, Signor, Orson, and Rev.
Mr. Emmel, Lake Como, exchanged
, pulpits on Sunday last.- Rev, Emmel
preached a very Interesting sermon.
Miss Essie Fletcher, who is attend
ing school at Susquohanna, is visit
ing her uncle, J. W. Lewis, with
whom she has always made her
Commencement week at the Da
mascus High school begins with the
Baccalaureate sermon on Sunday
morning, June 4, at 11 a. m. Rev.
R. D. MInch will preach the fare
well sormou to the Seniors this year.
At' the outset, the public are Invited
to attend all of the exercises of that
week. Thursday evening, Juno 8,
it a o clock, the class night pro
gramme will be given In tho Baptist
church. A now order will ha follow
ed In the commencement exercises if you don't agree with us that MI
on Friday night, June 9, which welO-NA Is a marvelous prescription
hope will meet with the approval of ,
all. Two of the members of the Sen-1
lor class will have parts that oven-1
lng while the greater part of the
time will be given up to Prof. Oden
C. Gortner of the Mansfield State
Normal School who will make an
Prof. Gortner Is well known as a
very able and entertaining Institute
Instructor. Supt. Koohler will be
present to award the diplomas to tho
class. Dorin's orchestra of Hones
dale will furnish the music on that
Tho members of the graduating
class are: Alma Caufield, Carrie
Suavely, Grace Stephenson, Merle
Bogert, and Orville Welsh. Miss
Suavely and Mr. Welsh have been
awarded first and second honors in
scholarship. Mr. Bogert, who re
cently won a prize In tho oratorical
contest, is class president.
Miss Noble entertained the Sen
ior class and faculty at her home In
Calkins on Monday evening, May
29. The class picnic will take place
Wednesday alternoon, June
Several prizes will be awarded this j
year at the commencement exercises.
The alumni prize, as is customary,
will be given to tho Senior having
the best average.
- . :
prize ot $2.&o m goia win he;rnr tn" KwB1.n. h, rti,
n,,o ;on,AW JnmnmAunT1 frty degrees west ten rods to a cor
plane geometry. The same amount, ntlfB nf ,,,,,..
P ...111 lv
J..1 T,.''r,.,' 'V V ' r,"
Iven to the member of the Caesar
class who passes the best examina
tion in that subject. A prize of i
P-.uu lias uuuu uuuuiuu a. ;
V, 1 , 111 . .1,, 1 . ..
Noble which will be given to the ,
member of the botany class whose j
work is considered best in that
best examination in first year Latin
?2.50 will be awarded A?2 50 , 'fl Cfltllorlne B hls wlf by
gold piece will be given to , tho their deed of Indenture bearing date
TaoFn J eXan,lnatlonithe 12th day ot April A. D.. 1878,
in the 1' rench language. , granted and conveyed to Washington
College Commencement
The forty-fourth annual com
mencement of Muhlenberg College,
Allentown, will be held June 11 to
15, when the following program will
be carried out:
10 t m qt Tnhn'i
Sunday, June 11
Lutheran church. Baccalaureate
?prmnn hv Prpslrlnnt Hnis
Monday Juno 18 P M Senior
recepUon President's' Home
Tuesd'ay June Tal a m Lyric
Theatre lunioi- Oratorical Con-
theatre, jumoi oratorical con-
8 n m Lyric Theatre "Just Out
of College " by the College' -
matlc Association
Wednesday June 14 10 a m re -
WunIondoV theophronlan'-and' Eu-
terpean Literary Societies in their
11a. m., Meeting of Alumni Associa
tion In the Chapel.
12 M., Luncheon in the Assembly
2 p. m., Annual Meeting of the Board
of Trustees.
30 p. m., Base ball game, Alumni
vs. Students.
30 p. m., Promenade Concert, Col
lege Campus, Music by the Allen
town band and tho College Glee
Club. s
Thursday, June 15 10 a. m., Lyric
Theatre, Address by Provost Edgar
F. Smith, Ph. D., Sc. D., LL. D., of
the University of Pennsylvania.
Conferring of Degrees and Awarding
of Prizes.
For Infants and Children.
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and say "I want a box of MI-O-NA
tablets." They aro made from the
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Take one or two tablets with or
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Woil leave it to your good sense
of fairness whether that's a square
deal or not.
MI-O-NA stomach tablets prompt
ly relieve belching, heaviness, pain
In stomach, heartburn, sour stom
ach, foul breath, coated tongue;
dizziness, nervousness, sick head
ache and sleeplessness. MI-O-NA is
sold by leading druggists every
where, and by G. W. Pell.
O REAL ESTATE. -Iiv virtue of process
Issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, and State of
Pennsylvania, and to me directed
and delivered, I have levied on and
will expose to public sale, nt the
Court House In Honesdale, on
MONDAY,. JUNE 1, 2 P. M.
All the defendant's right, title,
and Interest in the following de
scribed property viz:
All those two certain pieces or
parcels of land situated in the town-
ship of Lake, county of Wayne, and
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, viz.
The first piece Beginning at a
post corner in the center of the pub-
lie hlchwnv lpndlnEr from Cnhhs
thence north twenty degrees west In
center of said highway ten rods to a
corner in said highway; thence south
live degrees east twenty-live rods to
, c.,,.n..i,,o. enn.u f-
4, WUOL ,11 O I, 111111'. , UICIH.U ilUUlU IU1
r MO ' t' tv rrw,d t H,
D', " of b ec nnlnc Containing one
ScaCend sfx y ro,' Is be the same
"&ns e Same
n, nl. nr . nf ,,,,,,. Wm
I Davis, and which is duly recorded
in the proper office for the Record
ing of Deeds at Houeadale In said
Wayne County In Deed Book No. 58,
. I page 554, the 10th day of May A.
D. 1884.
The second pleca or parcel of land
bounded and described as follows,
viz: Beginning In line of land of
Washington I. Davis; thence along
i "," .J c..u Is 1 , , B, ,
I "Sin i"ua I" l'usi. curlier ui lauus
o Danlel Rutan- thence alo"S sale
' south fort- desreos east thirty-sev-
j ? ?dp nth rods to post corner
in line of lands of JIasters and
Grllmllcc. thence along same south
flfty deBrees west nineteen rods to
i?S"u? $ w.if,? u'
I tlleIlee alonK lands of William H.
!Shar"' north twenty-two degrees
f aiy-tlue , and six-tenths rods
to the place of beginning. Contain
ing three acres and twenty-six per
ches of land be the same more or
less. Being the same piece of land
that W. H. Sharp and Catherine E.,
his wife, conveyed to Washington I.
Davis by their Deed of Indenture
bearing date tho 25th day of May A.
D. IS 85 and which is duly recorded
In the proper office for the recording
of Deeds In said Wayne county at
Honesdale, in Deed Book No. 63,
page 299, the 4th day of October A.
D., 188G, as by reference thereto
will fully and' at large appear. Be
ing the same land which tho heirs
of Washington I. Davis by deed dat
ed April 14, 1898, and recorded in
Deed Book No. 83, page 458, grant
ed and conveyed to Clarence Davis.
Upon the said premises Is a
frame dwelling-house, barn and oth
er outbuildings.
Seized and taken In execution as
the property of Clarence Davis at the
suit of Vero B. Stone, F. J. Stone
and W. E. Perham, Executors of H.
K. Stone, deceased. No. 57 Oct.
Term 1910. Judgment 5199. Si
mons, Attorney.
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must be paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LEE BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Pa., May 25, 1911.