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The new and beautiful song, "For
bidden Fruit," published by Orpha
Swingle, Ariel, Pa. If not send 25
cents to the publisher and obtain a
cony by return mall. Agents want
ed. Write for terras. 39t2
Buckboards, Top Buggies, Hun
Abouts and Road Carts at Murray &
Co., Honesdale. Pa. 37t3
FOR. SALE Steinway uprlgh
piano, rosewood case. 18S0 model,
J'J&.OO. Call at 1407 Main street
ker's fertilizers when you plant,
They make things grow. Murray
Co.. Honesdale. Pa. . 37t3
FARM HARNESS, Fancy, Double
and single harness, driving har
ness and all kinds of strapwork and
horse goods at Murray Co., Hones
dale, Pa. 37 1
FOR SALE Rose Comb Brown
Leghorn eggs, 50 cents per set
ting. Arch Hlne, Orson, Pa. 35t4
ROWS, and all kinds of farming
implements at Murray Co., Hones
dale, Pa. 37t3
FOR SALE Six-room cottage with
small orchard, located in village.
Edw. O. Bang, So. Canaan, Pa. 23tf
FOR SALE Kelly & Steinman
brick factory building, including en
gine, boiler and shafting. Inquire of
J. B. Robinson. 50tf,
A SIX OCTAVE organ: like new.
Will sell at a bargain. Sure thing
Mclntyre. 37t4
TO RENT 7-room cement house on
East Extension street. Hot and
cold water, bath and closet. Gas
and furnace. Inquire of Graham
Watts. 31eoitf
FOR RENT Six rooms with bath on
second floor, also 3 rooms down
stairs. 1231 Spring street. 34tf.
FOR RENT A modern house and
improvements with garden on
West street. Inquire Joshua A
Brown. 2tf,
Nelson, G4 years of age, gray hair
and mustache; wore cap, boots,
woolen pants and dark shirt inform.
L. Nelson, Siko. It
name stamped on your skates for
15 cents. Leave them at Varcoe's
printing office. E. P. VARCOE. It
for leaf-eating insects. Write or
call for booklet. Murray Co., Hones
dale, Pa. 37t3
THREE experienced workmen at the
bench daily. All repairs finished
at the shortest notice. Sommer,
Jeweler and Optician. 30tf
LANSING AND TROY farm wagons,
all styles and kinds at Murray Co.
Honesdale, Pa. 37t3
ALL REPAIR WORK finished up-to-date
in all our different branches.
Sommer, Jeweler and Optician. 30tf
and Top Dressing Mixture at Mur
ray Co., Honesdale, Pa. 37t3
INVENTORY of our repair depart
ment shows 23G finished Jobs wait
ing to be called for. Sommer, Jewe
ler and Optician. 30tf.
WE HAVE the old reliable Coil
Spring Lansing Harrow in stock.
Murray Co., Honesdale, Pa. 37t3
tices printed for ?1, at The Citizen
office, six for 75 cents. Name of
owners, township wherein land is sit
uated and law pertaining to trespass
ing, printed thereon.
A marriage license was Issued
Saturday to Mallcarrler J. Willis
Deralng and Miss Bessie L. Griswold,
both of Mt. Pleasant.
Delia F. Wiley, Avoy, Wayne
county, who graduates at the West
Chester State Normal school, this
Spring, has accepted a position at
Tome Institute, Port Deposit, Mr., at
a salary of $G00.
A sufficient sum of money has
been raised by popular subscription
to defray the expense of oiling
Main street from the State bridge to
Fourth street, and work will be
commenced within a few days.
A special service will bo held in
the Indian Orchard school house Fri
day evening, at which several candi
dates will bo baptized. A class will
be confirmed by Bishop Talbot the
following evening, Saturday, May
20. Tho hour of service on both
evenings will be 8 o'clock. All per
sons are invited to be present.
At the regular meeting of tho
Honesdale Business Men's Associa
tion, held May 10, these committees
were appointed by President S. T.
Ham: Membership, J. B. Nielsen, J.
H. Smith, Fred Marsh; transporta
tion, C. E. Bates, John Erk. John
Erk was made chairman of the in
surance committee. In the absence
of N. B. Spencer, C. E. Bates acted
as secretary protein. A picnic for
merchants and their families was
discussed, but no definite action was
A son haB been born to Mr. and
Mrs. John Bussa, of East Honesdale.
Contractor H. F. Weaver Is
adding a porch to tho rear of Fred
Schoell's , dwelling on Main street.
Tho Aldenvlllo baseball team
will play Pleasant Mount at tho lat
tcr's grounds on Snturday, May 20.
A marriage license was granted
Mondny to John W. Spry and Miss
Mabel Decker, both of East Beach
lake. The Wayne county jail Is ten
antless at present, not a single
prisoner being confined within its
stone wnlls.
The Boy Scout movement is be
ing promoted in Honesdale, and it is
understood that one or two patrols
are to be organized shortly.
The base ball season In Hones
dale will be opened Saturday, May
20, when the Scranton Seml-Profes-
sionals will cross bats with the
homo team.
The marriage banns of Frank
Jeko and Miss Julia Seamon, both
of White Mills, were published Sun
day morning In St. .Mary Magda
lena's R. C. chucrh.
ino Hen Telephone company
nave improved the outsldo appear
ance ot their oiiice by placing a bed
of red geraniums between the walk
and their office building.
-The People's Daily Advocate
which was started at Towanda four
months ago in the Interest of the
Keystone party discontinued publi
cation Saturday, a week ago.
Oslek Tribe No. 318. I. O. R. M.
win Kindle its regular council Are on
Thursday's sleep. A pleasant even
ing, in the way of a smoker, is being
arranged tor this meeting night.
During the thunder storm Sat
urday evening a largo tree was
blown down and fell across the
state road near tho fair grounds,
uiociung tranic lor several hours.
-The Wednesday evening service
at Grace church will be omitted May
1", as the rector will be in attend
ance at the annual convention of
the Diocese of Bethlehem at Potts
ville, Pa.
-Leo Osborne, local solicitor and
collector for tho Consolidated Tele
phone company of Pennsylvania, re
turned on Friday from Hancock. N.
Y., where he has been encased In
straightening up the accounts of his
lather s estate.
i-roceeaings in divorce were
commenced May 11 in the case of
Gertrude J. Hale versus James E.
liaie, when a subpoena was issnpfl.
Wanton desertion since June 5, 1909,
is alleged as the ground for trrnntlnir
such desired separation.
-The remains of Fathers Buthe
and William Dassell, former rectors
of St. Mary Magdalena's R. C.
church, were removed Tupsilnv
from their present resting place In
the center of the German Catholic
cemetery to a plot in the rear of the
burying ground.
Prof. Georce W. Twitmvpr wii.
mlngton, Del., for more than twolvo
years principal of the Honesdale pub
lic schools, has recently been ap
pointed a member of the state board
of education for a term of seven
years by Governor Pennlwell. The
board organized last week by unani
mously electing Mr. Twitmyer presi
dent. Tho free delivery window nt. thn
postoffice remains closed durine the
overhauling of the mail pursuant to
orders from the government. The
government wants to know tho num-
uer or pieces of ma 1 handled during
tho month of May. This informa
tion is to be furnished separately for
Incoming and outgoing mall, handled
by clerks, and for mall collected mi
mall delivered, handled by carriers.
Tho Stroudsburc Indnstrlni
Club, at its meeting held Friday
evening, declared for an opera house
for Stroudsburg. The matter was
placed in the hands of the Industrial
Committee to get definite informa
tion and offer ways and means for
bringing the matter before, the pub
lic oil a working plan. The house
as suggested by architect H. F.
Weaver, Honesdale, who furnished
the plans, would cost approximately
The Bulletin of Ursinus College
at Collegeville, Pa., for April is the
fourth Decennial catalogue of the in
stitution. Since tho college was
opened in 1870, 417 students have
received bachelor's degrees, and 157
honorary degrees have been confer
red. Tho attendance for the current
year is 193. There are seven
groups of students, as follows:
Classical, Latin-Mathematical, Mathematical-Physical,
Historical-Political, English-Historical
and Modern Language.
The closing entertainment of
the Seelyvllle High school, with a
program by the outgoing class, was
given last Thursday evening in the
Seelyvllle chapel, before a large au
dience. Tho platform on which the
graduating exercises were held, was
beautifully decorated with branches
of cherry trees. The program was
as follows: Invocation, Rev. W. H.
Swift, D. D.; "Our Country's Great
Canal," Helen R. Eno (Second
honor) ; solo "Roses Everywhere,"
Jane D. Hagaman; The Coronation
of King George V, Olive M. Bodie;
The History of Seelyvllle, Ruth A.
E. Mackle; solo "Spring time,"
Jano D. Hagaman; The Era of
Peace, Mildred A. Jones (first hon
or); music, Sonner's Orchestra;
readings by Mrs. Salo Frlodewald;
An Object of Love, by Mary E. Wil
klns Freeman; The Village Singer,
by Mary E. Wllklns Freeman; A Pot
of Broth by William Butler Yeats;
Music, Sonner's orchestra'.
The supervisors of Texas town
ship recently purchased a ten-ton
steam roller to bo used for road
making purposes.
A list of advertised letters re
maining In Honesdalo Postoffice week
ending May 15: Sara Black, C. H.
Alter Co., Mrs. Win. G. Chllds, V.
Rlttenhouse, Alman Springer, Patrick
Tigue. M. B. Allen, Postmaster.
Company E, Thirteenth Infan
try, will go Into camp this year at a
place four miles below Sunbury on
July 22, and will remain there for
a week. In former years the
company went into camp either at
Mt. Gretna or Gettysburg.
At present there are seven cut
glass iirms In Honesdale. They are
t. u. uiark & Co., McKenna's, Irving,
Krantz and Smith, Diamond, Crown
and the Honesdale Union Cut Glass
Company. T. B. Clark & Co. are tho
largest employees of glass cutters,
auout 15U being on their pay-roll.
The nuptials of Frank Jeko
and Miss Julia Seamon, both of
White Mills, were solemnized Tues
day morning at 9:30 a. m. In St.
Mary Magdalena's R. C. church.
uev. father .1. w. Balta offlclatlne.
Miss Elizabeth Jeko, a sister of the
groom, was bridesmaid, and .Mr.
Austin was the best man.
At the annual meeting of the
wayno county Teachers' Association
held last Friday and Saturday in
Pleasant Mount these officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, a. h. Howell; vice-president,
w. J. Dietrich, Pleasant Mount;
secretary, Anna Seaman, Honesdale;
executive committee, Prof. R. T.
Davies, Prof. H. A. Oday, Hones
dale; Prof. .Mark Creasy, Hawley.
The El Roy Sisters are delight
ing large audiences nightly at the
Roller Rink by their clever per
formances on skates. This is their
second appearance here for the sea
son, and their clever exhibitions are
greeted by tumultuous outbursts of
applause. The "roller habit" is
catching on, and doubting Thomases
and Marthas are rapidly being added
to the list of devotees of this most
tascinatlng indoor sport.
The value of wealth produced on
farms of the United States was ?S,
92G,000,000 during 1910. as esti
mated by the department of agricul
ture in a statement just issued. This
is an increase of ?104, 000,000 over
iyuu. Texas, with her 10,000.000
acres of cotton, wrested from Illinois
during 1910 the honor of being the
lirst state of the Union in value of
principal farm crops, which aggre
gated $364,110,000.
The Honesdale team will eo to
Taylor, Saturday, where they will
piay tne Athletics, of that c tv. Al
though the team has suffered some
what from loss of players for vari
ous reasons, they will present a
strong lightup for the opening game
of the season. Captain Leslie Bra
der's broken thumb will prevent his
playing in tho game at Taylor. It
is expected however that he will
take part in the first came at hnmn.
Saturday, May 27," when the Scran
ton Semi-Professionals will play the
local team.
Rev. Albert L. Whlt.tnknr
Tuesday for Pottsvllle, where he
will attend the sessions of the Beth
lehem diocese at Pottsvllle and make
his report as Commissioner for the
Deaf Mutes, which eccleslnHHcnl
position was conferred upon him as
successor to Bishop Rogers Israel,
Erie. The dioceses of Central New
York. Harrisbure ami nctiiiohom
jointly support a deaf mute mission
ary, and the money raised by Rev.
Wllittaker is for his BiistentnHnn
Joseph N. Welch and David H. Men-
ner ,iay delegates from Grace Parish,
uiu iiiso attending tne diocesan con
Miss Anna Lang. Dalton. is visit
ing in tins place.
.Miss Mabel Schimmel is
friends in Scranton.
William Goodall. Fallsdalo. snpnt.
Saturday In Honesdale.
William Comfort is the new por
ter at the Hotel Wayne.
Mrs. A. G. Loomis Is spending sev
eral days In Deposit, N. Y.
Mrs. Kate M. Swinnerton, Scran
ton, spent Sunday in town.
Miss Mary Warren, Scranton, Is
spending several days In town.
Mrs. Charles Mills returned from
an extended trip to California.
R. D. McStraw, Pink, was a busi
ness caller in Honesdale, Saturday.
J. M. Bolkcom, Siko, was a Satur
day business caller in the Maple
Mrs. D. R. Moore, Duryea, is the
guest of the Misses Brown, Park
John Kleary, Philadelphia, is tho
guests of friends on River street this
Mrs. Josephine Entler, West Ho
boken, N. J., Is spending several days
in town.
Mrs. U. E. Howell and Mrs. A. E.
Kellogg, Wlnwood, spent Friday in
this place.
Mrs. R. H. Stanton and son, Rus
sell, Middletown, N. J are visiting
relatives in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Noyes and
son spent Sunday with the lattor's
parents at Bethany.
Lieutenant Wlnford H.' Mumford
Is attending the State Inspection
camp at Mt. Gretna.
Mrs. W. P. Boland and son, Wil
liam, Elrahurst, are the guests of
Hon. and Mrs. Leopold Fuerth.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wood are
home again after a three months'
stay In New York and New England,
Mrs. T, D. McGrath, Honesdale,
is visiting at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. C. E. Park on Malri street and
Mrs. William Dixon, of York avenue,
Judge Henry Wilson spent Mon
day in scranton.
Harry Ycakle, Allentown, visited
friends In Honesdale over Sunday.
Miss Ruth B. Lord passed a few
days last week with Middletown
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bryant and
family are now comfortably settled
In their new home on Sixteenth
U. G. Rldgeway, wife and son,
Homer, attended the funeral of Mr.
Ridgeway's father at Clifford last
Saturday. '
U. G. Rldgeway, traveling sales
man for the Standnrd-GIllett Light
Company spent last Thursday and
Friday at his home on South Main
Messrs. Frederick Le Strange, John
N. Sharpsteen, Henry A. Tlngley and
l-aui i'ives spent Sunday at Cold
Springs as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
M. F. Le Strange, where they enjoy-
eu a sumptuous chicken dinner.
Buol Dodge is attending the an
nual state convention of the I. O. O.
F. in Wilkes-Barre as the delegate
n-om iTcedom Lodge No. 88. Sam
uel Saunders and Clifford Gray are
among tne otlier Honesdale Odd Fel
lows who are enjoying the sessions.
.Mr. and Mrs. S. A. McMulIen, Jr.,
1323 .Main street, had as dinner
guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. F. R.
Burr, Scranton; Mr. and Mrs. Don-
aid Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bas
sett, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scurry.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dennis, Carbon-
Misses Mabel and Emellne Wells
left Tuesday morning for Philadel
phia where they will attend the
meeting of tho Auxiliary of the Sec
ond Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Association. During their absence
they will visit relatives at Atlantic
City and Sea Isle City, X. J.
Mrs. Garratt of Cottage street,
wife of Roy Garratt, was knocked
unconscious and cut In the cheek un
der her left eye at the Nickelette
Friday evening when an electric fan
broke and one of tho flanges struck
ner in tho lace. She was taken to
Mrs. Hartman's by several bystand
ers where she regained conscious
ness. The wound was treated and
she went home.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Har-
denbergh, Chicago, 111., spent the
week-end and Sunday as the cuests
of his father, Hon. E. B. Harden-
bergh. Mr. Hardenberch left Mon
day for New York. His family will
leave tor the same city. Thursday.
accompanied by his father, and Miss
Louise Hardenbergh. .Mr. and Mrs.
Hardenbergh sail from New York,
May 20, for Buenos Ayres. S. A..
via London, where Mr. Hardenbergh
will represent the P. D. Armour
Company, Chicago.
The following verses were com
posed by Rev. W. B. Slgnor, Thurs
day afternoon, May 4, on the top of
Sugar Loaf mountain, directly in
tronc or the parsonage at Orson.
One of 'the grandest views to be ob
tained in Northeastern Pennsylvania
can bo had from the summit of this
mountain. It was while the writer
was on the heights and beholding
the wonderful view that the follow
ing verses came to him:
-f I stood upon tho mountain top, -f
And viewed the landscape o'er;
4- It .seemed that I was near to
heaven, -f
f Nearer than e'er before. -f
I saw the lakes; I saw the -f
streams; -f
I saw God's land so fair; -f
-f And when I looked to the skies -f
I knelt in humble. prayer.
And prayed that
God would
-r touch
f The hearts of sinners far
And bring them to the Savior's -f
fold, -f
The fold He loves so dear. -f
-t- It seemed I heard a voice from -f
heaven, -f
-f A voice so sweet and low; -f
f 'Methought it trembled on the
air. -f
"My child, I'd have it so." -
"But there are foearts whose -f
doors -f
Are closed and will not hear -f
-f the call; -f
-r t noy do not care that I hava tho
-f cross,
-f Nor drank the bttter gall. -f
"Their eyes are blind, thev do
-f not see -f
-f The awfulness of sin; -f
t- ineir ears are deaf, thev do not
f hear --
-f The knock, and let mo In."
I looked again, the scene was -f
Tho throne seemed to appear; -f
Tho good, tho bad, wore gath- -f
ored there. -f
I thought I saw tho tears, -f
Flow down the cheeks of Jesus, -f
-r uod's only begotten Son: -f
And then I knew full well
The judgment had begun. -t-
-t- i can't describe tho awful -f
scene; -f
Tho books were open wide; -f
-f Then God came forth and took -f
a seat -f
lose to the Savior's side. -f
The sinners heard their awful -f
doom. -f
f "Depart I know you not." -f
f And then He turned to the -f
-r righteous, -f
Who had a different lot.
f The voice was clear, the smile -f
so sweet; -f
'T was the voice of God's own -f
Son, -f
" Come yo blessed of my -f
f " Well done, dear ones, well -f
A- done." -f
AIIS8 Bessie Kelly spent Tuesday
In Scranton.
Mrs. W. T. Butler left Tuesday
for Carbondale.
A. A. Oohlert passed Sunday with
Scranton friends.
K. E. Blgelow, Scranton, spent
.uonuay in town on business.
M. C. Rowland, Kimbles, was a
uusmess caller In town Friday.
R. H. Patterson, Scranton, was n
business cnller here on Saturday last.
T. M. Williams, Scranton, was a
Tuesday business caller in Hones
dale. P. L. Braman, Indian Orchard,
was a Monday business caller In
J. R. Hause, Newfoundland,
transacted business In the Maple
City Tuesday.
Miss Maud Ridd has returned
home from a week's Visit with rela
tives In Siko.
Hon. Leopold Fuerth loft Tuesday
morning on a business trip to
Miss Elsie Mornn, WIlkes-Barre,
spent a few days last week with
Ilonesdnlo relatives.
Gilbert White and granddaughter,
.Miss Jessie, returned Saturday from
a six months' stay In Florida.
Mrs. A. A. Oehlert and daughter,
Evelyn, are the guests of Mr. and
Mis. Jacob Racht, Bloomsburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ward,
Carbondale, and Miss Eva Barrett,
Scranton, were Sunday guests of
.Louis A. Loomis, proprietor of the
Hotel Wayne.
Charles Stegner, Elmira, N. Y.,
general salesagent of the Interna
tional Harvesting company, Is ac
companying C. E. Van Horn through
the county.
Dr. Edward P. Clark, son of Mrs.
Eben H. Clark, Honesdale, was re
cently appointed gynecologist on the
regular staff of the new Homeopath
ic hospital In Pittsburg.
J. D. Weston went to New York
city Friday to bid Mrs. Weston and
Mrs. Fred B. Whitney adieu on their
trip across the Atlantic. They sail
ed from New York Saturday.
Mrs. John Richmond, who has
been seriously ill- for the past few
weeks with double pneumonia, Is
convalescing. Her many friends
will be pleased to hear this good
Mrs. Rebecca Hawkey and daugh
ter, Mrs. Liken, Tiona, arrived at
tne home of the former's sister,
Mrs. Foley, Hoadleys, Saturday.
They will spend the summer with
relatives in Honesdale and vicinity.
Bids AVanted.
"1 would like you to submit esti
mates on live pounds of granulated
sugar," said the printer, as he
leaned against the grocery man's
counter. "What do you take mo
for?" replied tho groceryman,
somewhat ruffled. "Why, I really
don't know. You wanted me to bid
on the printing of a thousand en
velopes the other day, and I thought
that was the way to do business."
The El Rey Sisters
New Acts and Costumes Nightly
The famous Dancing and Skating Girls at the
Honesdale Roller Rink
Every Night This Week
Matinees: Wednesday & Saturday Afternoons $
MIs3 Olive Wronn, Scranton, is
the guest of Miss Merle Eldred,
Eleventh fireet.
Monday, May 29
For A Short Time Only
Please call early for