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Semi-Weekly Fonnilcd 1008; Weekly Founded 18M.
Kntrpl ns second-class matter, nt the postoflke. Itonesdale. l'a.
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ii. ii. withk1u1ke.
j. m. smei.tzeu
C. Il.nORri.tNOHR. M.B.AM.EN.ll.WIWON.R. B. IIAlinBNBF.Knlt.W. W. WOOD
Our friends who faror us icith contributions, und desire to
have the same returned, should in every case enclose stamps
for that purpose.
Remit by Express .Money Order. Draft. Post Olllre Orclei -or Res
Istcred letter. Address all communications to The Citizen. No.
MCI Main street, Itonesdale. l'n.
All notices ot shows, or other entertainments held for the purpose
or mnklns money or any Items that contain advertising' mutter will
on y bo admitted to this paper on payment of rctfu ar advertising
raCs. Not cef entertainments for the bene t of churches or for
charitable purposes when- a reo Is chareed. will he published at half
rites. CbtiIs of thanks, memorial poetry and resolutions of respect
will also be chareed for at the rate of a cent a word.
The policy of the The Citizen is to print the local
new in an interesting manner, to summarise the ncu-s of the
world at large, to fight for the right as this paper sees the
right, without fear or favor to the end that tt may serve the best
interests of its readers and the welfare of the county.
Tho choice of N. 13. Bryan for United States Sen
ator from Florida shows that there's nothing really
unlucky about tho name Itself.
00 0
A woman In Wakefield, Mass., has had lier twenti
eth child. Some paragrapher will be sure to call her a
twentieth century mother.
0 0 0
A New York judge paroled a burglar in the cus
tody of, a playwright In order that the latter might
study criminals. To such lengths doth realism go In
New York.
0 0 0
One man had his ear cut off so that Black Hand
era might know him next time. Wonder If he'll know
tho Black Handers?
0 0 0
Thirteen members of the Dam family arrived in
New York Tuesday on the Ryndam from Rotterdam.
Curses! What a crowd!
0 0 0
A bill has been introduced Into Congress provid
ing for the coinage of a 2 cent piece. What a boon
to the bargain hunters.
0 0 o
The two persons who win The Citizen's medals in
the Smile club campaign will come pretty near being
the most popular two in Wayne county.
0 0 o
D. K. Pearson says that if a young man wishes to
make a good start on tho road to wealth and fortune
he should begin by marrying. Presumably the noted
philanthropist thinks that a gootrstart makes a quick
0 0 0
There are three Representatives now in Congress
who liveat the Y. M. C. A. building. .They are Joseph
Howell. Utah; George ,Norris, Nebraska, and John
Watkins, Louisiana. .
0 0 0
Joseph F. Smith, president of the Mormon church,
with forty-three children to his credit or discredit,
whichever you like, says It .is impossible to detect po
lygamy. ' He must think we are story book detectives.
0 0 0
Father Bernard Vaughan, tho noted Jesuit, in a
sermon referred in strong terms to the work of the
Mormon missionaries in England In sending women and
young girls to tho colonies of that sect in Utah and oth
er American States. Among other things Father
Vaughan said:
"Fancy a country like this calling itself Christian
and tolerating those Mormons! They should be taken
by the scruff of the neck, rushed across our island and
dropped into tho sea." Tho reverend father must
think that Mormons aro a good deal like kittens.
0 0 o
Mr. A. Mitchell Palmer, representative In Congress
from Stroudsburg, as the head of a committee to ln
yestigate expenses, has used his knife to such good
effect that $182,080 has been chopped off the exponses
of the House alone. For Instance of tho expenses of
the service under the speaker, ?2,320 has been cut
way: Under clerk, $39,970; under sergeant-at-arms,
$47,050; under doorkeeper, $31,340; by abolishing ex
tra months pay, $50,000; through abolishing six com
mittees, $12,000, making a grand total of $182, C80.
According to the report, tho committee found that
the 13-year-old daughter of Chief Doorkeeper Lyons
was on tho pay roll as "clerk to the doorkeeper" at a
salary of $1,200 a year and getting an extra month's
pay each year thrown In, we suppose, for good meas
ure. We should like the committee to request Mr.
Lyons to toll us just how much help a clerk would be
to a doorkeeper. Evidently no explanation was forth
coming to the committee, so on its recommendation this
position will bo abolished.
"During tho Spanish-American war," writes Chair
'nian Palmer In his report, "Somebody's friends told
somebody's cousin that somebody's aunt had heard
someone say that a plot was on foot to dynamite the
eapltol. Thirty-eight extra policemen wero added.
They have remained' ever since." Waiting, wo sup
pose, for that heinous plot to bo put Into execution. For
their patience and bravery in facing such a terrible
danger the stalwart thirty-eight received $39,000 a
year. But, at. that, they were a trifle more useful than
a. doorkeeper's clerk.
Then thore were the two telegraph operators who
have drawn $1400 apleco. for more years than can be
romemhercd. It seems that many years before the tele
phone was Invented a private telegraph line was estab
lished between tho War' Department and the House
wing of the Capitol. Two operators were provided for
this wire.
Then the telephone came along and of course no
body used the telegraph any longer. But did the oper
ators say anything about It to anybody? Not on your
life. They simply drew their salary and blessed the
genius who Invented the telephone and thereby saved
them any work at all excopt the cashing of their
monthly government checks.
And so on with Innumerable instances such as in
1895 tho clerk's document room of tho House with an
annual payroll of $6,260 was abolished but somehow
or other said abolishment .didn't stop the pay checks.
The days of doing nothing and getting paid for it
will soon be no more. The Palmer committee has tak
b tho first step and we hope the good work will continue.
A Jersey man says his state will lend Gov. Wilson !
to tho nation, We wonder what tho discount on tho
loan would be.
0 0 0
A New York lunatic has received a year's parolo ,
to go abroad. His name is Jeremiah Goggin. No won-1
der he's crazy. i
0 0 0
"Germany sends 29,000 feathers a year to Eng
land for millinery purposes," says the Truth. We had
an Idea they were for tickling persons who rend Punch.
0 0 0 1
When Carter Harrison becomes President and W.
R. Hearst Vice-President of the United States we shall
expect to see Hlnky Dink appointed Secretary of State.
Phlla. Inquirer. Yes, and Bathhouse John Ambas
sador to England." i
0 0 0 .
The approach of warm weather and tho recent i
deaths of two victims Is suillcient to cause us to publish j
as a warning a short editorial reprinted from tho New j
York American. Read it carefully because there is a I
lesson to be learned and a warning to be heeded:
Tho death from hydrophobia of Abraham
Nahon ought to serve as a warning to every,
family owning a dog. Nahon allowed his pet
to lick his hands. That was more than four
months ago. Later the anlmnl grew ugly; it
was killed and found to have rabies. Too
lato Nahon took treatment.
The lesson is plain. Thousands of men,
women and children who would shrink In
terror from a rattlesnake think nothing of
letting .dogs lick their hands and faces.
Every time they do so they invite the most
horrible form of death known, for tho dog
does not have to froth at the mouth to be
mad. It may have the germ of rabies and de
velop the disease later, yet If its tongue,
touches the slightest abrasion there is small
hope for the victim. It may be months after
tho person who has caressed the has
forgotten the incident that he Is seized with
the terrible contraction of tho throat muscles
that precedes a vain struggle for life.
The habit of allowing dogs to lick hands
and faces is a plain invitation to suffering,
physical and mental, the like of which even
the Inquisition could not parallel. Infinitely
preferable Is the bite of a mad dog, for then
tho afflicted person can take the Pasteur
treatment in time to save himself.
A dog's place in anywhere but in a woman's
lap, In a nursery or In a house. It is safe to
say thnt If all the world could witness tho
death agonies of a rabies victim steps would
be taken at once to stamp out hydrophobia,
dogs would be relegated to the stable and the
0 0 0
In every city the cry of regret for the mistakes
of the past is heard. But what of a city built on the
hills a city of sunshine and sea-given breezes, swept
clean by lire, to be built anew in this Twentieth Cen
tury? Surely tho builders would grasp their, un
rivalled opportunity. What is San Francisco's reply
a city of small homes, a city of gardens? No. A
city of tenements.
Looking back to April 17, 190G, one sees whole
districts covered with small houses, vine clad, fragrant
with flowers. On April 1 8, the lire swept the city, and
before a month had passed the builders were at work.
Fastthey built. Shelter was needed,, expediency and
desire for gain were paramount, and the smoking ruins
were covered with poorly con structed buildings, sev
eral families crowding into a space adequate for one.
In less than a year thoughful men and women
realized that San Francisco was face to faco with a
housing problem and that no law existed to check
the increasing abuses. In spite of municipal indiffer
ence and corruption a tenement houso ordinance based
on the New York law was passed in 1907.
The New York reformers obtained all that Was
possible for their great city, where land values are so
high and vested interests so entrenched, but the meager
allowances for light and air conceded for the crowded
metropolis should not have been tho model for tho
small city accustomed to wide spaces and generous
gardens. Yet even these limited restrictions were soon
evaded, and the ordinance was fiercely opposed by
speculative bulldors and property holders.
Inflated land values based on tho earning capacity
of a small lot covered by a three-family building in
place of the former cottage have induced much of the
rnpld rebuilding of San Francisco. For not alone in the
poorer districts, but in every quarter of the city, apart
ment houses, Hats, multiple buildings of every type
have superseded the single family home.
There is a significant relation In the Pennsyl
vania bltiminous coal field between efficiency of em
ployes nnd tho consumption of intoxicants. Tho use
ot alcoholic liquors among recent immigrants is very
extensive and the per capita consumption of beer, ac
cording to the statements of some mining superintend
ents, runs as high as two quarts a day each, besides
some whiskey.
In the average mining community beer and whis
key agents are constantly soliciting orders. The
southern and eastern Europeans are accustomed to
drinking beer and light wines abroad, but in the min
ing industry they tend more and more to drink whis
key to excess. This is duo to two causes. Thoy
"treat" according to the American custom and they
have no decent amusements to patronize or any chance
to acquire property, and as a consequence there is a
disposition to spend freely in this way.
Not only is it impossible to recruit the normal
labor forces after pay day, but in addition to curtail
ment of output tho companies sustain loss because of
careless mining, increased number of accidents, and
breakage of tools and equipment.
What's the matter with Springfield? From the
standpoint of sanitation scarcely one among the 51,
000 people in the capital city of Illinois knew. The
question itself had not been seriously raised. But one
day a plain map of tho city big enough to show some
of the things in everybody's backyard jolted tho com
munity Into a realization of the Importance of the ques
tion nnd at the same time furnished the ugly, unvar
nished truth of tho answer.
"Springfield has conditions probably not unlike those
to be found In many mlddlo western cities which have
not yet thought to ask or answer tho question, "If
they really undertook to 'know themselves' thoy might
get just as startling information as came to Springfield
whon her citizens were amazed at the disclosures that
6,000 out of the 9,000 houses in the city did not use
city water and sewers, that 5,000 homes directly on
sewer and water mains did not utilize them, that there
were over 6,000 privy vaults and more wells in the
city. That is, the municipal expenditure of $4,000,000
for sewer facilities and water supply served only thirty
three per cent, of the population, although it had been
thought that from sixty to seventy-five per cent, were
Tides In the Atmosphere Similar to
Those on the Sea.
Until men began to navigate tho
nlr and study Its currents and move
fonts little attention was paid to the
omlitions of the upper atmosphere,
ml such matters as atmospheric tides
:ul top currents completely encircling
"o earth wore at seemingly little In-
Since men have down, and especial
t slnco men have flown and fallen,
e have heard a great deal in a vaguo
way of air currents. Recently Law
rence Hodges in a paper before an
Kngllsh scientific body gave some
unique facts about air tides which
aro not generally known.
The moon, we know, causes tho
mnrino tides by its attraction. It
draws the water on the surface of
bn earth toward it in a hump on the
o that It exposed to the lunnr In-
luenco, and draws the earth itself
away from the water on the opposlto
'tide, leaving a corresponding hump of
Tho air, It seems, is affected in tho
same way. The layer of atmosphere
'ibout the earth rises, falls and flows
more freely than water, because It la
lighter, so the tide comes more quick
ly in the air at a given spot than the
marine tide.
Tho air, it seems, is affected In the
same way. The layer of atmosphere
about the earth rises, falls and flows
more freely than water, bfceauso it is
lighter, so the tide comes more quick
ly in the air at a given spot than the
marine tide.
This rise and fall, however, means
Just as much to the navigator of the
air as the tide In the. sea docs to the
sailor, and has to be accounted for.
The most remarkable current, how
ever. Is one constant stream In the at
mosphere running from west to east
completely around the earth in the
upper atmosphere.
This was first brought to public at
tention when the volcano Krakatao
blew a cubic mile of matter Into the
upper atmosphere in the '80s. The
lighter particles were seen to make
a complete circuit of the earth seven
times in this clrcumglobular current
before they finally disappeared. Chi
cago Tribune.
ltcflcctioits On That Dollar.
Stopped Train to Recover Poodle.
Mrs. Richard Buckles of Taylor
ville, III., caused a passenger train
on the Bluff Line to be stopped be
tween Alton and St. Louis whilo she
?ot olf to search for a pet French
poodle dog which she had intrusted
to the baggage man and which es
caped through the open car door.
Mrs. Ruckles was going to McClusky,
111., to visit and had put the dog in
the baggage car. While the baggage
man had the door open the dog leaped
out and the baggage man went back
to notify Mrs. Buckles of tho loss.
Mrs. Buckles Insisted that the conduc
tor stop the train while she got off.
She found the poodle, only slightly
injured. She then drove to Alton,
where she waited for another train.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
The Wedding Cake Pagoda.
At Mingun, on the right bank of
tho Irrawaddy River, about live miles
from Mandalay, in Burma, there
stands a peculiar pagoda known as
the Wedding Cake Pagoda because it
looks like a marvellously magnified
bridal cake. It was built in the early
part of tho nineteenth century and is
In thoroughly good preservation, only
a few of tho images Inside having
been broken. The extreme height to
tho top of the minaret is eighty feet
and tho circumference about COO feet.
The pagoda stands back from tiie liv
er some 300 feet and is hidden fiom
it by a grove of teak trees. Close to
It is the famous Mingun bell. Ide
Old War Shell Exploded.
The explosion of an old war time
shell filled with powder almost caused
the death of Ernest Pattorson and his
young wife at Dundee, a small coun
try hamlet near here. The shell had
lain In an unfrequented spot for years
and was found by Patterso'n while ho
was hunting. The explosion followed
his attempt to pry It open with a
hatchet The concussion knocked the
couple several feet, causing dangerous
injuries. Two of Patterson's fingers
were torn off and his wife's faco was
mangled. Central City AraiR.
Wo Aim To Please.
Subscribers will confer a favor on
The Citizen by promptly notifying
us of any changes of address. If
you fall to receive your paper
promptly, notify us by mail or
'phone, and we will cheerfully du
plicate copies lost in tho malls. All
complaints as to failure to receive
the paper from the carriers should
bo 'phoned In at once, and the miss
ing copy will be sent by mall.
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Waldlng, KInnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonial 1 sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggsts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Having become one of a band of
volunteers to earn a dollar during
April, to apply on a fund for painting
our church (at a time when 1 had
entered upon the intricacies of house
cleaning), I began to cast about In
my mind for a means to fulfill my
promise. MoBt of us are housewives
who do our earning in tho way pecu
liar to our profession, receiving our
salaries in board, clothing and In
cidentals. N. B. The last para
graph is in no wlso intended for your
kick column, and since you are a
bachelor, I do you a kindness to ox
plain. We are house wives of the
old school. The 20th century new
woman has demonstrated her ability
to be self-supporting and have an
Independent bank account, so she
seeks promotion in accepting any
new position. (You may have been
too busy to notice It). But I di
gress. Picking up Tho Citizen, I
read the terms of your "Kick Kon
test," and recalled that I early learn
ed "A little nonsenso now and then
is relished by the best of men." So
tho happy thought possessed me that
I was eligible to enter tho contest,
and I Immediately hazarded a two
cent stamp in the investment or spec
ulation, and tho returns far exceed
ed my expectations. My delight
knew no bounds, but like a prudent
housewife I continued my work In
stead of going out to buy an auto
mobile. Truth to tell, up to this
point I had taken no time whatever
to reflect on the matter. Soon after
the papers were distributed at the
postofllce, the treasurer of our so
ciety called on me, apparently to
congratulate me on earning my dol
lar, and in the next breath expressed
an A No. 1 kick, saying: "I kick be
cause you got your dollar so easy
while I have spent three forenoons
baking to earn mlno, which is an
other demonstration of brain vs.
muscle. Again I congratulate you."
Soon after this, a relative dropped
in and I was prepared to receive his
congratulations, which did not ma
terialize. Ho referred to having seen
The Citizen, and by some remark cas
ually made before leaving, brought
me to infer my acting upon the im
pulse of the moment lacked dignity,
and then I began to reflect.
Why had the treasurer followed up
my dollar even before it arrived?
Did she fear 1 might buy an Easter
hat? Then a committee notified me
an Experience social was called for
May 2 when I would be expected to
tell how I earned my dollar, and pass
It over to the treasurer. Why was I
so pursued? Why did I not reflect
first? But I had given my promise
to earn a dollar. "1 could not dig,
to beg I was ashamed," and here
was an innocent opportunity which 1
Had eagerly grasped. But why should
I not have tried to earn it? especially
as 1 needed it (and got it). It
seemed one of those rare cases where
"the end justified the means," Tho
cause' was a worthy one, humility,
a good exercise, economics good for
business. Had not Hawley money
been llowing up stream for years?
Why should not one Honesdale $
come to Hawley? One genuine
Honesdale dollar, and I did it.
That new Honesdale $.
That crisp Honesdalo $.
That bright Honesdalo $.
From which I soon must part.
If everybody did not insist on set'
ting that dollar Into circulation I
should frame It.
I think our treasurer's kick should
bo entered in the contest, nnd it
should bo a winner. She is a good
business woman, as Is demonstrated
by her prompt call on me, which I
did not then realize as a call In her
olllclal capacity. However, she would
swoon to see her name in print, she
Is so timid; so please send her dollar
in my care and 1 promise to see it
deposited with mine May second, be
fore a multitude of witnesses, and
watch it till it gets to the painter's
Please notify me if it gets back to
Honesdale before tho Kick Kontest
kloses, and I'll try a new bait.
P. J. T. T.
We get a hi Of fun out of tht column. We
want you to enjoy it alto. J'rimarily it I run
for pour amusement. It anything appears here
which offenrtt you in any way whatsoever, drvp
u a postal or 'phone us to that effect. A n apoi
ony will appear in the nejrt issue of the paper
Thai's fair, isn't it t
We have no wish to hurt anybmly's teelinat.
All we want lo ilo is to brighten one moment cf
your day; awl If but one simile item brings
smile, we shall ticl it was not written In vain.
If the Senntors get within grak
blng distance of the pennnnt where
will Cleveland?
The two people who get tho Presi
dency and Vice Presidency of this
column needn't worry about th
Army of Gloom. That band of pes
simists can be routed with a Smile.
Drives Distress From Upset Stomachs
in Five- Minutes.
MI-O-NA Rtnmnnll tnhlnta nnf nnlv
cure indigestion but build up the en
ure system ana mane the weak and
frail strong and vigorous. They are
guaranteed to do so by G. W. Peil.
They causo tho glow of health to
appear in the cheeks and mako the
eyes bright and sparkling. They
chase out bad blood and cause plm
plesjand sallow skin to disappear.
MI-O-NA stomach tablets are such
wonderful stomach invlgorators and
upbuilders that they are sold under
an agreement to return your money
If they do not cure Indigestion or any
other trouble arising from an upset
stomach such ns biliousness, dizzi
ness, sick headache, loss of appetite,
fermentation, nervousness, sleepless
ness, nightmare, etc.
And only 50 cents a large box at
druggists everywhere and at O. W.
Peil's. v
"Stomach trouhlo had bothered mo
a long time, and though I doctored
and used several remedies there was
no cure given me until I used Ml-O-NA.
I used to feel weak, bloodless and
depressed, but MI-O-NA built up my
health and mado me strong." Mrs.
J. Newton, Bollovue, Mich.
Trains leave Union depot at 8.26
a. m. and 2.48 p. m week days.
Trains arrive Union depot at 1.60
and 8,05 p. m. week days.
Saturday only, Erie and Wyoming
arrives at 3.45 p. m. and leaves at
5.60 p. m.
Sunday trains levo 2,48 and ar
rive at 7.02.
LEGAL BLANKS for sale at The
Citizen office: Land Contracts,
Leases, Judgment Notes, Warrantee
Deeds, Bonds, Transcripts, Sum
mons, Attachments, Subpoenas, La
bor Claim Deeds, Commitments, Ex
ecutions, Collector's and Constables'
Sales, Tax Collector Warrants,
Criminal Warrants, Etc.
if the first mortgage on the car
buretor is foreclosed by the crank
case and a locas slgllum spark pluc
aided and abettedby the party of tbe
first part herein referred to as tu
transmission gear in the right hantt
corner of the tool box underneath the
magneto and I get fat trying to oper
ate the accelerator, why is gasoleno?
The above gives a faint idea of Char-
loy Searle talking In his sleep.
Mall Opens.
I): r.5 A. M., D. & II. It. R.
1:50 P. M Erie It. It.
:15 P. SI., D. & II. R. It.
0:50 P. M., Erie It. It.
7:20 P. M. D. & II. It. It.
Sunday Only.
10:15 A. M., 1). & II. It. II.
7:09 P. M., Erlo It. It.
12:00 M., All Star Routes.
0:15 P. M., It. D. 1, 2 nnd 8.
Mail Closes.
30 A. M., I). & II. It.
00 A. M., Erie R. R,
00 M., D. & II. It. It.
25 P. M., Erio R. It.
ilO P. M D. & II. It.
:15 P. M., E. & W. R. It.
;30 P. M., Star Route.
To Tyler Hill.
:C0 P. M. All Other Star
Saturday Only.
5:30 P. M E. & W. V. R. R
Sunday Only.
0:45 P. M., D. & n. R. R.
0:50 A. M R. 1). 1, 2 nnd 3.
To the School Directors or Wayne
I hereby announce myself to you
as a candidate for the office of Coun
ty Superintendent of Schools.
Uswlck. Pa. 29u
It's Time to Get
That HAT!
-f -r -f-r-f -r
I i-fZB iA X
x 0 ijZSb
Como while the assortment is fuH.
Wo will certainly plense yon.
Foster Building - Honesdale, P.
Let US Do It
If you have a pre
scription to be filled,
get it at our store by
any means.
Bring it, send it
or 'phone, and we
shall call for it.
Reason is, that
because prescrip
tions filled here
are filled absolute
ly right.
We have the drugs,
the equipment and
the knowledge, and
when we put our seal
on a bottle, the con
tents of the bottle
are right.
1123 Main St., Honesdale, Pa.
Both 'phones.