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and Mrs. U. H. IIowo wore guests ' Mrs. Chas. Martin and children,
i last Sunday for dinner at Miss A. M. j Lolta and Walter, are spending the
Nobles'. I week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Wo wore pleased to see J. W. ' W. A. Gustln.
Itohrbackcr out again after his longi Misses Margaret and Gladys
' tussel with pneumonia. Wo are also Hauensteln spent the week-end with
- vorv sorrv to sav that L. P. Ammor- their aunt. Mrs. Ernest Demlnc. of
The Macoby Tribe of Red Men was mnn d5es not recover from his rheu- Mnplo Grove.
reorganized Thursday evening with mmic'trouble. Mr. and Mrs
(Special to Tho Citizen.
MAPMWOOI), Pa., April
ftfty members, omcers elected as
follows: .Jacob Spangenberg, sachem;
John Ransom, junior sagamore; Ilev.
L. H. Yergle, senior sagamore; P. S.
Keene, prophet; T. N. Jones, keeper
of the seal; A. M. Sherwood, keeper
of wampum; trustees, Prank Benja
min, G. C. Hell, William Ransom.
Harvest Grange met Saturday
evening when two new candidates
wore admitted and refreshments
A special Easter program of mu
sic will be given nt the Graco church
Sunday evening at 6:45. All are cor
dially Invited to be present.
Quarterly conference will meet at
this place Saturday, April 29, at 2:30
p. in. when presiding elder, W. P.
Hell will bo present.
The Ladles' Aid society wljl moot
Wednesday at the home of Mrs. P.
S. Keene.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage of Rev. Edward Morrison of
Canaan to Miss Carrie Mae Dicklns at
the bride's home Wednesday, April
1 !), .-it 4 p. m.
This has been the best Maple syrup
season In years. Some of the large
camps have made nearly two hun
dred gallons. One camp of a hun
dred trees has made seventy-live gal
lons or three quarters of a gallon to
the tree and the season not yet fin
ished. School closed in Miss Charlotte
Gilpin's room on Thursday.
William Sharpe is some better at
this writing.
Mrs. P. S. Keene visited relatives
In Scrnnton last week.
John Coates, Dunmore, has moved
into the Davis house.
The houso on the Meyers place,
near Wimmers, burned last week.
This makes the third lire in this
icinlty In the past two weeks.
Frank Wlldonsteln
Wm. E. Ferguson ran an oia rusty and Mrs. W. S. Martin attended tho
nail Into his hand and although tholmeotlng of tho Aldenvllle and Clln
wound was apparently an lnslgnifl-j ton Ladles' Aid Societies at W. C.
cant one, yet he is having lots of Norton's on Saturday,
trouble with It. His brother Joseph ! George Hauensteln was a business
Is now with him. , caller at Carbondalo last Thursday.
.jonn Aicuauerson goi a iau irom
a ladder and was badly shaken up.
rI nomas Prazer has been doing
some carpentering work for George
Gilpin and is now repairing Thomas
Prick's house.
I Special to The Citizen.
CAIiLICOOX, X. V., April i:t H.
Roberts lias taken possession of his
farm at Union. George M. Blume,
who rented It for the past two years,
has moved to Ilraman. The farm
Is quite valuable and In good condi
tion. Harry has purchased a team
of horses and starts out with' good
courage. All wish him success.
Never was nature more beautiful
than on Sunday morning, when every
tree to the smallest bough put on Its
robe of pure white.
Russell Clark closed a very suc
cessful term of school on Friday and
returned to his home, lloyrts Mills.
Miss Hazel Hopkins, teacher at Les
ter school, Is home, having quite a
severe case of measles; also Miss Liz
zie Osborn lias measles.
John Blume, Jr., Erie, Pa., is visit
ing his parents and friends here for
the past two weeks. He will return
to his home on .Monday next. He has
a host of friends here and all were
glad to meet him.
Miss Sopha Blume closed a very
successful term of school at Union,
and has gone to State Normal for
the Spring term.
Orvis Rutlodge, Galilee, is employ
ed as clerk In Laford L. Teeple's
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. J as.
Eggleston died on Tuesday last and
was brought here for Interment.
Funeral was held Friday. Rev. Scott
Bush Viiciated.
Special to The Citizen.
LAKE COMO, Pa., April i.
Rev. Brail has returned from confer
ence to be with us another year.
The next lecture .course will bo
held in tho M. E. church next Wed
nesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Knapp, Mrs. O.
Geer, and Mrs. Hlggins spent Satur
day in Hancock.
(Special to The Citizen.
EAST HAMLIX, Pa., April lil
John Pcet has rented the R. M.
Stocker property. He has rented
rooms to Russell Cox and Charles
Cox who have employment with
Jones Bros. Lumber Co.
Harry Conkliu, Scranton, has rent
ed and took possession of the Cook
Bros, farm, formerly called "Little
Emery Chapman has purchased the
Harrington farm of A. N. Patterson.
Frank Tuttle Is hauling sawed
lumber from Paupack to Hawley for
E. D. Conklin and son, Harry,
made a business trip to the county
seat on Wednesday.
Ira O. Ressegine has fitted his Edi
son phonograph room with a new
record case.
A. B. Chapman went to Elmhurst
Tuesday, April 1 1, to build three new
porches to P. F. Osborne's new
Miss Bidwell and friend, Hawley,
have been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Edward Peet, for tho past two weeks.
Levert Chapman had tho misfor
tune to lose a nest of nine young
pigs, and Frank Wetherlll lost eight
about two weeks old.
R. W. Kellam is hauling his nrons
to the Maplewood dock, for the pur
pose of loading on cars, as the Lake
Ariel loading grounds are all taken
East school closed Friday, April
Special to The Citizen.
PAUPACK, Pn., April 1.1 M. H.
Vannntta, Beaver Brook, N. Y., was
a business caller hero last week.
Mrs. Bennett Is on tho sick list.
We hope she will soon get better.
The Ladies' Aid will meet with
Mrs. H. Fowler on Thursday.
Miss Esther B. Klllam Is visiting
her niece at Rochester. She will re
turn home to-dny.
Archie Brown moved to Beaver
Brook. He Is employed by M. H.
ed Rev. Mr. Signor on Sunday last, tlon that the modern Idea was to
Violet Jay gave a party In honor raise apples but not timber. Mr.
of Helen Russell, who Is soon to Bullock then gave an Instructive talk
leave her little girl friends at this on the preparation of spraying mix
place, tures, tho various elements neces
D. O. Chamberlain, our veterlnar- sary and tho easiest and best way
lan, Is very busy attending to his to mix them. Ho also gave advice as
. to the best times for using tho spray-
Mrs. E. S. Whipple and daughter, ing mixtures,
Miss 'Sara, expect to spend Easter These exhibitions prove that It is
In Scranton. I no longor necessary for the fruit
MrB. Frank Sanford, who has been j grower to bo at tho mercy of the varl
very 111, Is some better at this writ-1 ous pests that attack trees, and the
ing. A trained nurse Is In attend- knowledge gained at the meetings
anco. I will enable the farmers hereabouts
Special Easter music will bo ron- to take advantage of the onnortunl-
dered on Sunday morning next In 1 ties offered by the finest fruit raising
the M. E. church here.
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Ihc land.
Max Dennhardt. Thurlneer,
many, Honesdale, May 15, 1896, John i pointed high constable for tho
E. Krantz, Wyman W. Kimble, ough of Hnwley.
SI. J. Hanlan was appointed guard
Ian ad litem for minor children of
Enos Gregory, lnte of Dyberry, de
ceased. Edward J. Richardson was an-
Special to Tho Citizen.
IIAWLEV, Pn., April 11. Pred
Bennett died of consumption at the
home of James Compton on Marble
Hill Monday, April 10, at 3:30. The
funeral was held on Tuesday after
noon at the home of Mr. Compton
and the remains were taken to Pau
pack for burial. The deceased was
about 23 years of age, a glass cutter
by trade, and always lived at or near
Hawley. Nino months ago ho was
compelled to give up work. He
then spent as much of his time as
possible in tho open air thinking
that ho might gain some benefit.
Walter James Graham, Stafford
shire, England, White Mills, Febru
ary 4, 1897, Wm. G. Blackney, Robt.
A. Forber, Honesdale.
Geo. Thomas Daniels, Devonshire,
England, Carley Brook, May 6, 1889,
Harry Beurket, Wm. II. Lee, Hones
dale. Prank Suponciz, Tebah, Austria,
October 19, 1903.
Josef Hervatin, Podgrad, Austria,
.March 24, 1905.
Joseph Skubls, Zaticua, Austria,
July 5, 1902.
John Baber, Unec Logatlc, Oct. 21,
Joseph Poloncin, .St. Vid Llttai,
Austria, February 22, 1905.
Leonard William Wagner, Ver
bachszimmern, Germany, Honesdale,
December 1, 1902, F. Ludwlg Gieh-
Returns of sales of real estate of
Amos Grlmstone, late of Dyberry
township, and of Lewis Hausmann,
late of Texas township, were approved.
"My Clndcrllln Girl."
"My Cinderella Girl," a musical
farce, by Richard Walton Tully, who
Is perhaps best known as the co-author
with David Bolasco of "Tho Rose
of tho Ranche," and William Fred
erick Poters, composer of "Tho May
or of Toklo" and other comic opera
successes Is the distinctly high class
offering at tho Lyric Thoatro o
Monday, April 17. This attractloa
Is unquestionably one of the Verr
best of the local season, and as it has
been, drawing crowded houses in the
city, tho result will probably be the
same hero. It comes to us with a
record of over three hundred per
formances at the Whitney opera
house, Chicago, and tho endorse
ments of all of tho dramatic critics
and managers of St. Paul, Minnea
polis, Kansas City, St. Louis, and
the other principal cities where the
company has recently appeared.
It Is a clean, wholesome farce,
with the unusually tuneful musical
score presented by a company of un
questionable ability.
but ho craduallv crow wnrsn until
the end came. The liovs nf tho KW- , rer, John Thomas, Honesdale.
stone cutting shon very generously I otto Drown, Neldenburg, Ger-
donated him quite a sum of money i man' ArIel- December 17, 1880, Dr,
which helned defray tho exnense Harry B. Ely, Frank P. Kimble
caused by his long
leaves n mother, four
two sisters.
illness. He
brothers and
Oscar Emlle Dennhardt, Apolda,
Germany, Honesdale, July 15, 1S93,
Norman Vandermart on Monday' chas- p- Se.irle, Wyman W. Kimble,
moved into the houso. hp mmnt. Honesdale.
ly bought of Mr. Hildcbrand.
Frank Jeko, Rhelnrederchlngen,
Mark Lasslev. nf tho Knnri Rnrln i Germany, White Mills, March 15,
Boarding House, Bohemia, was do- 1903- Lawrence C. Weniger, John H.
ing business In town on Tuesday. Sporer.
.Many of the glass cutters are1 ln re bridge In Salem township,
seeking employment elsewhere. i "Gal Holllstervllle, April 1 0, Moses
Harry Bea and Frank Sheoley, Cobb, J. D. Stocker, and H. P. Nichol
went on Tuesday to work in the son were appointed viewers.
Glbbs shop at Stroudsburg. ln re bridge in Palmyra township,
Harry Youngs is working at the AnrtI 10- L- s- Collins, surveyor,
Blooming Grove club house while Thomas Gill and William Hittinger,
many have gone in the lumber woods wero appointed viewers.
at Wllsonvllle.
In ro bridge In Texas township,
Kenneth Bennett, Matamoras, at- near White Mills. April 10, L. S. Col
I Special to The Citizen.
MUAMAX, Pu., April lit. Tho L.
A. S. met last Thursday at George
Blums' Sr., tho receipts being nearly
live dollars. ,
Sophia Blum and Lizzie Mlnckler
departed last week to attend the
Normal school at Stroudsburg.
Mr. Louis Rauner, Sr., who has
been failing for some time, died
.March 31st. Rev. Scott Bush
preached the funeral sermon at the
house and the burial was at Paupack
on wonday, April a.
MisB Emma Woolhoater closed a
successful term of school at Kellam
Wednesday, April 12. Tho pupils
showed their appreciation by pre
senting her with n beautiful leather
post card album.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Marks have
moved on D. M. Stalker's upper farm
with whom they are employed.
Perhaps the greatest surprise ever
rendered Edith Stalker was when
her mother invited the school chil
dren ln to luncheon ln honor of her
tenth birthday. Sandwiches, cocoa,
cake, pie, nuts, fruits and candy were
served. .Music was rendered by
Mary Ryan.
Gale H. Stalker, cashier of tho
Oliver Typewriter Company, Wash
ington, D. C, arrived here Saturday
iui i wi i ui5 uaja viHii Willi ins par-1
cum tlllU U1UJ1UH.
The Braman school closed March
29. A spelling and geographical
contest was given by their teacher,
.Miss Addle Rauner. Tho prize win
ners were Edna and Leslie Rauner
and Katie Weitzer.
William Ryan visited Port Jervis
That Kellam is on a par with the
world in tho way of luxuries Is evi
denced by the fact that Charles
White has purchased an up-to-date
D. M. Stalker is remodeling his
houso and enlarging his store. F.
Lawson Is tho carpenter.
Mrs. Charles Casgln . and son,
George, made a trip to Equlnunk last
Saturday, the latter participating ln
the examination hold under the di
rection of Superintendent Koohler
for common school diplomas.
I Special to The Citizen.
HAMLIX, Pn., 'April Itt. The
season seems to have been a very
favorable one for sugar making.
George Robacker, Sterling, is the
guest of Carl Stevens.
Rev. O. G. Russell, who is to be
the M. E. pastor here during the
coming year, occupied tho pulpit
here on Sunday last. Rev. J. II.
Boyce expects to remove to his new
charge this week. He Is to be station
ed at Carley Brook. We are sorry
to lose Mr. and Mrs. Boyce from our
D. W. Edwards, .Mrs. W. A. Stev
ens, Mrs. G. W. Simons and W. M.
Clark nre on tho sick list.
Rev. Robert Bllckensderfer con
ducted services In tho Episcopal
church here on Thursday evening,
April 6. A pleasing feature of tho
service was a solo by Miss Elizabeth
Bunnell, Scranton.
"On tho evening of Thursday last
a goodly number of the people of
this vicinity assembled at tho M. E.
parsonage to spend a pleasant even
ing with Rev. and Sirs. Boyce. Re
freshments were served and the par
ty adjourned at a late hour.
J. F. McParland and F. A. Peet
are transacting telephone business
at the Flats.
Mrs. Inez Curtis accompanied her
son, Haiiey, to Stroudsburg on Mon
day, April 3, where he was enrolled
as a student.
Mrs. Orchard entertained Rev. O.
G. Russell over Sunday.
Mrs. E. J. Hamlin is home from
an extended visit with her son, Dr.
B. G. Hamlin, Scranton.
Dr. O. J. Mullen's offices in the
Central" building are nearly ready
for occupancy.
Mrs. Prank Smith Is caring for
Mrs. G. W. Simons.
The remains of John Edwards,
West Pittston, were brought here
for burial Monday, April 10. Mr.
Edwards was a resident of this place
many years ago and Is very woll
known In this vicinity.
Mrs. Salinda Jones Is home from
I Sterling.
Mrs. L. J. Pelton is confined
her bed suffering from la grippe.
tended the funeral of his brother
hero on Tuesday.
The annual ball and entertain
ment of the Hawley Fire depart
ment will be hold in the Odd Fel
lows' hall on Easter Monday night,
April 17. Tickets 50 cents a couple.
iurs. uusenuerry is spending a
If its, surveyor, Thomas Gill and Wil
liam Hittinger were appointed view
ers. In re bridge in Damascus township,
April 10, A. V. Tyler, surveyor, A.
D. Rutledgo, L. A. Lybolt were ap
pointed viewers.
In re bridge in Buckingham town-
short time with her parents, Mr. and sl,,P near Starlight, April 10, J. W.
Mrs. Collum. Chestnut nvonno sho I Parley, surveyor, James Hoag and
will soon leave for her home In ' Matthew Leonard ,Sr., were appoint-!
Stroudsburg where her husband has eu viewers.
recently entered Into business. I
Special to Tho Cltlzcn.1
STERLING, Pu., April III.--Owing
to tho recent fall of about flvo in
ches of snow tho roads are now very
Floyd Cross, accompanied by a
friend from Wyoming Seminary,
spent a few days at Mr. Cross' and
returned to school yesterday.
Royal and David Cross returned
to Farrell University to-day.
The Ladies' Aid met at the church
for dinner on the 12th.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gilpin and Mr.
Special to The Citizen.
LEDGEDALE, Pn., April 13.-
Isaac Martin, who is employed nt
Maplewood, spent Sunday home with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D
W. J. Patterson is repairing his
houso for John O'Connor who has
been employed at Scranton.
John Becker and George Roese
are under the care of our now doc
tor at Newfoundland.
Mr. and Mrs. M, H. Hnrloe made
a business trip to Lakeville to-day.
Mr. Harloo Intends to return this
evening. Mrs. Harloe Intends to
spend a few days with her parents.
Miss Beahan, our teacher, held
Mother's Day last Friday. The pro
gram consisted of speaking and singing.
Special to The Citizen.
ARIEL, Pa., April l:l. The
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the last one at Hull Brothers farm at
ARIEL la April 11 The in 1 l"ai- ull uuu uiumcia mnn iu
termediat'e and primary 'rooms have Wnymart on Thursday and the other
closed. There will be a select school j at J"dB A' T- Searl s farm at siko
conducted bv Miss Floronro Jnnos I on Friday. Both meetings were
conducted by Miss Florence Jones
The examination for common school
diplomas was held here last Saturday.
The reception given to the young A. Knuppenburg, Lake Carey,
people of Ariel,' by Samuel Lonstein Wyoming county, had charge of the
and wife, wns largely attended ' demonstration and was ably asslst-
Everyone enloved a irond tlmo. I etl 111 'ms worK y William ii. iiuuocK
G. G. Collins hns been confined to T ls.Uie, locaI lnsl'ector-
his bed for tho past week but is im- u""""i"u" "? '4U"
proving slowly.
Tho A. C. Milk Co. of New York
have closed their milk depot at this
Earl Kellam, the progressive liv
eryman, has purchased several new
wagons and horses which will enable
him to serve the public to the best
advantage possible.
The Lako Ariel bank Is being
raised another story, which will Im
prove It very much.
Enrl Rockwell has moved to his
farm at the other end of the lako.
Elmer Samson is homo from State
College on his Easter vacation; also
Homer Bell from the University of
S. S. Sandercock is erecting a
new house to be occupied by S.
The Book club met with Mrs. P. A.
Van Sclver at the parsonage on Tues
day night.
Special to The Citizen.
RIVERDALE, Pn., April 1!$. Tho
Rev. Mr. Pfell, pastor of tho Carbon
dale Lutheran church, will conduct
Easter services at the Rlverdale
church on Monday, April 17 at 11 a.
The Ladles Aid Society of Maple
Grove Baptist church will meet at
the home of Mrs. George Wllden-
steln for supper on Friday, April
ISpeclal to The Citizen.
ORSOX, Pa., April 13 E. S.
Whipple Is In Carbondalo on business
this week.
Ira W. HIne has returned from
Owego, N. Y., where 'ho has been at
tending tho conference as a layman
from the M. E. church at this place.
"Watch Orson Grow" Two now
houses are being erected In town,
and a brand new boy has arrived at
the home of our station agent, D. M.
Smith and wlfo. He Is not very large
yet but Is growing.
Rev. W. B. Signor delivered an ex
cellent sermon to a largo congre
gation on Sunday evening last.
Mrs. J. E. Temperton and son.
Paul, of Philadelphia, are visiting at
me nome or her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. II. Leo.
Miss Graco Hall Is spending some
time with her aunt, Mrs. Dr. Evans,
Our community was shocked on
Friday morning last by hearing of
the sudden death of John Dunn. He
had only been sick a very short time.
MutJh sympathy Is extended the aged
J. H. Sheldon, Jr., and son. Ray.
mond, were called to Susquehanna
last weeK uy the Illness of an nunt.
A farewell party was given Rev.
and Mrs. Russell on Monday evening
last, previous to their departure tho
next day for Hamilton. Warm maple
sugar was served and all enjoyed a
jony good time.
Ira W. HIne has secured a nosl
tlon aB an employe on the O. and W,
Railroad for the summer. He ex
pects to wear the white apron as he
is to uo the cook lor the linemen,
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. HIne entertain-
largely attended. The writer saw
the work at the latter place which
was very Interesting and instructive
of the
proper method of trimming both old i
nwl .",.. r,r..ln , ...1,1. '
emu no ui'i'iu ucca nullum
side talks on how and when the trim
ming should be done.
Many fanners brought Infested
twigs for examination showing the
the engine which Is a 3 h. p. "New
Way air cooled, stating that It can
be used for all farm engine power
by being detached from tho pump
which takes but a minute. The tank
holds 125 gallons in which an agita
tor keeps the solution thoroughly
mixed. The pressure Is easily kept
at 200 pounds. Tho whole outilt Is
neat and compact and looks to be
very durable.
Demonstrations of various spray
ing devices were also given. The
'New Way Motor Company, Lan
sing, Mich., demonstrated a power
sprayer called the "New Way" Suc
cess. J. J. Moore, from the factory,
and E. W. Gammell, who has the
sole agency for Wayne and part of
iacKawanna counties operated tiio
machine during the afternoon, except
when lectures were given. That this
sprayer is what Its name indicates, a
"Success" was satisfactorily proven
as all who saw it work can testify.
It would go over rocks and climb
the hills doing as good work as on
tho smooth and level ground. Mr.
Gammell called especial attention to
presence of scale and fungus and re
ceived instructions ns to tho best
procedure to cure these undesirable
O. M. Spettigue, Jr., also demon
strated a Myer Century Spray Pump.
This pump has a cog gear handle and
Is claimed to be tho easiest working
hand pump on tho market. It is very
compact and durable, all the work
ing parts being of brass or bronze.
The pump dovolops a pressure of 120
pounds and does very efficient work.
After the demonstrations of spray
ing and trimming the trees Messrs.
Knuppenburg and Bullock delivered
addresses on practical horticulture.
Tho former contrasted the condi
tions In Pennsylvania with those ln
Washington and Oregon and stated
that we could grow better apples in
Pennsylvania than can be produced
in the San Jacinto Valley, Washing
ton. He gavo some interesting and
Inspiring accounts of what had been
done with old orchards ln Pennsylva
nia and proved conclusively that an
orchard cared for, as a farmer would
care for any other crop, would pay
enormous dividends. Ho also gave
Instructions as to how to select trees
for new orchards. Ho laid a special
emphasis on the fact that the mod
ern method is to keep the limbs of a
tree near the ground; the trunk of
the tree should not be over three feet
In height. He stated In this connec-
The Globe
Easter and
Spring Wear.
For Ladies, Misses
and Children.
Upto date Styles,
fine qualities, large
assortments and the
Ladies' Spring Suits, all new styles, $15 value at.. $10.00
Ladies' Spring Suits, all new styles, $18 value at. . .$12.50
Ladies' Lawn and Lingerie Shirt Waists, long or short
sleeves, lace or embroidery trimmed, $1.50 and $1.75
value at 98c
Ladies' Lingerie Waists, reg. $3 value at $1.98
Ladies' White and Colored Dresses, $4 value at . . .$2.98
Ladies' and Misses' Dresses, Lawn and Lingerie, nicely
trimmed, $6 value at $4.50
Ladies' and Misses' Dresses made of all over embroidery,
reg. $10 value at $6.50
Reduzyou Corsets, long hip, special for stout women,
$1.50 value at $1.00
Ladies' Long Lisle Gloves, 75c value at 49c
Ladies' White Underskirts, lace or embroidery trimmed,
$1.50 value at 98c
Ladies' Silk Petticoats in all colors, worth $4.00 at. .$2.98
We are showing a nice line of laces and embroideries
on which we will save you money.
Millinery Dept.
We are showing a nice line of Ladies' and Misses' trim
med and untrimmed hats, flowers, and feathers and will
save you from $1 to $3 on your hat.
Special on Honesdale make shoes and slippers for ladies
and children.
The House Furnishing Department is Complete with
the New Goods from the Manufacturer.
The Floor Rugs
in all sizes made can bo had in the Best Designs and Colorings.
Quality and Value Leads and Satisfies.
more to bo desired than in any year are bright, soft and harmon
ious1 in Mendings
Window and Door Curtains and
are all that heart and eye can wish, Design and Shading very ar.
tistic and captivating
The Floor Coverings
in Mattings and Linoleums are just tho thing for the coming
Spring and Summer use. Clean, healthful and cool.
in all grades and standard sizes on hand.
mado to order and best goods furnished.
Room Mouldings, Plate Rails
and Bead finish in mauy new styles and colors.
Select your goods early and secure tho best before stocks are
broken up in many patterns and styles.
Special measurements
MENNER & CO. Stores, Keystone Block