The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, April 14, 1911, Image 6

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For the Children
A Baby Llama and
His Knee Braces.
In an attempt to cure a bad case of
knockknees a untqno raeclianlcal ex
periment Is being performed upon a
valuable baby llama at the Cincinnati
zoological garden. He persisted In ruo
blng Ills fore knees together. Various
ways to correct the fault were tried,
but not until the steel forms with their
straps wore made and npplled was any
success noted. The little follow now
walks and frisks about with the braces
od without having his Uuees bother
him. The mechanical device will be
continued until he has outgrown the
The Admiral and the Sentry.
When Admiral do Horsey, who some
years ago had command of the British
fleet in the Pacific, was admiral of tho
north Atlantic squadron he was one
evening dining oil shore nt Port Royal,
Jamaica. On returning to his boat his
way led across the barrack square. A
black sentry of one of the West India
regiments halted him at the gate with
"Who comes dar?" Great was the ad
miral's nnnoyance to find that ho had
neglected to get the password before
leaving the ship. "That's all right!"
lie said carelessly, hoping to dvercome
the man's scruples by indifference.
"You know who I am." "Dunno no
body, sail," replied the soldier sternly.
"You can't pass here." "Why, I'm Ad
miral de Horsey!" The man evidently
thought ho was being made fun of, and
lie replied quickly: "Well, you can't
pass. I don't care If you're Admiral de
Donkey!" And the windup was that
the admiral had to get the order of the
officer of the guard to pass him.
A Pearl Diver's Peril.
We all love pearls, yet few of us
realize the perils of diving for pearls.
The successful diver must be cour
ageous, active nnd have great pres
ence of mind. A diver once engaged In
pearl fisheries In tho gulf of California
tells this story of one of UIs many ex
periences: "I had Oiled my bag with oysters
and was about to ascend when, look
ing up, I saw a big man eating shark
watching me. I knew that to rise to
the surface would be fatal, so I moved
quickly to the opposite rocks, stirred
up a great cloud of mud, rose In the
darkness and reached the side of tho
boat just In time to escape the jaws of
the big fish. Ilad I hesitated an in
stant in doing what I did I would
have paid tho penalty with my life."
Little Things.
Little things aie sometimes Impor
tant. Here Is nn Instance: There was
cold weather nnd then a little warm
weather and then cold again in York,
Pa. An icicle formed on the water
spout of a certain house. Tho weather
turned warm again. The Icicle fell In
the night and made a loud noise that
awakened one of the sleepers. The
awakened person found that the house
was full of coal gas that was escaping
through a hole in the stovepipe nnd
that might have killed the whole fam
ily If one of them had not been arous
ed by the fall of the Icicle.
The Game of Menagerie.
All the players take the names of
animals. If played indoors they sit
in chairs, If outside on benches, A
leader then tells a story about animals,
bringing in some of the names chosen.
When a name is mentioned the owner
ets up, gives the sound of the animal
and sits down, but if the word "me
nagerie" or "animals" Is used all
must get up and give the sounds of
tho animals they represent. A new
leader is chosen after awhile by the
old leader, who is blindfolded nnd
then feels about until he touches some
To Suspend a Needle In the Air.
Place a magnet on a stand to raise
a little above the table, then bring a
small sewing needle, containing a
thread, within a little of tho magnet.
keeping hold of tho thread to prevent
the needle from attaching Itself to the
magnet. Tho needlo In endeavoring to
fly to the magnet and being prevented
by tho thread will remain curiously
suspended In tho air.
The Hilltop Road.
The road that ends against the sky
I love the very best.
It starts near by the open square,
Exactly like tho rest.
But then It winds nnd winds uphill
As far as it can go
And stops Just where the sky begins
And where the poplars grow.
I wish that I might live up there,
So close against the sky,
To touch the little stars at night
And watch the moon go by.,
Youth' nomnanloa.
:4 m
Origin of Firewater.
When the Hudson Hay Trading com
puny began Its trading among the In
dlnns It was found by welling the
Indians liquor they could more e-islly
bo induced to trade their pelhics. The
first whisky or Intoxicant of Inferior
quality was distilled In England and
brought to America In largo barrels,
but In transporting It overland It was
found more convenient to divide it Into
small kegs. The traders soon became
nware of the fact that by diluting tho
whisky with water more furs could
bo obtained. This was practiced for
some time, but tho Indians lcanisd
that good whisky poured on a lire
would cause It to flame up, whereas
had the whisky been diluted tho fire
would bo quenched. It was by this
simple experiment that the term "lire
water" became a common word niuong
the Indians. A chief who had experi
enced the bad effects of whisky among
Ids people said It was most certainly
distilled from the hearts of wildcats
and tho tongues of women from tho ef
fects It produced. Ited Man.
Symbolism Didn't Appeal.
"Charlie," sorrowfully sighed the
young lady In the parlor of the concrete
house on Washington avenue, "II l-i
nearly 12 o'clock."
"Yes, Belinda," was the breathing
response of her poetical companion,
who was stifling on the sofa beside
her. "the minute hand is drawing
closer nnd closer to tho hour hand, and
when the time of midnight Is chimed
tho two hands will bo even as one. Oil,
darling Belinda," ho continued as he
literally simulated the action of the
minute hand, "may not tho coming to
gether of those two hands bo symbol
ical of us?"
Suo broke away and stood firmly on
her feet. "No, Charles Henry Smith,"
she retorted angrily, "those two hands
will remain as one but a single second.
and then the minute hand will divorce
itself and go on its way alone. JCo,
Mr. Smith, a minute hand that doesn't
stick isn't the kind of symbolism I
want!" Boston IVwt.
Vernet In a Storm at Sea.
Yoruet, the celebrated painter of sea
pieces, eager in the study of nature,
made several long voyages in his
younger days In order to observe the
various scenes which the changeful
elements exhibit. In one of those ex
cursions undertaken merely for the
love of the art a in- ' violent gale of
wind arose, when '. let, without at
tending to tho perils with which he
was surrounded, desired one of the
sailors to lash him fast to some of the
rigging. Soon after this request was
granted the storm Increased, attended
with thunder and lightning and with
every circumstance that could add to
tho horror of the scene, nnd consterna
tion and terror sat on every coun
tenance, but in tho young painter every
emotion was lost in that of admiration,
which so wholly engrossed his atten
tion that he every now and then ox
claimed in the most enthusiastic terms,
Good heavens, what a noble scene!"
Knife Duels In Mexico.
A duel between cattle herders on the
Mexican plains is about as savage and
deadly a manner of fighting as one
could possibly Imagine. Each opponent
extends his left arm, and a third part
wh.) has been selected to act as ref-
ret binds their wrists together with n
thong of rawhide. Ho then places a
knife in the right hand of each, and
the light Is on. Needless to say, It docs
not last long. Every stab may be cal
dilated upon to do damage, and It often
happens that both duelists receive fa
tal wounds. Yet, in spite of the severe
rules of tho game, there are men whe
become experts and terrorize a whole
neighborhood. They pride themselves
on being able to strike so quickly and
fo surely that they can kill an oppo
nent with tho first blow and got awa
unscathed. Exchange.
Tho Suicide of Hannibal.
Defeated at Zanin. Hannibal lied to
the east to avoid falling into the hands
of the Itomans and found temporary
security in the dominions of Mithri
dates. He incited tills monarch to en
gage In n Itoman war, and, his advice
as to its conduct being rejected, the
war proved unsuccessful, and Mithri
dates was required as one of the con
ditions of peace to deliver up Hannlba',
to his enemies, tho Itomans. The un
fortunate Carthaciiilan heard of his
approaching fate, swallowed the poison
which for years lie had carried about
uis person nnd expired just as the eu
voys arrived to tuke him in charge,.
Ancient Repartee,
A union of discordant particulars is
laughable, as, What Is wanting to him
except fortune und virtue? Similar
to this is friendly admonition by way
of giving advice, as when Gran) s
persuaded a bad pleader, who ,'d
made himself hoarse with spealS,
to drink a cold mixture of honey WCl
wine as soon as ho got home. "I shall
ruin my voice," said ho, "If I do so."
"It will bo better," said Granlus, "than
to ruin your clients." From Cicero's
An Exciting Contest.
Ilouson I bet my wife that I could
thread a needlo before she could
Bharpen a lead pencil. Benson Which
won? Honson I won In exactly thir
teen minutes, but I bellevo I'd have
lost If she had not run out of pencils
at the end of five minutes. Chicago
Still Stronger.
Grocer- Good morning, Mr. Popple.
How nro thoso eggs I sent you? Pop
pleBetter, thank you. They are
gaining strength every minute.
Life Is a plant that grows out ol
death. Beec;her.
ESP1TB his eighty-one years
is shown by his latest photograph, from which the accompany
ing half tone is made, as still hale and vigorous. Not only Is the
emperor old in years, but on the throne, having ruled over Aus
tria since 1848 nnd over Austria-Huugary since 1807. Some notion of the
length of his reign may be realized from the fact that when he was
crowned In Austria the Mexican war was only at an end, and when he
was made also klug of Hungary the American civil wnr had been over
but two years.
Handling a Haddock.
"There Is no better place than a fish
market to pick up queer supersti
tions," said a restauraut proprietor.
"Tho other day 1 held up a One speci
men of haddock. The dealer, who was
an Italian, nearly choked on the bunch
of Neapolitan oxpletives that rushed
into tils throat.
" 'Nevaire. no, nevuire take up had
dock so.' he said.
"'How?' I asked.
" 'By the head, so your fingers touch
those dnrk spots on each side of the
head,' he said. 'The curse fall on you
if you do.'
" 'Whose curse?" said I.
"'St. Petalre's.' said he. 'St. Pe
talre gave the haddock those dark
spots. They are his finger prints, ne
catch haddock just so in the sea of
Galilee, and every haddock born since
then has shown those same marks.
Let go.'
"And I did let go. Of course I did
not believe It, but when I found that
half the fish dealers In that market
did believe I deemed It prudent to
handle haddock by the body or tall."
New York Sun.
A Maniac's Poem.
Probably the mass of prison poetry
which has been written on stools and
bedposts and scratched on prison walls
far exceeds that which has found ex
pression on paper, and many a "mute,
inglorious Milton" has begun and fin
ished his poetical career with these
"lost to sight" productions. There Is
in existence n short poem, said to have
boen scratched by a maniac on the
wall of his cell, which runs thus:
Could I with Ink the ocean nil.
Were all the world of parchment made.
Were every reed on earth a quill
And.jevery man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God alone
Would drain that ocean dry;
Nor could the scroll contain the whole.
Though stretched from sky to sky.
The authenticity of this being the
work of a maniac has often been ques
tioned because of the beauty of its ex
pression nnd Its sound reason, but the
story stauds. London Saturday Re
view. Bird Stories.
A German scientific journal publish
ed In 1807 a story to the effect thnt
a golden eagle shot In that year nt Es
zeg, Slavonia, was found to have a
ring ubout its neck engraved on which
were the arms of a Slavonian family
and the date 1040.
In 1793 the Gentleman's Magazine
told about a hawk, captured when fly
ing In the vicinity of the Cape of Good
Hope and taken by an Indian ship to
England, which wore a gold collar in
scribed: "This goodlle bawk doth belong to
bis Most Excellent Majesty James,
King of England. A. D. 1010."
If this bird really escaped from
England in the reign of James, 183
years elapsed between Ita escape and
its recapture, and it had flown a dis
tance of 0.500 miles away from its
former owueh
It Is happiness to be nobly descend
ed; it to not less to have so much mer
it thai nobody inquires whether we
ore bo or not. La Bruyere.
Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary
A Boy Once Himself.
The principal of a village school in
Kansas one afternoon detected a boy
cutting the letters of his name In the
desk in front ot him. As the novels
would put it the principal rushed to
the spot, angrily put forth his hand
Intending to grasp the boy by the col
lar, when lo, and also behold, close
by the newly formed letters were the
initials of the principal's own name
written by himself when he was a pu
pil in the same school. His grasp
upon the boy's collar loosened Itself,
and he returned to his desk a sadder
and a wiser teacher. That principal is
today Judge of an importnnt court in
ono of the greatest cities of the world.
We often wonder whether or not in
the administration of Justice the Judge
ever thinks ot the incident In the vil
lage school. Western School Journal.
Parental Tactics.
A worried parent Is sometimes oblig
ed to do something like this:
"Pa. what Is a transcendentalism"
"Have you chained up the dog as I
told you?"
"Not yet. pa."
"Well, do that, and when you come
back I will tell you what a transceD
dentalist Is."
While Bobby was gone his astute
parent dug the needed information out
of a dictionary. Birmingham Age-Herald.
Beethoven's Fits of Rage.
Beethoven's behavior was often atro
cious, in giving lessons to young la
dies he would sometimes tear tho
music to pieces and scatter It about thn
Hour or even smash the furniture
Once when playing in company tliero
was some Interruption. "1 play no
longer for such hogs!" he cried nnd
left the piano. He once called Prlncu
Lobkowitz an ass because a bassoon
player happened to be absent DoIa's
"Famous Composers."
Queer Human Nature.
"Man's a funny proposition I"
"What now?"
"When be reads a medical book he
fancies he bus every disease described,
but let him read the work of a moral
ist nnd all the faults pointed out he
sees not in himself, but in bis neigh
bor" Boston Transcript.
Stunted Maples
Stunted maple trees, grown in moun
tainous regions of eastern Austria,
where the winters are long and severe
and the snowfalls considerable, yield
excellent wood for the manufacture of
How They Would Sound.
Mrs. Gnley imuslnglyi Suppose I
should publish your love letters?
Mr. Gnley Why not simply make a
public acknowledgment that you mar
ried an Idiot?
Foilnd a Rhyme.
A bold poet once tried to overcome'
the difficulty of finding a rhyme for
carpet by the following: "Sweet maid
of the inn, 'tis surely no sin to toast
such a beautiful bar pet; bellevo me,
my dear, your feet would appear at
home on a nobleninn's ca met!" Lon
don Moll.
Relics of the Incas.
The Incn period has left us remark
able traces, especially in the magnifi
cent roads. Broad, beautiful turn
pikes, now only partially preserved,
run for n distance of over 2,000 miles
from the coast to the plateau nnd the
foot of the highest peaks. We marvel
at the skill of the Incn engineers, es
pecially In the magnificent stairways
hewn in the rock, in the filling up of
deep ravines. In the paving with pon
derous flags. In several places have
been found the remains of a former us
phalt covering to these roads. At cer
tain intervals are found tho ruins of
custom houses nnd laid out grounds
and fortifications, of which the most
Interesting specimen Is the fortress of
Cuzco, built ubout the year 1000. and
plundered and destroyed by PIzarro in
1543.-Ccntury Path.
The Club.
An exclusive dining society in Lon
Son is the ono bearing the arrogant
title the Club, which since Its foun
dation has been limited to thirty-five
members. Johnson, Burke. Reynolds
and Goldsmith were nmong the orlg
Inal members. Garrick and Boswell
Joined in 1773 and Gibbon and Fox
in 1771. Of tho eighteen premiers In
the nineteenth century nine were
members of the club. Fox, Liverpool.
Canning. Russell, Aberdeen, Gladstone.
Salisbury, Lord Rosebery and Mr
Balfour. London Spectator.
The Orator's Fate.
"Some orators." said Senator Sor
ghum reflectively, "make me think of
our parrot."
"The one whose head you chopped
"Yes. He had to take all the blame
for what somebody else Insisted on his
saying." Wnshlucton Star.
the manager of the Giants who open
ed the season of 1911 wth Philadel
phia on Wednesday,
In your favor is tho use ot good
printing. It starts things off In your
favor. People read your arguments,
reasons, conclusions, when attractive
ly presented. It carries weight. En
terprising men use GOOD PRINTING
because It GETS IJUSINESS. If you
don't already know our kind of
printing, let us show you. It's an
oven chance we can save you money.
Both Phones.
G?.r.3n -American ,ome
Tmnotlou no .Veil Women, young- old,
IlkUIIIIKIIll Qn,k, v Aflxrtltlor lolot
FooM, Hor!,ol or nibh4 Ton. lode oil tllko
Slrlcll Brl.ntme L'oivnlnnllon Mvl.t'trd A Combined ool
I OOOO DUI.rtnt llru.-,. to lull roth A orrrr ImlMJoU
Cmo.1i potldrclr Ibo Only Cure, no notlcr whoUooror
joar or DU.I.ft luoy bo, touso or orlgio, no MOItao
who t.ll.d. Wrlto, ,t.!o tnar Coio In otrlct rnnlM.nro.
A Onroi ilflAlt ANTKK1 Mrfr.ii OLD GERMAN
DOCTOR, l'oot liar lisso, Philadelphia, Fi.
BROADWAY and 11th ST.
w;,k: ";;:-" ....
-- t i, muvs from wantmtur t.
JTli excellence ol cuume,
comfortable appointments, coutteoua
cince ana nomeiikte ourroundinco. .
Rooms $1.00 per day and up '
...m priviicgo oi nam
S 1 .50 per day and up
cunopriN am
oie d'Hote Breakfast . . 60o
NOTIUh l.-i hereby given that an ap
plication will bo made to the Gov
ernor of Pennsylvania on April 1 8,
1911, at 11 o'clock a. m., under tho
Act of Assembly, entitled an Act to
piovide lor tlio incorporation and
regulation of certain corporations,
approved April 29, 1S74, -and sup
plements thereto for the charter of
an intended corporation to bo called
the Wallen-Pnupaclc Power Com
pany, 1 the character and object of
which is the storage, transportation
and furnishing of water with the
right to take rivulets and lands and
erect reservoirs for holding water
for manufacturing and other pur
poses, and for the creation, establish
ing, furnishing, transmihsion and us
ing of water power therefrom and
for these purposes to have, possess
and enjoy all tho rights, benefits and
prlvieges of the said Act of Assem
bly and supplements thereto.
Scranton. Pa. 22eoi?
The Jeweler
would like to see you If
lima ntA in V- f fa, m'lrlr'af 1
a. yuu tii j in nit iiiui iviij
"Guaranteed articles only sold,"
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You will make money !'
byhavlns me. j
bell phone 9-u Bethany. Pa. f
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