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Carnegie Defends Plans o1
As Head of the Pcaco Society the
Ironmaster Says, "Support the
President! He Knows What
Ho Is Doing."
Kew York, Jan. 25. Andrew Carne
gie, who sat near President Taft nt
he Pennsylvania society dinner N:it
nrday night when the latter urged thu
fortification of tho Panama canal, gave
a statement to the New York cone
cpondent of tho Central News of Lon
don. "This question of the fortiflcation of
Hie Panama canal Is greatly exercising!
Hie advocates of International peace
hut It Is not an international question.
"No nation disputes our right to
fortify. Our right Is as clear as mil
light to fortify Now York or New Or
leans, but it is not a warlike project,
feeing purely defensive. These forts.
If built, will never fire n shot unless
the canal is In danger from an cnei iv
an enemy which would be the enemj
f other nations ns well as ours, 1h
cause injury to the canal would uii':'!i
serious Interference with the worh'.
"The president gave evidence of hN
peace loving tendency at the Penney I
vanla society dinner when he said tlun
If he had his way and was able to sc
cure tho consent of other powers h.
would submit to tho senate arbltra
tion treaties broader In their terms
than any now existing between na
"Do you think the president had nn
specific treaty In his mind?" Mr. Car
segie was asked.
"Yes, one of these treaties ho hope-
to make, and which I firmly belknt
he will succeed in making, Is one
which will embrace the whole EnglNli
speaking race namely, a treaty be
tween Great Britain and this coiiiiu
The race which has abolished private
war within its boundaries is obviously
the race to lead tho way in tho nbuli
tion of the savage custom of man kill
"Do you think other nations world
follow suit?"
"I am as certain of that as that 1
am alive. They would follow rapidly.
and our race would thus add nnotliei
wreath the grandest of all to its l;iu-
rels. It belongs to the English speak
hig race to perform this supreme serv
ice to mankind.
"As president of the peace society
I speak to my colleagues in deep ear
icstness when I say let us support anrt
trust the president. lie knows what
he is doing."
Paleface Senators Enjoy Word Due
Between Curtis and Owen.
Washington, Jan. 25. The "Kaw
met and vanquished the "Cherokee" in
the senate while tho man who, nccurrt
lug in his autobiography in the Con
gressioual Directory is "seven-six
teenths Chickasaw and Cherokee In
dian," sat by and viewed the conin-1
Many palefaces looked on with dc
light. Senator Owen is n Democni
and Senator Curtis is a Republican
Both are profoundly Interested in tii
work of the redskin, but seldom agree
as to what Is best for him.
The contest rose over a senat
amendment to tho Indian appropria
tion bill which authorizes and direct
the secretary of tho treasury to py
to the "Loyal Creek Indians" S(iOO,(Kjt
being tho "balance and final paynien
duo them on the award made by tli
senato in 1003. Senator Owen favored
the amendment. Senator Curtis mad
the point of order that it was genera
legislation on an appropriation bill ani
was not germane. Both senators con
tended strongly for opposing views
but Vice President Sherman sustained
the point of order and Senator Curtl
won out.
Women on Warships.
In the British navy of Nelson's dnj
it was not uncommon for wives to live
aboard men-o'-war with their sailor
husbands. Scarce one of England':
"walls of oak" In Nelson's time but
had some woman aboard who braved
the perils and hardships of the sea ii
order to be with her husband. In
nearly every one of the twenty-seven
line of battleships under Nelson'i
command in the great battle of Traf
ulgar was one or more women, wive
of sailors. Surprise may be expressed
that English men-of-war's men wen
permitted to have their wives aboard
It was only by special permission of
the admiralty that this could bo done
and then permission was grante
somewhat In the light of a penance for
sanctioning the press gang system
which was largely in vogue at that
time. Men were seized in the street!'
and other public places and compelled
to serve In British warships because
"the king needed men." Some of th
men thus seized had political lnfluenc
and, being unjustly compelled to serv
in the navy, were permitted to hnv
their wives share their involuntary
Who Wouldn't, Ehl
One task that man
Wilt do with v,lm
Ii teach a pretty
Ulrl to swim.
Edward F. Croker, Whose Wife
Seeks Divorce and Alimony.
Photo by American Press Association.
New York, Jan. 25. Mrs. Ella F.
Croker, wife of Fire Chief Edward F.
Croker, has applied In the supreme
court for alimony of JffiOO a mouth
pending the suit which she has
irought for separation on the ground
of abandonment. The couple were
married in J8SS, and the alleged aban
donment took place in 1003.
Counsel for Mrs. Croker said the
hief refused to pay any more of her
bills, and nil she had, beside the allow
ance of $100 a month which she ac
cepted from her husband under pro-
est, were equity of $3,500 in a housa
and grounds valued at $7,500 and
The couple have two children, and
Mrs. Croker said her present income
was insutlicient for their support. Shb
declares that tho chief receives, bo
sides his salary of $10,000 a year, $50(1
for nctlug with the board of examiners
and an income from investments o!
$1,500. Moreover, his lodgings, she
said, were furnished by the city.
Representative Payne's Bill Favorably
Reported by Houso Committee.
Washington, Jan. 25. A bill Intro
duced by Representative Payne of New
York, chairman of the house ways and
means committee, to amend the exist
ing currency law by authorizing the
secretary of the treasury to accept do
posits of foreign gold coin and to Issue
gold certificates thereon, Is favorably
reported by the committee.
The secretary of the treasury Is au
thorlzcd to receive- deposits of gold
coin in sums of not less than $20 and
to issue gold certificates of a face value
of not less than $10 and not more than
$10,000, provided that the reserve o
gold coin and bullion in the treasury is
maintained at not less than $100,000,
000. When the reserve falls below this
minimum the secretary Is directed to
suspend the issuance of gold certifl
It Is further provided In tho meas
tire that whenever tne nggregati'
amount of United States notes and
silver certificates In the general fund
of the treasury exceed $00,000,000 the
treasury may suspend the issuance ol
additional certificates. At least one
fourth of tho outstanding certificates
shall bo in denominations of $50.
The Race With the Ram.
In Morocco the strange season of the
Mohammedan new year, beginning
March 0, is generally called "Ait-el
Unnwela," tho rain feast. Tho people
of Morocco pay more elaborate attcn
tion to the Item of sacrifice than any
other Moslems. In every town a su
premc offering of a ram or he goat
takes place at the door of tho prlnct
pal mosque. Immediately after it is
struck by the official imam in pres
ence of tho multitude it is flung on the
shoulders of a stalwart Moor, who, ex
erting his utmost strength, runs like a
deer through the narrow streets, pur
sued by a rabble. Tho poor animal is
pelted with stones by boys and
jeered at with execrations from every
house, ns It is reputed to bo carrying
the sins of tho people. The man
rushes along with his burden till ho
reaches the door of the cadi's palace.
If the animal is still breathing the
augury is excellent, for good luck is
to bo expected nil through the year,
But if the ram is dead all sorts of evil
prognostications are muttered.
The One Dish Diet.
A food specialist said of dieting:
"The simplest, easiest and most elll
cacious diet to bring down the weight
is the one dish diet. At no meal, that
is, should more than one dish be
"The dish may be what you will
Irish stew, macaroni and cheese, roast
beef, vegetable soup, bacon and eggs
but no courses are to precede or fol
low it. You may eat as much as you
choose of tho dish, and yet for nil that
you will lose weight steadily.
"It's the variety of dishes the oys
ters, soup, fish, turkey, mince pie, ico
cream it's the variety of dishes, cre
ating nn artificial appetite when tho
body has really had all it requires,
that causes corpulence. If wo confino
ourselves to ono dish wo know when
we've had enough we don't know oth
erwiseand tho result is that we soon
drop down to tho sllmness natural to
children, animals and temperate and
healthy men and women."
Mounds Inflicted Ly Gelds-
borough Are Fatal.
Personal Physician of the Author Re
alized That Wounds Were Not
Healing and Calls Consultation,
but Patient Passes Away.
New York, Jan. 25. David Graham
Pliilllps, the novelist, ,who was .shut
six times Monday afternoon by Fitz
hugh Coyle Goldsborough in Gramercy
park, died at Bellevue hospital. Mr.
Phillips had been vomiting blood,
which symptom told the physicians
that the perforation in the lung caus
ed by a bullet which had entered the
right chest and had passed out of the
body near the left shoulder blade was
not healing.
It was seen that the patient, who
had been uuable to retain liquid food
or water, was sinking. Dr. Eugene
Fuller, Mr. Phillips' personal physi
cian, decided to hold a consultation
with Dr. John B. Walker and Dr. Lu
cius. Dr. Fuller in the meantime gave
the patient what relief he could, and
the physicians and tho brother and sis
ter of Mr. Phillips, Harrison Phillips
and Mrs. Carolyn Frevert, awaited the
arrival of the two visiting surgeons
for the consultation.
The excessive pain of his abdominal
wound, the constant leakage of blood
into the throat from his lung and in
testinal suffering following the admin
istcring of ether Monday had worn
the novelist out. During u severe spell
of coughing he died.
At his bedside were Mrs. Frevert
Harrison Phillips and Dr. Fuller. Dr.
Hotchklss niul Dr. Walker had not
then arrived.
The sexton of the Little Church
Around the Corner, Wiliam J. Minor,
took charge of tho remains and tool
them to his undertaking place on
Fourth avenue. Whether tho funeral
will be hold from there or where or
when the bnrlal will take place will
not be decided upon until a consulta
tion is held with Senator Beveridge
The funeral may bo delayed to permit
the dead novelist's aged mother to
make the long trip from Los Angeles.
Senator Beveridge, who roomed with
Phillips at Dopamv university, had
been at Ills bedside, but he was com
pelled to return to Washington. The
last friends of Mr. P' illips to visit the
hospital were George Horace Lorimor
and Samuel G. Blythe of the Saturday
Evening Post.
Many magazine writers, novelists
and artists left cards at the hospital,
but none of the callers except Senator
Beveridge was permitted to visit tho
patient's room. Many of the visitors
and others had sent lloral gifts, and
after the death of Mr. Phillips these
were arranged about his bier.
Elephant Humor.
The courage of a Hon at bay, great
ns it Is, is no greater than that of tho
buffalo, and he must yield his scepter
to the elephant, declares H. L. Tangyo
in his book, "In the Torrid Sudan," ns
to courage, size, strength and intolll
gence. It is a temptation to declare
that the elephant possesses a sense of
humor. A herd of elephants once fell
In with a train of donkeys. Their
attention concentrated on the load the
donkeys carried. With all the mischief
of monkeys, tho loads wore torn
asunder and their contents distributed
over half tho province. At Bor, on
tho Mountain Nile, tho elephants were
at one time full of practical jokes,
Passing at night time through the vil
lage, they would knock tho sleeper
up by demolishing their huts above
their heads, then contentedly march
Beauty and the Beast.
A well known churchman was visit
ing Kew York, accompanied by his
wife, who is as beautiful as her life
mate is homely. They were walking
down Broadway ono nftemoon, and
the pair attracted much attention,
One of two young "sports," evidently
thinking to attract tho favorable at
tentlon of tho churchman's wife, in an
audible aside remarked that It was
another case of "the beauty and tho
beast." Quick as n wink tho husband
turned and, ns ho swuug his right to
the speaker's jaw, scoring a knockout
said, "I nm n man of peace, but I nev
or allow any ono to call my wife
Solitude is dangerous to reason with
out being favorable to virtue. Pleas
ures of some sort are necessary to the
intellectual as to tho corporal health
and those who resist gayety will be
likely for the most part to fall a sac
rifice to appetite, for the solicitations
of senso nre always at hand, nnd a
dram to a vacant and solitary person
is a speedy nnd seducing relief. Re
member that tho solitary person is cer
tainly luxurious, probably supersti
tious and possibly mad. The mind
stagnates for want of employment and
Is extinguished, like n candle in foul
air. Johnson.
Rastus and His Razzer.
"You are chnrged with carrying a
razor," said tho magistrate. "What
have you to say?"
"But lilt's a safety razzer," pleaded
"What difference does that make?"
tho court asked.
"Well, yo bono,' a safety razzer am
carried only fo' do moral effect."
Ex-Secretary Says In Ability It Ranks
Second In tho World.
Now York, Jan. 25. Victor T. Slot-
calfe, ex-secretary of the navy, under
whoso supervision tho American tleet
made its first European cruise and
who was sponsor for tho recent Im
provements in the navy, Is spending
a few weeks here. Ill health compell
ed tho retirement of Mr. Metcalfe
two years ngo, and he is now living
at Oakland, Cal., where he is vice
president and general manager of the
Union Savings hank. His health has
improved so much that he Is thinking
of resuming tho practlco of law.
Mr. Metcalfe says ho still keeps In
touch with what is doing in the navy.
"Tho paramount idea of the depart
ment when I was in charge of It was
to increase the efficiency of tills arm
of our service," ho said, "aud tills idea
being steadily kept in view now.
And It is a fact that in efficiency our
navy ranks second In the world now
and ship for ship is first. The British
Dreadnought could only bring six of
her ten big guns to bear on a broad
side, while either our South Carolina
or our Michigan could train all of her
eight guns of the same caliber on an
enemy. Our aim Is to build our ships
a little more efficient than the newest
ones of other nations."
Gives Second Reception of Season at
White House.
Washington, Jun. 25. President and
Mrs. Tuft gave the second reception of
the season at the White House in hon
or of the judiciary. Members of the
United States supreme court and of
the other courts in the District of Co
lumbia, officials from the department
of justice and members of congress
who ure on judiciary committees of
the house aud senate were the presl
dent's guests.
As at former receptions given by the
Tafts, the guest list was somewhat
restricted, and the crush was not so
,'reat as It was in the days of Pros!
dent Roosevelt.
A Middletown Girl Missing.
Middletown, N. Y Jan. 25. Mary
Porrego, a sixteen-year-old Italian girl,
daughter of Thomas Porrego, has been
missing from her horue for four days,
and tho police of several cities have
been asked to look for her. She left
home Saturday, and the last seen of
tier was at the Erie station here. It
ju believed she has been lured away
by a young man from New York and
is at present being hidden in that city.
Her father has gone to New York to
nsk the police to look for her.
Nevada Returns Nixon to Senate.
Iteno, Nov., Jan. 25. By a leglsla
hire Democratic on joiut ballot by
four votes, George S. Nixon, Repub
Iican, was elected to succeed himself
as senator from Nevada.
A Mean Advantage.
In a breach of promise caso the bar
ristcr who held the brief for Injured
beauty arranged that his fair client
should be so placed that her charms
should be well under the observation
of tho jury. He began a most pathetic
appeal by directing their uttention to
her beauty and calling for justice upon
the head of him who could wound the
heart and betray the confidence of one
so fair, concluding with a peroration
of such pathos as to melt the court
to tears. Tho counsel for tho de
fendant then rose, and after paying
the lady tho compliment of admitting
that it was impossible not to assent
to tho encomiums lavished upon he
face he added that nevertheless he
felt bound to nsk the jury not to for
get that she wore a wooden leg. Then
ho sat down. The important fact o
which tho fair plaintiff's counsel was
unaware was presently established
and the jury, feeling rather sheepish
at' their tears, assessed damages at
the smallest amount
The American Baby.
The American baby has a fine,
Btrong nncestry. The young men of
England who were impntient of reli
gious restraint and of physical oppres
sion; the young men of Gerraauy
touched with tho dream of democracy;
the pick of northern Europe, the
strong, the fair, the self reliant, the
conscientious English nt bottom, but
with a dash of the best blood of other
races this is the American baby, and
no king and no lord ever had a better
heritage. Take It as It goes, In Mas
sachusetts, in Ohio, in Michigan, in
Washington, in California, the average
America? baby has in Its veins more
of tho OTteLof the Plantngenets than
any king tnKjfallvlng has. It was his
fortune to haTlsme from the daugh
ter linos nnd thefeof tho younger
sons, not from the'ltoer son, whom
British custom has Inied for the
aristocrat. David Starr Jordan.
The Young Man's Tact.
The man who was hnvlng his pic
turo tnken lu the photograph gallery
was an Innocent listener to the conver
sation between two young ladies on
the other side of tho screeu;
"You know, Kate, I sometimes wear
a long curl hanging down the back of
my neck?"
"Well, when Phil was calling on me
tho other evening ho asked mo if ho
might have thnt curl, and I Jokingly
said yes. Before I knew what he was
about he had taken a little pair of
scissors out of his pocket nnd clipped
it off close to my head."
"Why, tho Idea! Didn't that make
you furious?"
"Not for the smallest fraction of n
second. I thought it was splendid of
him that he didn't seize and pull it
American Yachtsman Dies In Arms of
Wife From Heart Failure.
Southampton, England, Jan. 25.
Captain Charles Barr, tho noted Amer
ican yachtsman, is dead here from
heart trouble.
Captain Barr appeared to bo in per
fect health In thu morning. He was
having breakfast with Ills family when
suddenly he placed a hand upon his
heart and. with n cry of pain, fell for
ward Into the arms of his wife dead.
Captain Charles Barr, regarded gen
erally as the foremost sporting skip
per, won International admiration by
his successful snlllng of several of the
defending yachts which have kept the
America's cup on this side of tho At
lantic since it was brought over in
Arkansas Favors Income Tax.
Little Hock, Ark., Jan. 25. The Ar-
iansas house of representatives went
dii record in favor of tho proposed In
come tax amendment to the federal
?onstitution by a vote of 80 to 3. The
largo majority was secured on the
ground that under the amendment Ar
kansas would have to pay only $1 tc
every $1,000.(!00 paid by New York
thereby equalizing the taxation of the
rich. Two-thirds of tho state leglsla
tures must ratify the amendment pass
ed by congress to make it operative.
A Fair Proposition.
"But," tlitf patient exclaimed, "your
advertisement said 'no cure, no pay.' "
"I shall cure you," the doctor replied.
"if you only will be patient aud give
mo time."
"Very well. I will pay you if you
will bo patient and give me time. When
shall I call again?" Chicago Record-
Trv to secure somo nart of each dav
for meditation. Apart from men we '
?an look ourselves moro honestly In
the face, lift up our hearts to God aud
give our panting lives a chance.
HeIs Maud thirty yet?
yet. Boston Transcript
Medicine Free In Every Case Where It
Fails to Relieve.
Neglect or pessimism, we believe, is
the greatest enemy the public has to
contend with wheu applied to the loss
or recovery of health. Practically ev
ery case of consumption might have
been cured if hope had been main
tained and proper treatment had been
resorted to nt the first symptom of the
disease. Until the advanced stage ti
reached consumption is curable. Ca
tarrh is responsible, wo believe, for
many cases of consumption. It is
about catarrh we want to talk to you
today, incidentally consumption, since
the two are so closely allied.
We have a medicine mado from a
prescription of one of tho most suc
cessful catarrh specialists known. We
believe it is positively without an
equal. We are so satisfied that we
are right, that wo will supply tho
medicine free In every instance where
it is used according to directions for a
reasonable length of time, should it
fail to give satisfaction in every par
ticular. We want every one to try
this medicine at our risk. There are
uo conditions attached to our offer.
We put tho user under no obligation
to us whatever.
The medicine we want you to try is
Rexall Mucu-Toue. It is a catarrh
remedy that goes direct to the scat of
trouble. It is carried by tho blood to
every part of the system. It purifies
and enriches tho blood, tones up the
mucous cells, and brings about a con
dition of health and strength that
tends to prevent tho germs of con
sumption from getting a start. Be
sides this, Rexall Mucu-Tone is a. won
derful appetizer, digestive aid and
tlesh builder. Its good effects ure of
ten felt from tho very first dose. It Is
one of the largest and most satisfac
tory selling medicines that we have
nver had anything to do with,
We know so much of tho great good
that It has done that we personally
hack It up with our reputation nnd
money, which fact should bo ample
juarantee to satisfy anybody. Rexall
.Mucu-Tone conies In two sizes. 50 cents
md $1.00. We urge you to try It. Rc
nomber you can obtain Rexall Reme
lies only at our store The Rexall Store.
W. B. HOLMES, President.
A. T. SEARLE, Vice Pkes.
We want you to understand tho reasons for the ABSOLUTE SECURITY
of this Bank.
HAS A CAPITAL OF - - - $100,000.00
MAKING ALTOGETHER - - 527,342.00
EVERY DOLLAR oi which must be lost beforo any depositor can lose a PENNY
It has conducted a growing and successful business for over 35 years, serving
an increasing number of customers with fldeelity and satisfaction.
Its cash funds are protected by MODERN STEEL VAULTS.
All of these things, coupled with conservative management, insured
by the OAKKKUL PERSONAL ATTENTION constantly el ten the
Hank's affalrB by n notably able Hoard of Directors assures the patrons
of that SUPREME SAFETY which is the prime essential of a good
DECEMBER 1, 1910
Total Assets, - - - $2,951,048.26
T. 11. CLARK
A Fiddler's Velvet Crab.
For the first time on the cast coast
a rare but ferocious species known
as fiddler's velvet crab has been tak
en off Ynrmouth, where it was cap
tured in a shrimp net. It derives Its
name from tho plushllko feel of its
upper surface, which Is densely cov
ered with short silky hairs. Its pin
cer claws are armed with extraordi
nary spiny processes, and its legs aro
marked with lines of brilliant blue in
life, which rapidly fade after death.
London Standard.
Tho English law prevents the shoot
ing of game on Christmas Day or
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C. C. Jadwin'6 drug store,
Designer and Man- I
ufacturer of $
i i
1 Office and Works
1 1036 MAIN ST.
Buss for Every Train and
Town Calls.
Horses always for sale
Boarding and Accomodation
for Farmers
Prompt and polite attention
at all times.
All persons Indebtedto said estnto are noti
fied to make Immediate payment to the un
dersigned ; nnd thobe having claims nguinst
tho said estate are notified to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
Carley llrook. Pa.. Jan. 18, 1011.
You will make money
Dyuaviug me.
bkll phone 9-u Bethany, Pa.
in mi hi' iii ii i ii 1 1 1 n m
II. S. SALMON, Cashier
W. J. WARD, Ass't Oabhier
F, V.
H. 8.
J. W.