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200 Colt. Killed Ah KcmiII Of Toi- Ilelt . 1.M...M
(rent lZgfi Producer :i:t'-M'Miinl
Cnlf lliitchut-cd How To Get
W.i'o In Strcnc.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Stcene, l'a., December 22. Mr.
Knglar mot with n very severe loss
last Thursday morning. Ho was
driving his span of four-year-old
colts toward Wayninrt, when on
reaching the long hill, near the Hub
bard nnd Mc.Mullen stock farm, an
auto came tearing down tho hill,
coming In the opposite direction.
While In the act of passing, tho
colts plunged to one Bide of tho road
Into n plowed Held, one of the colts
getting his front foot fast, and in
trying In his fright to get free, ho
broko his leg in the fetlock Joint,
splintering the bones so that tho
bones protruded through tho skin.
The animal was shot. A short time
ago Mr. Kaglar refused two hun
dred dollars for the colt.
Tho slippery elm seems to be all
right as an egg producer, as Mr.
Bucklaml says, "that two weeks ago
ho didn't get an egg from 25 hens."
Now he is getting from n dozen to
nftoen dally.
Last Friday morning the Bobolink
butchered a slx-months-old calf for
his own use that tipped the scales
at 332 pounds, dressed. The Link
says that he is through eating chick
en for at least two months.
Lesley Mill is in his glory, while
tho sleighing is line, as he had the
promise from the lady's father, that
he could have tho horse and daugh
ter to skim over the snow if he would
purchase a Ilrst class cutter. The
cutter was purchased inside of three
days. Of course the father is hold
ing to his bargain with tho young
Mrs. O. W. Chapman and daugh
ter, Mrs. Poster, have left the farm
hero and gone to Carbondale for the
winter months.
The Bobolink and mate expect to
spent Christinas Day at their old
home, the home of thoir daughter,
Mrs. William Wright, at Carbondale.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon Perry, Car
bondale, visited friends in this sec
tion, Sunday.
The section men on the ..onesdale
branch, are hnving a two weeks'
William Cole is confined to his
homo by sickness.
Lumberman Hollenback's market
for his summer's work is on the way
now, as he is rushing tho lumber
both ways from tho woods to the
mill, from the mill to the market.
Every man and team around Promp
ton is busy.
To all: A Merry Christmas.
llilduanl Itchcknh J.odgo Ofllcers
Installed M. E. Sunday School
A'mns Tree December 2:1 Fine
SleiKliltiK "Jingle Hells, .Jingle
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Uswick, Pa., December 21. Our
Sunday Fchool has reconsidered the
subject, and decided to have a
'Christmas Tree" at tho M. E. church
here on Friday evening, December
23. The Sunday school is now hust
ling to memorize their recitations at
such a short notice.
District Deputy President Miss
Eleanor Gill visited Hildagard Ite
bekah Lodge Friday evening, Decem
ber 10. and installed the following
ofllcers for the ensuing six months:
Noble Grand, Mlnnio Locklin; vice
grand. Julia Welsh; recording secre
tary, Maud Locklin; financial secre
tary, Dulla Goble; treasurer, Lena
Osborne; trustee, Christina Glosen
ger; chaplain, Sarah Penneil; war
den. Hazel James; conductor, Gladys
Penneil; R. S. N. G., Jennie Crane; ,
L. S. N. G., Frances Osborne; It. S. 1
V. G., Christina Glosonger; L. S. V.
G., Mrs. Minnie Miller; inside guard,
Evelyn Penneil; outside guard, F. B.
Penneil. After installation Rllnnnr
was served.
Miss Evelyn Penneil went to Ariel,
Sunday, to spend a few days with her
brother, Chester, and her sister, Mrs.
Lewis Curtis.
The recent snow storm has given
us lino sleighing and on Sunday
sleigh-ride parties were out in all di
rections and the sleigh bells were
Jingling merrily.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Gouldsboro, Pa., December 22.
Mrs. Francis Hall and daughter,
Essie, have been visiting her par
ents, .Mr. and Mrs. John Holler, at
Mrs. SImnierson, Factoryvllle, and
Mr. nnd Mrs. Slmmerson, Lake Scrun
ton, recently visited Mr. and Mrs. H.
W Hall.
Harry Docker, Newark, N. J., has
been visiting Gouldsboro friendB.
Allen Ueaser left Monday for Mos
cow where ho will conduct a barber
whop. A Mr. Schook, Wllkes-Barro,
will take charge of tho shop hero and
of the It. It. V. M. C. A.
The "Y" was filled Monday even
ing when an Interesting talk was glv
on by Mr. Northcott nnd some very
flno pictures shown.
Mrs. Walter Williams, Elmhurst,
oallod on Gouldsboro friends, the Inst
of tho week.
Much sympathy is felt for George
Oakes, in tho loss of his wife, Ida,
who diod after a short illness, aged
twenty-ono years, five months and
eleven days. Sho was n daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Michel Gussett, Le
high; was born at Thornhurst; mar
ried to ueorgo oaKos November 20,
1907. Tho funeral services wore
hold in tho M. E. church last Friday
afternoon, tho pastor. Rev. P. S.
Lehman, officiating, Tho pall-bear-ors
wero brothers and brothers-in-law,
Floyd and Raymond Oakes,
Scrnnton, .Michael and William Gucs
not, Stroudsburg, Adam Young, Ju
bilee, and William Richardson, Scran
ton. Sho Is survived by nor bus-
band, two children, ono llttlo girl
two years old, and an Infnnt daugh
ter of two weeks; her parents, nnd
two brothers nnd live sisters. There
wns a largo nttendnnco at tho funer
nl, a largo number coming from
Scrnnton, Clark's Summit, Glcnburn,
lulillco nnd Stroudsburg.
Mrs. M. E. Smith nnd Mrs. James
Dowling visited relatives in Scran
ton Inst week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Richardson
and family, Scrnnton, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Lewis Fritz nnd family, Scrnnton,
Michael nnd Willlnni Oucssett and
fnmllles. Stroudsburg, Adam Young
nnd family, .lubllee, have been spend
ing a few days with their parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Michael Gucssett.
M. M. DuTot, Harry and John Fair
less, who have been spending some
time at Denvllle, N. J., nro oxpectod
to arrive home for Christmas.
Mrs. J. M. Smeltzer and son, Lu
ther, are the guests of Mrs. Smelt
zer's mother, Mrs. S. S. Hagcr.
Mrs. John Kccsler and Willard
Gross aro both suffering from severe
nttacks of appendicitis.
Mrs. Otto Hoffman nnd daughter,
Catherine, have been spending some
time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William McArec, called hero by the
illness of her mother.
Mrs. Otto Smith, Lehigh, and .Mrs.
Lanieraux, Scranton, who have been
visiting Scrnnton friends, returned
Haymond and Daniel Oakes and
Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Oakes and chil
dren have returned to Scranton,
having spent several days with their
brother, George. George has broken
up housekeeping, and with his chil
dren Is living with his mother, Mrs.
Charles Heater, at Lehigh.
Mrs. J. W. Moore has returned
from Scranton, whore pho visited her
Misses Marllla Fairless, Bessie,
Anna and Helen Smith spent Satur
day in Scranton.
Orcnt Donl Of Sickness In Tlio Com
munity Busy And Ilnppy Chil
dren A unit Coming Of Santa
Clnns Winter, Say Oldest In
habitants Never Set In So Early
Or So Cold Merry Christinas and
Ilnppy New Your To AH!
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Beach Lake, Pa., December 22
The grim monster, death, has again
visited . us, and this time claimed
Richard Decker as Its victim. Mr.
Decker, a man of 70 odd winters, was
sick only a few days. His physi
cian visited him Saturday afternoon,
and he did not consider him danger
ously ill. At C o'clock Sunday morn
ing he expired. He will be greatly
missed expecially by tho lovers of
fun. Ho seemed to be always Jolly
nnd happy, enjoying a Joke, nnd tak
ing great delight in entertnining the
children. But if we neighbors miss
him, how must It be in his homo?
There Is a great deal of sickness
in our community nt present. Dr.
Powell, of Narrowsburg, has R. B.
Davey, John Neal, Lucy Keyes, Mrs.
Franklin, Mrs. Pomeroy for patients.
Lester Mclntlre, White Mills, made
his invalid brother, Delbert, very
happy by visiting him this week.
G. Dunn, Hawley, who suffers so
terribly from an internal growth, is
visiting his brother and sister here
but will return homo tho next fine
Ms. Alex Crosby and Mrs. John
Neal started for the early train Mon
day morning to visit their parents,
having received a dispatch that the
father lay at tho point of death, and
they must hnston if they would see
him alive.
Mrs. Tom Treverton and son visit
ed the former's mother, at Torrey,
Mrs. Wilson and daughter, Sadie,
will go to New York this week to
spend the balance of the winter.
George Ham, wife and daughter,
visited C. A. Budd's, Sunday.
May Bradley, West Chester, will
be homo the last of tho week to spend
her vacation.
Children are busy and very happy
making preparations for Xmas. A
cantata will be hold In the M. E.
church Saturday evening.
J. P. Budd's house Is at a stand
still, ho being laid up with lumbago.
Mr. Butler's now Iioubo Is progres
sing very slowly, the weather has
been so extremely cold. Our oldest
inhabitants cannot remember winter
setting in so early and remaining so
cold right along.
Mrs. Eberspacker Is In Honcsdale
caring for a sick daughter-in-law.
Dear Editor allow me through tho
columns of your paper to wish you
and all of my brother nnd sister
scribes a Merry Christmas and a
Happy Now Year.
Otis Smith Badly Hurt On Saw-Mill
Roads Filled Willi Iuipassablo
Snow Drifts Plum Pudding, "A
La Rots and Spots," Merry Christ
mas To Everyone!
Special to THE CITlZr.i.
Dreher, Pa.. December 23. Otis
Smith, employed ns sawyer on the
George Bartleson saw-mill, on the J.
P. Eck lumber tract, met with an ac
cident last Thursday that may cause
tho loss of his right arm. Ho and
E. E. Bird wero adjusting tho bolti
that operates tho log carriage and
with tho machinery in operation, his
hand was caught between tho spoken
of tho belt wheel nnd whnt is known
as tho husk, breaking both bones and
tearing tho ilesh considerably. Ho
was taken to tho resldenco of Dr. A.
J. Simons, and it was deemed advis
able to tako him to tho State hospital
In Scranton, for surgical treatment.
Tho chances for- saving his arm aro
still doubtful.
Mr. Bird had one of his thumbs,
bruised whilo helping with tho bolt.
Joseph Kppley, Greentown, Plko
county, died from a cancerous growth
In his breast on Saturday morning,
Decomber 17, aged about CO years.
Interment was made in tho Moravian
cemetery Monday, December 19. Dc
coascd Is of German birth nnd is sur
vived by ills wlfo nnd ono son.
Dr. F. Gilpin is on tho Blek list and
confined to his room,
Clinton D. Gilpin ban completed a
courso in Electrical Engineering nt
the Pennsylvnnln State College and
enmo to his homo In Drohor, last
Edward Masters Is being nsslstcd
In housekeeping by a Miss Uloss, of
Oreentown, I'lko county,
i Harry Megargel lost a valuable
I horso one night Inst week from
.Mary Cross lost a slx-month-old
Jersey calf ono night last week. It
wns scared by a cow causing It to
Jump Into a manger nnd broke Its
Abel btorm, Stroudsburg, wns a
caller in this locality last week, tak
ing orders for nursery stock.
Winter hns not really begun yet,
but the sample wo'vo had since No
vember 3 was no fako, but the genu
ine old-fashioned typo. Plenty of
snow for all purposes nnd a trlllo too
much where tho public roads aro fill
ed wltli Impassable drifts.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Gil
ner, of Sterling, a son, on December
Our next legal holiday is Christ
mas and with the price of eggs nbout
four cents ench, the plum pudding
will bo a luxury, or possibly It can
bo manufactured without any. Some
of tho cold storage variety would
give both taste and color to tho pud
ding. Well, a Merry Christmas, ar.yhow,
to everyone.
Christinas Entertainment At School !
Stimulus For Foreign Mission
Work Ofieriiij; To Mo Received
For 'Hils Branch Of Christian Ac
tivity. Special to THE CITIZEN.
South Clinton, December 21. On
Friday evening, December 23, the
scholars of the South Clinton school
will give a Christmas entertainment.
It promises to be an interesting
event. Miss Bortree, our teacher,
has spent much time in preparing tho
pupils. Tho exercises will consist of
songs, dialogues, and recitations
suitable to the occasion. All are
A very pleasant day was spent at
Mr. and Mrs. John Necles' last Fri
day when the Ladigs' Aid society
of South Clinton mot for dinner.
Miss Bortree made a Hying trip to
Carbondale last Saturday.
Mrs. Herman Bullock, Carbondale,
formerly of this place, has been
quite III, but is very much improved
at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bnker attended
the minister's conference at Scranton
last Monday. Dr. McArthur, 'New
York City, addressed the conference.
His subject was "Meliorism in The
ology." It was listened to with
great Interest.
The South Clinton Bible school
will give an excellent Christmas en
tertainment on Sunday evening, Dec.
215, nt 7:30 o'clock, sharp, entitled
"Christmas in the Sun Rise King
don." The scone is laid in a Japan
ese church on Christmas night and
the exercise opens with a conversa
tion between a missionary, a mission
school teacher, two Japanese girls
and two Japanese young men, who
are not Christians, but are interested
enough to seek out a missionary, to
talk with him on religious matters,
aro in the cast. The instances of
conversion narrated are not Imagin
ary, but actual facts on record in our
own mission work. This new and
popular Xmas entertainment is de
lightful from start to finish. The
object of such a Christmas exercise
is to create an interest In foreign
mission work, and to bring before
the public the need of sustaining
such work. Its presentation in dia
logue form will convince people of
the importance of this kind of work.
An offering for foreign mission work
will be taken a splendid opportun
ity to make a now Christmas gift.
Orphu Swingle Contributes Beautiful
I'oeni In Memory Of Florenco
Special to THE CITIZEN.
While we on earth aro weeping
O'er a loss that sorely grieves,
Little Florenco lies a-sleeping
Calm as tho Autumn leaves.
Awaiting God's own pleasure,
The call to life again,
Our darling llttlo treasure
Now freed from ovory pain.
As yet 'tis hard for us to say,
Thy will, O, God, bo dono!
Yet to that point in faith wo pray.
That wo may quickly come.
For in thnt land beyond death's sea,
Where everything Is fair,
If thoro on earth wo faithful be
Wo'U meet our darling there.
Just a fow moro days of sorrow,
Just a few moro days of tears,
Then will come the glad to-morrow.
That will end all doubts and fears.
Contributed to tho memory of
Florenco House, tho llttlo daughter
of Alvla and Murtlo House. Alvla
wub a former rcsldont of Wayno
county, nnd has many friends In Ca
naan and Ariel, who extend to him
nnd his wife sympathy In tho loss of
his daughter, Florence. Sho was a
bright child, aged 4 years, beloved
by all who know her. Sho was bur
ied In Austin. Potter county, Decein
bor 7.
For. Infants and Children.
The Kind You Havo Always Dough!
Boars the
(Continued from Pago Ono.)
card sentlmcntr.llsm entirely nnd In
thnt ense In later life, make them
hellcvo that It Is wrong to bo led by
sentiment In preserving 'Tho Old
Gray Bonnot"; It should bo hurled
with the other rubbngo Into tho
scrnp pile together with the blue
ribbons on it. "Baby's First Shoes"
should also bo thrown from its place
In tho burca drawer with nil the
other foolishness. Teach them thnt
tho sentiment surrounding Independ
ence Hall Is foolishness and that Its
preservation Is n waste of property;
teach them that' Mo.unt Vernon hns
no reason to bo hold In higher cs
teom than the resldenco of any oth
er man in Virginia. "Facts aro
what wo want In this world." In
doing this we will make tho little
ones practical. They will grow up
practical men nnd women; they will
not bo led by foolish sentiment. The
story of Willlnm Tell is told; It was
beautiful but some investigator
tells us it Is false, therefore William
Tell must bo thrown among the
Junk. This is tho teaching of Grad
grlnd, Dickens' practical school
master, but It is not our view. We
believe there are sentiments around
which the minds of children twine
and which oven though based en
tirely upon tho Imagination serve a
wholesome purpose, and should be
continued. Among these we think
Santa Claus should bo classed, nnd
no child will lose anything by our
failure to disabuse his mind of the
fraud that is being perpetrated up
on him. "Teach the child," says
THE HERALD, "that these gifts
come from the Giver of all good
gifts"; yes, he needs to be taught
that It conies from Him indirectly
and this teaching should be given
special attention while we are dis
abusing Ills mind of all delusions
because wo must remember that
minds considered great, have told
us that the Giver of all good gifts
is only a myth and that none but
molly-coddles now believe that any
such being exists. But if tho Giver
of all good gifts should select Saint
Nicholas to dispense his bounty or
have it dispensed in the name of
this great saint we seriously doubt
that children would be harmed by
the Imposition. Yes, continue to
teach the children that their Patron
Saint is interested in them and
should they learn to love him, we
doubt that there is any loss occas
ioned to them; later on they may
wake up to the fact that Santa
Claus did not in reality give the
presents attributed to him, but that
the presents camo from others in his
name. Should these children feel
aggrieved and heart-broken at the
awakening from this pleasant delu
sion, It Is only what happens to us
all when we lose a dcrir and cherish
ed friend, but that Is no reason
why we should never 'have had such
a friend. We think Tennyson was
right when he said, "It Is better to
have loved and lost than never to
have loved at all." Wo think also It
was better to have Santa Claus In
childhood and have lost hi in in more
mature years than never to have had
him at all. The joy and happiness
occasioned to us in childhood by
this delusion can scarcely bo dupli
cated by any pleasure later on In life
and to rob tho children of this pleas
uro without giving anything in re
turn would seem a cruelty rather
than a favor.
How many of us In our more ma
ture years would give a large por
tion of our success In life could
we turn backwards time in its flight
and have ono more Christmas night
with stockings hanging by the chim
ney prepared for the reception of
the gifts which "that old scare crow
imposter" would suroly bring. How
many of us would bo willing to ex
change all tho pleasures that we now
enjoy for just one night of this de
lusion, but Mr. Gradgrind says
"facts are the only thing necessary
In this world, nnd we must have
facts." In this way there will bo
moro of the practical and less of tho
sentiment In life, there will be moro
fact but less sweetness nnd less
High School Notes Prof. Chambers
At M. E. Church, Tluirsday Night
Christmas Vacation Teachers'
Local Institute, January 21
Freshmen Elect Class Oillcers.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Damascus, la., December 22.
WInflold Fromer, of the class of
1902, Is home for his Xmas vacation.
Mr. Fromer is teaching at Cook's
Academy, Montour county, N. Y.
Tho second number of tho lecturo
course Is to be given nt the M. E.
church on Thursdny evening of this
week. Professor Chambers, who is
at tho head of tho Chambers School
of Oratory, Scranton. will furnish tho
evening's entertnlnment. Professor
Chambers ranks very high ns an
elocutionist. His many engagements
through tho Middle West nro con
clusive proof of this fact. Ho Is not
a stranger In Wnyne county, having
nppeared in Honcsdale In recent
Everyone Is heartily invited nnd
urged to bo present nt tho Patrous'
Day exhibition and exercises at tho
High school on Friday afternoon.
December 23. Tho prograramo,
which will Include a dobnto between
teams chosen from tho Freshman and
Sophomore classes, will begin at 2
Christmas vacation begins with the
closo of school on Frldny afternoon.
School opens ngaln Monday morning,
January 2.
ino teachers' - local .lnptltuto for
Damascus township at 111 be hold In
tho High school building on Jan. 21.
Other urrangoments will bo given out
later by tho committee.
Tho Freshmen nt a recent meeting
choso rod and white for their clnss
colors. Tho ofllcers of tho class aro:
Vornon Tegolor, president; Mary Ab
raham, vice president; Ruth Coleman
treasurer nnd Elsie uregg, secretary.
(Icorglana Applny of the class of
1905, Is homo at present.
nl-XHSTKIl'S NOTICE. Notlco is
XL hereby given thnt the accountants
herein named liavo settled their respective
accounts In tlio oillee of the Keglster of Wills
of Wnyne County, l'n.. nmt that tlmaamo will
be presented nt the Orphan V Court of said
county for continuation, nt the Court House
in Jloncsdale. on the third Monday if
Jan. next viz:
1. First and flnnl account ofjsa
hel E. Calkin, administratrix ortho
estnto of Roy O. Calkin, Damascus.
2. First and final account of Otis
A. Reynolds, administrator of Sidney
F, Reynolds, Honcsdale.
3. First and final account of M. O.
Abbey and Manaton R. Abbey, execu
tors of tlio estate of Ralph A. Abbey,
4. First and flnnl account of Z. A.
Wonnacott and Ira Dryer, executors
of the estate of David Wonnacott,
5. First nnd final account of Mary
Dassell, administratrix of the estate
of William Dassell, Hotiesdale.
G. First and final account of Jas.
Buchanan, administrator of W. M.
Buchanan, Preston.
7. First nnd ilnal account of May
Belle Hudson, executrix of tho estnto
of William H. Prosser, Damascus.
S. First and Ilnal account of Al
len W. Brown, administrator of the
estate of A. W. Brown, Starrucca.
9. Second and final account of H.
C. Hand, deceased, by H. S. Hand,
administrator C. T. A. D. B. N. trus
tee of the estate of William Doughty,
defeased, for Anna M. Eldred.
10. First nnd Ilnal necount of Alsup
V. Tyler, executor of the estate of
R. Alice Vail, Damascus.
Register's ofllcp. Honcsdale; Dec.
21. 1910
AYegetable PreparolionrwAs
slmilaiimi theFbotfantn?riih
ling Uie Stonadis aadBcwchi cT
Promotes IMgcsHonfhrerfiiH
ness and. KestJContains nem
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not N arc otic.
Ifaiflw Seed"
tturtkd 'Jiwr
Wntojtm tlnnr.
Anirfer t Itanedv for Cons tea
Hon . Sour Storaach.Dlantoa
Worms .I'ommsMusjevmsit-
rtxss nndLoss OF SLEEP.
FacSiraac Signature oT
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Ajs "eyrt(tl iio w
KTOWOT ' Tk.fl. BlickCi
Fur Coatg, Pony and Canuul Coats at Special
Xmas Prices.
An Opportunity in Ladies' and Children's Fur
Sets for Holiday Gifts.
Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, Kid Gloves, Linens,
Umbrellas, Belts, Belt Pins, Leather Goods, Silk Scarfs,
Gent's Furnishings, Dress Goods and Silks to suit
Every Purse.
Editor of THE CITIZEN:
Whlto's Valley, Pa., December
22. G. N. Bonham, who has bce
seriously 111 with la grlppo is slowly
Mrs. D. E. Hccker has returned
home, after spending several days
with her daughter, Mrs. L. E. Per
kins, at Scranton.
Cecil Glanvllle, Pleasant Mount,
spent Sunday at Q. N. Bonham's.
Wnyno Hull has returned home,
after spending several days In Phil
adelphia. Mrs. Laura Coyne Is 111 at th
homo of her daughter, Mrs. H. T.
Mrs. John Romlch, Prompton,
visited relatives hero last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bartholo
mew were recent guests at V U.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cllft and
family, and Mrs. William Glovur
have returned after visiting the
past week with the latter's daugh
ter, Mrs. Nelson Hutchins, at Car
bondale. .Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Bryant,
who wero called here by the death
of the former's brother, Reed Bry
ant, spent the ilrst of tho week with
A meeting of tho stockholder
of the Honosdale National Bank wilt
be- held in the banking house of th
said bank In tho borough of Hones
dale, Wayne county, Tuesday, Jan
I 10, 1911, between the hours of 2 and
j 4 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of
electing directors nnd transacting any
other business that may be brought
beforo the stockholders. E F Tor
rey, Cashier. Honcsdale, Pa Dec
I 14th, 1910.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
January Prices How
Every Lady who ev
er visited our SUIT
be interected in this
great cut of Stylish
and Beautiful Suits
and Dresses.
$25 Suits
at $18.75
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