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    THH CITIZEN, Fill DAY, DEO. 10, 1010
orcnty-Yenr-Old Ididy Coasts (!rnce
fully Homo From Clmroli At
I tend i litiko On Flexible Flyer
Pleasant Party At O. E. Kent's
New "Hell" 'Phone Mno to Ilo
TSttilt "The Cltl.on Is Tlio Grcnt
cst Paper In The County To-dny!"
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Indian Orchard, Pa., December 12.
Tho recent snow storm has givon
us lino sleighing, which is bolng en
joyed by both old nnd young.
At the close of services at the M.
E. church, at Beach Lake, on Sun
day last, a lady of three score and
ten years mounted a flexible flyer
and coasted from the church to her
homo as gracefully as any younger
person could.
Miss Mabella Decker, Beach Lake,
pent several days last week as tho
guest of "Mrs. W. II. Marshall of Al
toona Farm.
Two of our prominent young men,
ono a fur dealer, tho other a poul
try man, spent Sunday last with
Hawley friends.
The pleasant face of T. Y. Boyd,
Boyd's Mills, was seen at this placo
last week. He was giving much
light on various subjects, especially
on gasoline lamps.
Misses Mabel Gray and Mabel
Dexter spent Sunday, of last week,
with the lutter's parents, at Hones
dalc. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Brooks,
East Beach Lake, were entertained
at the Old Bed Rock farm recently
by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Spry.
Several from hero attended the
party at C. E. Neat's, on Friday of
last week, and as ever enjoyed one
of the pleasantest evenings of the
Mrs. Charles Smith visited Hones
dale relatives recently. She inform
ed us that Mrs. Ann Wonnacolt,
Honesdale, is in a critical condition.
Mrs. W. H. Marshall and Mrs.
Richard Ham spent Thursday last
with Mrs. Charles Smith.
Warren Case and wife are at
present living in one of the Beards
lee houses, on the HonesdalcWhlte
Mills-Hawley road.
Mrs. Ira Bishop still continues to
be quite sick. Dr. H. B. Ely, Hones
dale, is the attending physician.
Mrs. R. E. Bayly, of Sunnyside
Farm, spent Saturday last with her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Floyd Bayly,
at Beach Lake.
Earl C. Ham sawed a quantity of
wood for Delbert Mclntire, Beach
Lake, on Saturday last. The power
used was a gasoline engine.
There is considerable talk about
building a new telephone line in this
vicinity. If built it will bo equipped
with Bell phones.
Samuel Saunders is spending .his
vacation among relatives and
friends in New York City.,
Joseph Buckingham is on the sick
list. Dr. L. B. Nielsen, Honesdale,
Is the attending physician.
John Wizard, our obliging milk
man, was called to the bedside of
his brother on Thursday last, the
latter being taken with a severe
attack of appendicitis.
W. C. Spry, of the Old Bed Bock
Farm. p"rchased a fine spring cut
ter of Herman & Son, East Hones
dale, on Saturday.
Chri3tmas will be celebrated at
this place at the school house on
Friday, the 23rd Inst.,' by Miss
Schuller's school.
A. O. Blake was a pleasant caller
at the homo of W. C. Spry on Fri
day last, where he purchased sev
eral cows. Both are auctioneers. It
was interesting to hear them tell
how they had cried for other peo
ple. We are taking a great deal of in
terest in the Bermuda Contest.
Mrs. Charles Schweighofer, who
has been visiting her parents, E. E.
Avery and wife, has returned to her
homo In Scranton.
Worthy Master, W. H. Hall, of the
Indian Orchard Grange, No. 1020,
will attend the Grand Lodge this
THE CITIZEN is the greatest pa
lter in the county to-day; nearly
everybody that you approach has a
good word for this Journal.
Old-Fashloned Oyster Supper At
Iiakevillo I. O. S. of A. Hnll,
Cliristinas Eve Mrs. C. A. Dan
iels Convalescing Hlldugard
Ixxlge Has 158 Members.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Uswlrk, Pa., Dec. 14. Friends!
Everybody! Don't miss tho old-fashioned
oyster supper to bo given at
Lakevllle, in the P. O. S. or A. Hall,
on Christmas eve, December 24.
This is for the benefit of tho M. E.
church here. Come and help the
noblo causo along.
The M. E. Quarterly Conference
will be held at Arlington, Pa., on
December 18, at 2 o'clock p. m.
The L. A. S. will bo entertained at
the M. E. parsonage here on Wed
nesday, December 14. Everybody Is
cordially Invited. Tho Ledgedalo,
Arlington and Paupack societies aro
expected to attend.
Charles A. Daniels recently visit
ed his wlfo at tho Stato hospital at
Scranton. We aro very glad to
know that she Is convalescing nicely.
Mrs. Louis Curtis, Pink, visited
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seegar, at
Lakoville, on Tuesday of last week.
Mrs. Curtis and daughter, Ellon,
wero accompanied homo by tho
former's father, F. B. Ponnell, Us
wlck, on Wednesday of last week.
Miss Mildred Herwig Is confined
to her bed with Illness nnd at the
last report sho was no better. Wo
telncoroly hope for her speedy re
covery. John Dopp, Arlington, became a
member of tho Hlldagard Bebekah
Lodge, No. 359, I. O. O. F at Lako
ville, on Wednesdny evening, Dec.
7. Tho Hlldagard Lodge now has 58
members, and they have two more
candidates to initiate.
Miss Marie Schradcr was a recent
guest of Mrs. A. Goblo.
Deforestation Impending "Bobo
link" Predicts Severo Winter
Snylngs And Doing Down To
fjtccne Scarcity Of Water.
Editor of THE CITIZEN:
Stccnc, Pa., December 14. In or
der to keep the farmers' trado in
this section, Merchnnt Dlmond says,
as soon as Farmers .enny and Ward
open up their new store, ho will sell
nnd put everything down to cost,
and pay tho farmers tho highest
market price for eggs.
Miss Lulu Foster starts this week
for Southern Pines, where sho will
spend the winter months.
There will scarcely bo a troo left
In this suction when Lumberman
Hollenback gets through.
George Bates, Prorapton, first
class buttcrmakcr, hus accepted a
position in Honesdale, for tho win
ter months.
Mrs. Thomas Arthur Is visiting
friends nt Cnrbondnlo.
Kathryn and Florence Wood aro
confined to their home by illness.
Clnrence Clift shot a flno fox last
Josh Wesldy Arnold returned home
last week, after spending four weeks
at Carbondale.
The Bobolink predicts a very se
vere winter, with hard work for the
farmers in getting water for their
stock. Should It freeze up and stay
without rain to fill the swamps and
small streams, they will freeze to the
bottom. Saturday morning, the first
time in tho three years of tho Link's
farming, that ho had to take his
axe and chop open his spring run,
so that his stock could get drink.
Old residents of Steene say that it
was never known to freeze over be
fore. The $285 horse, that Mr. Hayduck
purchased about four weeks ago, is
having good times standing in the
stable, eating up his summer's prof
it. Mr. Hayduck says, "No use me
hitch him up; him break all my
wagon; him cost enough already."
We shouldn't envy the man we see
riding around in an auto until we
know how big his mortgage is.
Butcher Arthur says that deeds
are fruits, but words are as leaves,
dead, and dry at that.
Mr. Brickland is scouring the
woods in quest of slippery elm as he
says "that when eggs brings five
cents a piece. It's time to set the
hens to laying."
Clarence Clift has resigned his
position In the lumber woods with
Haley & Arthur, and accepted a posi
tion in Hollenback'H mill.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Lakevllle, Pa., December 12,--Miss
Nellie Welsh spent the week-end
here with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John Betcher, Scran
ton, are pending their vacation
with her parents, J. N. Stephens and
On Saturday last Mr. and Mrs.
John Bishop were called to tho bed
side of their daughter, Katie, at
Honesdale, who is very ill, with no
hopes of recovery.
Ed. W. Dooley, Brooklyn-, was re
cently entertained at the Long Pond
House here.
Mrs. Christiana Glossenger, ac
companied by Mrs. Delia Goble,
went to Scranton to visit the form
er's daughter, Mrs. Charles Daniels,
at the State Hospital.
Miss Lucy McKafic is employed by
B. F. Killam, Esq., at Paupack.
Marcus Killam and daughter, Hel
en, who have toured the West, re
turned home on Friday last, having
immensely enjoyed their trip.
The L. A. S. societies were enter
tained at the M. E. parsonage here,
on Wednesday.
Melva Hosher, Pittston, is spend
ing a time here.
Lester Beecher and Frank Reush
mier, Hoadleys, were callers in this
vicinity on Sunday last.
Don't forget the oyster supper to
be held at P. O. S. of A. hall here
on Xmas eve, December 24.
W. H. Seegar has purchased a
dandy Portland cutter.
Young Folks Impatiently Waiting
For Skating Clifford Smith Kills
a iiOO-II) Hear! Lumberman Jacob
Waltz Keeps Ijirgo Forc Of Men
And Teams Busy.
Special to THE CITIZaiv
South Sterling, Pa., December 14.
Winter Is here in good shape. All
of tho young people are patiently
waiting for Mr. E. D. Dunning's lake
to get safe so they can skate.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lancaster
made a business trip to Honesdale
last week.
II. D. Robacker Is homo visiting
his mother and sister.
Charles Edwards, Morrit Smith
and son, Clifford, wero hunting bear
last Friday. Clifford was tho lucky
boy to shoot a nice bear, weighing
about two hundred pounds.
A. E. Barnes and son, Lawrence,
wore In Scranton Saturday on a
business trip. Dr. Simons and wlfo
also went to look for candy for tho
Sunday school.
Jacob Waltz has moved his saw
mill, on tho North and South, near
John Edlor, to saw for H. B. Mo
gargel who Is lumbering with a full
force, employing fifteen men and
teams. Tho props and ties aro to bo
taken to Tohyhanna, and tho plank
will bo taken to tho South Sterling
and La Anna Manufacturing Co.
Mrs. Harry Deubler and Miss Mar
guret Whlttaker spont Sunday with
their paents, Mr. and Mrs. J. "J.
Whlttaker. - -
Mrs, Margaret Frlck. La Anna, is
keeping house for James M. Gilpin
Frank Hhlnohnrt, who has boon
very sick, is improving very slowly.
Our young ladles all want to go on
tiiQ Bermuda tour. At Newfoundland
tho fever la Just as great.
Death of Itced Ilrynnt, Flftocn-Ycnr-Old
Promising Son of Mr. and
Mrs. .1. It. Ilrynnt.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Whites Valley, Pa December 13.
, Tho angel of death has again
visited our community nnd has taken
to his final homo Itced Bryant, tho
bright and promising son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. It. Bryant. Ho first had an
attack of tonsllltls, and after having
tho second relapse, a malignant form
of scarlet fever developed and at
four o'clock, Sunday morning, after
two days of Intense suffering, ho
passed to the homo beyond. De
ceased was fifteen years of ago and
was beloved by friends and school
mates. Sympathy of tho entiro com
munity Is extended to the bereaved
Mrs. Andrew Allen has returned
home after spending days with
Scranton relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Edwards and
son, Wlnflold, Ariel, arc visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Bon
ham. The Stone school is closed until af
ter New Year's.
Mrs. John O'Neill died at tho
home of her son, P. M. O'Neill, Sun
day, at four o'clock.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Lake Como, Pa., December 14.
Mrs. Washburn, Wilkes-Barre, Boy
London and friend, Mr. Carwin, Mat
amoras, were entertained at Mrs.
Etta London's, last week.
Mrs. Hiram Goer and nephew
spent Saturday In Hnncock.
A box social was held In tho High
school Thursday evening, which
netted $37.00
Mrs. Maria Jaycox, who has been
sick, is slowly improving.
Mrs. S. D. Todd is visiting relatives
in Blughamton.
Wedding Bells Aro Soon To King!
Hny Worth From 1!0 to 92 1
Per Ton Miss Gertrude
Conklln Entertains.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
East Hamlin, Pa., December 14.
Come one, come all, everybody como
to the oyster supper at George F.
Chapman's, Thursday night, Dec, 15.
Proceeds for Little Chapel.
Frank L. Ames has gone to Scran
ton to work.
Harry Smith is drawing props to
Boys, get your music together.
Wedding bolls' aro soon to ring. Ru
mor says that the diamond ring has
been purchased.
Emery Chapman, Gravel Branch.
has purchased the D. Swingle , prOp-
John Nyce has been drawing- hay
to Dunmore for tho month. He re
ceives from $20 to $24 per ton, ac
cording to quality.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Wyman
Fields, December 4, a ten-pound
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Conklln
made a business trip to Scranton on
Thursday, December 8.
Edward Peet has erected a new
tool bouse and workshop combined.
Arthur Sears has gone to Peck
vllle to work.
S. Wiley was a pleasant caller on
George M. Peet last Sunday.
Edna Resseglne has returned from
the Electric City, where she has been
working at female headgear, for the
past two months.
The evening of December 8,
brought about 20 of Miss Gertrude
Conklin's friends from Arlington and
East Side to her home for a pleas
ant evening. All report a good
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Jones loft Sat
urday, December 10, to attend the
State Grange at Pittsburg, and
while gone they will visit Sunbury,
Watertown, Philadelphia and other
points of interest, returning home
about Xmas.
"Behold How Great A Matter A Lit
tle Flro Of Gossip Kindletli!"
Personal Briefs La Grippe Pre
valent. Special to THE CITIZEN.
South Canaan, Pa., December 14.
'Miss Arnold, who has been visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
Branon for a few days, loft for her
home, Saturday morning.
Miss Lena Lynch is visiting friends
In Lestershlre, N. Y., and also at
Troy and Bradford. Sho will bo gone
about three weeks.
Harry Reid Is visiting at the homo
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Seth
Reld, and oxpects to spend Xmas with
Mrs. Enoch Swingle returned homo
from a visit of several dayB to her
granddaughter, Miss Ethel Lock
wood, at Waymnrt.
Quito a fow of our townspeople are
laid up with la grippe theso cold
An empty brain, and a tattling
tongue aro very apt to go together;
the most silly and trivial Items of
news or scandol fill the former and
nro retailed by tho latter. Gossip pro
tending to have tho oyes of an Argus,
has all tho blindness of a bnt. News
hunters have groat leisure, with lit
tle thought; much petty ambition to
bo thought Intelligent without any
other pretension than being nblo to
communicate what they have Just
learned. Tale-bearers nro Just as
bad as tale-makers. Thero nro al
ways confessions either of malice or
Imbecility, and tho young should
not only shun It, hut by tho most
thorough culturo relievo thomsolvos
from all temptntlon to It. "Bohold
how greatta matter fa llttlo llro kind
loth." The following aro tho names of pu
pils who wero present every day of
tho third month nt tho Union school
Gustls Decker, Mary Decker, Charles
Tclschow, Lcroy Roll, KUlo Sheoror,
Theodosla Mono, I.cafa Bono, Vornlna
Hone, lllancho Uronson, Cora Dron-Bon.
(Continued from Pago Ono.)
Miss Louisa Lynch 12350
Miss Estclla McAvoy 11800
Miss Frances Richardson ....13000
Miss Alaudo Smith 10050
Miss Ella Ehrhardt 12750
Mrs. Frank Waltz 12400
Miss Mao Walker 11400
Miss Cora Alt 10850
"Happy And Expectant Chrlstnins
I,ok" Much In Evidence Rc
hekuli Lodgo Officers Installed
Postolllco Building Needed Other
Breezy Notes.
Special to THE CITIZEN.
Hawley, Pa., December 14. Tho
stores have all put on their holiday
attire, and so Inviting nro the win
dow displays, and so varied the ar
ticles from which to choose, that one
has no excuse to seek other towns to
purchase their Christmas gifts. Tho
stores are dally thronged with shop
pers. Nearly every face wears that
seasonable happy and expectant
District Deputy Miss Eleanor Gill
visited Rose Rcbekah Lodge, Satur
day evening, and Installed the fol
lowing officers for tho ensuing six
months: Noble Grand, Stella Spys-
ter; vice grand, Mrs. Posten Cross;
chaplain, Mrs. Elbert Blossom; Past
grand, Miss Henrietta Buck; con
ductresses, Miss Thlelke and Miss
Schilling; inside guard, Mrs. Brink;
outlde guard, Mr. Kncscl; financial
secretary, Mrs. Caruth; recording
secretary,, Miss Gussie Williams.
Tho new bank building Is enclos
ed. Graham Watts & Son, who re
ceived the contract for heating, and
plumbing the building, with their
plumber, Theo. Distler, and force of
helpers, are pushing the work rapid
ly. A new Richmond boiler has
been Installed, giving out heat, which
makes it more comfortable for the
workmen. It Is expected the bank
will bo opened for business on Janu
ary 3.
Mr. Vandermark, ex-Sheriff of
Pike county, has been the guest of
his son, Norman and family. He
was accompanied to his home at Mil
ford by his daughter-in-law, Mrs,
Norman Vandermark, who will make
an extended visit there.
The High school is making exten
slve preparations for an athletic car
nival to be held some time after the
holidays. The military drill will be
a special feature. i
Miss Edith Freed, teacher of music
in the High school, recently sprained
her ankle, while playing a game of
basketball. She was only absent
from her work a few days, being
conveyed to and from the school in
an automobile.
William A. Qulnney, who went to
Scranton Tuesday morning to con
sult with Dr. D. A. Webb, a dis
tinguished surgeon and specialist in
diseases of tho stomach, returned
Saturday afternoon, much encourag
ed by his physician who advised a
treatment for a time, which will
probably obviate the necessity of an
Peter Anger is the new proprietor
of the H. J. Lobb confectionery
and Ice cream emporium, in the
Schardt block, on Main Avenue, the
transfer having taken place on Wed
nesday. Mr. Unger will also have
fruits for salo.
Mr. Oschman, an electrician, while
nt work in the now bank building
Friday, about noon, slipped and fell
against a barn, breaking three ribs.
With much dlfllculty he managed to
reach his home on Barker street.
Dr. G. T. Rodman was called and
gave tho case medical attention.
This' Is very unfortunate for Mr.
Oschman at this busy season, as he
has several buildings to wire, and,
being a pianist of much skill, to be
the musical director of the Hippo
drome, which expects to open up at
an early date. Since there Is such a
demand for the apparatus used In
wiring buildings. It Is difficult to ob
tain supplies ns fast as required,
and when the accident occurred he
was engaged with the electrician,
who is wiring tho new bank, in di
viding these supplies.
The Order of tho Eastern Star are
preparing for a reception of the Dis
trict Deputy Grand Matron who will
visit tho chapter December 1C.
On Wednesday afternoon, the La
dles' Aid of the M. E. church will
meet with Mrs. Cross nt tho Eddy.
This samo date, beginning at 5 p
m., tho ladles of the Presbyterian
church will hold a candy and apron
sale at the homo of Mrs. R. W. Mur
phy. Tho St. Phllomonn's pnrish Is busy
preparing for a fair which will bo
held In tho basement of their church
from tho 2Gth to tho 31st of this
month. There will bo a lltorary and
musical program each ovonlng. Tho
members of this parish are royal en
tertainers, nnd tho public may bo
assured of a Joyous time. Tho dls
piny of articles will be so numerous
that each ono may lind his or hor
Chnrles Teeter, who represents
tho Scranton Llfo Insurance Co., was
doing business In town tho latter
part of tho week.
Tho business of tho Hawley post
olllco has becomo so enormous that
It is becoming almost a necessity to
havo a new postolllco building. U
S. Assistant Superintendent E. M
Norrls, of tho Postolllco Dopartmont
was hero on Frldny last, and vlowed
tho situation. Tho result was tho
assurance that tho matter would bo
given due attention.
Tho Seelyvlllo Basketball team
will hold a.danco at tho. Flro Com
pnny's hall on Friday evening. 2t
At Tho Lyric All Next Week.
Next week, starting Monday ovon
lng, Mr. Chas. K. Chnmplin and Ills
carefully selected company of. thirty
peoplrt will appear at tho Lyric.
Mr. Champlln, who has always
been In tho front rank In tho popu
lar priced field, has moro than kept
paco with tho growing task of the
theatrical public nnd has surrounded
himself with the very best artists
that tho theatrical world affords
uuu uiu gruuicBi line ui piuys iiiuti
.1 . . . 1 I . - . , . 1 . .
money enn secure.
This Is not a repertoire company,
but an organization of merit. The
highest salaried gathering of tho
most clover actors nnd nctrcsses who
havo ever appeared at popular prices,
and Manager Dlttrich should be
congratulated on having secured this
wonderful company to play Hones
dale for a week and the people
should npprcciato tho good fortune
and give their patronage that Mana
ger Dlttrich so richly deserves a
packed house every night.
A different play will bo presented
every night and every play will be
staged with all tho necessary stage
accessories, Including scenery, elec
trical and mechanical effects, as Mr.
Champlln and his company travels
with a special passenger coach and
a GO-foot baggage car full df the
most beautiful scenery nnd electrical
effects, for Mr. Chnmplln's list of
plays aro ones that havo always
played at $1.50 prices and have
never before been seen at popular
Mr. Champlln has been nblo to se
cure such strong plays as "The Pow
ers That Be," "Shore Acres," "The
Arizona Limited," "At Piny Ridge,"
"The Walls of Jericho," "Tho House
of a Thousand Jewels," and great
credit Is due Mr. Champlln for pre
senting those plays to tho Hones
dale theatregoers at such small
prices, and Manngcr Dlttrich is con
fident that when the theatregoers
witness the performance on Monday
night that they will go out and say
that It is tho best stock company
ever seen at these prices.
The play for Monday night is
'The Powers That Be." This play
Is a strong drama of politics. It de
picts a struggle against tho lnsldu
ous Influences of a hypocritical cap
italist. It has some very strong
scenes and climaxes, especially at the
end of tho third act when a torch
light parade headed by a drum
corps is seen coining down the
aisles of tho theatre. This is one
of tho most realistic scenes ever
produced in a theatre.
Dentil of Mrs. M. Bissel.
Mrs. Margaret Bissel, aged G8
years, was found dead on the floor of
her .kitchen at her home In Seely-
vllle, where sho lived with her
daughter, Mrs. Edward Gill, Tues
day morning, by Raymond Harnbly
Whllo her daughter was out, Mrs.
Bissel had evidently tried to remove
some flowei; pots to the floor above,
and while thus engaged was strick
en. She had only one slight abrasion
on her forehead. - She Is survived
by one daughter, Mrs. Gill, and one
son, Frederick. Funeral services
will be held Friday afternoon at 2
p. m.,' Rev. C. C. Miller, officiating.
Interment will be made In Glen Dy
berry cemetery.
Good Bonds.
Don't drag much earth on the
road at one time when using tho
King drag.
Don't permit shoulders to form on
the sides of tho roadway.
Don't forget that most important
requisite of a good road drainage.
Don't neglect to prepare the road
bed for proposed repairs.
Don't neglect the crown of tho
road; keep the centre always higher
than the sides.
Don't use stone in making repairs
to an earth road or earth in repair
ing a stone road; always use the
same material the road is made of
in repairs of any kind holes, ruts,
washouts, etc.
Your Christmas shopping should
be done early. i
Fur Coats, Pony and Caraail Coats at Special
Xmas Prices.
An Opportunity in Ladies' and Children's Fur
Sets for Holiday Gffts.
Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, Kid Gloves, Linens,
Umbrellas, Belts, Belt Pins, Leather Goods, Silk Sea fs,
Gent's Furnishings, Dress Goods and Silks to suit
Every Purse.
Don't uso a drag when tho road
aurfaco is dry and dusty.
Wo do good Job printing hor.e.
Tho prices nro right. Trespass sign
nicely done here. Como In and glvo
up a trial order. Wo will be pleaso.4
to greet you.
No man ever accumulates a
fortune unless he has the hab
it of making sacrifices today in
order that he may have some
thing to work with to-morrow.
The small amount that you
are able to save every week
may appear very small, but in
time systematic saving, witli the
aid of 3 per cent1 compound
interest, will give you some
substantial capital as a basis
for investment or to live on
when you can no loncer work
and earn.
is yet young but it has helped
many ambitious persons on the
road to independence and duc
o cess.
8 .
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