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mighty Phnroah 3,000 years before
Then you pass down to the bank
of the little, singing river to stand
by the inscription of tho great and
good Roman emperor, Marcus Aur-
cllms, n road whoee foundations are
still to be traced. You cross tho
Iloman bridge, the approach to which
is by steps instead of by nn Incline.
Their llcconN U-ft on the Hocks in Tll '",ltle Btn"8 " after nil tho
centuries, aitnougii tne noou last
tho Holy l.nnd. yenr washed out the pier of tho
If ever you pass through the sen- railroad bridge built only a fow
port of Beyrouth, do not fall to take years ago. See the old Itoman nc-
n trip to the autograph album of the qucduct now leading down the wa
kings on the cliffs at Dog river. It ters of the river to a primitive
is easily reached by train or car- Syrian Hour mill, passing thence to
rlage. It Is especlnlly desirable that Irrigate the scanty crops of tho
the traveller who has not been to peasants, where once it wntered a
Egypt or who cannot hopo to see city!
Babylon should go to this spot whore Where else on earth can you Hud
so many or these kings have left so many fnmous names brought to
thelr signatures upon the rocks. To gether? What a wonderful series of
be sure you will not bo nblo to rend moving pictures these monuments
the writing, for tho biting sea-wind suggest to the imagination! How
has not dealt so kindly with tho many and how varied the races of
proud records as the gentler nlrs of warriors and priests who have pass
Egypt. Hut It Is n striking collec- ed this way. The skln-clnd savages
tlon of names that are hero to be of the most primitive days, the Hit
read, through the help of those pa- titos clad in the scarlet robes dyed
tlent scholars who have been puz- by the shell-nsh from these waters;
zllng out the records of the centuries, the Egyptlnns In blue tunics and
The Dog river is not much of a scarlet; white-robed Assyrians with
stream, but it has cut n pass through rigid locks and platted beards;
the Lebanon mountains which the light-armed Greeks supple and
military men of old found convenient graceful; mnlled Romans of mas-
when passing from Egypt to the ivo tread with Iron armor edged
Euphrates. Nobody knows who built with burnished bronze; Crusaders
the ilrst road here, but It has been grim or sensual; the French of the
rebuilt or repaired successively days of the third Napoleon in red-
throughout the centuries by Baby- bordered uniforms and pompous
lonlans, Egyptlnns, Greeks and Ro- caps. Wliat a strange mode they
mans. make! iou go down .from tho sl-
Purthermore, nobody knows who lence of the top of the cliff and sit
was tho first king to dwell among by the tireless waves. "The captains
these rocks. In the limestone caves and the kings depart," the twilight
that honeycomb the bnnks of the begins to fall, the bells of the lean,
Dog river there are the bones and blnck Syrian battle tinkle down the
flints of men who lived before the slippery rocks where the world-vlc-
days of Iron tools. Their petty kings tors carved their boastings. It is
no doubt rushed down through this time to return through the planta
pass to make war upon the Inhabl- tlons where the silkworms are feed-
tants of the plains. As you zig-zag ins on mulberry leaves to the corn-
up the side of the cliff over a trail forts of your modern Hotel.
Ever seo tho old glove which
Ilonua Wagner wenrs on his big
left lmnd? No? Well, here It
Is. Mnny another would bo
ashamed of It, but not tho only
Honus. Wagner would not part
with It for love or money. There
is a history to tho glove. Wag
ner himself has forgotten Just
? when ho got It, but ho thinks it
i1 Modern Managers Rely on Fewer
but Dependable Twlrlers.
of rocks that would make the path
that leads along the precipice at
Campbell's Ledge seem like a boule
varde, you can the more easily
imagine the rude days of these pre
W. F. G.
Dunmore, Pa., July IS.
TMio epnnrl Inctnlrnnnt rf Alfrnrl
historic kings than when you stand Henry Lewis's virile and compelling
"Story of Roosevelt" appears In
Huninn T.lfo fnr -Tnlv nnrl la nippt.
The earliest autographic record , .iM, nn onnrmml.: Hnmnrwl hi- tho
w j"" uuujy iu me uiiys ol .uusuh. i readlng public.
Here are no less than three tablets
"Mr. Roosevelt has just rounded
the corner of his majority," writes
cut by the obsequious slaves of
Rameses II, the great warrior king Mr LewlS( ..and ceased t0 be a uoy.
"bii'i. luuieis are wlth twenty-two years to his virile
w Wl. WV UIU mUHUlJ I n-nrllt lll L'tntlftP L 1 r L-1 TA CT h o 11T1
Upon the Upper. .... i,opis nn thn thrpshnlcl of nf-
r 1 If .. 1 ntnn r-.
glyphics that record the glories of tne I)opuIar and asUs at 0nce the
1 iuo - coniidence 0f men.
roads and one upon the
There are still traces of the hlero
brews some 3,000 years ago, but the
slow centuries have rendered them
Illegible. However, one can still
make out the familiar figure of the
great king who came along this road
to triumph over the Hittltes at the
decisive battle of Kadesh.
Another tablet in which the tittle
tattle of kings rather than a victory
"With the campaign ho has out
lined, what shall he said of his ad
vantages? He has just cast his
first vote. He is to go onward nnd
upward until he touches the high
est point of human greatness, and be
wns back about 1002. Ilonus
knows that Herman Long, onco
tho greatest of nil shortstops,
then playing with the Boston
team, gave hlra tho glove. It Is
n fact that Long always used a
glove with a big hole In tho cen
ter of it. He would buy a new
glovo nnd nt onco cut It to
pieces, leaving an open spot In
tho center nbout twice tho slzo
of a baseball.
Long handed over one of his
old gloves to Wagner. It suited
him, and he has used it ever
since. The glove now Is a worn
out relic, but Hans hangs to it
like grim death, no figures it
would be the worst luck in tho
world for him to lose it.
Fnns have time and again
watched Wagner take that glovo
off his big left hand nnd throw
It down toward third base. And
they could alwnys seo the hole
in it, for it is too big not to bo
noticed. Time nnd ngatn it has
been asked why Wagner doesn't
? buy a new glove.
You ask Hans that question
Foolish to Have Many Slab Art I its
Whlls Most of Them Sit on the
Bench Pilot In Big League Be
ginning to Realize Folly of It.
That long pitching strings arc no
longer necessary and thnt four or five
dependablo men aro worth two or
three times that number of ordlnnry
twlrlers is a fact
Previously tho necessity of having
seven men, each one ready at all times
to tako his turn at box, was a point
' that was emphasized by manngsrs.
v ahu uunng iuhi buusuu, iou, iuo uiujur
I league manager who did not have at
f i least six nvallablo men for the box
figured that ho was heavily handicap
ped In the figdt for tho coveted bunt
Things have changed, however. Tho
wonderful work of tho Pittsburg
pitchers Inst season nnd' the now very
patent fact that four twlrlers prac
tlcally did tho brunt of the work for
tho Pirates have given managers and
owners cause for believing that top
mnny pitchers nro worth hardly as
much as none at all,
Last season, with Cnmnitz, Willis,
Maddox and Lcltlcld performing In
1 their turn, tho Pirates were up in tho
race throughout the entire season, nnd
they finally drew away easily from nil
other competitors nt the end. In pre'
vious years it was tho pitching of
Mordecal Brown, Pfeister, Overall
and Rculbach that won for tho Cubs,
I nnd every ono for years has realized
that Christie Mathowson has been tho
real mainstay of tho Giants. This
i only goes to show the vnluo of ono
and he will only say that he has $ , g00a pitcher to a team. With four
no money to pay for one. But
back of that tliere Is tho ono
fact that remains nlways prom
inentWagner Is Just as super-
& stltious or sentimental as any
other ball player, and ho has al
ways felt that tho Herman Long
glovo has brought him luck.
Thnf s why he hangs on to 1L
It Is worn to a frazzle. There Is
nothing to It but the bare edges.
The center is all worn away,
nnd Wagner grabs those hard
line drives really with tho baro
disttnculshod by signs of miblic con-!
fldenco bestowed upon none other i SxSxS5x-$3s
since the martyred hour of Lincoln.
dependable boxmen tho ordinary mnn
ager should be reasonably well satis
In 1000 the Red Sox had one of the
biggest strings of pitchers in the coun
try. They had Hall, Karger, Wood,
Clcotte, Matthews, Arellanos, Pane,
Wolter and Schlltzcr at the season's
end, while previously thero were Ryan
Chech, Steele and Morgan as members
of tho pitching corps. And yet had
Morgan pitched tho ball for Boston
thnt he did for tho Athletics tyid Young
had been retained, these two, with
Arellanos and ono other reliable man
to take his turn in the box, might onsl
ly have beaten out both tho Athletics
MZcTa ZrStltoZZTTriSl "niBACE FOR HARMSWORTH CUP ; nnd brought the pennant to
great battle of Karkemish, which
carried the early Assyrian empire to
the summit of its power, he erected
this monument to record the fact that
he had passed along the road to
victory, but he tells also with a
sort of childish delight that he had
what Is he better conditioned for British Mot0rboat Owner Will Send
tne struggle man are inousunus
whose years and ambitions are twin
with his own?
'Assuming there be folk and I
take It the woods are full of them
The better part of tho pitching for
Entries For International Contests. ! Connie Mnck's club was done by rour
According to Commodore H. H. Mel- men. I'lnnu, uenuer. Krauso nnd aior
vllle of the Motorbont Club of Amer- fan- nntl they are doing the same thing
lea, who returned recently from Eng- j
on any team would be worth double as
Mathewion Praises Winner of
Five Hundred Ball Games.
O REAL ESTATE.-Hy virtue of process
issued out of tho Court of Common
Pleas of Wayno county, and Stato of
Pennsylvania, nnd to mo directed
and delivered, I havo levied on and
will expose to public sale, at tua
Court House In Honesdale, on
THURSDAY, AUG. 11, 11)10, 2 P. M.
All that certain lot or parcel of
lnnd sltunte In the township of
Scott, in the sold county of Wayne,
bounded nnd described as follows,
viz: On the south by the public high
way leading from Scott Centre to
Starrucca; on the east by lands of
D. M. Smith, Gus Wnldler and Com
odore Tarbox; on the north by lands
of Christopher Karcher, W. S. Bur
leigh and B. F. Tewksbury; and on
tho west by lands of Lena Warren
and lands of George Tarbox, includ
ing a lano on the southerly side he
tween tho public highway and lands
of George Tarbox, lending from tho
above premises to the creek, as now
fenced In, containing one hundred
nnd twenty-seven acres, more or less.
Being same premises which William
Curtis, by will dated June 12, 1888,
devised to Lauren Curtis. And
same which Lauren Curtis et ux. by
deed granted to Sidney L. Spicer
nnd Cervila A. Spicer. On said
premises nre house, barn and other
Seized and taken In execution as
the property of Sidney L. Spicer and
Cervila A. Spicer at the suit of
Lauren Curtis. No. 110 March
Term, 1910. Judgment $1135.
Kimble, Attorney.
TAKE NOTICE All bld3 and costs
must be paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LEE BRAMAN. Sheriff.
Honesdale, Pa., July 1G, 1910.
Cincinnati, O., July 21. "Of all pitch
ers, past and present, I admire Cy
Young most," said Mathewson. "He
Is tho best example I know of the
clean living American athlete who is
a model for tho youth of the country.
Young has lived tho normal, natural
out of door life. Never a teetotaler.
he has been temperate In nil things.
As a result ho finds himself with his
pitching arm unimpaired nnd ills
health perfect nt forty-two.
"I enn pay the veteran no greater
compliment than to say that I have
set my heart on being n second Cy
Young, pitching for New ork in lrco.
I heartily congratulate tho Ohio fann
er for winning 500 games in the big
leagues, and my best wishes go with
him In his dctermlnarlou to stay in
tho big show until he is fifty years
Roll of
Attention is called to tne STRENGTH
of the
Wayne County
il W
hn vonm tn rnnrai in Hipir own ' land, where ho has been making the . no .rlnn. nt ni,,n nr tnn m
ventured on the sea in "one of the llves the Ro0SeVelt performance, be , final arrangSments for the coming In- ,wUIl on,y ono or tw0 of tllem ,n flrst
s nips or tlie people of Arvad and had whnt ho has ueeIli do what he has ternational motorbont race for tho cInsg pitching condition.
a Hnolse. done, to consider his native equip-1 Hnrrasworth cup, tae keenest interest Too many pitchers are a hlndrnnce
three hundred yenrs later another ,,, nt immi nmi iimi nmi lumrt iiu fiiminvnri in- thn Hrltish motorbont i.,o,n,i c iw,i it ritt w
Assyrian King, Assurnaxirpal, march- sh0nld not be time wasted nor labor 'owners In the coming race, and many and welter uau been ln shape to help
nn n mn fr tlilp nun 1 i,. n4 .... . I ..... .
.uu iu uuui, uut thrown away. He who asks victory of them aro coming over t attend it. iout Arellanos Inst season the pitching
bna and left His autograph upon should divide his studies Into two. u It is almost definitely settled that I Bta(t 0f the Red Sox would not have
um. .ui m ,i uito creriwi to ms He s,ould devote himself to the ono of tho English motorboats partlc- , h0en the weakest In tho American
glory and the honor of the gods to oonquerors in their reasons of trl- IpaUng In the race will bo'the Maple ;oague. But the wlldness of Wood, the
whom he is represented as offering ,,,.,. i, 0i,i,i ,wf himei.if tn'i.Mf mvnmi hv Mnckav Eilrar of tlo t,i. , n, ,, ,i, ,,,, (h,
butruicLb and iiuauons. rirn(,iinrnfi fn tiintr ronnnR nf itrit tli Mntnrliont club. The remain- t
men comes tne tablet of his son, ,irof wi,nn i.o nn,, toil whv thn Mnt two nf tho tliroo contestants nllow- (n.. i.n n,. in...
biiaimaneer II, who passed along . ,i i, i ir,,t h 1 ni tn nnfinmi will vorv llkelv carry L, i i.i i.
ii ii . i . , , . ' -i . . '1 li .
uiu uuk ui iuu aiuiui ii".uv viuLr pishing for his team.
Great Britain, and thero is n strong i Manager8 nna owners both aro be
posslblllty that one of these will be n Kinnng t0 realize tho folly of keeping
hydroplane. I five or six nblcbodled men upon tho
Dr. Mnrtlu Smart of the British Mo- bench wh0 tho buIk of tho work ls
torboat club, who offered n cup as a , ,eft tQ a couplo of goou mcn an(1 a Iot
prize ln tho English elimination races, ,nf sccond Btrlngerg Traveling is ex
nntlclpatcs being among the visiting lvCi aml saiaries t0(lay aro nt a
motorbont cnthuslnsts to tho interna- , h)gU flgure t,,e work could
tlonal race at Larehmont on Aug. -0. of flvo men tho BBV,
. . , V . . i ibotl ,n traveling expenses, snlnry and
8 in your family you of course call H
H a reliable physician. Don't stop 8
it at that; have his prescriptions H
8 put up at a reliable pharmacy,
H even if it is a little farther from g
il your home than some other store, g
S You can find no more reliable g
j store than ours. It would be im- g
S possible for more care to be taken n
H in the selection of drugs, etc., or g
H in the compounding. Proserin-
g tions brought here, either niKiit g
ii or day, will be promptly and g
g accurately compounded "by a ti
g competent registered pharmacist
and the prices will be most reasonable.
The Citizen is getting
every issue.
this road ln SCO 11. C. to receive the
homage of the king of Phoenicia
The figure of the king ln royal robes
Is clearly to be seen, with his beard
and hair freshly dressed and twisted
by the royal barbers before his royal
portrait was cut.
Most Interesting of all, perhaps
nnd next in order of time is the tab
let of Seuacherlb, who is 720 B. C.
'came down like the wolf on the
fold" of Jerusalem, as Byron tells
in his splendid poem. But It Is of
himself ls ready for the Held."
Human Life Publishing company,
Thomas S. Baldwin Picks This
Routo To Luke Erie.
Capt. Thomas S. Baldwin, who has
entered the world's flying contest
from Now York to St. Louis, said;
I am surely going to be in tho
his victorious iinar-nnt nr, ii,r.,.ii lllclit. You can call me tho Erie
and not of the nlnirnp-Ktripknn nr.nv Kid' because I think that I will se
and tho disastrous retreat that thn Meet me rouio oi uiu cnu juiuuuu
tablet makes record. from New VorK city 10 uuniurK, in
Yacht Club of Great Britain also ex- I
general efficiency would be conslder-
of Helbon, a village of Coele-Syria I8 wln bo eBBy Ba,llnB
where the grapes still grow sweetly. "Guess my 'Red Devil' will be ablo
ti, i. , . ..... . . to stand tho test. I am practicing
The last of tho Assyrian Inscrip
tions ls that of Esarhaddon, tho ono
loyal son of Sennacherib. This rnon-
every day. Of course, tho aviators
have to bank on the weather conui
ujui euu ui DUUUUCIieriD. MIHS mon- : fnvnrnri with eood
arch came from the plains of tho t,on?; " W,r l e un X us to
Euphrates over the rock-hewn road con!dlt,"Bi " .L, v n.It
nlcla and Tyre, which .the politicians llr8t Ume wo try'
of Egypt had invited to revolt. As
if to show by grim, silent Irony his
triumph, he has caused his likeness
Effect of Clam Diet on Hens,
upturn KtnilnntH down this way
iu uo cui uy uio smo oi tnai or mo -,.- hen wondor nit whnt et-
ancient Rameses. . nmtmctad dlot of dama
Last of all Is anothor tablet erect- -o,, hava on hens, received addl
ed by Rameses which tho French ,or thought wbon a
general Duprex covered with plaster 0f aoveral nests revealed clam
nnd yellow paint in 1801 to record (rittorn In place of the expected egg.
on me siucco suriaco mo victory ot jew York World.
rsapoieon iu ovor tno uruses ot .m.
Lebanon who had porpctrated sucn 0ae Hundred Gates
f i. i m a i i
r,B.mui massacres oi mo uur- -e dty of Thebes had a hundred
uans. uououess mo pumsnmem u - d jQ 80nd out at mcSx
fllcted by tho French was deserved, m meQ and ao0
out it seems lino less man sucn- m aUi li000,000 men and
lege iu piulo mu uuuio ui n j.arlot
torn emperor ovor that cut by the 2'000 char,oU
Tho Restless, owned by tho Chese-
borough brothers of tho Motorbont i
Another tablet ls thnt nrnr tnii hi- Y., which runs through a broad vnl-ifl ncrnunt of had weather.
" J I . . ., ...,.! -
the famous Nebuchadnezar, high up Iey Iree lro,n mounvauiuuH wum tui-
on the cliff, inscribed, no doubt, when roni&. I believe In going through
ho made his victorious campaign this valley I will be able to find sult-
agalnst Egypt and Incidentally car- Mo landing places about 20 miles
rled away the Jews captives to Baby- npart. From Dunkirk I will strike
Ion. But the great conqueror con- 1'retty level country all the way to
tents himself with nrniBimr thn winn Cleveland, and from there to St.
A .1 ...1.1.
pecw locouui uv, ab,e owner8 woulu be billing to
party or ten or uu. tock gnu 8,ce on to tho compensa
torboat rachig. nmong them being sev- dependable men who
oral UUed English sportsmen. , . . . .. ,nmllnr .,,,
There will be no postponement of j bW
Club of America nnd expected to prove i Chicago Woman and 8on Travel 6,312
ono of tho thrco American defenders,
has developed wonderful speed at Its
tryouts, making thirty-eight miles. It
ls claimed by its builders that It will
reach forty-flvo miles.
George Lnchnnce, tho old Boston
first baseman, has been appointed an
umplro ln tho Connecticut State
Griffith, McGruw and Bresnahan are
the hit and run managers, while
Chance, Clarke and Lake are depend
ing more on tho sacrifice hit. Doom
and Dablon aro mixers.
Any ball club that ls fast on tho
bases will win unless their opponents
do somo fine pitching and fielding. A
loosely played gamo always gives a
speedy team an advantage.
Bob Emsllo has been umpiring
steadily for twenty-five years. It was
Charlie White of Spaldlng'B, then pres
ident of tho Eastern leaguo, who gave
him his first job as umpire.
Miles In Great Cruise
A remarkable river, ocean, canal and
lnko motorbont Journey was concluded
recently when tho Cntherlno M., a
thirty-five foot cruising launch, carry
lng Ralph M. Pearson and his mother,
Mrs. Kate Pearson, camo Into dock in
Chicago river.
Mny 3, 1000, tho boat started from
the spot at which sho docked and com
pleted tho crulso down tho Mississippi
to tho Atlantic, along tho Gulf coast,
north along tho Atlantic coast, up the
Hudson, through tho Erie canal, across
Lakes Erie nud Huron, through the
trait of Mackinac and uj Lnko Mich
igan to the river 0,312 miles.
Will Row For the Championship.
Ernest Barry, tho English champion,
Has left England for South Africa,
whence he will travel to tho Zambezi,
where on Aug. 18 ho will row Arnst
for the world's sculling championship.
Barry was in splendid shape when he
left England and very confident of
making a good raco for tho title. Ho
la a fine oarsman and has created new
records on tho Thames during his
training for the forthcoming trial
Oip. D. & H. Station, Honesdale. 1'a.
The FINANCIER of New York
Citv has published a ROLL Oi
HO'NOR of the 11,470 State Banks
and Trust Companies of United
States. In this list the WAYNE
Stands 38th in the United States
Stands 10th in Pennsylvania.
Stands FIRST in Wayne County.
Capital, Surplus, $455,000.00
Total ASSETS, $2,T33,000.00
Honesdale. Pa.. May 29. 190S.
You will make money
by bavins me.
Ikell 1'HONK 9-u Kfit ianV. 5.
A.M. .A.M.
W '(11'
ii oo!
10 oo
1 20
i 08
5 40
5 60
5 51
6 11
ti 17
U 2.1
(i i
(i 32
ti 35
6 4 'i
K )
G 50
2 15.
7 25!
o 15
9 051
9 15i
9 19
9 3ti
9 42
9 43
9 51
9 57
10 00
io or
10 OK
10 11
10 15
10 00
10 00
12 30
4 40
5 30
ti 20
Ii 31
ti 52
H 5H
7 01
7 07
7 13
7 IB
7 20
7 21
7 27
7 31
8 30
1 20
2 W
2 05
2 15
2 19
2 37
2 43
2 49
2 52
2 57
2 69
3 03
3 07
3 10
3 15
4 30
fi 051
2 15
7 10
7 55
.... llliigluimtou ....
... Philadelphia....
. ...scranton
H 45
8 M
8 59
9 21
9 20,
9 32
9 37
9 39
9 41
9 47
9 60
9 55
...Lincoln Avenue..
Lake l-oclore ...
... . Way mart
Honesdale ....
2 00
12 40
3 53
A . M
10 20
9 37
7 311 7 32
1 P.M
8 03
7 51
7 50
7 33
7 25
7 19
7 1
7 12
7 09
7 05
7 01
ti 55
A M...
10 50,...
8 45...
4 05!
3 15
1 33
1 23
1 21
1 OI
12 5fi
12 51
12 49
12 43
12 40
12 3fi
12 32
12 29
12 25
ti 20
6 40
5 30
5 24
5 08
5 01
5 SO
I 54
4 48
4 45
4 41
4 37
4 31
4 :so;
., P.. A.M.
10 60!
, 8 45. .
7 31, 7 32
2 25 P M.
1 33 10 05
I' M.,!' M.
12 17
12 07
12 03
11 41
11 37
11 31
11 29!
11 23
11 20
11 lti
11 12
11 09
11 05
8 29
8 17
8 13
; si
; 47
7 41
7 39
7 32
7 30
7 28
7 22
7 19
7 15
A M..P M
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
Tins vfl.iv nnoin with n. iloliitra of new mixed paints. A con
dition brought about by our enterprising dealers to get some kind
of a mixed paint that would supplant CHILTON'S MIXED
PAINTS. Their compounds, being new anu neavny uuvwiibeu,
may find a sale with tlie unwary.
There are reasons for tho pro-miuence of CHILTON PAINTS
1st No ono can mix a better mixed paint.
2d The painters declare that it works easily and has won
derful covering qualities.
3d Chilton stands back of it, aud will agree to repaint, at his
owu exponse.ovory surface painted with Ohilton Paint that
proves defective.
4th Those who have used it aro perfectly satisfied with it
and recommend its uso to others.