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    TIIE CITIZEN, Fill DAY, JULY 22, lOlfi.
Anti-Saloon League- Talker In lOrnl
Pulpit Sunday.
1 J. Many was a recent visitor at
Tyler Hill.
Air. and Mrs. J. D. Faatz drove to
Cnrbondale Sunday and met their
little son. Charles, who has been
visiting his aunt, Mrs. Cott, near
Mrs. Starnes and daughter, Mrs.
Haley, have returned to Honcsdale
nfter spending two weeks nt the
home of the former's son, J. V.
W. H. Bullock, state orchard In
spector, was looking at the orchards
In this village Monday to see If there
were any trees affected with San Jose
Mrs. Wesley I'aynter nnd Mrs.
Robert Miller have returned to Car
bondale, after spending a week with
Mrs. H. N. Miller.
Mrs. James Johns left for Asbury
Park and Ocean Grove, X. J., Wed
nesday morning with Mrs. Dryant of
Rev. Brandt will talk In the Pres
byterian church Sunday morning In
the Interests of the Anti-Saloon
league. The morning service will
be omitted In the Methodtst church.
Mrs. W. H. Collins of Scranton is
visiting at the parsonage for a few
days. Her husband will Join her
Saturday and they will leave nest
week for their new home in Xewark,
X. J.
WE' HAVE Just received another
car load of light wagons. Come in
and see them. Over 100 styles to
select from. Murray Co., Hones
dale. Pa. 57t3.
We are having fine weather for
haying. The farmers have nearly all
Mr. and Mrs. John Kemp spent
Saturday at Equinunk.
Miss Carcilla Freshem, Mrs. Her
bert Freshem and daughter, Flor
ence, of New York, who are boarding
with Mrs. A. Daney of Lookout, spent
Monday with Mrs. B. A. Brining.
William W. Varcoe of Lordvllle,
N. Y called on friends recently.
Miss Muriel Stephens spent Tues
day at Lookout.
D. Roberts has sold his farm to
Mr. Menerkie.
Mr. Roberts expects to spend some
time with relatives in Kansas.
Mr. Henerkle has rented the house
on his newly-purchased farm to Kel
ler Braman.
HARDER SI I, OS will pay for
themselves each year. Every dairy
man should have one. Come in and
we will talk it over. Murray Co.,
Honesdale, Pa. 57t3
Mrs. Nicholas Coyle received a
bad fall one day last week, but at
this time Is a great deal better.
Mrs. Ell Shafer is on the sick list.
Mrs. Kimble of Hawley is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Butler.
Miss Rena Lynch Is on the sick
Rev. Dr. L. C. Murdock preached
and administered the sacrament to
,a large congregation at the East
'Canaan M. E. church Sunday after
noon. He went to Prompton in the
Rev. E. W. Morrison preached at
the lloadleys M. E. church last
Thursday evening.
HARNESS, collars and strap work
that please particular people can be
found at Murray Co's, Honesdale, Pa.
Teachers Engaged for l'aupnck Town
blilp Notes of the Sick and Well.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller, son
Frank and daughter LaVero of Now
ark, X. J., viBlted Mr. and Mrs. C.
Sanders at Uswlck. They arrived
Wednesday and returned to the
home of the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Miller, of Hawley,
Friday. Thursday evening Mr. Mil
ler and two children and Miss Au
gusta Sanders called on Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Olmsted. Mr. Miller
was a pupil of Mrs. Olmsted's 22
years ago and this was the first time
teacher and pupil had met slnco, so
they were very pleasant callers.
Mr. and Mrs. Schleupner of Us
wlck visited at Casper Unger's at
Bono Ridge Sunday.
Mrs. G. L. James, accompanied by
her two daughters, Mrs. Daniel
Smith and Miss Hazel James, visited
Miss Myrtle James at Cherry Ridge
The teachers wore hlrod Saturday
for the schools In Paupack township
as follows: Clarence Pennell of Us
wlck for tho Uswlck school, Mlsa
Pearl Crane of Uswlck for tho Bono
Ridge school, MIbb Knapp of Hawley
for Adella school, F. E. Carlton of
Arlington for the Lakevlllo school,
and Miss Beehn of Xowfoundland
for tho Audell school.
Those on the sick list at present
are Mrs. William Seegar and Charles
Daniels of Lakovllle.
Walter Pennoll and M. T. Span
gonberg of Waymart arrived at the
homo of the former's father, F. B.
Pennell, of Uswlck Saturday. Mr.
Spangenberg 1b district deputy or P.
O. S. of A. for Wayne county. He
came to Install tho officers of Wan-
gum lodge, No. 514, of Lakovllle. I
A few of the members of Hilda-,
gard Rebekah lodge attended the
Rebekah association nt Lakevlllo
Miss Carrie Hoffmnn of Brooklyn,
N. Y Is spending a few days with i
Mrs. Jol"n Mains. She expects to re-J
turn to her home at Bone Ttldgcj
Tuesday and from thero will go toj
ner position in urooKiyn ifriuay.
Sophia Rlchter Is working for the
people on the Ansley farm.
Chester Pennell of Ariel visited
his father, F. B. Pennell of Uswlck,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Relnekc and
Edwin Waterson of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
arrived at Uswlck Wednesday. They
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam. Relneke, for a fortnight.
Teeth for all machines at Murray
Co., Honesdale. 53t4.
The young people of the Presby
terian church will hold a pink and
white social on Saturday evening in
Odd Fellows hall.
Rev. William Usher being on his
vacation, services will not be held
in Presbyterian church Sunday even
Mrs. A. Goble of this place and
Miss Lena Osborne of Arliiigton at
tended a Rebekah convention at
Hbnesdale Saturday.
Mrs. William H. Seegar Is still un
der Dr. Rodman's care. We are
sorry to say she is only slightly Im
proved. Verna Loveless Is in Sterling for
a two weeks' vacation.
Walter Sheeley and family are
the guests of his parents, .Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Sheeley.
Miss Katherlne Daniels left Fri
day for Stroudsburg, accompanied
by her cousin, Melva Hosher.
Long Pond hotel has about CO
summer boarders from New York.
Lizzie Alphia returned Tuesday,
after spending a short time In Brook
lyn. Mr. and Mrs. John Bestel of
Scranton are spending a week with
Mr. and Mrs. Stephens.
Charles Daniels Is seriously slclc
with congestion of the brain. Dr.
Rodman of Hawley is in attendance.
After spending a week as the
guests of Miss Hazel D. James, Misses
Florence L. Anway and Madeline H.
Westfall of Jersey City, N. J., and
Harry L. James of East Orange, N.
J., returned home Saturday.
James Shelley Is on the sick list,
owing to the heat. He cannot work
before September. Dr. Catterall Is
In attendance.
The Mountain View house has a
number of boarders.
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes of Scranton
are spending a time at the Reusa
mont. Agnes Beahen of Hawley Is the
welcome gue3t of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Rev. and Mrs. Purklss entertained
their son from Scranton recently.
REAPERS and grain cradles, at
Murray Co's, Honesdale, Pa. 57t3
Several farmers are through haying
and report a good crop.
Since the recent showers corn and
potatoes are growing finely. Gard
ens are looking well and everything
promises a fair crop except apples.
Trees are blossomed full and fruit Is
setting in abundance, but it has
dropped off when about the size of
hlckorynuts. Very few apples re
main to mature. Rye is being har
vested and It Is n good crop.
Mrs. Annie Ayres of Jamacia, X.
Y., while caring for her siBter, Mrs.
David Orr, last Wednesday, while
going down the cellar stairs fell and
broke her left arm at the wrist. Dr.
Petersen was called and reduced the
fracture. She Is now resting at the
home of her brother, Isaac Lovelass.
Her daughter, Mrs. McCorinlck, is
spending a few weeks with relatives
here. We are sorry their visit should
have such a sad ending.
Mrs. Orr Is still prostrated with
rheumatism. Mrs. Marks of Galileo
Is caring for her slnco Mrs. Ayres'
Mr. and Mrs. Sarah Groner of
Honesdale are visiting friends here'.
lr. and Mrs. Martin Heft motored
to G. W. Sheard's Sunday afternoon.
COVER your buildings with Congo
Roofing. It is guaranteed for ten
years. Murray Co., Honesdale, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Myres and two daugh
ters are boarding with Mrs. Nichols.
Mrs. Lavoro Twenlng of Blngham
ton, N. Y., visited MIbs Edna Skln
nor Wednesday.
Mrs. Nichols, Misses Rockwell and
Klrablo called on Miss Ella Story of
Fosterdale, N. Y Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sutllff are en
tertaining a baby daughter, born
Mr, and Mrs. J. Shlvlor of Passaic,
N. J., are boarding at Volnoy Skin
ner's. Miss Xellle Klmblo, who has boon
visiting In town, loft Saturday to
spend a fow days with Mrs. BonJa-
mln Dlttrlch at Laurol Lake, near
Tyler Hill.
Mrs. Alba Dexter returned from
Brooklyn Monday.
Merlin lllman, who has been em
ployed on an Erie boat between Buf
falo nnd Port William, came home
Harry LuBcombc of Brooklyn, X.
Y., is spending his vacation at his
bungalow here.
R. R. Bceglc Is entertaining his
sister, Mrs. Kronleln and son, Lloyd
and Frank Hnrrlman, of Brooklyn,
X. Y.
The baseball club held an Ice
cream festival on the schoolhouse
grounds Tuesday evening.
Miss Alma and Laverno Xoble of
Calkins visited nt the Abraham camp
Mr. and Mrs. Volney Skinner were
recent guests of Mrs. W. D. Yerkes.
Mrs. Howard Welsh of Damascus
spent some time this week with Mrs.
Fred Sutllff.
Heebner's ensilage cutters are in
great demand. Place your drdcr now
as we cannot make delivery In rush
of season. Murray Co., Honcsdale.
Mrs. Rose Sarles and Grace Stev
ens of Sprlngdnle, Conn., are visit
ing at Charles Knapp's.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and son have
been visiting her sister, Mrs. H.
Dr. E. B. Underwood spent Mon
day in Deposit, N. Y.
Louise Todd spent a few daysdast
week in Hancock, X. Y. J'
Miss Marion Allen of Hancock, X.
Y., Is spending a few days at the
Williams cottage.
D. G. Underwood of Deposit, X.
Y., spent Sunday at the Underwood
Rev. Karchner of Wllkes-Barre is
visiting friends in town.
The Epworth league held a social
Tuesday evening.
Jennie Gilchrist is visiting rela
tives In Blnghamton, X. Y.
Drama to 15c Repented Ity the
So many have requested the
Grange to again act the drama
"Jumbo Jum," which was given the
Fourth, that they have consented to
do so Friday evening next. Many of
those who heard it once wish to hear
it again and enjoy one more good
hearty laugh. After the entertain
ment cake and cream will be served.
Several have finished haying, the
new-seeded meadows being extra
good. Rye Is ready for reaping and
it Is a good crop.
Bessie Fox of Honesdale is spend
ing her vacation with her cquSln,
Mrs. C. R. Hunting. Her mother,
Mrs. Sarah Fox; spent a few days last
week with Mrs. George Cramer.
Misses Edna Holies and Gladys
Price have returned to Carbondale
after spending the past few days with
relatives In Honesdale.
Willie Gill of Dunellen, X. J., is
spending his vacation at E. B. Had
don's. Howard W. Staryweather of Car
bondale spent a few days last week
at his grandfather's. tJ
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Drake are en
Joying a visit from their daughter
and grandson.
Accident to Mis. Garrett Wildcat
Howls at Night.
Mrs. Ira K. Bishop recently spent
a few days with her daughters at
East Honesdale.
I A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
I E. F. Maver last week Wednesday.
George Loveless Is assisting H. H.
Crosby with his haying.
I Flno weather for haying. Some
j.have JlnlBhed and report a good crop
I on new seeded meadows.
City friends and boarders are ar
riving. Among them we see the
smiling faces of Thomas Whowell,
Jr., and his sister, Alice, and friend
of Now York city.
Hunters, get your guns ready. A
wildcat was heard on Dorlllnger's
hickory ridge recently.
Maholle Wagner spent Monday af
ternoon with Xellle Hall.
Mrs. W. H. Hall was called Friday
to assist In caring for her mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Garret of Hawley, who
feu from tno rear porcn stops bus
talnlng some severe bruises and n
general shaking up which has com
pelled hor to remain In bed. At last
reports conditions were favorable
to recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. X. J. Garrett
came over from Scranton to Hawley
Saturday in their auto to see his
mother. They also visited relatives
In this place, returning to Scranton
Sunday afternoon.
Tho L. A. S. will meet with Mrs.
Charles Wagner for tea Wednesday
John R. Maudflloy made a trip to
Cnlllcoon Tuesday.
Coo F. Young and daughter, Ada,
of Braman were guests at J. R
MaudBley's Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Brannlng viBlted
their son, Clnrk Brannlng, at Tan
ners Falls Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. J. H. Flynn and daughter,
Xelllo, aro visiting friends In Ding
hamton, N. Y.
John H. Flynn, who has been work
ing on tho state road at Dyberry, has
returned homo.
Mrs. Edward Lawson and daugh
ter, Maude, aro visiting the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Toms
Uessle and Helen Klngsbery aro:
visiting their grandparents, Mr. and '
Mrs. S. II. Hawley.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G, Hill and
sons spent Saturday and Sunday
with friends at Roscoe, X. Y.
Miss Cecelia Fresham, who spent
three weoks with Mrs. A. Daney, re
turned to Brooklyn, X. Y., Tuesday. ,
Some of tho Tilings Correspondent
Saw on Way to Maple City.
The following from the pen of the ;
Citizen's Dreher correspondent Is all
Did you ever have an automobile
ride or a ride In an automobile it'
means about one and the samo? As
n rule, the clnss of peoplo who own
autos and travel for pleasure, make
an effort to get on good, smooth,
solid roads, where they speed along, I
regardless of speed limits or ills-J
comfort to anyone who must follow i
in their wake, especially In dust and j
heat and the auto really Is a dust
sllnger possibly a mud sllnger, too.
But it Is a humane Invention, for
you don't have to stop going up
hills to rest, that Is, provided you
have an auto that don't get balky
and vou don't need anvthlnc to keen
the files away that are such an awful
pest In fly time.
To Insure against any mishaps In
plensure riding,- get an auto "of re- j
liable make, get well posted in the :
use of the various levers that con
trol the power and steering gear,
learn how to oil her and where to
apply water in case she gets hot
and, above all, don't learn to run
the thing so dnngerously fast that
you will be a menace to the public
In general and able to do damage
to the highways.
Three things are essential for a
good chauffeur a steady hand, a
good eye and a level head.
One commandment In the super
visor's code is not duly observed
that is for the travelers' benefit every
where, and that Is the removal of
the loose stones from the public
highways. This law should be en
forced, for it means a whole lot for
the good of the road and Is not a
big expense to the township.
In a Bulck auto, owned and oper
ated by Ivison Gilpin of Laanna,
Pike county. Mr. Ernest McRostle
and lady friend, Miss Cameron, both
of Philadelphia, Mr. Emile Buille of
Greentown, Pike county, and "Me
started from Xewfoundland at 7 a.
m. July 15 and in two hours we
landed in Honesdale, and In the hot
sun and on dusty roads we suffered
no discomfort.
This Buick machine is certainly a
hill climber, for anyone who has
made the trip aforesaid via Bidwell
hill, Cadjaw Pond and so on, either
on foot, by horse power or auto, will
know the public road is far from
level and enough solid boulders and
loose stones to keep the driver on
the alert to miss them all. Such is
the road, but the views of hill and
dale, the well-kept farms and the
fine weather on that day, helped
make a very pleasant trip, and al
most before we knew It we were in
the Maple City.
Our objective point was the state
road being. built about a mile west
of Honesdale by the contractors.
Messrs. Seaman, Irwin and Brenne-
man, and we want to say right here
that building state road is not all
nice, clean work. Where the work
Is In progress there Is Inconven
ience and discomfort to those who
must travel that particular highway.
The part of road already completed
is in fine condition and a great im
provement over the has-been road of
the. past, but why In the world
didn't the state road reach into
Honesdale? Xo doubt someone can
tell why.
The retaining wall near the en
trance to the Wayne county fair
grounds is qulto an undertaking, but
the contractors have tho work under
control and have tho push In them
to master the Job. They are a gen
ial trio to meet with, and with Mr. J.
M. Hale, the Inspector, to complete
tho quartet, they are well qualified
to do the county good road service.
By tho wny, Mr. Hale Is a native
of Jenklnstown, Bucks county, and
may be a legal descendent of Matthew
Hale, who was a chief Justice In "ye
olden time" and noted as an expert
In law. Ask him (J. M. Halo )about
We were pleasantly entertained
at tho Wayne County house, and
were 'shown some flno cut glass In
the Herbeck-Demer glass cutting es
tablishment. Wo shook hands with
tho manager of the Citizen and tho
editor of the Independent, ate a dish
of fine cream, and were soon home
ward bound. On the way going and
coming wo noticed only a very few
apples and tho amount of cider and
"apple BaBs" made In Wnyno county
this season will bo very limited in
supply and there's a chance of its
being cornered in tho market.
Tho hay crop is yielding much
better than last year, while the fields
of corn, oats and rye In nearly every
section wo passed through are look
ing finely. Some flno patches of po
tatoes, too, by tho way, wo saw. On
tho homo trip we stopped to shako
hands with Mine Host Nicholson at
Salem and had a drink of his good
water. Thus ended our trip.
For Infants and Children.
Jfia Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Iowa Governor Is Charged
With Criminal Libel.
Republicans Discuss Probable Effect of
Grand Jury Action on State Elec-
tion Carroll Attacked Cownle
of the Board of Control.
Des Moines, la., July 21. The In
dictment returned ngalust Governor B
F. Carroll by the Polk county grit ml
Jury charging criminal libel has crea
ted a genuine sensation, and upon
every hand can be heard animated
discussion ns to the probnble efft-ct
which will ho had upon the state tick
rt which is to bo elected In Xovember.
John Cownle, former member of the
state board of control, tho prosecuting
witness, published" a .signed statement
In which he declared tho Indictment
of tho governor Is a vindication of
himself, although many regard the
Cownle statement as premature nnd
claim he should have awaited until
the governor had been tried upon the
Governor Carroll charged that Cow
nle, as member of the stnte board of
control, has sold diseased cattle be
longing to a state institution in the
markets nt Omaha, that ho had acted
improperly toward girls In the state
institution at Mitchellville and that he
had purchased goods for state Institu
tions without first requested by proper
superintendents. It was tho publlca-
tion of these charges following C'ow
nlo's resignation upon which the libel
Indic-tment Is based.
Governor Carroll was renominated
at the Republican primaries of June 7.
He defeated Warreu Garst for the
nomination by about fi.000 votes. Car
roll represents the stand put win:; of
the Itepubllcnu party In Iowa and j
Garst had the support of the Insurgent
or Cummlus-Dolllver element. There
were enough Insurgents who believed
It poor policy to deny Carroll a second
term to Insure his renomlnatlon.
The Democrats have nominated
Claude R. Porter for governor.
Mrs. Burnett, Author, and Mrs. Snow
den, Suffragette, Reach New York.
New York, July 21. Mrs. Frances
Hodgson Burnett, tho author, nnd Mrs.
Ethel Snowden, who Is tho wlfo of
Philip Snowden, M. P., nnd Is one of
the leaders in tho British suft'rnglst
movement, were passengers on the Cu
narder Carmanln.
The author of "Little Lord Fnuntlc
roy" has been visiting abroad for two
months. She sailed from New York
with the Intention of seeing the Pas
sion play at Obornnnnerguu.
"I did not go to Oberammerg.-iu."
said Mrs. Burnett, "because I heard so
many reports ulxmt the terrible real
Ism of the play. I was afraid mj
nerves could not stand It."
Mrs. Snowden will remain In this
country until the latter part of Au
gust. She will lecture at Chnutnu
qua In this state, in Illinois and Iowa.
Mrs. Snowden Is not a militant suffra
gette, but says that she believes that
tho militant methods ar resiionslble
for the big gains In England. While
hero Mrs. Snowden will be a guest of
Mrs. Cnrrio Chapman Catt and Mrs.
Mnry G. Hay. ,
Observations of tho United
Stntes weather bureau taken nt
8 p. iii. yesterday follow:
Temp. Weather.
New York 70 Clear
Albany 7(1 Cloudy
Atlantic City . . OS Clear
Boston GO Clear
Buffalo 71! Clear
Chicago St Clear
Now Orleans . . 80 Cloudy
Philadelphia... 70 Cloudy
St. Louis 78 Clear
Washington ,.. 71 Clear
Weather Probabilities.
Fair today and tomorrow; light
t'T moderate winds.
Literary Evening Pnstor Enter
talus nt Mil-Irak- -Notes.
Mrs. Gray of Waymart viBlted Mrs.
D. W. Edwards Tuesday.
.Miss Efile Walker of Scranton Is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Har
riet Bortree.
Mrs. Earl Williams and son, Rob
ert, are spending a few weeks with
Mrs. Angellno Williams.
Rev. Robert Bllckensdorfer made
a trip to New York last week.
Mrs. E. G. Stevens of Scranton
Is vlBltlng friends In town.
Cora Alt is at Big Pond for two
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Van Sickle woie
guests at the M. E. parsonage Sun
day. Rev. and Mrs. George Warburton
and family of Alden stopped at Ho
tel Nicholson the first of the week.
They were on their way to spend
their summer vacation with Mrs.
Mary Philips at Zlon. Their numer
ous friends hero were glad to see
On the afternoon of Tuesday, Mrs.
Joseph McLee entertained the mem
bers of the Booklovcrs club. A lit
erary contest was first engaged In,
and Miss Edith Hamlin carried off
the prize. This was followed by a
select reading by Alice Hamlin and
two songs by Miss Edith Hamlin,
after which a dainty luncheon was
served. About 20 women were
present and all voted the afternoon
a decided success.
Rev. Bllckensdorfer entertained
at a muslcale at the parish house
Monday evening.
Mrs. Amanda Clearwater is enter
taining her sister, Mrs. Leonard.
The Grange social Friday night
was well attended.
Max Simons has gone to work In
the Olyphant bank for a short
Mrs. Simons Is staying with her
sister, Mrs. Calvin Sampson of Ariel.
The Princo of Hotel Proprietors.
Way back somewhere in the six
ties a young man traveled from his
Httlo sheep farm down in Texas,
where the floods had cleaned out all
his stock, to Xew York city. His
name was George C. Boldt, and the
gyrations of Fortune's wheel that
carried him from his first humble
Job of washing dishes and peeling
onions In a restaurant kitchen to
proprietor of some of the most
princely hotels in the world make
up one of the most fascinating stor
ies in the July Issue of Human Life.
Men who climb to the highest
pinnacle of success in a certain line
oftentimes get hold of some theory
or make some discovery in their first
humble beginnings whereby they
afterwards revolutionize the busi
ness. This was tho case with Boldt.
The star to which he had hitched
his wagon was proprietorship of a
hotel. Opportunity knocked and he
gave her the glad hand. Then pres
to! to his little hostelry one day,
with flourish of trumpets, descended
the great William Waldorf Astor
and tho hotel register full. But
Boldt wasn't easily feazed, and the
way in which he rose to tho occasion,
and the meal he served to the great
William in his modest little dining
room convinced Astor that he had
found the man he was looking for.
The result was that the fortunes of
the great Waldorf-Astoria were com
mitted to his hands.
Step by step the story traces his
rise, and not the least Interesting
part of the narrative Is the story of
the great hotel whose magnificence
has left nothing for competitors to
This Is the first of a series of stor
ies to appear in Human Life relat
ing to the great American captains
of Industry In various lines.
Human Life Publishing company,
Trains leave Union depot at 7.20
a. m. and 2.48 p. hi., week days.
Trains arrive Union depot at 1.50
and 6.45 p. m. week days.
Saturday only, Erie and Wyoming
arrives at 3.45 p. m. and loaves at
5.50 p. m.
Sunday trains leave 2.4 S and ar
rive at 7.02.
Lute ot Rorouch ot Honcsdale, deceased.
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed to
report distribution ot said estate, will attend
to the duties ot bis appointment, on
at 10 o'clock a. m., at his ofllco In the borough
of Honesdale, at which time anil place the
claims UBalnst Bald estate must bo presented
or recourse to the fund for distribution will
be lost M.K. SI JIONS. Auditor.
Honesdale. July.), 1SI0. Mw3
Wafer Bonds
From 5 to 6 per cent.
In denominations of
100, 500 and 1,000
If interested
call on or address
303-Mth St.,
Honesdale, Pa.