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    THE WEATHER On Friday fair weather will provall, with slight temporaturc cluuigcs and light variable winds.
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1908 ?
Weekly Founded, 1844 2
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B7th YEAR.
NO 56
Earl Sherwood swore up nnd
down yesterday that when he gets
back to Washington, say about the
first of September, one of the first
jobs he will tackle will be the per
fection of the neroplane In which, ho
says, he and Rexford M. Smith, the
patent lawyer he has had helping
htm in the Fnrnham case, are equally
"I may not make the first trip into
the air myself," said the Washing
ton lawyer, "for I am rather of a
heavy man to be shooting up Into
blue space in nn airship. I think
Smith, who is the builder, the prac
tical man, will make the first flight
alone. He understands the opera
ting as well as the construction of
the thing and he is about GO pounds
lighter than I. He won't weigh
much, if any, over 1G0. I weigh a
little more than 200."
The principal prouiem about the
Smith-Sherwood ship Just now, he
said, is to get an engine at once
light and strong. When that is
installed, as Mr. Sherwood sayS It
will be this fall, the sky pilot, Law
yer Smith, will be ready to go up.
Air. Sherwood said he didn't know
yet whether or not Smith would try
to imitate Orville Wright's feat and
sail over Fort Meyer parade ground,
just across the Potomac from Wash
ignton, at a 42-mlle-an-hour clip.
Still, he did not seem to consider
Fort Meyer an Impossibility.
Rexford M. Smith Is one of the
bright minds of the country when it
comes to patent law. His main of
fice is In Washington and there he
keeps 10 men at work all the time,
drawing up specifications and look
ing after the technicals of the office.
He visits the office for about an hour
a day, and much of his time out
side is spent at the shop where his
aeroplane is being touched up.
.air. -Sherwood does not know juBt
when he will have to be In Wash
ington to argue his big case. The
attorney-general has 30 days to
answer the brief Mr. Sherwood filed
just before he left Washington July
1 for Honesdale.
"It took me 60 days to get up that
brief, and I don't think he'll answer
It in 30. He'll get an extension of
time. He'll need CO days to answer
If he's able to answer at all," said
Mr. Sherwood is enjoying his rest
in Wayne county. He meets people
every day whom he is glad to see
and who, in turn, are glad to see
him. He says they shall all have a
picture a big one, suitable for,
framing when the Smith-Sherwood
airship makes its appearance in the
Beatrice Von Bruner, Actress, Said
to Be Finance of Young Millionaire.
Davenport, Iu., July 14. That Heat
rice Blanche Ilruner Godfrey, the
beautiful Davenport girl who figured
In a romantic marriage with Arthur
W. Godfrey, the young Hack Hay mil
lionaire of Boston, Is engaged to Jay
Gould, Is the assertion of Mrs. A.
Ilruner, mother of the young lady In
Blanche was formerly a Davenport
belle and went from here to the Bos
ton Conservatory of Music, where her
beauty and her romuutlc marriage
made her famous. Parental opposi
tion later resulted in separation and
As Beatrice Von Hruner the young
lady Is now In Inlon, her mother
nays, playing with Anna Held in "Mis
Innocence." Jay Gould Is understood
also to be there.
Washington, July 14. A merry row
has started over the conservation con
gress scheduled to meet In St Paul
on Sept. 0, and the Minnesota city may
withdraw Its invitation to GIfford Pin
chot and his followers.
This situation has been presented by
the action of Mr. Pinehot nnd his
associates In making up n program of
speeches for the congress which the
local managers believe will stir up
trouble and possibly react on the Re
publican party in the state primaries
to be held in September.
According to information obtained
here, Governor Kberhart, who Is a can
didate for re-election, nnd other Re-
publicans in Minnesota are all "het.
up" over the situation. A few weeks
ago they were tickled over having
lauded the big congress, but now they
are going around under the Impression
that they have a good, big "white ele
phant" on their hands. Colonel Roose
velt Is one of the speakers that Mr.
Pinehot has on his list.
The local St. Paul managers of the
congress have given notice that they
will not stand for an "all Insurgent"
program such as they declare has been
prepared by Pinehot. The controversy
is to be threshed out nt a conference
to be held in Chicago today. Mr. Pin
ehot has already left for Chicago, and
he will ho joined there today by B. X.
Baker, president of the congress; J. B.
White, another officer of the congress.
and Thomas It. Shlpp, secretary of the
National Conservation association, who
has taken an nctive part iu making
preparations for the St. Paul affair,
The conservaVionists will be met in
Chicago by Governor Eberhart and
other anxious Republicans from Min
nesota. The issue is to be settled at
the Chicago conference.
If the conservation officials stand
pat on the Insurgent program the
congress will not be held In St. Paul
Minnesota Republicans' are anxious to
have the conservation congress held In
St. Paul, but they are ready to pro
test with great heat against the pre
sentation of speakers who, they be
lieve, may stir up controversies that
would In all probability bo ventilated
in the September primaries.
Among the speakers to whom excep
tion has been taken by the St. Paul
men are Louis D. Braudels, who rep
resented I B. Glavls as attorney be-'
fore the congress joint committee on
inquiry into the Ballinger-Plnchot af
fair. Brandeis is n strong partisan of
Mr. Pinehot. The St. Paul authorities
fear that if he speaks at St. Paul ho
would Inject a lot of verbal fireworks
into the discussion that might provoke
trouble. Another speaker to whom
exception has been taken Is Editor
Nelson of the Kansas City Star.
Messrs. Brandeis nnd Nelson are car
rying a lot of anti-Tnft sentiment on
their chests, aud the St. Paul board of
managers are apprehensive that they
plan to unload it at St. Paul.
St. Paul made an active fight to
land the conservation congress. It
won out in n contest for the honor
with Kansas City, St. Louis nnd other
cities Senator Nelson of Minnesota,
chairman of the committee of congress
that ts inquiring Into the Balllnger
Piucliot affair, was opposed to St.
Paul entering the list.
Sam Reid and Leona Lord At- Lordg who gets some
UgSy Cuts on Head Assaiianf
Gets Away Across the Dela
ware -Ditch and Boundary
Line EVIakes More Trouble at
Equinunk-- Reid Caught Later.
The Clarendon correspondent of
The Citizen writes:
Shortly after noon Sunday Mrs.
William T. Schenk, who was stay
ing a few days with her brother,
Clemens Tyler, discovered smoke
issuing from the stairway. After
giving the alarm she rushed up-
As the result of bad blood that j on. At first the men who didn't like
for some time has existed on ac
count of a ditch between the farms
one another were 30 or 40 feet
npart. Then they got nearer. Mll-
of Silas Lord and Leona Lord at i lard and his party, William thought,
Equinunk, a matter that has once
been threshed out In the Wayne
county court, Silas Lord is in a
were throwing dirt over to his side
of the line.
"Don't throw that dirt over here!"
The full text of the Honesdale
Whlte Mills agreement to play ball
for the county championship Is here
"White Mills, Pa., July 8, 1910.
"This ngreement, entered into this
date by the White Mills Baseball as
sociation, party of the first part, and
stairs for her purse and some cloth-, tlle Hnesdale Baseball association.
ing she had with her. i l,urlJ ol ule seconu pun, 10 Know an
Mr. Tyler and Mr.' Schenk had Person8 bv these presents.
Just come into the house to avoid! "These are to govern terms and
a slight shower. They at once tried I conditions of a series of five (5)
to put out the blaze. Seeing the i ganies ot" baseball, viz. there shall
fire was gaining headway, Mr. and be flve sames Plaved, regardless of
Mrs. Schenk and Mr. Tyler's mother I tno score- or the Sanies won or lost
began to carry out the furniture and! m same to be played at Honea
were soon Joined by Mr. Tyler. , dale on Saturday, July 1C, at 3
They succeeded in removing the P m'
sewing machine, two rockers, one, 2nd Bame t0 be P'ayed at White
sofa, one mattress, one chiffonier, MilIs on Sunuav. Jul" 17. at -1 P- m.
two small stands, one shirtwaist box, ! 3rd Bame to De Played at Hones
a suitcase and a box of clothing be-j dale on Saturday, July 30, at 2
longing to Mrs. Schenk and her . p m
mother. Mr. Schenk and Mr. Tyler1 4th Same to be played at White
liberated the chickens from the coop M1,Is on Sunday, July 31, at 4 p. m.
and park. ' "th Bame to be played at Hones-
Mr. Tv'ler lost nearlv nil his fur-1 dale on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 3 p. m.
nlture and all the elothlne belnnelmr 1 "H Is hereby agreed by the un
critical condition at his home in that j he shouted
village. During a violent quarrel More dirt came over to his side to the family, besides a gold watch "ersseu " parties concerueu
Tuesday between Silas and William then and the young men swapped and chain of his wife's and his own ll"nLtT,,ltrirn
. wntrli nni! trunk- rnntnlntnir n lnriro the amount Of ten dollars (?10.00)
' number of nieces of sllvpranrp. I to defray their expenses while play-
Sam Held, who out of friendship for too. Mrs. M. S. Tyler lost a valuable nB on tae home team's ground, viz
Millard butted into the mess, he re
ceived two blows on the head from
a pick and 20 or 25 blows In the
same place from a hoe in the hands
of Sam Reid. Who held the pick is
a question somewhat in doubt, one
story being that It was in the hands
of Millard and another that the
pick Job was the work of Leona
Lord, the sister-in-law of Silas.
Sam Reid got away. He went
over in New York state, probably
somewhere in Sullivan county.
,From the Silas Lord home to the
state line Is less than 500 yards if
you take.a boat and row right across
the river, and Sam, his Equinunk
and Honesdale acquaintances say,
always kept a boat himself or knew
where he could get one in a hurry.
He may, of course, have crossed the
Delaware on the bridge, about one
mile away one story that got to
Honesdale late last night was to the
effect that one of Sam's pals was
handy by with a swift horse and
took the assailant over Into Sulli
van county but it is much more
probable, say Equinunk people, that
Sam hopped Into a boat and rowed
across the Delaware, not a very
wide stream at that point, about as
fast as a pair of oars could drive
The ditch, the snme old source of
wars and rumors of wars between
the Lords of Equinunk, started the
row. Millard went out there the
first thing Tuesday morning and
commenced to dig. Leona and Sam
got there pretty soon. William
Lord came up on the Silas Lord side
of the line to see what was going
William and Millard commenced : cold watch, one dress skirt and fwo for the first four proposed games
underskirts and umbrella. Mrs.1 11 IS nereoy agreed mat eacn
Schenk had ?30 in her pocketbook,1 team is to put an umpire on the
to mix It up then, according to the
only disinterested witness, and old
man Lord "Slke" a good many peo
ple call him came out of the house.
He saw the cousins fighting and
somebody shouted to him.
"I'll keep away,"' said Sike, who
is CO years old. "Let the best man
In the tussle between the two the
old man got a blow from the pick
and then, so goes the story, Sam
Rold grabbed a hoe that lay near
by and attacked Slke. The old man
got something like 20 or 25 nasty
cuts. He was knocked out and his
son dragged him Into the house and
sent for Dr. Frlsble. The doctor
dressed the wounds and had Sike
put to bed and kept quiet.
Sike regained consciousness after
a time and when members of his
family asked him how he felt he
simply said "Good" and lapsed Into
unconsciousness again.
The wounds start on top of his
head and go down to the base of the
brain. One large (lap of skin left
hanging was as big as a door hinge.
The two sons of Slke came to
Honesdale Wednesday night and saw
Attorney O. L. Rowland, with whom
they were closeted an hour. They
brought with them Mrs. H. J. Lo
gan, a New York summer visitor
who, It was said, saw from a near
by window the scrap at the Lord
house, which Is on the main street,
just In the edge of the village. The
Lord boys and Mrs. Logan
In her room upstairs. She recovered
the pocketbook, but lost a dress
skirt, a pair of rubbers and an um
brella. Mr. Schenk lost his coat and
Mr. Tyler was overcome once and
fell, but he escaped Injury. Mr.
field, alternating at each inning,
known as the "double umpire" sys
tem. "Be it further agreed that at the
signing of this agreement that each
team post a forfeit of Twenty-five
Dollars (525.00) for their faithful
Schenk's hands were slightly burned appearance on the field, for the
and Mrs. Schenk had one limb ! sames to be played on the dates as
slightly burned while coming down above mentioned,
the stairway after securing her, For their failure to appear as
iiuovu iueiuiuaeu, u iiiey ue uui iu
Mr. Tyler was a Wayne county
boy. He went to Warren county a
uniform on the field to play, the
forfeit money to go to the team
number of years ago. He is em-!makInS their appearance,
ployed by Rockwell & Co. of War
"The White Mills team Is re-
ren and Is engaged In pumping oil i trlcted to the players of their lo-
j on their lease. Mr. Schenk Is the
j pastor of the M. E. church at Pleas
ant Mount. He, with his wife and
moiuer-in-iaw, was 10 spenu a snort i
callty, viz. all amateurs, no pro
"The Honedale team Is restricted
to the players of their own locality.
vacation at Mr. Tyler's. At present ! Vlz- a" amateurs, no proiessionais.
they are at Clarendon with Mrs.! "In the event ot rain on any of
Meals i the above-mentioned dates, when the
The house at Clarendon and chick-1 Bame or Saiues as scheduled above,
en coop were totally destroyed. The ! the rest of the games are to be
barn caught fire, but this was put , Pla'ed at their respective town, as
nut linfnro nm- ilnmnon l,n,l Wn nUOe IUeUUUUUU.
The origin of the fire is a mystery.
Dates of County Fairs in New York.
Orange County fair at Middle-
town, Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.
Rockland County fair,
burg, Sept. 5-9. Another
City, Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.
Sullivan County fair at
cello, Aug. 15-18.
Ulster County fair, Ellenville,
Aug. 23-2G.
Dutchess County fair, at Pough
keepsle, Sept. 27-30.
at New
( Continued on Page Five.)
Cast of King's Funeral.
London, July 14. King Edward's fu
neral cost the nation $202,500, as Is
shown in the supplementary financial
estimate Issued.
Observations of tho United
States weather bureau taken at
S p. in. yesterday follow:
Temp. Weather.
New York &1 Cloudy
Albany 74 Clear
Atlantic Oity . . 84 Cloudy
BoBtou 80 Clear
Buffalo (18 Clear
Chicago G8 Clear
New Orleana . . 82 Cloudy
Philadelphia... 84 Cloudy
St. Louis 80 Cloudy
Washington ... 80 Cloudy
Weather Probabilities.
Generally fair today aud to
morrow; moderato winds.
A special from Pittsburg says:
William H. Berry has practically
accepted tho gubernatorial nomina
tion from the Allegheny county wing
of tho American party.
In a letter received by County
Chairman W. H. Gibson Berry says
he will run for governor If his sup
port Is substantial. Berry Demo
crats will meet In the office of R. E.
Smith, Mutual building, West Ohio
street, North Side, to make arrange
ments for co-operating with the
American party.
Former City Treasurer John F.
Steele, who ran against William A.
Magee for tho Republican raayorallty
nomination, is mentioned ns a prob
able candidate for lieutenant-governor
or state treasurer.
Rev. A. L. Whlttaker will hold
went services in the Indian Orchard
schoolhouse Sunday next at 2.30 p.
m. There will be a baptism nt this
Leslie Dodd Ward Dead.
London, July 14. Leslie Dodd Ward,
vice president of tho Prudenttal Life
Insurance company, died from acute
Brigbt's dlrftMBo, complicated with
pneumonia, which developed last Mon
day. Ho practically did not rally from
the coma which set In on Jnly 0. nis
son was at bis bedside, and bo will
accompauy the body to New York,
probably on tho Campaula, Bailing to
morrow. t
"The postponed ganies. if any, to
be played in the town scheduled on
a date as agreed upon after the
fourth game Is played, or as pro
posed to be played.
"The series to decide the champ
ionship of Wayne county for the
year 1910.
"The fifth game to be played at
Honesdale on Aug. C on a basis of
50 per cent, of the gross receipts of
the game, viz., each team Is to get
and receive, share and share alike,
on this date on the results of the
"It Is hereby agreed that Mr.
Thomas Gill of White Mills, Pa., is
to be the stakeholder of tho Fifty
Dollars ($50.00) as per agreement,
as nbove mentioned.
"We, the undersigned, accept the
above conditions for our respective
teams and promise to abide by the
above conditions.
Representing Honesdale team.
Representing White Mills team.
Some Gumes With Cnrbondnle.
Honesdale will play a series with
Carbondale, which has n fast team
this year. The first game comes
Saturday, July 23, and there will,
It is expected, bo a special train to
A special from Scrantou says:
Instead of one trolley line to Lake
Ariel, Scranton may have three
within a couple of years. The lat
est line to the lako talked about
may bo built by the Scranton Rail
way company from Mt. Cobb on the j bring tho Carbondale rooters, who
Mooslc mountains by way of tho old in times past have como down 500
This house is probably one ot the
finest, If not the very finest, built
houses in Wayne county. It was
erected by William Smith, better
known as "Basswood" Smith or
"Billy" Smith. Money was no ob
ject when ho built It and every tim
ber used was selected regardloss of
cost Tho workmanship was the
best that money could procure.
The men who did tho work were
all excellent mechanics and thoy had
orders to take all necessary time and
tako caro to do everything in tho
best possible manner.
The interior decorations paint
ing, staining, papering wero by
Sloane & Co. of Broadway, Now
York. Thoy wore a work of art.
Tho house Is now owned by
Charles Schlumbohm, who onter-
talns a select number of summer
boarders from New York that an
nually make tho pilgrimage to Tylor
Hill to spend their vacation and to
enjoy the excellent cooking of Mrs
Schlumbohm, as well as the cordial
hospitality ot host and hostess.
Gravity line to tho lako.
"It Is a possibility and no more;
It may como some day, but there
are no plans being made for it just
at present," declared General Man
ager Frank Caum.
Tho Scranton and Lake Ariel has
its line staked out over tho mountain
to the lake and is ready to ask coun
cil for a franchise giving It the right
to run Its lino over numerous South
Scranton streets. The Lake Shoro
company, promoted by Scranton and
Dunmoro men, and which la plnnned
to be run to tho lake, hasn't an
nounced any definlto plans yet.
Captures King's Prize.
Blsloy, England, July 14. Shootlug
has been coucluded In the first stage
of tho competition for his majesty the
king's prize. Captain Campbell of tho
Eighth Argylls captured tho bronae
medal with a record nuo score or ioi
out of a possible 105. Sergeant Morris
was socoud with 103.
strong, to Honesdale.
Joseph Rosier, who has at vari
ous times played with Honesdale,
came here Tuesday night and hunt
ed up Capt. Kupfer. Mr. Rosier
represented Manager Murtha. Mr.
Rosier and the Honesdale captain
did not arrive at a definite conclu
sion ns to tho number of games
that will mako up the series, but
this will bo announced later. Car
bondalo has tho baseball fever in
great shape this year aud the team
from that place is well supported at
Honesdale Soldier Overcoinu by Heat.
Tho men In camp at Gettysburg
are In good health and spirits. Only
elovon patients aro In tho army hos
pital and nono aro serious. Thomaa
Simmons of Company E, Honesdale.
was taken with cramps ns tho result
of drinking Ice water after march
ing in the hot sun Tuesday. He is