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Hill II III !
Senator Gore Denounces
Colleague Prom Kansas.
Disclosure That Exchange of Angry
Words Took Place on Day Before
Oklahoma Statesman Told
of Bribe Offer.
Washington, Juno 28. New revela
tions are following close upon the
heels of tho sensational denounce
ment of bribe offerers by Senator
Thomas i Gore, the blind senator
from Oklahoma.
It has been disclosed that Senator
Gore and Senator Charles Curtis of
Kansas had a stormy Interview in the
Democratic cloakroom of the senate
"last Thursday. Senator Gore was sit
ting with his colleague. Senator Rob
ert h. Owen, when Senator Curtis
approached them and upbraided Mr.
Gore for having objected to the con
sideration of the bill to pay James
West ?5,000 to recompense him for
some loss he had sustained on account
of the Cherokee Indians.
Senator Curtis had reported tho bill
and was Interested in Its passage. Be
called It up, and Senator Gore object
ed to It and prevented Its passage.
Senator Gore said nfterward that he
had been advised that the bill was
not meritorious and that he obstructed
Its passage upon Information given
him by tho attorney for tho Chcrokeo
Indians. Other members of tho In
dian committee of the senate were In-
cllned to believe that the bill had mer
it. It was for this reason that they
reported It.
Senator Curtis seemed very much
disgruntled because tho senator from
Oklahoma had opposed the bill, and
after complaining to Mr. Gore, Senator
Curtis warned him that he would
never be able to get unanimous con
sent again In the senate for the con
sideration of any measure In which he
was Interested. Senator Gore retorted
by Inviting Mr. Curtis to go to a cli
mate that is popularly believed to be
hotter than Kansas, oven at this sea
son of the year. Senator Curtis made
omo reply, whereupon Senator Gore
denounced the senator from IChnsas
in language that if uttered on the floor
of the senate would probably havo led
to his being called to order. He said
things about Senator Curtis that sur
prised those who heard him.
Senator Gore is on the Chautauqua
circuit now. He hurried away from
Washington ns soon ns tho seuate ad
journed to fill his first engagement at
Waterloo, In., yesterday. Just before
he left Washington he was asked to
confirm tho report that he had hud a
violent quarrel with Senator Curtis the
day before ho (Gore) made his sensa
tional charge on tho senate lloor that
an attempt had been made to bribe
him In connection with certain Indian
legislation. Senator Gore admitted
that ho had talked to Senator Curtis
in Inuguage that was very plain, but
suggested that It would be Indelicate
for him to repeat tho colloquy nntl re
ferred his questioner to his colleague.
Senator Owen.
When asked about It Senator Owen
appeared to bo somewhat embarrassed.
Ho admitted that there had been a
controversy and that Senator Gore
had talked to Senator Curtis iu n way
that would probably hnvo been consid
ered unparliamentary in debate in tho
senate. Senator Gore's colleague said
that ho felt free to say that much hi
view of tho fact that Senator Gore
bad confirmed It already, but that ho
would not try to repeat tho colloquy,
and he appeared to bo a littlo surprised
that Senator Gore had referred in
quirers to him for Information regard
ing tho controversy.
The name of tho senator whom Mr.
Gjre charged on hearsay with being
Interested in tho so caned MCMurray
contracts wiiu luu tiuuviair uuu uuii'b.
aw Indians has norjeen aiactoson.
Texas Senator's
Will Cost Him
Washington, Juno 2S. Tho assertloL
made by ex-Senator Mason at Chlcagc
that n majority of the seats in tlit
United States senate had been pur
chased Is hardly borne out in the case
of Senator Culberson of Texas, whe
has practically won his re-election tc
the senate In the state of Texas nftei
a total expenditure of $27. There had
been some talk of opposition to Son
ator Culberson, but It disappeared
and as the time has gone by for the
placing of any other name on the of
flclal ballot for the primaries, whlct
will occur In a few days, Senator Cul
bersou's nomination on tho Demo
crntlc ticket is assured, and the Texas
legislature will certainly be Demo
cratic overwhelmingly.
Senator Culberson is still at a healtt
resort in New York, where ho has
been for several months. He will not
return to Texas until about Sept. 1
The senator is snld to bo suffcrlnp
from n complete nervous breakdown
and has not been In tho senate at the
present session. Ills collapse cam
following his work In connection wltt
tho tariff legislation at tho extraor
dlnary session.
Arlitz Gives Opinion of Portei
Charlton's Mental Condition.
New York, June 28. With the new.
that Italy's foreign olllce had decided
to ask for tho extradition of Portei
Charlton, who slew his wife nt I.ak(
Como, Dr. William Jerome Arlitz gave
a statement as to the form of demon
tla atlliciiug the young mau whose ar
rest lias developed an Internationa
"Deyond a doubt Charlton suffer
from confuslonal Insanity of adoles
cence," said Dr. Arlitz. "This forn
occurs In persons of neurotic tempera
ment and develops between the ages
of fifteen and twenty-five.
"Charlton has exhaustive psychosis
The boy has evidently suffered from
this for n long time. He may recover
and again the form may become acute
and develop Into paranoia.
"There is no doubt about his belnp
tubercular. Ho has been a victim ol
this mental malady for years. Ills nc
tions nre most strange and lllumtnat
lug. He will not eat Ho cannot sleep '
He has the delusions and illusions nl
ways apparent in this form of demon
Dr. Arlitz was the first alienist en
gaged by Judge Paul Charlton, fathci
of the young prisoner, and had acted
Independently of the other three phy
slclans engaged. Dr. Chnrles L. Dana
Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton and Dr
He would not enlarge upon tho sub
Ject of the form of Insanity he sayt
young Charlton suffers.
National Guard Rushes Bostwlck't
House Find Desperado Dying.
Atlanta. Gu.. June 28. W. II. Host
ick, tho desperado, who killed two
men and wounded three nt his homo,
near Occllla, was found dying in -his
uurncaueu nomo wnen me uuzgeraui .
company of the national guard rushed,
aud captured tho house.
Ho soon died, ills five children,
whom he had with him, were found'
It is supposed that a bullet fired by
the besieging posse during tho night
struck Iiostwlck.
The Fitzgerald company upon ar
rival promptly rushed to tho house,
which had been tho scone of a fierco
fire of bullote all night Por fear of
hurting tho children the soldiers did
not fire.
Thoy assembled on all four sides of
the house, 200 yards away, aud at tho
command "Ponvardl" moved upon tho
place at double tlmo. Tho first kicked
lu tho door and with drawn revolvers
Bostwlck was found on the floor un
conscious. The children, terrified, were
huddled near. Tho father bad kept
them on tho floor all night nnd thns
they had escaped tho ballots.
Maori Team Again Wins.
Sydney, N. 8. W., Juno 28.-Tho Ma
orl football team baa again defeated
tho all American team by a score of
21 to 8. Tho all American team is com
posed of students from tho University
of California, Leland Stanford, Jr., uni
versity and tho University of Nevada.
Ro-elsstion 5
Only $27. )
7 .JHsV
Timely Word to Mothers on Care
of Infants DurlngHot Weather,
Health Commissioner 'Dixon Gives
Rules to Be Observed In Nursing
the Baby and For Ita Proper Care
In General The Necessity erf Pure,
Fresh Milk.
The hot weather of this season ot
the year is oxtremely dangerous to
tho lives of Infants and young chil
dren, not only because of the depres
sing effect of high atmosphoric tem
perature in general, but more espe
cially because of tho effect of hot
weather upon all porlshablo articles of
food, among which cow's milk holds
the first placo.
It Is therefore highly important that
cow's milk to be used for infanta' food
should bo the purest and freshest that
yon can afford to bay. During the hot
weather Ice is absolutely necessary for
the preservation of milk, and all milk
used for food should be cooled by ice
as soon as it comos from tho cow, and
should be kopt noxt the ice until
ready to be used. A littlo money
spent for ice may prevent Illness and
Its greater expense for medicine, nurs
ing and medical attendance. As water
Is often a carrier of disease it is safest
to use only boiled water for drinking
or the preparation of a baby's food.
Tho following rules will old you in
keeping your baby well during the
hot weather, and are given out by the
State Department of Health of Penn
sylvania: Breast feeding. Every mother should
endeavor to nurse her baby. Breast
milk 1b tho natural food of a new
born baby. There Is no other food that
can compare with It A breast-fed
baby has a much greater chance of
living than a bottle fed baby.
Immediately after birth do not give
iny kind of artificial food to the baby
while waiting for the breast milk to
ifonifi. Pnt th hahv tn th hmnsl
every four hours and give nothing else I
but water that has been boiled. The
baby needs nothing else and will not
starve. After tho milk comes into tho
I breast nurse the baby every two hours
, during the day and two or three times
' at night.
I Don't nurse the baby whenever It
i cries. A moderate amount of crying
i helps to develop tho lungs. Babies who
i are nursed Irregularly or whenever
they cry are likely to get indigestion
and then cry the harder from pain.
Nurse regularly, and tho baby will
soon learn to oxpect Its nursing only
at tho proper Intervals. Glvo the baby
a little boiled water several times a
After tho baby Is two months old j
lengthen the time between feeding to
two and a half or three hours, with
only one or two feedings at night.
Do not wean the baby as long as he
Is gaining, and never do eo except by
advlco of your doctor. Do not follow
tho advice of friends or neighbors
about weaning. If the baby remains
well, but after a tlmo stops gaining in
weight, do not think that your milk Is
of no value, but consult your doctor 1
about ndding ono or two bottles to '
help you out i
Bottle feedlna. If it becomes neces- !
sary to feed the baby entirely or only t
ln Dart uPon the bottle, remember
that tho greatest cleanliness Is noces
sary ln all details of tho feeding. As
soon as a bottlo is finished it should
be thoroughly washed with cold water,
then cleansed with hot water and
borax (ono teaspoonful to a pint of
water) an(f put asldo for fnrther
cleansing before bolng used again. If
you havo only a few bottles and It be
comes necessary to use tho samo bot
tle for the next feeding, boll it for a
few minutes before putting fresh food
Into It Never let the baby nurse
from the remains of a bottle which ho
has not flnishod. Take it away from
tho crib, pour out tho milk and cleanse
at once. 8tale milk curds sticking to
the Inside of a bottle after a few hours
become poisonous and may contami
nate fresh milk coming In contact with
, them. It is better to have as many
bottles as the number of tho baby's
dolly feedings, so that all tho bottles
be boiled together before the food
,8 prnparedjn th.e .morulas,
Nipples. Tho simpler the nipple tho
safer for tho baby. Do not use com
plicated nipples, and under no cir
cumstances buy a bottle with a long
rubber tube attached to the nipple. It
cannot be kept clean and will cortainly
cause bowel troublo. After tho bottlo
Is finished tho nipple should be re
moved at once, turned inside out over
tho finger and scrubbed with cold wa
ter and a brush kept only for this
purpose. After use, always boll the
The cleansod nipple should bo kept
in fresh borax water (one teaspoonful
of borax to a pint of wator) ln a cov
ered glass. Rinse tho nipple in boiling
water before using it
Do not put the nipple Into yor own
mouth to find out whether the milk la
- ... , - - I un"! " - ' ' (
warmed enough. Let a fow drops of martial of conspiracy against tho gov
ot tho milk fall on your wrtrt; If It ' eminent, according to dispatches ro-
feels too hot for your wrist It Is too
warm for tho babyis mouth.
No general Instructions can be given
about tho preparation ot a mine mix
ture tor your baby. Each baby needs
a combination suited to its digestion.
The mixture upon which some other
baby is thriving may be too strong or
too weak for your baby, Let the
doctor tell you how to mix the food.
If It is necessary to use cream in the
mixture do jot buy cream It is likely
to be stale but get It by pouring off
halt a pint from tho top of a quart
bottlo of milk, after cleansing tho Up
of the bottle.
During the summer the baby's food
I should bo brought to a scald after It
i is prepared. It should then bo poured
i into tho clean bottle, corked with
baked clean cotton wool and kept noxt
Ihe ice until needed. Do not heat a
bottle when you go to bed and keep
It In bed until nursing time, becauso
you do not want to go to the Ice box
for it and heat It when tho baby noeds
it. This is a certain way to make tho
baby sick.
Bowel movements. A bottle fed
baby should have at loast one and not
more than two or three bowel move
ments a day. If the milk la cloan to
start with and has ben kept cold,
and all tho feeding utensils clean as
you havo Just been told, the baby's
movements should be yellow in color,
and not too hard to be paosd easily.
If the movements become greenish In
color, but not more frcqoont than two
or' three times a day, giro one or two
teaspoonfuls of castor oil. If tho color
does not Improve after the oil has
worked off, consult your doctor. At
this time he will be able to prevent
the sorlons bowel trouble with which
the baby la threatened. If tho move
ments remain green in color and In
crease In number to five or six or
more in the twenty-four hours, your
baby Is beginning to. have bowel trou
ble, or summer diarrhoea. Stop milk
at once, give pure boiled water in
stead and call tho doctor. It may not
bo too late.
Do not begin milk feeding again
until the doctor orders it You will
not starvo your baby by stopping the
milk; every drop of milk that goes
into its stomach after this warning
simply adds to the poison already
there. You will cause serious or fatal
Alness by keeping up milk food after
the bowels becomo looso and the
movements green in color.
Vomiting. A bottle fed baby, should
not vomit If its food Is pure and prop
erly adjusted to its needs. If vomit
ings occur it is usually a sign of ap
proaching illness, either of one of the
serious diseases of childhood, or more
commonly in hot weather, of summer
diarrhoea. Vomiting due to this cause
may bc 010 flret Bln of trouble and
the bowels may not become looso un
til several days later. If vomiting Is
repeated, stop milk feeding, glvo boil
ed water, cool or of the temperature
at which the milk Is given, and con
sult your doctor at once.
Clothing. Do not put too much
clothing on tho baby In summer. Dur
ing the hottest weather remove most
of the clothes; a thin loose shirt and
a diaper are sufficient during the day
and on vory hot nights.
Never use' clothing mado with tight
waistbands. Petticoats and skirts
should be supported by straps over
the shoulders.
Bathing. Bathe the baby every day.
In not weather a quick sponging all
over later in the day will give com
fort and make htm sleep better. Wash
tho baby each time tho diaper Is
changed and dry the parts thoroughly
before using powder. WaBh all soiled
diapers and boll them. Never use a
dried wet diaper without first wash
ing it
Fresh air. Fresh air is as important
for the baby's health as fresh food.
DllrInS the summer keep the baby out
01 aoor8 BS mucn 63 Pssiuie. rp
tne babv out of tn9 kitchen ho may
set a "sunstroke" from too much heat
Eruptions of the skin. If the baby
has an eruption or breaking out of the
Bkln, consult a doctor. Do not think
that every rash Is prickly heat; it
may bo some serious disease like scar
lot fever, measles, smallpox or chick
en pox.
President's Son Robert Runs Down
Workman at Beverly.
Beverly, Mass., June 28. One of
President Tuft's automobiles, driven
by his son Itobert, ran over aud se
riously Injured an Italian street la'
At the hospital It wns said there
were Indications that the workman's
skull was fractured.
Itobert Taft, with college friends,
I.eudall King of Minneapolis nnd
Goorgo Harrison of Washington, start
ed out from the summer White nouso
for a spin nlong tho north shore.
At Pride's crossing, about two miles
from home, tho streets were being
ollojl by a gang of men. Tho auto
mobile wns slowed down. Tho horn
was sounded, and most of the men
stepped aside.
Ono of them, however, wns not quite
quick enough, nnd tho machine struck
him, tossing him Into the gutter. He
was unconscious when picked up by
young Tuft and his friends.
Nicaragua Court Martial Convicts Pitt
man, Estrada Soldier.
Wueflelds, Juno 28. William Pitt
man, tho daring American who was
captured by tho Madrlz orniy during
tho fighting about Wueflelds a month
nm hfM hnnn fnnnri irnlltv bv a COUTt
eclvod hero,
no will bo sentenced to at least ten
years ln the penitentiary at Managua.
A Tart Retort.
Mrs. Hoyle Don't you think my boy
Is growing? Mrs. Doyle-Yes; he Is
pretty largo for bis mother's age.
Pacific Coast Mry Provide Much Es
teemed Food for Japan.
A now indu Xry offers for tbo fish
ermen of British Columbia the pur
suit of devilfish, otherwise octopus, or
cuttlefish. Jspane.e say there is a
markot In thfelr country for canned
devtlflsh to can. Tho public on this
side of tho Pacific doo3 no generally
regard tho dovlliish as ed'ble. but In
Japan It is csteomcd as a food, and
whllo It is not rated as fino a delicacy
as green turtle or lobster tho flavor Is
said to equal that of the clam.
The octopus hunts for a sheltering
cavo or an overhanging rook, wnero
It lies In wait for prey. It abhors the
sunlight Tho Japanese fishermen
simply provide a shady retreat for tho
octopus, and, whon it backs into the
trnp, it Is hauled to tho surface.
Tho pusucrs of tho octopus provide
themselves with largo earthen Jars
more than a foot In dlair.otor, which
are fastened to a ropo and lowered
Into tho sea. When the devilfish
comes looking for a place to ambush
Its enemy the earthen Jar appears to
fulfil Its needs. Backing into the Jar
tho octopus permits its tentacles to
wave about tho seaweed. Half con
cealed It appears to be as harmless as
a bunch Of kelp, but when a fish comes
along there Is a swish of tho long arms
and the victim Is hold by tho suckers
and forced Into the rapacious maw.
The, fisherman simply sets his traps,
returns tho next day and pulls them
to tho surface and removes tho octo
pus from Its hiding place.
Getting Legal Advice.
You should always find out who Is
telephoning to you If you can.
There's a Broadway lawyer who at
present Is wishing he had. The other
day a lady rang him up and refused to
glvo her name to his clerk, saying
that she wished to talk on personal
and private business. As soon as the
lawyer himself picked up the receiver,
before he could make any Inquiries,
she began: "Oh, please to!l rae, must
there not be two copies of a lease?"
"Why," he answered, "It Is usual to
glvo one to tho landlord s agent and
ono to the lessee. But who are?"
"Yet, tho fact that the wife of the
lessee had never seen a copy of the
lease wouldn't keep It from being
legally binding?"
"No," slipped from the lawyer, who
quickly added: "But before I discuss
the matter further may I ask to
whom ?"
There was n pretty little laugh he
admits It was pretty even no'.v. "Oa,
I'm Mrs. Brown, and I live -on
Broadway. You don't know me." It
was obvious, likewise, that he would
not "but I've always heard your ad
vice was so very valuable, and I want
ed a lawyer, and so I Just called you
up. Good-by."
And when he asked for the number
Central gave htm the Grand Central
Geology and Coal.
A European geologist calls atten
tion to the practical bearing of recent
geological studios of the construction
of tho Karpathlan Mountains. It has
hitherto been assumed that the coal
basin adjoining these mountains ter
minates nt a fault along their edge,
but Professor Uhllg shows that the
coal must continue under the moun
tains, and that the proper points to
sound for It may be determined sim
ply by tho character of the superposed
layers. Instead of sounding through
the Lower Cretaceous formation, as
has been attempted, he points out that
the places where the older Tertiary
layer shows Itself are those where the
coal must He nearest tho surface. Re
cent soundings indicate the correct
ness of hl3 conclusions.
A..M A.M.i..
SUN -UN ..
8 J)t
u W.
4 30,
10 00
... Albany
12 30
8 30
7 10
7 55
... Philadelphia.
1 '.1)1
2 U
i 20 .
8 15,.
4 40,
5 30
1 20
2 tW
5 40
a go
9 ay
tl 15
fi 20
ti 30
li 31
2 05
2 15
2 19
2 37:
2 13
m 45 . . .Curhomln'o . -.
8 551. ..Lincoln Avenue..
O 51
6 11
8 09 Wllltus
U 3U
B 42
9 4S
U 51
9 57
H 52
li 51
9 15
9 21
t) 29
6 17
6 a
... Itum.ui ....
Iiko Lottore .
. Wiiymart...
.. l'rompton...
. .. Kortenla ....
...Seelyvllle ...
.. Honesdale ..
7 01
7 07
2 49
(i 26
2 52
9 32
9 37
e 32
7 13
7 16
7 20
2 5
6 35
10 U)
3 03
3 07
3 10
3 15
9 39
9 43
10 01
u 4:1
If 4(i
0 60
10 OH
7 21
9 4
10 11
7 27
9 50
U 55
10 15
7 31
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
Tins year opoiii with a delugo of new mixed paints. A con
dition brought about by our enterprising dealers to get some kind
of a mixed paint that would supplant CHILTON'S MIXED,
PAINTS. Their compounds, being new and heavily advertised,
may find a sale with tne unwary.
There are reasons for the pro-minonco of OHILTON PAINTS;
1st No one can mix abetter mixed paint.
2d The painters deolaro that it works easily and has won
derful covering qualities.
3d Chilton stands back of it, and will agree to repaint, at his
own oxpenso, every surface painted with Chilton Paint that
proves defective.
4th Those who have Used it aro perfectly satisfied with it
and recommend its use to others.
A Chinese Smuggler.
An Ingenious Instrument for smug
gling was discovered at Rangoon,
when a Chinaman named Ohcng was
arrested at about 7 o'clock ln the
morning as ho stepped ashore from a
sampan. Tho prisoner was carrying
what appeared to bo a tin of kerosene,
but on examination of the tin a cun
ning contrived smuggling outfit was
, The corner of the tin, where the
opening to admit tho oil was situated,
was ln the shnpo of a cube four inches
square and tho other part of the tin
was used as a receptacle for contra
band, the bottom of the tin s.ldlng
out In this hidden receptacle the
oxclse Inspector found fifty-five tolas
of belnchl nnd fifty-two one-eighth
ounce bottles of cocaine.
If the World Spoke English.
If tho whole world spoke English,
England, with her cunning and Intel
lect, would have swayed If not ruled,
the world forever, for behold how she
still sways us and pokes her finger In
our eyes and pies any old time she
likes. If England hadn't talked so
fine Now York and London could havo
stacked tho pack and dealt the deck
for good and ever.
Great Total of Family Ages.
Living at the present time near
Manchester Is a family of eight sis
ters and a brother whose united ages
reach the stupendous total of 607
years. Tho members of the family,
named Stevenson, are: Caroline, 77;
Jane, 74; Margaret, 72; Ann, 09; Rob
ert, 07; Betsy, 65; Alice, 63; Emma.
61, and Sarah, 59. Five of the sisters
and the brother are married.
Roll of
A ttention is called to tne STRENGTH
of the
Wayne Count
The FINANCIER of New York
Citv has published a ROLL Or
HO'NOR of the 11,470 State Banks
and Trust Companies of United
States. In this list the WAYNE
Stands 38th in the United States
Stands 10th in Pennsylvania.
Stands FIRST in Wavr.e County.
Capital, Surplus, $455,000.00
Total ASSETS, $2,733,000.00
Honesdale. Pa.. May 29, 1908.
You will make money
uynavms me,
Bethany, Pa.
. 1'.. A.M.
2 00
10 50,.
8 45!.
10 50
12 40
3 53
' 31
7 32
7 31 7 32
A . M
10 20
9 37
4 03
3 15
7 15
6 20
2 25 P.M.
1 35 10 05
P.M. P.M.
8 05
7 51
7 50
7 33
1 33
1 23
5 40
5 30
I 21
5 21
1 03
5 Or
7 25
12 5H
12 61
5 01
5 Sti
7 19
7 17i
12 19!
12 13
4 51
4 15
7 12
7 09
7 05
12 10
12 31)
12 32
12 29
12 25
4 1
7 01
4 37
4 31
4 30,
6 58
ti 55
A M. P M.
12 17 8 29
12 07 8 17
12 01 8 13
11 11 7 64
11 37 7 47
11 31 7 41
11 29 7 39
11 23 7 32
11 20 7 30
11 Hi 7 28
11 12 7 22
11 09 7 19
11 05 7 15