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Mrs. L. Hawthorne, of Scranton. I
visited Mr. and Mrs. Amos Olver
Inst Sundny. Upon her return
she was accompanied by Mrs. Olrer.
Miss Florence Hoyco entertained
the Hook Club on the afternoon of
May 18th.
Dr. Joseph McKee and family of
Philadelphia, have arrived In town,
and expect to remain for the sum
mer. They will occupy the Morgan
Mrs. W. II. Alt nnd Lawrence Alt
arc home from Big Pond.
Miss Alice Hamlin entertained a
comet party on Wednesday evening.
Sirs. Frances Orchard has return
ed from a two weeks' visit In Scran
ton. Mrs. Salinda Jones nnd Mrs. R. II.
Simons were Hawley visitors last
At the last quarterly meeting of
the M. E. church it was voted to In
crease the annual salary of the min
ister one hundred dollars.
District Superintendent Murdock
delivered a sermon In the M. E.
church on Sunday, May l"ith. at
1:30 p. m. 1
Miss D. P. Hamlin has improved
her grounds and added a concrete
Eugene Mitchell has returned from
Norfolk, Vn.. where he spent the
The planting season will soon be
past, then the fanner will turn his
attention to preparing the soil for
the tilling of buckwheat.
Miss Jeanette Hani, who has been
visiting her father at the Old Hed
Rock farm, will return to Honesdale
Irma Ham is spending several
days with Horace Budd and family
at the West Shore House.
Anna Smith and Ethel Ham are
attending school at Honesdale.
Minor Crosby and wife are mov
ing their household goods from
Aldenville to the S. Saunder's farm
at this place.
Mrs. O. D. Henshaw entertained
friends from White Mills on Satur
day and Sunday.
Scores of people at this place spent
several minutes on Saturday even
ing viewing the comet.
The members of the Ladles' Aid
will be entertained at the home of
Mrs. P. L. Braman on Wednesday
next. A good as well as profitable
time is expected.
W. C. Spry and Earl Ham, ac
companied by their wives, spent Sun
day afternoon with friends at
Swamp Brook.
Philip Murray, Jr., one of Hones
dale's energetic young business men,
was at Altoona Farm on Thursday
last showing us what he can do
with the Cambridge sulky plow. He
can do all that he claims he can.
Every farmer should have one of
these outfits. They are simply con
structed and easily operated.
Several taxpayers from this place
attended the supervisors' meeting at
Beach Lake on Saturday evening.
W. C. Spry was the auctioneer at
the W. N. Curtis sale at Ariel on
Wednesday last. Horses sold for
high prices.
Mrs. Flcken, who has been sick
for several months. Is no better.
Jacob Swltzer. who purchased a
property of B. Ham recently, is re
pairing the barn by raising It high
er and rebuilding the foundation.
Mr. and Mrs. Minor Crosby mov
ed last week to their recently pur
chased farm at Indian Orchard.
Grace Smith, who has resigned her
employment with the Clinton Cut
Glass Co., returned home on Friday.
Mrs. M. Johnson and sons have
moved Into the house vacated by C.
C. Lozier.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bunting, who
mourn the death of their infant son,
have the sympathy of their friends.
The Aldenville base ball team
crossed bats with the Pleasant Mt.
team Saturday. The game resulted
In favor of Pleasant Mt. with a
score of 8 to 9. The Pleasant Mt.
team had a battery from Honesdale.
The program given by the Clinton
High school was well received. It
was indeed a pleasing entertainment.
Miss Mettler Is being entertained
nt the home of ner cousin, Mrs. Wm.
D. Watklns.
A death of unusual sadness was
that of Lula M. Oothoudt, tho young
wife of Floyd B. Oothoudt, who died
at her home on Bellemont Hill Mon
day afternoon of peritonitis, being
111 two weeks. Tho deceased came
with her husband to Hawley from
tho northern part of Now York State
one year ago last December, and by
her endearing qualities In this short
tlmo hnd won many friends. Owing
to illness, none of tho relatives were
present, leaving the heart-broken
husband to face his grief alono, but
for tho extreme kindness of tho peo
plo of Hawley, who over ready
to answer to tho call of distress, did
everything posslblo to comfort the
bereaved one, who has left to caro
for two llttlo girls, tho oldest being
six years of age, and tho youngest
one year. The former had found a
homo with E. Tuthlll, and ho latter
has been taken by Mrs. Fred At-
foid. The funeral was heid from the
homo on Wednesday nfternoon, Rev.
B. P. Ripley olllclatlng. Interment
was made In the Eddy cemetery.
The J. L. Tempest Dramatic Co.
will bo the attraction at tho Stand
ard Opera House this week. Jennie
Tompest, tho leading lndy, will be
supported by an excellent company.
Dr. Catterall was called yesterdny
nfternoon to see Mrs. V. Huff nt
J. E. Trnnsue and two other gen
tlemen of Stroudsburg, were callers
at Wllsonville on Thursday. They
were looking after tho Interests of
Harvey Huffman, candidate for Stnto
Otto Schmidt and Mnrtha Irmish
were Monday visitors of Mrs. Doppel
nt her home on Bone HIdge.
Miss Olive Smith, of East Haw
ley, has accepted n position with the
Keystone Cut Glass Co.
Clarence Loveless, of the East
Side, is confined to the house with
a sex ere attack of inflammatory rheu
matism. Dr. Catterall is hi3 physi
cian. Mrs. Silcr and dntighter are pass
ing tho spring months In California.
Jacob Adams and wife entertained
on Thursday the latter's brother,
George Dunn, of Scranton.
Harry Williams, his father, and
Mr. Edwards, with their families,
moved to Brooklyn on Saturday.
Frank Gilpin made a bicycle trip
over in Pike county on Sunday.
Florence Shook Is entertaining a
gentleman friend who arrived on the
Sunday morning train from Scranton.
Invitations were received by Wayne
county friends to the commence
ment exercises of the Lucy Webb
Hayes National training school for
Missionaries and Deaconesses, held
in Bust Hall, 1150 North . Capitol
street, Washington, D. C, May 13 to
17, 1910. Miss Mary Degroat, a
former Wayne countean. was one of
the graduates whose friends are
greatly pleased to know that she has
chosen this noble work.
Mrs. Hannah Layton went to Bo
hemia on Wednesday where she will
spend a short time with her friends.
.Mrs. Saunders, of Scranton, was a
recent visitor of her sister, Mrs.
Alice Degroat.
Morton Harloe made a business
trip to N,ew York City the last of
the week.
Mrs. Coe Durland of Honesdale,
was a mid-week visitor of her daugh
ter, Mrs. F. W. Suydam.
Owing to the great calamities with
which mother earth was threatened
by its passage through the comet's
tall, some of Scranton's fair sex made
comet visits to their Hawley friends
on that much dreaded day, May 18th,
thinking our town a more safe re
treat in case of disaster than the
Electric City.
Jessie Mott, of White Mills, spent
ffntnrrl.nv nftnrnnnn with frfpiwls In 1
Mrs. David Degroat died at her
home at Fowlertown on Friday at
noon after suffering with a cancer
ous growth for several months.
Funeral was held on Monday with
burial in the Paupack cemetery.
Mrs. Conrad Krause entertained
relatives from Bloomsburg on Sat
urday. Charles Langan went to Lakeville
on Sunday to treat a sick horse own
ed by Charles Daniels.
Miss Sheridan of Honesdale, Is
spending some time with her sister,
Mrs. Martin Barrett, the latter being
In poor health ever since her recent
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Seeger nnd
dnughter Florence, of Lakeville,
visited Joseph Pennell and wifo on
Sunday. They enjoyed a motor boat
trip up the Paupack in the afternoon.
Mrs. George Kimble has returned
from her winter's sojourn in .the
western part of the state. On Sat
udray she and her daughter, Char
lotte, went to Lakeville to visit
Mrs. Charles Locklln. Clarence
Kimble and family Joined them on
Mrs. Oscar Williams visited Tafton
relatives on Sunday.
There nre live graduates from the
High school this year. The bac
calaureate sermon will be preached
on Sunday evening next in tho Pres
byterinn churrh by the pastor, Rev.
William Usher. Tho Class Play will
take puaco Tuesday evening, the
31st, and commencement exercises
will be held on Wednesday evening,
June 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling and daugh
ter came to their summer home last
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barnes spent
Friday in Scranton.
Dr. and Mrs. Simons took a pleas
ure trip to Honesdale last week in
their now auto.
Roy F. Martheus, of Pittsburg, is
spending a few weeks at tho homo
of Thomas Barnes.
Mr. Robinson, of Honesdale,
spent a few days with Mr. G. II. Lan
caster last week.
Mrs. Charles West, Mrs. William
Hazer nnd eon have been visiting
friends at Wllkes-Barro.
Mrs. William Robackor and chil
dren have been visiting relatives at
Moscow during tho past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gilpin have
recently moved Muto Mr. Jesse Mar-
tin's hous l
Mr. Thomns BarneB spent Satur
day nnd Sundny at Moscow, and
Mondny in Scranton,
Wnrd Frey Is spending n few
days with his brother n Scranton.
Mrs. Frank Hnmcs nnd son have
been visiting Mrs. John Frlck.
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Simons spent
Saturday In this plnce. '
Hov. and Mrs. Hooper returned
home from ft trip to White Plains and
Cos Cob, Conn.
Tho Ladles' Aid of the M. P. church ,
met at the parsonage on Wednesday
of last week.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Cook are on a visit
The Lake Qulnslgamon Cottage is
again occupied.
Hev. Hooper was elected by the
New York Conference, Christian
Endeavor of the M. P. church, as del
egate to Atlantic City where the de
nomination will hold Christian En-!
deavor Convention on May 2Cth to!
29th. i
The Young People's Bible class,
of the M. P. church, Mrs. Hooper
teacher, held an ice crenm social in
the Grange Hall on Wednesday even
ing, Mny 18th.
The time of the comet is past,
and we no not see any effects from
It, and have not seen it. There are
some who say they have seen it.
Mrs. D. M. Stalker and daughter,
Edith, and Emma Stalker, attended
the Lookout Aid at Mrs. S. J. Rut
ledge last Thursday. I
Mr. H. P. Kellam and Dr. Frlsbie j
took a trip to Honesdale last Friday
and Saturday in the Doctor's new
Mrs. John Moore and Mrs. WIer, j
of Hanklns, called on friends here i
last Thursday.
D. M. Stnlker has a new canopy
top wagon, large enough to take
some of his neighbors to church with
Miss Lida Conkllu was given a
birthday surprise by eleven of her
friends last Saturday. Ice cream and
cake were served, and she received
many little gifts In remembrance of
the day.
Mrs. B. French from L,ong Island,
Is visiting her aunt, .Miss Barrllla
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Conklln,
from Conklln Hill, visited relatives
here over Sunday.
Mrs. John Skinner made a trip
to Long Eddy last Saturday.
Have The Citizen come to your
home twice a week. The paper with
the news.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Spencer and
Miss Anna Hauser spent Saturday
and Sunday nt Forest City.
Miss Minnie Thornton has return
ed to Hawley after visiting Mrs. O.
C. Miller.
Mrs. J. W. Hull, who has been
visiting Waymart relatives, has re
turned home.
Miss Edna Cliff entertained thir
teen little girls Saturday at an after
noon tea party.
Miss Delma Fitze has returned to
Creamtori after spending several
days with her grandmother, Mrs. H.
P. Meade.
Our pastor, Rev. Schenck, has the
Sunday school in charge and invites
specially young nnd old to be pres
Henry Kent, of Carbondale, visit
ed his sister, Mrs. Edward Hacker,
The many friends here of Mr. and
Mrs. Horace V. Noyes of Honesdale,
extend congratulations on tho birth
of a son, Von Kirk Starnes Noyes,
on Friday morning.
Notice of the death of Mrs. Ger
trude Jones will be found elsewhere.
Mrs. M. E. Bolkcom spent Satur
day with her sister-in-law, Mrs. J. 1$.
Faatz. who Is seriously 111. Mrs.
Charles Faatz has been taking care of
her for several days.
.Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Paynter and
daughter, Isabelle, of Carbondale,
droo over Sunday nnd spent the
day with Mrs. H. N. Miller.
Miss Cody was called to Honesdale
Wednesday on n case.
Dorothy Relfler of Tnnners Falls,
spent Sunday with Ella Gnnunell.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Paynter and
children of Carbondale, spent Sun
day with relatives here.
Rev. Thomas Huston, the evangel
ist, will preach in tho Presbyterian
church Wednesday evening, June 1st,
instead of Sunday, May 29th. All
are welcome.
There was a good attendance at tho
ice cream social at George Madde
ford's homo Friday evening. Pro
ceeds, $9.
What was thought to bo Halley's
comet was seen by several at this
place Saturday evening between S
and 9 o'clock.
Friends from this placo attended
tho funeral of Mrs. H. V. Turnan of
Honesdale last Monday morning.
Miss Cora Weeks recently visited
her sister, Mrs. C. RIaloney, at East
Henry Garratt and wife, of Steben
vlllo, Ohio, and brothor, Nelbon J.
Garratt, and wlfo of Scranton, also
Mrs. Elizabeth Garratt and grand
daughter, Melva Wrenn, of Hawley,
aro visiting nt W. II. Halls.
Mr, and Mrs. G. Ham and daughter
Mary, recently visited relatives at
Nettle Ham nnd friend, of White
Mills, visited her father and sis-tors
on Sunday last. I
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bishop spent
Sundny nt Ira Bishop's. I
Mrs. Mnddock, of White Mills, is
spending some tlmo with her daugh-
tor, Mrs. O. Lovelnss. j
Miss Nellie Hnll recently spent '
several days visiting relatives In i
Lester Rico of White Mills, spent
Frldny afternoon with Hnrold Hall.
Mrs. John Marshall of Vine Hill,
who has been quite seriously 111, Is
reported on the gain.
On an Improvised operating table
stretched over two seats in a car
of a Long Island railroad train,
James Corwood lay senseless while
a surgeon amputated one of his legs.
While the operation wns performed,
the train lurched and pitched, mak
nig the fast run to Jamaica. Cor
wood was run over at Bellemore,
and put aboard to be taken to n
hospital at Janiacia. A telegram
was sent ahead to Rockvlllo Centre,
in response to which a physician
boarded the train nt that point. Ho
saw an immediate operation was
needed. He completed the task be
fore the train reached Jamaica. At
the hospital It was said Corwood had
a chance of recovery because of tho
prompt treatment.
Berlin G. T. Brltenbaker.
Buckingham Amos Edwards.
Canaan William Sheeley.
Cherry Kldge E. C. Brown.
Clinton S. A. Snedeker.
Dyberry Nicholas Dippert.
Dreher Scott Bartleson.
Damascus B. H. Keyes.
Honesdale Thomas A. Crossley,
Sr., James Monahan, Alfred H. Olver.
Hawley Frank Stevenson.
Lebanon BenJ. Rutledge.
Manchester Linas Mahon.
Mt. Pleasant Thos. Dunn.
Oregon Henry Tamblyn.
Palmyra Hugh Parcell.
Paupack Augustus LIntner.
Preston Henry Niles.
Starrucca George Carpenter.
South Canaan H. C. Curtis.
Salem Byron H. Leonard.
Texas Emanuel Holland, Fred
Bethany J. E. Goff.
Berlin Herbert Branning, Fred
Buckingham Cain Lord, William
Cherry Ridge Ferdinand Dlrlam.
Canaan Norman Jenkins.
Clinton John Mill.
Damascus Augustus Keeslor, H.
B. Lord, G. A. Keesler, Ward Wall.
Dyberry Harry E. Palmer, Geo.
M. Day.
Dreher A. J. Osborn.
Honesdale Frank M. Robinson,
Paul Knorr, Wm. Pohle, John Drls
coll. Hawley W. C. Knapp, J. J. Swlt
zer. Lebanon Leroy L. Mitchell.
Lake William Ransom, T. N.
Lehigh Reuben Biesecker.
Mt. Pleasant Wm. Glover, Grand
ison Loomis, James Clune.
.Manchester D. M. Stalker, Jr.,
Charles Phillips.
Oregon George Taylor.
Prompton William Wood.
Preston Dennis Moran.
Paupack John Munzatt.
v Palmyra Joseph Schoell.
South Canaan Thomas Box, Jay
Salem Edmund Hartford, An
drew McCluskey, Chas. M. Glllett.
Sterling Abram Garrls, Eugene
Starrucca E. R. Huyck.
Scott William Eberline.
Texas Julius Bussa, Jacob Deni
er, Sr., Michael Loercher.
Waymart R. Wonnacott.
Results of Games Played In National
and American Leagues.
At Pittsburg New York, 7; Pitts
burg, 1. Batteries Wiltse, Mathowsou
and Meyers; Phllllppl, Camnltz, Webb
and Gibson.
At St. Louis St. Louis, 0; Brooklyn,
0. Batteries Lush and Phelps; Bar
ger aud Erwln.
At Cincinnati Cincinnati, 0; Boston, I
5. Batteries Gasper nnd McLean; t
Frock aud Smith.
At Chicago Chicago-Philadelphia
game postponed on accouut of rain.
W. L. P.C.
Pittsburg 10 10 .015
Chicago 10 11 .Cl
Cincinnati 10 11 X'X
New York 17 14 .548
St. Louts 10 15 .510
Philadelphia Hi 13 .500
Boston 10 10 .345
Brooklyn 10 21 .B23
At Boston (fifteen Innings) Chicago,
4; Boston, 3. Batteries Walsh, Puyno
and Block; Hall und Donohue.
At Philadelphia Detroit, 4; Phlladel
phla, 3. Batteries Donovan and Sta
unge; Bender nnd Lapp.
At Washington Washington, 7; St.
Louis, 2. Batteries Johnson nnd
Street; Graham and Stephen.
At New York New York-Clevelaud
game postiKmed on account of rain.
W. L. P.O.
Philadelphia 20 0 .700
Now York 18 8 .092
Detroit ., 17 13 .507
Boston , 15 13 .530
Ciovoland 13 14 .481
Washington 12 18 .400
Chicago 0 10 .300
St. Louis 5 21 .10:
In tho dream of northern poets,
The brave who in bnttle die
Fight on In tho shndowy phalanx
In tho fields of tho upper sky;
And, ns we road the sounding
The reverent fancy hears
iic fjiiuoiij w i i.ic tiv n ivsa
And the clash of tho spectral
Wo think with Imperious question
ings Of the brothers whom we have
lost j
And we try to track In death's mys-j
The flight of each valiant ghost,
The northern myth comes back to
And we feel througn our Bor-'
row's night
That those young souls are striving
Somewhere for truth nnd right.
A chosen corps, they are marching
In a wider Held than ours;
Those bright battalions still fulfil
Tho schemes of the heavenly
And high," brave thoughts float down
to us,
The echoes of that far fight,
Like the gleam of a distant picket's
Through the shades of the sever
ing night.
No fear for them! In our lower
Let us keep our arms unstained,
That at last we be worthy to stand
with them
On the shining heights they've
We shall meet and greet In closing
In Time's declining sun.
When the bugles of God shall sound
And the Battle of Life be won!
John Hay.
D REAL ESTATE. -By virtue of process
Issued out of tho Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, and State of
Pennsylvania, and to mo directed
and delivered, I have levied on and
will expose to public sale, at the
Court House in Honesdale, on
All the defendant's right, title and
Interest in the following described
property, viz:
All that lot of land situate in the
township of Mt. Pleasant, county of
Wayne, and state of Pennsylvania,
bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at a corner in the line
of land of H. G. Squires and corner
of Bernard Hatton; thence along
said Hatton's east line north ten
degrees west one hundred and ninety-eight
perches to Hatton's north
east corner; thence north eighty
five degrees east to line of land sold
to Joseph Monroe. Jr., and Charles
E. Fletcher; thence south five degs.
east one hundred and ninety-eight
perches along the line of No. 11 and
12 of the Keen allotment to line of
H. G. Squires; thence south forty
eight and one-half degrees west
along H. G. Squires' line to place of
beginning. Containing one hundred
and twenty acres more or less. Be
ing same premises which W. B.
Roadknight, sheriff of Wayne, soid
as the property of John Kerlin by
deed dated Oct. 2S, 1907, recorded
in Recorder's office deed book No. 95,
page 35, to Marvin Cooley. And
same which Marvin Cooley, by deed
dated June G, 190S, and intended to
be recorded, granted to Mary F.
O'Neill. j
Upon said premises are a frame
dwelling aud two barns and three
fourths of said land is improved.
Seized and taken Into execution
as the property of Mary F. O'Neill at
the suit of Marvin Cooley. No. 4S.
June Term, 190S. Judgment, 51,300.
Kimble, Attorney.
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must be paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LEE BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Pa., May IS, 1910. i
Plenty Of Good Lumber Here
Don't buy just the ordinary everyday lum.
ber when you can get some of our beau
tiful, soft and clear grain
Yellow Pine Flooring, Ceiling,
Siding, Casing, Basing, Etc.
gat the same price as you'd pay for Inferior
Wo also carry a full line of
Hardwoods, Cedar Shingles, Lath,
Plaster, Cement, Fencing, Posts, Etc.
"Quality and Prompt Service"
goes with all sales we make. Come and in
spect our complete etock and see for yourself.
Druggist, Honesdale, Pa.
Was born at Honesdale In 1SG4
and has always been a resident of
the borough. He was educated In
the Honesdale high school and learn
ed the druggist's business In the
pharmacy of C. C. Jadwln, and Is
still engaged in that calling. He
has always been an active and con
sistent Republican, is well versed in
and an able exponent of the princi
ples of tho party and wholly devoted
to it3 interests. Mr. Relchenbacker
Is a member of the American Federa
tion of Musicians. He was placed In
nomination for state senator of the
14th district by the conferees of
Wayne at Stroudsburg in 1908 and
during the deadlock had the highest
vote of any candidate; but notwith
standing the nomination belonged to
Wayne, his name was withdrawn on
the fifty-second ballot and the nom
ination went to Carbon county.
Turn out to Primaries Saturday
June 4, 1910.
r ire
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C C. Jadwin's drug store.
We have the sort of tooth brushes that are
ni:nle to thoroughly cleanse nnd save the
Tliry nre the kind Hint clean teeth w Ithon
eavins vour mouth full of bristles.
We recommend those costlnj 25 cents o
more, as we ran guarantee them and will re
place, free, any that show defects of mami
fai'turc within three months. .
Opp. I). A It. Station HONESDALE, PA