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    niK CITIZEN, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1010.
"WANTED Board for small famr
lly In private house. B, Citizen of
fice. r 2t
LOST A signet ring with the let
ters II. S. H. A reward will be given '
if left at 108 Tenth street. 2tj
AVANTED House or apartments
for small family. V, Citizen offlce. 2t
FOR SALE Honesilale National
Bank stock, 23 shares, or any part
thereof, at $1CG per share. Warren
P. Schenck, Honesdale, Pa. 30t2 j
WANTED A girl who under
stands washing and paraffining
glass. Apply at once in person or
by 'phone. Clinton Cut Glass Co.,
Aldcnvllle, Pa. 2t. ,
WANTED A man to work on
farm. Apply to L. G. Iloff, Cherry
Itldge, K. F. D. No. 2. 39to3.
I "Oil SAIjK A horse, 5 years old;
broko double and single; good driv
er; weight Is 1050; price $175. C.
LOZIER, Aldcnvllle, Pa. 3St2
WANTED A kitchen girl at Ho
tel Wayne. 38t3.
WAXTKI) A girl for general
house work. Good home to the right
party. Apply to C. C. Lozler, Alden
vllle. Pa. tU
HOW will you trade sewing ma
chines? You can trade with Mc
Intyre. 35eol2
FOR SALE House containing ton
rooms and" bath, 30G Fourteenth
street, Honesdale. Dwelling in ex
cellent condition. All modern im
provements. FRANK STEINMANtf
TWELVE muslin trespass notices
for $1.00; six for seventy-five cents.
Name? of owner, township and law
regarding trespnssing printed there
on. CITIZEN offlce.
FOIt SALE A walnut upholster
ed, parlor set of furnlturo consist
ing of sofa and two large cnalrs. In
quire Citizen Office. tf
ALL KINDS or legal blanks, notes,
leases, deeds, warrants, bonds, sum
monses, constable bonds, 'etc. Citizen
AUCTION The undersigned will
sell at Indian Orchard on Tuesday,
May 24 th, 1910, at 1 p. m the fol
lowing: 2 horses, 4 cows, 1 yearling
heifer, 1 yearling bull. 2 mowing ma
chines, 1 horse rake, plows, harrows,
cultivators, and othr ifarm tools.
One lumber wagon, 1 JIoGown spring
wagon, 1 covered pedllling wagon,
suitable for a butcher, a huckster,
or for carrying mirk o station will
hold 12 to 15 cans, 1 new "ManuB"
bono cutter, 1 oorn slie'ller, pair bob
sleighs, 1 two-seated 'jumper, 1 De
Laval cream separator :No. 1, and
other dairy utensils. Double and
single harnesses, etc. In furniture:
1 extension table, stoves, cnalrs, and
other articles too numerous to men
tion. All sums of 10, cash; over
that amount, six months' credit on
judgment notes with approved se
curlty. S. SAUNDERS. 39t2
The annual dnnce of the Ameri
can Flint Glass Workers' Union
proved a great success on Friday
A large slate vault Is being plac
ed in position In the Hardenbergh
plot in Glen Dyberry cemetery.
When completed the remains of Mrs.
E. B. Hardenbergh will be placed
therein and the vault hermetically
Mrs. George S. Purdy has had
erected in Dyberry cemetery a mag
nificent monument to the memory of
her husband, the late Judge George
S. Purdy. It Is a white granite sar
cophagus, the base being five by
seven feet, elegantly carved, finely
proportioned, and It adds more beauty
to our silent city of the dead.
Peter Regan, oetter known as
(Kid), who was born and educated
in Honesdale, nnd was lately tried
for tho murder of Walter R. Joyco
In New York City on April 13,
190G, plead guilty of assault and
battery In the first degree and was
sentenced to state prison for not less
than one year and not more than
-To-day Is tho day whon we who
inhabit this world will travel through
tho comet's tall. Don't bo nlarmed If
there is a little darkening of the at
mosphere. Don't use your phone
i nless R is necessary as tho atmos
pheric disturbance may possibly sur
charge tho nlr with more electricity
than usual. Wireless telegraphy ap
paratus will no doubt have more or
less trouble, but no dangor to life
or health will bo Incurred.
Tho MUlertown Telegram has a
long article about tho Brotherhood
of the Presbyterian church of that
place holding an entertainment nt
which Mr. Rohboln, tho "Wizard of
Wonderland," was introduced and
for three-quarters of an hour held
tho closest attention ot tho big nudl
enco by his wonderful slight of hand
tricks. Ho found a three-foot snake
on Professor Halght, pulled a pack of
flinch cards out ot the Domino's
pocket, and found somo money on
tho person of tho only editor who was
present. They concluded that Gus
surely had occult powers. After
somo amusing stories, and tho as
semblage bad been fed, Gus brought
down tho houso by singing, "And
Mother Hasn't Spoko to Father
John O'Corincll accompanied Dr.
Micks on a professional trip to Mt.
Pleasant on Tuesday.' j
The town council of Mllford '
has purchased C.500 gallons ot road
oil to use on their streets. j
Will Carlton, the fnmous poet,
Is to recite from his writings at the
UnwW nnntlR pimrph in.nliriit. i
- - - - -1 ' - - - - ------ - l
Durness Ames nnd Richard
Evans of Hawley, are conducting a
garage at Hawley for the convent
enco of autolsts.
Thursday evening the Knights
of St. Paul of Grace Episcopal
plmrnli will linlil tlinlr first liinntlnir
with the ofllccrs In their respective !
E. C. Morris, of Scranton, an-1
uounces the engagement of
daughter, MIbs Maude, to William j
Katz, of Honesdale. Tribune-Ke-
Miss Mae O'Neill, of Honesdale. 1
was the winner in District No. 8 of I
the Scranton Truth's European con-j
test, defeating her nearest opponent
by over 43,000 votes.
Lieut. W. H. Mumford, of Co.
E, leaves for Mount Gretna, on
Thursday, to attend the camp ot In-'Tuman, Mr. Tunian being a director
structlon for ofllcers of tho National of the above company.
Guard of Pennsylvania. The Maple City garage and 111a-
Hon. A. T. Searle is in Scranton ci"e shop has been awarded the con
thls week, presiding over the Lack-! fact to place a lfi-horsepower boiler
wanna comity court, mid next week the Forest Lake Association club
goes to Harrlsburg to officiate In tho
sana; enpatity for Dauphin county.
Grace Eplscopftl church, Trin
ity Sunday, May a'2: Holy Commun
ion at 3 a. 111.; Morning service at
10:30; evening service at 7:30;
Sunday school and Bible class at
12 M I
o...... e i......i . r Ti..i.
oiiur -oupui iiiieuouiii ui x uu-
lie Instruction, Nathan C. Schneffer,
hns re-appolnted Win. B. Holmes,
of Honesdale, as a trustee of the
State Normal School, at East
Stroudsbiirg, for tho term of three ,
Miss Anna McKeon, of Hones
dale, has accepted n position In the
office of the American Silk Company
in New York City. She has lioen
Tisiting her cousin, Mary Deluuiey,
at Port Jervls, prior to going to New
York to assume her duties.
The Republicans will "p'lace a
candidate in nomination for State
Treasurer, and the nominee '-will no
doubt be C. F. Wright, the present
incumbent. This move lis :niade nec
essary as there is a question wheth
er Mr. Wright's trm 'expires in one
or three years.
The next addition ito our finan
cial institutions will 'be .a National
Bank which is to be 'organized at
Lake Ariel and win -no doubt be well
supported by the merchants doing
business in the 'lower en'd of the
county, many af "whom now do their
banking In Scranton.
There -win "be :a 'communion ser
vice at live Indian 'Orchard school
house for the nowly confirmed and
others on Sunday, 'May 22, at 2:30
p. m. Rev. A. L. "Whlttaker will
preach the sermon. On Thursday
evening. May 19th, a box social will
be held In the sdhodl house.
Instead of commencement exer
cises at Hawley this .year, there will
be, a literary contest. The boys are
to declaim "Spartaous Speech to the
Gladiators." while the girls will tell
us about "Paul "Revere's Ride."
Harry Atkinson will furnish tho
prizes that are to be awarded.
The Hon. R. L. Burnett, of
Stroudsbiirg, -who has announced
himself as a Democratic candidate
for the nomination of State Senator,
is a man whose lifo-long character
and reputation ds likely to appeal
very strongly for the support of
voters of this district regardless of
party affiliations.
Howard K. Rose of Ivoryton,
Conn., was a guest over Sunday at
the home of his uncle, J. E. Rich
mond, of Central Park. Ho Is junior
partner cf tho Comstock Cheney
Co., manufacturers of Ivory keys and
piano actions. It is tho oldest and
largest factory In tho country, em
ploying 'over 800 tiklllcd work
men. Just ns soon as the comet com
mences to draw away into spaco and
away from the Earth's orbit, we may
expect normal weather, but as it Is
now tho, nbsorbtion of some of tho
Sun's power to energize the comet
is deverting heat and light which tho
world otherwise would receive. Wo
are glad that we will not bo a resi
dent of this county when it makes
Its next visit In 198C.
John Klmblo and John II.
Weaver, Jr., left for Towanda on
Sunday morning where they will be
gin their duties as managers of the
now factory ot tho Wayno Cut Glass
Co. They expect to bo in operntion
by next Saturday witli a force of
experienced glass cutters. Wo re
gret to have these men lenvo our
community, also tho men who go
with them, ns they were a valuablo
asset to tho town. It is the men
who nro industrious, who aro will
ing to work, and who aro determin
ed to work who add 'to n town's
A comot party camped out on
tho up-town bridgo Saturday night
and Sunday morning, and in -order
to keep warm thoy built a flro on
tho north end of tho bridgo, which
did no harm except leaving tho ashes
and debris for Sunday morning
church goers to walk over. They
kopt awalto alright, nnd by their
nolso kept everybody else awako In
that neighborhood. Tho comet re
fused to bo seen and hid Itself bo
hind somo clouds that were too
dense) to bo penetrated by the nak
ed Qjto.
' Miss Helen Beck has accepted a
position ns clerk for C. W. Smith Co. '
The ushers of Lyric theatre will ;
conduct a comet dance at the Lyrlel
hall on Wednesday ovenlng.
w. M. Fowler has purchased a ,
Jackson Tourabout from the Dor-it
Dinger ngency nt White Mills.
n a r in ...m i,,.
UVUl h 13. 11 i: 1 1 11 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 tuuuui..
services nnd preach at the Berlin
Baptist church on Sunday next nt
2:30 p. 111.
Lincoln Mcdland and family and
Miss Stella Vanaan, of Carbondnle,
motored to Hondsdalo Sunday and
spent the dny with C. M. Betz and
.. . 1 v tni
, ,, ,, .,..' i,
East Extension street, announce tho
engagement 01 ineir daughter, .miss
Grace, to Hay O. Bunnell, of
The only two men here who re-
member Hnlley's comet on its last
visit arO Justice R. A. Smith, of'
Honesdale and William. Pentlcost, of
The Diamond Cut Glass Co. sus
pended operations on Monday on ac
count of the funeral of Mrs. Herman
house In Pike county
The Dauphin county court has
fixed September 21st as the date for
hearing arguments on the demurrers
to the actions in equity growing out
of the capltol furniture contracts.
-M. F. porln, tho real estate
, sold tho Bayly lot on Willow
Avenue, 52,Ax280, on which Is a
. . , - , 4 rii
splendid spring of water, to Chaun-
eey E. Bates; consideration $475.
The deed of the Armory site
will be drawn this week, transferring
the same to the State, and lmmed-
lately bids will be opened and con
tract awarded for building the State
Tho formation oT a 'National
Bank at Ariel is progressing rapidly.
A temporary "organization has been
formed with John BIgart, President;
Chas. Shaffer, Vice President, and
M. J. Emery, Cashier.
A marriage license has been
Issued to Miss Lillian Sweeney of
this place, and Michael J. Bruen, of
Trenton, N. J. Mr, Bruen, who Is a
prison warden of that place, has
been spending a few days in town.
Irwin Browcr, of Preston, was
before Judge Searle on the charge or
larceny of $5.00 from'Zara Lee. The
Judge suspended sentence and plac
ed the prisoner on probation. He Is
to pay Zara Lee the amount stolen,
and also to pay $B.OO "monthly until
the costs of. the suit are all paid.
He is alBo to refrain from the use of
intoxicating liquors for a period of
one year, which is the term of his
probation. Roscoe N. Lee was ap
pointed probntlon 'Officer to whom
the probationer is to regularly re
port. Dance at Soelyvllle Fire Hall,
Thursday ovenlng, May 19th. Tick
ets 25 cents.
uev. u. u. vjoennn lert on bainr-
day for Jersey City.
George Bourket -visited friends in
Carbondale on Sunday.
Miss Sophie Qulnlan was a caller
In Hawley last Saturday.
Mrs i. Alma Bortroe of Hawley, wa
a visitor In town Saturday.
Miss Merlo Eldred has gone to
Scranton for a two woeks visit.
Miss Cella Duff, of Forest street, is
visiting friends in Carbondale.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ilealy and Bessie
Dudley were In Scranton on Monday.
Frank X. Soete, of Norwich, Is
visiting his parents on South Main
George M. Genung is on a business
trip through the middle western
Miss Mlghon Roeslngor of Carbon
dale, Is tho guest of MIbs Grnce Eric
of Seelyville.
Walter Campbell, of Scranton,
passed Sunday with his parents at
East Honesdale.
Miss Maud Kelly, of Scranton,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
Seelyville friends.
Misses Margaret Donnolly, Helen
Oaks and Frances Domer spent Sun
day In Carbondale.
Robert Patterson, of tho Scranton
Electric Light Co., was a visitor in
town over Sunday,
. Misses Frances Richardson and
Maud Smith, of Prompton, spent last
Saturday in Honesdale.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Francis Crago were
recent guests at tho homo of C. H.
Wllmartli of Aldenvlllo.
R. W. Murphy, wlfo nnd party ot
Hnwloy friends, camo to Honesdale
in their automobile Saturday.
Miss A. W. Knnpp, of tho R. K.
Film sorvlco, spent Saturday and
Sundoy with Honesdalo friends.
August Rohboln has roturned from
an extended trip in tho lntorcst of the
Durlnnd-Weston Shoo Company,
Sidney Colwoll aud family loavo
this week for Wllkes-Bnrro, wnero
they will make tholr future homo.
Miss Elizabeth Colomnn, ot Jer
sey City, visited her parents on
Church street on Saturday and Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Tuman, ot
Scranton, attended the funoral of
Mrs. Honnan Tuman on Monday
Ed. 'FlootiJ nndJtmn Stockman of
Carbondnle, wore In town Monday
I"'0?" Hosenkranz loft Monday for
Towanda to net In the capacity of
V0"Jng Blcsn,nn for tlle Rwanda
ut uln88 L0,
Mr- ftnd Mrs- Pn Flves hnve bccn
entertaining the former's brother nnd
. . - , , . . . 1 . 1
niaici lui liiu puoi. nucn in 114111 iiuuiu
on Park street.
Daniel It. Coleman nnd Edmund
A tiMnnrv nt Mm I! nil Tnlniitinno Pn I
of Scranton, were visitors In this
placo on Saturday.
Mrs. .Martin Lynch left for her
homo In Towanda on Sunday, after
spending somo time with Martin
Cnufleld and family on P;
family on Park street,
Otto Iloff, principal of tho Scely
vlllo High school, leaves this week
for Stroudsbiirg, Pa., where he will
attend tho Normal School, for n short
exnwted Lino rron tho Haiti
f, ' 01"e . rm " '
Mnrcy, son of Dr. Hnrry B. Lly,
more Medical College, the latter
part of the week to Bpend his sum
mer vacation.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. R. Kreltner left
for their home In Scranton on Sun
day. They were accompanied by
Miss Alma Scliuller who will make a
short visit with them.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rlefler
went to New York In their new Stude
baker machine Thursday at 9:30
and returned Sunday eening. They
had as guests Prof, and Mrs. Odny.
Mrs. M. P. Kesler, granddnughter j
Miss Marie McDermott, and Missi
Mary Gall, left Monday morning for
j Now York City, where they will bo
the gue8t8 of relatives for about a
Ira Marsh, who has been teaching
in Seelyville, left on Tuesday morn
ing for his home In Danlelsville, Pa.
Miss Margaret Davis, a trained
nurse of Carbondale, registered at
the Allen House on Tuesday.
McKEE Andrew McKee died at
his home In Winwood, Preston
township. May 7, 1910, of paralysis,
aged 78 years and 3 months. He
was for many years a resident of the
above town. Deceased was a mem
ber of the Lake Como Lodge of Odd
Fellows. Ho is survived by his wife,
a married daughter and five sons.
RICKARIJ Mrs. Snra Batron,
wife of Commissioner John Rickard,
of Cherry Ttidge, 'died at her homo
Friday afternoon, May 13th, 1910, of
heart trouble, agod sixty years. She
Is survived by her husband, one son,
William; one brother, Leonard, of
Texas townBhtp, .and one sister, Mrs.
Frank Gill, 'of Scranton. Funeral
services were held from her late
home Monday afternoon. Interment
In Darling 'cemetery.
TUMAN Mrs. Mignon E. Tunian,
wife of Herman Tuman, of Vine
street, died at her home on Thursday
evening of blood poisoning, after a
few days' illness. Mrs. Tuman had
been wall-papering and in some man
ner got some paste on her cheek.
About three days after her face be
gan to swell and Drs. M. E. Con-
vili aud Ely performed an operation.
Tho poison .had progressed so far,
however, that tho operation was in-
effectual in checking the poison and
, she died at 10:30 Thursday evening.
j Deceased was in her twenty-eighth
j year. Besides her husband, a little
daughter, her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Mangan, two brothers and two
sisters, siirvive( Edward and Her
; Honesdale, and Mrs. Fred
WaUers aud 'Jacob SmUh q
Scranton. The funeral took place on
Monday morning at 9:30 from St.
John's Roman Catholic church, Rev.
Thomas Hanley officiating.
CLAUSON Mrs. Louisa, widow of
the late Nicholas Clauson, died sud
denly at her homo last Wednesday.
The funoral was held from her lnte
home on Friday morning at 10 o'clock
in Damascus. She was 75 years of
ago, having been born in Germany In
1835. She came to this country in
1852 with her parents, who settled
In New Yory City. She was married
to Nicholas Clauson, officer on one of
tho ocean liners running out of New
York. His health falling, they mov
ed to Cochecton, N. Y., where Mr.
Clauson died in 18C8. She Is sur
vived by four sons, Fred W., of
Honesdale; Charles M, and Georgo
L. of Galilee; and Nicholas P. of
Durgee, all of whom were present at
tho funeral, and acted as pall-bearers.
Sho lias also two sisters who
survivo her, Mrs. Paulino Schilling,
of Cnlllcoon, and Mrs. Thomas John
son of Now York. Rov. James Cole
man olllcinted at tho funeral, inter
ment being mndo in tho old Cochec
ton cometery.
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O.
We, tho undorslgned, have known
F. J. Chenoy for tho last 15 years,
and believo him perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and fi
nancially nblo to carry out any ob
ligations mado by his firm.
Waldlng, KInnan & Marvin,
Wholesalo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is takon in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonials sent freo.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggsts.
ako Hall's Family Pills for eon
Working In manhood's prime and
ardent youth
In that subllmest, most enobllng J
To show for man, best Friendship, j
f.nvn nnrl TrttMi ' ' t
Love nnd Truth
In memory of Andrew
who died .May 7th, 1910.
"So let him sleep that dreamless ' previous year. It Is claimed that
Bleep, our sorrows clustering . they are worth, on an overage, ten
round his hend: dollars more per head than a year
Be comforted, ye loved who weep, ago.
ho lives with God he Is not dead." All lovers of the horse must rc
Oncc again Death hath summoned Jolco to see the auto-truck relieving
n Brother Odd Fellow, and tho gold-1 him of some of his cruel loads, but
en gateway to the Eternal City has let no man dream the automobile
opened to welcome him to his home.
Ho has completed his work In the
ministering to tho wants ot the nf-
Dieted, In shedding light Into dark-1
encd souls nnd In bringing Joy Into j tlon, but because they are horses,
the places of misery, and as his re-1 These would rather drive an Intolll
ward has received the ptaddit, "well i gent, well-bred horse live miles than
done," from the Supreme Being. j steer an automobile from Main to
And Whereas, the all-wise and : California over the finest boulevard
merciful Father has called our be- every built,
loved and respected Brother home,
And Whereas, he having been a! Cultivators, Weeders, and Hlllers
true and faithful brother of our at Murray Co., Honesdale, Pa. 2t
Mystic Order, therefore bo It !
Resolved, That Lake Como Lodge,
No. 9G5, I. O. O. F., of Lake Como,
In testimony of her loss, tenders to
the family of the deceased brother
our sincere condolence in tills deep
affliction, and that a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the family.
Committee. i
Green be his memory, in the Order's
Ho loved so well, through all his !
true life's span; !
Bless'd be his rest, who acted well
his part.
Who honor'd God in doing good to
85,000,000 MORE IN OIL.
Mexican Eagle Co. Fighting the Waters-Pierce
Tiiinplco, Mexico, May 17. Advices
were received here that the Mexican
Eagle Petroleum company, a subsi
diary concern of S. Pearson & Sou.
limited, has Increased its capital stock
to $20,000,000 from $15,000,000.
The increase was oversubscribed in
London. Pnrt of the amount will be
used to erect two oil refineries, It Is
announced. The company Is waging a
bitter war against the Waters-Pierce
Oil company for cotitrol of the refined
nil trade of Mexico.
Secretary of Interior Harshly Arraigns
Stenographer Who Talked..
Washington, May 17. Frederick M.
Kerhy, the stenographer whose recent
statement was followed by President
Tuffs explanation of the so called
Lawler memorandum in the Ballluger
PInchot case, was dismissed from the
government service by Mr. Balllnger.
The letter of dismissal wits n severe
arraignment of Kerby, Secretary Bill
linger accusing him of having sought
wrongfully to bring reproach upon the
administration, of deliberately mis
stating the facts and of being un
worthy to remain In the public service.
Kerby does not Intend to nccept the
situation without making some sort of
u tight. It is known that lie consulted
a lawyer and that he is considering the
possibility of bringing an action for
libel against Mr. Balllnger. Kerby's
friends are urglug him not to drop the
matter without a legal fight, and such
an action would, of course, be one
more nunoylng feature in the present
controversy for the secretary of the
interior to combat.
Results of Games Played In National
and American Leagues.
At St. Louis-St. Louis, 4; New York,
2. Batteries-Willis and Phelps;
Wlltso and Meyers.
At Ciucliinntl Cincinnati, 3; Brook
lyn, 2. Batteries From me, Gasper
and McLean; Seanlon, Bell and Erwln.
At Pittsburg-Pittsburg, 7; Phihulel.
phht, 1. Batteries I.eever, Lielleld
mid Gibson; Shettler. Humphries and
At Chicago Chicago, -1; Boston, !!.
Butteries Cole and Archer; Brown,
Parsons, Graluini and Ilarldon.
V. L. P.O.
Pittsburg- i; 8 .011)
Philadelphia 12 i) .571
Cincinnati 12 0 ..VT1
Chicago 13 11 .&r'
Now York 11 12 .53S
St. Louis 11 13 .458
Boston 9 14 ,301
Brooklyn 0 17 .310
At New York New York, 0; St.
Louis, 3. Batteries Ford and Swee
ney; Luke and Klllifer.
At Boston-Boston, 11; Detroit, 4.
Butteries ICurger and Cnrrlgan; Per
nell, Sirnnd, Donovan and Stanage.
At Phlladelphia-Phlladolphla, 0; Chi
cago, 1. Batteries Coombs and Lapp;
Smith and Payne.
At Washington Washington, 3;
Cleveland, 1. Batteries Relshlng and
Streot; Fnlkonburg nnd Clark.
W. L. P.O.
Philadelphia 7! Ill 4 .800
Now York 13 8 .011!
Detroit 15 10 .000
Clovcland 12 10 .515
noston 12 12 .500
Chicago ,..8 12 .400
Washington 0 10 .300
8t, Loula 4 17 .100
2nII ti
It Is hard to believe that, with tho
enormous increase in the number of
automobiles, the horse is still so
snlendldly holding his own. Ac-
cording to a report lying beforo us
. t. . . i - i- I . i.
United States to-dny Is over 21,000,-
000. This Is 400,000 more than tho
will supplant him. Men are born
ever dny who love horses, not be
cause they can serve them as beasts
of burden or means of transporta
abound in our latest ar
rival of exquisite lin
gerie and household
This wonderful
ment of
is now on full view in our
store. Come in and
look it over.
1 may be different in many
points, but they will
agree, when it comes to
' naming the store', where
the best dry goods are
j They will tell you this in not only
tho best for the larger article but.
also for ul I kinds of notions.
-M-M- -f
! . . . . . .
NoraOlscii v. Ole Olson.
No. 6,1 Jan. Toxin. 1910. I.Ibul In Divorce.
To OI.K OI.SHN: You an- hereby re
(iiilretl to appear In the suld Court on the
third Monday of June next, to answer tlio
complaint exhibited totlielmU'eoruIili-ourt
by Nora Olson, your wife. In the cause above
stated, or In defnult theirof u docue ot
divorce us prayed for In said complaint may
be made aualust you In your absence.
Honesdale. Pa.. May 10, l'JIO. Sheriff.
U the Judge of the several Courts of
the County of Wayne has Issued his precept
for holding a Court ot Quarter Sessions, Oyer
and Terminer, aud (ienerul Jail Delivery In
and for said County, at tho Court House, to
lift-In on
M ON n A Y J UN K 'JC. 1910.
and to continue one week :
And directluu' that a Grand Jury for the
Courts of Quarter Sessions anil Oyer and
Terminer be summoned to meet on Monday,
June 13. 1910, at 2 p. in.
Notice Is therefore hereby elven to the
Coroner and Justices of the Peace, nnd Con
stables ot the County ot Wayne, that they be
then and there In ihelr proper persons, at
said Court House, at 'i o'clock la ibo utter
noon ot Raid 13th ot June 1910. with their
records, liuiulsitlons.cxumlnutlons undother
remembrances, to do those things which to
their olllccsuppertuln to bo done, and those
who are bound by recoi-nlzunce or otherwise
to nrnset'iitu tho iirtsoners who nr or ahull
be in the Jail of Wayne County, be then nnd
there to prosecute ugulnst them as shall b
mven unuer my nana, m jionesaaio, una
16th day of May. lull), and In the Kild year
o! the Independence ot the United States
, M I.KK II HA MAN. Sheriff.
uenu a uuicu
Honesdale, May It), 1910.
I. J 38wl