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Tho following la n sample of many
letters, In rcgnrd to tho appearance
of plant lice on vegetables, received
nt the Dlvisron of Zoology of tho
Pennsylvania Department of Agri
culture: "We are having a 'plague of lice'
In this section. A small, green louse
Is killing our potatoes, tomatoes,
radishes and other vegetables. The
lice cling to the under sides of the
leaves, and some leaves aro entirely
covered. 1 sprayed tho potatoes with
Bordeaux mixture and Paris green,
nnd also dusted them with air-slaked
lime, but to no purpose. Coll oil
cnlulslon seems to kill them when
applied directly to the under surface
of the leaves, but that, of course, Is
too tedious an operation to be prac
ticable. Can you suggest anything
to help us out?"
To this State Zoologist Surface re
plied as follows: "I beg to state that
the plant llco of which you write are
sucking Insects and are, therefore,
not to be destroyed by the Bordeaux
mixture or arsenical poisons, such as
Paris green. The Bordeaux mixture
is only for plant diseases, and the
arsenical poisons are only for chow
Ing Insects, Biich as the potato beetles
and codling moth. Two good pre
paratlons can be used: one Is kero
sene emulsion, containing about
eight or ten per cent, kerosene, an
nlied with a sprayer having an ex
tension rod on the end of the hose.
On the end of this extension rod use
an eighth-turn with a "Y" carrying
two up-turned nozzles. You can
spray the under sides of the leaves
on each side of the potato row, al
most as fast as a man can walk along,
and you will kill the lice very soon.
The other remedy is whale oil soap:
One pound of the soap should be
dissolved In six gallons of water.
Two pounds of soft coap or of com
mon laundry soap In four gallons of
water will also kill them. Apply
this In the same way. The pests
must be reached by a contact Insec
ticide which actually touches their
bodies, or they will not be destroyed.
These are the remedies for all kinds
of plant lice."
0 0
An esteemed Adams county cor
respondent Inquired of Prof. H. A.
Surface, State Zoologist, as to the
elm leaf beetle, and said: "1 will be
very glad to receive Information con
cernlng the proper treatment of elm
trees, to prevent the ravages of the
Insects which caused so much trouble
last summer. I would like to know
in this connection what merit the
home-boiled lime sulfur solution
would have."
Professor Surface answered this
request for information as follows
"Replying to your recent letter
making inquiry for the proper treat
ment for the Elm leaf beetle, I beg
to say that this consists of arsenate
of lead, or some other poison, like
Paris green. If the latter Is used
one-third pound in fifty gallons of
water Is enough. However, I much
prefer tho arsenate of lead, of which
you should use two or three pounds
In fifty gallons of water. Apply It
soon as a spray on the young leaves
When the beetles first commence
their work, they should be destroyed
by this poison. The lime-sulfur wash
Is not a poison, but kills Insects only
by contact, and when It Is strong
enough to kill the Insects like Elm
leaf beetles, It would bo strong
enough to destroy the leaves. There
fore, I do not recommend It.
"The Elm leaf beetle Is very de
structive to the elm trees In certain
localities of the southeastern part of
' this State. This Is to be regretted,
as the elm tree. Is one of our most
magnificent and beautiful shade
trees, and this pest Is very serious
In Its efforts. However, It does not
spread to other trees than tho elms,
and Is comparatively easy to hold In
check by thoroughly spraying with
a poison, such as arsenate of lead
used whenever tho beetle commences
to make Its appearance and feed on
the leaves. The Injury results gen
erally In perforated and netted
leaves, which really are reduced to
skeletons In a comparatively short
time. This forces tho trees to put
out another crop of leaves, which, of
course, Is quite a drain on their vi
The Old Surf Bath.
It la not so many years ago when
surf bathing of a very primitive kind
nrevalled at the eastern end of Long
Island and, for aught I know, at other
points. Every Saturday morning, or
afternoon, as the tide willed, through
out the Summer big farm wagons trun
died down to the beach and were
swung around abreast or the line of
breakers. Old flshhouBes served the
nurnooe of modern bathing pavilions
and the sea costumes were those of
last year's village street. A long rope
was drawn from under the seats and
hitched to the wheel, and thou some
Btuidv ex-whaler or life crew man In
red flannel fihlrt and old trousers tied
at the ankles Bllpped his waist through
the loop at the end of this primitive
life line and, wading out, kept It as
taunt as circumstances permittee
while the women and children hunt
to it and reeled and wallowed and
shrieked, rejoicing In their "Saturday
The Chlue decline to buy phono
graphs hnvlntf black irunilvti.
In, German cities fowl prices arc now
about as high as in the United Stn'os.
Movlnz picture shows at present
form the most sought for amusement
by all classps In Slam.
Rents of working class dwellings
are about 23 per cent lower In Bel
gium than in England.
The most expensive publication In
New York, with tho least Income, Is
the City Record, which costs yearly
Tho government of Victoria, Austra
lia. Is promoting nn Immigration
scheme to secure 40,000 settlers with-
lu two years.
" A flexible rubber mouthpiece for
telephones 19 n novelty, tho Idea being
to prevent breakngo should n desk In
strument bo opsot.
The total number of patents Issued
In nil countries which thus protect
their Inventors from the earliest time
to Dec. 1. 1009, was 2,009,433.
Tiio smallpox epidemic nt Santiago
Inst winter cost that city more than
J200.000 United States gold for treat
ment In pesthouscs, vaccination, etc.
The ncuto rnlsln crisis In Spnlu has
led to tho uprooting of ninny acres of
muscatel vines nnd the planting of
almonds as the most promising substi
tute crop.
Though the accidents in the streets
of New York are Increasing In num
ber, the proportion of fatnlltlcs Is
growing less. Out of the last 17,000
accidents 1,200 were clnsslflcd as seri
The Cunard line steamship Umbrln
has been sold to ship brenkcrs for
$100,000 and will now go to tho scrap
heap. The Umbrla was built twenty
five years ago and at tho time was the
crack of the Cunard fleet
A woman in Chicago society says
that It would bo nn excellent thing for
the men of that city and New York
to spend n little time reading Lord
Chest ertleld's letters. She thinks It
would Improve their manners.
The first trust In the United States
to pass the $100,000,000 mark In capi
talization was the United States Leath
er company, organized In 1893. Its
capital stock combined with nn Issue
of bonds amounted to $13S,000,000.
German Southwest Africa produces
not only diamonds, but copper, tin,
lead, usbestus nnd graphite. More
over, It Is said mat goiu uas oeen
found lu the northern parts of the ter
ritory, notably lu tho Karrlbb vicinity.
Canada will pay u subsidy of $120,-
000 a year for a monthly steamship
sen-Ice on the Atlantic between Cana
da, Australia and New Zealand by
way of the Capo of Good Hope. The
ships may return by any route they
The slow progress In French Guiana,
with only 40,000 Inhabitants, on a ter
ritory more thau onc-flfth the area of
France, Is contrasted with the success
ful work of the Dutch nnd the Eng
lish In their respective portions of
Guiana. A silk handkerchief was sold the
other day in Berlin for tho equivalent
of $3,750. On it was printed n poem,
preceded by these words. "To Frauleln
Minna Planer on her marriage to Mu
sical Director Richard Wagner. Ko
nlgsberg. Nov. 14. 1830."
There nre only half as many opium
dens lu China us there were eighteen
months ago. It Is now difficult to buy
opium, except by license, which per
mits n smoker to buy nt one tlmo Ave
drams. Each license costs 10 cents
and Is good for three months.
Professor Frances Squire Potter and
Professor Mary Gray Peck are to be
at tho head of the work of organizing
uffrnge settlements throughout tho
country. The settlements nre to bo
under the auspices If not tho actual
control of the National Woman's Suf
frage association.
Ground has been broken for the
great library building at tho Universi
ty of Chicago, which Is to servo as a
memorial to the late president, 11
Ham Ralney Harper. The contract
price Is $000,000, and tho building Is
to be completed by the summer of
1011. Tho structure will be 270 by 80
feet, fronting ou tho Mldwny Plai-
A bill will bo brought before the
British parliament calling for steps to
be taken to prevent the high mortnllty
from tuberculosis In Ireland. The bill
will demnnd the compulsory notifica
tion and registration of tuberculosis
cases, tho estnuusumont or special in
stitutions for consumptive patients,
tho Instruction of the public nbout this
disease and Improved control over the
meat and milk supplies.
A German genealogist. Professor
Otto Forst, a leading authority on me
diaeval lines of descent, has tried to
demonstrate that two emperors, tho
German emperor and the czar of Rus
sia, nnd four kings thoso of Spain,
Portugal, Italy and Saxony; also Arcn-
duke Ferdinand of Austria are de
scended from a fifteenth century bar
ber named Babou, who was born about
1450 and who earned his living as a
barber In Paris, whero ho was a skill
ed beard tralucr.
Tho Archduke Franz Ferdinand of
napsburg is a nephew of the aged
emperor of Austria and heir presump
tive to tho imperial throne. lie is a
son of tho lato Arcbduko Karl Ludwig
and Is married to the Princess of Ho
henberg. Ab, howorer, his wlfo was
not of a royal family, their children
cannot ascend the Austrian throne,
nnd tho archduke was forced to form
ally renounce tho throno on behalf of
any of his descendants before bo could
obtain permission to marry.
How to Clean It Properly and Make It
Lat and Look Better.
False hair will last longer nnd look
better If properly cared for, nnd as tho
best qunllty Is not Inexpensive and!
should be selected It behooves a wo
man, now that quantities of It aro
worn, to know how to make It last.
To begin with, then, n cheap qunllty
Is the most expensive, for after little
wear It becomes cither scrubby look
ing or so harsh that It cannot bo used.
Cheap pieces lose color and cither
streak or fade quickly.
Ono of tho most Important and dif
ficult details of caring for chignons Is
to keep them free from dust. Like
hnlr growing on tho head, they hold
Impurities nnd unless cleansed will
grow dull looking nnd old. In their
care a soft brush Is an essential, and
every night when the pieces nre re
moved they should bo stroked lightly,
but thoroughly, with bristles In such n
way that tho dust Is taken out. This
should not bo omitted even for one
night, for once the Bwitch or puffs be
come dust laden they nre difficult to
No fnlso hair, when not being worn,
should be exposed to tho light, for sun
and nlr will absorb Its dressing un
necessarily. After being worn It must
never be put nwny until It has been
well smoothed.
To wnsh a switch or puffs is prac
tically Impossible, but as cleansing Is
necessary nt intervals cornmcnl shduld
bo applied. The meal must be rubbed
ccntly, but thoroughly, through tho
strands, nnd then, fastening the top
of the piece securely, a long bristle
brush must be applied vigorously to
remove tho grains. m Before this, how
ever, the long hnlr inust be rubbed be
tween tho hnnds, so the meal will ab
sorb the dust.
Once In a long while, perhaps every
two months, a little oil rubbed on the
false piece will keep It lu condition
and nld In preserving tho dressing.
For this glycerin Is excellent, and the
manner of applying should be cnreful
ly followed. Too much of the grease
will almost rulu it, while too little will
not be effective. When using the glyc
erin the tip of the piece must be se
curely fastened where tho long hair
will hang free. Then a few drops,
scented, may be rubbed between the
palms of the hands to distribute It
evenly nnd then put directly upon the
hnlr, the only difficulty being that un
less care Is exercised the crease will
adhere to only one part of the switch,
This is most apt to be avoided by
pressing the palms lightly when first
thev aro nut on. making the stroke
heavier as the grease Is absorbed.
Under no clrcurastnnces must there be
an appearance of grease.
It Promises to Be the Most Distress
ing of All for Spain.
Fore raoro than 400 years tho
bodies of dead Spaniards have filled
tho trenches and tho bnttlo plnlns
from North America to Torro del Fuo
go and from Cuba to tho Philippines.
Every family's dead Is scattered over
tho earth. And It lms all been lu vain.
Iho people of Spain have only really
prospered since wo relieved them of
this burden of world-power nnd world
meddling which wo aro finding so
costly nnd troublesome. Thoy havo
Eccn all go. save n fow rocks on for
eign shores, of which Ccuta nnd Melll
la are the most vnlunble, and they nro
wihtng to lot them go rather than pay
tribute to the war gods. Tho Liberals,
the Republicans, the Democrats, tho
I .i.gresslvo common pcoplo, and tho
mothers of Spain have had enough of
It all. They demand less war and
more education for Spain.
The Morocco wnr Is not new. It Is
only another echo of that momentous
reign of Ferdinand nnd Isabella. Tho
present war is directly attributable to
the opening of minc3 and raids on
those mines fifteen miles Inland from
Melllla. But as a matter of fact this
Is only the present day provocation.
Underneath and behind It, smoldering
through centuries, are the fires of tho
hatred for tho Spaniards that tho
Moors brought over to the Riff coast
when they wore expelled from Spain
and when, leaving Granada, they even
carried their keys with them to Africa
with the determination to return to
use them.
The present war began In Melllla
only five years after Columbus dis
covered America; when the Spaniards
following tho Moors, established tho
Spanish town nnd convict station on
tho rocky peninsula which Is now
Melllla, and to which Spain Is now
sending her soldiers. And this time
the Moors are equipped with tho very
rlfies that the Spaniards carried In
Cuba, sold to them by a snort-sighted
government. They have the hatred,
the villainous appearance, nnd tho
arms to make this "last sigh of tho
Moor" the most distressing ono of all.
The Evolution of
Booster Bill
VIII. Organizes a Boosters'
When BUI Blue grew a booster bold
He wanted all within the fold,
And to at high and low he went
To Join tho band of betterment.
Said ho! "We'll make this town of ours
The home of fortune, frulte and flow
ers. Of Progress it shall be the hub.
We'll organize A BOOSTERS' CLUB.
How to Cook Bananas.
Fow persons know the convenience
and delicate taste of cooked bananas.
Few not to bananas bora realize their
nutritive value. Yellow bananas can
be employed In ninny excellent ways.
They are fine plainly boiled In their
skins and served with cream or sweet
butter for breakfast. They may be
boiled with salt pork or baked around
a leg of fresh pork (peeled in last in
stance) or fried and served with broil
ed lnmb kidneys and bacon. Used in
this way, both the kidneys nnd the
bananas take on an added flavor by
being together. Select fruit which
while ripe, Is yet perfectly firm. Ten
minutes nre required for boiling and
five or a llttlo more for frying. The
fruit will let you know when It is
done, for It falls Into a pulp as easy to
digest as baby food. Baked bananas
mny take the place of potatoes on a
luncheon table, as they are excellent
with all meats. Bake them In their
skins in a hot oven nnd punch them
occasionally with the fingers to see
bow they nre progressing.
Roll of
Attention is called to the STRENGTH
of tho
Wayne County
is i
The FINANCIER of New York
City has published a RQLL Or
HONOR of the 11,470 State Banks
and Trust Companies of United
States. In this list the WAYNE
Stands 38th in the United States
Stands IO1I1 in Pennsylvania.
Stands FIRST in Wavr.e County.
"We'll make each member sign a pledge
To talk things up and be on edge
From Fortune's cheese to cut a slice
And likewise make this town cut Ice."
'Twas done, and now we're racing up
Advancement road to take the cup.
"There's nothing like the creed 'I
To make a kill," saya "Booster Bill."
Capital, Surplus, $455,000.00
Total ASSETS, $2,733,000.00
! Honesdale, Pa.. May 29, 1908.
- - AT - -
taer & Cos Stores
Soap for the Orient.
It is told by travellers that the
homes of the common people of China
nre so wanting In cleanliness that a
Russian dog would refuse to live in
one of them. The peasantry are said
to be unacquainted entirely with the
benefits of water except for irrigat
ing and drinking purposes.
From the report of the Deputy Con-
sul-General at Hong Kong It appears
that a new order of things Is begin
ning to interest tho Chinese. Among
the Inhabitants of Southern China a
brisk demand has of late sprung up
for soap. In the year 1906 Great Brit
ain sold more than $500,000 worth,
and In tho same period soap to the
value of $22,000 ha3 been Imported
from the United States. Tho Euro
pean business has almost doubled in
a year, and the Americans are doing
better than ever before. Tho Deputy
Consul-Qeneral says that the demand
Is a growing one, the taste of the buy
ers running toward the highly scented
grades and those with attractive
wrappings. He thinks that American
manufacturers could do very well If
they went after the business, putting
their products up In cartons marked
with Chinese characters. Toledo
How to Make Cleaning Balls.
Cleaning balls arc easily made and
cost less than If bought of n chemist.
To mako them take half a pound of
dry fuller's earth and moisten It with
a little lemon Juice. Then add half an
ounce of finely pulverized pearlash,
and make all into a thick paste. Form
Into llttlo balls, and dry them in tho
sun or at some distance from a Are.
In n few hours the balls will be ready
for use. When required the stained
cloth should be moistened with warm
water and rubbed with a ball. Let the
garment dry, then brush off the pow
der, nnd wash It out If necessary.
Japanese Coins the Finest.
If comparison Is made with coins of
other countries it is found that, so far
at least as the experience of the New
York assay office goes, the American
coin, although falling considerably
short of the absolute fineness, Is about
as good as any other gold coin cur
rent In Europe, and better by a good
deal than some of them. The average
of German coins that have been melt
ed down at the assay office has proved
to bo about 899,626, the average fine
ness of French coin about 899.4, while
the Spanish coins havo frequently
been found to bo as low ah 896. In
all these countries the legal flnoness
Is 900, so that these figures show that
there is considerable variation from
the nominal fineness of coins, not only
here, but In Europo as well. It is
an Interesting fact light recently
thrown on Japaneso affairs In gen
eral makes It possible to say a curi
ous fact that the Japanese coins In
tho matter of fineness aro superior to
all others. Finance.
at the closo of business. May 2, 1910.
Reserve fund
Cash, specie and notes, Ho;i79 50
Legal securities 5,000 00
Due from approved re
serve nsents 12G.788 20-212.1G7
fClrkehi. rents niul fractional cur
rency IBM 27
Checks nnd cash Items 2,420 45
Dim from Ilunksand Trust Co s. not
rpscrvu agents 14,(E7 60
Hills discounted. $313,442 M
Time loans with collateral 43,450 00
Loans on call with col-
lateral 83.121 87
Loans on call upon one
name 3,900 00
Loans on call upon two or
more names 54.1.4 31
Loans secured by bond .....
and morteace 21.400 521.491 7ts
Investment securities owned ex
clusive of reserve bonds, viz:
Stocks, Bonds, etc.. 1.811,084 71
Mortgages and Judg
ments of record.... 273,478 Ol--2.084.5G2 75
Office Building and Lot 27.000 00
Other Heal Estate, 6,000 00
Furniture and Fixtures 2,000 00
Overdrafts 32 47
Miscellaneous Assets , 400 08
$2.870,3G6 92
Capital Stock.pald in... .$ 100,000 00
Surplus Fund 310,000 00
Undivided Profits, less
expenses and taxes paid 97.4 18,93-067,113 94
Deposits subject to check $1U2,9J0 53
Time certificates ot de
posit m o
Saving Fund Deposit, 2,178.791 75
nrMfrri Checks 50 00
Cashier's check outst'g 657 60-2,312.671 62
Due to uommonweaiui..... zu.wu uu
DuetobanksandTrustCos. not re-
servo agents 246 32
Dividends unpaid
How to Wash Delicate Materials.
To wnsh silks and pongees and dim
ltles so that they will look like new
wash them In bran water. For one
waist take a nlnt of bran, put in n
white muslin bag and pour enough hot
water Into tho basin containing tho
bran to wash tho waist. When tho
water Is cool enough to bear the bands
In squeeze tho bag several times in the
water. Add n teaspoonful of borax
and wash tho waist in the prepared
water, rinse and when dry iron on tho
wrong side. No Btarch Is needed, for
the bran will stiffen tho waist Buffl
How to Remove an Ink Stain.
A llttlo puro alcohol of any kind is
splendid for removing stains caused
by a typewriter ribbon. Rub it well
Into the fingers as soon as possible
nfter thoy nro stained. Afterward
wash carefully in warm water and
plenty of really good soap. If you
havo no pure alcohol try methylated
How to Keep Shirt Waists Trim
If you have difficulty In holding your
ihlrt waists down mako a belt of
itrong clastic two inches smaller than
your waist. Then sow a book on one
end and an cyo on tho other and
fasten around the waist over the Bhlrt
waist nnd under tho skirt band. It
works like a charm.
f2.870.366 92
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss:
1, 11. Scott Salmon, Cashier of the ubove
named Company, do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true, to the best of my
knowledge and belief. .
(Signed) II. S. SALMON. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before methls 9th
day of May 1910.
(Signed) KOBEKT A. SMITH. N P.
T. II. Clark, 1
A. T.. Sea rle. Directors.
C.J. Smith, )
Are Suitable for
Real Stylish Wear
That Blush That Won't Come Off.
Ono can now havo a blush tattooed
on her face that Is warranted "not to
come out In the wash" or to yield to
the weather. It will not corao and go,
of course, like tho dellcato flush with
which novelists so conveniently en
dow their heroines, and one Is not
sure whether It Is not hotter to trust
to Providence for an occasional blush
than to wear it continually and never
be able to pale ou ocaslon. It one did
naturally blush, moroover, with tho
"healthy flush" already placed there
by artlflclalty's artful aid, goodness
alono knows what tho effect would be.
Our last state of roslness might bo
worse than our first of pallor.
frM-lVA A.M. A.M. P.M. "stTtTons jl jsiV si'lN
8:w..:... :::::: 1000 430 Albany 200 10 10 so
1? 00 ...... ...... 10 00 U 05 .... Ulngliainton .... 12 40 8 45 ...... Sib ......
11) 00 2 15 12 30 8 30 15 .... Philadelphia .... 3 53 7 31 731 7 32
TaiTS :::::: T4oT207lo....wiikes-i!arfe.... 1020 4 95 7 2 25T.M.
2 08 8 15 .1.;.. 630 2 08 7 65 Scrantun 9 37 J 15 b 20 1 35 10 05
p3l a3T :::::: vm. vm. JJl lv Ar am. im. im. :::::: p.m. p.m.
"Ho 9 03 :::::: 620 205 845 carbomiaie M?5 ?,! T7
5 60 9 15 6 30 2 15 K 55 ...Lincoln Avenue.. . 54 1 25 5 30 2 07 8 17
5 64 9 19 0 31 2 19 59 White 7 50 1 21 5 21 12 03 8 13
6 11 OX...... 6 52 2 37 9 18 Fnrvlew 7 33 1 0. 0 Oh 11 44 7 54
6 17 9 42 ... 6 68 2 43 9 24 Canaan 7 25 IS N. 5 01 1 37 7 4
k o js 7 01 2 49 9 29 .... Lake Lodoro .... 7 19 12 61 5 5b 11 31 7 41
x 9 61 :::: : im 2K 932 ... .wman ?kss is 2 ?s
6 32 0 67 .... 7 13 2 67 9 37 Kecne 7 12 2 43 4 48 1 23 U
fi " 111 l: :.: 7 16 2 69 9 39 Steene 7 OU 12 40 4 45 II 2U 7 JU
6 10 Ot 7 20 3 03 8 43 Urompton 7 OS 12 36 4 41 6 7 26
6 43 10 08 7 24 3 07 9 47 Korten a 7 01 12 32 4 37 11 1. 7 i.
H 4 10 11 7 27 3 10 9 60 Scelyvllle 6 58 12 29 4 34 JJ U9 7 19
660 10 15::::" 75l 3 15."..Honesdale 6 55 12 25 4 30 11 05 7 15
F3l aII :::::: iTiTEATM.Ar lva.m. p.m. p.m. :::::: a.m. p.m.
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
rPKin ltnnw Annn 1 With fl dnlntra of now 1111X0(1 naillts. i
dition brought about by our enterprising dealers to et some kind
of a mixed paint that would supplant CHILTON'S MIXED
PAINTS. Their compounds, being now and heavily advertised,
may find a sale with the unwary.
A con-
A Winter's Tale.
Mme. Do Navarro praised at a
luncheon In Now York American wit.
"It was horribly cold the other
afternoon," she said. "A bitter wind
whirled the dry snow through tho air.
I no policemen uuu reu, awuuuu iucoo, ... r -itttt rrrM DATMTO.
nnd all the teamsters, as they drove, There aro reasons for the pro-minoncc i Of pHLLUUfl I AilNlb.
trnnt nlnnnlne thptr nonr frost bitten 1of Kn rmn rnn mix ft better miXGU DaillC.
hands against their breasts. o,i Tho Daintors declare that it works easily and has won-
"Getting Into my hansom I said to dorful covoring qualities.
3d Chilton stands back of it, and will agree to repaint, at his
owu oxponse.overy Burfaco painted with Chilton Paint that
proves defective.
4th Thoso who havo used it are perfectly satisfied wan it,
and recommend its use to others.
the driver:
"'This Is roal winter weather, isn't
The driver nodded and smiled grim
ly. " 'I give you my word, ma'am said
I ain't seen a butterfly all day. "
tub "