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Between Them They Brought tho
Parted Couple Together.
lira. Magulre looked up from her
knitting n second time to meet the
same pair of brown eyes. Again n
Bense of familiarity In their gaze went
over her.
"And, sure, thcre'd bo nothing
Btrnngo In that," she soliloquized, "aft
er mo being attendant In this wnltitig
room for tho past fifteen years."
Nevertheless her mind went back
gropingly trying to place tho girl sit
ting opposite. She gave a quick glance
and reached what she sought with
such suddenness that she fairly start
ed. "'Tls the very wnn the very wan,"
she muttered. "But, Lord love us nil.
what has changed her so much?"
Presently she rose, holding her knit
ting In her left hand, and made a little
tour of the room, picking up a paper
here, straightening a chair there, ap
parently Intent only upon her business.
But she paused near the woman who
had attracted her attention.
" 'Tls tiresome work waiting for
trains, ma'am," she hazarded.
"It Is, indeed!"
At sight of such woe In her eyes,
which she had once seen filled with
bucIi blessedness of joy that, as sho
said, "they were like twin lights on an
altar," Mrs. Maguire's heart ached.
"Though there's them that don't
mind it," she went on. "Look there,
now," with n sidelong nod to where in
tho outer -waiting room a young couple
were seated' oblivious of time and
"They makes me think of a pair that
sat in that very spot let me see, It
must be all of four years ago," she
continued reminlscently. "They had
missed their train nnd had to wait six
mortal hours for the western express.
"Well, if you'll believe me, I don't think
they knew 'twns as many minutes."
Mrs. Magulre saw the hands of the
woman come slowly together suddenly
In her lap.
"Did you ever see them again?" she
asked slowly.
"Not her."
The dark eyes came round In a flash.
"And him?"
"Well, as sure as you live" Mrs. Ma
gulre had seated herself and was knit
ting complacently " 'twas only last
week. He come in nnd Just sit in that
very spot. I. took no notice to him at
first, but ho looked so broke up I had
to. It seemed all wrong to see him
sitting without her."
The woman at her side sprang up.
"It is suffocating in hero!" she pant
ed. Then she sank back into the chair.
"You recognized me," she said weari
ly. "And If I did, a-lanive" Mrs. Ma
gulre laid a soothing palm on her knee,
the soft crooning of her mother tongue
coming back to her "I meant no harm
by what I said. Sure, when I looked
across the room you made me think of
a bit of a primrose you'd see in a
boreeu nt home wilting because the
bush that sheltered it was tore away."
"And I thought" her slender body
seemed to contract with tho agony of
recollection "God help me! "What I
thought was not tho truth."
"God help us all when we begins to
doubt tho wan that's dearer to us than
our heart's blood. 'Tls well to be
sure" she went on slowly "sure be
fore you spake the word that can't
be ouspoken."
"If some one had said that to me
then.1" Her breathing seemed to tear
tho delicate throat. "But I would not
listen to him, nnd now now it is too
'"Tls never that," Mrs. Magulre said,
with conviction.
"It is. He said if I left him it would
bo final."
If Mrs. Maguire's Angers flow her
thoughts went at such bewildering
pace that she started when her com
panion rose. She took nnd patted be
tween "her own the hand held out to
her, looking beyond with unseeing
"She'll come back," sho thought, with
tho assurance of one who knew. "And
he, mother of God! Isn't it the pity of
the world to see thorn parted? And for
nothing at all, most likely!"
It was strange ufter that on days
when a slight tigure in dark blue sat
In tho ladles' wultlng room how many
excuses Mrs. Mogulro found for excur
sions to different parts of tho station,
with what eagerness sho sat out on
these expeditions und with dejection
written in every line of her comely
face when she returned.
"Tls watching for him she is her
self," she thought, meeting tho wistful
interrogation of tho dark eyes. And
never did maiden look for the coming
of her lover us did Mrs. Magulru for
the tall figure which had Imprinted it
self on her memory.
It was a matter of genuine impor
tance, however, which called her away
ono dny just as her visitor entered.
"I'll bo back in a minute. "Tls tho
superintendent himself wants mo," she
explained, smoothing down a snowy
apron in a little bustle of excitement.
Half an hour later in returning sho
passed by tho long lino of tracks. A
crowd surrounding a woman whose
dark head was covered with n cotton
handkerchief attracted her attention,
and Hho drew near.
"What's tho trouble, Mike?" sho
asked a uniformed fellow countryman.
"Thlm dagoes," Mike jerked a thumb
over ono shoulder. "Wnn of thlm lost
his mother, nnd nothln' 'd do the young
dlvll but to skrcwge throiirJi the gatcn
and try to cross the tra i;n Just ns No.
C7 wits pullln' in. If 'tus:i i'.ir that
glntleman there thcre'd lu on mielgu
cr less to grow tip in tho co 'iithry."
Mrs. .Magulre turned to uol: at the
tall figure. Ono glance was sufficient.
A moment later she was hanging to
his arm with all tho pressure of her
175 pounds.
"Walt, sir!" sho panted. "For the
love of heaven, don't go I"
lie looked down nmazed.
"Oh, I'm not mad; don't you think
it." And, indeed, tho gray eyes raised
to his wcro wonderfully sane behind
their steel rimmed glasses.
I'Shc's in there," Mrs. Magulre whis
pered. "She! Who?"
"Herself tho little girl you married
four years ago. Oh, didn't I sho you?
Sure, 'twas little else I did that bless
ed day but look at the picture you
made. Tho curses of the Almighty
on whoever came between you, for
sure you must have the kind, brave
heart to do what you Just done."
The man paled ns he had not done
when looking death In the face.
"Go!" Mrs. Magulre gave him n push
toward the waiting room door. "She's
in there, I tell you, eating her heart
out for n sight of you. And," grasp
ing him ngaln, "don't you say a word,
but just take her along home."
As his broad back disappeared Mrs.
Magulre laid hold of a newspaper
stand for support.
A few minutes later, when, with
flushed cheeks, sho passed humming
a bar of "Eileen Aroon" nbove n
lump which threatened to choke her,
they were Bitting where they had sat
four years before.
"Dear," he said huskily, his head
lient over hers, "that we should meet
hero--it was fate."
"And Maggie Magulre," added that
worthy woman ns she entered her
own domnln.
Untold Riches.
Wealth Is merely comparative. One's
possessions constitute a pittance or a
fortune, according to one's point of
view. The Itev. Frederic Denison tells
a story of ono of the Inhabitants of
old Westerly, It. I., which shows there
is no general standard of riches. Tho
young man, prompted by patriotism
and desire for gold, had enlisted in the
uncertnln business of privateering.
On returning home after many nnd
various cruises lie was thankfully
greeted by his kin and anxious friends.
His motber, with maternal solicitude,
"Well, Harry, how have you made
out? Did you get much money?"
"Oh, yes, mother," nnswered tho nd
venturer, "I had good luck. I am rich.
I shall have enough, with prudence
and care, to carry me through life, I
"I am glad, my son. now much have
"Well, I don't exactly know yet, but
I think when we settle up it will
amount to $30." Youth's Companion.
Curries and Chutneys.
True Indian curry sauce is an inven
tion of unknown antiquity. Tho Hin
doo makes It fresh as used from pound
ed up various aromatic herbs and nuts,
boiling It in ghee, a butter, and cocoa
nut water. It Is very mild nnd aro
matic and only slightly pungent and
hot. As a rule, It is poured over heaps
of light, snowy cooked rice, to which
meat is ndded, If It is to be had. Mus
sulmans and Portuguese of later India
took It up and added strong cayennes,
garlic nnd onions and other strong
spices nbhorred by tho natives. East
Indians also use a chutney sauce mado
of pickled green mangoes nnd ent on
the side little spratllkc dried fishes, to
which Is given n high flavor by keep
ing until putrefied, and tho chutney
and fish are eaten along with curried
rice. Curries nro antiseptic, kill worms
in the lnsldes nnd are a tonic to tho
stomach and circulation and no doubt
save from sickness in climates of germ
laden water nnd heat of India. New
YorK Press.
Boasted of His Costly Napkins.
Diego do Torres, tho Spanish am
bassador, who visited tho emperor of
Morocco in 1547, found that knives,
spoons nnd forks were unknown at tho
royal table. Each guest helped himself
with his lingers and cleaned his hand
with his tongue, excepting the emper
or, who performed that ofllco on the
head of n black boy whom he retnlncd
by bis side iii readiness. The emperor,
observing tho ambassador smile, asked
him with what Christian kings wiped
their hnnds at meals und whut such
things wero worth. "Pino napkins,"
replied tho ambassador, "a clean ono
at every meal, worth a crown apleco
or more." "Don't you think this nap
kin much better," suid tho emperor,
wiping his hands again on tho black
boy's head, "which is worth 70 or 80
Foolish Curiosity.
Many a wild animal has lost its lifo
by Its own foollshuess. Nearly every
creature is anxious to learn so nothing
about what Is now to it. Of this habit
hunters tako full ndvantago. In tho
chaso of the guanaco, a llama that Is
found In South America from Tern to
Patagonia, tho hunter invites it to
come within rungo of his gun merely
by lying on his back and kicking up
bis heels in tho air. Tho guanaco
draws near to this funny looking ob
ject just ns guilelessly as the lly
walks Into the spider's parlor, nnd cro
it knows who's who or what's what it
is killed or wounded by tho sports
man. So silly a creature it Is that it
will not oven bolt when tho bullet has
missed it, for it thinks the flash and
tho report aro part and parcel of the
nm. .
Maiden, with n. powder puff
Dabbing- hero nnd there.
This reported weather wine
Means "Continued fair."
Hubby comlnfj home nt one,
KlRza courso n-wondlng.
Weather signal In thin caae
Would be, "Storm Impending."
Baby climbing- on n chair.
If Bhe Blips and falls,
It Is not unlikely that
There'll be "Sudden squalls."
Girl nnd lover have a spat.
She flings down his flowers.
Lover, nnitry, grabs his hat
And rushes oft. That's "Showers."
Man sees tailor on tho street;
Seems n trifle nettled;
Crosse to tho other side.
That suggests "Unsettled."
Boston Transcript.
Caught Out.
Little Brother Won't you tako me
to the ball game, Sir. Wlcky, when
the season opens?
Mr. Wlcky My boy, I never go to
ball games.
Ltttlo Brother I thought you was a
player. Ma told sis you was a good
Tenor Gets Funny.
Slezak, who was ono of the new
bunch of talent nt the Metropolitan
Opera House In New York Just closed
for tho season Is n practical joker.
All the company wero his victims. Ills
favorite was Schmedcs, the Vlennn
tenor. One morning about 2 o'clock
Slezak stirred up Schmedes.
"Are you nerr Schmedcs?" Slezak
called through the telephone In broken
German, fitting tho character.
"Yes," came In sleepy impatience
"Herr Schmedes, tho tenor."
Yes, of course, the tenor. What oth
er would at that hour have stickled
for complete identification?
"How fortunate!" was the ambigu
ous rejoinder. "I nm Lord Morley, nt
the Hotel Bristol."
"Delighted, I am sure."
The voice sounded now quite awake.
A distinguished foreigner of n nation
not noted for its impulsiveness could
not sleep without a word with him!
"Who is singing in 'Lohengrin Mon
day night?" sped to him over the wire.
"I, Schmedes," the answer rang,
with an Inference of pleasing news.
"Ah!" Deep, startling disappoint
ment freighted tho word. "I had hoped
it was Slezak. They 'say ho slugs so
beautifully." Chicago Post.
Mysterious Knowledge.
Some years ago an expedition from
tho University of Pennsylvania was
sent to ono of our southern states
for the purpose of observing a solar
Tho day before tho event one of tho
professors said to an old colored niuu
belonging to the household wherein
the scientist was quartered:
"Tom, If you will watch your 'chick
ens tomorrow morning you'll find that
they'll all go to roost at 11 o'clock."
Tom wns of course skeptical, but nt
tho appointed hour the heavens wcro
dnrkened, nnd tho chickens retired to
roost. At this tho man's amazement
showed no bounds, and he "sought out
the scientist
"Perfesser,!' said he, "how long ago
did you know dem chickens would go
to roost?"
"About n year ago," said the profess
or smilingly.
"Welf," of dat don't beat all!" was
the man's comment. "Porfessor, a
year ago dem chickens wa'n't even
hatched." Ladles' Homo Journal.
His Incentive.
"You fought that burglar llko a very
demon," said tho police lieutenant as
he listened to the little man's story.
"Thunk you," replied tho little mau.
"And the fellow was twice as big
as you," pursued tho admiring lieu
tenant. "I don't think I ever saw a
man much worse beat up. You must
hnvo been frightfully mud."
"It wasn't that exactly," said the
llttlo man modestly. "You see, my
wife was behind me, prodding me
with n hatpin!" Cleveland Plain Deal
er. Identified.
"I wouldn't marry tho best man in
tho world," said Miss Dolllver scorn
fully. "I'm glad to hear it," cried Bolivar
Joyously. "Then I can hope."
"You?" she retorted.
"Yes," said Bolivar. "I'm not tho
best man in tho world, you know."
And sho married him Just to get
even. nnrpcr's Weekly.
So Sweet of Him.
"I was passing that swell florist's
shop with Lord Brokclolgh," snld the
first holrcss, "and I hlutcd that I'd
llko to havo soma of tho lovely roses
that wero displayed in tho window"
"And did ho rcnlly send you some?"
eagerly Interrupted tho other.
"Yes; they camo this morning O. O.
D." Catholic Standnrd and Times.
Giving Orders.
Bella Isn't ho married yet?
Btella-No; ho is still living a la
carte. New York Herald.
Warren Barbour, Who May
Meet Tony Biddle.
Strong efforts are being made to
bring Warreu Barbour, son of a
wealthy New Yorker, who recently
won tho amateur heavyweight boxing
championship of the United States,
nnd Tony Biddle, the young society
man of Philadelphia, together in a bat
tle for the millionaire championship of
America. Barbour and Biddle nro mil
lionaires in their own right many times
over and belong to tho Four .Hundred
set in their respective cities. Charley
White, tho famous referee, who han
dled Barbour In his bouts In Boston
recently, is inclined to believe that his
protege might be Induced to meet Bid
dle under certain conditions.
The bringing of these two young
gladiators together in a glove contest
according to Quecnsborry rules would
be nn event that would be sure to
bring out the society swells In New
York and Philadelphia. It is to bo
hoped that promoters will succeed in
staging the match.
Stuart to Quit Hockey.
It was reported in Montreal in hock
ey circles that Bruco Stuart, captain
of tho Ottawa professional hockey
team, has retired from tho sport It; is
said that an injury lie sustnlned last
season caused him to quit tho game.
Stuart was injured in tho Reufrew
Ottawa game.
Stuart was offered 51,000 nt tho start
of the season, and when the Henfrew
magnates started raising tho price of
the hockey stars the Ottawa captain
was proffered a contract calling for
$2,000 and a bonus if he lauded tho
championship. It was puro loyalty to
his homo town that kept him In Otta
wa last winter.
Machine Made Baseball Averages.
Machine made baseball nvernges will
bo tho rule In the American lenguo
shortly if Secretary Robert Mcltoy can
learn how to make tho "Jigger" divide.
A London made machine nrrived nt
the league heiidqunrters In Chicago
recently, and with tho aid of Umpire
Jack Sheridan nnd several others Mc
ltoy discovered how to make It add,
subtract and multiply. But It simply
wouldn't divide. livery time ho thought
It working n big buuch of O's would
appear to throw calculations out of
Hyatt New Eastern Basketball Head.
Tho Iutcrcollcglato Basketball league,
with Yale, Princeton, Cornell nnd
Pennsylvania ns members, was reor
ganized recently nt a meeting of dele
gates from tho four universities at tho
Cornell club In New York. The league
suspended two years ngo.
It. B. Hyatt of Yalo was elected pres
ident nnd Ralph Morgan of Pennsyl
vania secretary-treasurer. Tho old
form schedule of two games each will
be announced next fall.
Want Hackenschmldt Back.
Boveral well known wrestling pro
moters in Kansas City nro trying to
influence Georgo nackcnschmldt, "tho
Russian Lion," to come to this country
again to display his prowess in tho
mat game. Hackenschmldt is tho
wrestler, it will bo remembered, who
was handled so roughly by Frank
Ootch, tho world's champion, when tho
two met in a title bout in Chicago two
years ngo.
Unique Golf TltU For Egan.
H. Chandler Egan ndded tho rather
unique title, of western Indoor golf
champion to bis achievements recent
ly when ho defeated Harry S. Rock
well of tho Calumet Country club by
0 up and C to play in tho final over tho
MInnakahda courso at the Wabash
nvenuo school, Chicago. Tho tourna
ment has been in progress for ovor a
How to Master It With Little Troubls
and Careful Washing.
Cooking rlco Is n great art which is
easily mastered by those who nro will
ing to take tho trouble. In the first
place, do not get inexpensive rice.
Even the best grade Is not especially
dear. Always ask for the very best
quality, and you will find the grains
nro whole nnd there Is no chaff, unlike
the rice ono gets in somo lunch rooms,
boarding houses and restaurants, which
is soft and wet like mush and full of
llttlo pieces of debris. This cheaper
quality Is neither so nourishing nor so
Rice cannot be cooked properly un
less It has been washed carefully. Put
It In a coarse strainer, set the strainer
In n basin of cold water, pick out all
pieces of forcigu mntter and change
the water again und again until it re
mains clear. Then the rice is ready to
bo cooked.
Tnko ono and one-fourth cupfuls of
boiling water, one-half tcaspoonful of
salt nnd half a cupful of rice. Put It
Into boiling water and salt, In tho up
per half of n double boiler, nnd steam
for about three-quarters of an hour,
or until there Is no grlttlness loft In
the grains, which should be quite soft.
Add a little water If tho rice becomes
too dry when cooking. When done
pour Into a colander and set on the
back of the stove or lu tho oven for
two or three minutes until all damp
ness Is absorbed and each grain of rice
stands out from Its fellow.
A oiieul r..;r..
Jorklns There's Perkins you know
Perkins entered into nu agreement
with his wife soon after their mnr
riage, twenty years ago, that when
ever either lost temper or stormed tho
other was to keep silence. Bob And
the scheme worked? Jorkins Admi
rably. Perkins has kept silenco for
twenty years.
Many people suffer with an aching head
week after week, occasionally getting relief
from so-called headache powders and nerva
stupefying drugs. They never get cured
because they start wrong. Such people
should do a little commonsense thinking.
Headache is simply the result, a warning
signal, of a far more serious trouble. Usu
ally it means bad blood poisoned by an in
active or sluggish liver. Headache suffer
ers are often nervous, cross and irritable.
Their sleep is disturbed and digestion im
paired. The liver doesn't do its work right,
and the bile elements poison both nerve
and brain.
Smith's Pineapple and Butternut Kite
remove the cause of headache. They are
Nature's true laxative, and give tone to
liver activity, area positive specific for bil
iousness and a torpid liver. Get your liver
right by using Smith's Pineapple and But
ternut Pills and your head won't ache,
your nerves won't weaken, nor your food
distress you. Physicians use and recom
mend. They form no habit. You should
always keep them on hand. These little
Vegetable Pills will ward off many ills.
To Cure Constipation
Biliousness and Sick
Headache in a Night, use
Con &ti& Atinn
Diseases of,
the Stomaefi' l-ift
i GO fills In Glass Vlnl 25c All Dealers.
For Sick Kidneys
Bladder Dlaeaiet, Tthenmatltm,
the one beat remedy. Reliable,
endorsed b j leading physicians ;
ate, effectual. Iteaulta laaUng.
On tba market IS years, llavet;
cared thousands. 100 pUla InM
original glass package, CO cents.
Trial boiea, to pllla, IScenta. AIM
uruKKiHa ku ana recommena
Buss for Every Train and
Town Calls.
Horses always for salp
Boarding and Accomodations
for Farmers
Prompt and polite attention
at all times.
Drawing-Room Buffet
Sleeping Car
Scranton and Pittsburg
Fenna. R. R. from Wilkes-Barre
Leave Scranton at 5:30 P.M. daily
except Sun, arrive Pittsburg 7 A.M.
Leave Pittsburg at 8:50 P.M. daily
except Sat. ar. Soranton 9:59 A.M.
Berth reservations can be made
through Ticket Agents, or
Dir. Frt. and Paw. Agt,
Soranton, Pa. 15ei20
KltZAriBTit J. IJovn. late of Damascus. Pa.
All persons Indebted to said cstato ore noti
fied to mnkc Immediate payment to theun
(Icrslsnrd : and thoso liavlna claims against
the said estate are untitled to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
Itoyds Mill, Pa., April UO, Administrator.
Ilessle M. Hector v. Claud J. Hector.
Nn. 70 October Term IWH. I.Ibcl In Divorce.
To CLAUD .1. HIXTOH You are lirreby
retiulred to appear In the said court on tho
third Monday of June ntxt. to answer tho
romplalnt exhibited to the judce of said court
by Hesslo M. Hector your wife In the cnuso
above stated, or In default thereof n deereo
of divorce us prayed for In said complaint
niny be made auahist you In your nbsenc
r,ee. Att'y. aherlff.
Gustavo Klecmnn v. Claire Kleeman.
No.;tl October Term. 1!WJ. J.lbei in Divorce.
, To CLAIItK KLKEMA.V: You are here
by required to uppeir In the said Court on
the third Monday of June next, to answer the
complaint exhibited to the Judge of said
rourt by Gustavo Klccmun, your husband.
In the cause above stated, or In default there
of a decree or divorce as prayed for In said
complaint may bo made against you In your
absence. M. I.KK I1KA.MAN.
henrle & Salmon. Att'ys. .Sheriff.
Honesdalu. la March 25. 1910. MeolU
REAL ESTATE. -By virtue of process
issued out of the Court, of. Common
Plena of Wayno county, nnd State of
Pennsylvnnla, and to me directed
nnd delivered, I havo levied on ana
will expose to puhllc sale, at tho
Court House In Honesdale, on
THURSDAY, MAY 1010, 2 V. M.
All of defendant's right, title and
Interest in tho following described
property, viz:
All that certain piece or parcel of
land situate In the township of Pal
myra, county of Wayne, and State of
Pennsylvania, hounded and described
as follows, to wit: Beginning at a
post on the side of the public road
leading from Hawley to Honesdale;
thence along said road south
seventy-two and one-half degrees
east twelve and one-halt rods
to a pine tree; thence south twenty
six degrees east four and three
tenths rods to a post; thence by lands
of George Atkinson north sixty-seven
and one-half degrees east thirty-six
rods to a heap of stones by a chest
nut tree; thence north twenty-two
and one-half degrees east ono
hundred and thirty-three and one
half rods to a stones corner in line
of lands late of Russell Daniels;
thence along said line of land south
sixty-seven and one-half degrees west
seventy-seven and one-fourth rods
to a post on the berme bank of the
Delaware & Hudson canal; thence
along said berme bank of tho canal
Its several courses and distances to a
stake near and below lock numbered
32 on said canal, and thence along
the lands of the Del. & Hudson
Canal north 10 and one-half degrees
east 3 and eight-tenths rods to post
corner; north 55 degrees east 2 rods
to post corner and north 36 degrees
west 14 rods ,Jo place of beginning.
Containing 45 acres and 7C perches.
See Deed Book No. SO, page 257.
About C acres of above lands are
improved. Upon same is two-story
frame house and two small frame
Seized and taken in execution as
the property of Marie E. O'Donnell
at tho suit of F. L. Tuttle. No. 278
June Term 1909. Judgment, $172.60.
Mumford, Attorney.
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must bo paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LEE BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Pa., Apr. 9, 1910.
i IES In compliance with Sec
tion 3, of the Uniform Primary Act,
page 37, P. L., 1906, nottco is here
by given to tho electors of Wayno
county of tho number of delegates
to tho State conventions each
party" is entitled to elect, names of
party olllces to be filled and for what
o likes nominations aro to be made
at the spring primaries to ho held on
1 person for Representative In
1 person for Senator In General
1 person for Representative In
General Assembly.
2 persons for delegates to the State
1 person to bo elected Party Com
mitteeman in eacli election district.
1 person for Representative In
1 porson for Senator in General
1 person for Representative in
Goneral Assembly.
1 person for Delegate to tho State
1 person to ho elected Party Com
mitteeman In ench election district.
1 person for Representative In
1 person for Senator In General
1 person for Representative in
General Assembly.
3 persons for Delegates to the State
3 persons for Altornate Dolegates
to tho Stato Convention.
1 person for Party Chairman.
1 porson for Party Secretary.
1 person for Party Treasurer.
Petition forms may bo obtained
at the Commissioners' ofllce.
Petitions for Congress, Senator
and Representative must be filed
with tho Secretary of tho Common
wealth on or boforo Saturday, May
7, 1910. Petitions for Party offl
cers, committeemen and dolegates to
the stato conventions must be filed
at tho Commissioners' ofllco on or
before Saturday, May 14, 1910.
Georgo P. Ross, Clerk.
Commissioners' Ofllco,
Honesdalo, Pa., April 4, 1910.