The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, May 04, 1910, Image 5

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Mlt. MAN Oil IjADY: Will you
exchange that road horso for n
piano? See Mclntyre. 2t.
HOW will you trade sowing ma
chines? You can trade with Mc
lntyre. , 35col2
FOR SALE Eight snares of
Honesdale Natlonnl Hank stock at
one hundred sixty-live dollars ($1G5)
n share. Warren 1'. Schcnck, Hones
dale, Pa. It
Honesdale, May 9th to 13th. Or
ders by postal card, care Hotel
Wayne, promptly attended to.
Sam. S. Wlnt. 34t4
FOK SAIiU House containing ten
rooms and bath, 30C Fourteenth
streets Honesdale. Dwelling In ex
cellent condition. All modern Im
provements. FRANK STBINMAN tf
FOR Flagging, Curbing, and Steps
call on Miller. 174 Delaware St.
eol 4t.
TWELVE muslin trespass notices
for ?1.00; six for sevonty-llvo cents.
Name of owner, township nnd law
regarding trespassing printed there
on. CITIZEN office.
FOR SALE A walnut upholster
ed, parlor set of furniture consist
ing of sofa and two largo cnairs. lu
ouire Citizen onice. tf
ALL KINDS of legal blanks, notes,
leases, deeds, warrants, bonds, sum
monses, constable bonds, etc. Citizen
FOR SALE Large gas stove, In
good condition. Apply 1407 East
street. tf.
WANTED A woman for general
house work. Apply to Dr. E. V.
Gavltte, White Mills. 33t3
If you want some National Bank
stock read Warren Schenck's ad.
Architect Huston was found
guilty of conspiracy to cheat and de
fraud the commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania. The ladles of the Grand Army'
Circle will meet at the home of Mrs.
Isaac H. Ball on Friday afternoon of
this week.
The regular monthly meeting of
Capt. James Ham Post, prior to
Memorial Day, will be held on Friday
of this week. All members are ex
pected to be present.
Henry Huffman, who no doubt
will receive the Democratic nomina
tion for State Senator, and S. E.
Shull, Esq., both of Stroudsburg,
were In town on Friday.
The Wayne1 County" Agricultur
al Society held their meeting on
Tuesday morning and afternoon, a
full account of the proceedings will
appear in our next Issue.
Protection Engine Co. has an
auxiliary truck house in course of
construction on West street near the
residence of William Lemnltzer. It
will be equipped with a hose cart, five
hundred feet of hose, with necessary
nozzle, etc., for up-town fire protec
tion. Scranton is now In the lime
light of investigation. The affairs of
the school board for several years
past is where they expect to find the
"niggpr In the woodpile." Some
ugly rumors as to what has transplr
ea In the manipulation of the monies
appropriated for school purposes,
are In circulation.
At the coroner's Inquest on tho
body of a woman who was drowned
In a well the husband testified: "I
saw her when she leaned over the
curb and tumble In, 'and I was going
to help her out, but Just then I saw
the cow among the cabbages and I
thought I'd drive her out first. Mary
orter known nuff to hang on till I got
there." 0
Mr. and Mrs. George Erk cele
brated tho 30th anniversary of their
wedding at their home at Seelyville
on Thursday evonlng, April 28th.
Mrs. Erk was formerly Miss Anna
Wilderstein, John Erk and family,
Frank Erk and wife, Henry Rohln
son nnd wife, Mrs. Catherine Erk,
Misses Grace, Elizabeth and Knto
''k, Mr. and Mrs. Eno, and Mr.
. 'icrt Ransom and wife wero
ong those present. Refresh
es were served and a very en
. ' .o time was had.
-H. T. Hudson, "of Waymart, was
town Monday. Ho Is better known
Doc" Hudson, a nick namo which
i.e rccolvod when a boy and which
has stuck to him over since. Ho Is
now past 70 years and has been era
ployed by tho D. & H. Company over
since a boy; In fact, he has never
worked for nnyono else except this
company. Ho spont over fifty years
of his life working on the old Grav
ity road. When a little fellow, thcro
was a big nogro called "Doc" Whoa
ton employed on the road and when
ever this big fellow would come over
tho mountain from his homo at Car
bondale, tho men employed on the
canal would holler to young Hud
son, "Here comes Doc," nnd tho
youngster would run homo and re
main homo until Wheaton had gone
back. It was from this often recur
ring event that Hudson ncqulred his
cognomen of "Doc" Hudson Is
now a tall, stalworth, rugged man In
splto of his seventy years of hard
work, and gives ovldonco that In his
younger days ho must have been a
man of giant strength.
1 The Supremo Court decides that !
1 C. f. Wright Is State Treasurer.
Oran Sutton Is now foreman of
1 the machine shop at the Elevator
i Works.
Fred Schoell is now the owner
of tho Halfway House, hnvlng pur
chased snme from Victor Mlcslcr;
consideration ?4,000.
On Snturday last, Patrick Igo
was removed to tho Sanltnrlum nt
Danville by Pntrlck McNally and
Poor, Director J. L. Burchcr.
The American Flint Glass
Workers' Union will hold a ball In
I O'Connoll's hall on Frldny evening,
j Mny 13th. Music and dancing.
I E. F. Freer, who has been forc
I man of tho machine shop of the Nn
j tionnl Elevator Co., resigned, and
I loft for his home at Kingston, N. Y.,
j on Saturdny.
Toledo, Ohio, is happy over our
strike and trouble In tho glnss cut
ting Industry. Tills is the homo
town of tho Llbby and other cut glnss
companies and Is where tne organi
zer, Luckock, hails from.
Tho town council arc trying to
better Main street and have placed a
car load of craiked stone, which they
received from some placb In tho val
ley, on that portion of Main street
near the Commercial Hotel.
Tho glass cutters, who are on
strike, received checks on the Hones
dale Dime Bank on Saturday. The
cheeks' were for $17, $14, and ?8,
bc-ing t'.iree weeks' pay. The latter
amomit was the pay the apprentices,
The baseball season opened on
Saturday afternoon on the silk mill
ground. Carbondnle was tho con
testing team, but both teams wqre
very soft, Carbondale being the soft
est. The score was, Honesdale I I,
Carbondale 2.
Express Messenger William D.
Lewis of tho National Express Co.
on the Honesdale Branch of the D.
& H., has been promoted to a better
position. He will be succeeued by
F. M. KUlem, a former messenger
on the branch.
An old man named Mullen, at
least sixty years old, was arrested
by officer Degroat on Thursday
night for intoxication. Ho was giv
en a hearing and lined ?10. Not
having the money he was placed in
charge of Street Commissioner Weld
ner to work out his fine.
Rev. H. Liebeck, of Albany, N.
Y., preached In St. John's Lutheran
church on Sunday morning and even
ing. His sermon in the morning was
delivered in German, while the even
ing discourse was In English. Both
services were well attended by. con
gregations that were greatly pleased.
According to the Bradford
Star, when the census was taken in
1790 there were five negro slaves
In Bradford county. Two were
owned, by William Houck, of Stand
ing Stone, and Dr. Stephen Hopkins
and Guy Maxwell, of Athens, and
Adam Mann, of Wysox, each owned
one slave.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gardner
and Mrs. Wesley Gardner and son
Perry, of Scranton, were In this
place last week packing the house
hold effects of Benjamin Gardner
preparatory to his removal to Fac
toryvllle .where he will make his
home with his sister, Mrs. Gilmore.
Mr. Gardner Is one of the Maple
City's highest esteemed pioneer resi
dents, and his removal Is deeply
The Montrose Democrat, of a.
recent date, says: W. A. Cooley Is
the possessor of a relic of a number
of generations which he exhibited
in this office the first of the week, In
tho form of a pocketbook made from
the skin of a colored man that was
hung for the murder of the Vaness
family, of Newark, .N. J.. In 1789,
ho being tho first colored man
hung In that state. This pocket
book was given as a present to tho
late Amos Cooley's great grand
father and has been handed down
until now It Is tho property of W.
A. Cooley.
A castle of tho Knights of St.
Paul, for boys from 12 to 1C years
of age, will be organized In tho Sun
day school rooms of Grace Episcopal
church on Thursday, May C, at 7:30
p. m. A delegation" of nhout fifteen
are oxpected from Trinity church,
Carbondnle, Including the Rector,
Rev. H. E. Robblns, to organize tho
new castlo, to exemplify tho mystic
rites of tho order and probably to
Install ofllcors. Afterwards tho
visiting Knights and tho newly made
Knights will have a foast. Tho Car
bondale boys aro to bring with them
all necessary paraphernalia and ro
galla. Tho first accident to tho largo
auto, now making trips between Haw
ley and Seelyville, took place on Fri
day afternoon while tho car was on
its way to Honesdale. Whon about
two miles from Hawley, as they at
tempted to cross a small bridge, tho
front wheels went through and It
looked as If tho car would go down
Into tho creok, but tho passengers
three In number and tho chauffeur,
all Jumped out of tho machine, and
this probably saved tho machine
from turning over nnd going down
Into tho ditch about fifteen foot deep.
Word was sent to Honosdulo nnd n
wrecking crew, consisting of John
Erk, Robert Murray, and Frank Erk,
armed with jacks, crow-bars, block
nnd tacklo, hastened to tho scone,
and after working until Saturday
morning, tho car was placed on
terra flrma. Tho machine was but
slightly damaged and resumed its
trips on Saturday morning. Tho
bridgo has been repaired.
Rend Ostcrhardt & Dykmnn
Land Co.'s adv. In this paper.
Wo call attention to Frank i
Stolnmnn's advertisement of hlsi
homo for Bnlo. j
Georgo W. Klpp, of Townndn, i
will bo tho Dcmocrntlc cnndldnte for
Congressman from this district.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnk Stelnmnn
and family expect to remove to De
posit, N. Y., tho Inst of tho week.
Ostorhoudt & Dykmnn have tho
true spirit nnd correct method of ad
vertising. Go nnd see them soil on
Gen. E. F. Jones, of Blnghnm-ton.-hns
offered to pay tho expense
of dental trcntmont for all the poor
children of that city and tho offer
has been accepted by the board of
A very pleasant evening was
spent nt the homo of Mr. and .Mrs.
Fred Losch on Ridge street, on Frl
dny last, whon a variety shower was
given In honor of her sister, Miss
Alice McGlnnls.
On Frldny evening Inst about
ten friends of the Misses Edna hud
Ethel Hawker gathered at their
homo on Dyberry Plnce, tho oc
casion being their blrtliday. A very
pleasant evening wns spent.
Mrs. Clarence Knapp, of Pas
saic, N. .1., Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Pothick and son Dunne, Mr. nnd
Mrs. John Pethlck and daughter,
of Scranton, wero guests at the
family circle of Mr. and Airs. Rich
ard Pothick at East Honesdale on
Sunday Inst.
About tl:4ri a. m. Tuesday
morning tho gong sounded an
nlarm for lire. Smoke wns seen
coming up over the culm piles on
Texas No. 4. The fire companies
responded, but discovered that it
was a lot of brush being destroyed
on account of cleaning up day.
T,he floral tokens of respect to
Mrs. Hardenbergh canio from
friends both far and near. Tele
grams to tho leading florists of New
York, Philadelphia, from distant
friends for appropriate symbols of
affection brought a profusion of
beautiful flowers, and this with the
magnificent offering of friends in
Honesdale, White Mills, Hawley and
other nearby places showed the high
appreciation tho lady was held In
by her many friends who for years
sympathized with her in her afflic
tion and who loved her for her true
womanly qualities.
A test was made last Sunday
In the Presbyterlnn church of an In
strument which enables those whose
hearing Is defective to hear very
plainly. The main transmitter was
placed on the pulpit so that the Rev.
Swift's voice was taken up and
transmitted same as In a telephone
to those In the pews who had re
ceivers which they applied to their
ears and thus many whose hearing
was imperfect were enabled to hear
distinctly eyery word that was spok
en by the preacher! There were
about ten receivers Installed and
used to the satisfaction of the
To remember mother, to show
honor to her who is the best belov
ed the world over, the white carna
tion, emblem of purity.'wlll bo worn
by the people of the nation next
Sunday Mothers' Day. Growing
out of the devotion of. one woman
who set aside the day on which her
mother died to be an occasion each
year consecrated to the memory of
the departed loved one, tho observ
ance of Mothers' Day has spreail
with such rapidity that tho second
Sunday in May of last year, the first
anniversary of Mothers Day, found
a nation kneeling at the shrine of
inother-lovo. Mothers' Day was first
observed on tho sec,ond Sunday In
Mny, 1908. The public is asked to
wear a white carnation to properly
observe this day. If mother is liv
ing, wear tne carnation, but also
sit down nnd write the good, old
soul a kind letter, full of tho af
fection that you surely have for her
but havo been too busy to tell her
about very; often. She will appre
ciate It moro than all the carnntlonB
worn on succeeding Mothers' Days
or piled above tho coffin lid over her
thin, worn hands. Tho way to ob
serve Mothers' Day In spirit and
truth is to keep in close touch with
hor as long as she lives, nnd assure
her constantly of your affection nnd
regnrd. Later, whon under tho
daisies, sho won't need It.
Tho Seolyvlllo Flro Company
will havo a ball In their hall next
Friday night. adv.
Peter Helnlcklo Is tho guest of
Scrnnton friends.
Floyd Bldwoll was a callor In Port
Jorvls on Sunday.
William Welch was a Hawley
visitor on Sunday.
J. V. Stnrnos of Bethany was In
town Tuesday morning.
Frank Rosonkrnntz recontly visit
ed friends In Scranton.
Miss Lena Lehman, of Hawley,
spent Thursday in town.
Mrs. Louis Jcltz spent Sunday
with friends in Scranton.
Mrs. William Spettlguo visited rel
atives in Jermyn last week.
C. P. Searlo mado a short busi
ness trip to Now York Saturday.
Edward Fasshauser, of Carbon
dnle, spent Sunday at his homo hero.
Slgamund Kntz spont Saturday
and Sundny with relatlvos In Scran
ton. Miss Floronce Coyne, of Scranton,
is spending a fow days with Seely
ville friends,
Robert M, Dorln Is nssisting his
father, M. F. Dorln, In his renl es
tato business.
Mrs. Manda Russoll, of Carbon
dnle, Is spending somo tlmo wltji
friends in town.
Miss Hclene Bishop wns tho guest
of Miss Gertrude Harvey of Carbon
dnle on Sundny.
W. Wallace Ham, of New York,
spent tho latter part of tho week In
town on business.
Miss Elizabeth .Matthews of
Scranton, Is the guest of Mr. nnd
Mrs. P. A. Clnrk.
Frank A. Jonklns Is spending n
fow days In tho northern part of
Wnyno on business.
John Glllnor and W. B. Lesher,
both of Sterling, were recent busi
ness callers in town.
Richnrd Pethlck nnd family, ' of
Cnrbondnlc, spent Sundny with EaBt
Honesdnle relatives.
Miss Penrl Robblns returned to
Wilkcs-Barre on Snturday after a
month's stay in town.
Miss Mnry Knlsh, of New York
City, is spending n short vacation
with rolntivcs in town.
Miss Jesslo Williams, of Carbon
dale, was tho guest of Miss Bessie
Tompkins over Sundny.
.Mnyor John KuhbnUi and John H.
Weaver made n business trip on Sat
urday over in tho vnlley.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Torrey left
Tuesday morning for Atlantic City
for a two weeks' sojourn.
Misses Martha and Florence Volgt
visited their brother, Dr. Arno r.
Volgt nt Hawley last week.
Miss Grace Ritenauor returned on
Thursday evening from a several
days' visit with Scranton friends.
William G. Blakney and O. L.
Rowland left Tuesday morning for
Wnlden, N. Y., on a business trip.
F. W. Krletner and wife spent
the latter part of the week with Mr.
and Mrs. Edson Krletner of Scran
ton. Mrs. S. M. Decker, of Court
street, Is entertaining her sister,
Airs. Myria Mulford, of Aladlson,
N. J.
William Saddler, who Is employed
at the Family Theatre In Carbon
dale, spent Sundny at his homo
Clarence R. Callaway returned to
New York City on Monday morning,
after spending a few days at his
Jiome here.
J. O. Jackson, formerly of Tyler
Hill, now living at Howells, Orange
county, New York, was In town on
.Mondny on business.
Air. nnd Airs. John C. Rellly, of
Alerldan, Conn., who have 'been
spending a few days here, returned
to their home Sunday.
Aliss Daisy Alberty, of Carbon-
I1UIG, aiciiu ouiiucij ii.ii lid jmi-
fcnts, Air. and Airs. Frank Alberty,
6n East Extension street,
t Lawrence Weldner, having pur
chased the barn on the Doherty
property at the foot of Ninth street,
intends to tear down same.
Airs. John A. Gale and daughter
Blakslee, of Blnghamton, N. Y., at
tended the funernl of Airs. E. B.
Hardenbergh, and while here were
guests at the homo of L. J. Dor
flinger. - Aliss Alargaret Davis, of Carbon
dale, who is employed by the State
Department of Health, for the
treatment of tuberculosis patients
in Wayne county, registered at the
Allen House Tuesday.
nesday, April 27th, John C. Rellly,
son of Airs. Catherine Rellly, of this
place, and Aliss Elizabeth AlcAIann,
daughter of Air. and Airs. John Alc
AIann, both of Alerlden, Conn., were
married In St. Joseph's Roman
Catholic church, at that place. The
offertory was sung by Mrs. Allchnel
E. Dardls, of Brooklyn, sister of the
bridegroom. Air. nnd Airs. John C.
Rellly arrived here on Wednesday
evening nnd spent a part of their
honeymoon at tho homo of the.
bridegroom's mother, returning on
Sunday. Air. Rellly Is well known
here, being ono of Honesdale's
former baso ball players. Before
going to Alerlden, Conn., which--Is
about threo years ago, he was em
ployed as a glass cutter, and Is
now with tho Amoricnn Cut Glass
Co. Air. Rellly has many friends
who join in wishing them a very
hnppy future.
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars
Reward for any enso of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O.
We, tho undersigned, havo known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years,
and boliovo him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations mado by his firm.
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesnlo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is taken in
ternally, noting directly upon tho
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonials sont freo.
Prlco 7G cents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggets.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. Kindly read tne advertisement
of tho Clinton Cut Glass Co. of Al
denvillo. Thoy nro going to
have an auction sale on Saturday,
May 14 th.
The Only Opportunity of Its Kind
Ever Offered Here.
At the miction salo of building .lota
at Willow Pnrk, East Honesdale, op
posite the Erie Railroad depot, to be
held next Snturday, Alay 7tl'i. at 2 p.
m., a mnn In a cnrrlagc will stop at
n certain lot and ask what Is offered.
In n moment the salo will be made,
and the nuctloneers will move to tho
next lot, nnd then to tho next, etc.,
until all are sold. This method of
selling renl estnte Is being Introduc
ed here by tho Osterhoudt &. Dykman
Lnnd Co., of Kingston, N. ., who
havo been operating In suburban
real estate extensively, nnd wltn
grent success for the past live years.
To further advertise tho sTilo of
these splendid lots, tho company has
engaged both the local bnnu nnd tho
Flfo nnd Drum Corps; the lntter will
give a parade concert through tho
principal streets on Friday evonlng
of this week from 7 to 9 o'clock.
On Snturday at 12:30 p. m. tho band
will give a concort at tho Centrnl
Pnrk after which they will pnrade
out Willow Avenue to tho Willow
Park lots In time for tho auction
sale at 2 p. m. On arriving at the
grounds ench lady will be presented
with a box .of Schrufft's delicious
chocolates, and each gentleman with
u good cigar; also before nnd during
the sale, thirty $2. fiO gold pieces
($75.00 in all) will bo given away
to those being on the grounds at 2
o'clock when the sale commences.
A discount of 1 0 per cent, for casii
will be allowed from tho prices at
which the lots are bid In for, or to
those who 'do not desire to pay cash,
as low as $10 down and $5 per
month will secure a lot. Building
lots adjoining this splendid tract
cannot bo bought for less than from
$350 to ?G00 each and as the buy
ers at the auction make their own
prices, some great bargains should
be had, and with tho rapid ndvanco
In vnluntlon which always follows
these sales, buyers will undoubtedly
double their money or even better,
In a very short time. The company
states that you do not have to buy a
lot or put yourself under any obli
gation whatever to get the candy and
cigars, or to participate in the
drawings for the gold pieces. Free
coupons for which nre now being
distributed throughout the town. So
better attend the sale, have a good
time, and Incidentally bid In a lot,
either to build a home on or as a
good safe and profitable Investment.
Seo larga. adv. In this Issue.
CAPITAL STOCK $75,000.00
Of the People.
For the People and
By the People !
We solicit the patronage of Individuals nnd firms
for either Checking or Savings accounts, nnd always
stand rendy to loon money to Wayne Counlcons hnvlng
proper security.
FarmBrs Mm Si
The Big Stick
Is useful in its phtce. It does not matter whether you
want one big stick or enuf lumber to build a house or
barn you can get what you want when you want
it if you come to us.
We have one of the most complete stocks of lum
ber carried by any retail yard.
White and Yellow Pine lumber, Hemlock, Hard
woods, Shingles and Lath, Mouldings, Interior
Finish, Doors, Sash, Blinds, etc.
Come in and look over our stock whether you want
to buy anything just now or not. You are always
welcome here.
A largo delegation of the promi
nent citizens of Wnyno county call
ed on tho county commissioners on
Tuesday and mnde a request that
thoy avail themselves of the propo
sition made by tho State Armory
Board of Pennsylvania to place an
armory in Honesdale for tho bene
fit of tho Wayne county members
of the National Gunrd, the State
Armory Board agreeing to placo a
building costing from $15,00o to
$20,000, If the county would fur
nish the site. The delegation re
quested the commissioners to ap
propriate $1,000 and called their at
tention to the fact that the State
Legislature had passed an Act giv
ing them the authority not only to
make this npproprlntion but furth
ermore recommended that the same
be done. The attention of the com
missioners wns called to the fact
that under the old enrollment net,
Wayne county wns taxed 50 cents on
encli male citizen over 18 nnd under
45 yenrs of age, capable of bearing
arms, and as we have an enrollment
of 3500 this meant a tax of $1730
each year. The new National Guard
act repealed this law and saved
I Wnyno county this amount each year
and consequently tho members of
: tho National Guard (Company E)
of Wnyno county, who by their ol
J untary services save this amount
, to the county each year, are entitled
to a home. Tho commissioners went
into session, and finding that tho
law hail been properly quoteu, nnd
that they were under obligations to
the citizen soldiery of the county,
agreed to appropriate $1,000 to
wards a site, tho citizens of Hones
dale to furnish tho balance.
It was tho general Impression of
those who were present and listen
ed to the arguments of the delega
tion, that the action of the commis
sioners was wise, and should win
: for them the commendation of the
t people of Wayne county.
1act!cr.s or TactlulV
"Waiters who hire out for parties
oight to be trained for that," said
ono who has suffered. "Last night at
a little party I was giving, a waiter I
thought knew his business walked up
to a distinguished singer, who was In
the midst of a song, and insisted upon
her taking a plate of salad and a glass
of punch. She had to stop the song
to get rid of him."
C. A. KM KKV, Casiiikh