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Mrs. Shepherd Onrrett, of Beach
hake, spent several days with rela
tives here last week.
lrma and Ethel Ham were guests
of White Mills friends last week.
Walter Garrett of Brooklyn, Is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Shephard Garrett of Ueach Lake.
W. C Spry. Mike Tenbus, Hay
Hayly and W. II. and K. N. Mar
shall made a business trip to Nar
rowsburg on Thnrsdny last.
Earl C. Ham and bride, -who have
been spending several days In tho
metropolis, returned home on Sat
urday. Alice Maloney, or Laurella, wns a
guest of Mrs. Hay Hayly on Thurs
day. Mrs. W. 11. Marshall spent Wed
nesday last with relatives and
friends at the lake.
Wo called on Charles E. Neal, the
poultry man, at East Beach Lake,
on Thursday last. We found the
proprietor and his amiable wife car-
ing for several hundred little chicks,
as well as gathering dozens of eggs
which are crated
and shipped to
New York city. We also had a
pleasant chat with Hov. C. T. Van
Gorder of 'the same place. He In
formed us that he had discovered
how to make farming easy. Ho
has purchased a sulky plow and a
wheel cultivator, thus avoiding the
tiresome part of the work.
Several of the ladies of this place
ntfpnilnfl n unrtv linlrl In Alirnn'e ,
Hall at Swamp Brook on Saturday.
They tied two quilts, sowed several
pounds of carpet rags, besides hav
ing a good time. Mrs. E. Nonne
macher, Mrs. Wm. DeReamer and
Mrs. Charles Ahren, who had charge
of the gathering, did all that they
could to entertain their guests. Af
ter being served with refreshments
they departed for ther severnl
homes, feeling well repaid for their
Charles Bayly, of Archbald, ac
companied by a gentleman friend,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
his parents, R. E. Bayly and wife.
Nettle Ham is very sick at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John Brock,
of White Mills. She has a very se
vere attack of rheumatism.
Mildred Bayly Is quite sick with
tonsilitis. Dr. Gavitte of White
Mills, Is the attending physician.
Mr. Charles Jay, who has been
quite sick, we are glad to learn is
C. A. Davey, the census enumera
tor, was a caller at Altoona Farm on
Saturday last.
John Buckingham, of Atco, called
at the Chestnut Grove farm on
Thursday to see his mother, who
has been sick for several weeks.
Mrs. Peter J. Schmitt, of Swamp
Brook who has been visiting her
son, Herman, and wife, of Philadel
phia, returned home on Saturday
We called on Mr. E. E. Avery of
the Bethel Farm, on Wednesday.
We found he and his son busily en
gaged at putting the roomsi, of the
house In fine condition, by papering,
hanging doors, etc.
Claude Smith is repairing and ,
raising his barn. He will put in a
concrete basement.
Borden's man is at work In this
vicinity at whitewashing the stables
for their patrons.
We went to Hawley on Saturday rlage of her daughter, Grace Eve
last and returned by way of Swamp j lyn, to Mr. William Charles Selfarth,
Brook. More Improvements have on the forenoon of Thursday, the
been done In that vicinity than in fifth of May at 1 1 o'clock at her resl
any place we have visited this year, dence here.
The first place after leaving the A dime social will be given Wed
Long Ridge road we came to was i nesday evening at the pleasant home
Mrs. William Klenck's. This Is as of .Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bodle,
pretty a residence as can be found
in any town. Wm. Daniels Is also
Improving his building by rerooflng
them. Jacob Schmitt has placed a
very attractive sign at the entrance
to his store where you will find him
always ready to wait .upon his cus
tomers to first-rlass goods, at reason
able prices.
An essay contest for the W. C. T.
lT. silver medal was held in the M.
E. church here on Friday night,
April 22nd.
C M. Lorlng, Is working In
Scranton, was at home part of the
week. "
Mrs. W. II. Alt and Mrs. A. F.
Jones are spending this week at the
Alt cottage at Big Pond.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chumard
have moved Into the house next the
camp-ground, owned by . W. A.
H. C. Pelton was in Scranton tho
first of the week. Among others
who visited Scranton were: Mr. and
Mrs. C. L Simons, Claire Simons,
G. O, Glllett, Mrs. B. F. Hamlin and
Butler Hamlin.
Frances Orchard returned to
Stroudsburg on Thursday after
spending a few days at her home
H. D, Spangenbcrg made a trip to
Deposit, Nr V., during the past
week. , j
Ray Wallof Hawley, was a busi
ness caller In this vicinity on Fri
day of last week.
It was expected that Rov. Dr,
Puller would give the Memorial Day
address at this placo, but as he has
moved to Norwich, N. Y., ho will
not bo able to do so. The G. A. H.
Post has secured the Hov. W. E.
Webster, of Sterling, to give tho ad
dress on that day.
Miss Flossie Edwards Is spend
ing a few days at her home here.
C. L. Simons is constructing a
building In the rear of his resi
dence, for his gas lighting plnnt.
The Wayne County Teachers'
AssnHHtlnn will niret at this nlaro I
vnrl I ' tl an ' Oth Tl ero will
be only an evening session on Frl-!
day which will consist of a lecture faiuruay msi.
by Prof. Gortncr of Mansfield State Wnrd Hanev hml R dnnc, nt tho
Normal School. The public Is - O. S. of A. Hall on Saturday even
cordially Invited. I lnK-
The "Bobolink" from Steeno cer-1
talnly can spin yarns by the yard. J
Say, "Link," wo have you stopped
though on syrup production. How's '
this: Twenty-seven gallons of maple I
syrup made this season from forty-
i live trees, and as "fer flshln' " we
saw n trout thnt was caught on the
loth thnt measured IS Inches and
had been previously hooked, prob
ably on tho snme day, as he car
ried a bran new steel hook and sev
eral yards of fish line In his upper
Hp, besides the one with which he
was finally landed with. By the
way, "Link," how are tho bull-heads
biting up at Keene?
We note with pleasure the action
taken by tho Prompton supervisors
i - . ., mi.i- ,
in building a stone road. This is
certainly a progressive measure.
Wonder why Clinton don't do some
thing of the kind on the road lead
ing from Aldenvllle to Prompton?
We own a stone crusher and It
stands Idle. To be sure the town
is In debt, or has been, but we will
all die In debt If wo have to keep
traveling over that miserable road
mentioned nbove; broken wagon
springs, wheels, extra horse feed,
E. K. Curtis is seriously ill of
brain congestion. Dr. Noble is In
We wonder if there are any trout
at all left in the creek. It has been
estimated that over one hundred
fishermen chased one another up and
down the stream from early morn
till dark on the 15th. Many fine
catches are reported.
The baseball season was cracked
open on Friday last. Our High
school athletes bumped Into the
Mount Pleasant High school team
and were defeated. The boys say
thoy would have stood a better show
had It not been for a young man by
the name of Benson who did the
twirling for the visitors
Miss Giles, of Aldenvillo-, Is visit
ing Blanche Stnrnes.
.Miss Cody was called to Honesdale
Wednesday to rate for Miss Feurth
Miss Maud Bennett returned home
Rev. and Mrs. Cody attended the
Kennedy-Kennedy wedding at Cold
Springs on Wednesdny evening.
Blanche Starnes gave a variety
shower Friday evening at tier home
for Grace Miller to about a dozen
friends and a most enjoyable time
was spent.
During last week Mrs. 11. N. .Mil
ler issued Invitations to the mar-
Haines, for the benefit of Bethany
Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Ernest Bodle was called to
Scranton Thursday by the serious
Illness of her mother, Mrs. Delcy
Schoonover. Her many friends nere
were pained to hear the sad news of
her death on Saturday morning.
Slncu September Mrs. Bodle has had
seven deaths of near relatives in
her family and now the death of her
mother comes as a severe blow.
Miss .Many has Invited her scholars
to a picnic on Wednesday If the
weather Is fine, to Wlntergreen hill.
Mrs. Charles Blake will entertain
the Ladles' Aid Friday for supper at
her home. All are Invited.
Mr. G. Shaffer, of Hawley, visited
his daughter, Mrs. A. Conklln, of
Uswlck, on Eunday.
Mr. A. Couklln Is now working for
his neighbor, Mr. C. Sanders.
Mrs. Daniel Kulin and son Eugene,
of Adclla, visited Uswlck friends on
Wednesday; also- looked after the
flowers and attended to the craves
of tho former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Godfrey Smith, nt tho cemetery
at this place.
Mrs. Newel McCane, of Honesdale,
moved in the house vacated by Mrs,
J. Evorly, near Lakevlllo. MessrB.
Mosior, J. Herzog and Georgo Haz
elton mpved them.
Elborl N. Swingle anr wife, of
South Curinan, visited tho former's
sister, Mrs. J. B. Mains, of Uowlok,
on Saturday.
Blrten Daniels and wife moved to
Niagara, N. Y., on Friday of laet
' Mr. Wnlter I'cnnell returned I
homo from Wnymart on Tuesday of 1
last week. Ho Is now farming while
his father. F. B. Fennoll. Is onti-1
mcrallng tho census In Pnupack I
Miss Jennie Crnno went to Brook
lyn, N. Y on Friday to vIbU her
sister, Miss S. Helen Crane, nnd oth
er friends at that place for eight or
ten days.
Miss Louise Sodcrbery of New
York Is expected to arrive at the
Keith homo at Uswlck on Wednes
day. There was no Sunday school at
this place on April 17th on account
of tho Inclemency of the weather.
David Degroat has moved from
the Dcmpsey house to tho house re- the door with their birthday greet
centlv vacated by Edcar Degroat on : Ings. A pleasant time wns passed
Mr. Andrew's farm at Uswlck. i
'The Misses Keith are exnected to
arrive at their home at Uswlck on
Flrday evening or this week. ,
-Mrs. H. W. Murphy, accompanied
ner husband to Woodsldo Lake on
Miss Calesta Skinner died April
19th, nged 88 years, 2 months and
lf days from paralysis. Three years
ago she broke her hip, nnd since
then she has been an Invalid. She
was an earnest Christian, loved by i
all. In her early youth she united ,
with tho Methodist church. She I
was the oldest of the twelve children i
of Calvin Skinner nnd Sallle Llllie,
live of whom are living, Volney,
Milton L., Martha, Mrs. Ablgal Ill
man, at home; nnd Mrs. Octavla
Fermick, of Washington, D. C. She
will be greatly missed. She was
called "Aunt Callstn" by all. She
was born on Feb. 3, 1822 In the house
she died In.
Miss Katie Shinier has returned
to her home at Hackensack, X. J.
Mrs. Lee Black is home after
spending the winter with her grand
daughter, Mrs. Elbrlge Carpenter, at
Newark, N. J.
J. J. McCollough, who has been
staying with his mother, Mrs. Lee
Black, has returned to Bingham
ton, N. Y.
Mrs. Cora Skinner has returned
from her visit at Cozinovin, N. Y.
Miss May Boucher, of Port Jer
vls, Is visiting at W. B. Yerkes.
Bessie E. Skinner, who spent the
winter in New York, is expecten
home in a few days.
.Mrs. William Moase and daughter
Bessie, of Pleasant Mount, called
on friends here Snturday.
Miss Rena Stark has returned
home after spending several weeks
In Prompton.
Miss Nellie Hull, of Waymart, is"
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Hull.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hutchlns, of
Carbondale, spent Sunday with the
latter's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm.
Mrs. Charles Gustln is visiting at
William Gustin's.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fltze spent
the week-end with their daughter,
Mrs. Carl Bonham, at Carbondale.
Miss Rose Glanvllle, of Pleasant
Mount, recently visited her sister,
Mrs. Chas. Bonham.
Fred White left" last week for
Blnghamton, N. Y. His grandmoth
er, Mrs. Laura Coyne, accompanied
him as far as Susquehanna.
.Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Crossman spent
Saturday and Sundny with Union
dale friends.
On Tuesday P. J. Keary received
a large supply of the Williams
Clnrk fertilizers for which he Is
agent. For sale at his home, the
"Mountain View Farm House."
There were threo funerals In town
during the past week. On Sunday
at 2 p.- in. occurred the death of
Frank Dunn at his home at the Eddy
after an illness of several months,
a victim of Brlght's disease. The de
ceased is survived by a young wife
and two small boys, an invalid fath
er, George Dunn, mother, and
brothers. His funeral on vVeanesday
afternoon was attended by a large
delegation of friends. The floral
offerings were especially beautiful.
The glass cutters, among whom he
worked, and' members of the I. O. O.
F. Lodge, of which he was a mem
ber, attended in a body. The re
mains were laid to rest In tho Wal
nut Grove cemetery. Much sympathy
is felt for the bereaved ones.
After being In feeble health for a
long time, Mr. Wllbert, nged about
48 years, died on Monday at the
home of his son-in-law, Mr, Kerber,
with whom ho made his home. Fun
eral on Thursday morning. Tho
body was taken to Honesdale, his
former home, for burial, accompan
ied by his widow and many sorrow
ing relatives and friends.
An Infant babe of Mr. and Mrs.
Sheridan, of tho East SIdo, was laid
to. rest in the Catholic cemetery on
Mrs. Knesel, of Honesdale, has
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. Schalm.
Mr. Howell, a survivor of the Civil
War, is quite ill at his homo on
Maple avenue.
Julia Compton closed her school
at Tafton on Friday afternoon. In
the evening, teacher and pupils gave
a farewell entertainment.
The L. A. S. of tho M. E. church,
mot with Mrs. D. Bingham on Wed
nesday afternoon.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher
of Dopostt, were notified of tho ar
rival of a little son at their homo
on Good Friday. Mrs. Gallagher,
whoso maiden nnme was Evelyn
Tormey, n sister of Mrs. P. J. Kenry(
with whom she formerly sncnt much
time, has many friends In this vlcln
Ity who sent congratulations
Owing to weak eyes Hnlph llclncke,
a glass cutter, has been enjoying a
short vacation.
Frederick, little son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Lobb, was vory sick for
several days during tho past week.
Wednesday evening, Geo. Helton,
one of Hawley's popular draymen,
as n birthday treat, took his wife
to the Nickelette. On her return
bIic wns surprised to find her home
had been Invaded by about twenty
relatives and friends who mot her at
and a delicious lunch served.
Mrs. Florence Shook Is under tho '
care of Dr. Volgt. !
Florence Wllllnms had a stone bee I
the latter part of tho week on tho j
lot at tho rear of his dwelling. Some
blasting was, done
Mrs. H. C. White or Ariel, also
William Clark, of Honesdale, at
tended the funeral of Frank Dunn
on Wednesday.
Mrs. Meyef and daughter Anna,
of Tafton, visited Mrs. Casper Unger
of Bone HIdge, on Sunday.
Thomas Bootenhelmer Is thinking
of building a new barn In the near
Duke Black am. Samuel Colwell
are busy painting Robinson's cot-
Mrs. F. S. Keene and son Orrln,
recently visited relatives In Scran
ton. F. S. Keene entertained Clyde
Cnsterlin of Plttston last week.
Leroy Dodd has repaired the green
house on the Orrln Sharpe place,
and Is raising plants on same.
The Maplewood base ball team has
leased permanent ground of F. S.
Keene. L. H. Geargy has been elect
ed manager, and Mr. Scrapey cap
tain. ORSON.
An Ice cream social will be held
at the home of E. S. Whipple on Fri
day evening, April 29th, for the bene
fit of the Epworth League.
Mr. E. P. Harlow has gone south
on a business trip.
Mrs. J. W. Lewis Is In Susque
hanna. Mrs. W. G. Mosher Is on the sick
Mr. and Mrs. Artie Transue and
family of Preston Park, have return
ed home after visiting at the home
of J. B. Lee and W. C. Lee.
J. H. Sheldon has planted thirty
live maple trees along tho highway
of his farm, and says if the farmers
of Preston 'township would plant a
few trees each year along their farms
it would soon be a pleasure to travel
ers driving along our roads in hot
Frank Griffin, of Shehawken, vlsit-
.i it.. a it.. . e ..
Starrucca streams last Saturday.
JM Notice Is hereby given that an
application will be made to the Gov
ernor of the State of Pennsylvania
on tho 23d day of May, 1910 by John
J. Brown, Valentine Bliss, W. J.
Davis, John J. Holland, F. W. Wol
lerton, E. J. Lynott, A. G. Ruther
ford and others, under the Act of As
sembly of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to
provide for the Incorporation and
government of street railway com
panies in this Commonwealth," ap
proved May 14, A. D. 1889, and the
& I supplements and amendments there
to, for a charter for and Intended
corporation to be called "The Scran
ton and Lake Ariel Railway
Com -
pany." Said proposed corporation
is orgnnized for the purpose of build
ing, constructing and operating a
street railway over the following
streets, highways and bridges as fol
lows, namely: Beginning at the di
viding line between Roaring Brook
township and tho Borough of Mos
cow, in Lackawanna county, where
Main street crosses said line; thence
along Main street in said borough to
the intersection of Market street;
thence along Market street to tho in
tersection of Willow street; thence
along Willow street to tho Intersec
tion of Brook street; thence along
Brook street to the borough and
Madison township line; thence from
tho Borough of Moscow lino along
the public rond known ns the Bear
Brook road, leading from Moscow to
Holllstervllle, to tho count line (also
known as the lino between Madison
and Salem townships) ; thence from
Madison township lino at the Wilcox
placo, along the public road, known
as tho road leading from Madlson
villo, to Holllstorvlllo; thence from
Holllstcrvillo to Moors Corners to
Hamlin ton; thenco from Hamllnton
along tho North and South Turnpike
to Lake township line; thenco from
line dividing Salem and Lake town
ships along the public road loading
to Lake Ariel In Lake township,
known as the road leading from
Hamllnton to Lake Ariel to Brown's
Cornors In tho village of Ariel, Lake
township, Wuyno county; thonce re
turning by the same route to tho
place, of beginning, with tho neces
sary turnouts, sidings and switches,
forming a complete circuit, and for
these purposes to have, possess and
enjoy all the rights, benefits anil
privileges or said Act of Assembly
and Its supplements.
33eol3. Solicitors.
eu recently ut uie iiuuiu oi par- ,)e kleil Te I0r cent kerosene
ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Grillln. emulsion cnn als0 be used for th,Si
Three of our fishermen were ang- j mnklng lt ns a reguiar soap omul
lelng for speckled beauties in the sinn. nr Rnllr lnMU pmi,isinn. n 1p-
A farmer of one of the central
countries wrote to State Zoologist
H. A. Surface, Harrlsburg, about
soaking corn In either coal tnr or
dilute carbolic acid to keep crows
from pulling up nowly-planted corn.
He said that he suffered much dam-
age In past years through the depre-
datlons of crows, and wnnts to get i
ahead of them this year. !
Professor Surfnce's answer to this
letter contained tho following:
"It is commonly reported thnt corn
should be soaKeci a row minutes in
water containing a solution of coal
tar or gas tar, and then spread and
allowed to dry. This will make tho
corn so bitter that the crows will be
suspicious of It and will not cat it
for fear of being poisoned. I pre
sumo dilute carbolic acid would
servo the same purpose, but I am
not certain nbout this.
Different devices have been recom-
mended to keep tho crows from pull-
ing corn, one of which is strings
stretched around and across the
corn Held. It is also recommended
to sow corn on top of the ground
nbout the time it commences to
shoot through the soil, in order to
feed the crows at this time, so they
will not pull the grain that Is plant
ed. It Is best for a person to try
one or more methods nnd make a
practice of that which he finds best."
The advice of Prof. H. A. Surface,
State Zoologist, was asked by a
resident of the Cumberland Valley
a sto what to do for his cherry trees,
which every spring for the last two
years have been badly damaged by
black lice destroying the young
shoots as well as the stems bearing
the cherries.
The reply of Professor Surface
was as follows:
"The Insect Injuring your cherry
tree Is the blnck plant louse, often
called the cherry aphis. One of the
best remedies is to spray with one
pound of whale oil soap In five gal
lons of water, just after the leaf
buds open, but before the leaves are
expanded, and, of course, before the
flowers come. The spraying" should
not be done If the young lice are
not seen to be present. It should
be held for immediate application
when you do see them. Watch for
them on tho leaves, and when they
come, give them a spraying before
the leaves curl.
One Important point is to redch
them before they curl In the leaves.
After the leaves have curled the
material will not come into direct
contact with them, and they will not
scribed In the Monthly Bulletin of
the Division of Zoology, of the
Pennsylvania Department of Agri
culture, Harrlsburg, for June, 1909."
A Chambersburg lawyer sent to
Professor H. A. Surface, State Zoo
logist, Harrlsburg, a portion of a
limb of a five-year-old apple tree,
which he described as "full of punc
tures cnused by some kind of an
Insect, and by .carefully cutting
away the outer edge you will find a
miniature worm, to my eye (looking
through a glass) largely represent
ing the apple tree borer."
Tho correspondent continued by
i saying: "All tho fruit growers in
this section, as well as myself, are
at a loss to know who our new
found enemy is, how ho arrived, and
what we can do to protect ourselves
against his ravages," and then ask
ed the following questions:
1. In your opinion was this tree
killed by the Insect sent you?
2. Wns tho death of tho tree caus
ed solely by the apple tree
3. Is this miniature Insect an off
spring the apple tree borer?
Capital $75,000. Surplus $40,000
Deposits Over Half Million
An examiner is liable to call at
the institution at any time. This in
sures carefulness and absolute safety
in management.
You do not have to leave tho bank where you are now
doing business to open an account with this institution.
Many people do their banking by mail and have accounts in
several banks. Give to ua a part of your business.
E. C. MUMFOKI), President. WM. V. RIEFLEK. Vice President. J. A, FISCH, Cashier
K.C. Mumford Joel O. Hill Jacob F.Katz Jlenl. F. Haines
W. F. Hleller Frank Stelnman Wm. II. Kranti E. v, Penwanlen
Thomas M. Uanley 11. II, Ely, M. D. W. E. l'eruan)
4. Did this Insect attack tho tree
nfter having been killed by
tho borer?
C. Docs this Insect work upon llvo
trees or only upon tho wood
nnd sap wood under tho bark
or dead trees?
C.-Is this Insect likely to develop
Into a moth and In that way
perpetuato Its species, and
what remedy would you sug
gest? State Zoologist Surfaco found the
Insect to bo tho Fruit Bark Beetle
(Scolytus rugulosus), and said: "In
orchards of thrifty trees this would
be a new pest, but In old, declining
and dying orchards, It Is 'an ola
tlmer." He then answered the above
queries, as follows:
j nmi 2. I believe tho primary
cause of the death of your
young apple tree was tho
borer, and that this Insect
was secondnry, or followed
in the wake of the borer. I
mean to say that it attacks
trees that are already de
clining, or dying, rather than
those that are thrifty.
-It is not the young or offspring
of tho apple borer, but will
transform Into a small dark
beetle about the size of No.
4 shot.
4.Thls Insect attacks the tree
only after It has been Injur
ed by some other cause.
5. It works upon trees that are In
a declining, run-down or dy
ing condition, and does not
multiply In them after they
are dead, excepting to com
plete its life history. The
channels which you note were
cut by the larva or grub
which transforms Into a
beetle. If you will cut off a
section of the injured wood
and put it in a fruit Jar with
a screen cloth over it; you
will be able to obtain the
pests in the mature rorm
next summer.
G. It Is not liable to develop Into a
moth, but into a small
beetle, as mentioned above
"Spraying, especially with lime
sulphur wash, which leaves a sedi
ment like a thin paint on the bark,
helps to prevent it. There is no
euro after the adult has bored Into
the hark and laid the eggs from
which the grubs come. Cutting
back a tree, and fertilizing and cul
tivating to invigorate It, will prove
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