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Notes amid
Of Interest to Women Readers
Mr. George Allan England Asserts j
that the Movement Is Always
Galnlnn RrnunH. '
D . .
In a very striking article entitled
"Tho Leaven of Woman Suffrage
Around tho World," published In Lin
plncott's, Mr. Georgo Allan England
"The average American seems to
have hardly more idea about the mag
nitude of this wave elsewhere than
ho has about the mountains on the
moon, perhaps not so much. For any
good telescope will show those moun
tains plainly, whereas the capitalist
press as a rulo very carefully sup
presses or distorts and ridicules tho
news In re woman suffrage abroad.
Tho limit of knowledge of the average
man barely exceeds this: that here at
home we have four States where uni
versal suffrage prevails, that there are
vigorous demonstrations now taking
place In England, and that "women
vote In New England.' Beyond this,
his Information la not likely to go, al
though his facile criticism nnd ridi
cule might Indicate a broader scope.
"As a matter of plain fact, that is
not half tho story. So rapid Is the
advance of the suflrago wave olse
where than In free America, chival
rous America, that almost before one
can record It In cold type some other
new development turns up. Let us
Just take a brief bird's eye survey of
the situation, as nearly up-to-date as
we can bring It.
"New Zealand, of course, we all
know about, where women meet men
on terms of entire political equality
at the polls, and where their Influence
has been so salutory.
"Australia has not lagged far be
hind. As far back as 1902 tho so
called 'Federated States' granted full
national suffrage to women. Last No
vember even the Bomewhat backward
State of Victoria ceded. All the wom
en of Federated Australia therefore
now enjoy full municipal, state, and
national suffrage.
"So, too, the activity in Finland,
where the suffrage was gained only
three short years ago, yet where the
powers of evil are already trembling
In their boots.
"Conservative England some years
ago here and there granted the muni
cipal suffrage to a varying extent,
and no observer to-day doubts very
seriously that the parliamentary suf
frage is almost at hand. The project
ed 'betrothal boycott' and 'marriage
strike' ought certainly to have soma
weight with perfidious Albion, If
nothing else will!
"Denmark succumbed last year to
the demand for municipal suffrage. At
the Copenhagen elections In March,
the women took an active part in the
fight, at least a third of the votes be
ing cast by them. According to offi
cial statistics the election returned
9,682 male councillors and 127 wom
en ones. The battle Is still on there
in true Valkyrie style.
"Sweden has already capitulated.
The Riksdag has recently passed a
bill which enables all the inhabitants
of the country, over twenty-four years
of age, to vote. So the unlimited wom
an suffrage is there already an estab
lished fact.
"In Germany womankind seems to
be under a ban, so far as Old-party
politics are concerned; but neverthe
less they are in great numbers adher
ents of the Social-Democracy there.
Once this militant party attains the
power which now it is reaching out
for, to the consternation of Conserva
tion, its women can at once turn their
activities from revolutionary party
politics to national affairs.
"In Russia, Cuba, Spain, Japan,
ven Turkey, the agitation is going on
vigorously. Iceland has It, too,
nnd In no passive form at that. The
suffrage movement is always gaining
ground, never permanently losing. Its
outcome Is, to my mind at least, posi
tively certain. As women are forced
out Into commercial and Industrial
pursuits, and are obliged by the grow
ing power of Industrialism to abandon
the home, 'that sphere of woman,' no
other posslblo outcome can result
than Just this fight and the winning
of the fight. Behind it are powerful
economic reasons; and economic de
terminism, though It grind as slowly
as the mills of the gods, always grinds
exceedingly small."
00 S
When Gunda, the big Indian o'o
phant at Bronx Park, New Yor!:.
Isn't busy munch'ng carrots or at
tending to his duties at the rocclv ng
tellnr'n window of his personally con.
duted hank, ho generally will be
found swinging his gigantic frame
easily backward and forward with
n rolling rhythmic movement
strongly suggestive of dancing. Keep
er "Baldy" Thunian, at tiny rate, de
clares It's danc'ng, and ho ought to
know, for no humnn being knows tho
big chap nnd' his ways as well as he
Atnoug the visitors recently to
the antelope house where Gunda Is
making his happy homo pending the
completion of his own palatial man
Blon n quarter of a mllo north, wore
a pretty young school teacher and her
class of a Hcore of little girls. Gun
da was just as glad to see them as
they wore to see him, and the big
fellow had the time of his Hfo while
the peanuts lasted. After he had
passed abou, a dozen quarts of the
toothsome goobers d.wn into his ca-
pt.clous interior and had collected all
the pennies in sight nnd added them
to his store, seeing nothing further
coming his way and feeling entirely
satisfied vtth the world in general
and himself In particular, he began
to swing forward and backward on
his toes,' with his wonted grace and
"O-o-oo-oh!" shouted all the little
girls and the pretty teacher in uni
son, "he's doing 'The Merry Widow
Waltz!' "
"You're all right, old boy," whis
pered Keep Thunian Into Gunda's
ear after the encore, "gim'me a soul
kiss. Gund:. responded by laying
the end of his trunk lovingly against
his keeper's cheek.
Retreat of a Lion.
An Englishman who passed five
years hunting In Africa, gives a
graphic account of a scene that he
once witnessed there. Ho was out
elephant hunting, andhls party con
sisted of 250 natives. That was a
large and imposing force, and one
would think that so great an array
would terrify even the wildest and
moat ferocious beast.
Sudden. the hunter saw a big
lion coming slowly but defiantly out
of the brush. Its eyes blazing with
fury and its tall nervously lashing its
sides. Not a bit nbashed was it at
the army of hunters that confronted
It, but it came boldly toward them
as If seeking to force a combat. It
is hardly necessary to say that the
natives, every mother's son of them,
fled from the beast like a flock of
frightened sheep. In the panic that
followed eight of the hunter's dogs
were allowed to escape from the
The dogs Instantly faced the Hon,
but that kingly animal, seeing that
Its bold bearing had routed its hum
an enemies, became uneasy about its
cubs and their mothor, and turned
toward the brush through which
they were retreating. It did not
run, there was no showing of the
whlto feather in its action; it Just
walked calmly and majestically
away, growling fiercely at the dogs,
which trotted along on each side,
As the hunter had been left alone
by the stampede of tho natives, he
thought it wise not to bother with
tho Hon, for fear of unpleasant conse
quences, so he called off his dogs and
watched the Hon disappear in the un
dergrowth covering his retreat of his
family with the air of a conqueror.
Potter Wiisps at Work.
The family Eumunldae. or solitary
wasps, contains some curious work
ers. Some miners, and dig sol
itary tunnelB In tho earth; some are
carpenters and cut channels In wood
and then divide the space into cham
bers by parltltlons of mud. Some
build cval or globe-like mud nests
on branches or .vlgs. This home
may bo partitioned Into several tiny
rooms into watch are put various
Binnl Insects by the mother
wasp upon which the young wasps
feed. St. Nicholas.
Little Bobby Uncle Johi , does
hair grow on your face because you
Uncle John (who la tmid) Yes,
Little Bobby Then why don't you
Bhnvo your head?
Date from the Sixteenth Century and
Highly Prized by Indians.
The ranch of Jocotlan, belonging
to the Indlnns of the district, com
prises 50,000 hectares of very rich
land. Tho pride of tho Indlnns Is twn
old bells Hint hang In tho tiny church
They dato from tho year 1550 and It
Is rumored, are enst with gold and
copper and silver. They boar tho dato
nnd some words In Latin. Of their
history nothing Is known. It seem
probable that they wero cast up by
the sea or taken from one of tho old
Spnnlsh galleons, as Jocotlan Is only
a day from tho coast.
This ImmcnBo rnnco has a history.
After tho war of Indcpcndcnco It wns
handed 'to the Indigenes of Jocotlan,
who now number 200. This gift wns
further ratified under the government
of Comonfort in 1857.
Many have desired to get these
bells, but the Indians will not part
with them at any price.
At the Milliner's.
An Atchison woman who has a sin
cere desire to bo economical, says tho
Kansas City Journal, took a blue
feather, some velvet, and a rose to a
milliner, nsking tho milliner to fur
nish the shape and trim it The wom
an wns proud of the feather, tho vel
vet, nnd tho rose, as they were as good
as new,, but the milliner enst Just one
glance tit them, nnd then the woman
began to apologize. "Apologies are not
noccscary," said the milliner Icily.
"You surely don't expect me to use
anything like that!" And the woman
didn't. Another Woman said to her
milliner, bravely: "I want a hat that
doesn't cost a cent over five dollars."
"W-h-a-t!" screamed the milliner. "I
mean," stammered the woman, "that
doesn't cost over 515." "Oh, well,
that's better," said tho milliner.
Boats Towed by Autos.
Tho first successful towing of ca
nal boats by automobile was accom
plished one recent Sunday on the Le
high canal. Owing to the Hnbillty of
the tow-line to snap In tho effort to
start, George B. Plummer, a Camden
automobile expert, equipped a seven
ton motor truck of 45 horsepower with
spiral springs. Six bnrges with 800
tons of cargo wero taken from Allen
town to Bethlehem in an hour. Pres
ent lock capacity and speed limita
tions considered, It Is estimated that
automobiles compared with mules
will handle double the number of
boats in half the time. Philadelphia
First Honeymoon In Air.
Even the honeymoon in the air is
not a new idea. M. Flammarlon, tho
distinguished French astronomer and
aeronaut, took his bride for a honey
moon trip In a balloon on August 28,
1874. Mme. Flainmarion relates that
though she had never been In a bal
loon before, she felt no trepidation
when she took her seat in tho car
along with her husband and his sci
entific instruments, at the gas works
of Ln Vlllette. They were accom
panied by M. Flaramarion's brother
and the aeronaut, M. Jules Godard.
"Hlcksltes" vs. "Friends."
Hlcksltes are a numerous body of
rationalistic Quakers in America,
founded by Ellas Hicks (1748-1830),
who ln 1827 seceded from the Society
of Friends and created a schism ln
that body by his promulgation of Uni
tarian doctrines. About one-half of
the "Friends" in America adopted his
views. Tho Hlcksltes deny the mirac
ulous conception, the divinity and the
atonement of Christ, as well as tho
Inspiration and authenticity of tha
Watch for the Blind.
A Svvisn watchmaker of Neuchatel,
who recently Invented a watch for the
blind, has been flooded with orders.
Tho watch has no glass, and Its faco
Is of enamel. The hnnds are Invisible
nnd are placed Inside the case. The
figures work automatically, nppearing
a little above the enamel face as the
hands pass underneath. A blind per
son can with a touch of his fingers
tell the time in nn instant. The watch
costs from $4 upward.
Serving His Sentence.
"I ain't seen do boss man fer de
longest. Whar you reckon he gone
tor?" "I thought you knowed whar
he gone. Ho went roun' de country
talkln' ever' day an' Sunday, an' do
fust thing he knowed dey give him
fifty dnya In do leglslatur' an' he won't
be bnck 'twel he sarves his time ouL"
Atlanta Constitution.
Theft of Cottages.
A curious Btory comes from Pot
teries of the thoft of n whole block of
small cottages which had became va
cant. Tho process one by one, and tho
floors and other woodwork followed.
Finally tho walls were razed, and
nothing now remains but tho founda
tions. Home Chat.
Expert Opinion.
An English paper propounds the
query, "Should a man marry his land
lady?" The nnswer to thU would
seem to depend on the number of
weeks the man is In arreas. Death
and matrimony cancel these little
obligations. Chicago Tribune.
Many men suffer from the delusion
that they are tho masters In their
own households. Charleston News
and Courier.
"Folks dat trusts ln lore at fust
sight," said Uncle Eben, "is torrlble
apt to finish by not beln' able to see
each other wlf a spy glass.
Are You Bilious?
Biliousness means that your liver Is sick
and out of ordet. You are cross or cranky,
can't cat, have a bad, nasty tasting mouth,
and are sick all over. To neglect bilious
ness will result in congestion, loss of
appetite, torpidity and had feelings, Kc
storo the liver to health by using Smith's
Pineapple and Butternut Pills, which euro
biliousness in one night, give your liver
healthy action, assist digestion, clean up
jour furred and coaled tongue, and give ,
new life and energy to tired nerves.
Mrs. James Lumicnnrof Old Mystic, Conn.,
writes 1 " I'lcasa tend inn a vial ot timlth'a
1'lncApiilo ami lluttcrmit Mils, Those 1 linvo
hint nre all right, and I llko them very mncli
for biliousness and dyspepsia, which I liato
been troublod with."
These little vegetable pills will accom
plish mora in-a few days toward making
you feel better than a bushel of nerve pills,
rhey cleanse and Invlgorato the blood and
make it rich and red. They restore the
liver and stomach to normal activity.
Physicians use and recommend. They
form no habit. You should always keep
them on hand. These little Vegetable
Pills will ward off many ills.
To Cure Constipation
Biliousness and Sick
Headache in a Night, use
OO rills In Olnm Vial BSC All Dealers.
For Sick Kidneys a
Ilt&dder Diseases, Ithenmatlam,
the one best remedy. Reliable,
endorsed bjr leading physicians;
B&fe,erTectnAt. Itesalts lasting.
On the market 18 years. Hare
cured thousands. 100 pills In
original glass package, Co cents.
Trial boxes, CO pills, S3 cents. All
druggists teU and recommend.
Notice Is hereby given that an ap
plication will ho made to tho Presi
dent Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, on the 10th
day of March, 1910, at 10 o'clock,
under tho provisions of the Corpora
tion Act of 1874, and Its supple
ments, for a charter for an intended
corporation to he called The White
Millp Woodmen Association,, the
character and object of which are
for lodge purposes and for social en
joyment, and for these purposes to
have, possess and enjoy all the
rights, benefits and privileges con
ferred by the said Act and the sup
plements thereto.
C. A. GARRATT, Solicitor.
YEAR 1010: The followirg named
perrons rave tiled their petitions for a liquor
license, and the s:mie will be presented to the
Court of Quarter Sessions on Monday, March
14. uno:
Canaan Paul Vaverchauk, James Glldea.
Cllntoii-H.T. O'Neill.
Dreher-H. 11. binitli, II, E. Robackcr.
Charles !'. Wert.
Dyberry Asa K. Kimble, Mntthcw F.
Hawley Christian Lehman, Martin Heat
ler, August 11. Frank, (ieorce Kohlman, F.J,
Hiiches, Palmer A Peters, Fred Kunifert.
Honesilale Frank N. Lord, Jr..T. F. Flynn,
John II. Weaver, Charles McArdle, Charles
J. Weaver.
Like Flora M. Schadt.
Lehlgli-C. W. (laraean.
.Manchester Wm. F. Q. Kmerlck. William
A. Hleck, Frank and Martin Dellrcun.
Mt. Pleasant I. W. Bunnell, Wm.T. Davis.
Preston Michael Leltlnses, P. F. Madlcan,
S. C. Sllsbeo. W. J. llcaley.
Salem H. F, Nicholson. Ralph Footr.
South Canaan John iientham.
Starrucca John Woodman-see.
Texas Thomas U'll, Frederick Kraiiz,
James Munday, Mary Meyer. Charles II.
Murphy .Ueorce Meyer, John C. Smith. David
A. Potter, J. Monroe Austin.
Wayniart Ferdinand J. Crockenberir.
Canaan .Tames J. Hurnctt, Trustee.
Clinton John Opeka.
llawley Mary Deltzer, Jacob Adams,
Louis Celsler.
Honesdale Christopher Lowe, Henry
iiiiiinviiuuiiii . , iicuiiuiiiiii r itu w. uuui i,
A. F. Volet, lli'iil.J.oris. Jr., Albert It. Taeuh-
ner, Lawrence u. wenifer, r. i. t) i onnell,
Herman Meyer. W. II. UoadkulL'ht, Emmet
Hurley, John Theobald.
Texas Chris. J. Hook. Jacob Heck, Wm
Hnwley Patrick Kearney.
Honesdalc Michael Oalvln, Paul McOran
actiiiu, Leopold Fuerth.
Texas l'eim'a Central Urcwlne Co.
Honesdale John Roegerand Jas. Ashley.
Palmvra Luke 1. ltlchardson.
Texas F. W. Michelsand F. A. Reltiiaucr.
wimani reimcyer.
M. J.HANLAN. Clerk.
Honesdale, Pa.. Feb. 14. 1D10 14
J the Judge of the several Courts of
the County ot Wayne has Issued his precept
(or holdliiL' a Court of Ouarter Sessions. Over
and Terminer, and (ieneral Jail Delivery la
anu ror sam county, at me court House. t
uettin on
and ts continue one week:
And dlreetlii" Hint a (Irand Jurv (or the
Courts ot Ouarter Sessions ami Over and
Terminer he summoned to meet on Monday,
.March 7, ifiu. at z p. in.
Notice Is ttiere(nri) lierebv elven to the
Coroner and Justices of the Peace, and Con
stables o( thu County o( Wayne, that they he
men anu mere in meir proper persons, at
said Court House, at '-' ox-lock In thu utter-
noon of said 7th of March lyiO. with their
records, iiKiulsltlons.examliiations imdotiier
remembrances, to do those thlnss which to
their otllces nrmertnln to he done, and those
wlioaru bound by recognizance or otherwise
io iirosecuie me prisoners wno are or snail
lie in the Jail (if Wnvno Count v. tie then nnd
there to prosecuto against them as shall be
liiven miner inv nnnu. ai iionesunie. mis
17th day of Feb.. 1WI. and in the laid year
ot the Independence ot the United States
M LEE I1RAMAN. Sheriff
Sheriff's Olllee I
Honesdale. Feb. 17.1910. I lw
XL hereby given that tho accountants
nerein nameu nave seiiieu meir resiwuve
accounts In the olllee of the Resistor ot Wills
of Wayne County, Pa., and that the same will
Im itrpKPiilpd nt flip Ornhniis1 Court of said
county for continuation, at theCo'trt House
In Honesdale. on the second .V.unday of
Mure n next viz:
First and nartlal account of T. L. Medium!
and Lizzie M. lletz. executors of the estate of
Thomas Medlanu, llonescisie.
Flmt ii nil Recount of Francis J
O'ltellly.exocutor of the estate of Margaret
u-iteuiy, cnerry Jiiute.
First und llnal account of Mary K. Was-
man, executrix ot (lie estate oi jacou was
man, Texas.
Klmt nmt fltml nrrount of II. J. Miller, ex
ecutor of the estate of Jacob Miller, Hones
Flrst and partial account of Oeorpo W,
J'rey, adminutrutor ot me estate ot Mar
. n v. . . 1.' .. V. w. v 'T".i tr n m
First and final account of H. J. Ifanlan
administrator et the estate ot Thomas F,
nun, Texas.
I First nnd final account .of K. A. l'cnnlinnn,
rdmliilstrutnr nt tliu estate ot Francis U,
rcnnlman. Honesdale.
hirst nnd (1 tin I account of Charles It. Smith.
adrnlnt' tnitorof Lafayette smith, Way mart.
L- t' ft......... 1f..ll.
V..W. lUUMlll. Ui.pUlpr.
licet. Olllee. i
Honesdale '7 1910,
Issued put of the iinon
Picas of Wayno count,, ...nrStnto of
Pennsylvania, nnd to rao directed
an,j delivered, I hnve levied on ano
will expose to public sale, nt the
Court House In Honesdalc, on
Kit! DAY, MCI I. 11, HMO, U V. M.
All of defendant's right, title and
interest in the following described
property, ylz:
Tho First Deginnlng at the
north-east' corner of lands which
Wnlter Ilrny sold to William Slno
inon; thence by said Slnomon south
twelvo and one-half degrees cast
sixty-six nnd one-half rods to a
stones corner; thence north seventy
seven and one-half degrees east
forty-four and four-tenths rods to a
stones corner; thence north twelve
and one-hnlf degrees west twon-Doventy-one
nnd otic-half degrees
west forty-two rods to tho place of
beginning, containing twenty-three
ncres and eighty perches, bo the
same more or less.
The Fourth Beginning nt a
beech tree marked for a common
corner of lots numbered 13, 1C, 17
nnd 20, In the allotment of the late
Robert Shields lands; thence by No.
13 north seventy-seven and bne
half degrees east one hundred and
, forty rods to a stones corner;
ineiicu uy l,oi ino. zi, souin twelve
and one-half degrees east one hun
dred and thirty rods to a stones
corner; thence by Lot No. 19, south
seventy-seven and one-half degrees
west one hundred and forty rods to
stones corner; thence by Lot No. 17
north twelve and one-half degrees
west one hundred and thirty rods
to tho place of beginning, contain
ing one hundred and thirteen acres
and twelvo perches, be the same
more or less. Excepting flfty-slx
acres and one hundred and forty
perches heretofore conveyed. See
Deed Book No. 18 at page 35, etc.
Tho Fifth Beginning -at stake
and stones, the south-east corner,
late of John Durlam; thence by
lands of William Penwarden, north
twelve and one-half degrees west
thirty-four rods to a stake on the
ty-two rods to a rock corner;
thence north 77 degrees east
thirty-eight rods to a public road;
thence, along said road, seven and
one-half degrees west eighty-nine
and seven-tenths rods to the place
of beginning: containing thirty
acres and one hundred and twelve
perches, be the same more or less.
The Second Beginning at the
north-west corner of the land above
described; thence by the same north
seventy-seven and one-half degrees
east sixty-six and one-hnlf rods to a
corner; thence north thirteen degs.
west forty-seven and one-half rods
to stones corner; seventy-seven de
grees west seventy-one rods to
stones corner; thence south
eighteen and one-half degrees east
forty-seven and three-fourths rods
to the place of beginning, contain
ing twenty acres and sixty-five per
ches, be' the same more or less.
Tho -Third Beginning at stones
corner on top of high ledge; thence
by lands late of Walter Bray south
eight and one-fourths degrees west
seventy-three and one-half rods te
stones on rock on the top of a
ledge; thence north seventy-sevei
and one-half degrees east slxty-seT-en
rods to a stake and stones corner;
thence north twelve and one-half
degrees west sixty-nine rods to a
stake and stones corner; thence by
land first above described south
east side of the Day pond; thence
across the said pond, south thirty
eight degrees west fifty-three and
two-tenths rods to a rock; thence
along the division line betweem
lands now or late of John Durham
and Henry Riefler, north seventy-
seven and one-half degrees east for
ty-one rods to the place of beginning;
containing four acres and flfty-sevem
perches, be the same more or less.
The above five pieces constitute
what is known as tho Henry Riefler
farm of upwards of one hundred
and thirty-five acres, upon which
is a dwelling house, barn, apple or
chard and nearly all Improved land.
The Sixth Beginning nt a hea
of stones, the south-west corner of
land in the warrantee name of Johm
Woods; thence north seventy-sevem
degrees east two hundred elghtee
and one-hnlf rods to a stones corner;
thence by Lot No. 14 ln the Wilcox
lands south thirteen degrees east
flfty-flve and one-half rods to stone
corner; thence soutn soventy-sevem
degrees west two hundred elghteca
and one-half rods to stones corner;
thpnee north thirteen degrees west
flfty-flve and one-hnlf rods to the
place of beginning, containing sev-
enty-flvo acres and one hundred
and soventeen perches, be the same
more or less.
The Seventh Beginning nt the
south-enst corner of above described
lot; thence nortli soventy-soven nnd
one-half degrees east flfty-slx nnd
one-half rods to a corner; thence
north twelve and one-half degrees
cast flfty-slx and three-fourths rods
to the south-east corner of Daniel
Bryant's land; thence south soventy-soven
and one-half degrees west
flfty-slx and one-hnlf rods to a
corner ln a stone wall; thence south
twelvo and one-half degrees east
flfty-slx and three-fourths rods to
the place of beginning, containing
twenty acres, be the same more or
The last two pieces comprUo the
Goodnough farm, upon which la a
lnrgo frame dwelling house. Large
barn with underground stable. Ice
house, and other out buildings.
Apple orchard and other fruit trees.
and some fifteen hundred dollars
worth of standing timber and acid
Seized and taken in execution m
tho property of Chester J. Good
nough and Frank D. Goodnough at
the suit of Wm. II. Leo, assignee
No. 207, March Term, 1908. Judg
ment, 300, Attorney, Lee.
Takb Notick. All bids and costs
must be paid on day of sal or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
M. LBB BRAMAN, Sheriff.
Honesdale, Pa., Feb. 16, 1910.
TRIAL LIST. Wayne Common PIcae
March Term 1010,
vcck iiegmnmir .Maren 11,
llnmhlr vs. Pennsylvania V ut t mirany.
Toledo Computlnc Scales t'o. vs. Iloli erf.
Mlttnn vs. Htmkele.
Htnoker vs. Ultimo.
Hnejrvo ei vs. iirutrhe.
Ha ker v. I'onttetihemier.
Illclihoii-e vs. Davey.
liuerket vs. McOrannuhan.
Second Week Kutrltititucr March tl.
CortrlKht A Son vs. Erie Railroad.
Trucsdale, Administrator, vs. Arnold.
Whitney vs. Lake Isidore Improvement C
liuerket vs. l'ennsylvniilu Urewlmr Co.
Richer A Soils vs. Wayne Slorate Wator
Power Company.
M. J.HANLAN, Clerk.
Honesdale. Feb. 21. lltlu. liwl
on that appraisement of $30
to the widows of tho following nam
ed decedents have been filed In the
Orphans' Court of Wayno county,
and will be prcsentod for approval
on Monday, March 14, 1910, viz:
Geo. E. Volgt, Honesdale.
C. II, Woodward, Hawley.
4 Nicholas Smith, Clinton.
M. J. HANLAN. Clerk.
Honesdale, Feb. 23, 1910.
The following Grand JurorB will
serve for week commencing March 7.
Berlin S. N. Dills.
Buckingham J. A. Carey.
Cherry Ridge Robert Bonear.
Clinton Fred J. Cook.
Damascus E. B. Sheard.
Dreher D. L. Frey.
Dyberry -Wesley Bodto. .
Hawley Louis Gelslcr.
Honesdale Walter Fowler, Alton
Lake Samuel Black.
Lehigh M. E. Smith.
Lebanon Frnnk Avery.
Manchester Richard Nichols.
Mt. Pleasant J. D. Brennen.
Preston .lames Hoag. Frank Mc
Kee. Salem Frank Westlake.
Seelyvllle George Moules.
Scott L. E. Ecker.
South Canaan John Buckley, Del
bcrt McKlnney.
Texas John Myers, Thos. R. Vnr
Week Commencing Mch. 14.
Bethany H. A. Bennett.
Berlin R. L. Woodley.
Buckingham Ralph Dillon.
Canaan Wm. II. Reilly.
Clinton Thomas Bates.
Cherry Ridge Thos. Rutledge.
Damascus Junius Young, Clifford
Blair, P. J. Keesler.
Dreher Christian Lang, A. C. An
gel. Dyberry Spencer E. Bates, Fred
Stephens, James Hensey.
Hawley Wm. C. Ames, John J.
Honesdale Frank Wasman, Chris
tian Hartung, Henry Theobald.
Lake George Swingle. William
Lehigh .lames Surplus.
Lebanon Thos. RIdd.
Manchester Alfred Oden, John
W. Keyes.
Mt. Pleasant Clark Spencer.
Frank Hauensteln, Thos. Meagher.
Oregon Wm. Colwell, Arnold Slu
man. Palmyra Augusta Laabs.
Paupack Charles Utt.
Preston Richard Sherman.
Prompton E. R. Bodle.
Salem Thos. Gerrlty, Samuel
Scott Wm. Rockwell. C. D. Tar
box. South Canaan A. J. Piatt, Har
vey Daniels.
Sterling I. M. Klpp.
Starrucca F. A. Stoddard.
Texas Julius Keltz, Fred Clark,
Clifford Gray, Bert Bassett, A. W.
Waymart B. S. Hull.
Second Week, Commencing Mch. 21.
Berlin Fred Frey.
Buckingham Bernard McGarry.
Canaan Geo. Munson.
Cherry Ridge Peter Sweltzer.
Clinton John Schermer.
Damascus A. M. Rutledge, F. W.
Tegeler, Walter Brannlng.
Dreher Merrlett Smith.
Dyberry A. K. Kimble. Luclan
Hawley James Flynn, M. J. Bo-
Honesdale L. S. Partridge, J. A.
Brown, Leopold Fuerth, R. P. Sch
midt, Walter B. Kimble.
Lake Geo. E. Miller.
Lehigh John Roth.
Manchester John Ewnln, John P.
Mt. Pleasant Simon Pomroy, J.
F. Connor.
Oregon J. M. Knorr. Warren
Mlller. Palmyra John Kellerman.
Preston T. C. Caffery.
Prompton Stephen Kegler.
Paupack John Drake.
Salem Henry Stormor.
Scott Wm. Evans.
South Cniiaan John Bronson.
Sterling Samuel Fltz.
Starrucca Georgo F. Brooker.
Texas Perry Tallman, Johu Dor
tllnger, Geo. J. Borgman, Chester
Wayniart F. S. Hinds.
Railway Hall Clerks Wanted.
The Government Pays Railway Mall
Clerks $800 to $1,200, and other
' employee! up to $2,500 annually.
Uncle Sam will hold spring exami
nations throughout the country for
Railway Mall Clerks, Custom House
Clerks, Stenographers, Bookkeepers,
Departmental Clerks and other Gov
ernment Positions. Thousands of
appointments will be made. Any man
or woman over 18, In City or Coun
try can get Instruction and freo In
formation by writing at onco to th
Bureau of Instruction, 66S Hamlin
Building. Rochester, N. Y. lOSeollx