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X If you wish a Fire and Burglar Proof
Safe. Write or call and bo astonish
ed nt tho saving. WYMAN W. KIM
BLE. Hno2
ATTENTION! Tho Kimble plan
ing mill Is always ready to piano
match and rip lumber of any kind.
Also estimate on cabinet work. WY
VOK SALE A heating store; In
good condition, suitable for office or
house. Inquire of Mrs. H. Wilson,
307 Fifteenth street. S'Jtf.
Who are tho three B's in
llonesdnle who bore for money, and
not for honey?
There are two postofflces In the
United States named Seelyvllle our
own thriving suburb, and one In Vigo
county. Indiana.
Dr. P. B. Peterson, of Hones
dale, and Dr. Geo. T. Rodman, of
Hawley, have each recently become
owners of Ford autos.
Mrs. S. M. Swingle, formerly
of South Canaan, Wayne county,
is critically 111 at her home, 007
Twenty-fourth street, Scranton,
with poor hopes for recovery.
-The Dunmoro High school bas
ket ball team after being defeated
by the Uouesdalu team, wont to
ParbondaTe on Saturday and won a
victory from the High school team
of that city, the score being 13 to 12.
Comrade E. E. Belknap, form
erly of Prompton, now of Kingston,
Pa , was in Honesdale on Saturday
and called at the Citizen office.
Time does not change Ed. Ho ia the
same old Belknap
of convention 1
- Special Lenten services at
liraco Episcopal church: Children's
services will be held on Tuesday,
Feb. 22, at 4:15 p. in., and the sub
ject will be "The Sorrows and .loys
of the King"; Litany and Sermon,
Wednesday, Fob. 23, at 7:30 p. m.;
sermon and reading from "The Cross
Builders," Thursday, at 4:15 p. m.
- The postofflce nt Honesdale is
being renovated to the extent of
having its interior walls and ceilings
treated to a coat of alabastlne. The
ceiling will be done in cream-colored
material, while the side walls
will have a more pronounced tint
and it Is expected that this will add
greatly to the appearance of both the
waiting and working rooms.
-We have received the follow
ing notice from Starrucca, Pa.:
Come! Where? To the King Hill
school house, Friday evening, Feb.
25th, and hearthe little folks, who
will be assisted by an orchestra of
stringed Instruments. After tho en
tertainment, stay to seo the orange
tree, pie and cake sale. Proceeds
to pay for a new organ. K. Ituth
Kennedy, Teacher.
Passengers who left Honesdale
on the 7:15 p. m. train on Sunday,
the 13th inst., were treated to a ride
which reminded them of the 'old
gravity days." The engine pulling
the train broke down at vVaymart,
and could not proceed any further.
As it was impossible to use the air
brakes, the crew resorted to the use
of the hand brakes, and permitted
the train to run back to Honesdale,
a distance of ten miles by gravity, as
in days of old.
In the "Afternoon Echoes" of
tho Scranton Truth, we find the fol
lowing: "Few men In Pennsylvania
enjoy a wider acquaintance or are
lore generally esteemed than Hon.
K. B. Hardenbergh, of Honesdale,
who was In Scranton Tuesday at
tending a meeting of tho Board of
Directors of tho State Hospital of
which he is a member. It Is said
of Mr Hardenbergh that during his
term as Auditor Genernl, at Harris
burg, his office was the most popu
lar on the Hill,' and that every
man who went there on business
fame away with the Impression that
he had met a friend."
Tho young people from this city
and Dunmore who recently went to
Honesdale to participate In the lit
erary contest, together with the pu
pils from tho Honesdale school Inno
cently danced on the feelings of a
number of the good people of that
town, when they danced In the gym
nasium of the high school after the
ontest was over. A committee of
the lay members of the quarterly
conference of one of the churches
met with the school board this week
and strenuously objectod to tho
board giving permission for tno uso
of tho gymnasium for dancing on
any more similar occasions. This
proves that tho world is growing
better even if it doesn't move very
fast - Carbondalo Leader.
-At last wo are to have the
much talked of musical sensation,
"Tho Soul Kiss," which comes to tho
Lyric, .Monday, Feb. 28th, with tho
New York, Chicago, and Boston pro
duction. It is said that tho com
pany Is playing to capacity every
where, and judging from tho splen
did reports that "Tho Soul Kiss" Is
receiving everywhere, it will no
doubt cause a great society event
in this place, Tho Soul Kiss com
pany coming directly from Atlantic
City, tho people of Honesdale are as
mired of having a capable company
In presenting this successful musical
nliow. Tho same company that
romes here played at tho Lyceum,
Scranton, a few weeks ago to a largo
house and they gavo flno satisfaction
to their audience.
The Union Stamp hnoe Co. have
leased the Frnnk Meyer's building
on Willow nvenuo for five years,
with privilege of buying same.
Tho Automobile Stago Line
Co.'s stockholders will meet Thurs
day evening In tho town hall to ef
fect n pcrmnncnt organization,
The Merry Heart Club had two
sessions Inst week, being entertain
ed on Thursday by Miss Louise
Kraft nnd on Saturday by Miss
Janet PreumerM.
Mrs. Ann Delezenne. of 13a st
street, 'was stricken with paralysis Monday morning, his right side bc
last Saturday night, nnd owing to , K effected.
her advanced age, Is In nn exceed- j --Hregsteln Bros, will open up a
lngly critical condition. j store nt Calllcoon, N. Y., on Fob.
Hon. T. J. Ham had a slight 23ru tlle" having leased a store In
stroke of paralysis on Monday tlu 55hnmormnn block,
morning. His left side Is effected, i E. V. McAndrew, of Hawluy,
but he Is able to talk and his condl-son of county auditor, M. J. Mc
tion Is reported as Improved. i Andrew, has been appointed Erie
Henry Woodford, of Scott township,-
attempted to commit suicide
a few days ago, but It was not a
success, owlnc to the early discov
ery of the critical condition of the
desperate man
Tho nrosnects of Co. E havlnc
nn up-to-date nrmory, early in the1 A lnr loa1 of the Standnrd
coming season, are exceedingly "carers of the M. E. church enjoy
bright. It will probably be erected I c(1 a slelghride to L. O. Mumford's
on East Park street, near the corner ! at Uyberry on Friday evening,
of Dyborry Place. ' wllro they enjoyed supper.
Mr. Henry Preumers has leas-j Tllu Bnow ffl" this year was
ed the house owned and now occti-1 100 mut1 for tlle 8llcti which pro
pied by Mrs. "John Krantz, Si., on 1 Jcted from the Whitney barn and
Main street. Mrs. John Krantz will j vered the alley between it and
take up her residence with her j tllu Allcn House barn, and the re
niece, Mrs. Chris. Bergman, on East I sult was t collapsed,
street. It Is rumored that tho Wayne
Honesdale was well represent-;
ed at the banquet of the Amherst
College Alumni last week, in New
York City, there being present Jujjge
a. i . bearie, diaries r. Kearie, ttsq.,
Charles and L. J. Dorlinger, all of
The " Carbondale Hlirh School
Basket Ball team will be the com-!
Petitors of the Honesdale team on ,
Friday In the latter's gymnasium. 1
The rivalry for supremacy between -"anna wasningtou supper on the
these teams is sure to bring about, 22n1 illst" o account of the severe
au exciting game j Btrin which prevailed. He also
-Tho union revival meetings will I "f hl'ilIs lrlnted and distribut
begin to-night (Wednesday) In the j f ntlfying people of this .means of
Baptist church. The pastors of tho transportation. Ho footed all the
tn..tln . T. 1.... !.. U 1 1 IS.
DUlJll&L, .UUlUUUiSL .UlU 1 I US I VI 1. Ill
churches will prslde. A choir of
fifty voices will assist. They will
be lead by pastor Wendell of the
Baptist church.
There will bo a very important V "fuuc "Ul"u"' " 'B"Vb ,lu"
meeting held In the Baptist church !laj'for an extended vis t with her
on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock p. !r' Arthur Ilockwe 1 at 'M
in. which will be addressed by C. II. I liel3' MnM- 0ames, a,ml refresh
Brandt, of WIlkes-Barre, who will ' ments wero trt tlle r
discuss the question of Home Rule j',1"0,' u,ntl1 ho 1'm,r of h dd,n;
and Personal Liberty. Every ten.-! thelr fr'e"d A hearty farewell and
perance man and woman should try ; P1,asant " n her trip,
and bo .present. J. B. Cody, Chair-1 Justices ot the Peace and No
man County Anti-Saloon League. taries Public when swearing in town
Our mercantile appraiser, N. officers should, ascertain whether
C. Jackson, has gono the rounds of i they have the certificate of the Clerk
the northern part of the county, in
making up his reports and Is now sei""K iorui Uuu iney nave nieu
struggling with the snow drifts In ! their affidavits relative to their ex
the southern end. The work could i ponses as candidates. The Act of
be dono better in the summer or i Assembly reads as follows: "it shall
fall, and there is no reason why the 1 ho unlawful to administer the oath
custom of doing it in the worst sea-, of offlce to any person elected to any
son of the year Is not changed. 1 Public office, until he has filed an
-Mr. and Mrs. Edward 'Keltz, of 1 accoun,t ils required by this act, and
River street, wore completely 8ur "o such person shaU enter upon the
prised on Friday evening, by thedut es of his office until ho has filed
gathering of a number of friends I su,'h "t. nor shall he receive
and relatives, to help them cele- a,ny 8"lnry" fr a,ly l)??lod I,rior to
brate their crystal wedding. Tho tlle fi,inB of the same
evening was pleasantly spent and Through the successful efforts
after delicious refreshments were of Congressman Pratt In Congress,
served, the guests presented Mr. nnd Mr. Robert W. McStraw of Pink,
Mrs. Keltz with a handsome cut ! Pa., has recently been granted a
glass vase. special pension. Mr. McStraw's
The New York police have ar- j record clearly showed that he was
rested a band of horse thieves who deserving of relief from the Govern
had a rendezvous at a farm in Cen- j nient, but owing to the technlcali
terville, Sullivan county, and It Is i ties of tho General Pension laws he
this band which has been stealing
horses In Wayne county, this state,
and Sullivan nnd Delaware county.
New York state. They were caught j
while shipping horses from Pnter- j
son, New Jersey. They were ex-
ports in changing tho appearance or '
horses so that they were unrecog-1
nlzable by their proper owners.
, , .. , . ,
in uvvjij unu ui me uriKiuui
buildings still standing ' or their
sites, where Washington is said to
have made his headquarters during
the Revolutionary war. Too little
attention has been paid to these
places nnd historians might make a
study of the great leader's head
quarters should they devote to the
matter time and care. As it is, with
tho decay of many of theso ancient
buildings, there Is likely to pass away
Interesting relics of the early his
tory of our country which shoulu bo
preserved for tho Instruction and
edification of posterity.
Tho gymnasium of tho High
school was the scene of a fast game
of basket ball on Friday evening
when the Honesdale High school
team defeated Dunmore High school
by tho scoro of 22 to 8. Owing to
the hedgo fenco guarding of the lo
cals, Dunmore was unnhlo to scoro
a field goal, all their tallies being a
result of good foul shooting. For
the homo team Brown and Jacobs
mado some very pretty shots which
brought showers of applause from
the loyal High school rooters. Tho
whole team showed a marked im
provement. In between tho halves
Prof. Oday introduced a new gaino
with Indian clubs which proved to
bo very exciting. Tho score: Hones
dalo High School Brown forward;
Mclntyro forward; Jacobs center;
Hlllor guard; Freund guard. Dun
more High School WIIboii forward;
Taylor forward; Avery center; Wat
roua guard; Payton and Monnlnger
guards. Goals: Honesdalo Brown
3, Jacobs 3, Miller 2, Mclntyro 2.
Fouls: Honesdalo 2; Dunmoro 8.
Time of halves 20 minutes.
Miss Lillian Barbcrl entertain
ed tho II. 0. C. club at her home on
Mondny evening.
Kussoll Whitney of Scrnnton,
spent Sunday with her parents on
Eleventh street.
Mrs. Cyrenus J. Ball, who lives
on West street, we are sorry to an
nounce, la very ill.
A daughter was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Frnnrls Mnlancy on Sun
day. They reside on Itlvcr street.
John (Jerry, Sr., of Dyberry
I'lnc-e. was stricken with paralysis on
Knilroad station agent nt Grey
court. Tom Jones, who helped tho
Tigers win the pennant, was born In
i Honesdale on January 22, 1877. He
played with St. Louis from 1901 to
I 1908.
Traction company have contracted
with the .McDonald Construction Co.
of Scranton, to complete the road
between Seelyvllle and Hawley. As
the Traction company is only wnlt
for B0(1 weather to start work,
this rumor may be true
John E. Richmond, who Is one
of tlle trustees of the Presbyterian
, ,,uuu' "'""b "vu iree ouses
take the people to and from the
Mrs. Joseph Schlessler of Court
street, entertained a number of lady
friends at her home Inst Thursday
evening in honor of her sister. Miss
I I .1 T 1 1 1 ...1 1 i.
of the Court of Quarter Sessions
was excluded from benefiting
through the regular channels, and
appealed to Colonel Pratt for spec-
lal a,l. who presented the evidence
before the Committee of the House
Representatives and carried the
rnst' through its legislative course
with success. Mr. McStraw served
as Sergeant of Company A of the
137 Regiment Pennsylvania Volun-
teer infantry
William Katz spent Sunday In
Frank Herzog spent Sunday In
Miss Georgeana .Martin spent Sun
day In Scranton.
Miss Genevieve Lowe spent Sun
day in Carbondalo.
John Dish Is spending a few dnys
In New York.
Miss Carrie Helferlch Is visiting
friends in New York City.
Miss Annn Brown, of Park street,
is visiting friends In Greene, N. Y.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Kuhbach aro
spending a few days In Now York
Paul Lorls, of Scranton, mndo a
business trip to Honesdalo on Sat
urday. Miss Hattio Arnold returned Mon
day from n visit with Wllkes-Barro
Russell Romalno is making a visit
with Now York and Philadelphia
Miss Mne O'Neill has returned
from a visit with her sister in New
York City.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomns, and
daughter, of Carbondalo, spent Sun
day with relatives in town.
School Director J. A. Brown and
his wife, warp in Carbondalo on
Sunday, visiting Fred Brown.
Miss Estella Knox, of Brooklyn,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles S.
Seward, of East Extension street.
I. M. Burcher, of Boyds Mills,
was a caller In town on Sntqrday.
Miss Almn Schuller, of Hamlln
ton, spent Saturday and Sunday
with her parents on High street.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles Pcnwarden
of Brooklyn, aro visiting the lnt
ter's parents on Eleventh street.
Miss Margaret Hughes, of Hnw
ley, was the guest of Miss Mercedes
McDcrmott on Saturday and Sun
day. Mrs. D. Daniels, of Dunmore, Pa.,
Is visiting Miss Lizzie C. Bnssett at
the home of Charles L. Bnssett on
Fast street.
Tho Misses Cora Hendricks, of
Peckvllle, Pn., and Merle Evans, of
Scrnnton, were guests of Miss Ger
trude Rockwell last Sunday.
Austin Lyons, who has been em
ployed as collector nnd solicitor for
tho Bell Telephone Co. at this place.
nns been transferred to Scranton. i
Mrs. Piko Bunnell, who has reach- j
ei. the ripe old ago of ninety-six,
Is 111. She resides with Mrs. Ulysses
Beers, her daughter, on Fifteenth
Miss Lizzie C. Bnssett will leave
on February 28th for Riverside,
California, to make her homo with
her sister, Mrs. Wm. H." Horton. She
will bo accompanied as far as Chi
cago by Mrs. Emma Johnson and
from there will he Joined by her
brother's wife, Mrs. Russell D. Bns
sett, of Kansas City, Mo., who will
go with her to Kansas City, where
she will visit her brother before
continuing her trip.
Kvciiliig Was a Grand Success.
Tho .Mini ha Washington Supper Last
On Washington's birthday all
roads lead to the Presbyterian
Chapel, and the roads and sidewalks
were almost impassable, but In spite
of the disagreeable storm which was
in full blast, crowds wended their
way to the chapel to unite In the ex
cellent supper which the ladles of the
church always serve. The main
room of the chapel was beautifully
decorated in pink and white; a large
circle was suspended below the chan
delier in the center of tho ceiling
and radiating from this center were
streams of pink roses, held together
by delicate threads that were invisi
ble, making a very artistic appear
ance and forming a very pleasing
effect. There were two booths, each
being very handsomely decorated,
tho candy booth with pink chrysan
themums and the fancy work booth
with pink roses. The parlor which
accommodates twenty-two people,
was decorated in red popples, while
the dining-room had the national
colors very artistically arranged with
the pictures of George and Martha
There was an orchestra of three
pieces, which discoursed sweet mu
sic and the Inclemency of tno weath
er was forgotten, as the people re
moved their wraps and joined in the
pleasantness of the occasion. From
all appearances tho usual large at
tendance was maintained. Mr. John
E. Richmond, whose wife has always
been prominent in these annual
gatherings, hnd arranged a free bus
service so that all who wished had
conveyance to and from the supper.
His thoughtfulness and generosity
was very much appreciated.
Elizabeth M. Arnst, formerly of
Honesdale, now of Port Jervis, and
Mr. Charles C. Westfall, of Mata
moras, were united in marriage at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira S.
Arnst. the bride's parents, No. 27
Hudson street, at two o'clock
Thursday afternoon by the Rev.
Uriah Symonds, in the presence of
only their immediate relatives.
The bride was attired in a gown
of white moussellne satin, with sil
ver trimmings, and veil, and car
ried a bouquet of white carnations.
Miss Dorothy Arnst, the flower
girl and sister of the bride, wore a
pretty costume of pink silk ana her
bouquet wns of pink carnations.
The wedding march was played
by Miss Theresa Carpenter.
At the conclusion of the Impres
sive ceremony, the bride nnd groom
received the congratulations of tho
company, and then n bountiful din
ner wns served by Mrs. Chnrton and
her corps of assistants.
The bride was the recipient of
many useful and valuable gifts, In
cluding a handsome cut-glass vase
from lmr fellow employes of the
Peerless Neckwear Company. She
Is n young woman of many attrac
tive qualities, and for seven years
has been in tho employ of tho Peer
less Neckwear Company of Port
Jervis as stenographer and typo
writer. The groom Is a well-known plum
ber, and Is in the employ of tho es
tablishment of City Supervisor John
J. Toth.
Mr. and Mrs. Westfnll left town
on an Erie train Thursday after
noon for a visit In New York city
and points in tho east.
Tho bride's traveling suit was
blue cheviot with hat to mutch.
On their return to Port Jervis,
Mr. and Mrs. Westfall will mako
their homo with tho bride's parents
on Hudson street.
Fleet's Cruise Cost $1,619,000.
Washington, Feb. 22. .Secretary of
tho Navy Meyer repurts us to the
cruise of tho Atlantic battle fleet Hint
tho normal cost ot maintaining tho
fleet at the home station for u period
equal to that of the crulso would have
been $11,040,000. The extra expendi
tures due to the cruise amounted to
only $1,010,843, making the total cot
of the cruise $13,400,512.
ENCE. In Philadelphia, on Chestnut St.,
stands tho famous building now
known as Independence Hall, which
UBed to bo called tho State Houso.
This cdiflco Is ono of tho shrines of
American pntrlotlBm, for It was In
one of Its low-roofed, quaint old
rooms, that the Declaration of In
dependence, which mndo of the
United States a nation, was debated
nnd decided.
The Declaration was signed on the
day of Its adoption by every member
present who voted for It. John
Hancock, whose name headed all tho
others, said: "We must be unani
mous; there must bo no pulling dif
ferent ways; wo must all hang to
gether." "Yes," said Franklin, "we must
all hang together, or we shall all
hang separately."
Everywhere the Declaration was
hailed with Joy. It was read to the
army amid exulting shouts, it gave
the Inspiration of a great cause, and
sustained them in the dark days of
that long, revolutionary struggle, un
til that which was declared in In
dependence Hall in 177G was glori
ously achieved by Washington In
1783 "the liberty of our land.
tlK.V.I. H PlTTIilCH. Lcsw ,t Malinger.
1 s T" F I played
' '300 NIGHTS
j j 41 J-4 IT lUlbik
G5 - - PEOPLE - - (55
Gorgeously Gowned Girls
Prices: 50-75-1.00 and 1.50
SKAT SAI.K opens at tho Box Office ut
U it. in. Krldny. l et), l'j.
Drawing-Room Buffet
Sleeping Car
Scranton and Pittsburg
Penna. R. R. from Wilkes-Barre
Leave Scranton at 5:30 P.M. daily
except Sun. arrive Pittsburg 7 A.M.
Leave Pittsburg at 8:50 P.M. daily
except Sat. ar. Scranton 9:59 A.M.
Berth reservations can be made
through Ticket Agents, or
Div. Kit. and Paw. Agt.
Scranton, Pa.
M. U. SIMONS, Phkmiiii.nt.
CAPITAL STOCK $75,000.00
Of the People,
For the People and
By the People !
We solicit the patronuge of Individuals and firsts
for either Checking or Savings accounts, and always
stand ready to loan money to Wayne Couhtcans having
proper security.
1 I
Farmers Mechanics U
To the first three subscribers to
The Citizen, who sends us correct
answers to the following questions,
wo will give a year's subscription
to any friend whom they mny name,
1. A prlntor's term?
2. A beverage herb?
3. Not I, but 7
4. An extraordinary marriage fee?
5. How one nationality uses the
article "The"?
C. Not. I, but two of you?
7. A grnin?
An organ of the body?
A winged lnsect7
10. A river In Scotland?
11. A large body of water?
12. A beautiful bird?
13. A Jehu's expression?
I I. A flemish cloth measure?
l.. Nothing.
Itl. A gamester's tool?
17. An ordlilary wedding fee?
IS. Part of a railroad track sys
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.variety In all Ihe accepted
fabrics including Foulards,
RoujIi Shantungs, Imperial
Messaline, Peking, and Kek
ko Silks.
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