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t anucn ui 1 mice iiu i
ward Island Thought Her
Possessed By Devil
Nocturnal Fits Follow Strenuous
Objection to a Slster-ln-Law-
Region Hypnotized, Doctor Thinks
Island Wrouoht Up.
Charlottotown, P. K. I. The
French farmers of New Zealand, a
small Bettloment at the extreme east
ern end of Prince Edward Island,
have been thrown into a statu of In
tense norvous excitement by a scries
of supernatural pnenomena surrounu- (
Ins a young woman named uninene. i has helped, too. for all their games
The Ignorant farmers believe the girlth.-,t havo taken women out Into the
is possessed of a devil, and the Rev. o;iei have been thus decreed by style.
Father Walkor of Rollo Bay. tho par- or course, the girl of the humblor
ish priest, has been Importuned to j classes has not the chance to do
perform tho ceremony of exorcism i ve'.op that the girl in college bas, but
once resorted to for the purpose of the schools that have been providing
curing those possessed of devils. 'nxalums and physical training
Tho girl is abutit 20 years old. te rers. evon in tha lower grades.
Since tho death of her parents shar,.' by those modern "chances tho
has been keeping house for her broth
ers, small fanners of New Zealand.
Several months ago the eldest brother
lnformod his sister that he intended
to marry a young woman in the neigh
borhood. Miss Chinene Immediately
burst into a fit of rage and declared
that "sho would as soon have a devil
in the family as that girl."
That night the household was
aroused by loud noises, which seemed
to come from all parts of tho house.
Thon the voice of the girt, shrieking
in agony, wns heard from her room.
The brother, fearing his sister waa
being murdered, nished to the girl's
room, followed by other members of
the family. When they opened the
door, they declare, they saw the young
woman floating in the air several feet
above hor bed.
She was talking incoherently and
in language much different from that
used by her in ordinary conversation.
Tho girl finally sank back on her bed
nnd fell into a natural sleep. When
she awoke the next morning she said
she knew nothing 'of the occurrences.
Night after night the same perform
ance was repeated.
News of the happenings soou leak
ed out among the farmers and those
simple people came to believe that
the girl by her sacrilegious remark
concerning her prospective sister-ln-aw
had given herself over to the evil
eno. The girl developed clairvoyant
powers while in wTiat seemed like a
hypnotic trance and told her visitors
how much money they had with them.
She was also able to repeat the ad
dresses and contents of letters in
their pockets, or at least she per
suaded them that she could.
The local doctors were called in to
treat the girl, but they could do noth
ing. Next the parish priest's assist
ance was sought, but earnest prayers
seemed to be unavailing. The excite
ment in the neighborhood became eo
Intense that Father Walker issued a
notice to parishioners forbidding any
further visits to the home of tho
young woman.
Several physicians were finally
summoned from this city for consulta
tion. Among them was Dr. Peter Con
roy, chief of staff at the Charlottotown
Hospital. Dr. Conroy declares that
there is nothing in the case which
annot be explained by science. His
theory Is that the young woman is an
nuto-hypnotist with "obsessive influ
ences." He also advance the theory that
by involuntary hypnotism she creates
delusions in the minds of those around
All efforts to relieve Miss Chinene
having been unavailing, her health
as given way under the strain and
she was brought to the Falconer Hos
pital for the Insane In this city. Modi
leal attention will there be given her
with a view to ridding her of the
strange conditions which have been
afflicting her.
Squire Awoke to Gaze Into Glittering
Eyes of Rug Muff.
Richmond, Va.--J. A. Spears, a fox
hunting squire of Southern Virginia,
startlod passengers on a train com
ing Into Richmond by emitting a wild
haloo as ho awoke from a nap.
Friends ran to the man, who had
leaped to his feet and waa staring llko
a sleepwalker at a handsome gray rug
muff carried by a young woman pas
senger. The glittering eyes of a fox
head had mot his gaze as Mr. Spoara
Waited Ten Years for Pay Day.
Chardon, Ohio. Hope of being paid
some day never died out in the breast
of M M. IIosHler, humane agent, who
In his ten years' of service has had
to mako many midnight drives for ar
rests and Investigation of complaints
and pay several hundred dollars out
of his own pocket for livery hire, A
statute passed in 1898 has Just been
found that entitles Mossier to $25 a
Her Twenty-sixth Child.
Niagara Falls, N. Y. Mrs. Philip
W. Webster, forty-two years old, cava)
birth here to her twenty-sixth child.
She married at the see of sixteen,
riro pairs of twins and one set of
triplets were Included in the number,
hot none of them lived.
Praf. D. A. Sargent of Harvard Sayi
Gentler Sex It by Exerclaa
Becoming Sterner. '
Cambrld?e. Mas. Prof. Dudley A.
Sargent, physical director of Harvard
I'lllYI-rsll V fnmim.
j . .-inj, inuiuu BLiniibiii c.rt;ii
t who has tasted the Rtretirth and ,en-
..,,, , .......
uuiance of many famous athletes, In
chiding Annette Kellerman. Jim .lot
fries, Sandow, llackenschnildt, as well
as .lack Johnson and Peter the (Ireat,
7n "ire eing
rcjl vnluo of profed physlclal deval-
. opment and are In a fair way to over
I tuke the sterner sex In pursuit of this
I "Women." he says, "are comlnc In
to their own. ThHjliave begun to
j realise that the suiext way to attain
I both health ami good looks Is
through exercise. The modern wom
an has progressed physically; many
new games have taken her out into
the open, such as golf, tennln, horse-ba-k
riding and swimming. AH these
things have tended to pive the girl's
body a chance to develop. Fnshlon
wo nn have more opor'unlty to aid physical well being, for thoy are
less retarded than men by worry and
buciness cares. Moreover, the better
c!h do not smoke or dissipate as
mywh as the men. Smoking takes
ovi.iy the appetite and also stops
c ovth. To day our modern woman
h . niede up for sreat many of
th'.e years in which Iter sisters stood
Former Parishioner Sues Pennsyl
vania Minister for $5,000.
Pittsburg. In a suit for $5,000 filed
against the Rev. William J. Herre, of
Bellevue, James Annable, of Iloso
Point, Lawrence County, a former par
ishoner, alleges that he gavo land
worth this amount to the minister
five years ago to insure his admittance
to heaven.
Annable alleges in his complaint
thut it was understood the minister
was not to dispose of the land until
after the soul of Arinnblo had reached
heaven. Annable goes on to say that
he was forced to take a trip South for
his health, and that upon his return
he found that the minister had dis
posed of the property. He naively
ends his complaint by saying he has
ascertained there is another method
to get to heaven, and that this method
Is much more sure than entrance by
Q Black D0II3 Hereafter.
Wilmington, Del. -After . a
lively debate on the question
whether colored children should
play with and fondle white dolls
the same as white children, or
use black dolls, as a matter of
race pride, the congregation of
St. James's A. M. E. Church de
rided that colored mothers must
purchase black dolls for their
George W. Benson of this city
and the Rev. R. T. Pennington
of Clifton Mills Colored Mission
presented opposing views, after
which the congregation voted
for black dolls.
The congregation also came to
the conclusion that In heaven
negroes would still be black,
and that they had better stick
to their own color on earth.
Copenhagen Telephone 'Exchange
Catches Words on Gramophone.
Copenhagen. Denmark. Exasperat
ed telephone users who have been In
dulging In harsh language to tho tele
phone girls have been brought to book
by the telephone administration.
At first the identification of the of
fenders was difficult. Then a gramo
phone apparatus was installed in the
central exchange, on which all un
seemly language was recorded.
Some of the worst offenders were
Uicn summoned to the directors' of
fice. Whou they denied the charge
thoy were convicted by an exact repe
tition in their own voices of their
hasty remarks.
Telephone manners and language
In Copenhagen are now greatly Im
College Paper Makes Charge at Wash
ington and Jefferson.
Washington. Pa.- The college weok
ly at Washington and Jefferson Col
lege declares that the students of the
Institution are widely addicted to the
use of drugs, "The habit has grown
to an alarming degree," says the pa
per, "and somo measures should be
taken at once to stop It."
The publication further charges
that the habit Is especially prevalent
at examination time, the purpose be
ing to sharpen the wits of the men
to prepare for the tests.
Owns Litter of Striped Pigs.
Wet Capo, Manitoba. In a litter
of sereo pigs owned by Isaac Harris,
a farmer, Is one striped lengthwise
like a Oeorgta watermelon, and as
other striped like a sebra.
etuiFo of ,
ley Comet"!
For ninny months astronor. -vrv
died and photographed one h
rev; in of the sky In which they ki
ill .t thin wonderful comet of Kk -w
'Id appear.
rtnnlly, on September 11, news
received from tha observatory ht 1
Edmund Halley.
delberg that It had been photogrnihe-
by a long exposure of a delicate plir (.
graphic plate. Photographs were ni"'l
of It on each of the three folio In
nights at the Lick Observatory, I
California, and three days later it w
first actually viewed with the
through tho great telescope of li
Yerkes Observatory, near Chicago.
Thus, there has again entered ;li
sky this wonderful object, which
at least 2,000 years has been stead '
pursuing Its great patli around (
sun. Every seventy-six years thrc
out the centuries it has reappeared '
past ages always a source, of aston
ment and torror, but to us a beaut : :
object which by Its orderly niotiot:
fords a striking evidence of the ivi
fection to which mathematical a--tronomy
has been brought.
Halley's comet has always been
Fig. 2 Path of Halley's Comet Abou!
the 8un. On May 18 the Earth
Will Be at A and the
Comet at B.
brilliant and striking object in the
sky. Consequently there are many
accounts of It at Its successive reap
pearances, but only from the moBt re
cent of these can any Information ol
its real appearance be derived, ex
cept the certainty that it was very
Of its appearance in the year A. U
nnd the amazement of the people are
represented on a tapestry 280 fee;
837. for example, it is said that "In
the midst of the holy days of Easter
a phenomenon always fatal and of sad
omen appeared In the sky. From th
Fig. 3 Halley's Comet from a Draw
ing Made on Oct. 15, 1835.
time that the 10m pel or had perceived
It ho gave himself no rest. A change
of reign and the death of a prince are
announced by this sign, he said.
Of Its appearance in 1066, the comet
and tho amazement of the people me
represented on a tapestry 230 feet
long, which was made by tho wife of
William the Couquerer at this time.
Hut Its most celebrated appearance
was In 1456, throe years after the cap
turo of Constantinople by the Turks.
Men then feared that It portended the
downfall of Christianity, it was de
scribed as lane and terrible, extend
ing one-third of the way across the
entire heavens, of a brilliant sold col-
nv s
! AIL Jit'
: l
; ;
or and presenting tho aspect of a wav
ing flame.
At Its appearance In 1769 It won
rery bright, with a tall nearly 50 do
erees long, bat lying so far south of
the celestial equator that it could only
be seen to best advantage in tho
Southern Hemisphere. At Its last ap
pearance, In 1833, It was brighter than
e-enty-slx yours earlier, but of a
sn.aller size, its trail then exloudlnn
o a distance of 15 degrees, or about
'h'-'ty times the distance across the
ui' on.
This was the first cotuet ever roctig
i.' ad as moving In a closed path about
tho sun, and of which the roturn was
pfedictod. This was done by tho as
tr nomor Halley, a contemporary ann
'i '-nil of Sir Isaac Newton, who, after
i wing for the retarding pull of Ji'p;
c - snd Saturn, confidently predicted
' .if the comet would again be see.::
ti 'he spring of 17S9.
The positions of tho comot in IN
; h are shown in Fi(r. 2. It will ren'-'i
point C, 65,000.000 miles dlstan'
r:i tho sun, on April IS. It paspe
',rgh the plane of the earth's orb '
I! on May 18, on which dato its ti'I
-l stretch out in the piano of t!i
"i 'Hi's orbit to an enormous distanc.
" tly away from the sun. One day
t tho earth will reach this point
f ts orbit, and as It is thon only 1 1,
' 1 ' f'OO miles from the comet, it will
P'obnhly plow dltcctly through the
tni'. It Is possible that at that time
"b nuige, yellow, phosphoresce-'
?'o v" may be notified In our atnvis
.r re, as was described by one oh
server when the earth passed throi i'j
!Ko tail of the comet In 1861, but Tie
enormous tall is so exceedingly rare-
ri3. 4 The Path of Halley's Comet
Among the Stars.
'1 that probably no other unusual
ilil'carance will be observed.
Tiie comet Is now moving westwur
ii the border of the constellation T.i .
r'in. but on account of its great d:
ante from us its motion is very slo
It will follow the path Indicated i
i ig. -I, moving westward to Pisces
mil then turning eastward again, it
motion during May, while the come'
nearest us, being extraordlnai llv
rapid. It will probably become vis;
b'e to the naked eye during Janua'y.
Since the sun is moving along t':
path A B and reaches the loop i
March, the comet will be seen in t':e
evening sky until March 23. It wili
then pass west of the sun and
very near this body, remaining iu tin
morning sky until May 18. . After thi
date it will again return to the even
ing sky and run very rapidly eastwa-d
During this time It will probably be a
magnificent object, which, by its gre il
brightness and rapid motion, will at
tract the attention of every observer.
A Disappointing Witness.
Deacon Stephen Potter, one of the
piouoers of Utica, Now York, was a
man of great eccentricity hut higli
moral character. "The deacon will
speak the truth and shame the devil,"
was often said of him.
On one occasion a friend was en
gaged in a lawsuit in regard to some
land a few miles from Utica. He
held the land at a high price. Dur
ing the trial he called Deacon Potter
as a witness, to prove how valuable
the land was. The deacon was sworn
and asked if he knew the land.
"Yes," he replied, "I know every
foot of It"
"What do you think it worth, Mr.
Potter?" was the next question.
The old man paused a moment, and
then said, slowly, "If I had as many
dollars as my yoke of oxen could
draw on a sled on glaze Ice, I vow
--I would not give -a dollar an acre
for it!"
The Telepost,
This Is a new electrical device br
.vhlch it Is claltnod that letters ro
be sent by telegraph for less than t!v
present charge for a ten-word iiie
sage. This cheapening of the tele
graph Is made possible, according t'
'he claims of the Inventors, because
with this device the capacity of Uih
wires is greatly Increased and ordi
nary telephone wires can bo used
without Interfering in the slightest
with the telephone business conduct
ed over them. The inventors claim
that letters will be sent from New
Voik to San Francisco by telegraph
for 2fi cents iu the near future. Hence
the name lelepost. A company has
already been formed and the systom
In being tested in different parts of
i'ie country.
The Berbers,
Tho people who are making so much
double for- Spain in Morocco are
knoA'ti as "Ilerbers," one of the most
M.v-Ient and fanatical races of whom
l.,..iory speaks. Throughout all the
centuries since Christ they have re
j .".ned, as they were long before
t'Vrist came, savage nomads, uncon
ij lured, proud, fanatical, their hand
ng.tlnst all mankind nnd living off
their plunder, their flocks and thoir
herds. They number about 2,500,000.
They have but an apology for u writ
ten language, and speak a corruption
of Arabic.
Romantic Association of a Surrey Vil
lage with the Sundown Bell.
At sundown the little Surrey vlllags
of Chertsey, Knglnnd, will re-echo tc
the tolling of tho curfow bell, which.
In accordance with ancient custom,
la sounded overy evening from Sep
tember 29 to March 25.
It Is appropriate that Chertsey
should thus maintain the custom
for the villago hns interesting "cur
few" associations. The curfew bell
which hung in Chertsey Abbey tolled
for tho funeral of Henry VI., murdered
In the Tower of London nnd hurried
to Chertsey to be burled "without
priest, clerk, torch or taper, singing
or snylng."
The abbey was also the sceno oi
the romantic legend which relates
how Illanche Heriot, to Bave her lover
Neville, nephew of Wnrwlck the King
maker, condemned to die at sundown,
climbed tho curfew tower nnd Held
the clapper of the great bell. The
story, always popular locally, attained
wido fame whon Mr. Clifford Harrison
embodied it in his poem "The Legend
of Chertsey." Since then reciters'
audiences have probably had their fill
of It.
Wild Horses In France.
The smnll white horses of the Ca
margue (delta of the Rhone), now in
number some 2,000 only, wander
about the seemingly boundless steppes
at full liberty. They are captured
from time to time and used to thresh
tho corn, They are supposed to have
been first Introduced by the Romans
and afterward by the Saracens.
Dut according to M. Huzzard,
"whatever their origin, whether for
eign or native, the horses of the
Camnrgue to-day are the product al
most exclusively of the influences of
the environment in which they have
propagated from time immemorial."
M. Gayot describes the horse of tho
Camargue as small agile, good-tempered,
spirited, courageous. In the
opinion of Prof. Magne, the horse of
the Camargue must live in a wild
state, and the first effect of Improv
ing the sanitation of the Island will be
the disappearance of Its horses.
Nlnteenth Century.
Improved Annunciator.
Tho uses of batteries and their at
tendant Inconveniences in the opera
tion of annunciator and bell-ringing
systems, is dispensed with by the In
vention of a new transformei, by
which the necessary current is se
cured from the ordinary lighting cir
cuits. As the transformer has no mov
ing parts, once fixed it will thereafter
require no attention. It Is adapted to
operate on circuits running from 100
to 130 volts, and Is provided with taps
giving G. 12 and 18 volts, so as to meet
the requirements of various styles and
sizes of bells nnd buzzers.
Could Not Meet in Russia.
A member of the dentists' congress
recently hold in Berlin writes: "Our
plans as to St. Petersburg for the
gathering In 1914 failed. Not because
there was any objection to the city,
but because some of the men who
might be delegates would either not
be admitted or If allowed to enter the
city would be uncomfortable while
there. Russia Is queer about accord
ing lights of residence to former citi
zens and to people of certain religious
views, and having this in mind Lon
don was agreed upon as the next
meeting place."
Japanese Wood for Sleepers.
The Atchison railroad is about to
experiment at Great Bend, Kan., with
ccx'obolo and Japanese oak as material
for sleepers. This wood Is so hard
that It Is almost impossible to drive
spikes Into it, and screw spikes In
bored holes will be used. It Is expect
ed that the sleepers will last from 25
to 30 yenrs. They cost a trllle more
thnn the American oak delivered in
California. Tho reason for experi
menting with them Is that native oalc
Is becoming scarce, and it is deemed
wise to look in time for a substitute. '
The Rare Gift of Courtesy.
Courtesy Includes not merely social
kindness, graces of speech, absence of
business associates r.rd of all the fel
low citizens with whom a man of af
fairs may have business to transact.
It Is not American to keep one citizen
waiting all day at the door because
he Is poor, and to grant another citi
zen an Interview because It Is believed
he is rich. Vi.sdom is not confined
in a purse, nnd frequently much wis
dom may be learned from a poor man.
Proof of Success.
If every clay we can feel, If only for
a moment, the elation of being alive,
the realization of being our best
selves, of filling our destined scope
and trend, you may bo sure that we
are succeeding. Bliss Carman.
Just as Bad.
Courtesy over tho telephone- Is a
virtue, and it's just as offensivo to the
girl at the switchboard to be called a
Dutch mutt as it would bo to bo told
that her hat Isn't on straight.
Poor Opinion of Countrymen.
Ono of the great Intellects of Eng
land has stated that not above 50,000
people In nil Britain can read and un
derstand the ordinary London news
paper. Hans Breltman Says:
"Ven u polldishen meks a deficit,
he nlvays tries to niek der pooples
ashamed of der deficit." Cleveland
News. '
Best Seal for Envelope.
When you seal an envelope with
the white of an egg it is Impossible
to steam it open.
Attornevs-at-Ln ,
Olllcc. Masonle
Houesctulc. l'a.
builillnir. ftcond floor
Olllce ovi r post otlhe. All leical business
promptlj ttcmliMlto. IIuncMlale. l'a.
E( . MU.Ml'OHI),
i.,t,."!ml"'.,;r,y "."'J bulldliiir. opposite the
Olllcc. llunrriliile. l'a.
iMTU-c over Celt's store. IIoiic.Mlale l'a.
Cttlce ver I.'ost Office, llonesdnle. Pa
j iiAi!Lhs a. Mccarty,
im! In i unit uKiiiuit attention (riven to tbe
ci'ilutlnt) if clnlins. Office over llelt'sincw
store Honcsdale. l'a.
,1 1'. KIM HI E,
oitl.-eovcr the tiost olllce Iloticsdale. Pa.
Oliico iii the Court Ilmito, Honesdale
Patents and pensions vturcci. otHtelnthH
Schuerliolz uulldiue HoneMlule. '.
Olllce Second floor old .Savlnes link
buililliii,'. iiniiesdale. l'a.
KJ ATTORNEYS A rc.l Nhf I.Oltrt-AT-LA V .
Olllccf lately ocruplf d liy Juilae J-carlc.
Olllcc First floor, old Savings llank.bul Id
livj. Honesdale. Pu.
Vt. '. It. HKADY. Dkntist. Honesdale. Ta.
OffickIIouks S m. to p. m
Any evening by appointment.
Citizens' phone. : Residence. No. SG-X
Olllce and residence JUl'J Court street
telephones. Olllcc Hour V:W to iXQ and
(ifil loMH). u. iu
T I VERY. 1-reci. li. Rickard lias re
lJ moved his livery establishment from
corner Cliu.'cli stieet to Whitney's Stone
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne Counly.
Office: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C. C. Jadwin's drti store,
If you don't insure mlh
us, we both Iose.l
White' Mills Fa.
II SSI S I I II 1 1 1 IT
You will make money
jiiuvi!i inc.
Ehkli. PllOKK 8
y Bethany, Pa.
We have tbe sort of tooth brtithes that ate
made to thoroughly cleanse and bave the
They are the kind that clean teeth ; without
eavlne vour mouth full of brlntles.
We recommend those costtne 25 cents or
more, as we cau guarantee them and will re
place, free, any that show defectsof. manu
facture wllhlu three mouths.