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Of course, more honcr may br- rc
cured In noma localities Uinn one can
find r demand for, but there are very
many people who seldom If ever, got
any honey to eat So, with push, ow?
may dlspoce of a rood crop. A good
article Is very ltkcly to find customers,
for It la delicious and people want It.
To my mind most beo-kcepcrs should
produce both comb nnd extracted
"honey, writes an expert. I usually
havo rather more extracted than
comb. That which Is not told direct
to the consumer In bulk Is put up In
mason fruit Jars, and nicely labeled
and graded In the same boxes that the
Jars came In from the manufacturers.
These coses hold one dozen Jars, and
I nell them to the grocers and give a
discount on large orders. In con
clusion I would pay. produce n fancy
article, put It on the market In n neat,
last ful package, no that It will be tak
ing to the eye; then push It, advertise
It, let people know you have honey to
sell, Impress upon them thnt your
honey ! fine, and thnt they can de
pend upon 1U purity and quality every
time. What Is most essential Is brains,
tact, energy nnd push, the very same
elements that make otlier lines of bus
iness successful. These put Into your
homo market will produce results you
never dreamed of. Strive not only to
see how large a crop you can obtain,
but also to have the crop of good qual
ity; keep It looking nice at all times,
and put it upon the market In an In
viting manner.
Preparation and Sale of Honey.
Preparing honey Is an important
part of the farmer's work, writes an
apiarist. The first thing nooessary Is
to see that the honey Is carefully and
honestly graded. Then It Khould be
thoroughly cleaned of propose nnd put
in neat shipping cases. When filled,
"havo the cases of uniform weight.
Then stamp your name and address
on the cues and back It up with your
guarantee. With this prartlce you
need hare no fear of keeping n good
trade after once having secured It. I
am very much impressed as to the
necessity of disposing of our honey
near home, the beet and surest cay
of maintaining prices. I am sure that
nine-tenths of all the farmers could
get more money for their honey If
only they would drum up a home
trade, Instead of shipping to a con
gested city market. I would advise
drumming up the grocery trade first,
and If successful In getting orders
from some of the leading grocers In
the town, then go to their competitors
and tell them of It, talking to them
as a drummer should, and the chances
are that you will get duplicate orders'
from most all of thorn.
Wintering Dees.
Every spring reports from all
points of the country deal with exten
sive loMes of colonies. As a matter
of fact the losses are due. In nine
cases out of ten to absolute careless
ness or neglect, though oftentimes the
result of Ignorance as to the bees' re
quirements in the shape of food. It
is not so much what the bees require
in the winter proper, as the tonsump
tlon of food then by a strong nnd well
protected colony is comparatively
small; but It Is rattier when breeding
has commenced In earnest that stores
rapidly diminish; and this Is In March
and April, just before new honey Is
brought Into the hive in quantity suf
ficient to supply the daily want of the
bees and the ever-Increasing number
of hungry grubs.
Where Bee Men Fall.
During the past few years great
progrocs haa been made In the science
of producing honey; few If any other
branches of agriculture have kept
pace with us, but In one most Impor
tant respect the marketing of our
product we are not much farther ad
vanced than were the farmers of twenty-five
years ago; and although of late
our product la secured In a much more
convenient and attractive form, which
requires moro lab'or and expense to
the producer, the price has In the last
few years steadily declined until at
present It does not much. If nuy, ex
ceed the cost of production.
Up-to-Date Beekeeping.
The up-to-date beekeeper no longer
leaves his colonies outdoors ell win
ter without adequate packing. m It
spells disaster to do so.
The common method has beem to
place an empty super on the top of the
colony, filled with a bag of chaff or
other absorbent material. While this
will do a world of good, It will be bet
ter to enclose the entire hive and
super with a couple of thicknesses of
waterproof paper, which gives In
creased comfort and warmth and pre
vents all possibility of rain or wind
getting In between the super and the
hive body.
Keep your colonies as strong as
possible at all times. Have good
blocks at the entrance and close up as
the weather grows colder, until not
moro than one Inch In width remains.
If the entrance Is left too large, mice
will molest the boes.
Something to break the wind from
the colonies li a good thing. If thcro
are any cracks or holes in your hive,
close them with putty or with clay, If
nothing else U to be had.
Dees die of old ago In proportion to
their activity.
How to Draw a Goose.
By following the lines In the ac
companying Illustrations, any of our
bright boy nnd girl readers can pro
duce n perfect picture of "goosey
gander." act busy with your pencil
and see what fun It Is.
6C :v-i
.!. .1--'
A line Idea.
In several towns In Canada the
school children havo organized what
they call the "nemembor Club."
They go up or down a street and
count the houses or tbo telegraph
poles In so many blocks. They look
Into show windows and take notice
of things displayed. Thoy count
tho number of children at school or
Sunday school. They count all the
whlto or black horses they see In a
day or week. They look at people
on the street and try to remember
how thoy wore dressed. They take
notice of everything going on, and
then meet of a Saturday afternoon
and compare notes. The boy or
girl who remembers the most Is giv
en a prize of a box of candy.
Tho idea is a tine onu. It Is the
right way to cultivate both observa
tion and memory, and good will come
of It. If you ask the averago boy or
girl how many blocks ho or she lives
from the Post Office or tho City Hall,
not two out of ten can answer you
without waiting to count. Many a
man In public Mfe has found It tho
greatest benefit to romombcr names
and faces.
I've seen you where you never were;
And whore you ne'er will bo;
And yet within that very place
You shall bo seen by me,
(A mirror.)
fv -r r ?,
i T r
J A 1n
f rc -a
I ' '
'"A" (
k i ! Jii
J"WKh Device Worked Well on
Road. Near ltotirn.
Salt Is the Intent dovlce for laying
dust on roads In the country. The
author of this new iltnrttiro Is M.
TrinUtnt, a city survojoi of Kouon,
who has published It as the result of
a long series of experiments. Tho
list of theee, while bringing out tho
weak side of the now system, pos
sesses considerable Interest as show
ing It to porncM real possibilities of
utility, A long stretch of road was
first watered and then sprinkled
with salt. The next day tho surface
of the road was covered with a thin
glazed crust. Rain removed this in
parts, but where the glaze remained
there wss no dust for five days.
Courting by Cigars.
A sketch of Dutch manners that
has Just appeared In an American
Journal relates how, In affairs of the
heart among that susceptible pooplc.
the cigar plsyi a part nt once dream
ily emblematic and practical. Tho
young gentlomnn in love calls casu
ally at the young lady's house with
his cigar out, and casually asks for a
light. That Is a delicate hint nnd if
he calls again for a light tho paronts
understand what to expect. A family li had, and the reply is pre
pared, if on the third call tho wooer
receives a light, but has the door Im
mediately closed In his face, he un
derstands that he is cold-shouldered.
If, on the other hand, his suit Is wel
come, after receiving his light, he is
invited In, the young lady is present
ed to him, and he puffs out his de
claration through the curls of smoke.
Unsinkabtn Steamboats.
Five steamboats are being built
for a Kiel shipping company which
are said to be wholly unslnkablc. A
recent trial of one of the boats was
earried out in the presenco of repre
sentatives of the imperial navy and
many shipping firms. The vessel was
fully laden to represent 200 passen
gers and It was assumed that, in
consequence of a leak caused by a
collision, the entire engine-room di
vision. Into which water was pump
ed, had filled, while a hole was made
to the exterior to admit water freely.
The ship accordingly sank, but when
It was full of water it had still about
a foot of free board above tho sur
face, thus satisfying the conditions
imposed. Consular Reports.
Wheat Locks Were First Used.
Locks were used in the time of the
Pharoahs. At Karnak the visitor is
shown the sculptured representation
of a lock which Is almost exactly like
the kind of lock used In Egypt at the
present day. Homer says that Pone
lops used a brass key to open her
wardrobe. He adds that It was very
crooked and had an ivory handle. A
Qreak writer who lived In the last
half of the twelfth century explains
that such keys were undoubtedly
very ancient, although still to be
seen in Constantinople and else
where, Roman locks, like the Egyp
tian, required a partial sliding of the
key. They were, however, more in
tricate. Pigeons as Doctor's Assistant.
A doctor in tho north of Scotland
finds carrier pigeons of much use to
him. He haa a scattered practice,
and when on long rounds he takes
several plgeona with him. It one of
his patlenU needs medicine imme
diately he writes out a prescription,
and by means of the birds forwards
it to his surgery. Here an assistant
gets the message, prepares the pre
scription, and despatches the medi
cine. If, after visiting a patient, the
doctor thinks he will be required
later on la the day, he simply loaves
a pigeon, with which he can bo
called If neceiisary.
llr. Speaker's Privileges.
The speaker of the House of Com
mons has several peculiar privilege.
kvery yer he receives a gift from
the master of the buckhounds of
buck and doe killed In the royal pre
serves. Later In the year the speak
er receives another tribute from a
different sourco. The donors on this
occasion are the Clothworkers' Com
pany of London, who send to the
speaker a width of the best broad
cloth to be found In Euglnnd. Lon
don Tit-Bits.
Valuable Ekis.
The enormous value attaching to
tho eggs of birds which havo boeome
extinct has been recalled by the ac
cident that has bofnllcn the speci
men of tho great auk, which consti
tutes one of the treasures of the
Scarborough Museum. Kept securely
guurded in the safe, it was recently
placed on public exhibition. By some
means or other It has become
cracked, and Its value has boon de
preciated by more than C0.
Ancient Bridal Cake.
Bride enko is a relic of the Roman
confarrcntcs, a mode of marriage
practiced by the highest class in
Rome. In conformation tho bride
was led to the altar by bachelors, but
conducted homo by married men,
and the ceremony took placo in the
presence of ten witnesses by the
Pontlfex Maximus, whereupon the
contracting parties mutually partook
of a cake made of salt, water and
Poland's Beautiful Women.
A rccont traveller In Poland
writes that, in his view, Warsaw and
London havo the most beautiful
women in tho world. Tho Polish
girl is said, as a rule, to have good
taste, to know how to blend colon
artistically and make a graceful appearance.
On the Sunday School Lesson by
Rev. Dr. Llnscott For the In
ternational Newspaper Bible
Study Club.
February 20th, 1910.
(Copyright, 1019, by Rit. T. 5. LIiinoM, D.D.)
The Golden Rule Temperance Lei
eon. Matt. Til: 1-1 2.
Golden Text Therefore all things
whatsoover ye would that men should
do to you, do yo even so to them, for
this Is tho law and the prophets.
Matt. vll:12.
Verses 1-2 Why Is it that men, not
very good themselves, are so harsh in
their Judgment of other men?
When men condemn others on mere
suspicion, what is generally the real
ground for their condemnation?
Why Is it that a truly good man will
ncvor Judge another harshly, or on
mere suspicion?
What reason Is there to believe that
a person Is guilty of tho same, or a
similar, sin when he accuses another
of It on mere suspicion, nnd docs he
not thereby cause others to Judge him
after his own Judgment?
Versos S-B Why are men so apt to
think lightly of their own nine, and to
magnify the very same sins In others?
It is but right that a man should
first forsake his own sins, before try
ing to help others do so, but is It im
possible for ono sinnor to lndnco as
other to repent? Why or why not?
How much success Is attained by un
spiritual pastors, or Sunday school
teachers. In leading sinners to repent
ance, notwithstanding they may teaeh
the real truth with ability?
Verso C What considerations will
prompt n truly good man to lovingly
reprove sinners, nnd try to turn them
from their sins?
What class of persons are those with
whom advice or reproof Is hopeless,
nnd who but Insult a person for bis
efforts to help them?
Docs Joyus here direct us to give
up all effort to save those who an
swer to "dogs" Rnd "swine" and If not
what does he mean?
Verses 7-S Seeing God give us so
many things without our asking, or
even knowing our need of them, why
is It that he Rives some of the most
vital blessings only by our asking?
What Is the significance of the thr
words, ask, seek, knock?
Why dors Cod often keep ut wait
ing for what we seem to so urgently
need, and to only give them to us after
earnest and importunate prayer?
What aie some of the benefits of
Importunate prayer?
Why is it that notwithstanding the
invitation, and the promise of Jesus,
and ten thousand testimonies as to
tho value of prayer, that it Is so little
Verses 9-11 If we are loyal to God,
whnt reasons are there to believe that
God will answer all our prayers, in
the sense at least of withholding all
bad things, and giving us every nec
essary good thing?
Verse 12 What is the relation be
tween our love and actions to our fel
lows, and our getting good things from
them, and how does this bear on the
question of temperance? (This ques
tion may have to be answered in writ
ing by members of the club.)
Isson for Sunday, Feb. 27th. 1010.
False and True Disclpleshlp. Matt,
vil: 13-39.
Marvels of Titanium.
The cause of the remarkable effects
produced by the addition of about one
per cent, of titanium alloy to iron and
steel Is still under discussion. In tho
case of chilled Iron car-wheels, It is
found thut the alloy makes the metal
cloRer grained, and free from blow
holes. The wearing qualities are
greatly Improved, because the metal.
being freer from Impurities, does not
become so hot under the application of
the brakes. In consequence of this
there Is less expansion and contrac
tion, and so less strain. That there
Is Icbs absorption of heat when the
alloy is used Is Indicated by experi
ments with ingot molds made of titani
um iron. When tilled with molten
steel the molds remain black, and
have proved very lasting. A casting
of titanium-alloyed Iron heats less
than an ordinary casting when worked
under a tool, and, on the other hand,
tools of titanium steel are less heated
than others in service.
Has Pound Hlvcr'n Sourivn.
Dr. Even Hedln. tho Swedish ex
ploror, states that he has discovered
the true sources of the Brahmaputra
and Indus. The Brahmaputra, ho
says, Is the Kubltsampso. which rises
from an enormous glncier on the
northern side of the uorthcrn-ronst
parallel range of the HlmulayiiR. The
Marlumchu. which has hitherto bren
regarded as tho sourco. Is merely a
small tributary flowing In from the
No Excuse,
An evangelist was exhoitlng his
hearers to flee from the wrath to
come. "I warn you," he thundered,,
"that 'there will be weoping and wall
ing and gnashing of teeth.' "
At this moment an old woman in
the gallery stood up. "Sir," she shout
ed, "I have no teeth."
"Mndam," returned the evangelist,
"teoth will be provided." Success.
History Lesson,
Diogenes, dear children, was the
man who lived in a tub, and who
searched for an honest man, "I'm
honest," cried a candidate for re-election.
"Where's your tub?" asked Dio
genes, "Look at my barrel!" cried
the candidate. But Di wont on bunting.
Chicago Society Matron Comforts the
Near Old Maids with Some
Unusual Views,
Chicago.- Xirfi. Henry JnfTrny, to
doty woman, told tho West Side Co
educational Club thnt the Ideal age
for women Is twenty-eight; moreover,
thnt tho poetic vMon of "sweet f,.x
teen" was but romnnce, and that wom
anly beauty and grace were Idealized
at tho age of twenty-eight.
There was general ngrcoTcnt
among her hoarers, however, that old
maidhood" under presont day Ideas
of life was not reached until the thir
tieth year.
"An unmarried womnn of twenty
eight is nn Important factor In corlnl
nnd business life." said Mrs. Jaflray,
"and she probably Is hotter looking
at that age than nt any other. At ono
period of our civilization she might
have been nn 'old maid.' But that
time has passed. She doesn't hr.vo
to marry now unless oho wants to.
She can go Into business, take up a
iirofesslon and do many other things,
but she is not an 'old mnld.' "
Paris. One of the chief
causes of epidemics of typhoid C,
fever Is dirty hands.
So Prof. Vincent of the Valde- C
grace Military Hospital an-
nounces In a report he has Just C,
made to the Academy of Medl-
cine. L
Prcf. Vincent, nqted for his
research In typhoid, asserts that C
many cooks and kitchen help-
ers are transporters of so many
typhoid germs, communicating f
the disease by washing meats,
vegetables and dishes with f
hands on which typhoid bacilli
swarm. Water and milk are not f
great carriers of germs, as is S
supposed, but the human hands t
that carry the water and milk
In his report Prof. Vincent ?
urges that the hands of cooks c
and scullions be disinfected be-
fore they go to work. He says, C
too, It Is comparatively easy for
O a physician to discover the per- C
$ sons from whom a patient
O caught typhoid fever. When C
q found they should be Isolated.
But No One Can Hypnotize You
Against Your Will, Psychologist Says.
Ithaca, N. Y. Almost any person
can hypnotise himself, says Dr. B. E.
Titchener, the well known Cornell
psychologist. The stronger one's will
power the more susceptible one Is to
hypnosis, but he asserted that one
could not be hypnotized against his
The so-called hypnotist Is of small
Importance in hypnosis, he said. The
main thing Is that the subject shall
give close attention to the fact that
he Is going Into the hypnotic state.
The professional hypnotist has an ad
vantage over laymen, however, for
through his advertising and talks peo
ple get faith In his. ability.
To put yourself Into hypnosis make
up your mind that you intend to be
come hypnotised and presto. It is
done. Prof. Titchener said. First
would tome hypnosis, then sleep and
then normal condition again. The rea
son people are not successful in hyp
notizing themselves is because they
won't let themselves go. Children
and Idiots are the only persons who
can't be hypnotized. He asserted
positively that a person could not bo
hypnotized against his or her will un
lews caught off guard.
"Unsuccessful Suicides" Will Have to
Go to Jail.
Pittsburg. "I'm tirod of nil this
suicide rncket. and nil prisoners who
appear before me hereafter charged
with attempting to kill themselves,
I'm going to fine tho limit," said Po
lice Magistrate Christian Saam, after
ho had discharged a young girl who
had taken carbolic acid and recover
ed. Snam presides over thnt sertion
known as the "suicide belt" of tho
former city of Allegheny, nnd of late
has had a number of these cases. Uo
Issued Instructions to the police, nnd
"If any one tries sulfide nnd does
not go through with It they mnko
themselves liable to nrrest on tho
clmrge of disorderly conduct. In the
fcture, all would-be suicides who do
not make good will be arrested, and
I'll do the rest."
Only One Left of 1,000 Placed In Tank,
and He was Badly Scarred.
Albany. N. Y. While it has always
been known to sportsmen that tho
muskalonge is a destroyer of his own
kind, the average man has never sus
spected that this game fish Is half as
bad as a report by the Forest, Fish
and Game Commissioner makes him
ouL This Is it:
"One thousand muskalongu fry
wero p)nced In a tank at the Oneldn
hatchery nt Coustantla, N. Y. At tho
end of a certain period it was discov
ered thnt but 600 remained. At the
end of the second period but 250 of
tho fish remained. At the end of tho
third period but one fine fat specimen
survived. He was badly scarred, but
he was thoro in all his glory, a splen
did example of the survival of tho
Prolonglm; Life of Trees,
orton tho roots of fruit treoa,
moro exhnusted than tho parts In tho
nlr, refuse to nupply tho branches
with their proper nourishment To
cure or rrolong life of trees possoss
1ns; still n certain vigor a French in
ve:tlpalor has Injected solutions ot
sulphate of Iron nnd other chemicals
Into tho trunks. Tho liquid pene
trates Into tho cells of tho tree, but
not Into tho old wood. It follows tho layers, descending Into tho
roots to tho depth of three and a
quarter foot and rising to tho top of
tho tree with n uniform distribution.
Good results nro said to havo been
Mphonict's Dove.
Some of the older historians teM
us thnt Mahomet had n dove which
he used to feed with wheat out of hla
car. When the dove was hungry it
used to alight on tho prophet's
shoulder and thrust its bill Into hla
car to find its meal. Mahomet, It is
said, thus led the Arabs to believe
that the bird was a messenger from
God with Inspired truths for him.
Bowel poison means blood tainted by
foul secretions absorbed from the bowels.
Here are the symytoms:
If your skin is disfigured by eruptions,
humors, pimples, blotches, sores or eczema;
if you itch and burn and your skin is scaly
and rough ; if you feel tired and worn out,
your nerves weak, constipated, cross an i
depressed ; if your head feels heavy and
aching, your eyes blur and specks float
across your vision ; if you have told feet
and your hands get sweaty and sticky if
you have these danger signals they point
unerringly to bowel poison, impure blood,
and show that your stomach, liver and
bowels are not working right.
Smith's Pineapple and Butternut Pill
quickly drive the Bowel Toison out of your
system, will regulate your bowels, purify
your blood, and invigorate your whole body.
They are a sure and unfailing cure for
bowel poison in young or old. Physicians
use and recommend. They form no habit.
You should always keep them on haid.
These little Vegetable Pills will ward off
many ills.
To Cure Constipation
Biliousness and Sick
Headache in a Night, use
t AND I LIMA'S ??oa KirMl
FILL liivBoiili-'"-l
CO fills In Olnm Vial 25c All I-a!rr.
For Sick Kidneys
Bladder Piw.-ivs, nheunmtlmi,
the one best remedy, lieliable,
endorsed by leading physicians;
safe, efTectnal. Results lasting.
On the market It years. Hare
cared thousands. ICO pills In
original glass package, CO cents.
Trial botes, CO ptUs, SS cents. AU
druggists seU and recommend.
The Delaware & Hudson Co. ia
now collating Information for tuo
1910 edition of "A Summer Para
dise," the D. & II. summer-hotel and
boarding-house directory that has
done so much to advertise and de
velop the resorts In this section. It
offers opportunity for every summer
hotel or boarding house proprietor
to advertise his place by representa
tion in this book. Tho information
desired is, as follows: Name of house;
1 O. Address; Name of Manager;
Altitude; Nearest D. & 11. R. R. sta
tion; Distance from station; how
reached from station; Capacity of
house; Terms per week nnd per day;
Date of opening and closing houso;
what modern Improvements; Sports
and otlier entertainments. This in
formation should bo sent at once to
Mr. A. A. Heard, General Passengor
Agent, Albany, N. Y. Blanks may
be obtained from the nearest ticket
agent, if desired. No charge Is made
for a card notice; n pictorial adver
tisement will cost 515.00 for a full
page or J7.50 a half-page. Our ho
tel peoplo should 'get busy at once
and tako advantage of this. Don't
runke tho mistake of thinking thM
your house will be represented be
cause it was in last year, but make
sure that you receive tho benefit of
this offer by forwarding tho needed
information without delay. Owners
of cottages to rent are also given the
same rates for pictorial advertise
ments, but, for a card notice, a mini
mum chargo of $3.00 will be made.
ARRIVAIj and departure ok
Trains leavo nt 8:25 a. m. and
2:48 p. m.
Sundays nt 2:48 p. in.
Trains arrive at 1:40 ond 8:08
p. m.
Saturdays, arrives nt 3:45 nnd
leaves nt 7:10.
Sundays at 7:02 p. in.
Railway Hail Clerks Wanted.
Tho Government Pays Railway Mall
Clerks $800 to $l,'-00, and oUicr
employees up to $U,500 annually.
Undo Sam will hold spring exami
nations throughout the country for
Railway Mnii Clerks, Custom House
Clerks; Stenographers, Bookkeepers,
Departmental Clerks and other Gov
ernment Positions. Thousands of
appointments will bo made. Any' man
or woman over 18, in City or Coun
try can get Instruction and free in
formation by writing at onco to the
Bureau of Instruction, 6C5 Ilamlla
Building, Rochester, N. Y. lOSeollr