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    fllK CITIZEN. WKDNKSDAY, KKH. 10, 1010.
Watered as scoond-clnss mntto.r. at the post"
nlllce. ltonesdalc. I'a.
o. h. dorpunorr. m. ii.
WICDNKSDAY, KK15. HI, 1 1110.
Money does' not mako the man
hut thiiiRS nro apt to be more com
fortable when the man makes money.
A town never loses anything by
extending a royal welcome to every
deserving stranger who appears In
Its midst. Hospitality Is a priceless
eem, but It costs very little.
Why is the cost of living higher?
This problem Is under discussion all
over the country. One phase of the
situation hns not been touched upon
to any great extent, and that Is, the
fact that wo arc undergoing a1 transi
tion in tho labor world, which is
changing values at least 25 per cent.,
caused by changing from n 10-hour
to an 8-hour dny.
A girl graduate thus described the
manner In which a goat butted a boy
out of the yard: He burled the pre
vious end of his anatomy against the
boy's afterwards with an earnestness
and velocity which, backed by the
ponderosity of the goat's avoirdupois,
Imported a momentum that was not
relaxed until he had landed on terra
arma beyond the pale of the goat's
Turkey is to run a narrow gauge
railroad to the scene of Adam's al
leged agricultural experiments, in
tho Hairlah district, 250 kilometers
north of Bagdad, an oasis, situated in
the center of a vast, desolate plain,
traveled by four arms of the Eu
phrates. The railroad is for tho
purpose of carrying out great irriga
tion works. Sir William Wlllock's
has lixed upon the spot as the origi
nal Garden of Eden.
Young man, you had bettor go to
school while you now have an oppor
tunity, and thus secure an education
that will enable you to command
more than common wages when you
grow up to manhood. It Is the fel
lows who play "hookey" in .their
boyhood who will growl the most
about hard times and work for a dol
lar a day. Go to school and go there
to learn and not for the purpose of
acting cute in order to attract the
attention of the "big girls."
in a recent issue we printed the
following recipe: "Limhurger cheese
laid away in cupboards and refriger
ators will drive ants away." And
now one of our sensitive subscribers
writes us as follows: "Wo read your
receipe for driving away ants and
wo coincide with you, for Limburgor
will not only drive away ants but it
will drive a hog out of a tan-yard; it
will drive a spike In a brick; It will
drive a tramp away from a meal of
victuals; It will drive a mule tnrough
a barbed wire fence; it will drive a
herd of cattle over a precipice; It
will drive a negro away from a
hlcken roost, or a man to Insanity
who stays five minutes within ten
feet of Its unsavory presence." Evi
dently this man has not cultivated a
taste for this kind of cheese, and Is
prejudiced against It because It does
ot appeal to one of his flvo physical
senses. Try tho other four boforo
you form an opinion so drastic.
I have never united myself to nny
ohurch, because I have found dtf
flculty in giving my assent, without
mental reservation, to tho long com
plicated statements of Christian
doctrine which characterize their
Articles of Belief and Confessions of
Faith, Whenever any church will
Inscribe over Its altar, as Its solo
qualification for membership, tho
Savior's condensed statement of tho
ubstanco of both law and gospel,
"Thou shalt lovo tho Lord thy God
with nil thy heart, and with all thy
aoul, and with all thy mind, and thy
melghbor as thyself," that church
will I Join with all my heart and nil
ly soul.
Under tho Act of Congress ap
proved by tho President August 5,
1909, all incorporated companies are
required to Mo a return beforo
Itarch 1st next. Collector G. T.
Davis, whoso District comprises twon
ty counties in tho northeastern part
of Pennsylvania, reports that many
companies have na yet failed to fllo
tho returns required by law. Barely
two weeks remain In which to Mo'
theso returns, and penalties will bo
Imposed In nil cases where tho return
Is not received on time. So particu
lar la tho Treasury Department In
this respect that Collector Davis has
been notified that any return receiv
ed by him on March 1st, having been
mailed the day previous", must have
the cnvelopo showing tho post mark
at the ofllco whero tho samo was
mnllcd attached to tho return In or
der that tho company may avoid hav
ing penalties assessed. No excuse
whatever will bo accepted for failure
to file the return on time, as all com-
panics on record nave nnu uianns ;
mid a copy of the Act mailed to
them, and If they refuso or neglect
to file the return, they will probably
find their concerns In serious diffi
culty. Companies alleging Ignorance
of the law, or that no blanks were
received will be treated as delinquent j
corporations, and polinltlCS will in !
all such cases be assessed and collect-'
ed. The olllcers or all incorporated '
concerns must Inform themselves as ,
to tho law and comply with It.
Tho greatest anxiety prevails
among thinking men In tho admin
istration, including the leaders of
Congress, regarding the forthcom
ing decision of tho Supremo Court
nf thn ITnltofl Rtntna In the p.iki nf
the American Tobacco Compnny.
If tho decision of tho lower court is
sustained it will mean tho appoint
ment of a receiver for the tobacco
trust. The directors of that great
corporation will be discharged from
further responsibility and a receiver
will assume charge of Its affairs,
not for the purpose of administer
ing them in the interest of stock
holders, but for the purpose of wind
ing up the affairs of the company of
disposing of its assests, presumably
to the highest bidder and of casting
adrift on tho financial sea tho in-1
tegral parts of that groat aggrega-,
Hon of conrerns. This will Inevita-f
bly result In fearful loss to those
who own the securities of the or
ganization. Moreover, tho anima
tion by the court of the last resort
of the principle involved will leave
the administration no alternative
but immediately to institute suits
against practically every concern
which has been constructed on sim
ilar lines. One does not need to
be a pessimist to see a condition
bordering on industrial chaos as a
result of the disintegration of the
chief corporations of the country.
But if they are found to exist in
violation of the law they must come
down and it is President Taft's be -
lief, that it is far better to seo somo
chaotic conditions for a short time
than to allow the Illegal corpora
tions to obtain a grasp upon the
country which might never be shak
en off.
"Storms and Signs" (U. C. Coles,
editor, Elmlra, X. Y.) for February,
forecasts big storms, floods, Ico gor
ges and blizzards, unfavorable health
conditions, and planets In position to
encourage evil doings. "February,
1910, finds our noble earth-ship
(lowing her way majestically to the
eastward through the House of Death
in sign Leo, the king of tho "low
ebb" vital forces, throwing sun into
Aquarius, evening twilight Into Pis
ces, and morning into Caprlcornus,
Uranus and Neptune hold their posi
tions, with only slight changes dur
ing the whole year, but not so with
the other planets. Mercury and
Venus outrun tho earth, while the i
other planets are longer In making I
their trip. Mercury makes a com-
pleto revolution In eighty-eight days;
Venus In two hundred and twenty
five days; Mars in six hundred and
seventy-eight days, and Jupiter is in
each sign on an average one year and I
Saturn on an average of two and j
one-half years. Mercury having be-j
come a morning star in company '
with Jupiter will quicken up the I
thoughts of men upon the financial
problems now agitating the minds of
the people, especially Jupiter char
acters. Mars will cause stubbornness
and a little selfishness on the parts
of many. All the forces are on tho
verge of a Vernal Impulse and tho
planets are in a position to encour
age ovil thoughts and evil doings.
There will be twelve "low ebb" days,
viz: 4th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 16th,
17th, 21st, 22d, 23d, and 24th.
Two Fait Trains Corns Together on
Georgia Railroad.
Macon. Ga.. Feb. lO.-EIght ncrsous !
were killed and moro than twenty I
were seriously hurt in a collision he-1
tween passenger trains on the Georgia
Southern and Florida railroad, eight
een miles south of here.
Tho wreck was caused by the crew
if one train disregarding orders and
running by Brnino, a small station.
The trains met at full speed. Both
locomotives and the baggago and ex
press cars were torn to pieces, and tho
passenger coaches were piled In a
Capital Increased to $24,000,000.
Albany, N. Y' Feb. 15. Tho Inter
national Agricultural corporation of
New York has certified to tho secre
tary of statu that it has increased its
capital 'stock from $15,000,000 to $24,
000,000. Bill to Increase Mercha't Marine.
Washington, Feb. 15. A bill intro
duced In tho senate by Senator Smoot
of Utah proposes to add to the Ameri
can merchant marine steamships of
foreign build to the extent of 1,000,
000 tons displacement.
If there Is any moral need for
maintaining Christian missions In
tho Chinese Empire, says Mr. Hobert
E. Spccr, "there is ten times more
need In South Amorica." This leader
of the Students' Voluntcor Movement
has Just returned from a visit to tho
southern hemisphere and his ac
count of tho moral state of Latin
Amorica shows that Its condition Is
deplored by tho lenders of the Catho
lic church from the Pope downwnrd.
There Is in the facts themselves ur
Bent demand for missionary endeavor
frotn boti, branches of the Christian
church. Mr. Speer reports that n
l'asslonist father told "him that he
thought Protestants ought to qomo
and work side by side with the Ro
man Catholics, as In this country.
The South American people, It Is
sat Q not object to the Monroe
tlnr-trlne. lint thev tin nhlnrf in tho
negative attitude of tho United States
keeping the help of tho European
nations out, but giving little con-
1 structlvo help herself."
Concerning tho present condition
of things, Mr. Speer quotes from a
' letter of tho Popo to tho clergy of
I Chile. The passage runs thus:
"In every diocese, ecclesiastics
' break all bounds and deliver them
sleeves up to manifold sensuality, but
no vnlrn Is 11 ft ml In lmnnrlniiKl V Klim
mon the pastors to their duty, it
lis sad to rellect that prelates, priests,
and other clergy arc never to be
found doing service among the poor,
never in tho hospital, never in tho
dwellings of the aflllcted or the dis
tress, or engaged In works of bene
flcence; that they are always absent
whero human misery is, unless paid
as chaplains or a foe is given. You,
as clergy, are always to be found in
the house of the rich, where gluttony
is to be engaged in and whero good
wines are to be .obtained."
Almost in the same vein are the
words of the Bishop of Carcas, taken
from a pastoral letter
The scandals in the parish or
town take on unmeasured propor
tion. The enemies of the church
triumph because of the shameful
evils of tho parochial priests, and
good souls retire to groan in secret.
It is revealed In the deserted
churches. We should know that the
ono cause of this humiliating delay
Is none else than the hidden corrup
tion of the heart and life of the
Mr. Speer, whose words form part
of an address before tho convention
of the Student Volunteers, reports
that In Valparaiso he was told that
'only one-half of the priests in Chilo
were men who were leading clean
moral lives." Upon asking a priest
in Colombia, he was told that "out
of tho eighteen priests who were his
own intimate friends, there was only
one who was leading a clean moral
I life." He gives somo figures that ip-
dlcate the general moral condition
of the Latin-American peoplo:
"Latin America, especially South
America, is a country of appalling
illiteracy. The average illiteracy
In the American nation, including tho
children under ten years of age not
in school, is 1C per cent.; the Repub
lic of Brazil, is 85 per cent.; Argen
tine Republic. 60 per cent.; Chile, 00
per cent.; Bolivia, 80 per cent. All
of South America together has just
about the population of Japan. In
all South America there are 43,000
school-teachers and 2,000,000 pupils:
while in Japan there aro 133,000
school-teachers and 6,000,000 pupils
in the schools. Comparing Japan
with South America, there are three
times as many teachers and three
times as many pupils In tho schools
of Japan as In the schools of South
Amorica. If our educational insti
tutions are justified, as they are, in
Japan, they aro threefold more justl-
led, on the faco of tho
facts, in
bouth America
"According to the last Government
census, 18 per cent, of the population
' Brazil Is Illegitimate, 27.5 per
cent, of the population of Uruguay,
50 per cent, of the population of
Ecuador, and 58.5 per cent, of the
population of Venezuela. Only G
per cent, of British blood and only
7 per cent, of French blood nro thus
tainted, but between 25 per cent,
and 50 per cent, of tho blood of South
America. I asked ray friends down
in Buenos Aires what their experi
ence was as to the morality of stu
dent life in South Amorica. They
said they could count on tho fingers
of ono hand all the students whom
they know who were leading unsulli
ed moral lives. I made tho same in
quiry about n college In China, and
found that tho estimate was 50 per
ct'nt- IlvlnS unsullied lives."
T,1 Catholic forces in Latin
America aro reported as " fearfully
inadequate. Tnero nro uut 200
priests to the 6,000,000 peoplo of the
great Republic of Argentine Mr.
Speer continues:
"Passing along more thnn 600
miles of tho Magdalena Rlvor. we
found only four llttlo Catholic
churches. Tho priests of Buenos
Aires had actually nsked to bo allow
ed to lny aside their clerical garb,
because they wero so despised they
..i.i .. . , . i. .. ........ i
frlond of inino in clerical garb, a
Protestant, was hiBsed at by tho
school children who took him for a
priest. A comic paper In Peru has
for Its title, when n pun is mado of
it, 'Thick-headed Priests,' and it Is
taken up with tales of tho personal
immoralities and scandals of tho life
of tho clergy in Peru. As to church
attendance, thero is not a man in tho
United States or Canada where there
aro not twico as many peoplo at
church every Sunday as you will find
in South America. I myself visited
eighty Catholic churches In different
parts ot South America. In not ono
was thero a picture or a symbol of
tho resurrection or tho ascension. I
in every case unnsi was euncr ucau ,
unon the cross or ghastly dead in tho I
crave. Whom Is tho llvlnir Christ.
ono cries out again and again, and I
no voice may give him reply."
Last week's Issuq of the Christian
Advacato contains somo Interesting I
o.,..i.ina ,,,.i i. ..,.,.,.,,..
of the leading Christian dcnomlmv
Hons In this country. The compila
tion was made by Itev. Dr. Carroll
and Is regarded as nearly correct as
It Is possible to mako It. Dr. Car
roll shows that tho number of con
gregations In tho United States was
greater by 4,726 at tho end of 1909
than at Its beginning and that there
were 4.02G more ministers anu 791,
000 more communicants. Tho aggre
gate value of church property of all
kinds at the close of the year was
?1,257, 575,807.
The Incrcaso In tho value of Ho
man Catholic property was $174,
515,441 or more than 147 per cent.
Tho increase In tho valuo of Metho
dist church property (tho largest
shown by nny Protestant body) was
en-7 oia c , T rm.n 1 1 n -i 1. 1 1 ....
still hold first place aa to numbers,
with 12,372,009 communicant J
Next coma tho Methodist with 0,477.-
224 and after them tho Baptists with
5,510,590. Other religious bodies I
rJ.ii ... i.. .i.i-
follow, In this order: Lutherans 2, -
173.047, .Presbyterians 1,848.046.
Episcopalians 921.713, Hoformed
442,509, Latter-Day Saints 400,650.
United Brcthern 304,056. Jews 43. -
000. Dunkards 122,847, Friends
(Quakers) 119,001, and Adventists
,(j (jqj
' The number of religious bodies-
large and small-ln the United States
vi, 1 oi n ht i a a
number of small bodies appear 'for
the first time in Dr. Carroll's tables;
among them are the Jehovah Luth
eran Synod, tho Reformed Methodist .
Union Episcopal church, three ;
churches of the Living God, uine
Faith Associations, etc. Several lit
tle communistic bodies and a Meth-1
odist body describing itself :is Evan
gelist Missionary disappear from the
Carroll tables. All thi3 goes to prove
that this is a pretty good old world,
after all.
Tho common notion that there are
twico as many women as men in the
churches is an error, it appears. For
the Roman Catholics the percen
tages are women 50.7 and men 49 3
For the Protestant bodies they are
women 61 (approximately) and men
39. Of tho Colored Primitive Bap
tist 64.3 aro women, of the Protest
ant Episcopalians 64.5, of tho Unt
versalist 6i.6, of the Seven-Day Ad
ventlsts 65.2, of tho Congregatlonal
ists 65.9, and of the Christian Scien
tists 72.4.
The manager of a theatrical com
pany, who routed his stars! over the
Erlo at a time when other lines were
deporting late trains by reason of
snow and cold weather, has written
the following letter in appreciation
of the service:
"I feel eager to say a few words
of praise in relation to the railroad
movement and journey of my thea
trical company on Sunday from Cin
cinnati to Now York. One of the
most delightful parts In connection
with the journey was tho agreeable
surprise on the part of most of tho
members of tho company of tho ar
rival of tho train at Jersey City on
time. When tho notice of departure
was placed on the call that the
movement to New York would be !
made via the Erie Railroad, a dark
cloud seemed to lower on tho little
stage world of the unpleasant an
ticipation of a long and tedious Jour-'
ney and hours lato on arrival at des- 1
tluation. All this has been disillus- I
ionized and It is safo to say that all
who wero at first disinclined to trav
el by tho Erie railroad are now the
Erie's most loyal supporters. 1
"I would like to add a word of
praise for everyono connected with
the Erie Railroad for their exceed
ing kindness and courtesy in their
endeavors to make the Journey
pleasant and comfortable conduc
tors, porters and dining car employ
ees were moro than eager to antici
pate tho wish of everyono in tho
"I shall always look back to this
railroad Journey with tho most de
lightful remembrances, and wish to
renew my thanks to all."
Closing Stock Quotations.
Money on call today was ZSb per cent;
time money and mercantile paper un
changed In rated. Closing quotations of
stocks on the New York exclmnce Feb. 14
Amal. Copper... "6H Noif. & West... 101 Tt
Atchison 115V4 Northwestern ..15S
II. & 0 I'enn. It. R 132i
Ilrooklyn It. T . T3H Iteadlns lCI'i
Ches. & Ohio.... SIU Rock Island 47ft
C. .C..C.& St.U. 77 fit. Paid 145
D. &U 17IVt Southern Pao...l2i?i
Krle :s?i Southern Ily.... 2S?i
Oen. Klectr!c...,16l4 South. Ity. pf... 64
III. Central 141 Suear 12;
Int.-Met S0H Texas Pacific...
Louis & Nash... H3V4 Union Pacific.., 184H
Manhattan 137 U. S. Steel 80
Missouri Iac... 70 U. S. Steel pf. . .110V4
N. Y. Central... 119 West. Union 7a
Market Reports.
BUTTER Firm on top grades; receipts,
6,523 packages; creamery, specials, ZSKc;
extras, 27Hc; thirds to firsts, 24a27c.;
state dairy, common to finest, 23a27c;
process, firsts to.Bpeclals, 25a26c.; west
ern, factory, seconds to firsts, 22a23Hc;
Imitation creamery, 24a25Hc
CHEKSK Firm; receipts. 611 boxes:
state, full cream, fall make, specials, 1TV4 1
alSc; fancy, 17Uc; good to prime, lCVia
lGUc; current make, best, UVialCc; com- 1
mon to fair, 13aUc; skims, 1H lbs. fall
make, specials, 14c; good to prime, 13H&
14c; current make, best, llaKc; fair to
good, SalOc.; common, 4a7c; full skims,
EGGS Steady; receipts, 11,743 cases;
stato, Pennsylvania and nearby, hennery,
white, 2Sa37c; gathered, white, 2S&3So,
hennery, brown and mixed, fancy. 2S29o.;
gathered, brown, fair to prime, 37aSe.;
western, firsts, 2CUc; seconds, JBHMa;
refrigerator, firsts, 22a3o.; seconds, HK
Kansas City, Feb. 11. Out of the
'over-Infected Jungles of tho back
woods of Arkansas has come a medi
cal discovery that may revolutionize
surgical practice. An nnaesthetlc
which the faculty of the University of
Knnsns Medical colleges t.eclaros Is
superior to any other in mpdlcal
..... , Ju'ln "T, 1
knowledge; one which throws stov-
nine Into the class of short-lived sen
sations, and which they Insist will
cllmlnato cocaine from usu as a local
anaesthetic, Is the gift to the world
of Dr. Henry Thlbault. of Scott.
I Ark.
This now unncsthot'c is quinine
common quinine which lias been
i used for years as an Internal medi
cine, but was novor known until re-
cently as a pain killer.
The most startling claims are
, made for the now agent. The effect
of uh.lne when injected locally lasts
: for days, po that if toiiblls &, re
! moved, o- bones arc cut from the
I nose, there la no after pain for many
days. C'oiaine loses its power short
ly after tho operation. Quinine Is
I absolutely safe, as quarts of It may
i ho used without poisonous offeit.
, , " ' 1 '
?n" d.0P' ,?V ? . . , th,
I,1"'0, ! J' " 8 ' )tT0M
revuntf 1 rn rhaf" fl" opera-
tlo"f' c,0lB1InB lo th s ;
The absolute vindication ot these i
! , '
""8Jiais HT'f U'
1 V .i ' ,T . .
' ssor ' y"Sp' the Unlyersl y of
' ans le,f1' Co,'egef' I1,1 I
j j?!"' 'r01 ' , ?, ,(! tne C ollege i
! n,lsI'unHnr1y') ' ntl U,V 1 Kur llrow-
ster, special investigator. I
j , Tfhe avAt , I,ubfn''. bv thef !
,ctorB J1 frf',,ltS , S'X """.V '
! of experiments in the college hospital
and hoapltnl at II:llstei'- Kan
Wheie the "He'lei" Wn Moie Im
pressive '1'iiau the WoiiN.
The ! r,ic 1 '''at a fin How of ora
tory r ke to mo ,m0 ,.(-i
was ainuMr My tx nullified .nr nif,ht
HKMiY . It I' MS KM..
I' 11 E-I HI.. M
vct i-uiM-..vr.
This Bank was Oiganlzcri In December, 14 3C, iind Nationalized
in December, ItiO-l.
Since its organization It has paid in Dividends
toitsiitock holder?,
$I?905, OOO.OO
The Comptroller of the Currency hns placed It on the IIUNOH
ROLL, from the fact thut Its Surplus fund more then
equals Its capital stock.
hat o-lass
are YOU In
The world has always been divided into two classec those who have
saved, Uiomi who have spent the thrifty and the extravagant.
It is the eavr: who have built tho houses, tho mills, the bridges, the
railroads, the shn.s and all the other Kreat works which stand for man a
advancement and happiness.
The spenders are slaves to the savers. It is the law of nature. We
want you to be a saver to open an account in our Savings Department
and be independent.
One Dollar will Start an Account.
This Bank will be pleased to receive all
or a portion of YOUR banking business.
at a meeting In West Philadelphia'
sffys a Philadelphia papor. A noted
speaker was appealing to a gathering,
to give funds toward tho work of
cleaning tho slums, making life heal
thy and happy for the poor and oth
er Utopian schcmei) of men and
women whof) hearts throb with
lon:.l:'- to help their kind.
For half an hour he drew pictures
of the conditions; ttun with expres
sivo gestures and his voice throbbing
with ufrthuslasm ho poured out a
flow of rhetoric.
"O ir duty, our flag, our country,"
dotted tlu speech with Italits Tho
atdlence shouted and cheered, and
tho womon wept, while n storm of
applause swept the room when the
speech was ovor.
"That's going some, eh?" said one
man to another in the cloakroom
"l ine sentiments, real feeling
grent, great!"
"I'm so doaf," spoke up another,
with disappoliittnont In his voice
"that I couldn't hear. What did he
"Say say!" tttatumerod the nth
crs, looking Into each other's fat es.
"Why he -he or hanged If I
know!" And to this day they don't
know. It was only the "holler"" that
got them, not the words.
This Is, however, what makes the
Notice Is hereby given that an ap
plication will he made to the Presi
dent Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, on the 10th
day of March, 1910. at 10 o'clock,
under the provisions of the Corpora
tion Act of 1874, and Its supple
ments, for a charter for an intended
corporation to be called The White
.Mills Woodmen Association, the
character and object of which are
for lodge purposes and for social en
joyment, and for these purposes to
have, pof'-oss and enjoy ail tho
rights, benefits and tvil es con
ferred by the salu Act and ihe sup
plements thereto.
C. A. GARRATT. Solicitor
T. I E IH YH 'I'lIK 211. SEATS
U I I'C.
l-.HWJN T TOHlih'Y
Al RKItT I', l.l.M'SAV