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    TttK C1TIZKK, WKDNHSDAV, Pfflf. 10, 1010,
Dr. Spitzkn Adds That Physi
cians Arc Sometimes Pardon
able for Killing
Children Born of Fathers More than
Fifty Years Old are Most Moral. So
the Well Known Brain Specialist,
Tells Episcopal Ministers.
Philadelphia. Dr. Edward A. Splti
ka, the noted brain specialist ot the
Jefferson Medical College, declared at Uhan ns an example of the difference
Despite Wall at High Prices by Zo
loglcnl Curator in New York's
Bronx Park.
New York, N, Y. According to Di
rector Ilornadav of the Zooloelcal
Gardens In Bronx Park, It costs more
to feed a Hon now than at any time
In the history of the pardons. It Is
equally true of nearly all the hoof
stock besides, for though hay and
grains have not been so high this
year as last, the trond of prices has
been upward and not down for three
ur Jour years. Of the clghty-two vari
eties of food used, the creator propor
tion show an Increase In cost. For the
eleven months ended on January 10,
If 10, the total food expenditure for
all mammals, birds nnd reptiles,
amounted to $26,300.23. The entire
roHeotlon now Includes 5.528 llvlni
things. More as an Indication ot the
cirowth since Its Inception, in 1809,
a meeting of the Protestant Episcopal
Clerical Flrothcrhood that "murder
and suicide were at tlmss Justifiable."
His assertion, which caused a sen
sation, was made In reply to questions
in cost of food will It be of interest to
give the first yer.r's food expenditure.
In 1890 It wn3 only $1,845.
But, ns Director Hornaday says, a
Hon and a bear cat Just ns much when
Owned by Kansas Farmers and' tid
to Be Unlqutf IrTthc United CtatM,
The only independent rnltroid Itf
the United States that Is abtolu'.ely
free from bonds or any kind nf debt
Is n tine ten miles It Ivujrth In Barber
County, Kansas,
A score or more of wealthy wheat
farmers living near tire villa? of
Hardtner, ten miles west of Kiowa,
raised the money with wlrfch to crude
and equip this railroad. It cost them
$100,000 and Its trains are now haul
lnp their wheat to market. The rail
road has not been named. It fs sim
ply known as the farmers' road.
Hnrdtner Isn't on the map pf Kan
sas yet, but It is calling for a bank
nnd the State Bank Commissioner has
despatched ft deputy to the town to
Investigate. The formers who put up
$100,000 to build a railroad say they
are ready to establish a bank with a
capital of $25,000.
Hardtner Is two miles from the
Oklahoma line. Roundabout nrc tho
greatest wheat fields of the West and
a railroad to haul the wheat to mnrket
was a necessity.
put by a clerffyman after listening to j prices nrr high ns when low. So
an address by Dr. SpiUka.
"There are times when murder and
even suicide appeals to a normal mind
as justifiable, breaking no law and
pcrhnps as the only human way out of
a. horrible situation." said Dr. Spitr.-ka.
docs n hoppopotnmus, but the latter.
in proportion, does not cost as much
as n Hon or tiger, because the former
enn be Induced to eat most anything,
while the carnivorous animals stick
to a meat diet principally.
The Issue of the supplies from the
"Take for instance, a soldier who i park steward, or "cook," ns he is cau
ls to be hanged as a spy or mutilated I ed. for the lion house In ono day show
by a barbarous foe. He knows there ,-d a total of 150 pounds of meat. This
is no escape, and armed with a weap- commodity, according to Mr. Horna
on, kills himsolf. I think tnis caso Is j day. has taken another stride upward
Justifiable suicide. j In price in the last two weeks. Of
"Now, in answer to the other ques- 1 course, the munnor of buying menu
Uon, is tho taking or ending of a hu
man life ever Justified? Aside from
legal homicide, such as an electrocu
tion, the physician Is sometimes con
fronted with the problem of saving a
human being unmentionable tortura
by giving a grain of morphia. Take
a railroad accident: The physician Is
face to face with a human being pen
ned under a train and suffering agony.
One grain of morphia will end It all.
It is not uncommon for a physician to
have to face this situation, and I will
say that under some circumstances he
which is purchased by the ton. keeps
it lower than otherwise, but even at
that it costs two cents more a pound
now than it used to. The lion house
takes in, besides the lions, tigers,
pumas, leopards and Jaguars, the
greatest meat eating animals In the
park. A normal day. though, sees the
consumption by all meat eating ani-
I mals of 387 pounds.
! The eighty-two varieties of food on
the menu include everything from
puffed rice to horsoflesh. The mon-
I keys like eggs nnd condensed milk,
The Chemistry of Hell.
It has been pointed out In more
than one scientific organ during the
comparatively few years that have
elapsed since the discovery of tho
radio-active elements how readily the
new knowledgo lends Itself to the be
lief in an eternal hell of fire nnd brim
stone. To the lay mind, as a Paris
paper points out, hell Is suppored to
be a scientific Impossibility, whereas,
it has been made, on the contrary a
physical nnd chemical fact. The phy
sics nnd the chemistry of hell must
not be taken to deaoistraie the hssbt
tablllty of hell by the souls of the
damned. The souls of the damned
may not be there, but the plnce exists
precisely where the scholastic theo
logy places It namely, In the center
of the earth. In considering a proposi
tion, or rather n hypothesis, that hell
exists, the scientist will differentiate
between the place, the ruler or the
place, and the subjects under his
sway. In this order of ideas science
has to do only with the place, leaving
the devil and the damned out of nc
count altogether. Current literature.
lc instiflori in iisinr- hi, inri.-m.nt nri i UK well ns annlrs and bananas. In
giving relief in the semblance of one day the "cook" Issued twelve- ap
death to the sufferer." Pies, eighty-five bananas, eight loaves
Dr. Spittles was asked what ha i of bread, four cans of milk and thirty
thought of phrenology. He replied ! two eggs to the primates. Is there
that the "so-cnlled science" was in cr- any wonder why the enthusiastic
ror. He denied the theory of criminal I youngsters w ho want to feed peanuts
brains. indiscriminately each Sunday are for-
"Examination of brains bT the Lorn- 1 bidden to do so?
liroso School shows that great crimi
nals had finely developed brains, whllo
In many cases the so-called criminal
brain has been found after death In
people whose lives were moral and
Another statement of the physician
that fathers over fifty years old pro
duce most moral and religious chil
dren caused the clergymen to gasp.
"Children of fathers under thirty
years old are usually egotists, military
nnd aggressive," he said. "Those born
of fathers between forty and fifty
years are' philosophers and thinkers;
but the finest moralists, religious
teachers and philanthropists, such as
T-.n-ii'imln Prunlrlln n',r hnrn flr
their fathers had reached the age of ! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC
fifty years."
1 It Is when the elephant house Is
i reached thnt the daily stipend, especi
! ally in vegetables, reaches a highwa
ter mark. This house takes in the
'"rhinos" and hippi. and the tapirs, be-
sides the three elephants. The "cook"
' had to issue eighteen loaves of broad,
i sixteen quarts of carrots, a do?en
I heads of cabbage, many quarts of po
, tatoes and a goodly portion of fruit on
a normal day recently. That was
"toppod off" -with clover hay. One
j water soaked loaf of bread for a hlp-
popotarnus with a dozen-loaf capacity
j wouldn't be any more reasonable than
; one frog for a snake with a thirty-frog
i capacity.
Yould-Be Officeholders Give Answers
Almost as Queer.
Trenton, N. J. In the recent x
nmlnatlons for positions In the public
service some queer answers wero
made to questions. A few of the gems
were :
Q. Give a sketch of one of Shake
speare's female characters. A. Juliet
is a very sweet girlish character. She
ruined her life by dashing Into love
too hastily.
Q, Who was the Maid of Orleans?
A. Tho Maid of Orleans was a young
lady who dressed as a man and rode
horseback leading an army.
Q. Name Borne of the greatest Gen
erals of the civil war? A. George
Q, Name one of the chief causes of
tho war with Spain? A. The war with
Spain was on account of an island.
Q. State briefly the cause of the
Revolutionary War? A. The cause of
the Revolutionary War was England
Inculted our American flats.
Q. Name some of the characteris
tics of the Japanese? A. They have
long nails and ynller skin.
Q, Name tho Chief Executive of
Jersey City? A. Mr. Van Hise. (Van
Hise formerly was hangman.)
Here's a Woman's Menu
for a Meatless
Washington. At a meeting of o
the Woman's Auxiliary of the g
the National Anti-Trust Food Q
league here to-dny, Mrs. John g
B. Henderson, who presided, o
gave the following menu for a Q
meatless lunch: CJ
A slice of corn bread, a baked Q
notato and an apple. Q
Q "And the sooner the nation Q
0 finds this Is an Ideal meal the O
g better it will be." q
Kltto's Triumphant Will.
Kitto the master of oriental learn
ing, lost his henrfng nt 12, and his
father's circumstances bccnm so
wretched that young Kitto was sent
to the poorhouse where he learned
shoemaking. Hp ptteously begsed
his father to take- him out of the
poorhouse, sayirur that he would live
on blackberries and field turnips and
be willing to sleep on a hayrick. What
obstacles could dampen tho enthusi
asm of such ardor! What Impossi
bilities could withstand such a reto-
Much lo 6 Is ft of Meats' Cured by
Salt and Smoke.
For soma time past the pubfUs tnsta
has bean gradually growing in favor
of mild-cured articles, with the result
(Sat at th prosent moment strong,
taltitd or smoked foods are not In cvi
dece as they used" to be, nnd arc rn re
ly called for. Th ham and the bacon)
must Be mild cured, and even butter"
must fee fresh and absolutely without
a salt flavor.
This preference for &e so-called
mtld-curcd article has' nndoubtcdly
furnlshod an excuse on tho port of the
cntercrs for the use of stronger anti
septics, salt and smoke, and antisep
tics which are, compartlvely speak
ing, tasteless, or, at any rnto, which
add no special flnvor to the food. Tho
old-fashioned antiseptics--salt and
smoke are thus sharply distinguish
ed from modern antiseptics, Inasmuch
as the former not only preserved food,
but also served an condiments. In the
case, however, of certain preserved
foods, although the salt may be left
out, the smoke must be retained, ns
otherwise the food loses its Individu
ality. The kipper, for example. Is in
separable from tho smoky flavor, as 1st
nlso dried haddock or dried salmon.
We have heard that a ''smoke es
sence" Is employed to impart the
kind of pnlatabllity associated with
properly smoked food, but such prac
tice, coupled with the use of antisep
tics, would really account for the re
grettable fact that cured articles ot
diet are not now up to their former
Assuming that the mild-cured arti
cle nnd ns a particular example we
choose butter, because it is an in
dispensable article of the dlotary Is
free from objectlonnble antiseptics, it
Is still left more helpless against the
attacks of micro-organisms than were
the old-fashioned cured foodstuffs.
Experiments have, in fact, shown
that the addition of salt to butter Is
n factor of great Importance from tho
point of view of germs. In unsalted
butter the growth of micro-organisms
Is more vigorous and continues for a
longer time than is the caso with salt
ed butter. Mycelial fungi, if present,
disappear entirely after a while In
salted butter, while in fresh or un
salted butter they multiply rapidly.
Tho quality of butter appears to be
improved by a small percentage of
salt (say 2.5): It encourages the de-
elopment of flavor, which makes but
ter an attractive article of food, and
acts as a safeguard.
Altogether there would appear to be
ertain valid reasons for thinking that
tho public preference for the mild-
urcd article may be an error of Judg
ment, and there certainly Is much to
e said in favor of the old policy of
reserving foodB by salt and smoke.
'he Lancet.
A Roman Matron's Epltagh.
"Strrnrer, what 1 have to say Is
quickly !ld; stop and read It to the
end. Here is the unbenutlful tomb of
a beauful woman. Claudia was the
name her parents gave her. Her hus
band she loTed with her whole heart.
Two 6ons she bore: of them the ono
she leaves on earth, the other she
buried beneath the sod. Charming In
discourse, gentle In meln, she kept
the house, she made the wool, I have
finished. Go thy way." From "So
ciety and. Politics, in Ancient Rome."
Knew of One.
"Suggestion? H'mphr Did you
ver hear of a real euro effected by
'suggestion?'" "I personally know
of one. I once suggested to a young
fellow that If he didnt want to have
a big dog chasing him off tho premises
he'd batter quit coming to my house,
and it cured him of the habit."
Diplomatic Lions.
Lions are said to walk nbout the
palace of Emperor Menelik or Abys
sinia and Injure no one, and nre docile
at the least sign from their master.
A Russian visitor demanded of Mene
lik how It was that his gentle pets re
spected such and such a visitor. "They
have scent," replied the emperor, "and
know the smell of nn ambassador.
They know they must not cause trou
ble betweon me and tho foreign pow-
They are diplomatic Hons." The
queen added, rney once uevoureu
before me an Italian consul. It was
afterward found that ho had not his
letters of credence. He was not In
order and I excused the Hons."
Vacsar Graduate Urges a Knowledge
of Scientfic Farming.
St. Louis. Miss Elizabeth Mooro,
Vassar Graduate, daughter of Mrs.
Philip N. Moore, national presldont of
the Federation of Women's Clubs, who
recently enrolled as a student In the
agricultural department of the Univer
sity of Missouri, declared that every
man and woman who would be consid
ered cultured nowadays must have a
knowledge of scientific farming.
"Agriculture," she says, "Is an Intri
cate science. All problems must revert
to the soil, for from the soil arises our
complex civilization."
Everything Was Literally Backward
at Odd Affair.
Plttsbure. A "Bellamy" dance,
riven at the Bellefleld Club, was at
tended by several hundred fashionable
young people. Everything was literal
ly backward.
The dancing began with tho home
waltz and ended with tho grand
march. The room was arranged with
largo mirrors, and on tho back of
each person attending was a tag writ
ten backward, giving the name of his
or her partner for dlnnor. Tho dining
room wns arranged so that tho supper
was served on chairs, while guests
sat on the tables. Tho menu wns
printed backward, nnd began with coP
fee and ended with soup. The waiters
wore their coats buttoned up the back.
They wore false faces on tho backs of
their heads and served the courses
walking backward.
Cathedrals of Uganda.
There are three Cathedrals at Men
go, Uganda, all on neighboring hills.
The Mengo rathedral of St. Paul,
Church of England, has a congregation
of 3,000. The other cathedrals nre
Roman Catholic, one English, the
other German, both largo buildings.
Said to Have Been Caused by Fright
at Fall in Hayloft.
! Atchison, Kan Fred, Jonos. a sev-en-vear-old
child, with hair as gray as
that of an old man, Is attracting the
nttontlon of physicians. Recently
I while playing In a hayloft ho fell thlr
I ty feet. Ho was not seriously Injured,
I hut the fright so acted upon his nerv.
ous system thnt his hair began to turn
! white.
Lightning Brought Fortune.
Dalhart, Tex. Mrs. Josle Pettis de
clared that a bolt of lightning struck
the ground on the mountainside near
her farmhouse recently and tapped a
spring of crude oil, which is now pro
ducing 200 barrels dally. The land
before tho uncovering of the Bprlng,
bad barely yielded, enough to support
She Smoked Cigarettes 106 Years.
Patagonia, Ariz. Mrs. Juana Cor
ona reported to be the oldest person In
Arizona. Is dead here. She was 116
years old. Her youngest surviving
child Is 60 years old. Mrs. Corona was
born In Sonora, Mex., In 1794, She
had been married three times. From
her tenth birthday until her death
she was a constant user of cigarettes.
History of Tuberculosis.
George Frederick Laldlaw of Now
York says that we have passed from
tho stage In which we tried to kill tho
tubercle bacillus Into ono in which
wo try to help the Individual, through
his power of resistance, to kill It. This
he calls Hallsm. Medical Record.
Rich Picking for Lawyers.
Aftor costs and other expenses had
been deducted from a legacy of $45,
000 to the city of Lucerne, In conse-
quenco of the will being disputed, only
$4,000 wns left when the legacy was
finally received by tho council.
A Remarkable Woman.
A New York husband Is suing his
wife for divorce on tho ground that
she takes his money and keeps It. If
sho keeps tt she must be a very re
markable woman. Providence Tri-
Novel Institute for Brazil.
Rio de Janeiro Is to havo a govern
ment zootcchnlcal and agronomical In
stltute dedicated to the study of stock
raising and agricultural experiments,
His Query,
A foreigner, watching a young kit
ten playing with Its mother, asked of
his friend: "Vat you ze cat call ven
he Is a little pup?"
Personal Note.
The Janitor, If not in the public .ye
these days, Is very much In the publl
Reverse Order of Things.
Press materials are sold by weight
In Japan.
Tft Hidden Corner".
Let ihystary have lf plne fri'ymi;
do not ba always turning up your
hola sod with the plowslif a of self-
lamination, but leave a fltlle fallow
ornar In' your heart ready for mv
seed that tu" winds may brlnf id
raserva a nook of shadow for Inc 1 vts
Ing bird; keep a' ptacp In your ft trt
for the unexpected guest, an alix 'or
the unknown God. Then If s 'd
sings among your branches, do ni ' .jc
too eager to tame ft. If you are -m-scions
of soiuethlrfir new thourt w
feeling wnkcnlng lb the depth of
your bring, do not B In n hur-y c
7et the light In upon' ft, to look at
lot thv springtime germ hnve the
tectfou of being forgotten, bed 't
round with quiet, and' o not br-nk
In wpon Its clnrkness', let It 'te
shape and grow, nnd not a wort or
your happiness to any one7 Sacred
work of nnture as It Is, all eon.-.p-tlon
should be cnwrnppcd'by the tr'ple
veil of modesty, silence nnd night.
or THE
Wayne Co. Farmers' MutuaF
Fire Insurance Company
Net srnoattl lnsurnticc In force Deo.
31. im $ 3XA.M i
Amount cspremlmii notes In force
IXc.31.iaM.. 1M.1C3W
CnMiln ImllttJhn. 1, lUO...$l.f?CI is
Heed on nsc.i;mciits tin
premium nrlcs 0,20(5 m
fli-cd on nml cations 470 07
Borrowed moity 2.loH :
Interest from riuvlnu-s Hank lui) 71
Case of Chew.
"Whoh's dct ornery bull p'ip
yo' owned, MIstah Simpson?" asked
the neighbor with the bucket and
whitewash brush.
"Huh!" grunted MIstah Simpson.
"Dat dnwg- got so vlvclous Ah traded
him off fob a plug ob tobacco."
"Gosh, dnt was a queer trade,
wasn't et, MIstah Simpson?"
"Not et nil snh. Ah knew if h
Jtept det dnwp he'd chew me, so Ah
thought Ah'd trade htm oft foh a pl'ig
ob tobacco en do sum chowlng mah
self." '
Kissing tha Book to Become a Thing
of the Past.
If the oaths bill Is passed "kissing
the Book," the present Insanitary and
undignified form of oath taking, will
practically become a thing of the past
in England. Every witness will be
sworn with his hand uplifted, unless
he voluntarily objects to being sworn
in that fashion or is physically incapa
ble of so taking the oath.
The witnesses who will avail
themselves of their option to "kiss
the Book" will bo even less numerous
than thoes who havo been accustomed
to exercise their right to be sworn
with uplifted hand. Tho right has
not been exorcised, our contemporary-
adds, because tho majority of wit
nesses, however, great their disliko to
tho insanitary oath, have been unwill
ing to make themselves conspicuous
in n court of Justice by making an un
usual request.
With the nbolltlon of "kissing the
Book" In England tho Insanitary oath
will nrnctlcally disappear from the
civilized world.
As to the Kindergarten.
A writer In a current magazine
thinks that tho kindergarten child
lacks the power of concentration
Tho effort ts to make- It learn things
easily, nnd as an education cannot bo
acquired that way, she thinks tho
kindergarten unnecessary for children
whose home surroundings are what
they should bo. For othor children
she can see how tho school would
awaken dormant faculties that their
lack of propor environment would not
otherwise dovolop.
A Mlsosurl Epitaph.
A North Missouri editor says he
saw this on a moss-grown tombstone
"Here lies our wife, Samantha Proc
tor, who ketchod a cold and wouldn
doctor. She could not stay, she bad
to go; praise God from whom all
blessings flow," Kansas City Star.
How to Lose 8ome Fun.
"The girl who marries tho first fel
low she falls In love with," repllod
the observer of events and things
"misses u whole lot of fun."
Designer and Man-
ufacturer of
Office and Works i
1036 MAIN ST.
PId for the folfrtwlnif losses :
('lurk DuMnml.hoUHC and content
burned t
Artluir Akcrs, homo ilnnir by fire
.1. W. U'lilttnorelioiisoclmirby Hire
M rs. & Tyler, hous. clothing iltuu'
Karl Itnrkwcll.houiicHioIri furniture
nnd wmirliiL' appnrtl dntnagtil .
Clirlstlim Hchradcr.lmuse and con
tents burned
Mrs. Allcellamin. house and smu
ttier kltclK-n burned
A. II. Oowii.hoti'edntnaced by fire
.Mrs. L, II, Price
V. I,. Hartford, bnscraent bnm
Tlico. A. llrook", house tied by Ilrir
( lirls. Kppley.Jr.. e "
Martin Mlholt
U.S. Wtiltmori-. barn
W. If. Mclntrre, liotuc and con
tents burned
J. T. O'Neill, Innt damngett by flrr
C'lins. nnd KlnV Duvls. house nnd
contents burned
AlvleT. ItruiiMm. bouse nnd con
tents burned
11. K. llnllou. barntlinffd.llentiilnz
J. J. Tliomii". bnrn and contents
burnt, llehtnlii!! , .
It. A. Walker, houredatned by fire
Allen Tresliir, bam. outtJUlldltiE.s
and contents burned
JntnesK. McDonald, bousennd con
tents burned.....
Augustus LIntner, bant, shed and
contents burned
Charles -M .and Ursula Clauson bnrn
and outhouses bunted
Paul Prcbor, ltotfe burned .....
.MIlo J. Marks, household cood
etc.. burned
Salaries and commissions
Horrowed money and interest.
Kef u ltd
Citsb in treasurer's hands.
15,513 H
6 00
i OS
3 00
(13 M
4 OS
340 00
10 00
8 0
20 00
3 W
400 00
7 IS
m o
coo o
lo oo
400 oe
1 00
700 W
3U0 04
if, SO
ID sr.
78 l
128 US
W 0
3 (2
.5t4 OfJ
4 M
3,444 b
16.918 11
Cash In treasury t 5.444 P0
Cash In hands of agents.. 17(9
Assessments In course col 174 KJ
Safe 111 00
Premium notes In force. .lM.KIf- W- IO.309 nt
of New Late Novelties
Assets In excess of liabilities .
f20 02
$ 15X.CW 3
H.C.JACKSON President,
Perry A. Clark. Secretary.- SB
9 YouwHl make money H
IJbkllpho.vko-u Bethany, Pa.
SPENCER, The Jeweler
"Guaranteed articles only sold.'
JAMES NEVILLE late of SterUms.ra.
All persons Indebted to said estate nre noti
fied to make Immediate payment to the un
dersigned : and those having claims against
the said estate are notltled to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
Sterling, Jan. 10. 1910. Administrator
Buss for Every Train and
Town Calls.
Horses always for sale
Boarding and Accomodations
for Farmers
Prompt and polite- attention
at all times.
A.M. A.M A.M. A.M. I'.M.I
8 30 10 00 4 SO
It OO 10 00 6 03
10 00 z 15 TiW 8 .TO 213
I L"0 7 25 4 40 1 20 7 10
i OS H 15 5 30, 2 S 7 55
P.M. A.M P.M. P.M. A.M.
8 40 9 05 m.:; Ii 20 2 05 45
5 CO 11 15 ti 30 2 15 ! 55
6 61 10 li 1 2 It' K 5
li u 9 n 02. 2 37 a is
It 17 U 42 li fihi 2 43 0 24
lia 9 4 7 04 1 2 4!t H 2!P
li 2li !1 51 . "K 2 52 S 32
C32 9 67 TC 2 57 S 37
li 35 10 00 7 W 2 69 39
li 39 10 01 7 20 3 0! 43
II 43 10 On 7 21 3 07 V 47
li 4(i 10 11 7 27 3 10 S 60
1)00 10 15 731 3 15 9 65
p.m. a.m. :::::: pTm". p.m. a.m.
... Albany ....
.. Philadelphia.
...Lincoln Avenue..
.... witltes
. I-sko 1-odorc ...
. . Wnymart... .
. ... Keene
. .. I'rompton
. .. Kurtenla
..lloitesdale ...
P.M. A.M.. .
2 00 10 61V ! . . .
12 40 8 43
3 53 7 31 7 32
A .M P:.M-. .
10 'JO 4 05 7 15....
I i37' 3 15 li 20 .
A.M. P.M. P.M.I. .
K 05 1 35 5 40 '
7 5t 1 25 5 30 .
T 60 121 3 21..
7 33 1 (1 S OS . . .
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7 K 12 51 5 Si
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The Era of New Mixed Paints !
This ononj witn a deluco of now mixed paints. A con
dition brought about by our enterprising dealers to got soniokind
of n mixed paint that would supplant CHILTOiN'S MIXED
PAINTS. Their compounds, Doing now anti neavuy auvuiuseu,
may find a salo with tho unwary.
Mir nvi.vm.jtrtK IK HONKSnAIinniiii -r-t i r siivrn ni I HTr.
let No ono can mix a bettor mixed paint.
2d Tho painters deolaro that it works easily and has won
uortui covonng quauues.
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owu oxpeiiso.ovory surface painted with Chilton Paint that
proves defective. .
and recommend its heo to ethers.